This is a story I've wanted to write for a longtime. It's my first X-Files slash story and it took me forever to write(all those damn masculine pronouns drove me crazy). Enjoy!
Feedback appreciated: Spoilers: Slight one for The Red& the Black. Rated NC-17 for m/m sexual situations (You know you wantit <g>). M/K. Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. Chris Carterdoes. Yada, Yada. Summary: Mulder gets tired of being ambushed in his apartmentand decides to do a little ambushing of his own.
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BTW: I'm pretending that the events in Terma (pertaining to Krycek) neverhappened... I dislike asymmetry.

Five Minutes

I want to
I want to be someone else or I'll explode Floating along this surface forthe birds The birds the birds

You want me?
Fucking well come and find me
I'll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches And nothing nothingnothing...

You want me?
Well come and break the door down
You want me?
Fucking come and break the door down
I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready....
Radiohead: Talk Show Host.

From the moment he'd heard the news that Krycek had been spotted in thearea, Fox Mulder knew he'd be receiving another visit from his former partner.The last visit had been particularly revealing, on a number of levels, andMulder wanted to pursue one of them. He decided then to set a trap. Althoughhe'd finally gotten accustomed to the fact that his apartment was consideredfair game by half the FBI's Most Wanted, he was nonetheless tired of beingsurprised there by this particular villain. Mulder smiled to himself, he'dmade sure that anyone inquiring about his whereabouts would be informedthat he was working late at the office. Mulder also made sure that Krycek,whom he'd already spotted skulking around the building, hadn't seen himsneak in to his own apartment. Mulder sat back in the corner of the darkeningroom, gun in his hand, and waited. Alex was sick of waiting. He'd been stakingout Mulder's apartment since morning, although he'd yet to see any signof life in Mulder's apartment window. He knew Mulder was still at the office,having made some calls earlier to verify that fact. Granted the crank callswere juvenile, but seemingly effective. Noting the rapidly darkening sky,Krycek left his post and quietly slipped into the apartment building.

With an almost soundless click, the lock on Apt. 42 turned over. 'So damnedeasy" Alex thought, yet still felt a shiver of excitement as he slippedthrough the door and locked it behind him. He immediately felt a prickleof unease as he glanced carefully around the darkened room but before hecould take a step backwards he heard the quiet yet unmistakable sound ofa gun being cocked. That prickly feeling grew into full-blown terror ashe heard a soft chuckling from the darkest corner of the room. "I shouldhang a sign on that door, you know. Murderers and thieves welcome."The quiet words were accompanied by the click of a small lamp being switchedon, illuminating the room.

"Shit, Mulder, what are you doing here?"Krycek cursed softly to himself.

"Now that's a stupid question." Mulderreplied "Did you think I wouldn't notice you skulking around the parkinglot. I knew you'd come."

"I was not skulking" Krycek glared atMulder, feeling particularly put out over being caught at his own game.

"Shut up Krycek." Mulder said, smiling"Now take off your coat, and your boots too. You're getting mud allover the place"

"My boots?" Confused, Krycek actuallylooked down at his filthy shoes.

"And your jacket, you might as well be comfortable."Mulder was almost laughing now "Go on" he said, waving his gunin Krycek's direction.

'He is laughing' Krycek thought angrily as he gingerlyremoved his boots and socks. Once he had removed his leather jacket, Muldermotioned with the gun again, this time in the direction of the couch.

"Have a seat, Alex." Mulder said conversationally,still with that odd smile on his face. Krycek moved slowly towards the couch,his mind racing furiously. "What do you want, Mulder, there must besome reason you didn't shoot me on sight"

"What do I want?" Mulder asked incredulouslyas he backed Krycek into the couch "You're the one who broke in here.I should be asking you that question" With a final nudge, Alex droppedwith a soft thud onto the leather seat. Then just as quickly, Mulder's smilewas gone. "Hands over your head" he commanded. Pulling a pairof handcuffs from back pocket, Mulder quickly secured Krycek's wrists abovehis head and around the sturdy wood railing of the sofa.

This behavior Alex was used to and he began torelax somewhat into the soft leather. "Now can I ask what you wantMulder?" he asked with a cocky grin.

"I don't think you're in a position to askmuch of anything, Alex" Mulder's smile was back as he perched himselfon the coffee table and set the gun down after resetting the safety. Krycekfelt a particular twinge of unease at Mulder's use of his first name, andhe began to seriously worry about the sanity of the older man sitting socasually before him. What happened next, Krycek couldn't even begin to explain.One moment Mulder was perched on the edge of the table, the next, he hadhis hands on either side of Krycek's face and was kissing him with increasingpassion. Krycek open his mouth to protest and Mulder used the motion tothrust his tongue between Krycek's lips, running it hotly over his teethand gently sucking Krycek's tongue into his own mouth. Just as quickly asit started, Mulder broke the kiss and pulled back enough to see the dumbfoundedexpression on Krycek's face.

" Really Alex" Mulder purred "Youlook as though you've never been kissed before. "

" Ah, never, um, by a, a" Krycek wasstammering and Mulder chuckled deep in his throat

"Are you a virgin Alex? I find that hard tobelieve coming from a man as attractive as you." Mulder began nuzzlingthe stubbled underside of Krycek's neck as the man in question tried veryhard to keep from hyperventilating.

"Ah Look Mulder, I'm uh not into that sortof thing" Krycek managed to get out before yelping when Mulder suddenlybit the rather sensitive skin under his ear.

"Come on Alex, you kissed me first."

"That wasn't a kiss! It was a, uh, a Russianthing" Krycek finished rather lamely. He knew he shouldn't have giveninto that particular impulse and he didn't want to think about where ithad come from.

Mulder was laughing again. "That's too bad,Alex. It certainly felt like a kiss." he whispered, gently lappingat the reddened skin "You really don't know what you're missing."Mulder sat up suddenly, allowing Krycek to draw in some air. " I know!"Mulder said, capturing Krycek's eyes with his own fevered gaze. "I'llmake a deal with you."

'Great, I've been kidnapped by a demented MontyHall' Krycek thought. Then cautiously replied "What kind of deal doyou have in mind, Mulder."

"I'll tell you what." Mulder said, leaningconspiratorially towards Krycek's ear. "I'll let you go, Alex, no questionsasked, in return for five minutes of your time. That's the deal." Mulderwas positively grinning now and Krycek had to wonder what the Consortiumwas putting in the water this time.

"Five minutes." Krycek repeated "Fiveminutes of what?! This isn't funny Mulder!" Krycek was beginning topanic again and started struggling against the weight of the man above him.

Mulder simply put both hands against Krycek's chestand pressed down, effectively stopping his struggles. "Listen Alex,give me five minutes to give you a taste of what I think you're missing.Nothing you don't want" Mulder said quickly as the man below him renewedhis struggles. "Just a taste" He said, lightly brushing his lipsover Krycek's. "Five minutes" Running feathery kisses along Krycek'sjaw. "and you're free to go." With a final kiss, Mulder pulledback again to wait for his captive's reply. Krycek swallowed and lookedup at Mulder. He looked so young in that moment, incredibly long eyelashesframing frightened and confused green eyes. For an instant Mulder had afiery impulse to ravish the young man right then. But he held back, andwaited for Krycek's answer. He wasn't going to ruin this now. Krycek ranvarious escape plans through his head, unfortunately they all involved himnot being handcuffed to a couch. He closed his eyes tightly for a momentthen looked up at Mulder.

"Nothing I don't want" Krycek whispered.At the older man's nod Krycek gave a tight nod of his own. "All right,Mulder, we'll try this your way." Mulder smiled and he swooped downto capture Krycek's lips in his own. Mulder deepened the kiss and shiftedhis position to push Krycek's legs apart and gently thrust his groin againstthe other man's. Krycek gasped as he felt Mulder's erection pressing againsthim but forced himself to relax, even opening his mouth slightly to allowMulder more access and tentatively brushing his tongue against Mulder'sown. Mulder responded with a low growl, plunging his tongue deeper intoKrycek's mouth and kissing him with a ferocity Alex had never felt before.Mulder pulled his fevered lips from his captive's mouth and worked his wayacross the jawbone, and over to his ear, tugging at Krycek's earlobe andlicking the rim, darting his tongue into the crevasses before working hisway to Alex's neck. Krycek was so busy trying not to think about the hotwetness on his neck, that he failed to notice Mulder's hands working feverishlyto work his shirt open. Once the offending fabric was shoved aside, Mulderfastened his lips to Krycek's right nipple, causing the younger man to cryout, arching under Mulder's form. Panting slightly, Alex tried desperatelyto control his own burgeoning erection, and praying Mulder wouldn't notice.Too late, Mulder released a soft chuckle against Alex's chest, hot breathcaressing the crisp hair. "I think your enjoying this Alex" hemurmured, grinding his own hardness against Alex's groin. Krycek tried tosquirm away from the hot mouth on his chest, but to no avail. Mulder's mouthcontinued its journey down to Alex's stomach and dipping his tongue intothe small indentation there. He ran his hands up Krycek's ribs to scratchand pinch at the hardening nipples. Alex moaned helplessly at the burningyet exquisite sensation.

"Mulder" he managed to croak out "Howmany minutes are left?" Mulder chuckled against the warm belly belowhis lips. "We've only gotten started, Alex." The older man thenpulled himself up Alex's chest to capture his lips in yet another ferociouskiss. Alex had never been kissed like this is his entire life, never imaginedgiving such a response to another person, especially another man. He barelynoticed as Mulder unfastened his jeans and pulled them down over his thighs.Alex definitely noticed the soft touch of a hand caressing his erectionthrough the cotton of his boxers. He gasped and arched up, instinctivelypushing against Mulder's hand.

"God, Mulder, you can't do this to me."Alex panted out. Mulder responded by wrapping his fingers around the cloth-encasedcock and pulling sharply. Alex hissed through his teeth, thrusting his hipsfaster against Mulder's grip, then crying out when the hand was pulled away."We don't want this to end too soon, Alex. There's still a couple minutesleft."

"I'm going to kill you for this, Mulder."Krycek panted.

"I'll keep that in mind." Mulder replied,alternately nipping and biting at Alex's neck and chest, marking him withexquisite tenderness. Krycek was in Hell, or in Heaven, he couldn't decidewhich. He only knew that he was so hard it was killing him.

"Finish it Mulder. Please..." Mulderwas loving this too much to let it end so soon. He removed his hand fromAlex's cock, receiving an agonized cry from his captive. He swiftly pulledAlex's shorts down and positioned his head between the younger man's thighs.Mulder licked the weeping tip of Krycek's penis and gently blew againstthe cooling wetness. He looked up at Alex's flushed and angelic face. "Lookat me, Alex. Now. Open your eyes"

Alex's eyes flew open, their green depths almostblack from desire. "Tell me you want this, Alex"

"Yes, God, yes please finish it." Witha smile and final lick to the tip, Mulder turned his attention the cockstanding so rigid before him and engulfed it in one swift motion. Alex screamedand tried to buck, but Mulder simply put his hands on his lean hips andheld him in place. Mulder set a punishing rhythm with his mouth, lickingand sucking until Alex was writhing beneath his hands. He came explosivelyinto Mulder's mouth, screaming out loud, almost sobbing Mulder's name, repeatingit like a mantra. Mulder nursed the pulsing cock until it softened and slippedout of his lips. He then pulled himself up and unlocked the cuffs on Krycek'swrists, and pulling the younger man into a tight embrace. Mulder kissedhim gently transferring the salty taste from his mouth to Alex's. Alex clungto him, kissing him back passionately. They lay together on the couch fora moment, relishing each other's taste and smell until Mulder pulled awaywith a sigh, and stood, swaying slightly. He sat down heavily in the chairacross the room and looked at Alex's still recovering form. Alex staredback at him in silence.

"You're free to go Alex." Mulder said,breaking the quiet of the room. "If anything, I am true to my word."

Alex sat up, pulling his pants back into place.He stood and took a step towards his boots and jacket. Then suddenly heturned and walked over to where Mulder was sitting. Alex stood before Mulder,looking down at him solemnly. Then a wicked smile spread across his faceas he noticed Mulder's still remaining hard-on. Mulder looked back up atAlex, confused slightly at the expression on the other man's face. Suddenly,Alex crouched down before him, settling his hands lightly on Mulder's thighs."Um, Mulder, are you sure those five minutes are up." Mulder nodded,his full lips forming into a smile. He reached his hand out to run it caressinglythrough Krycek's dark hair.

"Your time's up Alex, but if you're nice Imight be convinced to give you another five."

Alex chuckled, already moving forward to nuzzlehis face against Mulder's belly. "Mmm, do you think I could have tenthis time?"