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Getting Wet

by Dr. Ruthless


The mass of humanity swarmed around the fountain. He had arrived here a few minutes before, wanting to be a part of something larger than himself; wanting to validate himself one way or another.

Too many years had gone by. Too many dead bodies lay behind him, and still he was alone.

He stood on the raised edge of the fountain in the center of Piccadilly Circus, watching the seconds tick away along side thousands of others. Their single-minded activity seemed like companionship to his love-starved soul, and he was almost content. Once, he'd thought he might have a chance at love, but life had never been kind to him and he had lost the chance.

He looked around him. There was a man a little way in front of him who had the same rangy elegance as the man he'd loved and

// Not lost - more like never had. //

He stepped forward, almost unbalancing and plunging early into the fountain. All around him London voices vibrated, strident and loud. As he came up behind the man in the worn jeans and the denim jacket, he wondered if a night with this stranger might ease some of his loneliness. He appeared delectably built, slim hips flaring to broad shoulders, and long legs he would love to feel wrapped around him.

The crowd was buzzing now, and one or two hardy souls had already plunged into the fountain despite the cold. This was going to be a New Year like no other. He finally worked his way level with the dark haired, slim figure about which he'd been fantasizing.

It wanted only two minutes to midnight when the man turned to face him, and Alex Krycek gazed, disconcerted, at the man he had loved and never had. His heart thumped once, and his belly dropped away to leave him with a sensation of empty space at his middle.

Fox Mulder was here; was now; was looking into his eyes with growing anger. The fist that lashed out, caught him a glancing blow on the temple, and Alex stared, still frozen in amazement as Mulder wound up to take another swing. As the fist began to approach, Alex moved.

"Oh, no you don't. Not this time." Seizing the wrist he turned his body, twisting it, bringing the arm around to Mulder's back. Mulder, immobilized, turned his head to fix him with a furious, cold stare. He turned to snap with sharp white teeth, and Alex, grinning desperately, jerked the captive arm up between the other man's shoulder blades.

The crowd shrieked, and somewhere, someone started a countdown amid a growing bedlam. Alex grinned again, and leaned in towards Mulder.

"Give it up. We're fated, we two." The voices around him had taken up the count, and Alex jerked his captive in towards him, smiling nastily at him.

9 8 7 6. Alex and Mulder stood, frozen in that instant while the last second was discarded, to lie on the final minute of a thousand years.

Leaning forward, Alex touched hopeful lips to those of the other man, and the taste of loneliness in his mouth was something that he recognized in the cling of the full lips of his adversary.

Bedlam erupted all around them but they were cocooned in a place that was not of this time. Heat grew between them, and mouths opened, as slick surfaces slid together. Alex let go of Mulder's arm in favor of pulling it around him, and as he tasted the other man's mouth with a tentative tongue, he slipped his own arm around Mulder to pull him in as close as he would go.


The crowd surged, and the two of them, oblivious, were swept from the edge, over into the water of the fountain, mouths still busily exploring as their first ever kiss continued. Alex felt that this might be magic. He felt clean, his sins discarded, and the mouth feeding on his made him weak.

They fell into the water, cold and biting, and didn't really come up for air, the superheat of their eternally denied passion finally igniting them. At last, soaked from the thighs down, They broke their kiss, to gaze at each other fiercely. Alex clasped Mulder hard against him as he drew a breath that, for him, would begin more than a millenium.


"Come with me?" His rough and longing voice sliced through the bedlam.

"Hell, yeah."

"Gonna fuck you"

"Hell, yeah."

Bells rang over London, ringing in the New as the two of them faded into the cold and sodium glare of the street, stumbling away at last from hatred and towards their future

The End


Sue aka Dr. Ruthless