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Guilt Edged 2 #4 Frost and Fire by Dr. Ruthless

Spring was beginning to bud, and over the next week, Alex continued his duties. Nothing further was said by his employer about an impending assassination attempt. Alex put the conversation they had shared to the back of his mind. He was not prepared for the phone to ring just as he was getting ready for bed. The Smoker, sounding as oily and unruffled as ever, gave him the news.

There had been an explosion. His boss, his friend, his mentor was no more.
The torch had been passed.

Alex went to bed to lie awake all night, dry eyed, mourning for the loss of his more-than-friend. As the dawn broke, revealing a fine rain hanging like beaded curtains over the city, he rose, dressed and headed downtown with the key he had been given.

When he finally opened the safety deposit box, its contents amazed him. He was now a wealthy man and the shock of it left him reeling. The information he had found in that box gave him power. It made him unbeatable. Now he, Alex Krycek, would be able to help shape events to his liking.

He had become a player.

Back in his office once more he punched in encryption codes he had never thought to try. First his own name, then his birthday, and the flicker of files unlocking for him carried its own rush. The old man had loved him, that was plain. He must have loved him and Alex would not let him down now. He began to read.

The Smoker called him again, just as he was finishing up and thinking about lunch.

"Fox Mulder is on his way to Antarctica right this minute."

"Who's the fool who allowed that to happen?"

"You know Mulder. Once he has an idea in his head it would take dynamite to shift it. We can't allow him to jeopardize the work of 30 years. Scully has been abducted yet again. Can you fix it?" For a wonder Alex could hear anxiety in the Smoker's voice. He thought for a minute.

"Where is he headed? Give me the co-ordinates." The ping that notified him he had new mail was incredibly satisfying. He had just given orders to the Smoker.

And the Smoker had obeyed.

"I'll need a plane, cold weather gear_." Alex had begun to reel off his requirements, talking his way through this mission even though it seemed impossible at first sight. "Do you have him visible by satellite?" Alex was smiling now. He was needed. This bastard who had tried repeatedly to have him killed was treating him like an equal. He loved it!

He moved swiftly though the house, locking, packing, putting things away even as he gathered details from the Smoker. There was nothing here that he could not live without. Let the Consortium break in and take it all. His own files were all in his laptop, and safely concealed somewhere he knew they would never find them..

He had a sudden thought and made his way to the Brit's bedroom. He had never actually been there before. His mentor had always come to him. He looked around, burning the image into his memory. His eyes fixed on a photograph in a silver frame, set beside the bed. It showed Alex laughing up at the old man, and his eyes misted as he recalled the details of the night it had been taken. They had been to dinner and the photographer had caught them sharing a silly joke. At that time he had only been in his employer's service for about three weeks and he still had that wild look in his eyes even though he was laughing. He thought back to how he had felt, half tame, suspicious of everything. Taking everything that was offered in huge, greedy bites for fear that it would all be snatched away from him.

He sat down on the old man's bed and prized the back of the frame loose, sliding the photograph out to take with him. To his amazement there was an envelope behind the hardboard backing, an envelope with his name on it. His fingers shook as he took hold of the envelope, allowing the frame and the picture it had held to slip onto the coverlet.

He turned it over in his hands, studying the name that stood out on the white paper, written in fine, old-fashioned copperplate handwriting.. His eyes blurred and he used his sleeve to dash away the moisture before ripping open the envelope. Inside was a list of names, a certified check for a million dollars made payable to him, and a letter.

It was dated the previous week, and Alex closed his eyes, racking his brains to remember anything out of the ordinary about that day. An image of the two of them, the old man thanking him for his tears, rose up in his mind and those tears that had only threatened, suddenly burst on him now. Alex wept. He wept, holding the letter in his one hand and finally throwing himself full length onto the old man's bed as the tears flowed.

A little later, eyes reddened, and nose running, he had turned to his letter, reading its contents:

Dear Alex:

In many ways I am saddened that you did not come into my life until so late. You have been a joy to me and for that I want to thank you. The house is yours. The money is yours and is quite separate from my estate. I trust you to see this thing through to the end, and want you to know that there is no-one else I would rather see in control. You have come a long way in a very short space of time, and I admire you. It has been a privilege to know you.

All my love to you, Alex,

Thomas Meredith

Alex had never known his name, never seen it written or heard it spoken. During the months he had been with the old man he had never heard him addressed as anything other than sir. Now there was this gift for him, and the gift was his name.

Alex paused by the dresser and took up the heavy gold signet ring that lay there. He slid it onto the plastic of his left hand, took up his photograph and his envelope with its exciting contents, and left., closing the door neatly behind him.

Several hours later he was on an executive jet heading for Tierra del Fuego, and from there to Antarctica to rescue a man he had little or no reason to love.

He slept a good deal of the way, waking to eat and drink before zoning out once more as the plane traversed South America. On reaching the base on Tierra del Fuego he had transferred to a Hercules, slow and noisy, that would take him the rest of the way.

Now his palm pilot was indicating that Fox Mulder was somewhere down there beneath him, although Alex could not immediately see where. The plane circled a number of Quonset huts and a lone Snow Cat that stood some distance from the base. Alex began to put on his parachute, then checked the fuel he had brought, the pod containing warm clothing and supplies, and the chutes that would see them safely to the ground.

At that point, the world turned abruptly upside-down.

They had noted some activity as they approached. Vehicles appeared to be scurrying away from the base and there were aircraft scrambling without warning. Alex gazed in total astonishment as the ice below them began to surge, fall in and then bubble up. He screamed orders to the pilot, who veered away from the crazily shifting landscape. As they watched, a huge disk appeared from out of the confusion. It rose to hover above them, and then, with a sound vaguely like a balloon bursting it was gone.

Alex remained transfixed for a few moments more and then suddenly remembered Mulder. //God! Where the hell is Mulder? //

Consulting the GPS tracking system in his Palm Pilot he quickly narrowed the area he needed to search. Finally, the Hercules flew over the two small figures below on the ice. Alex nodded, happy now, gave directions to circle again and launched the fuel cans as they approached the stationary Snow Cat he had spotted earlier. Finally, as the plane approached the figures below him once again he put on his ski mask, pulled on goggles, put up his hood, and launched himself.

//This is getting to be a habit, throwing myself out of aircraft into heaps of snow. //

The cold hit him despite the warm gear he was wearing. A glimpse of his ex-partner on the ice below him made Alex shiver in sympathy. The man was apparently not wearing anything in the way of a coat.

Alex landed and ditched the chute, running as best he could towards the two still figures on the ice. The pod had fallen quite near and Alex hooked it clumsily as he ran. As he arrived beside them he knelt to open the case, flinging snow suits, boots and ski masks to them.

Mulder, blue and shaking, did not question this largess, merely inserting himself into a snowsuit and then attempting to wrestle Scully, lying comatose, into another. Alex moved to assist and between them they managed to get Scully into the warm clothes. It occurred to Alex as they worked that Mulder had not yet seen Alex's face and had no idea who he might be. He grinned under his ski mask and considered how best to keep it that way. Things would be so much simpler.

He and Mulder between them managed to convey Scully to the Snow Cat and inside to shelter. They managed by dint of teamwork to fuel up the big machine and climbed on board. Krycek waved Mulder back to tend to Scully when the federal agent, still blue with cold but grimly determined to do it all, looked as if he was going to attempt to drive them out of there. It had been easy to overpower Mulder, to make him sit down beside Scully. It gave him a really happy feeling to assert his will over the generally intractable Mulder.

//Even in a situation like this he still thinks he ought to drive, macho fuck! // Alex chuckled briefly to himself as he turned the cat in the direction of the rendezvous point.

His small computer was announcing the imminent break up of the fine weather and threatening a storm to follow when Alex finally drew the Cat up at the way station where the Hercules was awaiting their arrival. Mulder and Scully were both sleeping, and Alex hopped out of the Cat to go and round up his pilot and the equipment he required to get them all back. Once he was organized he drew his pistol as insurance, tucking it into his belt where he could access it readily, and went to fetch Mulder. He had kept on his ski mask, hoping it would grant him anonymity for a little while longer. He didn't want Mulder to recognize him just yet.

Shaking the sleeping Mulder until he opened one bleary eye, and then shaking him still more violently, he made the man rise to his feet, where he stood as uncertainly as a boxer who had just risen from a count of eight, rocking back and forth on unsteady feet. Gesturing to him for assistance he began to manhandle Scully down from the cat and across the ice to the plane that was warming up even as he worked. After a few minutes, Mulder caught on, and between the two of them they succeeded in transferring the tiny redhead from the Cat to the plane. Alex closed the door and turned to pass through to the cockpit, but Mulder, always master if the in-your-face intrusion, stepped into his path.

"I guess I have to thank you, whoever you are_Who are you anyway? I wasn't aware that AAA made house calls to Antarctica." Krycek made a thumbs up, touched his own lips and moved past him, indicating that he should seat himself and fasten his belt ready for take off. Mulder followed him, and was about to take hold of his shoulder when Alex, irritated, enervated, chilly and exhausted turned and sank his fist into Mulder's solar plexus. Mulder grunted and doubled up in a very satisfactory manner, and Krycek took the hypodermic he had prepared, stuck the needle into Mulder and sent him to dreamland for the duration of the ride.

Sighing, he strapped them all into their places and with great relief removed the ski mask and the heavy top clothes he had retained in the interests of remaining incognito. Seconds later they were airborne. He had done it. He had pulled the Consortium out of the fire one more time. Mulder would live and the possibility of resistance against the invasion still remained. He lay back and finally slept.


On arrival back in DC, Alex brushed off the smoker and the medics that were awaiting him. The Smoker followed him, trying to gain some inkling of events that he had experienced on his mission.

Alex was tired, his nerves jangling. He shrugged and walked away from the Smoker. He was fed up with the red tape with which he was suddenly surrounded, and turned to leave, but then an idea suddenly occurred and he turned to go back to where the medics were still checking out the two heavily sedated FBI agents.

He approached the doctor who was checking Mulder out. "Is he okay?" The words were caring, but the voice was carefully expressionless - neutral.

"Oh sure. He's gonna have a little skin peeling but he's in pretty good shape all things considered. He's as strong as an ox." Alex grinned, and then turned to the Smoker, who had followed him.

"I want him for two days, then you can have him back. I earned him. Give him to me." The smoker smiled, a wintry, knowing smile.

"I have no need of Mr. Mulder right at this moment. If you give your word that he will suffer no permanent malaise_ " The voice oozed over Alex making his hackles rise.

"I'll give you nothing. If you think I pulled him out of there just so I could cut him up or something I don't suppose there is anything I can say that will change your mind. This man owes me and I want to collect a little something on account. Then you can have him back, safe, and possibly even sound." Alex fixed a hard, cat-like stare on the Smoker as he spoke, and to his great delight the man looked away and finally nodded. He then turned to the medic and nodded towards the unconscious Mulder.

"Have Mr. Mulder conveyed to Mr. Krycek's residence, please. He will be assisting in the aftercare in this case. Please convey Miss Scully to the hospital, she will require more serious treatment." The elderly man turned away, nodding over his shoulder at Alex as he left.

Alex was left feeling triumphant, but irritated as he watched the Smoker out of the room. Turning, he surveyed the reclining Mulder as he lay on a stretcher with thermal blankets wrapped around him. Beckoning for the attendants to bring him, Alex strode out to the waiting ambulance.


He had them put Mulder into his own bed. Once the paramedics had departed, he had first stripped Mulder and then cuffed him, wrapping the handcuffs around the brass of his headboard. Then he had brought in a tray containing the items he would need and settled himself alongside Mulder to await his return to consciousness. He was feeling jittery, excited. He had no idea what he intended to do with this man who had been the author of so much distress in his life, but he wanted beyond anything to have Mulder realize how badly his actions had harmed him. He wanted to see Mulder's eyes when Alex made him aware of all the things he had gotten him into through his casual violence and his poorly managed anger.

He lay on his left side, watching Mulder, his eyes avid for any signs there might be of the other man's return to consciousness.

The sleeping Mulder was beautiful despite bruises and scratches, and despite the cold burns that had seared his skin, causing his lips to crack and his skin to peel and discolor. Alex reached for his tray, taking lip balm and smoothing it onto the sleeping man's mouth. Satisfied with the effect it produced, he next took a pot of medicated skin lotion and began to apply it, first to Mulder's face and neck and then, rolling down the duvet he worked the stuff into Mulder's arms and chest.

As he smoothed and massaged the other man's skin he became aware of changes in Mulder's breathing as he emitted a moan, licking at his lips with a dry, swollen tongue. Alex's heart thumped in his chest. Mulder was waking up. He reached for the water he had placed on the tray and inserted his prosthetic hand somewhat clumsily behind Mulder's head, raising it a little as he brought the water to Mulder's lips. The man's lips worked reflexively, and he drank deeply, finally shaking his head slightly to indicate that he was all done. His brow furrowed slightly as he realized that he had limited arm movement. and finally he opened his eyes.

At first it was obvious that he was baffled. Puzzlement crawled on the surface of his features like so many ants at a picnic. He looked around somewhat wildly, testing his bonds as he did so.

When he finally caught sight of Alex he froze, his mouth set in an O of surprise as Alex put out a hand to brush Mulder's hair back from his face.

To give the man credit, when he finally spoke, voice rusty from disuse, it was to ask about Scully. Alex could see his thought processes at work very clearly as the side to side movement of his eyes betrayed his search for an escape route.

"Agent Scully is perfectly safe. She's in the hospital, receiving treatment for exposure among other things. She'll be out in a day or two."
Alex spoke calmly, dispassionately, and could see Mulder relax partway. "Are you feeling nauseous? Would you like something to eat?"

It was awhile before Mulder answered him, but finally he nodded, adding plaintively that he was thirsty. Alex held the water bottle for him once again, allowing his thumb to drag over Mulder's lower lip as he placed the neck to his mouth. As the man drank again, Alex continued to caress his face with his thumb.

"Krycek, why? ...What are you doing?" Mulder sounded confused still, rather than angry, and Alex smiled sweetly at him. Here it came now and he was ready. He was more than ready.

"I thought you would benefit from a little lesson, Mulder. You'll be staying here with me for the next couple of days and we're going to be discussing consequences. Would you like some soup?" Alex's question had come out of the blue and clearly caught Mulder off guard. He paused, stunned before nodding again.

"Yeah, feed me, Krycek. I never could think about morals and stuff on an empty stomach." The scathingly sarcastic tone indicated the start of Mulder's recovery. He appeared to think that there were no threats to him from this man who lay beside him on the bed. Alex nodded to himself and pulled the lid from a flask of soup he had brought upstairs on the tray. Pouring the liquid into a cup he held it up to Mulder's mouth, and for a while the two of them were silent as Alex tended to his captive. Finally Alex put down the cup and gently wiped the chapped lips. Mulder could hold back no longer.

Okay, Krycek, what's on your mind?" His gaze challenged Alex who felt the irritation creeping up on him once more. He rose from his position on the bed and paced the floor as he tried to calm himself.

"I'm thinking back to a time when our positions were reversed. I'm remembering what you did to me and I'm thinking that it's time you paid me back." Mulder's eyes widened as he took in the implications of this threat. He could recall how he had treated Krycek all too vividly, and he was not at all anxious to be reminded of the things he had done. "48 hours... You wanted my compliance for 48 hours, and to be fair that's exactly what I want from you." He spoke quietly, gently, and was aware of the effect he was having on the man in the bed who was now beginning to look apprehensive to say the least.

"What are you going to do if I say yes?" The words were blurted out. Alex could tell that Mulder was afraid now.

"Oh no, Mulder, that's not how this game is played. You get no guarantees, other than the one you gave me. Stay with me and do what I want for 48 hours and then I'll let you go." Alex's smile would have cut glass at this point, and Mulder shuddered involuntarily, his mind sliding back to recall the way he had treated Krycek on their mad race to Tunguska. He remembered the misery and pain that Alex had endured at his hands and felt his belly turn cold with fear.

Alex busied himself tidying up the tray and seemed to have no excitement or curiosity as he stacked the empty cups and pots onto it. However, when Mulder cleared his throat, he turned towards him, and the avid light in his eyes betrayed his keen interest.

"I guess I owe you this?" The questioning tone in Mulder's voice brought another hard smile from Alex.

"I'd say you owed me at least this. Have you come to any decision yet?" Mulder fell silent and Alex picked up the tray from the side if the bed and moved it over to a small table beside the door before returning to resume his place on the bed beside Mulder. He watched Mulder for a little while, raising one eyebrow at him.

"Okay, time's a-wasting, Mulder. What's it to be?" After a pause during which Alex thought that Mulder was going to prove intractable, the man on the bed nodded. Alex let go the breath he didn't know he had been holding, and felt in his pockets for the key to the handcuffs. He found it and swung it idly around his finger as he leaned down to look Mulder in the eyes.

"I want to hear you say it. I need to hear you tell just what I had to say to you. Tell me that you're mine to follow every order for the next two days, and that you'll do exactly what I tell you to do at all times. Tell me that you won't try to escape. Tell me." His voice remained quiet, but the intensity grew as he spoke and he was now virtually hissing the words into Mulder's face. Mulder's eyes were wide and he was suddenly afraid, Alex could tell from the sudden sweat that beaded Mulder's forehead. He truly thought at that point that Mulder would lose his nerve, but as Alex finished talking, Mulder shrugged, fatalistically and began to recite.

"I will follow your orders. I won't try to escape. I'll follow your orders and after 2 days I can leave?"

"That's the deal, Mulder. You gonna take it?" Alex's eyes were blank walls, and his voice hit the words like blows, each delivered separately, each one hard and heavy.

Mulder nodded once, and when Alex kept on looking at him, expression unchanging, he finally spoke his assent.


and then seemed to shrink as he uttered the word that bound him.

Alex cast his mind back to that afternoon on board the Star of Russia when he had been given an ultimatum, and accepted it, being forced to trust the person giving it to him without guarantees. He recalled the assault on his sexuality that at the time had both excited and disgusted him. He wondered why, in the light of his subsequent behavior, the old man had done that to him. He eyed Mulder speculatively and rolled back the bedclothes, raking him up and down with his eyes.

Mulder's body was slim, firm and muscled, with straight limbs. A sprinkling of hair on his chest leading like a pointer down to the center of his body, where his penis lay nestled amongst the tight curls.

Alex had never really examined Mulder before. His dislike and anger had clouded his vision on the road to Tunguska. Now he could study the other man without the hatred he had felt in the beginning and he finally saw how well made Fox Mulder actually was.

Earlier, he had applied lotion to the man's face and torso. Now he reached for the bottle and began to smooth it onto the still captive man's feet, moisturizing the burned, dead skin, and soothing the blisters that his encounter with the cold had inflicted on him.

Throughout this Mulder remained silent, relaxing into the attention he was being given. When Alex finally screwed the cap back on the bottle, Mulder was watching him in puzzlement, obviously trying to comprehend his captor's motives, and equally obviously failing to do so.

//Profiler at work hmmm? Well, let him stew. I'm not going to offer him clues. He's mine for now and that's enough. //

Alex leaned forward, unlocking the cuffs and permitting Mulder to bring his arms down, where he lay rubbing them to get the circulation back into them.

Okay, Krycek, what are you going to do to me?" Mulder's voice challenged Alex and it took him a moment to realize that his challenge masked a fear of the unknown. Alex felt a surge of something curiously close to tenderness at that point. He had never before entertained the idea of this arrogant, foolhardy, sometimes suicidally rash man experiencing fear.

//Interesting. //

He looked the man up and down, noting with mild interest that his penis was thickening a little, and filing away the notion that fear made Mulder horny.

"Relax, Mulder, I thought we'd start with a little talk, a little show and tell. First of all, how are you feeling? Do you want to stay in bed, or would you prefer to get dressed and take it downstairs?" Alex's voice was still mild, and Mulder, as Alex had known he would, opted for getting up.

// He feels too vulnerable, lying there naked in front of me. That's good. // Mulder was as restless as ever, and Alex watched benignly as Mulder rolled to sitting, but after watching him stagger and stumble, he moved to assist and support him as far as the bathroom.

Once there, Alex got the shower going. Mulder sat down limply on the toilet seat and watched him with real gratitude. Alex steadied the other man as he climbed into the shower and waited, lost in thought as he applied soap and shampoo, groaning in pleasure as the warm water sluiced over his limbs. He remained in the shower for a long time permitting the water to ease away the aches and pains of his recent ordeal. When he turned the water off at last Alex helped him out of the tub, wrapping a large, fluffy towel around him and assisting him to a seat. For a moment he swayed, and Alex found himself trying to support Mulder until he could ease him to sitting on the toilet seat. Mulder was looking up at him, eyes blank with effort and fatigue. It seemed very natural at that moment that Alex should lean forward and touch his lips to those of the man seated before him.

Time seemed to stop as they felt their mouths connect. Alex seemed dazed, and remained still, his lips on Mulder's. Mulder, however, groaned and stretched his arms up to pull Alex's face down into a deeper, more passionate kiss.

Alex dropped to his knees in front of Mulder, allowing the seated man to deepen the kiss still further, slipping his tongue into Alex's mouth and pulling him in close to press against his body. Alex could feel himself becoming aroused even as he asked himself what the hell he was doing. His right arm tentatively circled Mulder's waist and he slowly allowed his mouth to open fully, accepting the exploration of the inside of his mouth as Mulder held him, hands stroking his back, his hair, and his neck.

He had been so lonely. So fucking lonely.

But this wasn't about Alex feeling freedom from loneliness, this was about Fox Mulder realizing that he had caused untold pain and suffering. Soft lips, a sweet, nimble tongue and the bristle of his rough chin were not what Alex should be thinking of right now.

He slowly eased back and disengaged himself from Mulder. When Mulder would have pulled him back, seeking his mouth again, Alex pushed him away sharply with a quickly barked "No!"

He wasn't sure what he had done, or why. He stood indecisively in the bathroom and tried to sort out his feelings. His cock had leaped inside his pants, and was sending out thrills of lust. He felt as if someone had removed the area centered around his belly button with an ice cream scoop and left some strange, perverse species of humming bird in its place.

Mulder sat forlornly on the lid of the toilet and watched Alex's obvious discomfort. Standing there, the picture of abject misery, Alex was unsure whether to stay or go. Finally, Mulder found his voice.

"Krycek_Alex?" His voice was curiously gentle as he pushed himself to his feet and stepped forward to put his arms around Alex. He didn't try to kiss him, merely pulling him in to rest against him, laying his head on Alex's shoulder while he held him tightly, very tightly.

They stood like that, arms about each other, while Alex took comfort from the other man. Mulder, confused but willing, stroked Alex gently and slowly rocked him from side to side. For Alex, the feelings he was experiencing were nearly intolerable as he inhaled the scent of the freshly showered Mulder. He was confused. He had hated and despised this man, and then he had pitied him. Finally, he had discarded him as a spent force. He had brought him here to teach the bastard a lesson.

//So why did I kiss him? //

Alex's lips were still tingling and his belly seemed as if it didn't belong to him. He stood in the warmth of Mulder's embrace and wondered what the hell was happening to him. It felt to him as if the heat from a star was concentrated in the ache and burn of his cock, pressed up against the man who held him. His denim jeans chafed him unbearably. He wanted to rip the towel off Mulder and shuck his own protective skin. He wanted to run his hands over this body, now at his disposal. He wanted to

//Oh. God, I can't. Not while he's bound to me. That would make me as bad as him. // With a heavy sigh, he backed away from Mulder, turned and went back into the bedroom, followed by Mulder who was now completely confused. Alex moved swiftly to his closet and found sweats for Mulder, tossing them at him as he left the room.

He strode blindly back to the old man's room and closed the door behind him. Sitting on the bed once more he tried to analyze what was happening to him. This man had raped him, raped him savagely. He had beaten him too, and finally put him in a position where he had been maimed before he had left him.

He had not attempted to verify whether he was living or dead. Alex could remember that hatred he had felt for him. When he tried to recapture the feeling of anger he associated with thoughts of Fox Mulder, all he could think of was the feeling of cool lips on his and the hot tongue that pierced through his defenses the way it had just a few minutes before.

His cock stood stiff and straight to attention

//Bloody hell! How am I going to walk with that? //

and he could feel that it was not going to go away just like that. Sighing, he stood up and pushed down his jeans, allowing it to flop free.

He had pretty much steered clear of sex since coming to live with the old man, and that had been good., He had learned how it felt to own himself once again. He had regained his self-respect as he regained control over who had access to his body. It was his body. He had the power to say no and recently he had exercised it. There had been people that had wanted him, some who had made offers to him, but none of whom he wanted.

Now, all of a sudden, his body was turning traitor. It wanted an orgasm. It wanted to fuck.

It wanted Mulder.

It wanted to feel those finely sculpted lips locked to his. It wanted the sudden rush of heated sensation it had just experienced. It wanted more. It wanted to pound itself inside Mulder until it exploded, and unbidden, the images rose up of Mulder lying beneath him in the guest house the day before they found the camp at Tunguska.

He studied himself in the mirror. He knew he was pretty, and in the past few years he had become expert at seduction. He had sold himself for many things over the past few years, money, information, safety all had their price. The one thing he had never known was love. He believed that he wasn't capable of love. Even with the Brit he had known that he didn't love him, that his affection had been more about gratitude than about romance.

So, why was he sitting here, with his cock pointing to the heavens like some kind of outlandish meter of his emotional state?

//A fuckometer! //

He took hold of it and the damned thing drooled at him, pulsing a little in response to his touch. Frowning, he smeared the resulting moisture over it and began to slide his hand up and down its length, watching himself in the mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed.

Sighing, he added saliva to his palm and grasped his cock again, squeezing hard on the base of it before sliding his palm up to the ridge below the head, circling, pulling, sliding and then returning to circle once again. He could see his own hand at work, and he could feel the sensations building as he stroked himself. His balls had drawn up tight below the red-purple length of his prick. The skin blurred and crawled, arranging itself into neat ridges. He wished_ he wished so badly for another hand. He wished for Mulder's mouth. Fox Mulder kneeling in front of him to slide those pretty, moist, cocksucking lips over his cock and down, down to the very base. He could feel Mulder sucking, tongue swirling and it was good. It was more than good. Sweet heavens, he wanted it as he pulled on himself and his tension built.

He could see himself in the mirror, jeans around his ankles, legs akimbo and hands moving steadily on his dick as the purple head oozed moisture, slide and circle, slide and circle. His chest heaved, and his face, flushed with his excitement was tilted back as his spine arched. His eyelids were drooping at half-mast, and his lower lip was captured between white teeth as he felt himself drawing closer and closer.

Oh, God, the tension was building in thigh and buttock and he felt the stirring in his balls, first as a whisper, then as a shout and finally as a fist, punching the heat and the desire and the sweet, impossible, silken tingle. At last he came, with the flooding rush of outrageous, self-annihilating release as semen flew, white, glistening droplets to rain on his ex-employer's mercifully hardwood floor.

He had cried out, and he suspected that the name he had cried out was Mulder's. His face was flushed with the telltale signs of his recent orgasm. His cheeks glowed, and his bitten lower lip looked bruised and vulnerable to him. Reaching for a tissue, he cleaned himself up and pulled his clothes back into some semblance of order. He was trembling, but now at least he was no longer hard, and he felt as if he would be able to stay in control now, at least for a little while.

//Dammit, Mulder, ever since I met you you've fucked with me, both literally and figuratively. Why can't I just put you behind me and move on? //

Sue aka Dr. Ruthless

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That's underwear, ladies and gentlemen~Nick Lea (Access Hollywood)