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Guilt Edged 2 #6 Carve You in Marble by Dr. Ruthless

Dana Scully had left the hospital. Alex and Fox had driven her home, staying for coffee and desultory chit-chat. Scully was easier with Alex now and didn't react like a rabbit caught in headlights every time Alex turned his green-eyed gaze on her. Alex had begun to tease her, offering little touches and intimacies wherever he could, and the woman was practically begging for his attention now.

It had been difficult to get her to himself to try and square things away with her. He knew that she still somehow blamed him for her abduction. His chance came when Mulder had disappeared in search of yet another pack of sunflower seeds, convinced that there had been one in his pocket when he set out from the house. While Mulder ransacked his car, and then mooched off to the corner store in search of a fix, Alex broached the topic he knew was foremost in her mind.

"I couldn't stop them from abducting you, Dana. All I could do was to keep Fox from getting hurt. I didn't know what they would do to you." He looked so innocent and lost that he could see her eyes soften. He leaned forward to touch her hand. "I'd like to make it up to you, if I can."

She surveyed him, and he could tell that she was a little surprised that he had brought the subject up by himself.

"What about Missy? My sister? What about her? What's your excuse there, Krycek?" Her words were harsh, but he could see in her eyes, the faint, fragile need to believe him. He took a deep breath.

"I didn't kill her, you know that. Cardinale killed her, the trigger-happy moron. I tried to stop him, but he was so fucking fast! I did manage to stop him when he was going to shoot Skinner there in the stairwell. Skinner hates me for beating him up, but he would be dead now if I hadn't. I know what's going to happen, Dana, and some of the things I've had to do are because of that." He appeared sincere. Hell, for the moment he was sincere. She gave him a tiny smile.

"I believe that you mean what you say. I'm still not sure if I trust your motives." He smiled then, a wide, gorgeous, nose-crinkling smile, as he gauged her reaction to him.

"I'd really like the chance to make amends_well, not amends, precisely. I want to show you I'm not a bad guy. Will you let me?" He was close now, his breath soft and sweet on her cheek, and he saw her shiver before drawing away in confusion.

"I_uh_ maybe. How do you mean?"

He put out a finger, tucking a strand of hair back from her face in a curiously intimate gesture, making her catch her breath. He could see from her facial expression that she was ready.

"Come out with me. I'd love to talk to you without Fox hanging over me like the skeleton at the feast. He is okay in his way, but he's so jealous of you_" She shared his grin, and it was done. Dana Scully was going to go out with Alex Krycek, rat bastard.


She was waiting for him in the coffeehouse where they had arranged to meet, and he saw her face light up as she saw him heading straight towards her. He turned on his hundred-watt smile and drifted over to where she was sitting. This was the first time they had met together without Mulder's presence to act as a catalyst, and she was obviously nervous.

"Hello, pretty lady." He kissed her cheek quickly, feeling her frisson as his lips brushed by the corner of her mouth. He bestowed on her a little box containing two hand-made chocolates and winked at her. "If they aren't good for you, I volunteer to destroy the evidence."

She chuckled, and the moment's unease was over. The two of them shared coffee before getting up and leaving, arm in arm, like two old friends. They strolled through the park and back towards the Hoover Building where Scully had an afternoon full of interviews and meetings scheduled. As they approached it, Alex turned to her and gathered her hands, holding them captive close to his body. He felt her tremble and smiled inwardly. This was easy. Just appoint him foreign minister and there would no more wars.

He bent his elegant head down to her.

"Dana, I_" Stopping in apparent confusion, he waited for her to part her lips as if she would begin to speak before rushing on, his voice like burrs in silk. "I really, really want to see you. Can I?"

His eyes were like forest fires, sparks in the green, and his mouth was moist, and close and kissable. She looked up at him, and swallowed as she allowed herself to see how very beautiful he was.

She nodded.


She nodded again. He gave her his cell phone number. "Call me when you're ready. I'll pick you up from work." He released her hands to tip her chin up, and laid a kiss on her lips, whisper soft and full of sweet yearning. Then he smiled and said, "See you tonight."

Then he was gone.

She stood looking after him for a minute or two. a tall, slim figure all in black, his short dark hair neatly cropped, and his gait an animal glide as he stalked panther-like away.

She only turned to enter the building once he was out of sight.

Alex spent the afternoon getting ready. He had studied her profile, worked on his appearance, and by the time his cell phone rang, he was looking forward to the evening with her.

She had driven home from work, and Alex lost no time in making his way over to her apartment. When he rang on her bell, he was a vision in a carefully tailored back silk suit, shirt collar open and every inch of him desirable.

She was wearing a dress that fit her petite form exactly. Her breath hitched once as she opened the door and the reality of his appearance bore home on her. He smiled at her, and lowered his eyelids, allowing the long, thick lashes to veil his eyes before giving her a cheerful greeting.

"Dana, you're beautiful. Long time, no see!" His throaty chuckle invited her to join in and she did so, stepping out of her home to join him and then turning to lock the door.

Alex put his arms around her gently, and stooped to kiss her hello, before leading her out of the building to his car.


They had enjoyed dinner, and then a movie, and now they were sitting in Alex's car, outside her apartment.

"You're welcome to come up if you like." She sounded shy. Good little catholic girl who does not have affairs and isn't sure how the game is played.

"I won't come in. It's late, but I'll see you to your door. You never know who's out there these days." He climbed out of the car and walked around to hold the door open for her, skimming her arm with the back of his knuckles as he did so, and putting his arm carelessly over her shoulder. She shivered, and Alex wondered how far he could take it tonight.

They walked to her door, and Alex took her key from her, unlocking it and then returning it to her. She lifted her face to his, and opened her mouth to begin thanking him for a pleasant evening. As she did so, his hand came up to cup her elbow, and his mouth, plump and sweet as cherries, dropped onto hers. His kiss was intense, sucking sweetness from her as if he were starving. She responded, she couldn't help it, her tongue curling against his without prompting, as her head swam with the combination of fatigue, good wine, and desire.

"Goodnight, lovely Dana. Sleep well and dream good dreams." The quiet voice, sugar in gasoline, abraded her ears and she sought his lips again, but he was already moving, already in the stair well, the fire door banging as he left.


The following day he didn't see Dana. He had to travel to New York for meetings with some Tunisians, and followed the meetings there with a number of others with various scientists who were working on a project of special interest to him. He had phoned and left her a message on her cell phone, and another at home, and then forgotten about her in his joy at returning to New York. Alex loved New York. As he conducted his business, he wondered whether his campaign to seduce Scully was having any effect on Mulder. He hoped so.

He returned to his hotel room, lay back on the bed, and checked the time - 8:30 p.m. He wondered if she were home yet, and on impulse, dialed her number.

It rang several times, and he was just about to hang up when he heard her voice. He settled back into his pillows and smiled. "Dana? How are you? Did you just get home?" His voice was a silken purr and he heard her catch her breath in spite of herself.

"Alex. I thought you were out of town." He could hear rustling and clinking in the background. "I was just at the supermarket."

"I am, I'm calling you from the Big Apple. I just wanted to hear your voice." Her laugh came throatily to his ear. "I miss you."

"When are you coming back?" She sounded wistful, and he felt the blood stream through his belly to his penis in response to the tone of her voice.

"Thursday evening. I get into Dulles at 4 p.m. Would you like to come to my place for dinner?"

// and fucking //

His hand hovered over his silk clad erection. He was wearing black silk, carefully tailored, and the feel of it on his skin was slippery and wonderful.

"Please say you will, Dana. I'll cook. I'll make something truly delicious." His hand strayed down and he palmed the bulge in his pants as he spoke.

"God, Dana, I wish you were here right now."

"Why? Whatever are you doing?" The laugh was back in her voice again.

"Thinking impure thoughts, that's what! Damn me for a lecherous beast, but I'm all hot and bothered, thinking about you." He chuckled a little. "I don't think I'd better say anymore. Will you come tomorrow?" There was a brief pause and he closed his eyes, slowly unfastening the button on his pants, and then sliding down the zipper.

"Alright. What would you like me to bring?" The words were softly uttered and his cock pulsed with joy as he realized that he had succeeded. She was going to come over and she had more or less accepted his advances.

He had melted the ice queen.

As he laid his hand on his cock, and began to slide and tug rhythmically, he closed his eyes, picturing her face, imagining the way she would look with her head on his pillow and her face contorted with orgasm.

"Just bring yourself, sweetheart, just yourself."


The following day had gone well for him. He had come away from his meetings with a way back into the action.. He was going to be able to defeat the smoker now, he was sure.

He was going to get himself back inside the Hoover, and his good buddy Walter Skinner was going to help him.. It was perfect.

He owed Walter Skinner, almost as badly as he owed Fox Mulder. This would be amazingly good.

As he boarded the plane, he reflected on the way things were going. The nanotechnology in his power could and would be used to develop a new arm for him, Dana Scully would be in his bed in a few more hours, and he was going to stick it to Skinner. How could life be sweeter?

Settling back in his seat with a ginger ale and a thick sheaf of notes, he prepared to learn everything he could about the alien nanotechnology with which he had been gifted.

His arrival back in Washington was much earlier than he had told Dana it would be. He was inside the Hoover as Walter Skinner arrived at work on Thursday morning. It had been very easy in the confusion for him to touch the Assistant Director, and then he made himself scarce, waiting to get outside the vicinity of the building before he ripped the itchy wig away. In his heart he could not actually believe that Skinner was now infected, and would virtually become his slave, but the documentation he had been given was very clear. Alex was almost overcome with his desire to escalate the process, but he was aware that it was delicate, and to hurry it would kill his subject. That would not be good.

He went home to make things ready for Dana.

He could wait.


Alex was ready when the doorbell rang. He had phoned through orders to his staff, and there were delicious smells penetrating the house from the chicken, pasta and garlic bread that were ready to serve.

He rushed to open the door, his red apron slightly askew over black jeans and black silk shirt. Dana Scully stood on the porch, one eyebrow quirked at him in an amused manner.

"Alex? You cook? This will be interesting."

He ushered her in, and took her jacket from her, stooping to kiss her cheek as she passed him by.

"This is your house?" She moved slowly, studying the photographs and pictures that hung on the walls. "Mulder told me about it, but seeing it is a different thing entirely."

"Yeah, I've been lucky. Wanna come into the kitchen? I've got a couple of things still to do before we eat." He turned and led her back into the kitchen, passing the table that had been set with bronze, crystal and linen.

Opening the oven, he removed the garlic bread and sliced it on the counter.
Then he returned to reach in and pull out a chicken. Dana leaned on the counter, watching his deft movements with approval.

"You know, it's easy to forget that you only have one arm. You're very well co-ordinated, Alex. That smells heavenly."

He flashed her a quick smile, feeling her eyes on his body as though it were the sun, warming him.

"There are a lot of things I can't do yet." His tone was matter of fact as he placed things on platters and into bowls. "Carving, for instance, is really tricky. Would you do the honors for me, and I'll open the wine?"

As she set to work, Alex took a moment to admire her sleek body. He was going to make her scream tonight. He was. His cock jumped in its silken prison, and he breathed in sharply. He poured her a glass of wine, and placed the salad and pasta on the table before holding her chair for her. As she sat down, he stooped and nuzzled into her neck, behind her ear.

"You look gorgeous, Red. I want to gobble you up right now." His smile was wide and she met his eyes with a certain amount of mischief in her expression.

"Feed me, Krycek. I'm much more amenable to reason when I'm well fed."

He sat across the table from her and began to offer her the various dishes.

After-they had eaten their way through dinner, Alex took her into the living room to drink coffee and a liqueur. Alex had led her to an easy chair, and seen her seated before curling up on the floor by her knee. They continued to laugh and chat, as they had through dinner. Dana sat curled in the chair while Alex sprawled at her feet, laughing as he described the pompous, fat gentleman who had sat across the aisle from him on his flight home.

He watched her avidly, noting the way she had stiffened as he dropped himself at her feet, and observing the growing relaxation as she became accustomed to his proximity and the little, intimate touches that he gave her as she spoke. As he mimicked the man, she giggled, and Alex suddenly stopped his pantomime, reaching up to cup her chin, and rising to his knees to touch his lips to hers. He allowed his lips to slide over hers and then to cling as he kissed her gently. She sighed and closed her eyes as his hand gently stroked her jaw and neck. When he finally moved away from her, it was to dot a kiss on to the end of her nose, and then slide his fingers into her fine, red hair to cup the back of her head.

"I've been wanting to do that for a couple of years, Dana. You have no idea how good it feels." His voice was very low, almost a whisper, and he could see a flush creep over her cheeks. He leaned in and kissed her again, this time turning his head sideways and parting his lips against hers as he pressed his mouth to her. His tongue shyly flickered in and out between his lips, teasing her as she reached up with a sigh to place her arms around his neck.

He growled deep in his throat at that, and stood, picking her up in his arms without for one moment breaking the kiss, and then turned to sit in the chair himself, Dana sitting on his lap.

His left arm cradled her, while his tongue sought out the secrets of her mouth. His right hand urged her to pillow her head on his shoulder, before sliding down, deftly stroking and teasing, first her neck, and then her breasts, as she clung to his neck. He could hear her breathing change and deepen as he found the nipples through her shirt and began to pinch them gently. She was ready. She was so ready for a lover. He wondered if she and Mulder had ever had an affair. They obviously were incredibly fond of one another, but whether they had or had not, she was his right now. He stretched her over him as he leaned back, mouth ravenously insistent on hers, his fingers caressing and stroking as he held her tight. He was stiff and ready. Momentarily, he wondered if she could accommodate him, as tiny as she was, but lost the thought as one of her hands wandered down to find his erection through his jeans, squeezing gently, until he sobbed into her mouth, causing her to chuckle softly.

"Jesus, Dana, I want you. Please, baby, please."

Again came the low laugh, and she skittered her fingers up to open the buttons on his jeans, reaching beneath to find silk boxers, and under that, silken skin, hot and hopeful beneath her touch.

He stood again, and carried her, lying secure against his chest, out of the living area and up the stairs to his room. Once inside the door, he allowed her to swing her feet down and stood her up, pulling her in to press against him as he held her.

"Better say now if you don't want me, Dana. I'm on a real short fuse tonight."

She grinned her answer, reaching up again to pull his head down, fixing her mouth onto his. She was making it plain that she intended to stay with him.

He fumbled at the buttons of her white satin shirt, finally opening it, and pushing it to one side, his hand going behind her to unfasten her bra even as she began with hasty fingers to open the shirt he wore. In no time he felt her small, smooth hands delicately stroking. He moaned into her mouth and gathered her to him, while their hands slid over each other, skin on skin.

The tip of his cock, already exposed by Dana's searching fingers, protruded from the confines of jeans and boxers, pressed and rubbed against the fabric of her skirt with a sensation that was completely arousing, but only partly pleasure. He reached down to unfasten it, sliding it down over her hips like a greedy child unwrapping a parcel.

She put down her hands to help him, and he broke the kiss to look at her eyes, dazed with want. Then he sank to his knees, sliding skirt, hose and panties down for her to step out of and with a muttered imprecation, he pushed his face into the fuzzy, champagne-colored fluff between her legs and his tongue slid warm and wonderful, to tease the hidden button.

He felt her knees give a little as she stiffened, and let her go for a moment, chin shiny and a beatific smile making him look like an angel of some kind. Then he stood, quickly divesting himself of his lower garments.
When finally he stood before her, naked but for the shirt that hung loosely from him, his cock had begun to glisten with the welling up of pearly moisture at the tip.

He didn't speak, and nor did she. He just stepped in close to kiss her again, very gently, as he guided her to his bed.

Reaching the side of the bed his smile faded, and he looked at her again, eyelids heavy as he considered her. His mouth found the pulse point in her neck as he slowly guided her to lay back on the bed. He wanted to taste all of her. She was small and delicate, and sweet on his tongue. Nipping the rosy tips of her small breasts, he surprised a squeak out of her, and felt her shudder. Chuckling, he seized a nipple between his teeth, tugging gently and licking with his tongue until she buried her hands in his hair and gasped. His hand crept down to tease, skimming thighs, sliding between her legs to touch for an instant the groove where her leg joined her body.

She had parted her legs, and lay spread out beneath him, slowly writhing as he touched her. He drew back to study her, and she whimpered as he ran a questing forefinger down her body from chin to pubis, caressing her. She spread her legs wider and pushed up towards him.

"God, Dana, you're so beautiful." He leaned in then to drive into the center of her, tongue finding the swollen button again, and rhythmically lapping as his fingers slid inside her to press deep.

He was lost now in the responses of her, monitoring each quiver and twitch through tongue and fingers. He could feel the slippery folds of her tighten as he slid his tongue over her, and sucked the sensitive swelling in to tease it further with tongue and teeth.

He felt the surge inside her, and she cried out, hands gripping his head helplessly as she convulsed against him, moist and fluttering..

Rearing up again to hold her, he kissed her, her own juices sticky on him, and gently pressed his own thick, desperately leaking cock into her with a groan. She was hot at the core, heated satin, wet and slick as a dream, hotter than a warp core meltdown. He sank slowly inside her until he was completely buried and wholly unable to do more than hold her and thrust, jerk, and thrust again, as he murmured her name over and over.

There were no more kisses.. He wasn't conscious enough for kisses. His head was arched back, his eyes closed and white teeth sank hard into his lower lip as he rocked to and fro. She raised her knees high, wrapping her ankles around his hips, and held his buttocks to pull him in ever tighter on each thrust as she felt the heated glide of his cock pulling sensation from deep within her. Her slippery warmth made feelings surge in him, spinning them loose along his cock, until his body twanged with the silvery intensity of his growing orgasm

He heard her breath catch and hold, and he let out a little broken cry, and then ripples like hot molasses sucked the warm fluid from his balls. His body bowed rigid and he pushed hard, barely able to stand the sweet sensation as sperm spurted free into her and he came, and came, and came.

Finally collapsing onto her, boneless and gasping, he lay with his face buried in her hair.

"Dana, Dana, my god, Dana!" His voice slurred in her ear and his breath tickled as he tried his hardest to be coherent. "That was so almighty fucking wonderful. I think you broke my back. I'm never going to have voluntary muscle tone ever again." He laughed, his breath sweet against her cheek, and she turned her head, finding his lips and nibbling on them gently as he lay recovering, still joined to her though his penis was rapidly softening now.

"Alex, if anyone had told me that I'd ever let you touch me, let alone make love to me, I would probably have shot them, but, Oh My God, it was amazing, fantastic. I'm glad I left my gun at home. Yours was more than enough."

He giggled slightly, and adjusted his position so that she was lying beside him, held in his embrace, as his cock finally fell from its resting place.

As he held her, nuzzling kisses around her hairline, and down the angle of her jaw, her cell phone rang. His arms tightened around her momentarily as she began to sit up, but then he released her, allowing her to fumble in her jacket and take out the offending instrument. As she sat on the edge of the bed to answer it, Alex rolled a little closer to her.

"Scully." Her voice was calm and business-like. Her brow furrowed as Mulder's voice came over the phone.

"Scully, there's something wrong with Skinner, he's sick." As she listened, Alex began to trace her spine with his tongue, surprising a little gasp out of her. "Scully?"

Alex's hand slid around her waist, and down, to bury itself in her dripping wet vulva, fingers tweaking gently as he nipped and nuzzled the back of her neck.

"I'm _ I'm here, go on." Her breathing was unsteady and she lay back against him, hips wriggling steadily as Alex worked her. He inserted his tongue into the ear she was not holding to the phone, and she uttered a strangled sob.

"Scully, what's wrong?" Mulder's voice came clearly to Alex as he buried his face in her neck, sucking hard enough to make a mark, never pausing in his gentle stroking of her cunt.

"N _ nothing _ I'm sorry _ I'll _ I'll call you back. " She shut off the cell phone, leaned back into Alex's arms, and came to the touch of his fingers.

When she was done, he held her to him, quietly playing with breast and belly while he murmured to her about the beauty of her. She lay quiescent, allowing his hand to touch her wherever it willed. Finally, she turned to him, grabbed him by his ears and fixed her mouth on his, kissing him avidly. "You bastard. " She was smiling as she spoke, but there was a certain gleam in her eye as she chastised him. " How could you do that when I'm talking to Mulder? Damn it, he's going to know what I was doing. He's probably going to know who I as doing it with. He'll think I'm a total slut. How dare you!"

Alex gave her a sheepish grin. "I couldn't resist. You're so gorgeous, Dana. Besides, you're my slut now. " And he dived out of the way, cackling as she aimed a roundhouse swipe at him. They grappled together until finally he subdued her, lying pressed over her, kissing her long and hard. When finally he pulled backwards a little, she fixed him with a stern look.

"Alex, I have to go. This is good. This is wonderful, but I do have to leave now. " He swooped in to stop her words with his lips until she began to fight again. "I mean it, Alex, let me up."

"You're going to leave me and go to Mulder, aren't you? I want you so much more than he does. Stay here with me? Sleep with me tonight. You know I can make you feel good."

"I want to, but I can't.. I have to go." She had already reached for the clothing she had been wearing, dressing unselfconsciously in front of him as he watched, his cock already beginning to thicken again as he gazed soulfully at her.

"Will you come back?" His simple words appeared to hold a world of meaning. He lay in disheveled splendor, shirt open and half off his shoulder, eyes hooded and the sheen of sweat on his muscled chest and stomach, prick twitching as it saluted her from between casually splayed legs.

She finished zipping her skirt, and then nodded once, smiling at him.

"Be sure I will. Just try and keep me away after that." Blowing him a kiss, she left the room hurriedly. A few seconds he heard the muted "clunk" of the front door closing.