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Guilt Edged 2#7 Heart and Soul                         by Dr. Ruthless ***************************************************

Dana Scully had left the building.

Alex lay for a few minutes, grinning to himself.  She had been fantastic.  Making love to her was not a chore at all.  He felt energized, as though somehow he had drawn fire from this encounter with him.  He looked at the time.  It was ten-thirty, not late.  He would go check out his latest project. Getting up, he slipped on some shapeless, shabby clothing, and applied fake whiskers to his face.  Finally, he fitted on a longhaired wig, and took the small, black computer from the case on his dresser.


The following day, he was waiting outside the Hoover building when Scully emerged with Mulder.  Lounging against a potted tree, he managed to look piratical and sexy in his leather, denim and silk.  Dana's eyes opened wide as he prowled over to her, put his arm around her and kissed her hard, tongue flicking in to make her shudder.

"Hey, love, I brought you these, and wanted to let you know that last night was wonderful, amazing.  I've got to go out of town again for three or four days, but I'll call.  I didn't want you to think I was running out on you."  A quick flick of his eyes showed him Mulder, dumbfounded, anger just beginning to congeal on his face as he pieced together facts and impressions into a maddening whole.

Inwardly grinning, but outwardly the earnest lover, he pressed the small posy of violets into her hands, kissed her again while she gaped, all cover blown, and then turned.  Stunned, she watched him lose himself in the crowd of lunchtime agents scurrying after sandwiches and pizza.

He didn't need to hang around to watch.  He knew there would be trouble in heaven.  He was counting on it.

Much later, he was in the act of applying the hair and the facial fuzz once more when his cell phone rang.  Mulder!  He just bet it would be Mulder.

Mulder it was.

"Krycek?  What the fuck are you doing with Scully?"  The anger was a tangible entity, battering his eardrums as he listened, grin widening and straggly beard jutting.

"Ask her, Mulder.  I don't discuss my conquests with anyone."  He could hear the growl at the other end of the phone, and it made him laugh, causing the still tacky moustache he was wearing to fly off on one side.  Sighing, he reapplied it as he listened to Mulder's diatribe running itself down.  Eventually, as an island of silence loomed in the murky invective, he seized on it.

"That's all very well, Fox, and I may be everything you think me, but it's really up to her, wouldn't you say?"  He was trying to remain immobile so the face-hair set, and had a sudden idea.  He drew the control from his pocket, and escalated the effects the nanobytes would be having on Skinner.  He was gratified when Mulder uttered a curse and hung up abruptly.

He punched in Dana's number, and waited to hear her voice.  When she answered, he smiled again.  This time however, the moustache remained in place, looking for all the world as if a long dead guinea pig had been glued to him.

"Hello, love, I'm sorry, did I out you?  I didn't realize," she cut him off abruptly.

"Alex, I can't talk right now.  I'll call you back later."  Then she was gone.  He held the phone in his hand, stared at it for a few moments more, nodded, and finally moved off to see what mayhem he could cause for Skinner.


Alex leaned against the wall of the hospital corridor.  He had by now established Walter Skinner's whereabouts, and was idly tweaking the control device up and down, knowing that Skinner was going to be uncomfortable and in pain, but that what he was doing was not actually enough to kill the man, quite.  It had been a long day, and he was thinking to close down his assault for the night, when he found himself almost face to face with Fox Mulder.

He took off rapidly, bolting up the stairs and heading for the parking lot even as he heard Mulder's voice raising pursuit.  Running as fast as he could, he reached the parking lot with Mulder in hot pursuit and crashed through it, hearing the tortured squeal of rubber behind him as he ran.

Finally, for his own peace of mind, he managed to avoid his relentless pursuer, hiding himself in a convenient delivery bay among piles of linen hampers.  He paused there, silently waiting until Mulder, doggedly persistent, had chased off to look for him further afield.  He had planned this well.  A car was waiting for him and he leapt into it, driving recklessly around the turns of the parking garage until he reached the entrance.   Once he had arrived at the entrance, he drove full tilt at the car that was waiting to pay and leave the facility.  The resulting smack left him breathless and more than slightly dazed.  Feeling very light headed, he opened the door to his ill-fated vehicle,
and left at a run.

On his return to his own car, he turned off the control device and packed it away very carefully before settling down behind the wheel.  He shook his head, grinning ruefully. He should have known.  It was becoming a game between himself and Mulder now, but then, when you boiled it down, it always had been.  Whenever the two of them came up against each other, they managed to transmute themselves into Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.  Alex liked that metaphor, hugging it to himself with glee.

"Be vewwy, vewwy quiet, I'm hunting Kwycek." and the laughter spilled out of him like bubbles in champagne.

His cell phone rang.

//Here it comes! //

Sighing, he thumbed the thing open and responded.  Mulder didn't waste time on pleasantries, but then he never had.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" and Alex could picture him, thunderous fury closing out the usually amiable face as it added color to the sultry beauty of him.

"I shouldn't have taken that left turn at Albuquerque, Fox, that's my problem."  There was a moment of stunned silence at the other end of the phone, and then Mulder's voice again, beginning who knew what diatribe.  Still grinning, Alex closed the phone up, turned it off, and tossed it negligently onto the passenger seat.  Setting his car in motion, he pulled away.


It was midnight.  He had been working out, trying to find ways of preventing the steady atrophy of musculature on the left side of his body that would twist him eventually into a scoliosis.  His armlessness offended him, even though the new prosthesis that made use of the nanotechnology was helping to keep his spine straight.  It hurt.  It chafed and abraded his stump, and he was never pain free. He had just removed the arm and the scarred stump just above where his elbow should have been was burning agony for him.  The raw flesh had chafed until it oozed clear fluid.

He sprayed it with a little local anaesthetic, and then as the pain began to dull, he plunged it into surgical spirits, biting back the scream that rose to his lips as the agony threatened to make him pass out.  Moaning faintly, he sprayed it again and then headed in to take a shower.

He reflected to himself that he had Skinner in the palm of his hand now, totally under his control, and smiled to himself again, teeth flashing white as he adjusted the water temperature in the shower.  Finally, he stepped out of his sweats and under the cascade of water, humming to himself in his husky baritone as he did so.

He had not heard anything over his own uplifted voice and the drumming of the shower.  As he climbed out from under the water and reached for a towel, he was completely taken by surprise when he felt the unmistakable, cold, dead feel of a gun pressed to the back of his neck.

He froze.

"If you really hate my singing that much, I'll stop.  No need to be so vehement."  Who the hell was in his bathroom?  He listened, searching for any clue, but the steam on the mirror prevented him from seeing his assailant, and he had enemies, oh yes indeed, enemies galore.

The gun jabbed sharply at the back of his neck and for a moment he felt rage that someone could invade his home this way.  He felt sheer, blind murderous rage that the end had come before he could carry out his plans.  Once he was dead, so too would be the human race, and there was no other to whom he could pass the baton.  He had planned on Fox Mulder being the one, but there was no way now.  He just hadn't had enough time.

As if he had voiced them, the flat voice of Fox Mulder, bete noir, impinged on his thoughts.

//Jesus, it's okay.  It's only Fox. // Alex felt the skin of his balls relax as he realized just who was menacing him with that gun.

"I'm sorry."  He tried for a casual tone.  "What did you say?  I missed it."  Alex lifted his hand into the air and slowly began to turn round.  His body was seal-wet and glistening, his hair stood wet and spiky, and his skin was flushed from a combination of hot water and exercise.  His cock, always quick  to respond to danger, was filling with savage little leaps as it hung heavily between his thighs.  So aroused was he by his situation that he wanted to take hold of it and work it in front of the man who stood before him, holding the gun on him.

Mulder gaped at him, and Alex stepped in against the gun barrel that was now pressing into his throat, causing Fox to step backwards, making contact with the wall.  He watched Mulder's adam's apple rise and fall gain in a nervous swallow, and he smiled slyly at the other man.

"Keep the gun right there, Fox.  You never know what I'm likely to do."  His raised hand reached forward, very gently to cup the back of Mulder's head, pulling it forward as he leaned in. His lips made contact with Mulder's, soft and warm and right, very right even though he had constantly denied himself this until now.  Mulder stood, nonplussed, apparently unable to deal with what was happening.  Alex ran his tongue over Mulder's lips, seeking admittance, and they parted, apparently of their own volition, allowing him to slide gently past to caress the soft, sweet interior of Mulder's mouth.  The gun remained wedged under Alex's chin as though it belonged there, but Mulder's other arm slipped around him to pull him close.  The kiss swiftly escalated from soft and
gentle clear through to nuclear meltdown.  Alex could feel the harsh smoothness of leather against his chest and the rough abrasion of Fox's denim covered fly on the head of his cock.  He sighed, melting into Fox, and Fox's hand abandoned the gun, wedged where it was under Alex's chin, as he encircled Alex with both arms. 

For a minute, Alex continued to kiss Fox, tongue plunging in to tease and torment the other man.  Then, he gently drew back, lips a whisper away from the other man.

"Uh, is the safety on your gun, or am I likely to lose my head over you?"  He nibbled contemplatively on Fox's lower lip for a moment or two after speaking.  Fox groaned and reached for the gun, thumbing on the safety catch and then dropping it into his pocket.

//We're hunting wabbits!//

Smoothly, he pulled Fox back into his embrace, allowing his caresses and his evident arousal to speak in his defense as he molded himself up against the other man.  He had always known that this day would come but he had not anticipated it happening quite in this manner.  Mulder had taken him by surprise, and Alex had not had time to steel himself against the emotions he could feel kicking in.

He leaned hard on Fox, pressing him tight up against the wall, giving him no chance for second thoughts as he invaded his mouth.  Fox, eyes closed and gasping, was returning his kisses, his hands pulling Alex's naked body up to press the length of him while his breath spun rags of passion over damp skin, and his body writhed against the silken nudity of the man in his arms.

It was clear to Alex that somehow tonight had been chosen as the time to cross a boundary of some kind, and as he began to catch fire from the wildness of the lovemaking, he reflected on the relationship between the two of them.  He decided that it was time to exert a hold over the FBI agent.  Once more he pulled back, his smile rendered sensual by the slight swelling of well-kissed lips.

"You realize you are cheating on Dana, don't you, Fox?"  He murmured, grin widening at the look of consternation that suddenly appeared in Fox's passion-dazed eyes. "Come on."  He took Fox's hand, and led him from the bathroom back to the bedroom where he had stayed after the Antarctica experience.

The two of them stood, surveying one another.  Trapped by time and circumstance, the two of them had always known that they were paired by fate.  Now, Alex felt only relief as he finally surrendered to that fate instead of fighting it as he usually did.

Fox was trying, with shaking hands, to unfasten his buttons.  Alex stepped in behind him, kicking the fallen leather jacket out of the way, and snaked his arm around Fox's waist, deftly opening his fly as he ran his tongue over the nape of Mulder's neck.  Three hands pushed down on the fabric of Mulder's jeans.  Two hands slipped the waistband of his boxers, allowing them to slide down over his prick, and one hand...

Ah, that one hand!

It circled the straining penis, squeezing and pulling, while Alex held Fox captive against him.  His tongue delved busily into the side of his neck, his ear, and the base of his throat.  Fox leaned back into Alex, feeling the press of Alex's cock against the cleft in his buttocks and wriggled against him just a little as Alex's knowing hand closed on his penis, tugging him gently towards the bed.

Pushing Fox down to sit on the edge, Alex gestured to him to finish undressing, turning away to find his new arm, slipping it into place over the stump and wincing a little at the contact with the fresh blisters.  The hand wore a black leather glove, and he left that in place with a smirk.  Then he turned back to show Fox exactly what he had learned since the last time they had shared a bed.

In his mind he could picture them as they had been.  He with a bad case of the flu, still sore and shaken from the brutality of the rape, ploughing into his tormentor with hate in his heart, and Fox, so desperately needy that he would take anything Alex offered him, just so it would be better than nothing.

//Fuck you, Mulder! // He could remember screaming that as he pounded into him, and wondered where all that hatred had gone.  He didn't hate Fox any more.  He felt sorry for him, found him touching and oddly noble.

He loved him.

This was new to Alex, this feeling. He had managed to go through life without ever feeling love, and was fighting it grimly now. He had enjoyed most of his life to date, getting his kicks from the power he could exert over others. This man with all his pathetic personality defects had somehow wormed his way past Alex's defenses, and Alex was caught. He turned back to Fox, who was sitting, wide-eyed, on the edge of the bed, penis leaking as he watched Alex.

Alex put out a hand to cup Mulder's chin, drinking in the sight of him as he stared back at Alex through glazed eyes. His thumb moved to brush the corner of Fox's mouth, and he felt the shudder that went through Fox at his touch.

For a moment they held still, communicating need through touches in the silence, and then Alex dropped smoothly to kneel between Fox's knees. The silence was broken as he opened his mouth to take Fox in, sucking on Fox's cock as the other man cried out "Oh," and "Oh," and "Oohhhhh!"

Fox tasted good. He tasted salty and desperate, a fine combination. Alex took the length of him in deep. His hand circled the base of Mulder's cock, and he could feel the build of excitement beginning, felt the jolt as sharp, sucking pressure drew hot pleasure through Fox. He pushed Fox back, parting his thighs to drape them over his shoulders as he knelt beside the bed.

Groping for lube, he released the purpling cock from his mouth and moved downwards to lick and nibble gently at Fox's balls, listening avidly for the moans and whimpers that Fox was producing as he gave himself up to the liquid heat and slide of Alex's mouth on him. Fox had found his voice now, but only to beg for Alex to please, please, fuck him now!

Alex laughed a little harshly. His own excitement was growing, but the reduction of surly, cerebral Mulder to a quivery mass of urgent sensuality was too thrilling for him to leave just yet, and he moved lower. He spread the cheeks of Mulder's ass wide to lay it open for inspection, running his tongue from anus to perineum repeatedly before finally pressing home with his tongue, stabbing the small pucker until it yielded, and then working in and out past the muscle there.

Mulder sobbed, his breath catching in his throat as Alex covered his penis with a gentle hand to keep Fox from touching it himself. Fox was wailing now, struggling to control the rhythm and punch of that wicked tongue. Not content to allow Alex total control, Fox wa fighting to rub his wanting penis on something, anything, and finally, Alex drew away to wait, the taste of Mulder on his tongue like the sweetest delicacy. Alex was dazed, blood drumming in his ears and sweat-slick chest, flushed rosy with effort, heaving.

The hand that had been protecting Mulder's cock moved down to press over his testicles. Fox writhed as Alex waited, holding still as he watched the urgency of the other man's orgasm recede. As Fox stilled his desperate movements, Alex rose to his feet, climbing onto the bed and pulling Fox up to lie beside him, facing him. He had not spoken yet, but he did so now. His voice was quiet, gentle, and inexorable.

"Tell me what you came here for." And Mulder, passion-dark eyes free-wheeling over landscapes of requited lust, was suddenly jerked back to the here and now, distrustful as Alex moved to cup his buttock and nip at his throat.

"You," he gasped. "You were at the hospital." And Alex flashed him his widest smile before dropping again to lay his lips against Mulder's, delivering tiny kisses until Fox groaned and grabbed Alex's head, centering their mouths and then kissing him hard.

"You believe I was at the hospital?" Now he was tugging at an earlobe, now lapping at the corner of Mulder's avid mouth. "And why would you think that?"

"Do you think I don't know you, Alex? Do you think I don't see you in my mind's eye every minute of every day? I know the shape of you. I know the way you walk. I know the movement you make with your chin when something disturbs you. I could pick you out in a crowd. It's the price I pay for the way I feel about you." Mulder avoided Alex's lips, and the dark, introspective expression solidified on his features, leaving him to appear somehow smaller, less substantial than before. Alex rolled to lay over him and slipped his arms through to lie under Mulder's shoulders so that he was cradling Fox's head in his two hands, the one of flesh and blood, and that strange, leather clad other.

"Were you going to kill me?" Alex's voice was rough with excitement as he awaited Mulder's answer. The thumb of his right hand was still describing little circles on Fox's face, just below that maddening lower lip. His mouth came smoothly down to cover that mouth, tongue snaking in again in a slippery wash of sly exploration. His body squirmed over Fox. And Fox, needing, always needing, melted gratefully into Alex, opening himself, offering everything he had, or was, or could possibly give. "Would you?" Alex repeated, and Fox shook his head, in denial, pulling him back to suck on his mouth.

The time for questions had passed. Fox had clearly fallen back again to a place without thought and was running purely on instinct as he kissed, and licked, and nipped at Alex. They were pressed close now, cocks sliding against each other and mouths glued. There was no way back. Alex was gone now, gone on a mad rush of adrenaline that dried his mouth, curled his toes, and had him thinking purely with his dick.

Somewhere, his rational mind screamed that this was the man who had raped him, but as Mulder continued to moan and urge him on, Alex knew without any doubt that it was time, and that Mulder was his, had always been his. He spread Fox's legs, reached for the lube and stroked it onto the area around Fox's anus. All of a sudden it had stopped being about Alex gaining control, and become about him losing that control, losing himself as he pressed home with fingers that shook and heard the dark, grating cry of Fox's arousal.

It was no longer enough for Alex to be with Fox, running his hands over the sweetly muscled body. He wanted to own him, to possess him completely, to merge identities until neither of them could see where the profiler ended, and the sheer, rat bastard began. He drew his fingers out from the warmth of Fox's ass and took hold of his own cock, centering it and slowly, gently pushing it in through the barrier. He heard sobs as he slid home, his own sobs that were his gift to Fox as the layers of exquisite feeling flew between them.

Fox, calmer now, pulled him back into a kiss, and as Alex began to fuck him, sliding in and out of the slick hotness of him, Fox mirrored his actions with his tongue, holding Alex captive in the crook of his arm as he kissed him stupid.

Stupid! He was stupid with lust, crazy for this man in his arms, and he held him tight, fucking him, kissing him, losing himself in the willing body as he prayed that this would never end, never, never end.

Then of course, it had to. Fox came first, his cock mashed between them as Alex stroked inside him. Alex felt him tense and spasm, and then the sticky fluid spattered between them. Alex exulted, feeling his own orgasm build.

His cock was on fire with the delicious friction of their movements. When his balls finally clenched and emptied themselves, he felt a sunburst of flashing pleasure riot through him, sensitizing him from the fine hairs on the nape of his neck, down clean through to his toes. The tip of his cock screamed joy. He was the tip of his cock, spurting into Fox, deep into him.

And God was there. He swore God was there as he heard Fox say "I love you" and tasted acid copper on his tongue from where he had bitten his lip until it bled. He lifted his head up form Fox's shoulder to look at him, and the cloudy eyes locked to his as Fox smiled weakly.

"God, Alex," and subsided, letting his total state of disarray speak for him. Alex kissed him very gently, leaving a trace of blood on Fox's swollen lips and then collapsed to lie on him, sticky and sated.

"I was clean. I just had a shower, and now look at me." Fox laughed softly as he heard the aggrieved tone.

"You'll be clean again someday. God, Alex, I love you." Fox lay sprawled beneath him, virtually purring as he recovered, their welter of tangled limbs sweat sheened and loose. Alex sagged to one side and rolled to lie nestled on Fox's shoulder, arm and leg draped across his lover's body in ownership. He felt the stickiness of Mulder's cooling ejaculate over belly and chest but was just too shattered, too comfortable to go looking for a wash cloth right at that moment.

They slept.


Waking in the morning, Alex found himself lying spooned up against the sleeping Mulder who was warm and snug, snoring faintly as he dreamed on. Alex had his arm around Mulder's waist and he relaxed, feeling wonderful as his lover continued to sleep. In the clear light of morning he wondered what he had done, and how he would ever manage to control Mulder now. He didn't know whether to be happy or dismayed, but however stupid his decision to take Mulder as a lover had been, he felt terrific right now. He was in love with this man. He had finally admitted the fact to himself, and that was enough for today.

His hand gently stroked the flesh of Mulder's belly. He could no more still it than he could fly. Under his gentling hand, he felt Fox awaken slowly, gradually returning to consciousness. He could tell the exact moment when Fox recalled the night before. The lean body started, and his breathing changed. Alex moved forward until he could press his lips onto Fox's smooth shoulder.

"Good morning, love. Are you going to shoot me now?" and Fox rolled over to face Alex, greedy eyes and strange, shy smile as he pulled Alex into his arms.

"I can't believe this. I've wanted it for so long. Oh, Alex... " and then there were no more words as the two of them kissed again, long and slow.

Fox was glowing. His smile was incandescent as he radiated his happiness. He became playful, and rolled to loom over Alex, offering little, playful strokes and caresses to him.

"I love you, you know that, don't you? Yeah, I guess you do. It feels as if I've always loved you. You were sent here for me, and you have no business fighting it." Alex nodded. The other man had never made any secret out of his feelings for him. He lay quietly on the pillow, watching Fox, and trying to analyze his own feelings. This would make a difference, but whether for better or for worse, he could not say.

He tried to think of world domination, of darkly malevolent shapeshifters capturing his world and everything that was in it, but all his mind would reflect on at the moment was the curve of Fox's neck, the sweetness of his rarely seen smile, and what it did to him when Fox touched him, oh god, there!

Then, Fox's mouth was on his face slipping down on moist tracks across his throat, rough beard providing a scratchy, sensual counterpoint to his kisses as he fastened on his nipple. There was no alien presence so menacing that it could take him from this, nothing but here, now, today, and the feel of Fox loving him. He felt as if his belly had somehow melted, trickled away leaving a void in which small creatures fluttered blindly, while Fox sucked his nipples between his teeth, lashing each in turn with his tongue. Alex hissed in his breath as the tickling pleasure forged a line that shot direct from nipple to cock.

Fox's hands roamed over him, delicately stroking his thighs, skimming over his rapidly growing erection to trace small circles on his loins. His skin felt charged, electrified and urgency began to sing in his blood as Fox continued his leisurely exploration of Alex's body.

When Fox slid down over the flat stomach and curled himself comfortably between Fox's legs, Alex felt flashes of excitement curl through him, turning him hot, then cold, then hot once more as the sweat began to shine on his chest.

As Fox began to lick and kiss him from the inside of his thighs around to the tender groove that ran between leg and torso, his penis began sending its own, demanding messages, and his breath began to shorten. Then, Fox licked the length of his cock from base to crown, and his hips began to jerk forward in a motion he just couldn't seem to control.

He looked down at the dark head, tousled hair standing in tufts, and at the face, studious expression and slight frown, as he contemplated the erection that Alex was now sporting. Fox was so beautiful. How could their lives have been so badly fucked up? Alex didn't know. He reached to stroke the other man's hair and received an impish grin. Fox had planned his attack and was even now moving to put it into practice.

Fox held out a hand for the lube and he passed the small bottle down to him, feeling gentle thrills of anticipation course through him as he lay back to await the further developments. Fox began again to lick at his cock, and with every swipe of his broad, flat tongue he found it harder and harder to think straight. He could not look away from this gorgeous man who was slowly, methodically driving him crazy.

He didn't know exactly when it was that he started to whimper. He became aware that he was doing so when Fox suddenly got a gleefully pleased expression on his face, and his onslaught intensified. To Alex, he looked for all the world like a small boy eating illicit candy.

Alex was pushing blindly with his hips now, in an attempt to hasten the slow, maddening escalation of sensation that Fox was orchestrating, but Fox was carefully ensuring that he remained in control, and that Alex remained helpless until he himself decided it was time.

Alex's legs were splayed wide apart. Mulder had coated his fingers generously with lube and now pushed one index finger into Alex's ass, hooking it forward to find his soft spot and stroke it. Alex choked as the bolt shot through him, and Mulder paused in his steady, rhythmical licking to grin up at him again. Alex felt so good right then, so very fucking wonderful that he was almost screaming with the need to be sucked.

He closed his eyes and willed Fox to suck him.

Fox didn't.

"Please, Fox, please. You're driving me crazy now. Please." He heard the words spill from his mouth with some kind of amazement. He didn't beg. He didn't plead, and yet here he was, reduced to a squirming, begging mass of frustrated sensation. The tone of his voice must have been desperate enough, because Fox suddenly opened his lips and went down on Alex, sucking him back into his throat as he massaged the inside of his ass, incredible feeling radiating out from the base of his cock. Alex screamed once, and then it was impossible to stop fucking Fox's mouth as the pleasure built, and Fox sucked, heat and slippery wetness and impossible tightness in his balls as Fox's mouth rose and fell on him, taking him deep into his throat each time.

"Fox, stop, I'm... " Alex tried to push Fox away as he felt the stuttering build of his orgasm, but Fox renewed his efforts, and Alex couldn't hold on, had to give it up for his lover. The electric surge and spurt of his release shot though him, draining him and causing him to lie gasping as Mulder sucked him dry, laughed in delight, and finally released his spent organ just as Alex was about to beg for that too.

Wriggling up to kiss him again, Fox whispered thanks and lay holding onto him as though he were the most precious being that ever lived.

Now more disinclined to move than ever, Alex merely accepted Fox's lovemaking, accepted gentle kisses from him and felt the evidence of the other man's arousal pressed hard against his thigh.

"What are you going to do with that?" His eyes were a little wide as he recalled the size of Mulder's cock. His hand moved to hold it, stroking it lightly for a minute or two, while Fox moaned and thrust into his hand. Finally, making up his mind, he kissed Fox hard, and rolled over onto his belly, spreading his legs in mute invitation.

Mulder, tentative at first, began to stroke his shapely backside, adding more slick as he continued what he had already begun. Alex felt fingers stretching him as Mulder probed again for that trigger point inside him, and he felt the first stirring tendrils of pleasure as his ass was worked into loose, slippery compliance.

Fox fumbled behind him, and then Alex felt the loss of those fingers, crying out as they were removed. Then, firm hands on his hips pulled him up to kneel, and the massive pressure of Fox's cock made him grunt as it stretched him. Finally, as it slipped inside him, he heard Fox gasp, and then felt him bite his shoulder as he tried to gain control of himself.

Fox felt huge inside him as he began to move with tiny, careful movements that stretched and burned at first. Gradually, the feelings changed, and pain became pleasure, gentle waves of it that carried him along, gasping. He leaned back on Mulder's shoulder, allowing Fox's hands to roam where they willed as he strained into Alex's tight channel. Alex's insides melted as the cock that was sliding to and fro within him somehow made connection with the cock that protruded from his groin. As Fox increased the urgency of his motion, delicious tingles began to spread through Alex.

Fox was plunging into him wildly now, and reached down at last to take Alex's prick into his hand, pumping it in rhythm with his thrusting motion. The sweet sensation intensified in Alex, and suddenly he was there. He was flying. Fox's dick pushed tingles through into the head of his cock and the lightning hit. He came hard as Fox buried his face in Alex's neck and fucked him desperately, shortening his stroke, moving faster and faster until he let go with a cry and bit at Alex's neck as he strained to pour himself into Alex.

Alex was totally limp now as Fox slumped against him. Slowly the two men slipped forward to lie collapsed together amid the wreckage of Alex's bed.

Alex was confused, horrified even. His life had just been turned around by 180 degrees, and he didn't know how he could keep on doing the job he had to do. His mind raced around in circles as he tried to decide how he could keep what he had, without losing the world.

He had to tell Fox everything, but he knew that Fox's methods were other than his own. Fox would want to take the information he had to Skinner, and Alex couldn't allow that, yet. He racked his brains, trying to decide just exactly how much he could tell Fox.

Fox was nuzzling Alex's shoulders now, his overnight growth of beard providing Alex with a luxurious back-scratch that caused little ripples of sensation to spread through him.

//It's too soon. I don't know how I'm going to keep this from self-destructing. // He rolled over and turned Fox to face him. His arms went around the other man who moved into the warmth of Alex's embrace, cuddling into Alex's neck. Alex buried his lips in Fox's hair for a minute or two before taking a deep breath.

"Fox," he spoke in a whisper, "We need to talk. There are things I need to tell you." Mulder moaned, and raised his head to bring them face to face.

"Alex, answer me one question. Would it be better if I didn't know?" Fox's low voice came as a surprise to Alex, who had been expecting who knew what question.

"Frankly, love, yes. I know you. You'll fight me every inch of the way if you don't have the answers." Alex's forehead furrowed as he picked his words with care. "You and I are on the same side, but I know things you don't, and I can't tell you at the moment. I'm desperately trying to work out how to put your mind at ease without putting your life in danger." As he stopped talking he scrutinized Mulder's face, trying his best to gauge how his words were being received.

Fox's eyes were fixed on him, and he had never in his life wanted so much to forget the world and sink into the warm, safe haven of Fox's arms. Only the knowledge that nowhere would be safe, and his Fox would become the breeding ground for some alien spawn stopped him from giving up right there and then. As he looked into the steady gaze from the bright, grey-blue eyes, he gave a broken cry and pulled Fox in to kiss him.

The kiss was a beginning and an ending. The taste of regret was on his tongue and he felt as though he was losing his life.

In a way, he was.

"We can't do this again. I love you, but we have to be apart, at least for now. If ever they heard that you and I were lovers they would kill you, and I would be left behind to mourn you. I can't do that. If you were to die, I couldn't continue." His voice caught then and he was silent, head moving from side to side and eyes closed against the enormity of what he was giving up.

Mulder, who had listened to him in silence, now cupped Alex's face while he kissed him hard and deep.

"I can't give you up completely, Alex love. There must be a way we can communicate if we need to." The harsh voice grated need with every syllable.

"I can't face the prospect of seeing you dead, Fox, and the two of us united would be too dangerous to let live. Give me a month. We'll be able to get together then. I'm sure I'll be able to get things a little straighter in a month." Alex's voice was quiet, and the husky quality was very marked as he spoke. "Please, Fox, I can't see you die, and people are going to die."

Mulder stared at him intently for so long that Alex began to feel as though he was on trial. Time stretched until Alex wanted to scream, but finally Mulder nodded, and that mouth of his moved in, soft and sweet as a whisper, brushing his forehead, his eyes, and finally his lips.

"Okay, I trust you, Alex. God knows why, but I do. I'll stay away from you until next month. I guess I'd better call you from time to time so I can yell at you or they won't believe it. I promise I won't try to find out what you're doing as long as you promise me that once the month is over, you'll fill me in about the stuff I missed." And wonder of wonders, he was smiling, a soft smile that lit up his features and set Alex's stomach lurching.

"I promise. We'll meet in New York or somewhere like that."

Their pact sealed, there were more kisses before they slowly dragged themselves out of bed to stumble off and shower so they could begin their day.



Alex was waiting in the parking garage below the FBI building. He had spent much of his adult life in environments such as this, and he wondered if he would ever walk in the sunlight again. Skinner was currently interviewing the two agents he had worked with all this time. Alex had seen the two of them go into the building, and now he waited in the shadows, in the rear seat of the Assistant Director's car until such time as he might appear. He felt drowsy, and almost began to think that it would never happen when, suddenly, without warning, the big man was there, unlocking his vehicle.

The waiting time while he climbed into his vehicle seemed to drag on forever. Alex allowed Skinner to settle himself in the front seat before drawing attention to his presence in the back of the big man's car, then he leaned towards the light as his thumb caressed the control device.

"I've been expecting you to show up." Skinner's voice was not gentle. He virtually snarled at Alex, but Alex remained calm, quiet, confident that he was at last in control. Alex exchanged a few more words with the large Assistant Director, but would not, or could not let him off the hook. As Skinner pressed him for the reason he was there, all Alex could tell him was "All in good time." As he slid furtively back into the shadows once again.

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