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Guilt Edged 2 # 9 "Four Seasons in One Day"     by Dr. Ruthless ****************************************************

They ate the toast and drank the coffee, talking about nothing of importance.  Once Spender showered and was dressed, Alex raised an inquiring eyebrow. 

"Where would you like me to drop you, Jeff?"  The young man smiled his thanks as the two of them threaded their way back down through the house that was now bustling with activity as the housekeeper saw to the smooth running of it. 

"I'm going to take my mother out of there and put her somewhere safe.  Then I'm
going to settle a score with Fox Mulder once and for all."  Spender's eyes flashed, and Alex blinked at him. 

"Mulder?  Why would you want to settle anything with Mulder?" Alex thought madly for a moment.  Jeff could not be allowed to harm Mulder, but Alex didn't want Jeff to come to any harm either. 

"He's like a thorn in my side.  Everywhere I go, I butt up against him.  Fox Mulder!  He's a self indulgent, hypocritical, manipulating liar.  He pulls the wool over everyone's eyes.  He's bewitched my mother.  She thinks he's a god." 
Jeff closed his mouth sharply.  Alex gazed at him, as if fascinated. 

" What are you going to do this thorn in your side?"  Alex smiled and Jeff began to tell him of the alarm he had set that would summon everyone to his office the moment that anyone other than he or Diana accessed any of the computer files.  He was still telling Alex about his dislike of Mulder when Alex drew up outside the FBI Headquarters and let him go.

Alex watched as the young agent was swallowed by the gloom of the foyer of the Hoover building, and then, swearing, he punched in Mulder's number.

"Mulder. "  The voice made the blood thump through Alex's head.  Alex closed his eyes, hoping against hope that he could prevent any tragedy from occurring.  His hand shook as he tried to think.

"Mulder, don't say a word.  Just listen to me.  You're being watched and if you
go near the X-Files database, you are going to be in trouble."  Mulder' short laugh stopped him. 

"We're there.  We're in the X-files right now.  What do you know?"  Alex hung up and dialed another number, biting back a curse as he did so.  

"Assistant Director Skinner."  Alex sat, eyes squeezed shut as he prayed fervently.

"Walter, drop what you are doing, right now, and go down to the basement, to the X-files.  There, you are going to drag Fox Mulder out by force if necessary, thus saving him from his own folly.  Spender is looking to frame him."  He grinned as a growl emanated from the phone, but Walter Skinner was at
least a sensible man, and he wasted no time arguing with Alex, even though Alex
could feel the waves of hatred emanating from the phone itself.  He was abruptly disconnected, and wondered just how long he had to wait before he discovered what had happened, and whether he had been in time. 

He pulled back into the traffic.  There was little he could do here.  He headed
back to his office; aware of the work he still had to get through. 


Back at the office, he kicked his heels, unable to settle to anything until he had learned the outcome of this hasty attempt to save Fox.  He was so on edge that he found he was making mistake after mistake.  When the phone rang, he grabbed for it, happy for the distraction.   It was Dana Scully. 

He winced.  His tinkering with Dana's affections seemed to have taken place a very long time ago.  What had he been thinking?  Everything was going wrong, but at least now he could find out just how fucked up things were. 

" Hey Dana.  I missed you.  How are you?"  He thought the gaiety in his voice sounded as forced as it was.  She obviously thought so too as her words dropped, cold and hard as pebbles. 

"Cut out the social niceties, Alex.  I want to know how much responsibility you
share for this latest series of events."  Alex grinned to himself.  She was something else.  She was as feral as he was himself, and frankly he had much better manners than she did. 

"Dana, honey.  I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you have if you just abandon the idea that I might be a thought reader, or omniscient, and just tell
me what the fuck's happening?"  His voice rose a little at the end of his sentence, and hitched against his will, try as he might to control it.  She must have picked up on his lapse, because there was a momentary silence, and then,

"I'm sorry Alex.  I guess I'm just taking it out on you.  I don't know why I should think you could possibly have anything to do with it.  Mulder and I were
suspended today, pending a disciplinary hearing."  He gasped at that.  He couldn't help himself.  Damned Skinner hadn't been in time.  Damn Jeff and his grudges.  Damn everything.  He needed Fox in the FBI.  He needed him in the X-files.  He wanted Fox to be happy and this would hit at the heart of him.

"Is there anything I can do?  Do you want to meet somewhere?"    His brain was screaming in protest even as he issued the invitation, but the answer floored him.

"No.  It's best if we don't see each other.  You are a very handsome, persuasive man, Alex Krycek, but I know the only reason you seduced me is to upset Mulder, and it worked.  I was just a tool for you, and I don't like that.
I'm just glad that you aren't involved in this present mess. "  He drew a breath. 

"Does that mean you still like me?"  The question sounded lame even to him, and
he found himself holding his breath as he waited for her answer. 

She laughed shortly.  "I need notice of that question, Alex.  I'm not sure I know you, even a tiny bit.  When I do, I'll get back to you."

There was a click, and she was gone.


The next day or two passed quietly.  He wondered how Jeff was doing, but made no attempt to find out what was happening to him.

// Better I don't know. //

Watching over Mulder was taking up a lot of his time.  Mulder seemed to have accepted his suspension without any of the fight he was famous for, and Alex was wondering what he would have to do to motivate him again., when he received
a call from the Smoker.

"Alex, the time has come.  We've all worked for this and you deserve to share. 
We're going.  We're all going."  Inside, Alex cringed.  He was out of time.  What the hell could he do?

"What about Cassandra?  I thought you lost her.  It will be worth nothing if you don't take Cassandra with you."  His mind was racing.  He had thought she was safe.  He had really thought he had time.  His mind raced furiously. 

The smoker's answer hit him like a blow.  "Cassandra need not worry you.  She will be there."

"When are you going?"  Was there still time?  It was obviously too late to save
Cassandra, but he might still manage to lay hands on the information that was the key to activating the genetic material that lay dormant in Fox.  "I'll be right there."

He slammed down the phone without waiting for a reply.  Fuck them!  Fuck them all for doing this.  He'd only needed a week or two more and his own plans would have been complete.  Now he was forced to scrabble about to salvage any shred of hope there might be.

Climbing into his car, he raced to the offices where the Consortium had been for the past 50 years.

Gone! All gone.

He was too late.  Sinking into a chair he pummeled his brain in his attempt to find a way out. He had no idea how he was going to achieve his goal, but he had
come too far now to lie down and give up.  Sighing heavily, he was about to pull himself to his feet when the door opened, and Jeffrey Spender came into the room.  Alex felt vicious.   He looked at the young man, and saw nothing but
an irritation, a loose canon, a factor to get in his way.  Idly, the back of his mind recalled previous tenderness, but today Alex was angry.  There would be no tenderness here.

He smiled a saccharine smile.

"You're looking for your father.  He's gone.  They're all gone."  He gloated inwardly as Jeff's face changed, and fell.

"But they're coming back."  The man was completely crushed, and Alex felt savage joy.

"No." He gazed at Jeff, willing him to feel just as bad as he did himself. "No,
they've left for good."

There was a pause.  Jeff's brow furrowed, and he blinked.  "What do you mean?"

"Well, they've abandoned these offices."  Malice ate at him.  He wanted to slap
the silly face that mooned at him.  He would hurt him.  He wanted to get him back for the pain he had caused, and the sheer inconvenience his resentment of Mulder had created.

"But they've been here for fifty years."  Alex felt like shaking the naive young man.  He stood suddenly, and Spender closed his mouth abruptly as Alex began to walk towards him.

"I don't think you understand_" His voice was silky and menacing.   Jeff gulped.  This was a different Alex from their last meeting and he was suddenly afraid of the man who was approaching him, feral eyes unwavering as he drew near.

"W..where did they go?"  Spender was suddenly unsure of himself.  The world had
seemed so safe until this man had come into his life and set it on its ear.

"To West Virginia.  They'll be transported by the colonists and begin medical preparations to receive the hybrid genes.  Except for your father.  He's gone to get your mother."  Alex saw Jeffrey flinch at that, and rejoiced.  He would twist the knife in his wounds.  Jeff would be sorry for his behavior or Alex would know why.

"No one can get to her.  I've got her secured away."  He faltered as the smile on Alex's face widened, giving him unpleasant thrills.

"Secured away?  He's already had his doctors looking at her."  Jeff looked at him imploringly, as though anything that Alex said might change what was.  Alex
snickered softly, and the young man took a deep breath.

"I've got her under guard." He blustered, and Alex shook his head, pityingly. 

"She's probably being prepared as we speak, Jeffrey."  He moved past Jeff, and towards the door, then faltered a little as Jeff hurtled past him on his way, presumably, to rescue Cassandra, without whom this mess would not be unfolding.  Alex gestured after him as he went, and then shook his head.

In a few short words, Alex had disabused the young man of any thoughts that he might achieve success.  It hadn't, however, helped his mood any.  The way he felt as he followed the rapidly departing Spender could best be described as savage.  He was furious.

He was angry with himself as much as with the Smoker or Jeffrey.  He should have kept better watch.  He should have predicted what Jeff was going to do.  He should have warned Mulder earlier.  He should have_ should have_

He thought of dialing Mulder but decided against it, and as he headed out to the laboratory in Virginia he grabbed the phone and instead, called Scully.

By the time she answered, he had forgotten to stay calm.  The voice that came out of him as he drove on through the dying evening was hoarse with worry.

"Dana, It's Alex.  Where's Mulder?"  He did not want to do this.  Why had it all fallen on his shoulders?

//Please, give me the right answer.  Please! //

"He's with that bitch Diana."  She was terse, sounding as irritable as he felt himself, and once again Alex pondered the similarity between the two of them.  "They are heading to some air base.  I'm on my way now to stop them."

"Dana, you have to keep him away.  I don't care how, but stop him from going with her.  Drug him, shoot him, fuck him.  I don't care how, but you have to stop him.  I promise I'll explain a little when I see you, but right now, please suspend your disbelief a little and keep him away_ and alive?"  He didn't give her a chance to question.  He merely closed up his cellphone and concentrated ferociously on the road as his car ate up the miles between him and his destination.

Arriving at the facility, he headed for the laboratory where the purity tests had been conducted.  Pulling on the protective suit he entered the long room where the item he needed was to be found.

//Please, oh please. // He repeated, and Alex, who had never had a god, or indeed much faith in anything but himself, found that he was chanting a litany of prayers.

Alex opened the container where the alien fetus had been stored, and as he did so, he realized that he had no further hope of success.

The flask was empty.  His solution to the problems the world was facing was so much dust beneath his feet.  He screamed then.  He had to.  The rage that filled him would otherwise have killed him.  He screamed his anger out at the empty walls and threw down the protective clothing he had been wearing.  Then he stormed out, all his remaining focus now on safeguarding Fox Mulder's life.

He stomped through the empty corridors checking for signs that the flask might still be on the premises.  As he went, he felt his purpose slipping away from him.  He might as well give up now.  He had been so close, and now there was no
hope.  He paused in his relentless pace and leaned against the wall, hands splayed against it as water welled in his eyes.

Fox.  There was still Fox, for now at any rate.  He might as well go find him, before he too was lost to Alex.  He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and turned wearily back to his task.  He knew who would have taken the fetus, and where it would have gone.  He would just have to go and get it back.   He knew where it could be found, but he still had to go through motions of searching here, just in case.

When they came upon him suddenly he was shocked.  His usually fine-honed sense of danger had not triggered any feelings of unease, and yet, here they were, standing right in front of him.

"Can you help us, please?"  He raised weary eyes, and found himself once again looking into the eyes of Jeffrey Spender.

//Not now!  I don't have time for this right now. // The man was babbling about
escaping.  About guards not letting him out.  Didn't he understand that it didn't matter any more?  Jeff twittered on about his companion, and Alex furrowed his brow.  What companion?  What the hell was he talking about?

The slight figure moved forward from the gloom where she had been hiding, and just for a minute, Alex thought it was Cassandra.  Hope flared for an instant, only to die once more.

"It's all going to hell."

He knew who this was.  Not Cassandra, who would have put him back into the game
by her very presence.  As he stared at the degraded piece of human flotsam that
stood before him, he almost laughed.


Not glossy, not golden, no longer poised and perfect, she appeared old, and tired, and grey.  It was a good look for her.  Wordlessly, Alex turned and walked away, unwilling messiah with his unwanted disciples.  They could follow or not.  He didn't care.  As he reached his car they were still behind him and shrugging he allowed them to climb in the back.  What did it matter to him if they died here, or in Washington?

He put his foot down hard on the gas and the car surged forward.  They were just on the outskirts of Alexandria when Alex spoke for the first time.

"Have you changed your mind about Fox Mulder and the X-Files?"  He wasn't sure why he was even bothering.  Mulder was probably dead by now, if Diana Fowley had been able to deliver him over to the aliens.

Spender seemed lost in a brown study, and didn't respond for a moment.  Then he
leaned forward.

"Do you think he'll make a difference?  Do you think he'll be able to do anything about my bastard of a father."  His voice was hoarse.  Here was a man at the end of his tether, and Alex felt a sickened glee at the thought that he had helped to bring Jeff to this.

"Do you think you could do better?"  Alex's words were cold.  He no longer had any hope of winning.  All he wanted was to make the callow young fool shut up for once in his stupid life.   Spender subsided, lapsing back into thought, and
for that small mercy Alex was devoutly grateful.

Jeff roused himself enough to offer directions, and Alex dropped them off at what must have been Spender's residence, pulling away without waiting to see where they went.  He knew where he was going as he headed for Mulder's apartment.  He no longer had any particular reason to hide.  The pair of them wouldn't live long enough now to have any regrets, and the world would go with them.

He drew up outside the apartment block and climbed out of his car, locking it against would-be joyriders.  Without a pause he was inside the building, door clinking shut in his wake as he summoned the elevator.

Stepping inside the elevator, he suddenly wondered what the hell he was doing here. What was the point of all this?  One thing was certain, he had to keep Fox safe if that was still an option.  Fox was the only hope the world had left, even though the trigger had been taken, it might be possible to activate him some other way.

He would play the game out to the bitter end.  He knew that he would go down fighting, and that even though he knew it was useless he would not be able to give up his struggle.  That was his curse.  He knew no other way to be.

Slipping the catch to apartment 42, he entered quietly.  All lay in darkness, and it was obvious that nobody was there.  To one side of the living room, the fishtank lights cast a gentle glow that was enough to see by, without precisely
revealing the clutter and mess in which Fox Mulder habitually existed.

He had no way of knowing where Fox might be.  He could only pray that Scully had understood him when he had spoken to her earlier, and would manage to keep him safe.

He checked his watch.  It was 2am and he was tired.  He wondered whether Fox would be back soon.  He wondered if he would ever return.  He stepped through into Mulder's bedroom and looked around.  It seemed as though Fox had gotten himself a waterbed.

Shrugging his shoulders, he stripped off his clothing, made use of Mulder's bathroom facilities, and slipped into Mulder's bed.  He was asleep within a very few seconds.


He came awake with a start, an indeterminate amount of time later, and lay listening, his hand on the gun he had slid beneath the pillow.  There had been a sound.  He knew that there had, but he could hear nothing now.

He waited, and as the seconds ticked away, no further sound came to his ears.  Slipping out of the bed, he took his gun and drifted soundlessly across the room until he was just inside the door.  Once there he paused, ears pricked for
the slightest noise.  There was nothing to hear.

His mental clock told him that dawn was very close.  There was still no Mulder,
and he told himself grimly that Mulder was not going to be coming home any time
soon, if indeed ever again.  He turned, relaxing, and moved towards the chair where he had laid his clothes.  As he stooped to retrieve them, he was suddenly
aware of movement behind him, and half-turned, bringing up his gun.

It was too late.

Black lightning exploded behind his eyes, and unknowing, he crumpled and fell.


There was light glowing red through his closed eyelids, and he felt sick.  He'd
been suckered like a fucking novice.  Someone had cracked him smartly over the back of the head.  He was slipping, really slipping.  He wondered who had laid him out flat, and as he began to inventory himself, he realized that he was not
bound.  Furthermore, he was once more lying in Fox's waterbed.  His heart thumped painfully as a surge of joy melted down through his insides.

It was Fox.  It had to be.  He was alive.

Fox was alive and now Alex's job was to keep him that way.  Nobody else had any
idea how difficult a task that was going to be.

He risked opening his eyes at that point, and cast around for sight of his assailant.  He couldn't see the other man, but his own gun lay where he had dropped it, on the floor beside the chair.  He sat up, taking in the changes to
the room itself.  There were clothes on the floor in an untidy heap, and he felt as relieved as he ever had in his life.  Once more he climbed out of the bed and padded to the bathroom.  The door was partially open and now he could hear the shower running.  Without further ado Alex was through the door and into the bathroom.  The image of the love of his life seen through frosted glass made his cock twitch, and he slid the door open enough to step inside and
join Fox amongst the soapsuds.

Sliding his strong arm around his slippery lover, Alex laid his cheek against the back of Fox's neck and pressed himself up close.  Fox paused in his industrious scrubbing to laugh a little, and turned to envelop Alex in a cloud of steam and soapsuds.  Mouth sought mouth, and the two of them forgot everything as they rediscovered the taste and feel of each other.

For Alex, that kiss beneath the hot water spraying from Mulder's shower signaled a turning point.  His feelings of utter defeat evaporated as he felt the heat and warmth of his lover surround him.  They would succeed.  The human race would carry on.  He could not lose what he had only just found.  He would not allow his world, his home to be ripped away from him by interlopers, even if they were extra terrestrial in origin.  Wherever they hailed from they were still bullies and he would not let them win.  There was no way.

As they drew apart from that initial sweet soul kiss, Alex looked ruefully at Fox out of eyes spiked with long, wet lashes.

"You hit me, you son of a bitch.  You knocked me out!"  Mulder, who had begun to work up a lather over Alex's lean and muscled body, burst out laughing.

"I can't believe you were so careless.  I could have been anybody.  This place is like Grand Central Station for intruders.  If I hadn't recognized you at the
last minute and pulled my punch I'd have fractured your skull, you dumb-ass bastard.  What the hell were you thinking of?"  Mulder grinned widely down at Alex, his face tender.  His hands dropped down to rub soap into the base of Alex's spine, massaging down to the buttocks, his hands kneading them gently as
he spoke.

Alex almost blushed.  He raised his hand to rub the tender spot on the back of his head.

"I'm an idiot.  I was so worried about you I forgot every rule I've ever learned.  See what you do to me?  It's always you.  I don't know how you always
manage to fuck me up, but you do."  Fox's mouth swooped in again to find Alex, and soft lips clung as their passion grew.

"You were worried about me, baby?  Why?"  Mulder spoke again, and then threw back his head as Alex bent to suck on the neck that presented itself invitingly
to his mouth.

There was a pause while mouths worked rough magic, and hands slid to give what pleasure they could, and then Alex, body stiffening under Mulder's knowing touch, gasped out his climax while Mulder chuckled gently.  Seconds later, Mulder too exploded in obedience to Alex's fiercely moving hand.

Lips met lips once again as their chests heaved and they leaned against each other.  Then, the water in the shower suddenly turned cold.

Bowing to the inevitable, Mulder turned off the water and the two of them emerged form the tub, spluttering and giggling like a pair of children.

Alex turned to face Mulder, and touched the other man's lips.

"Mulder.  Fox, please stay away from Diana Fowley.  You have no idea how dangerous she is."  He spoke quietly, all his attention focused on somehow, anyhow //,//persuading this obstinate man to take heed of his words.  Mulder leaned to cover his mouth with firm lips and the moment was lost as the two of them rediscovered their need for each other.

Still damp, they clung to each other as they found their way back into the bedroom where Alex had been sleeping and sank onto the waterbed.

Alex squirmed around to take Fox's prick in between his lips, and his tongue flicked over the smooth, hard length of the shaft before he settled down to suck on the hot, satiny skin of the tip.

Mulder moaned then, lacing his fingers through Alex's hair and pushing up in an
attempt to go deeper and deeper into the heat and moisture of Alex's greedily sucking mouth. 

"God, Alex, I love you so much.  Oh, Baby, I do."

Alex chuckled around the other man's cock, feeling the swell and throb of it in
his mouth.  He began to play with Fox's balls, stroking and teasing as he felt the excitement rise in him.  His lover groaned again, and Alex leaned over to take him down to the root, relishing the moans and cries Fox was making and determined to make him scream.

All too soon the bubbling of ejaculate along Mulder's twitching penis heralded the burst of sticky fluid as Fox tensed, rigid, and came, gasping into Alex's mouth.

As Mulder panted out his love for Alex, the man himself squirmed to lie along Mulder's body, resting himself on his elbow as he searched Mulder's face.

"I mean it, lover, you have to stay away from Fowley.  She's the most dangerous
one.  I'm watching, but I can't be everywhere.  You have to look out for yourself too.  Will you promise me?"  His voice was harsh as he pleaded.  Mulder, still feeling little aftershocks from Alex's thorough blowjob, took a moment or two before he responded.

"There doesn't seem to be much chance of Diana and I getting involved any time soon.  Scully and I are being thrown out of the Bureau.  That weasel, Spender_"
Alex laughed, shortly.

"I think you'll find Spender has had a change of heart.  You need to get some sleep, lover, because they are going to want you back tomorrow."  Mulder shook his head at Alex then, and took him into strong arms, stopping any further conversation with a series of kisses, each deeper and more voluptuous than the last, until Alex felt as though he were on fire.

Mulder's mouth traveled over Alex's face, nibbling on his lips, his chin, and then his ears, before taking off a pink nipple between his teeth and tugging on
it.  Alex closed his eyes, savoring the sweet sensations that Mulder soft mouth
was arousing in him.

His cock, which had come to attention during his assault on Fox earlier, was now tingling as the moisture pearled at the tip.  He clenched anxious buttocks,
thrusting up in an attempt to achieve the friction he needed, and was answered when Fox slid his hand down to brush gently over his genitals.

"  Harder, do it harder. I need_" Fox laughed again as switched nipples, continuing to lap and suck, while his hand just barely grazed the proud flesh between his legs. 

Alex considered punching Fox and then having his way with him while he was still groggy, but as the talented mouth traveled slowly south, tongue swiping down his belly, he felt a rush of tenderness, of anticipation.  Fox had arrived
at his groin and was now licking along the crease between leg and torso.  The hand was still skimming his cock, and he heard himself swearing, muffled obscenities that rose and fell as Fox continued to tease him.

Moving down to spread the quivering Alex's legs wide, Mulder began to lick at the tightly drawn in balls as they slowly wrinkled and rose up towards his body.  His teeth nibbled gently at the loose skin as that hand continued on, stroking, stroking, and Alex's uttered profanity switched to Russian, causing Fox to give a small hiccup of laughter as he worked.

Lower still, Fox licked along his perineum with determined passes of his rough tongue while his hand still teased Alex's steadily dripping, pulsing cock.  Fox's eyes were fixed on Alex, drinking up the cries and moans of his prey as though they were fine wine.  Alex was delirious, his body singing with need as he spread himself wide to the onslaught.  Flashes of prickling white pleasure accompanied each separate caress, and as Mulder steadied his hip with one hand,
his teasing, delicate stroking continued in a rolling, twisting motion that moved the length of his shaft and over the dripping head before sliding stealthily down to begin again.

His words had died to incoherent mumbling as Fox continued on down to tongue Alex's tightly puckered ass. His tongue was insistent, rhythmic, and Alex felt himself stretch and give as it plunged into him, fucking him with a relentless intensity.  The hand on his cock had tightened now, and as it reached the glans
each time, that velvet tongue stabbed home, invading his ass, drawing sensation
from his body until he thought he would explode.

The soft brush of Fox's hair on his thighs was like the touch of the breeze, and Alex hung in space for a moment that felt like forever as a supernova gathered in his balls, in his ass, ready, so ready to burst free that he sobbed.

When he came, he screamed.  He knew that.  He knew his voice had been torn from
him, howling and honest, in rags of bright sound, a fountain of bright love-words sprayed into the night.  His thoughts, such as they were, centered on love.  He could live like this, loving, and being loved.  It would be enough
for him.  He lay, finally, limbs loose and trembling, and allowed Fox to lick him clean and then pull him in until he was held close.

Sleep drifted in on Alex, as he lay, for once warm and secure in the arms of his lover.


The morning came all too soon, heralded by the shrilling of the telephone.  Alex felt Fox grope, and then climb over him to reach his phone.  He sighed as he overheard AD Kersh summoning Mulder to a meeting.

//So soon!  There's never enough time. // and he gritted his teeth against the parting he knew was inevitably approaching.

//I'll be so close to you from now on, my Fox, they won't ever get you.  You're
mine, to comfort or to kill.//  then he smiled a sleepy hello to Mulder, who was plainly anxious to get going.

"I guess this means I won't be staying for breakfast." Alex volunteered, a nasty grin on his face, before laying a kiss on Fox's scratchy chin and then slipping from the bed.

"They want me there in an hour.  God, Alex, I'm so sorry.  Will you be here when I get back?"  Smiling again, more sweetly this time, Alex shook his head sorrowfully.

"I've got to get going too.  Stuff that can't wait.  You know how it is?" And Mulder's face fell.

"When will I see you?  When, Alex?"  Alex could only shake his head.

"I'm not sure.  Soon, I promise." And with that Mulder had to be content, for Alex had dressed already, and was leaving even as he spoke.


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