March 2000
Disclaimers: Still not ours. Still theirs...dammit. Rating: NC-17 for M/K goings-on Summary: Mulder and Krycek have another chat. Notes: More chat fluff, though a bit longer and a little less silly than the first...but still silly enough (we hope). Thanks to everyone who wrote us aboutthe first one. Feedback: Good or bad - we're grown-ups, we can take it., Hit and Run II: Whiplash by Lucy Snowe and Frankie



Hit and Run II


by Lucy Snowe and Frankie


[AlexK] Another Friday night in front of the computer, Mulder? I worry about you.

[FMldr] And why aren't you out tonight? Not too much interest in one-armed killers where you live?

[AlexK] No, no one seems to appreciate cold-blooded killers like they used to... It's my cross to bear, I suppose.

[FMldr] Guess so. So, may I ask why you're bothering me?

[AlexK] Well, bothering you was so much fun last time.

[FMldr] Was it? I don't remember.

[AlexK] Oh, don't tell me you're claiming missing time.

[FMldr] Hardly, though I'm sure being abducted would have been much more stimulating than talking to you.

[AlexK] A palpable hit!! You wound me.

[FMldr] You say that like it's a bad thing.

[AlexK] No, not at all. I'm quite amused, really. You're cute when you're in denial.

[FMldr] Denial? What are you smoking, Krycek?

[AlexK] Straight tobacco -- nothing fun.

[FMldr] Careful, that'll kill you. Oh, wait..go right ahead.

[AlexK] Your concern is touching.

[FMldr] Uh huh. I'm sure it is. Now, unless you have anything interesting to say, I'm afraid I have to say goodnight.

[AlexK] Oh, well, I certainly wouldn't want to bore you. Sweet dreams, Foxy.

[FMldr] Goodnight, Krycek.

[AlexK] You're still logged on Mulder.

[FMldr] I said I was going to say goodnight, not that I was logging off. I still have work to do online.

[AlexK] Work? Or are you just surfing some of those sites you're so fond of?

[FMldr] Who says I can't do both?

[AlexK] Multi-tasking? Or have you finally found your holy grail -- an XFile that's intimately involved in the porn world?

[FMldr] Well, admittedly, that would be the case to end all cases, but if you must know, I'm doing a search for UFO sightings in Brazil. That's it. What are you doing?

[AlexK] Oh, Brazil's a red-herring, Mulder. Don't waste your time. Not much, actually. Still analyzing some of the data I got last time we chatted.

[FMldr] And I'm supposed to take your word about what is and isn't true? Get real. And what data would that be?

[AlexK] Nothing to concern your pretty head about. You just concentrate on the fabricated Brazilian situation.

[FMldr] Well, thank you. Now, if there isn't anything else...

[AlexK] Why so eager to end this? I'd almost think you were angry with me or something...

[FMldr] Krycek, I know you're not a stupid man, so I'm going to chalk that idiotic statement up to you trying to get at something. Why the hell would I want to talk to you?

[AlexK] Tsk. Tsk. So hostile. Why *wouldn't* you want to talk to me?

[FMldr] Let's see. Well, we hate each other, or at least I hate you. Whatever feelings you may have for me will have to remain suppressed, I'm afraid.

[AlexK] Oh please Mulder. Don't make the juvenile mistake of equating healthy lust with *feelings*.

[FMldr] Is that what I was doing? You know, your "healthy lust" notwithstanding, I was actually referring to this need you have to make contact with me for no other reason than to be insulted or beaten by me.

[AlexK] You're forgetting one other reason I might have. You *do* remember the last conversation we had? Despite the liberality of your insults, you were a pretty hot participant toward the end. Once you got past your maidenly protestations and ridiculous inhibitions.

[FMldr] You bought that? Wow, I'm better than I thought.

[AlexK] You think I'd care if you were pretending or humoring me, as long as I got what I wanted? Because, whether you're comfortable admitting it or not, you did give me what I wanted, what I'd been asking for.

[FMldr] Playing along with your game, you mean? I've learned that's sometimes the best way to get rid of an annoyance.

[AlexK] Well, give in again, and I promise to go away once you've satisfied me. Since it would just be you playing along, of course. Not anything you'd mean, or want.

[FMldr] What kind of man would be satisfied with someone, *knowing* that person was faking? But, we are talking about you...I'm sure people fake it with you all the time, so you would be used to it.

[AlexK] Oh, but Mulder -- this is cybering. I'm sure you're much more knowledgeable about the practice than you might claim. You never know what the other person is really doing, actually feeling. It's beside the point. Believe me, if I were with you in person, you wouldn't be faking it. And I'd be sure of it.

[FMldr] I never claimed I wasn't knowledgeable when it comes to cybering. Actually, that's why I was able to tell you what you wanted and have you believe me. Trust me, kid, there's not a damn thing you could do to make me want you.

[AlexK] God, suddenly I feel so used.

[FMldr] LOL! Does anyone actually believe you when you say shit like that to them?

[AlexK] No one believes me when I say anything these days. I can't quite figure it out, but I'm thinking it might have something to do with my line of work.

[FMldr] You know, I think that's the first smart thing you've said all evening. Good for you.

[AlexK] And that's the first nice thing you've said to me. Of course, you're probably just telling me what I want to hear again. Tell me some more things I might want to hear.

[FMldr] What you're not getting is that I don't want to say what you want to hear. I don't want to be nice.

[AlexK] Oh, but Mulder -- nice isn't what I really want from you...

[FMldr] Are we doing this again, Krycek? No sale.

[AlexK] You're just no fun.

[FMldr] Never claimed to be.

[AlexK] Which is even sadder. You might want to work on that. At this rate, you'll definitely be dying alone.

[FMldr] And you'll be dying young. Any other pearls of wisdom you care to share?

[AlexK] Only the good.... And, nah. Throwing pearls before swine is such a waste.

[FMldr] If you have such a high opinion of me, why are you still talking to me?

[AlexK] You do fish for compliments, don't you?? I've told you before -- you amuse me.

[FMldr] Well, I seem to amuse a lot of people. Guess I'll add you to the list.

[AlexK] I'm honored.

[FMldr] Don't be. You're not in good company.

[AlexK] Well, not by your definition anyway. Who else is on the list?

[FMldr] It would be easier to tell you who isn't on it.

[AlexK] Awww! Poor Mulder. So very misunderstood.

[FMldr] Fuck you, Krycek.

[AlexK] If I squint at that, I can almost pretend you're talking dirty to me...

[FMldr] Man, you have *got* to get laid.

[AlexK] You offering?

[FMldr] What do you think?

[AlexK] Ah. Good point.

[FMldr] I thought so.

[AlexK] So, finding anything interesting about the Brazil sighting? I can't believe you're falling for it.

[FMldr] I'm not looking up that stuff anymore.

[AlexK] Good. I figured you'd have to realize it was a set up when the primary witness was a 12 yr old boy who's sister had gone missing. Subtlety is really becoming a loss art. So, what are you looking up now?

[FMldr] None of your damn business.

[AlexK] Oh, now I'm intrigued. C'mon, save me the trouble of hacking into your computer, and just tell me.

[FMldr] Why should I? You can't tell me that finding out what I'm working on is more interesting than anything else you could be doing.

[AlexK] You underestimate yourself. Don't make me beg.

[FMldr] Now you've done it... Do you think I could possible resist the idea of you begging me for something?

[AlexK] Oh really? That sounds promising.

[FMldr] Down, boy. It's not as promising as you think. I just like the idea of you groveling for anything. I bet it suits you.

[AlexK] Yes, down on my knees, groveling before you, begging you to touch me, to let me touch you... that would suit me just fine.

[FMldr] Well, it is easier to kick you when you're down, I guess.

[AlexK] You are kinky.

[FMldr] Who've you been talking to?

[AlexK] Well, at least one of your ex's considers talking about your exploits to be foreplay...

[FMldr] Who would that be?

[AlexK] Oh, unlike her, I just don't kiss and tell.

[FMldr] 'Her'? I wouldn't believe anything she has to say.

[AlexK] Who do you think I'm talking about? To my knowledge, there are at least two women I know who could fit the bill.

[FMldr] Doesn't matter who it is. I don't trust either of them to tell you the truth.

[AlexK] Bright boy. You might stay alive yet.

[FMldr] Gee, is that a compliment, Krycek? Thanks...I've now reached a new low.

[AlexK] Happy to oblige.

[FMldr] I'm sure you are.

[AlexK] You know me too well. This new intimacy between us is great.

[FMldr] LOL Only you would call this intimacy.

[AlexK] Don't wreck my dreamworld. Surely you of all people can appreciate the lure of delusion.

[FMldr] Can I ask you a question?

[AlexK] Of course.

[FMldr] Why are you here? Other than to harass me, I mean. What are you getting out of this?

[AlexK] Oh, is it time to reassure you again already? Okay -- Mulder, you're amusing. A unparalleled wit. The best chat buddy a man could hope for...

[FMldr] I'm being serious.

[AlexK] So am I.

[FMldr] I don't think you are.

[AlexK] Well, perhaps I'm exaggerating a bit. But you do amuse me. And intrigue me. You're one of the few people who can match wits with me, who challenges me. Is that enough?

[FMldr] I'm sure you have friends who would do that...assuming you actually *have* any friends.

[AlexK] No, I really don't have any friends. Again, my line of work doesn't really allow for it.

[FMldr] That's what I thought. Okay, you answered my question.

[AlexK] Glad to. So, can I ask you a question?

[FMldr] I guess.

[AlexK] Why are you chatting with me? I mean, considering all of your claims of hating me, being bored by me, being thoroughly disinterested in me -- you're still here.

[FMldr] Yeah, I know. I've been wondering that myself.

[AlexK] I know you Mulder. You've *got* to have a theory.

[FMldr] I do, actually. It's a little disturbing to me, though.

[AlexK] What is it?

[FMldr] I feel...

[AlexK] Okay, good start.

[FMldr] I feel sorry for you.

[AlexK] Awww. Gee, I'm touched.

[FMldr] You should be.

[AlexK] Well, though I'd hate to disabuse you of the one thing that might keep you chatting with me, Mulder, your pity's wasted on me. I don't need it or want it.

[FMldr] Well, you might not want it, but you really do need it. I mean, I thought I was pathetic, but it's nothing compared to how pathetic you are. As shitty as my life is, yours has got to be far worse. You're reduced to talking to someone who hates you because no one else will give you the time of day. You're a lonely loser who gets his kicks trying to engage in cybersex with someone who'd sooner spit in your face than look at you. ::shakes head:: It's sad, really. I guess I have this thing for lost causes and you're the biggest one I know.

[AlexK] You're making a lot of assumptions there, Fox.

[FMldr] Am I? Why don't you set me straight, then.

[FMldr] And don't call me Fox.

[AlexK] Sorry, *Mulder* -- well, I could come clean, but it's not nearly as dramatic and interesting as your analysis.

[FMldr] I didn't think it was particularly dramatic. Just a few observations.

[AlexK] See, I thought it made us sound like characters out of a melodramatic novel. Me, the pathetic, miserable secret agent -- paying for my sins through my empty, sterile, lonely existence. You, the stalwart hero -- able to keep your white hat firmly in place while still demonstrating compassion and understanding for those you must fight against. It definitely has a better ring to it than the actual truth.

[FMldr] You're right, it does. And that truth would be...

[AlexK] Bugging you is amusing as hell. You see, the thing about you Fox, is that you don't do anything halfway. And your insatiable curiosity is a joy to behold. Yes, you hate me. But you can't leave it at that -- you love having opportunities to prove it to me (to yourself) again and again. And knowing who I am, knowing what I probably know -- you can't quite bring yourself to log off, because you never know what I might slip. So, basically, I just have fun fucking with your mind.

[FMldr] I see. And I assume you were able to type that with a straight face.

[AlexK] ::shrug:: Believe what you have to.

[FMldr] I don't have to believe anything. Truth be told, you don't bug me, and fucking with my mind has been attempted by better people than you. Where they were successful, you're just an amateur. But don't feel too bad about that. If you want to believe you're annoying me, go ahead. I can play along.

[AlexK] Ah! Your compassion for my miserable state even extends to indulging my delusions. You are a prince among men, Fox.

[FMldr] No, I'm not. Like I said, I just feel sorry for you. And, if it makes you feel better, I'll tell you to stop calling me Fox. Because it bugs me.

[AlexK] Sorry. I'll stop. So, enough analysis. I feel so awfully exposed. What are you looking at on the web this evening?

[FMldr] Taking a break right now.

[AlexK] I have your undivided attention?

[FMldr] Not really...I'm checking out some more recreational sites.

[AlexK] Do tell.


[AlexK] Nice, Mulder. You have unexpected depth. Which one is your favorite?

[FMldr] They all have a certain appeal.

[AlexK] They do, don't they? So, what thoughts do they inspire?

[FMldr] Gee, I don't know, Krycek. Insanely pure ones?

[AlexK] Hmmm. That wasn't my first guess. Try again.

[FMldr] Um, they remind me that I need to work out more?

[AlexK] Oh, you're just fishing again. There isn't a damn thing wrong with your ass.

[FMldr] I know, thanks. I was referring to the upper body, You know, back, shoulders, arms...both of them.

[AlexK] Low blow!! LOL What happened to feeling sorry for me?

[FMldr] I still feel sorry for you. That was a little jab to coincide with your idea about me letting you know how much I hate you.

[AlexK] Ah! Aren't those two impulses awfully contradictory, though?

[FMldr] Not really. My sympathy is forcing me to support your delusion.

[AlexK] Mulder, you're slipping. You're the one claiming the hatred for me.

[FMldr] I claim a lot of things. Doesn't make them true.

[AlexK] Dare I infer then that you *don't* hate me?

[FMldr] After much consideration, I've determined that hate is too strong an emotion to waste on you.

[AlexK] Well, as much as that deeply wounds me -- poor, pathetic creature that I am -- it's refreshing to see you dropping your pretense of pity.

[FMldr] Alex, it's not a pretense. You really do have my sympathy.

[AlexK] Hmmm. So, you pity me, yet enjoy being cruel. Fascinating.

[FMldr] I know. Oh, here's a good site for you.

[AlexK] You're finally seeking help for your problem. Bravo, Mulder -- you've done me proud.

[FMldr] Oh, I don't need help. I'm quite happy with my evil habit.

[AlexK] Oh, you're just being a hypocrite then. How disappointing.

[FMldr] No, I'm not. I thought it was amusing...I am here to amuse you, aren't I?

[AlexK] LOL! Chalk it up to a momentary lapse... This is damn amusing.

[FMldr] I know. Think you'd last a week?

[AlexK] Well, I could. But it wouldn't be much fun.

[FMldr] Really? I can't imagine you going a day!

[AlexK] ::shrug:: It's been known to happen. I do get busy.

[FMldr] Yeah, me too.

[AlexK] Yeah, the circles we both travel in don't always lend themselves to sexual recreation.

[FMldr] True. And that *would* explain your insane need to try and turn me on in our little chats.

[AlexK] Well, my goal is a bit more selfish, really.

[FMldr] What would that be?

[AlexK] My own arousal and pleasure. I could get off on fucking you if you were lying at the ceiling and thinking of England. Now, before you accuse me of all sorts of nasty things, I will say that I'd much prefer you as an enthusiastic partner...

[FMldr] Why do you want to fuck me?

[AlexK] Ummmm. Because you're hot?

[FMldr] Besides that. I'm sure you know plenty of hot men.

[AlexK] I do, and I've enjoyed them. But the unexplored is always more tempting.

[FMldr] Then pick up some stranger. Why waste your time with me?

[AlexK] Because you're not completely unknown and more of a challenge. Not to mention how damn sexy you are. Few men can compare to you, you know. But, then, you don't really know that, do you? You don't really have any idea why I'd want you. Pity is becoming a mutual thing here.

[FMldr] You pity me because I don't know why you'd want me?

[AlexK] Basically. Or anyone for that matter, I suspect.

[FMldr] Oh, please, I think you're the only one who's stupid enough to want me.

[AlexK] Unless you're fishing again, I do pity you. Damn, Mulder, have you looked in a mirror lately?

[FMldr] Yeah, I have. That's my point.

[AlexK] Mulder, you're gorgeous.

[FMldr] Give me a break, Krycek.

[AlexK] No, you really are. I knew you were insecure, but I didn't know it went this deep. For one, you've got the body of a young Greek god. No, really. Your eyes are probably your best feature, though. Their color is so changeable, and they often leave your emotions so raw and exposed. It used to be so hard not to just drown in them. And your mouth. Well, I already told you what I thought about your mouth last time we chatted. Hell, you've even got good hair -- well, at least when you're not chopping it off.

[FMldr] Wow. Add to that my wish for peace on earth and the way high heels make my legs look, and I could be Miss fucking Universe.

[AlexK] LOL I don't think so. I think you'd make one hell of an ugly woman. You're right about having nice legs, though.

[FMldr] Krycek....I know what you're doing.

[AlexK] What's that?

[FMldr] Trying to pull the same shit you did before.

[AlexK] Nah, actually I'm not. I was too shocked by your low self-esteem to be that calculating. I still can't believe you don't see this in yourself.

[FMldr] Oh my god. If you tell me to start saying daily affirmations, I'm outta here.

[AlexK] Well, I'm no Stuart Smalley. But god knows, I'd love to see you in front of mirror saying "Gosh darnit, people like me."

[FMldr] LOL You're crazy.

[AlexK] Pot calling the kettle black?

[FMldr] Of course. BTW, I really hope you don't expect me to reciprocate and tell you how hot you are. I'm sure you already know.

[AlexK] ::shrug:: No need. I know I'm not unattractive. But I'm pleased you think I'm hot.

[FMldr] Well, don't let it go to your head.

[AlexK] Well, I can't promise anything, but I'll do my best.

[FMldr] Can I ask you another question?

[AlexK] Of course.

[FMldr] The last time we...talked. Why did you take off like that?

[AlexK] I told you why. Believe me, I'd rather have continued chatting.

[FMldr] Bullshit.

[AlexK] ::shrug:: I know there's nothing I can say to make you believe me, but that really was why. You've got to know enough about hacking from those friends of yours to know that once I was in, I had a limited window of time to get what I needed. I'd been working on it for days. Surely you understand duty calling. But, if you think that's bullshit, why do *you* think I took off?

[FMldr] How did you put it? You were fucking with my mind....or trying to.

[AlexK] Nah, while fucking with your mind can be fun, cybering with you was much better. I was sorry to leave. Really.

[FMldr] Right. Well, like I said, I don't really care, but I just wondered.

[AlexK] Oh, but I think you do care. Why else would you have brought it up?

[FMldr] Just trying to find out how much of a rat bastard you are.

[AlexK] Well, in this instance anyway, I'm innocent. I think you do care, though. Not so much because of me, but because of that pitifully low self esteem you revealed earlier. You can't believe that I'd want you, that I do want you. You have to believe it was all just a mind fuck.

[FMldr] That's not it at all.

[AlexK] What is it then?

[FMldr] Nothing. So, where are you surfing to, tonight?

[AlexK] Nothing interesting, really. Mostly checking a bunch of bulletin boards, sending some messages. It's been all work and no play for me recently.

[FMldr] too bad

[AlexK] ::shrug:: It pays the bills.

[FMldr] right. look, Krycek, I've got to go. I can't do this anymore.

[AlexK] This is upsetting you?

[FMldr] why do you think that?

[AlexK] Your excuse for leaving is that you can't do this anymore. Not that you need to get to bed, or do the laundry, or paint your toenails. What's wrong?

[FMldr] I can't....

[AlexK] Tell me.

[FMldr] Why do you even care?

[AlexK] I'm not sure. But I do.

[FMldr] Forget it, you don't think I'm going to confide in you, do you?

[AlexK] What would it hurt?

[FMldr] right. like you don't know.

[AlexK] No, seriously. You tell me what's wrong, and what's the worse that could come of it?

[FMldr] let's use it against me. You hold it over my head. You get such a big fucking kick out of it, you don't know what to do with yourself. Forget it.

[AlexK] How would I hold it over your head? ::shrug:: You could care less about my opinion, you hate me. Why would it matter? And, for the record, I'm not getting a big fucking kick out of your pain.

[FMldr] That's just it...I don't hate you.

[AlexK] You don't.

[FMldr] No.

[AlexK] Is this a recent revelation?

[FMldr] No.

[AlexK] I don't know what to make of that. It's a shock. As pathetic as it sounds, your hatred of me has been one of the few sure things in my life.

[FMldr] Sorry

[AlexK] No need to apologize. It's not a bad thing, just requires some readjustment.

[FMldr] well, good luck with that.

[AlexK] Fuck Mulder. So after accusing me of using this kind of shit over your head, *you're* going to be a flippant bastard? Fuck you.

[FMldr] I'm not being flippant.

[AlexK] That's not what it sounds like.

[FMldr] well, what do you want me to say?

[AlexK] I really don't know.

[FMldr] I shouldn't have said anything.

[AlexK] I don't know, Mulder. But maybe this is better than us just constantly sniping at each other.

[FMldr] you think so?

[AlexK] Maybe. So, if you don't hate me, how do you feel?

[FMldr] I don't know.

[AlexK] Any theories? Guesses?

[FMldr] Yeah...plenty.

[AlexK] Well?

[FMldr] It really hurt me when I found out about you, you know.

[AlexK] I'm sorry.

[FMldr] you don't have to say that

[AlexK] I mean it. I don't have many regrets, but that is one.

[FMldr] well.....I can't say it's okay, but thanks, I guess...for making the gesture.

[AlexK] Well, I know it's useless. It can't change anything.

[FMldr] Right.

[AlexK] Well, you said you had plenty of theories.

[FMldr] I do, but I don't know about sharing them with you.

[AlexK] What do either of us have to lose at this point?

[FMldr] I have more to lose than you'd think. You have nothing to lose.

[AlexK] That's not true. You'd be surprised.

[FMldr] Right. So if I tell you how I feel, what the hell do you have to lose?

[AlexK] In case you haven't noticed, you're not the only one exposing himself right now.

[FMldr] Interesting choice of words.

[AlexK] Ha. Well, I suppose double entendres are safer for us both.

[FMldr] you bet.

[AlexK] So, where do you want to go with this, Mulder?

[FMldr] Don't ask...

[AlexK] Too late. I just did.

[FMldr] I...I'd like to...

[AlexK] Then do. Carpe diem, Mulder. God knows we've come far enough tonight.

[FMldr] you're right...

[AlexK] So?

[FMldr] [g] If I said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?

[AlexK] Hmmm. Let me think about that for a minute....... No. Definitely not.

[FMldr] I'm not sure how to take that....

[AlexK] Just trying to inject some levity into this conversation. What do you like about my body?

[FMldr] where to start?

[AlexK] Wherever you'd like.

[FMldr] your ass is the stuff dreams are made of, for one....god, I loved working out with you so I could see you out of those damn suits.

[AlexK] Those suits were awful. And though yours are gorgeous, I still loved working out with you. There is something about you covered with sweat... What else?

[FMldr] your eyes, your mouth....Alex, I shouldn't do this. I'm sorry.

[AlexK] God, Mulder. Why not?

[FMldr] because...

[AlexK] What could it possibly hurt?

[FMldr] I don't trust you.

[FMldr] Alex? You there?

[AlexK] Yeah, I'm sorry. That just... Of course you don't trust me.

[FMldr] Do you blame me?

[AlexK] No. I don't.

[FMldr] Do you understand?

[AlexK] All too well, I think.

[FMldr] what do you mean?

[AlexK] Why you can't trust me. Why you feel you can't do this. It doesn't make me want it any less, but I suppose that's my problem.

[FMldr] it's not just your problem.

[AlexK] What do you mean by that?

[FMldr] doesn't make me want it any less, either....just makes me unable to do this.

[AlexK] But... Damn, I'm in danger of begging.

[FMldr] Yeah, right...

[AlexK] No, really. I can't tell you....

[FMldr] Fine.

[AlexK] It's that I don't know how to say it. This is confusing the hell out of me.

[FMldr] I me.

[AlexK] So, where do we go from here? What do you want to do, Mulder?

[FMldr] I can't say it

[AlexK] Please.

[FMldr] it's too damn....embarrassing doesn't begin to cover it

[AlexK] I can't think it's anything I wouldn't understand. Tell me, Mulder.

[FMldr] I've always had this....fantasy about you.

[AlexK] What is it?

[FMldr] see, if I tell you, I know you're going to use it to hurt me...

[AlexK] I know my word isn't worth much to you, but believe me, I wouldn't. I won't.

[FMldr] Okay. If you do screw me over I guess it'll be my own fault, huh?

[AlexK] I won't.

[FMldr] Do you remember when you broke into my apartment and caught me by surprise? The night you told me about the colonists' plans?

[AlexK] Yes.

[FMldr] you had my gun trained on me and you just looked so....intense and...feral...

[AlexK] I wanted you so badly.

[FMldr] oh too.. When I think about that night, I wanted you to....I imagine you...

[AlexK] What? What do you imagine me doing?

[FMldr] you're not there to give me're there because you want something from me...

[AlexK] I did. The information was just a convenient excuse.

[FMldr] what did you want?

[AlexK] You. God, I wanted you. Why do you think I kissed you? I couldn't help myself, but I wanted so much more.

[FMldr] why didn't you do anything about it? I wanted you to make me....

[AlexK] I didn't think you'd want it. What do you wish I'd done?

[FMldr] I wanted to you to keep the gun in my face, force me to go along with what you really wanted from me....

[AlexK] Oh, damn. Yeah... But I wouldn't have wanted to force you. I'd want you to come to me of your own free will. But I guess that's not what you need.

[FMldr] Free will has nothing to do with my fantasy, true.

[AlexK] What do I do to you?

[FMldr] You kiss me like you did that night, smirking when I try to pull away. Then you press the gun to my cheek and tell me to stay still while you kiss me again, on the mouth this time, forcing my lips apart, thrusting your tongue into my mouth.

[AlexK] I'm forcing you, but the way you open up, the way you meet my tongue, the greediness of your kiss. I know you want this just as much as I do and that the gun is just a necessary prop. A way for you to forgive yourself for what you feel, what you want.

[FMldr] Your mouth is hot and sweet, and I lean into you even as I tell myself I have no choice but to do what you want. I even excuse my groan as a purely physical response and not an indication of how much I want you.

[AlexK] But you do want me. You're not scared, not cold with fright or disgust, but hot, so hot as you strain against me. I can feel your hardness, your yielding. I'm dizzy with wanting you, I can barely breathe.

[FMldr] I pull back, despite the gun. If you want anything else, I'm not giving it to you.

[AlexK] Your mouth is set in a grim, determined line. You're obviously upset, already regretting your loss of control. For a moment, I consider leaving -- stopping this before you hate both of us even more, but then I meet your eyes. They betray you, showing clearly how much you want this, how much you want me. I press the gun a little harder against your face as a tacit warning, and lean in to kiss you again.

[FMldr] I take my chances, turning my head, making you kiss my cheek, again.

[AlexK] I laugh softly, part of me pleased that you still have so much spirit, that it's not so easy to break you. But my amusement only goes so far. I want you too much at this point to let you play these games. "Don't toy with me, Mulder," I hiss and shove the gun firmly under your chin. Your head turns back to face me, and there's a slight sheen of terror overlaying the desire in your eyes. I curse myself for finding that such a turn-on, and lean in again, taking your mouth brutally, unwilling to allow you any more resistance.

[FMldr] I don't kiss back, letting you take what you want, but refusing to let myself respond. I don't want this, I keep telling myself.

[AlexK] Even passive, your mouth is a hot, slick wonder, and I know I'm enjoying this far more than I should allow myself. This game is spinning wildly out of control. It's no longer a game, in fact, but a hot, desperate need. I need you to join me, need to break through your resistance. Still ravaging your open, slack mouth, I trail the gun down, rubbing it across your nipples before heading down to your cock. I brush my knuckles across the hard flesh straining against your pants, and then press the gun down hard, steel meeting steel.

[FMldr] I groan into your mouth, not from pain or fear, but, regrettably, from need...and begin returning your kiss. It's self-preservation, of course, as I get lost in the heat and taste of your mouth. I snap out of it long enough to bite your lower lip. You quickly retreat, swearing as you wipe the blood slowly trickling down your chin.

[AlexK] I take a deep breath, trying to control my anger, trying to ignore the frustration and pain I feel at your rejection. When I meet your eyes, when I see your smug defiance, your patented, infuriating smirk, something snaps. Before I can think, I react, and raise my hand, slamming the gun into the side of your face, reveling in your sharp cry, the sight of blood trickling from your temple. Unable to resist, I find myself licking and sucking at the trail of blood -- the salty-sweet, metallic weight of it exploding on my tongue, mingling with the taste of my own. I begin nibbling at the wound, needing to taste more, moaning with satisfaction at the rising hardness of it. You answer my moan with a guttural cry, and even in my lust-fevered state, I can tell it's only partly due to the pain I'm inflicting.

[FMldr] oh god...the pain is blinding, and I don't know if my heart is racing because of my fear from the unexpected blow, or because of my excitement at your actions. All I know is as you lap at my wound, I'm so hard it cock throbbing in time with the pounding of my head. I manage to stop myself from turning toward you, and instead put a hand on your chest, trying to push you away.

[AlexK] I knock your hand away with the gun, and press you to the floor, using the weight of my body to pin you down. Our cocks meet and it takes all my will not to come just from that initial contact. You arch against me, whether to get closer, or to throw me off, and I grind against you, pushing you back down.

[FMldr] I know that you've got the definite advantage now, and I continue to try bucking you off, the contact between us making it so difficult to fight you when all I want to do is to fuck you. I want you so much, but I can't let you know that. I make some smartass comment about how this is the only way you can get a date, but it doesn't come out as harshly as I'd like.

[AlexK] I laugh at your attempt to convince yourself that this isn't what you want, but feel no need to destroy your illusion. I'll participate in any fantasy you need as long as I get what I want. The logistics of keeping a gun on you with only one functioning arm is becoming tricky, so I stand. You lie there, gasping up at me, and I see you bite your tongue to keep from begging me to come back. Pointing the gun at you, I smile. "Give me your handcuffs, Mulder, and take off your clothes."

[FMldr] Your words send another jolt to my already aching cock, and, at this point, I'd do anything you want me to just as long as I can feel you against me again. But, I know you expect some kind of struggle so I shake my head. "I don't think so."

[AlexK] Cocking the gun, I shake my head. "Don't test me, Mulder." You shake your head, still refusing to move, and a wave of anger assaults me again. I reach down and hit you, still with the butt of the gun, but not as hard as the previous blow. Fresh blood wells and trickles down your face, and it occurs to me that you've never seemed more beautiful. You shake your head slowly, but rise shakily to your feet.

[FMldr] I stand in front of you, still feeling a bit uneasy on my feet, and hand you my cuffs.

[AlexK] Taking them from you, I nod. "Now your clothes." You're hands are obviously trembling, but you make short work of undressing. I motion you over to the desk, and have you lie down, your arms in easy reach of the desk. I hand you back the cuffs and make you chain yourself to its leg.

[FMldr] I do as you ask, feeling humiliated and excited and so in need I can't stand it. I stare up at you defiantly, willing you to do your worst. My eyes drift down to the bulge in your jeans and I lick my lips, wondering what you'd feel like in my mouth, what you'd taste like and if it would be anything like what I've imagined.

[AlexK] You're staring at me with such intense hunger and need, and I feel like I could come, from the expression on your face, the sight of you stretched naked before me. I place the gun on the desk, and check briefly that the cuffs are secure before kneeling down next to you. I run a hand down your chest, then grab your cock roughly, giving it a few swift strokes before moving away again.

[FMldr] God, your touch is incredible and I want to feel it all over my body, but you pull away too soon. I wait, impatiently, to see what you're going to do next. I turn slightly, pushing my hips toward you, making sure you know what I want.

[AlexK] Your obvious need destroys whatever restraint I had left, and I unzip my pants, pulling out my cock. You lick your lips again at the sight and it almost shatters me. I move to kneel between your legs, and pull you up onto my lap. I force a finger into your mouth and you bite down hard, then immediately gentle, laving it with your tongue, soothing the wound. Pulling out, I reach down and thrust the wet finger inside you.

[FMldr] I buck at the unexpected intrusion, biting my lip at the sharp stab of pain, but I soon relax and start moving against your finger. My eyes lock with yours and I want to feel more of you inside me, just as much as I need you to touch my straining cock.

[AlexK] As soon as I feel you relax, I insert another finger reaching inside until you're shuddering and bucking uncontrollably. I can't take it anymore, and I remove my hand, spitting onto my palm and coating my cock with saliva. It's probably not enough, but I have to be inside you now.

[FMldr] My body is shaking in anticipation and when I feel the head of your cock pressed to me, I move against you, needing you to fill me. It's so much better than anything I've dreamed about and I know I'm not going to last long, but I squeeze my eyes shut and concentrate on how good you feel, hot and hard inside of me.

[AlexK] I groan helplessly as I sink completely into you. You're impossibly hot, almost painfully tight. I'm almost scared to move, worried that the first stroke will send me over the edge. Impatient, you buck up against me, and I lose all control and begin fucking you mercilessly.

[FMldr] Moaning with every move, I meet your thrusts, bucking my hips against you as best I can. I feel the growing tension of my climax bearing down on me....I'm so close, I don't even need you to touch my dick, but I want you to. "Please..." I'm begging you to touch me, to make me come.

[AlexK] I'm so fucking close, I know I'm not going to be able to draw it out much longer. I want to slow down, to make it last, but if anything I just pound into you harder. Your cries echo around me, but I'm too far gone to respond, to focused on getting *there* -- reaching that moment where I shatter inside you.

[FMldr] It's too much...I...I can't hold back..oh god Alex..I'm coming so hard...need to feel you coming inside me...

[AlexK] God, you're shuddering, convulsing beneath me, ribbons of come landing on your chest, staining my shirt. I'm shaking uncontrollably, and then I'm coming... so deep inside you. God, Mulder.

[FMldr] You collapse against me, and I've never felt so satisfied. I feel your cock slip out of me, almost groaning at the loss. My arms are starting to cramp from their awkward position and I....I want to hold you, kiss you without all the damn pretense. It's all so fucking irrelevant now. I don't care if you ridicule me, I'm sure you will, but I ask you to uncuff me, tell you why...please...

[AlexK] A small part of me tells me it's a bad idea, but I'm too fuck-stupid to listen to it. And the thought of being in your arms, held by you, is too much to resist. Reaching for the key, I unlock the cuffs and then collapse on your chest, nuzzling your sweat-slick skin.

[FMldr] I can't believe it when you let me go, not knowing whether or not to be more wary than I am. I hesitate, then put my arms around you, stroking your back, unable to believe this is real. I move a hand, stroking your hair, the side of your face. "Kiss me." It's a whisper.

[AlexK] I moan and nip at your collarbone before lifting my face to yours. You're still panting, your mouth slightly open, and I cover it with mine.

[FMldr] I kiss you deeply, then pull back slightly, looking into your eyes before bringing my knee up sharply between your legs. You gasp, the pain and shock evident on your face. Pushing you off me, I get up quickly, grabbing the gun from the top of the desk. You're still incapacitated, but when I kneel down next to you and cock the gun, pressing it between your eyes, I have your full attention. "Thanks, Alex." I smile as I pull the trigger... Hmm, nice fantasy, don't you think? Have a good night, Krycek.