Hit and Run III: Rubbernecking
by Lucy Snowe and Frankie
March 2000
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Rating: NC-17 for M/K happenings.
Summary: The Friday night chat is becoming a habit.
Notes: Thanks to everyone who wrote about the last installment.
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Hit and Run III


by Lucy Snowe and Frankie


[AlexK] Hi Foxy! It's a voice from the grave...

[FMldr] Hey, Krycek. Back for more, huh?

[AlexK] Absolutely. How could I not be? That last chat was amazing, wonderful, and all sorts of other happy adjectives I'm too lazy to type in.

[FMldr] You're sick, but why does that not surprise me?

[AlexK] Ah, but now we know that you are, too.

[FMldr] And that shouldn't surprise *you*. Now, what do you want?

[AlexK] Hmmmm. Let's see -- why don't you bring me off beautifully again, then treat me to another deliciously sick and twisted surprise...

[FMldr] Sorry, it was a one-time only show...no future engagements planned.

[AlexK] How disappointing. Such a waste of your natural talent.

[FMldr] Gee, you flatter me. If I'd known that it would have impressed you so much, I'd have done something else.

[AlexK] You have a degree in behavioral science from Oxford, you're a genius profiler, and you didn't realize that would impress me? I don't believe you.

[FMldr] Believe what you want, Krycek. Pleasing you is not high on my list of priorities.

[AlexK] Not consciously anyway....

[FMldr] Oh, of course, you're right. Secretly, I want you to rescue me, whisk me away from all this madness and let me spend the rest of my days satisfying you. What was I thinking?

[AlexK] Well, that's not exactly what I was thinking. I don't really see us setting up house with a nice picket fence and matching towels. I do think you want me, though, on some level. Some nice, dark, nasty level.

[FMldr] Hmm, dark and nasty....well, that does sound like you. But I'm afraid I'll have to shatter your fragile hopes and let you in on a little secret. I don't like you, Krycek. Oh wait, you've probably heard that one before.

[AlexK] I don't think this has anything to do with something as simple as "like." But for what it's worth, after your last stunt, I think I might be in love....

[FMldr] Well, you've never been that bright, have you? So, besides complimenting me on my fantastic ability to get you off, why are you here? I really don't see us doing it again.

[AlexK] No, I'm quite dark. And, as I've told you before, I do live in hope. I have a question for you, though, Mulder...

[FMldr] Okay. I'm feeling generous. What is it?

[AlexK] If you're so against us doing it again, and dislike me so much, what's that tenting your sweatpants?

[FMldr] That's quite an imagination you've got there.

[AlexK] You know it's not just my imagination.

[FMldr] Fine, so you also have quite an ego.

[AlexK] Never denied it. You're the one with insecurity issues. But I'm still right.

[FMldr] Is this some new attempt at seduction, Krycek?

[AlexK] No, just stating the facts.

[FMldr] Wow, you *are* sure of yourself, aren't you?

[AlexK] Hey, Mulder, video feed doesn't lie.

[AlexK] Mulder?? Ooooh Mulder??

[AlexK] Stop looking for the video feed. It isn't there.

[AlexK] But, I'm thrilled you confirmed my suspicions. So, why are you hard Mulder?

[FMldr] Calm down, Krycek. I just went to get a beer.

[AlexK] Good idea. So, are you going to answer my question?

[FMldr] Your question? Oh...well, I'm doing a little extracurricular surfing.

[AlexK] For someone who claims to be a truth-seeker, you're awfully good at denial. Outright lying, even.

[FMldr] You trying out for psychic friends or something?

[AlexK] Sure. That's it. Dionne Warwick and I are tight these days.

[FMldr] I thought so. Not that I have to prove anything to you, but here's a link: http://www.gaypornpicpost.com/gaytopsites/

[AlexK] Oh, as if you don't have a number of such sites handily bookmarked. You're adorable when you're in denial, you know. But thanks for the rec. I'll be sure to check it out.

[FMldr] Whatever, Krycek. yeah, I'm hard, but it's got nothing to do with you.

[AlexK] Of course it doesn't. ::soothing Mulder:: So, tell me what does have you hot right now. In explicit, prurient detail.

[FMldr] Why do you care? It's not like you're going to get anything out of this.

[AlexK] I'm not so sure of that. You haven't disappointed me yet, after all.

[FMldr] Oh, that'll really get me talking. Look, is there a point to all of this?

[AlexK] Does there need to be?? Relax, Mulder. Drink some more beer. This is just harmless conversation.

[FMldr] There's nothing harmless about anything you're involved in.

[FMldr] But I wouldn't want you to think I couldn't handle whatever you want to talk about.

[AlexK] No worries. I *know* you can handle it.

[FMldr] Good for me, then. I'm yawning, Krycek...better make this interesting.

[AlexK] Yawning?? Or starting to jerk off already?

[AlexK] Oooh, you've gone quiet. I've had another lucky guess, haven't I?

[FMldr] There was someone at the door.

[AlexK] I'm sure. Reign in the paranoia just this once. I already got you to admit you were hard, then you challenge me to make it "interesting" -- it was a simple, logical deduction. So, how interesting do you want me to make it? Any requests?

[FMldr] I'm not being paranoid. Let's see....requests. Besides you sprawled on the hood of my bed after I've hit you?

[FMldr] Car.

[FMldr] Hood of my car.

[AlexK] Yes. Of course. So, I'm sprawled on your *car.* What am I doing?

[AlexK] And the hitting -- dare I hope this is erotic spanking??

[FMldr] Writhing in agony if I'm lucky.

[FMldr] Fuck you, Krycek. It was a slip.

[AlexK] Yes, well, I'm sure they taught you Freud over at Oxford. So, I'm writhing in agony. Naked, I assume. My cock hard and glistening, a couple bruises begin to mar my flesh?

[FMldr] Hold on. Phone.

[AlexK] 'k -- I'll amuse myself in your absence.

[AlexK] I'm thinking they're not bruises, but welts. A few of them with a bit of broken skin, trickling blood. You've been using your belt on me.

[AlexK] Your eyes are glittering. No safe words, and I can't trust you not to go too far.

[AlexK] But I don't even care. You're so gorgeous like this. You're panting from the exertion, your eyes hard and glittering. But best of all, is your cock. Straining against your pants, already leaving a visible wet spot.

[AlexK] I stare at you, licking my lips. I want you to take it out, shove it down my throat, and fuck me with it, so hard that I can't breathe.

[FMldr] wow...you really know how to amuse yourself, Alex.

[AlexK] Thanks! It's a useful talent. So, who was your imaginary caller??

[FMldr] Imaginary?

[AlexK] I'm suspicious. For someone with no friends and fewer acquaintances, you're awfully popular tonight. So many interruptions.

[FMldr] It was Scully.

[AlexK] Oh, of course. She have anything interesting to say?

[FMldr] Just wanted to discuss our latest case.

[AlexK] Ah. Well, you were awfully quick. I appreciate you keeping it short to chat with me.

[FMldr] I didn't cut anything short to chat with you. She had to leave for a belt.

[FMldr] Date.

[AlexK] Hmmmm. I see.

[AlexK] So, you like the idea of the belt, do you?

[FMldr] Krycek, don't start getting excited. I'm exhausted, I've had a few beers, I'm not paying that much attention to what I'm typing. Or to what you're saying.

[AlexK] No, of course not. Mistakenly substituting what I'm saying in your sentences is definitely a sign that you're not paying any attention to me at all.

[FMldr] Haven't you ever looked at something and accidentally said it when you meant something else? I don't even know why I'm trying to defend myself.

[AlexK] Fine, I believe you. ::soothing Mulder again:: So, you've got the belt in your hand. You're staring at me, trying to decide what to do next. What will it be?

[FMldr] I hate to disappoint you, but I'm not into that kind of stuff.

[AlexK] Forgive me if I'm skeptical about that one. C'mon, I've got to be handing you a fantasy on a platter. Me, helpless and wounded before you. Willing to let you do anything you want? Go as far as you need to? It's a perfect chance for revenge.

[FMldr] I didn't think you'd want me to kill you again...

[AlexK] Whatever you want, Mulder. You can kill me this way as many times as you'd like.

[FMldr] Sorry, I just can't get into this.

[AlexK] ::shrug:: No problem. What could you get into, though? You're interest certainly hasn't waned, has it? You're still stroking yourself, still dying to come.

[FMldr] I'm not, actually. In fact, my interest waned a little while ago. You're just boring me, I guess. Lucky for you I don't have anything better to do.

[AlexK] You're lying again, Mulder. Am I that bad of an influence on you?

[FMldr] What the hell makes you think I'm lying? I'd be hurt by your mistrust if I gave a shit about you.

[AlexK] Call it intuition. I think you're just pissed because I'm reading you so easily. We both know you're still hard. That you want this as much as I do. But if you'd like us to pretend otherwise, I'll play along.

[FMldr] Yeah, you're good at playing along, aren't you? It's what you do for a living...following orders like a good little nazi.

[AlexK] You don't know what the fuck you're talking about. But it'd be futile to argue with you, so you just believe whatever you want - whatever reassures you of your hatred for me.

[FMldr] Awww, did I hurt your feelings? Is this not fun for you anymore? You're hard and horny as hell and I'm not giving you what you want, *plus* I'm being mean....bad night for you, I guess. Well, let me make it up to you. Why don't you come over and let's give my little fantasy a run-through. Of course, it would have to be a one-time deal...

[AlexK] LOL!! Mulder, you didn't hurt my feelings. You continue to delight me, actually. And thanks for the generous offer, but I've a healthy instinct for self-preservation. As much fun as your twisted ending to our last chat was, I think it's better if it stays a fantasy.

[FMldr] You sure? I really wouldn't mind.

[AlexK] No, no really. I'm touched, but I have to refuse.

[FMldr] Hmm, I bet a lot of people don't get turned down by someone like you. I'm not sure whether or not I should be insulted.

[AlexK] Hmmm. Abuse me some more, Mulder.

[FMldr] You really want me to? You want me to let you know how much I hate you? Tell you that if you were naked and tied to my bed, and I had a belt in my hand, I'd beat you so hard you wouldn't be able to stand? And then I'd fuck you until you couldn't move...

[AlexK] Um, yes. That's pretty much exactly what I want to hear. More detail, though, please.

[FMldr] Sorry, Krycek. Like I said, I'm not into that kind of thing.

[AlexK] Could have fooled me. And if nothing else, your cock doesn't lie. It's twitching in your hand right now, isn't it? When you were typing that last bit in, I'll bet it was just flooded with precum, wanting you to go further, to imagine more.

[FMldr] You sure there's no video feed?

[AlexK] I'm really beginning to wish there was.

[FMldr] Yeah, I bet...me too

[AlexK] You do?

[FMldr] Well, for me to see you, I mean.

[AlexK] Ah, that makes more sense. What do you imagine seeing?

[FMldr] you sitting there, your pants undone...your hand around your cock, stroking it slowly while you think about me...pretty much run of the mill, but it makes for good material.

[AlexK] Sounds like material worth building on...Why don't you?

[FMldr] yeah, right.

[AlexK] You're such a tease, Mulder.

[FMldr] you're just figuring that out.

[AlexK] No, just stating the obvious. I must be frustrated or something.

[FMldr] I can see why you would be.

[AlexK] Now, who's got the ego?

[FMldr] Well, it's not hard to tell that you're probably feeling pretty desperate by now....no pun intended, of course.

[AlexK] Me desperate, you holding on to your denial by a thread. What a pair we make.

[FMldr] My denial? What am I denying now?

[AlexK] That you don't want this. That you're not just as desperate and needy for this as I am.

[FMldr] I don't remember saying I don't want this. I just happen to like the idea of you needing it more than I do...

[AlexK] Well, it's a nice idea, I'm sure. But it's a delusion.

[FMldr] Really? Who's begging for details here? I don't think I'm the one asking you to share your juvenile fantasies...though, if you wanted to, I couldn't really stop you.

[AlexK] Gee, Mulder, that almost sounds like an invitation.

[FMldr] Does it?

[AlexK] You could stop me easily. Just log off.

[FMldr] And miss out on the chance to see what kind of things go through that head of yours?

[AlexK] Oooh. That *is* an invitation.

[FMldr] If you like...

[AlexK] No, I think you should admit it first. C'mon, the truth shall set you free. Or at least make you come.

[FMldr] Fine, since I'm such a fair man, why don't you share one of your little fantasies with me? It's only right after you let me tell you mine the last time. Oh, I meant to let you know that I thought you were very sweet in our last chat. I didn't know you cared, Krycek.

[AlexK] I was sweet, wasn't I? I worked very hard at it -- glad you appreciated the effort. Okay, I can share a fantasy.

[FMldr] Good. Oh, and for the record, I'm crushed that the things you told me last time weren't sincere. No, really, you should see the tears.

[AlexK] Oh god, the *guilt*!

[FMldr] Yeah, I can tell you're broken up about it. I'll live, I'm sure. So, spill it.

[AlexK] Well, I have a fantasy about that night in your apartment, too. Though it ends a little differently from yours, shockingly enough. I've handed you the gun, but I'm not really worried. I'm assuming you'll be too shocked to react, and despite your capacity for violence against me, I don't think you have it in you to shoot me in the back. Just as I'm about to open the door, though, I realize I'm wrong. I didn't even hear you get up, but when I feel you shove the gun barrel at the base of my skull, I know I've misjudged you.

[FMldr] Wow, Krycek, you surprise me. So, I've got my gun jammed against your neck. What happens now?

[AlexK] Oh, I'm sorry - is it my fantasy too predictable or something? I wouldn't want to bore you.

[FMldr] Did I say you were boring me? I just wanted to know what else you fantasized about me doing to you. Do I merely throw you on the ground and fuck you? Do I make you suck my cock? Do I force you to watch home movies from when I was a kid? What exactly have you spent all this time thinking about? I only ask because I care.

[AlexK] ::wiping a tear from my eye:: You care? I'm so touched, I can't even tell you. Hmmm. All of those possibilities sound equally wonderful - I feel like a kid in a candy store. But where was I? Oh yes, you've got the gun against my head, and I'm terrified. I've been in worst situations, sure, but my guard was down, I didn't anticipate this. I'm frozen, waiting for the shot, but it doesn't come. You move closer behind me, and the heat of you... I can feel the hot rasp of your breath against my neck, in contrast to the cool metal of the gun. You press even closer, and I can feel your hardness nestled against my ass. I moan, unable to decide if I should be relieved or even more fucking terrified at the fact that you're aroused.

[FMldr] I love the fact that you don't know what I'm up to, and the fear coming off you is even more of a turn on than being this close to your body. I know I should just shoot you, just rid the world of your sorry ass, but....I move my hips, grinding my cock against you. There's time for a little something before I decide what to do with you.

[AlexK] I buck at the sensation, then arch backwards into it. My motion presses the gun harder against me, but desire overwhelms my fear. My lips still burn from your stubbled cheek, and I want so much more. Your mouth begins to nuzzle wetly against my skin and I want to turn and capture it with my own. "Put the gun away, Mulder," I rasp, appalled at how desperate I sound. "You don't need it."

[FMldr] I laugh at that. "Sure, I don't." I move my free hand around your waist, sliding it up under your T-shirt, your stomach quivering at my touch. It trails down, slipping inside the waistband of your jeans and the hard heat I find there tells me how much you want this. A quick squeeze and I remove my hand. "Turn around."

[AlexK] I turn around slowly, willing myself to stay still, even though the desire to just jump you is overpowering. Of course, the fact that you're pointing the gun at me helps, too. I lick my lips in anticipation, a thrill coursing through me as I watch your eyes track the gesture. "What do you want me to do?"

[FMldr] I bite back a sarcastic response that involves your untimely demise, and simply stare at you. I can tell you're uncomfortable. There's no telling what I'll do with this gun in my hand. But I can also tell that you're excited, needing to know what it is you'll get out of me before the night's through. I shrug out of my coat and jacket, the gun still trained on you. "Take off your jacket."

[AlexK] Despite the gun in your hand, I can see the desire in your eyes, in the obvious bulge of your crotch, and this reassures me. I cock an eyebrow at you and shrug out of the leather. "Just my jacket, Mulder?"

[FMldr] I smirk back at you. "What's the rush?"

[AlexK] "No rush." I shrug. Deciding to take a risk, I walk slowly toward the couch. You follow me carefully with your eyes and the gun, but make no move to stop me. Sitting down, I pick up the remote and turn on the TV. "So, wanna watch a game or something?"

[FMldr] I set the gun down, and turn to you. "Not quite." I grab the remote from you and turn off the television. Facing you again, I move toward you until I'm standing right in front of you. I see the way you're looking at me, I know what you want. Slowly, I begin to unfasten my pants.

[AlexK] The sound of your zipper seems unnaturally loud in the quiet of the room. You carefully pull your cock out and begin stroking it slowly, and I lose any pretense at composure, moaning softly at the sight. I want to sink down in front of you and guide your cock into my mouth. But even without the gun, you're still in control. And that's how I want it. "What do you want me to do?"

[FMldr] I start to tell you to open your mouth, but pause when I see that you're ready to do whatever I tell you to. I step back, still stroking my cock, loving the way your eyes follow my hand as it moves up and down.. "Take off your jeans and get on your hands and knees."

[AlexK] With embarrassing haste, I get out of my clothes. I know I'm playing into your hands, humiliating myself with my eagerness to give in, but I don't care, it thrills me, makes me want you to control me all the more. By the time I'm down in front of you, I'm shaking, dying for you to touch me, to do something.

[FMldr] I look at you, barely able to contain my laughter. You're so damn eager. It's something I could definitely get used to. I bite back the urge to tell you to bark like a dog, and instead toe your knees a little further apart. I raise my foot and lightly touch your balls with it, rubbing your cock with the tip of my shoe. You start moving against it and I tell you to hold still. I like you this vulnerable. It would be so easy to kick you, but even I'm not that cruel. I lower my foot. "Tell me what you want, Krycek."

[AlexK] I can't answer at first, I'm shaking too hard, trying too hard not to come just from the humiliating caress. And I don't know how to answer you, how to express how desperately I want you to control me, own me, force me. I can't tell you what I want, because I don't want any control or choice in this. "Anything, Mulder," I finally answer. "Anything you want from me."

[FMldr] I kneel down next to you and grab your hair, yanking your head back. "I want a real answer, but since you can't seem to give me one, I guess I won't be getting any help from you." I let go, giving you a push as I do, and stand. All I want to do is fuck you, but there's time for that. First, I have to take full advantage of this situation. Who knows when I'll have the opportunity again? Still, all I can think about is that sweet ass of yours. I sit down on the couch and just watch you kneeling there, waiting for me to say or do something.

[AlexK] When you walk away, I wonder if I've gone to far, disgusted you with my need, my submission. I lift my head and find you sitting on the couch. Not even pausing to wonder if it's a good idea, I crawl over to you and sink my head in your lap, nuzzling, licking, kissing your cock. The taste of your precome floods my mouth and I want more. You haven't pushed me away yet, so I go for it and swallow your cock, desperately sucking it, wanting you to fuck my face.

[FMldr] Oh god...I start moving my hips, thrusting my cock into your throat...but that's not what I want. I barely manage to push you away, suppressing a groan at the loss of heat. "I want to fuck you."

[AlexK] I hardly understand what you say at first. I'm staring too intently at your cock, wondering why it still isn't in my mouth, why you pushed me away. But then I realize what you've said, and I'm desperate to with the need to have you inside me. I lean back onto the floor, pulling my legs up against my chest, opening, exposing myself to you.

[FMldr] I don't move from the couch, just stare at you being so ready and willing. The sight of you like that is almost enough to make me come, but I manage to hold myself in check. "No....not like that."

[AlexK] I bite back a curse. Can't you just fuck me already? I let my legs drop and stare at you. "How, Mulder? Just tell me how."

[FMldr] I ease down a little on the couch, taking my cock in my hand. "Come here."

[AlexK] I knee-walk over to you and place my hands lightly on your thighs, forcing myself to look at your face, not the cock I long to have back down my throat. "Okay, Mulder, now what?"

[FMldr] I smile at you. You look good on your knees like that. It's too bad this can't be a permanent arrangement. "I said I wanted to fuck you." I pause when I see that you still don't understand. "And I'm not planning on moving."

[AlexK] I lick my lips in anticipation stare down at your cock. Your hand is spreading the precum along it, but it's still not going to be enough. I glance around, but don't see anything I could use. I stare at you uncertainly, wondering if I dare get up and look for something.

[FMldr] I know why you're hesitating, can tell what you're looking for. But why should I make this any easier for you...or me? "Give me your hand."

[AlexK] Without hesitating, I comply.

[FMldr] I spit into your palm. "Make do."

[AlexK] I bite back a protest. Surely, you've at least got some hand lotion in this apartment, but I'm afraid that if I anger you, you'll stop. Not wanting to dwell on how pathetic that is, I concentrate on the task at hand, mixing your spit with my precum, and reaching down to roughly prepare myself.

[FMldr] I watch you, amused at the expression on your face. I can't decide if you're pissed off or resigned, but either works for me. I try not to get too distracted by how sexy you look getting ready for me, or by how much I want to be inside you.

[AlexK] I take less time than I probably should -- but god, I've got to have you inside me. I climb up onto your lap, and guide your cock to me. Bracing my hand on your shoulder, I begin to slowly ease myself down. It hurts, the dry burning is almost enough to make me scream, but it still feels so good.

[FMldr] I have to bite my lip to stop from letting you know how good this feels....just painful enough to make it interesting. The heat of your body is incredible as it slowly engulfs my cock, and I have to resist the urge to force you down onto me. I close my eyes, letting myself enjoy this more than I probably should.

[AlexK] I'm halfway there, and suddenly I can't wait anymore, it's going to hurt either way, and I need you. With a harsh cry, I impale myself on the rest of your length, then lean my head on your shoulder, almost sobbing from the exquisite pain of it.

[FMldr] The sudden move takes me by surprise and I can't hold back my groan as I feel myself inside you completely. It's almost too much, and I'm afraid to move, afraid to have this be over too soon. With your head on my shoulder I don't know what to do. I should push you away, just fuck you, but....instead I put my arms around you, my hands roaming over your naked back and down to grasp your ass.

[AlexK] The way you're holding me is almost... tender. Suddenly, that hurts more than my ass, and I can't stand it. Pushing away from you, I lift myself up and begin fucking you in earnest.

[FMldr] oh god....I feel as if I can't do anything but buck my hips helplessly, needing to be as deep inside of you as I can. My hands begin restlessly tracing the contours of your body, sliding greedily over your hips, your stomach, creeping up to your chest. I know that the caresses are disturbing you, so I continue touching you wherever I can. Soon, I'm holding your face between my hands, pulling you forward, forcing you to kiss me.

[AlexK] I react violently, this is too much, too intimate. Kissing you right now will shatter me. My struggles just push me further onto you, you further into me. I can't lose this, but I can only take so much.

[FMldr] Now the struggle, your resistance, is becoming as important to me as fucking you. I grab you by the back of your head and this time you can't pull away from me. Crushing my mouth to yours, bruising your lips with my own. Your mouth opens in protest and I plunge my tongue into your mouth, savoring the taste of your reluctance.....but I know you want this.

[AlexK] For a wild panicked moment, I almost bite your tongue. This kiss is too tender. I feel like you're turning me inside out. But that would end this, and I'm too weak to stop it. With a strangled moan, I give in, sagging against you, returning the kiss with everything I have.

[FMldr] Your reaction startles me for a second, I hadn't expected you to give in....then I'm allowing myself to respond, kissing you as if this is the last time we'll be like this. No, it *is* the last time, I tell myself. I hold you against me, wanting this to last even as I feel my body tensing, desperate for release.

[AlexK] Moans are echoing in my ears, and I'm not sure if they're coming from me or you. You're bucking up underneath me, screwing yourself in as deeply as you can. My thighs are trembling, I'm shaking, almost.... almost *there*...

[FMldr] I let you go, pushing you away from me...and I'm coming...thrusting into you...it's so good...you're so good

[AlexK] Your hand is on my shoulder, pushing me away, but holding me up. Enough that I can reach down and grab myself. It only takes one stroke, and I'm exploding, covering you with my come...

[FMldr] I watch your face as you come...and I'm struck by how much I want to see you look like this again.....but the feeling fades just as quickly. I push you, wanting you as far away from me as possible. "Get off me."

[AlexK] I can barely move, but I obey, rolling off of you to flop gracelessly on the other end of the couch. After shocks are still sparking under my skin, and I feel like I can't get enough breath in my lungs. Away from your body, the air chills the drying stickiness painting my abdomen and groin. I know I should get up, clean and dress myself and get the hell out of here, but I can't move.

[FMldr] I look down at myself, quickly fasten my trousers and then stand. I take off my shirt, needing to get rid of the evidence of what just happened. I turn to look at you. "Get out."

[AlexK] You'd tell me to get out? Not very gentlemanly of you, Mulder.

[FMldr] Hey, I'm not known for my charm. Though, it wouldn't necessarily be what I was thinking.

[AlexK] Well, what would you be thinking? "Stay Alex, be mine, have my babies"???

[FMldr] As tempting as that may be, I was thinking more along the lines of, "Let me know when you're up for another round."

[AlexK] Ah well, it's all in the subtext anyway. Damn, you're beautiful when you come. I'll be rewinding that bit until the tape wears out, I'm sure.

[FMldr] Excuse me?

[AlexK] Oh, and I don't think a crumpled tissue you had lying on your desk is the best thing to clean up the semen on your keyboard. You might even want to try a cleaning product of some sort. That is, if you have such a thing in that rathole you call home.

[FMldr] What the fuck are you doing?

[AlexK] Amusing myself. You never fail to entertain, you know...

[AlexK] And the expression on your face right now is priceless. It really is.

[FMldr] Where the fuck are the goddamn cameras?

[AlexK] Hey, maybe I'm just having psychic visions. I could be an XFile.

[AlexK] Not only are you frantically searching your apartment right now, but you're also thinking of.... the color.... wait, it's coming to me.... Green!

[FMldr] fuck you. where are they?

[AlexK] Oh give it up, Mulder. You're not going to find them. It's all very state of the art, virtually undetectable... You'll have to get your geek friends over to sweep the place, and they still might not find 'em. Depends on how up to date their equipment is.

[AlexK] Was I right about the color, though?

[FMldr] Fuck you.

[FMldr] What do you want?

[AlexK] Awww! Don't be mad.


[AlexK] Shouting?? Tsk, tsk. How rude. Don't worry -- it's just for my own personal viewing pleasure. No one else knows about them. You, of all people, should be able to appreciate the desire for fine, erotic film.

[FMldr] Fine. Why don't you come over here and bring a camcorder?

[AlexK] Hmmm. Well, there is that fantasy you have of shooting me between the eyes right after we do the deed. What's so wrong with cuddling, anyway? If you're not killing me, you're pushing me away and ordering me out. It's almost enough to give me a complex.

[FMldr] Damn. I was trying to make you feel completely unwanted and undesirable. I must try harder.

[AlexK] Yeah, I feel really undesirable right now. Especially since your cock is already hardening again. Oh yeah, stroke it again... Your stamina amazes me, Mulder. I couldn't believe it when you managed it three times last night during your little porno marathon.

[FMldr] How long have you been watching me?

[AlexK] Just a couple of days. You do have a very active, if solitary, sex life. Does Scully know you keep jerking off when she interrupts you in the middle of it? You sounded so businesslike, if a bit abrupt on that phone call the other night. I gained new respect for you.

[FMldr] You can *hear* me too?

[AlexK] Of course. And I have to ask... Have you always called out my name when you come? Or is this a new development?

[AlexK] C'mon, Mulder. I know you're still there.

[AlexK] Hey, inquiring minds want to know....

[FMldr] What do you expect me to say?

[AlexK] Well, you could always answer the question I just asked.

[FMldr] What makes you think I'd tell you?

[AlexK] Absolutely nothing. But I am really curious about it. You sound so desperate and needy when you cry out my name. I had to try.

[FMldr] Go to hell

[AlexK] Why can't you just take this as the compliment that it is?

[FMldr] Funny, I thought this was yet one more example of your fucking psychosis.

[AlexK] ::shrug:: Probably. But you should still be flattered. I could electronically surveil anyone's place, you know. But I chose you.

[FMldr] Why me?

[AlexK] Because you're sexy, amusing and a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Besides which, I can't think of anyone who would provide such regular entertainment. It's a wonder you're not blind with hairy palms.

[FMldr] There are sexier, hornier guys than me out there who would probably give their left arm to be with you....oops. Sorry. But, I'll ask again. Why *me*?

[AlexK] I like you, Mulder. I've taken to carving our initials on trees, writing your name on all my notebooks... This seemed like the next logical step. What can I say? I'm smitten.

[FMldr] Right. You want to sell me a bridge while you're at it?

[AlexK] I don't know -- what do you have in the way of pretty glass beads?

[FMldr] Krycek...it's too late for these games. Tell me the truth. Who's going to see those tapes? Why would they be interested in my lack of a sex life?

[AlexK] They really are just for me. Honestly.

[FMldr] When are you coming to remove the cameras?

[AlexK] Who says I'm going to remove them?

[FMldr] Well, I figured you'd want an excuse to come over here. I was offering you one.

[AlexK] Aww! I'm touched. Thanks for the offer, but you're too pissed off at me right now, and I'm enjoying this whole voyeur thing far too much.

[FMldr] I'm not pissed off Krycek....I just don't know what the hell you're up to.

[AlexK] Well, that's okay. I like being a man of mystery.

[FMldr] I want to see you.

[AlexK] Why?

[FMldr] Come on...is it really fair that you get to watch me whenever you want, and I have to rely on my imagination?

[AlexK] Life isn't fair. Surely you've learned that lesson by now.

[FMldr] So, you've seen me in the bedroom, too, I suppose.

[AlexK] Yep. And in the shower. You've got to be the only person in the world who actually washes, rinses and repeats. I can't believe you don't realize that's just a conspiracy by shampoo manufacturers to make you buy more...

[FMldr] Okay. Thanks for driving me out of my home, Krycek.

[AlexK] Well, shouldn't you start packing? Instead of continuing to jerk-off, I mean. Or do you like the idea that I'm watching? You must. Are you so sure you want to leave?

[FMldr] Maybe I do like that you're watching me right now... But I can't stay here knowing that there's nothing you won't see.

[AlexK] Well, if it's any consolation, there's no camera on the toilet.

[FMldr] Gee, thanks for that. Wow. Would you believe I really am beginning to feel sorry for you now?

[AlexK] See? I knew you cared.

[FMldr] Yeah, I guess I do. It's a shame, though, to waste all this care on someone who...

[AlexK] Who...? Don't leave me in suspense.

[FMldr] I had you pegged all wrong, Alex.

[AlexK] Oh do enlighten me...

[FMldr] There was always a certain appeal in being attracted to you. You're a cold, amoral son of a bitch, and I must be insane to want you, but... Well, it's just a little disappointing to find out you have to resort to being a peeping Tom because you don't have to balls to face me in person. Guess I was wrong about you. I don't like being wrong.

[AlexK] LOL!! You really do want me to come over don't you? And you think I'll fall for that transparent attempt? Show up to prove my manhood to you? Dream on, Mulder. Well, sadly I do need to go, things to do, people to see, audio tapes to deliver... Ooops. I let that slip, didn't I? But don't worry the video tapes are all mine. Have a nice night, Mulder.