Hit and Run IV: Moving Violation
by Lucy Snowe and Frankie
April 2000
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Rating: NC-17 for M/K nastiness.
Series: Hit and Run
Summary: A chat leads to a close encounter.
Notes: Thanks to Mock for the beta! *mwah* It really helps to know what's been happening up to this point, so you can find the first three parts here:
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Hit and Run IV

Moving Violation

by Lucy Snowe and Frankie


[AlexK]: How's my favorite government agent tonight?

[FMldr]: Krycek? You're three days early.

[AlexK]: Does this mean you considered our Friday night a standing date? That you were counting the days? I'm so pleased.

[FMldr]: Well, we did kind of have a routine set up, don't you think?

[AlexK]: Clever deflection of the actual question. But I'll let it slide this once... Yes, I suppose we did.

[FMldr]: I answered your question. But I'll let *that* slide... So, what's the occasion?

[AlexK]: Nothing special. I'm bored. Figured you'd entertain me.

[FMldr]: Are you sure that's all it is?

[AlexK]: Hmmm. Let me think.... Yep, that's it. I'm bored.

[FMldr]: That's too bad. Sorry I don't have anything thrilling planned to amuse you. As you can see, I'm just catching up on some paperwork and checking my mail.

[AlexK]: Oh, my conscience actually launched a rare attack. I took the feed out while you were at work today. Flushed one of your dead fish, and fed the rest, too. I have to wonder -- do you get some sick thrill out of starving fish to death?

[FMldr]: Oh, I was wondering where Joe Bob went. Burial at sea, huh? He would have loved that. And forgive me if I don't believe you about the video feed.

[AlexK]: ::shrug:: You could have your geek friends over to confirm it. I noticed you didn't bother to have them come over and sweep the place. I wonder why that is?

[FMldr]: Guess I'm just an exhibitionist at heart. And I must admit that I got a kick out of the idea of you being so obsessed with me, you had to rig my apartment in order to get some cheap thrills. Just proves my theory about you.

[AlexK]: Oh, don't sell yourself short, Mulder. The thrills you offer are hardly cheap.

[FMldr]: Ahhhh, good to know you appreciate my efforts.

[AlexK]: You're a natural, I must say. The camera loves you.

[FMldr]: Thank you. I was hoping you'd get my good side.

[AlexK]: Yes, it's all been good. You've been quite... inspired the last few days. I'm really regretting ending the surveillance, actually.

[FMldr]: Something told me you'd like the little extras. It's really too bad I couldn't see your reaction to what I was doing.

[AlexK]: Still angling for a visit from me, Fox?

[FMldr]: What would you think if I said yes?

[AlexK]: Something along the lines that I'm not the only desperately obsessed schmuck in this chat.

[FMldr]: Well, to be fair, I never said you were the only one.

[AlexK]: Oh, but to be fair, that's what you've always implied.

[FMldr]: Is it my fault you're so self-centered you can't see the obvious?

[AlexK]: Oh c'mon, Mulder. I've seen the obvious. I'm just pointing out that you're finally willing to admit it.

[FMldr]: I've admitted it before, but I think you never believed me.

[AlexK]: I'm not sure I do now, really. This lack of trust between us is such an ugly thing.

[FMldr]: LOL! And you've done so much to try and relieve that horrible mistrust....oh, I'm sorry. I had you confused with the assassin who *didn't* wire my apartment.

[AlexK]: You're just proving my point. I wasn't trying to argue that I was trustworthy...

[FMldr]: You weren't?

[AlexK]: Nope. I generally try to avoid lost causes.

[FMldr]: You think we're a lost cause?

[AlexK]: Probably. Don't you?

[FMldr]: I don't know.

[AlexK]: Well, this is getting serious. And depressing. Not really what I had in mind.

[FMldr]: What did you have in mind?

[AlexK]: I dunno. Something a bit more lighthearted, I suppose. So, read any good books lately? Seen any good movies? Videos?

[FMldr]: Nothing interesting.

[AlexK]: That's disappointing.

[FMldr]: And somehow I'll manage to survive. Do you have any movie recs for me, Krycek?

[AlexK]: Well, none that would interest you. Apparently.

[FMldr]: Apparently? Am I supposed to know what you're referring to?

[AlexK]: Yeah, you are. Though I shouldn't be surprised we're back in denial mode. That, or you just get your kicks from being difficult.

[FMldr]: I'm sorry?

[AlexK]: I'm sorry, too.

[FMldr]: Krycek, what are you talking about?

[AlexK]: Apparently, not a damn thing.

[FMldr]: Something tells me you're upset. I'm a professional, it's my job to know these things. Care to clue me in?

[AlexK]: Ah, don't mind me. It's been a long couple days. I'm cranky. So, no good books or movies or videos. What have you been up to? Anything interesting?

[FMldr]: LOL! Krycek, this interest in my recreational activities has me stumped.

[AlexK]: I'm trying normal conversation. You're not helping. How's the weather there?

[FMldr]: It's fine.

[AlexK]: Well, I suppose that explains the lack of good books, movies and videos in your life. You must be out enjoying the early spring. Are the cherry blossoms blooming yet?

[FMldr]: Krycek, you're starting to sound like mother. Please, don't do that.

[AlexK]: Oh, fuck it. Did you get the damn video or not?

[FMldr]: Video?

[FMldr]: Krycek? You still there?

[FMldr]: Well, you must still be there since you haven't logged off. I did get a package today... hmm....could that be what you're talking about?

[AlexK]: Oh, don't be coy.

[FMldr]: I didn't realize I was being coy. Hold on....let me open it.

[AlexK]: You found a mysterious package when you got home and haven't opened it? Yeah, right. Pull the other one.

[FMldr]: Why, look....it's a videotape. Krycek, did you send me a present?

[FMldr]: Well, if it's not from you, I guess it can wait until later.

[AlexK]: Yeah, you should wait until tomorrow night to watch it. After you get home from work.

[FMldr]: Okay, I will.

[AlexK]: Good. So, what are you doing online tonight? Business or pleasure? Got anymore recs for me? I have been enjoying them.

[FMldr]: Actually, it's business. Maybe later I'll have some recs for you....unless you're interested in voodoo.

[AlexK]: Oh, I'm very interested in voodoo right now.

[FMldr]: Why?

[AlexK]: It's always fascinated me.

[FMldr]: I see.....you weren't thinking of putting a curse on me, were you?

[AlexK]: Of course not. Why would you think that?

[FMldr]: Well, you said "right now." For some reason you seem to be a bit more testy than usual. If I'm pissing you off, why don't you sign off?

[AlexK]: I have no idea. Perhaps I'm finally getting in touch with my inner masochist.

[FMldr]: That sounds promising.

[AlexK]: I thought you might like that.

[FMldr]: Hey, if it involves you being in pain, I'm all for it.

[AlexK]: Tell me more.

[FMldr]: Nice try. So, why am I pissing you off?

[AlexK]: You're not. I told you -- it's been a long, hard couple of days. I'm exhausted, wired and bored. Not everything's about you, Mulder.

[FMldr]: Alex....I just asked you why you're still here if you're pissed off with me, and you said something about your inner masochist. Notice, you didn't deny being pissed with me. So. Why are you?

[AlexK]: I'm just trying to say that it's not you - it's me. Bet you've heard that one before, eh Fox? Anything, *anyone* would piss me off right now. I'm just blowing off steam.

[FMldr]: Okay. Well, I'm done here. Hope you manage to blow off all that steam. Have a good night, Krycek.

[AlexK]: Bye.

[FMldr]: Are you okay?

[AlexK]: Um, aren't you supposed to be gone?

[FMldr]: Well, I can't leave when you seem so.....unlike you.

[AlexK]: Why not?

[FMldr]: Because even creatures like you deserve to have someone ask if they're okay.

[AlexK]: LOL!! Of course. Fox Mulder, humanitarian. I'm fine, Mulder. Your work here is done. Log off with a clear conscience.

[FMldr]: I'm afraid I can't do that.

[AlexK]: ::rolling my eyes:: I'm fine. Shoo!

[FMldr]: Okay. But before I go... good show.

[AlexK]: What are you talking about?

[FMldr]: Oh, I guess I forgot I *did* watch the video you sent.

[AlexK]: Whatever, Mulder. I'm too tired for your games.

[FMldr]: You're right. It is late. I'll give you the full report next time I talk to you.

[AlexK]: Tease. Bastard. Ingrate.

[FMldr]: Flattery has no effect on me, Krycek.

[AlexK]: I'm not so sure I believe that.

[FMldr]: Believe what you like. I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

[AlexK]: Night.

Alex stepped back from the computer enraged. //I'm an idiot. A fucking idiot.// Cursing himself, he had to wonder what he'd been thinking. Leaving the video as a gift, like the pathetic lovesick fool he was. He'd accomplished nothing. Just given Mulder a wide opening to fuck with him. And not in a good way.

He paced the room's length a couple times, then, before he could think to much about it, fled out the door and to the stairwell. One flight down, and he was standing in front of Mulder's door. Listening at the door, he could hear the faint sound of moans. He recognized those moans. The bastard. He was watching it.

Taking the key he'd made years ago, he quietly opened the door. Mulder was too caught up in the images on the screen to notice him, and Alex took a moment to appreciate the spectacle before him. Leaning back into his couch, Mulder's sweatpants were shoved down his thighs while he frantically stroked his cock.

Glancing at the TV, Alex saw what had Mulder's rapt attention. On screen was Alex, fucking himself with a dildo, in concert with the fuzzy images and loud moans of Mulder jerking off on the TV in front of him.

Smiling wickedly, he coughed politely. "So, I guess you were lying about the lack of good videos after all."

Startled, Mulder sat up quickly, an amusing mix of guilt and embarrassment on his shocked face. "What the hell are you doing here?" He quickly yanked up his sweats.

"Well, you've been practically begging for a visit from me during our last few chats. I figured I'd oblige you." Shutting the door behind him, Alex leaned casually against the wall.

Mulder stood, debating whether or not to go for the gun he had in his desk, but decided against it. It was obvious Krycek wasn't being a threat...yet.

"How did you get here so quickly?" He walked to his desk and stood with his hands behind his back, his fingers on the handle of the drawer, just in case.

"I've been in the neighborhood." Alex looked over at the TV, oddly fascinated with the sight of himself. His cock twitched, beginning to strain against denim, and his blood began to sing the possibilities of his impromptu visit. "So, you like my present?"

"It's fine, yeah," Mulder muttered, moving his hands in front of him in a delayed effort to hide his erection. Watching Krycek watch himself was even better than anything on the video, and Mulder felt an impossible heat rising in him, his face flushed. He tore his eyes away and cleared his throat. "Krycek, why are you here? And don't say it's because I asked you to come."

"Why does it have to be anything more than that?" Krycek asked patiently. "This has been building up for weeks now." Shrugging, he began to walk across the room. "I figure it was inevitable."

Mulder stood his ground, not that he had any choice considering he was already backed up against the desk. When he'd told Krycek he'd wanted to see him, he had never imagined he'd be taken up on his offer. Now that Krycek was actually here - not just here, but walking, no, *stalking*, toward him - Mulder had no idea what to do.

Krycek smiled to himself. Mulder was so transparent, so obviously at a loss -- Alex hardly knew where to begin. Stopping abruptly, just a few steps shy of Mulder, he suddenly realized *he* didn't have any idea of where to begin. He'd fantasized about this for such a long time now, the recent chats had given him such hope, and now... Alex had no fucking idea what to do. Shifting uncomfortably, he cleared his throat. "So? What do we do now?"

Certain that he hadn't heard him correctly, Mulder leaned forward slightly. "What?"

"Yeah, what?" Alex took another step towards him. "What now? Do we consummate this thing for real? Discuss the weather? Do you beat me up?" he glanced behind him at the TV and smirked. "Or do you just want to watch videos together?"

Mulder swallowed hard. By all rights, Krycek should be bleeding and on the ground trying to catch his breath after a few well-placed punches. He wasn't supposed to be standing there being cocky and too fucking sexy for Mulder to resist. Quashing the urge to close the gap between them, Mulder slowly opened the desk drawer and took out the gun.

Krycek registered the surreptitious movement, and realized he didn't even have his gun. //Damnit. What the fuck is wrong with me?// "What are you doing Mulder?"

Stopping short of saying he was playing it by ear, Mulder brought the gun up, pointing it at Krycek.

"Oh, fuck you Mulder. I knew I shouldn't have come. I'm out of here." Turning on his heel, Krycek began walking toward the door, trying to ignore the prickling sensation along his back that screamed "Danger."

That's all it took to spur Mulder into action. He cocked the gun. "Stop."

Krycek froze at the sound, then hung his head in resignation. It was over. After all these years of impossible situations and close calls, he'd finally fucked up. And over what? His on-going, pathetic infatuation with a man he should have forgotten years ago? "Fine, Mulder. Shoot me. Get it over with."

"Turn around."

Turning around slowly, Krycek attempted a wry grin. It failed miserably. "Not the type to shoot someone in the back, huh, Mulder?"

Mulder had thought Krycek was just playing along, but the look on his face testified to his very real fear of being killed. Concentrating on keeping his face as expressionless as possible, an easy feat if there ever was one, Mulder kept the gun trained on Krycek. "Only cowards shoot people in the back."

"Okay, Mulder, so you're not a coward." Krycek managed a shrug, and spread his arms out wide. "Bravo for you. Now why don't you just do the deed?" Oddly enough, he felt strangely calm. This wasn't the worst end he could come to, after all. And there was a certain sense of poetic justice to it. He locked eyes with Mulder and waited.

Smirking slightly, Mulder walked to Krycek and jammed the gun in his side. Krycek winced, and Mulder began to feel less bewildered by what he should do. In fact, the gun in his hand was providing exactly the confidence he needed to control this thing. "Get on your knees."

Krycek stared at him with blank amazement. Was this just a game? A continuation of their online fantasies? He wondered why he was surprised, but couldn't suppress a feeling of wary hope. Without a word, he sank to his knees and looked up expectantly at Mulder.

Mulder sensed the change in Krycek's demeanor. Slowly, carefully, he moved to stand behind Krycek, pressing the gun to the back of his head. "I should do this right. This is how you kill people, isn't it?"

"Fuck you, Mulder," Alex snarled. "What the hell do you want from me?"

"Maybe I want you dead," Mulder said thoughtfully. "Maybe I want to make you squirm a little before I kill you." He moved around to stand in front of Krycek. Crouching down, the gun resting on his thigh, he fixed him with a steely glare. "Any last requests?"

"Fuck you, Mulder. If you think I'm going to beg you for a blow job before you kill me, you're insane. If you're going to kill me, do it. Otherwise, stop playing this game, you sick fuck." Alex was proud he'd kept the trembling fear out of his voice, though it was probably a moot point. He was shaking too visibly for any real dignity.

Stunned that this was actually getting to Krycek, Mulder stared at him a few moments before standing up. He bit back a grin as he pressed the gun to Krycek's forehead. "Who says dreams don't come true, huh, Alex?" He pulled the trigger.

Alex braced himself, his mind mercifully blank. It happened in slow motion, the sound of the trigger being pulled back seemed to last an eternity. Jerking away at the sharp click of the gun, it took Alex a minute to realize he was still alive. Mulder didn't have the clip in the gun.

He rose to his feet, shouting. "You godamn sick fucking prick. Fuck you, Mulder, fuck *you*!" Rising quickly, he struck viciously at Mulder, sending the useless gun flying across the room. Mulder looked stunned, staring down at his empty hand as if he couldn't believe what he'd done. //Or maybe he didn't realize the gun wasn't loaded and was suffering crippling disappointment, Krycek thought cynically.// Giving Mulder one last scathing look, Krycek turned and strode to the door.

"Come on, Krycek," Mulder said, laughing. "Don't tell me you didn't think that was funny. I promise, in a few years we'll look back on this and laugh."

Krycek froze, his hand on the doorknob. Turning slowly, he pinned Mulder with a steady gaze. "No, Mulder, I didn't think there was anything funny about that." He shook his head, disgusted at the smile that still lingered on Mulder's face. "I know what you think of me, of what I do, but for the record, I *don't* torture or play mind games with people like that. If I have to kill someone, I do it quickly, I do it cleanly. I allow them as much dignity and spare them as much pain as I can."

Mulder looked at him, unable to wipe the smirk off his face despite his best attempts. He really hadn't planned on pulling the trigger, but at the time it seemed like the perfect thing to do. Why should Krycek always be in control of the situation? Of course, now it looked like Mulder wasn't going to get anything out of this....not that he was any more sure of what he wanted now than when Krycek showed up.

Placing his hand over his heart, he shook his head. "That is why you are a prince among men, Krycek. When you kill, you do it as nicely as possible."

Krycek closed his eyes, wondering why the hell he was still standing here. "I really don't think you're in any position to judge me, Mulder. You never were, really. But I think you lost what little moral high ground you had with that stunt."

Mulder's eyes opened wide. "Oh my god. I was on moral high ground with you? And now I *lost* it?" He looked around as if in utter disbelief, then turned back to Krycek. "I...I don't know if I can deal with this. Does this mean you won't want to cyberfuck me anymore?"

"I don't know," he breathed, more to himself than Mulder. He'd had Mulder on a pedestal for years now, as a sort of touchstone amidst the rest of the madness. It probably wasn't a fair place to put him, but Alex had never been able to help himself. This cruelly laughing, bitter man was a far cry from the image Alex carried with him all these years. But even that didn't change the essentials. He still wanted Mulder. Hell, he probably wanted him even more now, wanted to get to him, crack open the twisted shell and see if Mulder was still somewhere underneath it. Or see if he'd just been a pathetic, delusional fuck about Mulder for all these years.

Something in Krycek's tone caught Mulder off guard. He'd assumed they'd be able to engage in the sniping that was such a big part of their chats, but now he wasn't so sure. It seemed that the Krycek he chatted with was a different man after getting the shit scared out of him. "Would it make you feel better if I take a swing at you?"

Krycek scrubbed his face and let out a weary sigh. "Mulder, have you ever been able to figure out the fine line between fantasy and reality? Or are you just too fucked up to make that distinction?"

"Funny, I thought that if I kicked your ass, that *would* be reality."

Krycek took a step towards him. "Is that really what you want to do?"

Mulder swallowed nervously, images of what he really wanted to do flittering through his mind, sending a jolt to his groin. He was suddenly too aware that he was half-hard and that the way Krycek was looking at him was only serving to make things worse....or was that better? "Why were you in the neighborhood?" He asked quickly, wanting to steer this conversation away from the thoughts he was having.

Krycek gave a short laugh, one that didn't seem very amused. "Things have been a little... complicated lately. I needed to disappear, but still be close to the action. I was hiding in plain sight, I suppose. This is the last place anyone would think to look for me." He seemed to relax and gave a swift, but sincere grin. "And being your neighbor... well, it appealed to my sense of the absurd."

"My--" Mulder looked to see if he was kidding. "My *neighbor*?"

Krycek laughed outright at the expression on Mulder's face. "Yep. I've been up on the fifth floor -- the apartment above you, actually, for the last month. There were a couple of close calls, I almost ran into Scully at one point. But, overall it's worked out very well. Everyone's sure I skipped town."

Mulder's jaw dropped. He'd had no clue - no *fucking* clue - that the bastard had been so close this whole time, had probably sat up there laughing at him while Mulder went about his daily life in utter ignorance. Not just laughing at him, monitoring him, probably reporting-- "You son of a bitch!" In a flash, Mulder had closed the distance between them and had Krycek by the collar of his shirt. "Why the fuck do they have you watching me?"

Krycek was shaking again, but no longer from fear. It didn't matter that Mulder was holding him in anger, threatening violence. It was enough. His traitorous cock began to stir with interest, and his heart was pounding in a steady, insistent rhythm. Struggling a bit, Krycek wished fervently that they could just skip this dance for once. "They don't. Like I said, I've been lying low. No amount of surveillance I could give them on you would save me at this point."

Trying not to allow himself to become distracted by the heat of Krycek's body, resisting the urge to crush his lips to Krycek's deceitful mouth, Mulder yanked him closer. "How do I know that? Surveillance would be a more believable explanation for why you wired my apartment."

"Yeah, and it would be an easier one, too." Krycek rested his forehead against Mulder's, reveling in the feel of warm breath against his lips, thrilled when Mulder didn't pull away. "Admitting that it wasn't a job, that it was just for me... Well, it proves your point about how pathetic I am."

Mulder didn't say anything, his eyes closed as he thought about what Krycek said, savoring the closeness of him. Before Mulder could register what he was doing, he had tilted his head slightly, his lips finding Krycek's and brushing against them.

Opening his mouth immediately, Krycek sucked Mulder's lower lip into his mouth, unwilling to let him back away from this. He nibbled it gently, then took advantage of Mulder's now open mouth, thrusting his tongue inside. Snaking his hand up to cradle Mulder's head, he deepened the kiss further, wanting to map and memorize the flavors, the textures, before Mulder came to his sense and ripped it all away.

Krycek's response took him by surprise, and all Mulder could do was surrender to the sensation, melting into him. Years of wanting this, fantasizing about this moment, were nothing compared to the reality of it all. Groaning into Krycek's mouth, Mulder gave into him completely, the heat and taste of him awakening every nerve. His hips ground against Krycek's, the spark of contact between their erections almost too much for him to take.

Sensing Mulder's surrender, Krycek gentled the kiss, painting Mulder's mouth and lips with soft, glancing strokes, pouring into it all of what he felt for the man, trying to move past the anger and violence that defined them. His hand moved in soothing circles along the small of Mulder's back, breaking the caress occasionally to push Mulder harder against him.

The friction of their bodies and the warmth of their kiss were combining to drive Mulder out of his mind. If they kept this up, Mulder was going to come right there, and he wanted so much more than that. It was almost painful to break the kiss, but Mulder pulled back. "What do you want?"

Rubbing Mulder's swollen lips with his thumb, Krycek smiled. "You." He leaned in for a glancing kiss, breaking contact almost before Mulder registered it. "What do you want?"

Mulder grinned. "I kinda liked the idea of fucking you on the couch like in our last chat. You game?"

"God, yes," Krycek hissed and pulled Mulder in for another kiss. Without breaking it, he began walking Mulder backwards to the couch.

When Mulder felt the couch behind him, he pulled away from Krycek and sat down. He looked up at him, a wicked grin on his face. "I'll let you use real lube this time."

Krycek snorted. "You're too kind." He glanced around the room. "And where might it be?"

"Medicine cabinet."

Krycek stared down at Mulder for a long moment. He was more familiar now, the bitter ugliness gone. Alex had to wonder if his relief over this was premature. He couldn't believe he was about to do this, after the scene Mulder orchestrated earlier. Leaning over Mulder for one more searing kiss, Alex reflected that he was probably insane. Stark raving mad. But oddly, he didn't care. Standing up, he turned and walked down the hallway.

Mulder waited until Krycek was in the bathroom before getting up and quietly following him. He heard the medicine cabinet open and the sound of things being moved around as he looked for the lube and condoms Mulder kept in there. Without a word, he crept up behind him and put an arm around his waist, kissing the side of his neck.

Caught in the act of closing the cabinet, Krycek jumped when he felt Mulder behind him. As he felt the soft lips begin to nuzzle, he immediately relaxed, leaning into the embrace. "So, is this some bathroom fantasy now?"

"Depends," Mulder started sucking greedily on Krycek's ear, "do you have anything in mind?"

Groaning, Krycek reached behind Mulder and pulled him tight, reveling in the feel of Mulder's cock nestling against his ass. "Um..... maybe later. I'd rather somewhere more comfortable, less cramped for now." He twisted around and caught Mulder's mouth, fucking it with his tongue until he was out of breath. "I'm sure we'll need to clean up later, though."

Mulder's head was swimming, both from Krycek's kiss and the thought of being in here, washing him after thoroughly fucking him. He groaned and pinned Krycek against the sink, kissing him hungrily as he jerked his hips forward and began slowly rubbing their crotches together. His lips moved to nibble Krycek's earlobe again. "Still want the couch? Or the bed?"

"Whatever... Just so long as you fuck me. Soon." The hard edge of the sink was biting uncomfortably into his ass, but the feel of Mulder grinding against him more than made up for it. Not enough, though, it just wasn't enough. He needed to feel skin, touch the heat that was muted by the layers of fabric. Moaning, his fingers began a frantic scramble with Mulder's shirt front.

Mulder stepped back and stripped himself of his shirt, then started tugging on Krycek's, running his hands up underneath it, bending in for another kiss as his fingers trailed over Krycek's back. The heat of him, the smell and taste of him, was urging Mulder on, and he moved his hands down, fumbling with Krycek's zipper.

Soon, he had Krycek's pants open, and Krycek moaned as he traded the constriction of his pants for the firm grip of Mulder's hand. Mulder had abandoned his mouth to trace biting kisses down his throat, and Krycek began shuddering, arching into Mulder, thrusting his cock into the tight fist. His balls tightening, he knew it was about to be all over. Mustering the last shreds of control, he pushed Mulder away. "God... too close..." Panting, he gripped the edge of the sink, willing himself to calm down. "Where do you want me?"

"I want you right here," Mulder muttered before dropping to his knees and taking Krycek's cock into his mouth. He groaned as the slick heat slid over his tongue, the hardness filling him. As he started slowly moving his head, he closed his eyes, doing this the way he'd imagined so many times before. Every time he felt the head of Krycek's cock against the back of his throat, he swallowed, delighting in the way Krycek reacted, bucking his hips at the sensation. Mulder could tell he was close and sucked eagerly, wanting to make him come, needing to make it completely real.

Locking his knees to keep from falling, Krycek gave in to the sensation, staring down at Mulder, mesmerized by the sight of his cock disappearing into Mulder's mouth, then emerging, coated with the slick sheen of Mulder's saliva. He groaned, carding his fingers through Mulder's hair, before gripping it, holding Mulder's head still, moving his hips, slowly, carefully fucking him. He had to control the pace, needed it to last just a little longer.

But it didn't matter, he was too far gone. With a strangled cry, his thrusts became abrupt, arrhythmic, and then he was coming, pressing in as far as he could into the moist heat, sobbing with the crippling, fucking painful pleasure of it.

Mulder swallowed everything Krycek gave him, relishing the loss of control, and continuing to suck on the softening flesh. He groaned slightly as he let it slip from his lips, but didn't stand right away, perfectly content to place soft, quick kisses on the hot skin of Krycek's abdomen.

Clearing his throat a few times before he found his voice again, Krycek stared down at Mulder, hardly able to believe this had just happened. "Please tell me you're going to fuck me now?"

Mulder stood slowly. "I'm going to fuck you now."

Laughing softly, Krycek grabbed Mulder and began nuzzling his collarbone. "Let's take this out of the bathroom, then."

Mulder sighed as Krycek's lips burned a path across his skin. "Damn, you're no fun."

"No fun?" Krycek raised his head and grinned at Mulder, then, on impulse, kissed the tip of his nose. "Fine, bend me over the sink and have your way with me."

"Well, it doesn't mean anything if you *want* me to do it."

Krycek felt an odd, tight sensation in his throat at the words and had to quickly lower his eyes. Were they back to these games again? Or were they even games to Mulder? Feeling suddenly sick and trapped, Krycek wanted to escape. Run out the door and try to forget this man, finally leave him behind. But he was perversely rooted to the spot, and knew he didn't have the strength to leave.

Realizing his only choice was to try to get out of this with some dignity intact, without letting Mulder know how much he cared, how easily Mulder could destroy him, he tried for a light tone. "Okay, then. Please, whatever you do, *don't* bend me over the sink and fuck me blind."

Mulder laughed, putting his arms around Krycek and pulling him close. As his cock strained against the thin material of his sweats, Mulder knew he was teasing himself just as much as Krycek, but wanted to draw this out for as long as he could. He started to say something about not wanting Krycek to lose his vision on his account, but instead stepped back, taking his hand. He tilted his head in the direction of the bedroom. "Let's go."

Krycek's world tilted again. Mulder suddenly seemed so easy with him, uncomplicated, *happy.* Had he just overreacted? No surprise, really, considering what had happened earlier. Krycek still couldn't completely suppress his vague feeling of unease, but decided to take the moment for what it was worth. Managing a genuine smile, he took Mulder's hand, and allowed himself to be led toward the bedroom.

Mulder's heart was pounding as they stood next to the bed. How long had he thought about this moment? How many nights had he been unable to sleep because of the nagging ache in his gut he felt every time he thought of Krycek? And now, this was finally going to happen. He put his arms around him, looking into his eyes before kissing him simply. "Why don't you get undressed? I'll get the stuff from the bathroom."

Krycek nodded, and watched Mulder leave the room. He quickly got undressed and sat on the edge of the bed. With Mulder out of the room, he began to feel uneasy again. Shaking his head, he tried to dispel his doubts, telling himself he was being paranoid, ridiculous. //Oh yeah, it's definitely paranoia to doubt a man who just pretended to *kill* you, and thought it was the funniest fucking thing he'd ever seen.//

He stood up abruptly to pace across the room, wondering again if he should just get the hell out of there, and what was taking Mulder so long. He needed him here again, needed to convince himself that he wasn't being a reckless idiot. Krycek heard the bathroom door open again, and returned to sit on bed. Mulder's footsteps were slow, and when he appeared in the doorway clutching the condoms and lube, he looked uneasy, almost shy.

"It's...it's been a while," Mulder said softly as he approached the bed. "Being in a chat room is one thing, but..." He looked down at the items in his hand, more than a little embarrassed to be admitting this. "Sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality."

Krycek swiftly closed the distance between them and cradled Mulder's face with his hand, kissing him with an implacable, focused intensity until Mulder was shuddering against him. Breaking the kiss, Krycek took a step back, pulling Mulder with him towards the bed. "For what it's worth, so far the fantasy has been nothing compared the reality."

Mulder stopped, quirking an eyebrow. "Really?" Chuckling softly, he answered his own question. "Yeah, I guess it would be considering I really did shoot you in mine." He looked into Krycek's eyes and saw a flicker of something angry and unsure. "I'm...I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry." He bent his head to kiss him almost chastely, pulling back to slightly nip his bottom lip before taking Krycek's mouth in a bruising kiss that he hoped would convey what he was feeling.

Krycek's nagging, persistent suspicion was overwhelmed by the force of the kiss. Despite an almost certain knowledge that he was making one of the biggest mistakes of his life by staying, Krycek found he couldn't care enough to do anything about it. He'd accept Mulder's apology at face value, take whatever he could get.

Groaning into the kiss, Krycek took a step backwards, tugging Mulder until they landed on the bed in a tangled sprawl of limbs. He rolled them over, then straddled Mulder, laughing down at him. "You're still wearing clothes," he complained with mock petulance, and bent to take a nipple in his teeth, licking, sucking, biting until Mulder was thrashing beneath him.

Mulder groaned, muttering incomprehensible things as Krycek's mouth laid claim to his body, nipping and biting whatever it came in contact with. He felt his sweats being pulled down and lifted his hips, helping to remove the intrusive garment, then settled back onto the bed. His cock was hard and straining against his stomach, shiny with fluid. Krycek licked and kissed Mulder's stomach, deliberately ignoring the aching erection, teasing him until he was sure he'd come from that alone. Then, a wicked grin, and Krycek moved his head down to lick a long, slow line from the base of Mulder's cock to the tip, swirling his tongue around the head, before sliding it between his lips.

Mulder squeezed his eyes shut and bucked his hips, needing to be buried deep inside that mouth. "Alex..." Mulder said breathlessly, "if you want me to fuck you....you'd better...stop."

At Mulder's warning, Krycek raised his eyebrows and swallowed deep, exulting in the hoarse cries his action inspired. Mulder arched off the bed screwing himself as far down Krycek's throat as he could. With a pang of regret, Krycek abruptly released him, then gave a careful, if cruel, tug to Mulder's balls.

"Sonofabitch!" Mulder shouted, and his eyes flashed murder. "Sorry," Alex chuckled. "But I do really want you to fuck me." Reaching across to the bedside table, he handed the lube to Mulder. "Still want me on top?"

Mulder nodded and took the tube, gesturing for Krycek to move closer and turn around. Krycek quickly positioned himself until he was straddling Mulder's chest, his back to him. Mulder gazed admiringly at the strong back and firm ass as he unscrewed the top and squirted some gel onto his fingers. Without warning and without allowing it to warm up, he slid his finger between Krycek's asscheeks and over his opening, teasing it.

Hissing at the cold, Krycek muttered "Payback's a bitch, huh?" Within moments, though, he was rocking backwards, pushing at Mulder's teasing finger. Mulder persisted in skittering, glancing touches, and Krycek was panting, lunging backwards each time with more desperation, more force. "Fuck, Mulder... please.. oh please... inside me..."

As soon as the words fell from Krycek's lips, Mulder smiled, then eased his finger into the gripping heat, pushing against the resistance until Krycek's body accepted it. He slid it out, Krycek's half-whispered protestations soon becoming hisses of pleasure as Mulder gently worked another finger inside him, stretching, and stroking, teasing him.

Mulder's fingers twisted to brush against his prostate and Krycek almost screamed, shocked to realize that he was already on that edge again. Moaning his regret, he slowly pulled himself away from Mulder's greedy fingers and turned around to straddle him again. "That's... enough. I'm ready."

"Okay, I'm almost ready, too," he eyed the box of condoms on the nightstand, "unless you think I'm a gambling man."

"Better safe than sorry," Krycek said wryly, and reached over to hand a condom to Mulder. He sat back on his heels, with a possessive, unblinking gaze as he watched Mulder roll the condom over his cock. Without a word, Krycek handed him the lube, licking his lips in anticipation as Mulder slicked himself.

The moment Mulder finished, Krycek raised himself up, using his prosthetic arm to brace himself as his hand guided the tip of Mulder's cock. With a breathy moan, he began slowly lowering himself, exulting in the stretching burn, the feeling of being breached, opened up.

Mulder closed his eyes, savoring the tight heat as Krycek's body slowly swallowed his cock. He placed his hands on Krycek's hips, helping to steady him, and resisted the urge to force his own hips upward. Breathing slowly, he allowed Krycek to take him inside as easily as he wanted.

After the head of Mulder's cock was past the ring of muscle, Krycek took a deep breath and gave a violent push, sinking down the length of it until Mulder's balls were resting against his cock. He'd managed to hit his prostate and was shaking with the need to come. Bowing his head, Krycek held still, taking deep breaths as he tried to calm himself.

Opening his eyes as he felt his cock buried inside the incredible warmth of Krycek's body, Mulder was struck by the look on his face. They'd both wanted this moment for so long and now...now it was actually happening. Mulder's hands trailed over Krycek's hips, down his legs and back up, holding him as he started moving his hips.

The first few thrusts of Mulder's cock sent molten shivers throughout his body. He arched his back, meeting Mulder's thrusts with tight, circular snaps of his hips. Krycek felt like he was going to come out of his skin from the rawness of it. Mulder wasn't holding back, but pounding into him, claiming him. Krycek had never felt so complete, so fulfilled. One of Mulder's hands traveled from his hip, and Krycek screamed as sharp nails raked across his nipples, then trailed down to grab his cock, pumping it in a rough rhythm that matched their movement. "Fuck... fuck.. god... too much. I'm going to... fuck..."

"God....you're so beautiful...." Mulder whispered hoarsely, completely entranced in every sense by Krycek. The quick stiffening of his body as it tensed, so close to coming; the sound of his groans; the smell of sex, sharp in the air...it all combined until Mulder knew he couldn't hold back anymore. Stroking and pulling on Krycek's cock, he urged him on. "Come on...." he was so close "come on..."

Realizing that Mulder was just as close, Krycek increased the pace, almost delirious with the need to *be* there. Twisting his hips, he managed to push Mulder's cock into his prostrate with every stroke, and he felt each sweet burst dance along his nerve endings. Within moments it was too much, and with a sharp cry he was exploding. Seemingly endless waves of pleasure wracked his body as Mulder milked his cock, unrelenting until Krycek was an emptied shell.

The release was almost too much, so much more vivid and intense than anything Mulder could have possibly imagined. His body reacted to the crazed jerks and shudders of Krycek's orgasm, and he was coming, his hips thrusting, driving his cock deeper inside Alex. As his climax ripped through him, he didn't recognize the strangled cry that escaped his throat, concentrating only on the way his body shook and convulsed from the incredible pleasure of it all. Finally, his breathing gradually slowing, he lay quietly, completely sated and more content than he could remember being in a long time. He sighed heavily. "Alex...I..."

Krycek collapsed on top of him, languorously nuzzling the sweat-sharp tang of Mulder's sweat, as the final aftershocks played through his body. "What?" he asked lazily, his tongue drawing circles along Mulder's collarbone.

"Mmmm...nothing...." Mulder embraced Krycek, lightly trailing his fingers over his back. "Thank you," he whispered, kissing Alex's hair.

"Hmmm, no, thank you," Krycek murmured. The languid pleasure was making his eyes heavy and he burrowed further into Mulder's heat.

"What happens now?" Mulder asked, tightening his arms around his lover.

Krycek smiled against Mulder's chest. "Well, I think we fall asleep, then wake up and do it all over again."

Mulder laughed softly. "That works for me." He lazily rubbed Krycek's back, his eyes drooping. "But how do I know you'll be here when I wake up?"

"I will be," Alex whispered, his voice becoming thick with sleep. "And even if I left, you could just come get me upstairs."

Mulder dropped his arms and tried to sit up a little. "Why would you leave?"

Krycek made a vague sound of protest at Mulder's movement, then settled again. "I wouldn't, I won't. I'm just pointing out that I couldn't go very far."

Settling back down, Mulder frowned. "I guess I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop."

Krycek sighed, giving up on any idea of sleep. He supposed they needed to have this talk, but wondered if it was too much to ask to have some peace before reality rudely intruded. Shifting up, he gave Mulder a brief, gentle kiss. "I know... Me, too. Where do you want to go from here, Mulder? What do you see happening?"

"I hadn't really thought about it." He lowered his eyes. "I assume that you're only interested in-- I don't expect anything more from you than..." he swallowed nervously, "the sex."

Rolling over on his side, Krycek propped up his head so he could look at Mulder. "I.." He stopped and took a deep breath. "Mulder, that's not all I want. But I don't know, there's so much shit between us, I just... I don't know."

"Okay....that's all I needed to know," Mulder said softly. "It's okay."

Krycek willfully ignored the heaviness he suddenly felt, and moved back into Mulder's embrace. He inhaled deeply, loving the scent of this man, all the more enticing for the musky scent of sex that partially obscured it. Closing his eyes, he just wanted to pretend. Just this once, he wanted to believe that there weren't a million reasons why he would never have this man.

Mulder smiled, allowing himself to drift into an easy sleep, but not before being grateful for everything that had happened.

Hearing Mulder's breathing even out, Krycek felt his tension melt away. Talking was over for now. Shifting slightly, he made himself comfortable, then followed Mulder into sleep.

Krycek snuggled into his pillow, vaguely disturbed to realize it was hairy, but not awake enough to really care about it. When he realized that it was moving, gently up and down, he awoke with a start. //What the fuck?!// He sat up quickly enough to cause a headrush, and memories came flooding back. Mulder. He was in Mulder's bed.

Gazing down at the sleeping man, he felt an odd moment of tenderness along with a sudden rush of blood to his cock. Reaching out, he cautiously ran his hand down the side of Mulder's face. Mulder shook his head slightly and murmured something incomprehensible. Unable to resist, Krycek bent down to kiss the parted lips.

Mulder's eyes opened at the sensation of soft lips against his own, and he smiled against Krycek's mouth. "Hey," he said finally.

"Hi," Krycek whispered against his mouth, then closed the distance for another kiss.

"How'd you sleep?" Mulder asked lazily as Krycek began kissing and nipping at his neck.

"Like the dead." Krycek's head moved back up to nibble along Mulder's jawline. "How about you?"

"Mmmm, like I haven't in years." Mulder stroked the back of Alex's neck.

Alex pushed into the touch, almost wondering if he was still asleep. After everything that had happened between them, he never expected tenderness.

"I'm surprised you're still here, " Mulder said suddenly.

"I told you I'd stay," Alex chided, and began trail kisses down Mulder's chest.

"Yeah, well, I wasn't sure if that was part of the whole thing." Sardonically.

Lifting his head, Alex stared at him for a long moment. "Part of what thing?"

"*This* thing. This acting out our fantasies stuff." He sat up a little. "It's okay if you were just playing along. That's all I was doing."

Alex swallowed against the bright pain that flared up at those words. Steeling himself, he made himself place a light, licking kiss on Mulder's stomach, giving himself a moment until he could trust his voice. "Well, the sleeping over wasn't so much part of the fantasy -- I was just too tired to move after you fucked me." Glancing up at Mulder, he managed a grin.

"Yeah, that's what I figured." He smirked. "You really ought to consider an acting career, Krycek. You were *very* convincing last night."

Alex went lower, using foreplay to mask his sudden lack of composure. Snaking his tongue out, he liked a wide swath along Mulder's cock. "Hmmmm. So were you."

Mulder gasped and bucked his hips. He wasn't going to discourage Krycek if he wanted to suck him off one more time. "It's a gift," he said, finally.

Hearing Mulder's smug tone, Krycek realized he couldn't go through with it. He needed to get out of here. *Now.* Forcing himself to sit up slowly, he smiled at Mulder. "Yeah, it's a definite gift. But, I've got to get going."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Mulder said, trailing his hand over Krycek's shoulder and down his chest.

Krycek cursed his body for its automatic response and took a deliberate step backwards, bending to pick up his shirt. He carefully worked his prosthetic arm into it, then pulled it over his head. Grabbing his pants from the floor, he shrugged. "Yeah, well. I'm sure you'll survive."

Mulder put his hands behind his head and stretched out on the bed, an amused expression on his face. "Guess it wasn't an act, was it?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Come on, Krycek. If you felt as casual about this as you say you do, you wouldn't be rushing out of here like some disillusioned schoolgirl."

"And here I was hoping to get out of here without a scene. The fantasy's over, Mulder. I got what I wanted, and I don't see any reason to stick around." Krycek scowled at the floor, desperate to get out of there. "Where the fuck is my other sock?"

Mulder got off the bed and helped him look. "Here it is." He held it out for him to take.

"Thanks." Krycek took it and sat down on the bed to pull it on.

Mulder squatted next to him, leaning casually on his knee. His hand grazed Krycek's crotch and he looked up at him. "You sure you don't want to stay for a few minutes?" Sliding his hand firmly to Krycek's inner thigh, massaging him through the denim. "Just for the hell of it?"

Krycek wanted to flinch, but forced himself to remain still. Giving Mulder a tight smile, he shook his head. "Nah, last night was enough. Thanks for the offer, though."

"Yeah, right," Mulder smiled up at him, his fingers unfastening Krycek's fly and reaching inside, finding him already half hard. "You're such a liar, Alex," he said softly, releasing Krycek's cock and quickly flicking his tongue over the head.

Mulder's mouth felt so damn good, Krycek couldn't keep a groan from escaping. For a moment he gave into it, staring down in lust-fuelled fascination as Mulder began sucking him in earnest. He knew he couldn't stay. There was no way he could get through this without betraying the way he felt. Slowly he pulled out of Mulder's mouth and carefully zipped his pants. "Like I said, Mulder, I really do need to go."

"Gee, Krycek," Mulder stood up, "if I didn't know better, I'd think you weren't attracted to me anymore." His hand caressed the side of Krycek's face. "Guess this means no more Friday night chats, huh?"

"Ah, well, you never know. Why, you going to miss them?"

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I?"

"True enough, they were fun. I'll see you, Mulder." Krycek turned and began walking out of the bedroom.

Mulder watched him for a split second before running up behind him and slamming him face first against the wall.

Pain exploded across Alex's face and he began cursing as he felt Mulder's cock pressing into the seam of his jeans. //You'd think I'd know not to turn my back on him.// Krycek tasted the sour tang of blood in his mouth and wondered vaguely if Mulder had broken his nose. "Fuck, Mulder, what do you want from me?"

"I thought you'd like this," Mulder said, reaching around undoing Krycek's jeans, then unceremoniously yanking them down over his hips. "You seem to like me being in control." He licked the back of Krycek's neck before biting it hard enough to draw blood.

"There's dominance fantasies, and then there's rape. Just take no for an answer and leave me the fuck alone."

"See, Krycek," Mulder pushed his cock against Krycek's ass, "you sound just as convincing as you did last night, and you said you were lying then, so...." He roughly grabbed Krycek's erection. 'Ah, this is encouraging."

"That doesn't mean shit, Mulder. I've been half hard since I woke up." Krycek pushed backwards as hard as he could, trying to buck Mulder off. "Let me go, damnit."

"You *are* good at this role-playing stuff, Alex," he whispered into his ear before slamming him into the wall again. Giving Krycek's cock another squeeze, he moved his hand back to spread Alex asscheeks, then thrust into him. Still loose from last night's fucking, Krycek's body allowed Mulder fairly easy access. "Aren't you going to fight me some more, Alex?" Mulder groaned into his ear as he started fucking him.

Krycek made another half-hearted attempt to throw Mulder off, but it failed miserably, only serving to push Mulder deeper inside him. And the hell of it was that Krycek did want this. Mulder felt so damn good, even like this, and Krycek felt the last of his resolve crumple before his desire. He couldn't decide if he hated himself or Mulder more for it.

Mulder gritted his teeth and started moving his hips, the tightness enveloping his cock too good to give up no matter how he felt about the man. He could tell that Krycek was giving in to him, and knew it had to be killing him. Chuckling into Krycek's ear. "So, you want this now, huh?"

Moaning, Krycek shook his head, he might admit wanting this to himself, but he was damned if he's say it aloud to Mulder. The only answer he gave was to push back even harder into Mulder's thrusts, reaching down to pump his cock in time to their movement.

Mulder grinned at the response. "You don't have to admit it. I know," he said breathlessly, increasing the force of his thrusts until he was pounding into Krycek. He didn't want to hurt him, but he needed to make him remember this. Needed to know that when Krycek lay in his bed at night, the only thing he'd be able to think about was the feeling of Mulder's cock filling him, driving into him.

Too soon, he felt the telltale tension grip the back of his thighs, signaling that this was going to be over before he was ready.

Krycek couldn't even feel the pain of his battered face any longer, all he could feel was Mulder's cock inside him, Mulder's thrusts pounding him ruthlessly. The tension coiled almost unbearably within him, he was already shaking so hard, he didn't know what would happen when he actually came. Frantic now, his hand was making sloppy, jerky movements, he couldn't seem to marshal any coordination. His thumb grazed his cockhead, and that was it. Come streaming against the wall in front of him, Krycek's knees gave out as his vision blurred.

That's all it took, and Mulder let himself come, shooting deep inside Alex, continuing to push into him even as he felt like he was losing control of his body. Shakily holding onto Krycek's hips, Mulder shuddered against him, unable to give him anything more. He let his weight fall against Krycek, pinning him to the wall. "Tell me that's what you wanted," he whispered.

"Fuck you, Mulder."

Laughing, Mulder nuzzled Alex's neck. "Okay, you can say that if it makes you feel better."

"Can I leave now?" He tried to inject as much sarcasm into the question as he could, but was appalled to hear it had a plaintive note. Fuck, he needed to get out of here, away from *him.*

Mulder moved back, almost sad to leave the warmth of Alex's body. "I'm not going to force you to stay."

Krycek snorted, pulling his pants up and fastening them. Again. "That's not what it seemed like a few minutes ago. You remember? Me walking away, you attacking me?"

Mulder turned him around. "I know you liked it. It's exactly what you'd have me do if we were chatting."

Krycek sighed, suddenly feeling ancient. "Yeah, Mulder. If we'd been chatting." With a weary shrug, he walked out of the room.

Mulder watched him leave, knowing it wouldn't be too long before he came back.