April 2000
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Series: Hit and Run
Summary: The chats take another RL turn.
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Hit and Run V


by Lucy Snowe and Frankie


[FMldr] Well, look who the cat dragged in.

[Handyman] Damn. I didn't think I'd ever used this name with you.

[FMldr] Yeah, you did. For the very first of our illustrious chats.

[Handyman] ::shrug:: My mistake. So, what do you want Mulder?

[FMldr] Well, what you always seem to want when you harass me. How're you doing, Krycek?

[Handyman] I'm fine.

[Handyman] You?

[FMldr] I'm great! Though for a while there I was wondering if you'd disappeared from the face of the earth, or something.

[Handyman] Well, as you can see I'm still here. Now, if that's all....

[FMldr] No, that's not all. I never got a chance to thank you before you left.

[Handyman] Well, Mulder, you're welcome. Have a nice night.

[FMldr] What's the matter, Krycek? First you clear out of your apartment, now you don't want to talk to me.

[Handyman] ::shrug:: I got what I wanted, didn't feel the need to hang around afterwards.

[FMldr] I see.

[Handyman] Any more questions? Or can I get back to what I was doing?

[FMldr] what were you doing?

[Handyman] Cybering with Scully.

[FMldr] Cool. How'd that go? She hot?

[Handyman] Yeah, Mulder, a real firecracker.

[FMldr] I bet. Gotta be the red hair.

[Handyman] Must be it. Well, you take care of yourself.

[FMldr] Wow. You surprise me, Krycek.

[Handyman] How so?

[FMldr] I signed on hoping to see you, not only because you've been MIA for a couple of weeks, but also because I was starting to enjoy our chats. Now you're so.... You're acting like me.

[Handyman] LOL! I don't know quite what to say to that.

[FMldr] Well, if you're insulted, you could let me have it....if not, you could tell me how pleased you are. Your choice.

[Handyman] Well, I'm not sure either of those options cover it, really.

[FMldr] Then why don't you tell me what would?

[Handyman] Well, I'm not insulted, and can't say I'm pleased. I think I'm going to have to go for amused at the comparison, but largely indifferent.

[FMldr] oh, okay. Well, at least you're not saying you have to leave.

[Handyman] No, I guess I'm not.

[Handyman] Though I can't say I really see the point of this conversation.

[FMldr] Oh right. Because you got what you wanted, right? Funny.

[Handyman] ::shrug:: What can I say? I'm fickle and easily bored once I get what I want.

[FMldr] Of course. Would you believe I missed you?

[Handyman] Well, I have to say it's a stretch.

[FMldr] Why wouldn't I miss you? Best sex I've ever had!

[Handyman] Yeah, it wasn't bad. I'm sure you could find it elsewhere, though.

[FMldr] Sure, but screwing you has a certain appeal.

[Handyman] Well, I'm flattered, but not really interested. Thanks, though.

[FMldr] Okay, can we drop the pretense now?

[Handyman] It's not a pretense, Mulder.

[FMldr] Well, I know you're pissed off at me for breaking your little heart.

[Handyman] Breaking my heart? Are you on something?

[FMldr] Nothing but bourbon, but that's got nothing to do with this.

[Handyman] Ah, well that explains your impaired judgment.

[FMldr] Well, it wasn't impaired the night you came over.

[Handyman] Well, that makes one of us.

[FMldr] Really? Do tell.

[Handyman] ::shrug:: Well, it wasn't really what I was expecting, was actually pretty disappointing. In retrospect, I think it should have stayed a fantasy. But hey, it was hot, I got off, I can't say I regret it.

[FMldr] LOL! oh, okay, that's supposed to hurt, right? Well, maybe you're right. I mean, in your fantasies I probably love you back, right?

[Handyman] ::rolling my eyes:: You are drunk. Yeah, Mulder, the fact that we didn't ride off into the sunset just about killed me. You're a real heartbreaker. I'll never get over you.

[Handyman] Is that better?

[FMldr] Well, probably closer to the truth than the bullshit you tried to play off when you left here.

[Handyman] Oh this will be good. Please tell me what you mean.

[FMldr] Well, it's obvious that you meant what you were saying that night.

[Handyman] Oh, and here I'd forgotten all about that poetic declaration of love I made.

[FMldr] It's okay....you can admit that you wanted to be there and that I really hurt you when I rejected your feelings.

[Handyman] I'll definitely admit that I wanted to be there -- wouldn't have been there otherwise. I'm still a little confused on the bit about you rejecting my feelings, though. Were you drunk then, too?

[FMldr] Nope. It's okay. You can deny whatever you like. It's only a professional opinion and nothing else. Better?

[Handyman] You don't handle rejection well, do you?

[FMldr] Sure I do. But maybe I should defer to your knowledge on that subject.

[Handyman] Well, if you consider pathetic, delusional accusations a healthy way of handling rejection, yeah. I suppose you do.

[FMldr] Awww, I should have expected you to say something like that. Okay, Krycek, I'll let you go. You go nurse your wounds some more and I'll talk to you when you aren't feeling so fragile.

[Handyman] Um, sure, Mulder. I do have to go cry now. Bye!

[FMldr] Goodnight, Alex.


[FMldr] Hey, stranger.

[A_K_A] What the fuck?. I *know* I never used this name with you.

[FMldr] And your point would be?

[A_K_A] How did you get this?

[FMldr] Ahh....some things were meant to be a secret.

[A_K_A] No, really Mulder. How the hell did you get this?

[FMldr] Three little birds told me.

[A_K_A] Damnit. Those geek friends of yours are entirely too much trouble.

[FMldr] Yeah, well, they do have their good qualities.

[A_K_A] Well, forgive me if I can't really appreciate them right now.

[FMldr] You know, I have the impression you were trying to hide from me.

[A_K_A] Well, *hide* is a little strong. I've just been avoiding you.

[FMldr] Yeah, I figured... Can't blame you, I guess.

[A_K_A] Really? That's something of a surprise.

[FMldr] Well, you can't accuse me of being boring

[A_K_A] ::laughing:: No, Mulder, you're right. I really can't.

[FMldr] Hey...you're laughing. Does this mean you want to talk to me now?

[A_K_A] Well, regardless of whether or not I want to -- I suppose I really should considering all the trouble you went to...

[FMldr] Thanks

[A_K_A] Um, you're welcome?

[FMldr] So, where have you been?

[A_K_A] Here, there...

[FMldr] Yeah? Mostly there, I bet...

[A_K_A] I'm surprised your buddies haven't figured that one out, too.

[FMldr] Well, I do know what cities you've been in, but I was trying to make conversation, really

[A_K_A] Are you trying to give me a good reason to kill your only friends?

[FMldr] No, they were just doing me a favor. If you should kill anyone, it should be me.

[A_K_A] Don't tempt me, Mulder.

[FMldr] Guess I deserve that.

[A_K_A] You think?

[FMldr] Yeah. Alex...I'm sorry.

[A_K_A] Are you drinking again?

[FMldr] I've only had one.

[A_K_A] Can't hold your liquor, Mulder?

[FMldr] I know what I'm saying, Alex.

[A_K_A] Good for you.

[FMldr] Sorry...I guess this was a bad idea.

[A_K_A] Gee? You think so? But since you went to all this trouble to find little ol' me....

[FMldr] Well, I don't want to make you talk to me if you'd rather spend your time hating me.

[A_K_A] Don't worry, Mulder, I don't hate you. And you're really amusing the hell out of me.

[FMldr] Oh yeah? What am I doing that's so amusing now?

[A_K_A] Well, I don't want to anger you - you'll go off in a huff, and then who will amuse me?

[FMldr] So, what am I doing? I just want to make sure I keep it up.

[A_K_A] Well, you know how you used to accuse me of being pathetic and obsessed?

[FMldr] Yeah.

[A_K_A] I'm sure you can figure it out.

[FMldr] Oh. You think I'm pathetic?

[A_K_A] Well, Mulder, you said it first.

[FMldr] You're right, I guess.

[A_K_A] Oh, you *must* be drunk again.

[FMldr] I don't know, maybe I am. I've just had a lot of time to think...

[A_K_A] Oh, do tell.

[FMldr] Yeah, right.

[A_K_A] No, really. I'm intrigued.

[A_K_A] And I care.

[FMldr] Alex, please don't fuck with me, tonight, okay? I don't know what I thought I'd accomplish by talking to you.

[A_K_A] Okay, I won't fuck with you. But you might as well say what's on your mind. I mean, there had to be a reason you went to all this trouble to find me.

[FMldr] I just.... It's been a month since our last chat, Alex. In all that time, I couldn't stop thinking about you and I guess... I don't know, I think I missed you. Go ahead, laugh. I don't expect you to buy it.

[A_K_A] I'm not laughing, Mulder. Though I am amazed at just how lonely you must be to feel that way about someone like me.

[FMldr] Yeah, I couldn't figure it out either.

[A_K_A] Maybe you're just ill. I'm sure it's nothing a little time on a couch couldn't solve.

[FMldr] Trust me, I've been putting in a lot of time on the couch, and not the one I'm sure you're referring to. I've just about worn a hole in that tape you sent me.

[A_K_A] Well, let me know -- I could always send you my copy.

[FMldr] You'd do that for me?

[A_K_A] ::shrug:: Sure. You're welcome to it.

[FMldr] Would you deliver it in person?

[A_K_A] Don't push your luck.

[FMldr] Well, can't blame a guy for trying.

[A_K_A] Okay, I won't hold it against you.

[FMldr] Aww, I really wish you would...

[A_K_A] Well, okay then. I'm in a generous mood. I *do* blame you for trying, Mulder.

[FMldr] ::shaking head:: Never mind

[A_K_A] LOL! I just can't win.

[FMldr] Yeah, that makes two of us

[A_K_A] Awww! Poor Mulder. Have another drink.

[FMldr] Thanks, I will, but I really hate drinking alone. Care to join me?

[A_K_A] Why not? I'll grab a beer.

[FMldr] Great. Thanks.

[A_K_A] No problem, Mulder.

[FMldr] Alex, can we talk about what happened when you came over here? I'll understand if you don't want to since it meant nothing to you...

[A_K_A] Well, what is it that you want to talk about?

[FMldr] How much I fucked it up.

[A_K_A] Well, you could work on your seduction techniques. Pretending to kill someone at the beginning might not be the best approach.

[FMldr] That was completely unacceptable. You have no idea how sorry I am about that. I really don't know what got into me....I guess I figured you'd know I was bluffing, and I thought you were just playing along. I mean, why would I want you to come over just so I could kill you? Wait, don't answer that.

[A_K_A] Um, yeah. I think it's best if I don't.

[FMldr] It's just that our chats had been so... I wanted you here because I had to make it real. And I thought you'd want it too.

[A_K_A] Well, Mulder, there's real, and then there's fucking psychotic.

[FMldr] I know. And I can't say anything except I'm sorry and I honestly thought you'd know I was just fucking around. When you got so upset, I thought that was part of it, and I couldn't keep a straight face to keep playing along...I felt ridiculous. That doesn't make it better, but it's what I was thinking.

[A_K_A] Hmmm. That doesn't really jive with the impression I got. But then, I thought I was about to die. That might have colored my perceptions a bit.

[FMldr] Yeah, I can see how that would happen. Well, it doesn't matter now because you made yourself very clear the next day.

[A_K_A] Forgive me, though, if I'm a little skeptical about you being so sure that I realized it was just a game. And for that matter, I'm not so sure it was a game for you. I mean, taking our history into account, and your penchant for violence against me - I don't think you wanting to kill me is much of a stretch.

[FMldr] But you liked it when I *killed* you in my fantasy.

[A_K_A] Um, that was a *chat* Mulder. And as you'll recall, that little fantasy is one of the reasons I was so hesitant to come over there in the first place. And it turned out to be a pretty valid concern, really.

[FMldr] Alex, I thought you were kidding about that! Forget it, I don't know why I thought you'd believe me. Look, I was wrong, but like I said, it's a moot point. You were just there to fuck me over and leave.

[A_K_A] It's ironic how it turned out then, isn't it?

[FMldr] Not really. I guess deep down I knew there was no way you'd... Anyway, you can chalk up my attempt to get you to admit your feelings to wishful thinking.

[A_K_A] You know, in addition to working on your seduction technique, you might want to rethink how you try to get people to open up to you.

[FMldr] You'd think if anyone would know how to do that, it would be me, but.... you drive me absolutely crazy. This whole thing is crazy. Ask Scully. I've been useless at work.

[A_K_A] Oh, sure, Mulder. I'll call her right up. I'm sure she'd be happy to chat with me about you.

[FMldr] I didn't mean it literally.

[A_K_A] Oh, well that's disappointing.

[FMldr] Yeah, I can tell you're broken up about it.

[A_K_A] Now, now. Have you learned nothing about making assumptions about how I feel about things?

[FMldr] You'd think that, wouldn't you?

[A_K_A] ::shrug:: Maybe, but I don't know that I expect it.

[FMldr] Yeah, well, I didn't expect any of this, so I'm with you there.

[A_K_A] So, Mulder, what exactly is it that you want?

[FMldr] I want you to come over. I know you're in DC.

[A_K_A] I don't think that would be a good idea.

[FMldr] I didn't say it was a good idea. You asked me what I wanted. I told you.

[A_K_A] Fair enough.

[FMldr] I didn't expect you to agree.

[A_K_A] You're finally starting to show some sense.

[FMldr] Wow...Scully would be impressed.

[A_K_A] You should tell her all about it.

[FMldr] Somehow I don't think telling her about my choice of lovers would go over all that well.

[A_K_A] Well, maybe she'd feel better if you pointed out that one night doesn't really make us lovers.

[FMldr] Maybe I should have said preferred choice...

[A_K_A] Gee, Mulder. That makes me sound like a piece of meat. I could have USDA Approved tattooed on my ass.

[FMldr] Well, you do have a grade A ass.

[FMldr] Oh god, did I just say that?

[A_K_A] Why yes, you did.

[FMldr] Damn.

[A_K_A] I'm sure you'll get over it.

[FMldr] And it's not like I could say anything else to make you think I'm even more of an idiot.

[A_K_A] I don't think you're an idiot, not at all.

[FMldr] Right. You're playing me and you don't think I'm an idiot? Nice try.

[A_K_A] I'm not playing you. But I do think you're trying to play me. I'm not buying this act.

[FMldr] Why do you think this is an act?

[A_K_A] Well, for one, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than you suddenly becoming a remorseful, needy idiot.

[FMldr] True. But four weeks and two days is a long time when it comes to getting used to something like this. You haven't had that luxury.

[A_K_A] You don't honestly expect me to believe you're a reformed man?

[FMldr] I didn't say I was reformed.

[A_K_A] Okay, let's try remorseful again - and hell, I'll throw in "contrite" for good measure, too.

[FMldr] You're too kind.

[A_K_A] Yeah, it's one of my better qualities, really.

[FMldr] But not your best, certainly.

[A_K_A] Oh and what in the world might you think is my best quality?? Hmm, I'm betting against my cold, ruthless nature. And the ability to kill without guilt is probably out, too. Let's see, it must be my sexual prowess.

[FMldr] Damn, you're sharp, Alex. You're not cold or ruthless, and you can't always kill without guilt, so...

[A_K_A] No, I am pretty cold and ruthless, actually. And I can't remember the last time I felt a shred of guilt over killing someone. I apologize if I'm wrecking some fantasy you have about me regretting killing your father.

[FMldr] Huh....maybe you're right.

[A_K_A] Yeah, I think I am.

[FMldr] So what's my problem then?

[A_K_A] I don't know. You tell me.

[FMldr] I wish I knew.

[A_K_A] Well, this insecure, needy act is really getting old, Mulder. You might as well give up on it now. You're not going to get away with whatever mind-fuck you were planning.

[FMldr] Why are you so paranoid? If you don't care about me, I don't see the need for you to care so much about whether or not this is a mind- fuck.

[A_K_A] LOL!! You're right. I don't care if you want to fuck with my mind. But whether this is a game or sincere, the point is, it's boring. And annoying. It lost any amusement value quite awhile ago.

[FMldr] Okay. Good night, Alex.

[A_K_A] Bye!


Mulder walked out the door of his apartment building and jogged quickly down the stairs. Sitting in a car down the street, Krycek sat up straight, tossing aside a bag of chips as he started the engine. He stared with hunger at the sight of Mulder stretching on the lawn, his gaze locked until Mulder finally moved to run down the street. Shaking his head to dispel the sudden rush of crippling lust, Alex pulled the car out, driving ahead to one of the more secluded spots on Mulder's regular route.

He parked the car, and grabbing a few things, moved behind a tree to wait.

Staring down the street, Krycek tried to ignore the edgy anticipation he was feeling. He'd been planning this for awhile, and couldn't afford to let nerves wreck it. A few long minutes later, Mulder appeared around the corner. His head was slightly down, and Krycek could tell his mind was elsewhere, hardly aware of his surroundings. As soon as Mulder was past him, Krycek ran after. As soon as he was within reach, he grabbed Mulder from behind, jamming a gun in his back and throwing a black hood over his face.

Checking that no one was witnessing the little scene, he began pushing Mulder toward the waiting car.

Mulder's first thought was complete panic and he bit back a cry at the surprise attack and sudden claustrophobia. He didn't struggle - the gun in his back was enough for him to resist doing that . As he felt himself being shoved forward, he tried to keep his voice calm.

"Who are you? What do you want?" He didn't expect any answers, but hoped to recognize a voice, or at least find out if there was more than one person there.

Krycek smiled to himself, thoroughly enjoying Mulder's obvious panic. He decided not to reply, reaching instead to grab the handcuffs he had open and dangling from his belt. A familiar pang of regret for his lost arm hit him as he managed to snap them shut with his prosthesis around Mulder's wrists. Opening the car door, he shoved Mulder into the passenger seat, and pulled the seat belt across him, restraining him further.

Mulder wondered at a kidnapper who was so concerned with his safety, but figured it was just one more way to keep him immobile. He heard the door on his side slam closed and waited, his heart pounding. He knew he had to keep his wits about him if he wanted to get out of this alive. When he heard the driver's door open and shut, he turned toward his abductor.

"What do you want? Where are you taking me?" Fruitless questions, he knew, but he was hoping for something, anything, that would tell him who was behind this.

Enjoying the increasing hysteria that underlaid Mulder's tone, Krycek shook his head, and decided to remain silent for now. Suddenly regretting that the place he'd set up was so nearby, he considered driving around for awhile, just to play further on Mulder's terror. It probably wouldn't be wise to drive further than he needed to with a hooded man as a companion, though, so Krycek gave a small shrug and drove the few blocks to the small house.

He parked in the garage, and resisted a chuckle when Mulder visibly tensed as he shut off the engine. Walking around to the passenger side, he roughly pulled Mulder from the car, pushing the gun against the small of his back for emphasis as he let them in the house.

As he was taken inside, Mulder reasoned that they weren't too far from where he lived. At least he would have an idea about where he was when he escaped. He wouldn't let himself think too much: just because he hadn't been driven out to a secluded area didn't mean he wasn't going to be killed. For all he knew, he was going to be questioned, perhaps tortured. He couldn't imagine he knew anything that would make someone resort to kidnapping a federal agent. Whatever was happening, he knew he needed to stay calm. Licking his lips, he turned his head slightly.

"Gee, I've let you handcuff me and put a hood over my head. When do I get my turn?" He tried to keep his voice steady and neutral, but knew he'd failed miserably.

Krycek smiled. Only Mulder would attempt humor, albeit pathetic humor, in a situation like this. He felt an odd surge of affection before he ruthlessly suppressed it. This was about revenge and getting what he wanted. He couldn't let himself forget that.

He pushed Mulder down the hallway and up the narrow staircase until they reached the bedroom. Walking into the room, he gave Mulder a sharp shove, which sent the man sprawling across the bed. Placing the gun down, he quickly flipped Mulder onto his back, and immediately attached one of the ankle restraints that was connected to the bedpost. Mulder attempted a brief struggle, cursing under his breath, but with his hands cuffed behind his back it was little more than a token effort. As soon as he had both legs restrained, Krycek pulled Mulder up into a sitting position, and made short work of chaining his arms to the bed.

//Okay, this is not what I expected.// The thought would have been comical if Mulder wasn't still trying to ascertain where he was and why he was there.

He made another useless attempt at getting free, but he knew he was securely tied down. What the fuck was going on? This didn't jibe with any scenario he'd been running in his head, and he was at a loss. Who in the world would kidnap him and tie him down to a bed? And why would they, unless... Despite his apprehension, he smiled under the hood and took a shot.


Pleased in spite of himself, Alex grinned and reached over to tug the hood off Mulder's head. "Good guess."

Relief took over and Mulder started laughing. "What the hell are you doing? If you wanted to tie me down this badly, I would have cooperated."

Alex shrugged and picked up a hunting knife, hefting it in his hand for a moment before looking back at Mulder. "But this way, I got to scare the shit out of you." With a tight smile, he walked towards the bed.

Mulder's smile froze on his face as he watched the knife in Alex's hand. "Uh, to be honest, you're still scaring the shit out of me."

Krycek laughed and sat down on the bed next to Mulder, trailing the knife lightly down Mulder's t- shirt. "That's nice to hear."

Mulder swallowed nervously. At this point, he didn't give a shit if Krycek knew he was scared. But maybe this was just part of some game. That thought calmed him a bit and he smiled easily. "I wondered if you'd be into knife play."

Shaking his head, Krycek moved the knife up and began slicing through the neck of Mulder's shirt. "You are one sick fuck, Mulder." Letting himself enjoy Mulder's hiss at the feeling of cold metal against his skin, Krycek smiled. "I suggest you try not to move too much." He made quick work of Mulder's shirt, and was soon tugging away the jagged pieces.

Making no comment as Krycek divested him of his t- shirt, Mulder felt a sudden, aching tingle in his groin. Whatever was planned for today, he was sure it would be good. He quirked an eyebrow as Krycek threw the remains of his shirt on the floor. "You gonna buy me a new shirt, Alex?"

Krycek pulled at the waistband of Mulder's sweats and began slicing through the fleece. "Nah, I don't think replacing clothes is something kidnappers are in the habit of doing. You're just lucky I didn't grab you when you were on your way home from work, considering how much your suits cost."

Carefully watching where Krycek put the blade of the knife as he sliced through the sweats, Mulder made sure he was completely still. But having Krycek's hands so close to his cock was making it impossible for him to not become even more aroused. As cool air assaulted his skin, he sighed softly. "I'd sacrifice a suit for this."

Finishing with the sweats, Krycek pulled them off along with Mulder's shoes and socks. Standing up to look at him, Krycek gave an appreciative smile. Mulder looked gorgeous lying there, spread-eagled and cuffed, his skin still sheened with sweat from his earlier exercise and fear. Krycek's eyes focused on Mulder's jock strap, which was barely covering a growing erection. "Yeah, it looks like you're enjoying this."

"Did you think I wouldn't?"

"No, I definitely expected you to enjoy this part of it." Krycek smiled and cut away the jock strap. Smiling at Mulder's moan, he placed the knife on the bedside table, and began gently stroking Mulder's cock.

Mulder bit his lip and bucked into Krycek's grip. This was too good. He had to admit a certain grudging respect for the way Krycek had gotten him here, and from the way things were proceeding, he had no doubt he was going to walk out of here a satisfied man. He closed his eyes and shivered slightly as Krycek traced the cockhead with his thumb. "I...I take it our last chat made you change your mind...about seeing me, I mean..."

"Something like that." Krycek bent over Mulder and took his cock in deep, swallowing until his throat was full. He set a fast pace, using his tongue, lips and throat to coax a creative litany of moans and curses from Mulder. Ignoring his own arousal for the moment, he forced himself to pay close attention to how close Mulder was getting.

Krycek's mouth was pure heat and Mulder pulled on his restraints, needing to touch him. He tried to tell Alex to release him, but could only manage a few incomprehensible groans as the slick warmth devoured him. Mulder soon felt a familiar tightness take hold and knew he wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer. Something in the back of his mind told him it didn't matter, that he'd have another chance to savor this, later.

Krycek's hand caressed Mulder's balls and their tightness confirmed his suspicion that Mulder was almost there. With one last, long suck, he abandoned Mulder's cock and reached across to the bedside table, opening the drawer and pulling out a thick metal ring. With an evil grin he attached it snugly to the base of Mulder's cock.

Mulder's eyes opened quickly. "What are you doing?"

Widening his eyes in mock innocence, Krycek grinned at him. "It's called a cock ring. It constricts the base of your cock and keeps you from coming."

"Uh, yeah...I know that. What do you say we hold off on the toys until later?" Mulder couldn't keep the whine out of his voice as his cock throbbed with the need for release.

Krycek cocked his head as if seriously considering Mulder's suggestion, then shook his head. "Nah, I think this is the perfect time for toys." He gave Mulder's cock a few rough strokes, then stood and began quickly stripping out of his clothes.

Mulder forced his breathing to slow and decided to enjoy the display as Krycek got undressed. He could wait as long as he needed to if it meant getting to fuck Alex again. "I meant what I said, you know." Returning naked to the bed, Alex laid next to him, and began lazily caressing Mulder's chest. "What was that?"

Mulder tried to remember exactly what he'd said to Krycek in their last chat, but was too distracted by the touch of his hand. "Uh...you know. About how sorry I am. I didn't want to scare you."

Leaning across his chest, Krycek's mouth latched onto one of Mulder's nipples, licking and sucking hard for a few minutes, before giving one sharp nip. He looked up at Mulder and smiled. "You know, I didn't believe you last time, and your credibility is even more strained now that I have you securely restrained with a few weapons within easy reach."

Mulder yelped at the sudden bite. "Why don't you believe that I could feel something for you?" he managed, finally.

"You know, Mulder, I've got you naked and chained to my bed. A sex toy is in use. Do we really have to talk about this right now?"

Mulder grinned. "I guess I can't argue with that logic." Maybe Alex had bought it after all.

"Good." Alex grinned, "Now let's see if I can make you stay quiet." He leaned over Mulder and kissed the slightly parted lips.

Groaning softly, Mulder let himself melt into the kiss, his tongue seeking out Krycek's, the taste of him increasing his heightened desire.

Krycek lost himself in the kiss, reveling in just how talented Mulder's mouth was. When he finally pulled away, they were both panting, and Mulder's cock was so hard it almost looked painful. Giving him a smug smile, Krycek caressed Mulder's lower lip with the pad of his thumb. "I do enjoy your mouth."

His eyes never leaving Krycek's, Mulder opened his mouth and sucked briefly on the digit before speaking. "I'm sure you can think of something to do with it." That thought sent another shot to his cock and he shifted uncomfortably. If Krycek didn't do something soon, this was going to stop being fun.

"Hmmm, not a bad idea." Moving to straddle Mulder's chest, he held his cock and gave it a few languid strokes, watching with fascination as Mulder's eyes widened and he licked his lips. Krycek moved his cock so that the head of it brushed against Mulder's lips.

His tongue flickered out to lick the pearly drops of moisture from the head, and Mulder parted his lips. He leaned as far forward as he could, taking as much of Krycek's cock into his mouth as possible. Licking and sucking, he whimpered in frustration as his arms strained against the chains. He needed to touch him, to feel the hardness in his hands.

Alex looked down at Mulder's struggles, his amusement almost as strong as his desire. This felt so damn good, was exactly what he needed. Pulling out of Mulder's mouth, he traced the head of his cock along the contours of his face, hissing at the sensation of sharp stubble, enjoying the sight of trails of saliva and precum adorning Mulder's cheeks.

He returned to Mulder's open mouth, tracing his lips, but pulling away every time Mulder tried to suck him in. Leaning back on his haunches, he bent and kissed Mulder. "Okay, this is what I want you to do."

Mulder looked at him, his eyes pleading. "Tell me," he whispered.

Stroking the side of Mulder's face Krycek whispered, "I want you to open your mouth wide, cover your teeth with your lips. But that's it. I want to fuck your mouth, but I don't want you to do a goddamn thing, no licking, sucking, anything. You do that, and you'll be sorry."

Nodding quickly, Mulder complied, waiting for Krycek to do what he wanted.

Krycek smiled his approval and nudged his cock into Mulder's open, slack mouth. He began thrusting gently, more aroused than he thought he'd be by Mulder's acquiescence, his passivity. He deepened his thrusts slightly until his cock was at the back of Mulder's throat. "Swallow," he ordered softly.

Mulder did as he was told, leaving himself completely at Krycek's mercy. The thought didn't disturb him as much as it should have, and he didn't care. All he wanted to do was give Alex whatever he wanted to take.

Krycek groaned at the sensation of Mulder's throat muscles tightly stroking him. He had to pause for a moment, throwing his head back as he fought to control himself. The moment passed, and he gave a few tentative thrusts, checking to see that he wasn't choking Mulder. Realizing that Mulder was handling it fine, he increased the pace and length of his thrusts, his hand reaching out to stroke Mulder's cheek, loving the feel of his cock outlined under the skin.

Time and again as Krycek thrust into his mouth, filling his senses with the taste and solid heat of his cock, Mulder had to force himself not to do more than he was told. There was no telling what Krycek would do, but every move made it more and more difficult to hold back. As he felt Krycek touch his face, Mulder flicked out his tongue and caressed the hard shaft, unable to resist any longer.

The feel of Mulder's tongue sent a sudden, delirious shock through him and he thrust even harder before Krycek remembered his warning. Pulling out with no little regret, he chuckled and fixed Mulder with a stern glare. "What did I tell you?"

Mulder simply stared back at him, not answering.

He would take whatever Krycek dished out if it meant being able to continue.

Krycek leaned back and began stroking his cock, holding it just inches away from Mulder's mouth. "*What* did I tell you?" he asked again, his tone sharp and harsh.

Eyeing Alex's cock, Mulder licked his lips. He could still taste him. "I'd be sorry," he muttered.

"Yeah," Alex breathed, beginning to rock his hips as he thrust into his hand. Mulder's eyes were locked on his cock, it didn't even look like he was blinking. It made Krycek's cock twitch, spilling even more precum along his hand. "You really want this, don't you?" he whispered, rocking forward slightly so that his cock just glanced across Mulder's lips, leaving a sticky string of precum.

Mulder nodded, licking the fluid from his lips. "Please..."

"No, I don't think so." Krycek increased the pace of his hand. "You disobeyed me, you fucking slut." Positioning himself so his thrusts brushed repeatedly against Mulder's lips, he started using the sharp, hard strokes he knew would take him over the edge.

Watching with desperate fascination as Krycek jerked himself off, Mulder repeatedly tried to take him into his mouth until his lips and chin were coated with precum. He didn't care how he looked; he just needed Alex to give him what he wanted. His frustration grew with every brush against his face and he started struggling even more in his restraints.

The sight of Mulder's frantic struggles sparked something deep, and that was all it took. With a sharp cry, Krycek was shuddering, shooting come into Mulder's open mouth, over his chin, down his neck. The force of it was almost too much, and he felt himself shaking almost uncontrollably. Bracing himself against the headboard, he slumped against Mulder, his spent cock nestled under Mulder's chin. Softening, it twitched with aftershocks, brushing against Mulder's skin, and the feeling of evening stubble brushing against him made Krycek feel like his nerve endings were on fire.

Mulder swallowed eagerly, his tongue seeking out and lapping up as much of Krycek's come as he could. As Alex leaned over him, Mulder inhaled his sensual musk, rubbing his chin against him before placing a tentative kiss on coarse hair. There was no objection, so Mulder continued kissing whatever he could reach, still wishing that his hands were free in order to allow him to touch, to caress every part of him.

Krycek just rested there, bonelessly, enjoying the feel of Mulder's hot, wet mouth moving against him. The position soon became uncomfortable, though, and he forced himself to sit up. Reaching down to run his fingers through Mulder's hair, Krycek's breath caught at the sight of him.

Mulder's mouth and chin were still smeared with come, and his eyes were dark and hungry. Krycek moved to stretch out on top of Mulder, groaning at the feel of Mulder's hard cock pressed against his hip. Tangling his fingers in Mulder's hair, Krycek pulled him in for a kiss, sucking and licking at his come before claiming Mulder's mouth.

Mulder inhaled sharply at the intensity of the kiss before succumbing to it. He arched his back, pressing his body as firmly as he could to Krycek's, needing to make as much contact as he could, afraid that Alex would once again decide to stop just when Mulder needed him the most. Sucking hungrily at Krycek's mouth, Mulder savored every taste and sensation, and he could swear there was more than lust behind the kiss. He could almost swear that he was returning it with the same feeling.

Giving himself over to the kiss, Krycek began moving against Mulder, drowning in the sharp taste of Mulder's mouth, the urgent feel of his cock. For a wild moment, he considered abandoning his plan, letting himself just make love to Mulder. The thought brought him up cold, and he stilled, then lifted himself off Mulder. Ignoring Mulder's cry of distress he stood and walked to the door.

"I'll be back," he said curtly and walked out.

Mulder watched in disbelief as Krycek left the room. He knew that Alex had said he would be back, but that wasn't all that comforting a thought. Still, Mulder figured that even Krycek wouldn't want to leave things like this. Mulder could tell that they were both enjoying what was happening far too much for Krycek to abandon it just when things were getting good. He was curious as to what was coming next, though. He also had to admit that he'd never wanted anyone as much as Alex. He frowned. Of course, he meant at this moment in time and nothing else. Didn't he? He lay quietly, trying to be patient until Krycek returned.

Walking slowly down the stairs, Krycek shook his head at himself. A little fellatio, and he was already softening towards the bastard. He forced himself to remember the last time they were together, remember kneeling on the floor with the gun pressed into his skull, certain that he was going to die. Forced himself to remember Mulder's laughter.

//Yeah, that does the trick.// Krycek walked into the kitchen and grabbed one of the beers he'd stashed in the fridge. He'd drink it, give himself a couple of minutes before he went back upstairs. Krycek smiled to himself, imagining how freaked out Mulder must be by his disappearance.

Mulder was relieved when Krycek finally came back, his face stony, but he tried not to show it. He couldn't help admiring Alex's body as he sauntered back to the bed, and felt himself becoming even more aroused at the thought of what was going to happen next.

"Hmmm. That's starting to look a bit painful, Mulder."

"Careful, Alex. That almost sounds like you care."

"Not in the least." Krycek gave him a crooked grin. "Just checking."

Mulder shook off the unexpected sting he felt at Krycek's words. "Of course. Wouldn't want you doing anything as unnatural as that, would we?"

"It's not so much of a question of it being unnatural. I can care about people, actually. It's more that I wouldn't want to waste it on someone who didn't deserve it."

Forcing himself not to react, Mulder simply nodded. "I can understand that."

"Ah, the infamous Mulder guilt. Well, good." Krycek sat down on the bed, leaning casually against the baseboard.

"Alex, why did you do this?"

Shrugging, Alex smiled. "Thought it would be fun. I haven't been wrong about that so far..." He reached over and gave Mulder's cock a sharp tug.

Mulder couldn't hold back the groan and didn't even try. "Yeah...fun...but I'm still not convinced you don't feel more for me."

His face blank, Krycek gave another shrug. "Hey, if thinking I've got a secret crush on you gets you through this, who am I to contradict you?"

"Well," he said softly, "stranger things *have* happened, you know."

Krycek snorted and shook his head. "Believe me, Mulder, I'm not one of your X-Files."

Mulder smiled stiffly. "And there's no point in pushing the issue, right? I guess if you didn't buy my chat, you're not going to believe anything I'd have to say now."

"Bright boy." Krycek smiled approvingly. "Guess you did earn that degree, after all."

Looking away, Mulder bit his lip to prevent himself from saying something he'd regret. He was already a little disturbed that he was even letting anything Krycek had to say get to him.

"Awww... I haven't hurt your feelings, have I?" Krycek asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Wouldn't that imply you thought I actually had some?"

"Yes, of course it does. You're generally a pretty sensitive guy, aren't you, Mulder?"

Mulder looked at him. "Yeah, and I'm generally sensible, too, but when it comes to you..." He stopped before he could say anything else without thinking.

"When it comes to me?"

"Never mind. I'm sure it was part of your plan from the beginning," he muttered, wishing he'd just shut up.

"What are you trying to say, Mulder?" Krycek paused. "Do you have... *tender* feelings towards me? Have I swayed with my irresistible charm?"

Mulder just looked at him, for a moment unable to say anything in the face of his ridicule. Finally, "I wouldn't call them tender, exactly." He'd meant it to sound more sarcastic than it did.

"What would you call them, then?" Alex trailed a hand up Mulder's leg, stroking almost absently.

His voice caught in his throat, and all he could seem to focus on was Krycek's touch. "Un--" He cleared his throat. "Unexpected."

"In what way?"

Mulder sighed, frustrated that he was close to giving Krycek any kind of advantage. "Is there a point to this?"

"I don't know. You seem to be the one who wants to talk." Krycek sat up to give himself more reach and began ghosting feather-touches along Mulder's balls. "Why do you want to talk Mulder? What do you want to say to me?"

"What do you want me to say?" he asked, his voice shaking.

"Let's try the truth. You're so fond of it, after all."

As Krycek continued touching him, Mulder was ready to say anything if only to get what he so desperately wanted. "I...want you..."

"That I know." He grinned. "It's a little obvious right now."

He closed his eyes and whispered, "But it's not *just* now..."

"You know, Mulder, maybe you should just get out more. I mean, I'm the first person you've had sex with in how long?" Krycek cocked an eyebrow and threw him a look of mock-concern. "I'm sure if you fucked someone else, you'd fixate on them instead."

"Yeah, that's what *I* thought."

"So, do it. Maybe you should finally fuck Scully."

"I did. Not Scully, of course, but...someone."

"Ahh. So we're talking about a failed experiment." Krycek nodded and gave him a lecherous grin, moving his hand back down, absently petting Mulder's thigh. "Tell me all about it."

Mulder shifted, growing more uncomfortable with the lengthy tease. "Wasn't anyone I know...I just..." He looked at Krycek, his eyes pleading. "Take it off..."

"Nope." Alex grinned and removed his hand. He would at least stop torturing the bastard with caresses for now. "So, maybe you should try someone you know? Or try to have a relationship with someone you meet up with."

"I don't want someone else." The words were out before he could stop them.

"Oh, Jesus, Mulder, don't tell me you've decided you want *me.*" Krycek shook his head. "That's insane. It wouldn't have a hope in hell."

"I know. Why do you think I'm beginning to question my sanity?" He smirked, feeling a little more self-assured.

"Well, I've already suggested you seek help." Krycek smiled. "So, any more feelings you need to confess, or can we get on with this?"


"What are you saying 'yeah' to, Mulder? Talking or fucking?"

"What do you think I'm agreeing to?" Mulder's need colored his words, and there was an edge of frustration to his voice. "I want to fuck you."

"You know, I've got you tied to a bed, and you're still assuming that you're going to fuck me. Why is that?" Krycek raised an eyebrow at Mulder, shooting him a stern glance. "I have to say it kind of disturbs me, and I'm thinking we should probably talk some more. Let's start with these assumptions you keep making about me."

Mulder rolled his eyes. "Fine. You want to fuck me. Whatever it is, can we just get on with it?" The last thing he wanted to do was talk. There was too much of a chance he'd say something without thinking.

"And now you're being demanding. You're really not following the proper etiquette for a kidnapping victim, you know." Krycek leaned forward and slapped Mulder's face lightly, more of a tease than an actual blow. "I'm the evil kidnapper, and I've decided that I *do* want to talk."

Reaching for one of the pillows, he shoved it behind him and settled comfortably against the baseboard. He looked up and smiled at Mulder's sullen stare. "Um...Mulder? You're not talking..."

Unable to stop the blush that colored his face, Mulder coughed quietly, trying to think of something to say and growing more uncomfortable with the way this was going. "How about those Knicks?"

"Well, don't think they'll win the division title after that upset last weekend, but I can't say I really care." Krycek reached out an patted Mulder's leg. "So, you don't think you want anyone else?"

"Why do you care? You already know I'm pathetic, so why would anything I have to say matter to you?"

"Again - you're the helpless victim, I'm the evil villain. You don't need to question my motives, just do as I say." Krycek shifted, settling further into the pillow. "Now, I'm comfortable and I want to talk. Don't make me get up for the knife."

Mulder narrowed his eyes. He didn't like being at a disadvantage like this, especially if Krycek was the one in control. But still...he would be free to say anything and always blame it on circumstance later. "Fine. You're the only one I want." He paused. "And I'm really hoping you'll tell me how much you love me and that, despite our past, you and I can buy a nice little house together in the country and live out our days in domestic bliss." His voice dripped with sarcasm and he felt better, if only temporarily.

Suppressing a sigh, Krycek gave Mulder a cold look, reminding himself why he was doing this. Still, the sarcasm hurt. But he'd be damned if he let Mulder know that. "Hmmm. Do we get to have a pet? Who does the housework?" Pausing, he grinned. "And who's last name are we going to use?"

The joking caught Mulder by surprise. He'd expected Krycek to get angry and defensive, but that would have meant he did give a damn. Maybe he really didn't. Mulder cursed himself for allowing the idea that maybe Krycek did feel something to seep into his brain. He was convinced that was the most rational explanation for any softening he may have been feeling toward the other man. After all, how long had it been since he thought anyone had felt that way about him? It was only natural to let it get to him...wasn't it?

He shook his head, trying to clear it of the increasingly disturbing thoughts. "I guess we should get a rat, in your honor. And I'm a liberated man. We can both share the chores and keep our own names."

"Sounds fair enough, though I'd really prefer a dog." He sat up and moved up the bed, blanketing Mulder's body. Smiling as Mulder opened his eyes wide and licked his lips in anticipation, Krycek kissed him slowly, deliberately. He couldn't suppress a moan as Mulder returned the kiss feverishly, arching upward and grinding his cock against him.

Smiling wickedly, Krycek lifted himself up and resumed his spot at the end of the bed. "So, now that we've gotten our plans for future marital bliss out of the way, why don't you answer my question honestly?"

Mulder groaned angrily, Krycek's kiss a mere taste of what he wanted to happen. "You already know I want you...just you," he said reluctantly. "Isn't that honest enough?"

Krycek froze. Mulder seemed to be a picture of miserable sincerity. In fact, it was his obvious discomfort that made Krycek think that he might be sincere. //Fuck, I am *not* falling for his bullshit again.// As Alex remained silent, staring at him, Mulder looked increasingly uncomfortable, vulnerable. Shaking himself, Krycek told himself he had to stop this, end the conversation and get back to his plan. Instead, he caught himself sighing. "Yeah, it is. Maybe too much."

That got Mulder's attention and he perked up a little. "Too much? What do you mean, too much?"

"Too much truth? Too much bullshit? Who can tell anymore?" Krycek's hand trailed up Mulder's leg. "Talking doesn't work for us, you know."

Mulder's eyes closed and he concentrated on Krycek's touch. "So, what does work for us?" he finally muttered.

Krycek smiled to himself and knelt to move between Mulder's legs. "This," he whispered and then began licking a careful path up Mulder's thigh.

Mulder shuddered and allowed himself to get lost in the sensation of Krycek's mouth on his skin. This was easier for him to deal with than having to talk, and he could worry about what he said later.

The scent and taste of Mulder inspired an abrupt madness, and Krycek wanted him, needed him right then. His mouth now nuzzling and sucking Mulder's balls, Krycek reached blindly for the lubricant he'd stashed in the bedside table. After struggling to open it, he sat up and squeezed some onto Mulder's cock.

He smiled as Mulder flinched at the cold shock of the lube, and began slowly rubbing it in, warming it up. "I imagine you really want to come," he stated matter-of-factly.

Mulder managed a slight nod, gasping as Krycek continued stroking him. Every nerve in his body was screaming for relief, and he felt like he would explode if Alex didn't let him come. "Please," he said softly, "I'll do whatever you want...just...please." He swallowed slowly. "Or...or just let me loose and...I'll let you do anything, but I need to touch you."

Krycek chuckled, and gave Mulder's cock one last stroke. Shaking his head with mock regret, he smiled. "Sorry, no can do." Picking up the lube again, he squirted a generous amount onto Mulder's stomach, then coated his fingers with it and reached behind, working two fingers into himself, stretching and preparing himself. Brushing deliberately against his prostate, he moaned and bucked against his fingers. "But I think you're going to like this."

"Okay," Mulder whispered, resigned. He watched, riveted, as Krycek got himself ready, anticipating being buried in the soft heat of his body. Impossibly, he became more aroused at the thought and suddenly wanted nothing more than to take Alex in his arms and hold him, make love to him. "Fuck." He hadn't meant to voice his distress at the intrusive thoughts, but he was concerned about the unfamiliar emotion he was feeling.

Pulling his fingers from his body, Krycek raised his eyebrows. "Something wrong, Mulder?"

"Yeah, everything," he said under his breath before shaking his head. "Just do it." He felt anger beginning to gnaw at his gut and tried to tell himself it was because Krycek was being such a merciless tease, but he knew the real reason.

"Oooh. Commercial slogans are always a turn-on for me," Krycek laughed. He moved to straddle Mulder's hips and steadying Mulder's cock with his hand, slowly sank down until the full length was inside him.

Mulder bit his lip to stop from crying out as his cock slid inside Alex. It was almost painful, and he didn't know what he would do if Krycek didn't remove the ring. He had to.

"God, you feel so good," Krycek moaned and began moving up and down slowly, relishing the sensation of Mulder inside of him. "You're so hard... so damn hard, aren't you?"

Mulder nodded frantically, unable to say anything as Krycek began moving. He bucked his hips, the pleasure like some divine torture as his body was denied what it was so desperately craving. Still, he pushed forcefully into Krycek, wanting to share as much pain as he was feeling.

Mulder's movements changed the angle of his penetration, and Krycek began moaning almost continuously as Mulder's cock hit him *there,* over and over. He met the violence of Mulder's thrusts, screwing himself down on the backstrokes with all his strength. Already hard again, he was shocked to realize he was getting close. Grabbing his cock, he gave it a few hard strokes but stopped himself before it became too much. With a regretful groan, he pulled himself off of Mulder and collapsed at his side, breathing hard.

Panting, and still reeling from his own unmet desire, Mulder watched Krycek as he lay next to him. "Alex....come on....take it off."

Krycek shook his head, but fingered the ring for a moment before giving Mulder's cock a few light strokes. Mulder winced, and Krycek felt a strange softening, finding himself tempted to relent. Steeling himself, he sat up, reaching again for the lube, squeezing more onto Mulder's stomach. "No." His fingers coated, he placed them against Mulder's opening teasing it with a few circling caresses before pushing inside. "I'm going to fuck you instead."

"Oh god..." Mulder groaned as Krycek's finger entered him. He wasn't sure how much more of this he could take, but he would go through anything to continue receiving Alex's attention. He started grumbling half-hearted threats about what he was going to do as soon as he was let go, then gasped as Krycek slid another finger into him, stretching him and making him ready.

"You're really in no position to make threats, you know," Krycek said conversationally as he kneeled between Mulder's legs, pulling him forward until Mulder's ass rested on his thighs. The movement strained the length of the restraints, and Mulder's arms were pulled taut. Positioning himself, Krycek thrust in, panting as the tight heat of Mulder surrounded him. "God, you're so fucking... tight..."

The handcuffs bit into Mulder's wrists, but he ignored the pain, concentrating on how it felt to have Krycek inside him, filling him. He tried to force himself down, but there was no leverage. Already his arms were starting to feel the strain, but he didn't care. All he wanted was for Alex to fuck him hard.

Recognizing how close he was, Krycek decided to go for broke. He tightened his hold on Mulder's hips, and began slamming in as hard as he could. Krycek worried for a moment that maybe this was too much, that he was hurting Mulder, but Mulder's frantic attempts to participate, to return Krycek's thrusts despite his bonds, reassured him. He threw his head back and forgot about everything, everything except the tight, fever-hot feel of being inside Mulder.

Mulder closed his eyes and lost himself in the rhythm of Krycek's thrusts, the sweet, searing pain of it all. His engorged cock threatened to burst if he wasn't allowed to come soon. Being forced to dangle on the edge of climax was driving him out of his mind, until he no longer had any control over what he did or what he said. All he could do was grunt with each push, tugging on the cuffs despite the fact that he could feel the skin of his wrists becoming raw and bruised from his exertions.

"Alex..." It was a low, breathless growl. "Oh god...come...want you to come..."

Closing his eyes, Krycek tried to block out the sight of Mulder stretched beneath him, ignore Mulder's command. He just wanted this insane heat, the almost unbearable pleasure of it to last a little longer, couldn't accept that it was almost over. Mulder's pleas disintegrated into sharp cries and guttural moans, and the sound was too much. Opening his eyes, he stared down at Mulder, flushed, sweating, straining as hard as he could against Krycek. Suddenly dizzy, he fell over the edge, and in a few tight strokes, was pouring himself into Mulder, shaking uncontrollably as Mulder's body sucked him dry.

It was too much and Mulder let loose a sharp cry, due in part to feeling Krycek coming deep inside of him, and in part to his own savage frustration. He knew this would have to end soon, but he didn't want it to all be over. Once Alex let him go, finally let him come, Mulder had no doubt that he'd be tossed out without so much as a second glance. He didn't want that to happen, not after all of this.

Collapsing against Mulder's body, Krycek immediately felt the hard cock beneath him, begging for attention. He lifted his head up and gave Mulder a long stare. Mulder's face was contorted with frustration, tension and desire etched across his face in sharp lines. For a fleeting moment, Krycek felt a wave of tenderness assault him again. He considered relenting, hardly able to remember why he shouldn't.

But that wasn't his plan, and if nothing else he excelled in following through with his plans. He'd let himself worry and figure out the emotions later. With a bitter pang of regret, he forced himself to stand, and reached automatically for his pants, beginning to pull on his clothes.

Struggling to sit up as best he could, Mulder stared at him, his eyes wide. "What the fuck are you doing?" He couldn't keep the panic out of his voice. "You're not leaving me like this, are you?"

Ignoring Mulder's words, Krycek moved like an automaton, pulling on the rest of his clothes and gathering his few things, shoving them in a bag. Looking over the room one last time, he turned and faced Mulder, pulling a small key from his pocket.

Leaning over him, he held himself as far away from Mulder as he could, afraid that if there was any contact he'd crack. He avoided Mulder's eyes and unlocked one of his hands. Stepping back quickly to avoid any blows, he placed the key on the table beside the bed, within easy reach.

Mulder stayed still as Krycek unlocked his wrist, feeling a wave of gratitude, and something not as easily identified, wash over him. He was about to reach out to touch Alex's face, but before he could, Alex had stepped back. Mulder didn't bother to hide his shock as he stared at him. He glanced at the key, then back at Alex. "I don't understand," he said softly.

"There's the key. You can get yourself free, jerk off, go home, whatever you want." Krycek shrugged. "I don't really care."

He walked quickly to the door, ignoring his regret, his desire to turn around and take Mulder in his arms. But he'd already learned that lesson, knew he couldn't trust Mulder. Couldn't take the risk. His hand on the doorknob, Krycek turned and gave Mulder a quick smile. "And by the way, thanks. You're one hell of a fuck, Mulder."

There was nothing Mulder could say, so he simply lay there and watched as Krycek walked out. He couldn't understand why he wasn't rushing to get himself free so he could take off after him, or even why he wasn't shouting for him to get the fuck back in here. In fact, he was stunned that he didn't feel angry at all. As he slowly reached for the key, he wouldn't let himself acknowledge that he was hurt. There was no way he'd ever let Krycek hurt him, but the ragged ache in his gut was matched only by the painful need of his cock. His hands finally freed, he fumbled with the cock ring and got it off quickly. A few short strokes and he was coming, but there was no joy, no real pleasure in it. He had never felt more detached from himself as he did at that moment, for though his body was reacting physically, it was purely an automatic response.

After a few moments, he sat up and freed his legs. As he stood unsteadily, he still felt numb inside, but knew he had to make himself focus on getting out of here. He used the tattered remains of his shirt to clean himself up, then panicked when he realized the clothes he'd been wearing were history. How the hell was he supposed to get home now? He quickly searched through the small dresser in the corner, but there was nothing inside. A quick look through the rest of the house didn't turn up anything. Every other room was empty except for a rotary phone on the floor in the living room. Mulder had checked to see if it was working and got a dial tone. He replaced the handset and shook his head, wondering how long Krycek had been planning this.

He returned to the bedroom and sat down, defeated, on the bed. After deciding he would not walk back home wearing a sheet, he ran through the different ways he could explain this to Scully when she came over with some clothes. He took a deep breath and was about to go call her when something told him to check one more place. Kneeling down, he did everything but cross his fingers before peering under the bed. There was a box. Mulder pulled it out and saw a sweatsuit and a note. He put aside the piece of paper, telling himself he wouldn't read it, and got dressed. But he had to know what it said.

*You didn't think I'd make you strut around the neighborhood naked, did you? Just get dressed and get out.*

Mulder swallowed hard and crumpled up the note before tossing it across the room. He had to get out of there or he knew he would start feeling a lot more than he already was. He couldn't let that happen.


Krycek stood frozen in the garage, wondering why the hell he felt so hollow. The enervated high he normally felt after a well-executed plan of revenge was conspicuously absent. He just felt... something like regret.

With a mental shrug, he got in the car and slowly backed out of the garage, not letting himself look back at the house as he drove off.