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By Jill


He was crowded in the little room, packed like a sardine among its closeconfines. He'd spent the last half hour checking the equipment - the videocameras, monitors, and microphones. It was tedious work, and he'd had tobite back several sneezes when he disturbed the layer of dust coating almostevery imaginable surface. Silence was of the utmost importance. Mulderwould be back soon.


The sound equipment picked up the barely audible *thunk* as a heavy objectwas unceremoniously dropped to the ground. An overstuffed file, perhaps,or even a shoe. The man stood immediately, craning his neck for a betterview.


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** **********


Mulder leaned against the door of his apartment, shifting the bag heheld as he fumbled for his keys. Bumping the door open with his hip, hewound his way through the refuse littering his living room, depositing thesack of library books on a table as he went. The bag fell on the floorwith a loud thump, its contents spilling out and adding to the mess alreadyin progress.


Rubbing his hand over his face, Mulder stared at the havoc envelopinghis living room before moving off toward the kitchen. Leaning against therefrigerator door, he pulled back the tab on his can of beer, enjoying thesnick and hiss of the released carbonation before bending his head backto drink.


When Mulder meandered back into the room, a last, hazy bar of sunlightglanced across his face, highlighting his nut brown hair as he picked upfirst one book, then discarded it for another. He actually took the timeto flip through this second choice before throwing it back onto the litteredfloor next to its mate. With a yawn, Mulder raised his arms above his head,stretching, fingertips almost grazing the ceiling, absolutely unaware ofthe intruder standing in the corner watching him. A faint smile slippedacross the intruder's lips, and he sighed in appreciation at the sight ofMulder - his height, the way his muscles rippled under the T-shirt he'dchanged into a moment before.


Over the next half hour, Mulder moved restlessly about the room, turningon his computer, then letting it sit so that the screensaver was activated. And all the while, the intruder stood silent in the corner, enjoying theshow, waiting until the agent discovered his presense.




Finally, Mulder nestled into the couch, picking up a magazine and flippingthrough it half-heartedly. "The Lone Gunman" - Mulder's favoriteprinted matter. His fingers turned the pages with practiced, almost affectednonchalance, but there was an air of restlessness to his movements. Anyobserver could tell that Mulder was only giving half of his concentrationto the contents of the pages; he was preoccupied.


The man, now crouched near the camera, shifted his weight again and snorted. It was the first sound he'd made since entering the room.




Mulder started up from "The Lone Gunman" as if he too had heardthe snort. Slowly, he turned his head toward the door. His grip aroundthe magazine tightened, and he crumpled the paper in his hands, white-knuckled. He rose from the couch without taking his eyes off of the intruder wholeaned petulantly against the doorway to his apartment, knocking on theframe as if he weren't already inside.


The other man couldn't help but marvel at the speed and grace with whichMulder had risen from his prone position on the couch within a heartbeatof spotting the intruder. Mulder took two long, leggy strides toward theleather-clad man standing in his doorway.


"Drop your weapon! Now!" The words echoed through the apartment,and the man had no doubt that they'd been picked up loud and clear by themicrophones.


A short, curt laugh was the intruder's only answer. It was a beautifullaugh; bright, full, resonant, appreciative of the demand, yet meant toput the speaker in his place.


The laugh affected Mulder like a physical blow. Something worked inhis face. "I missed you," the agent whispered, and there wasa definite softness to the words.


Mulder moved to embrace the man whom he'd threatened mere moments ago,slipping through the room with the lithe movements of a panther. He wascompletely oblivious to the microphone picking up the hushed, reverent strainsof conversation, too low to be understood, and yet nobody who would laterlisten to the tape would have any trouble imagining what was being said. The conversation ceased abruptly, to be replaced finally with the soundsof kissing.


Mulder broke from the embrace first, leaning back to study the man heheld in his arms. His hazel eyes sparkled wickedly at the intruder's sigh.


"You get a bed yet?" the intruder asked in an exasperated,somewhat defeated tone of voice.


Mulder tried valiantly to suppress a grin, but it wasn't quite working. His teeth flashed brilliant white in the half-dusk of the room, provokingan answering grin in his companion. "What do you think?" he responded,pulling the intruder toward the couch. The intruder allowed himself tobe pushed down onto the cushions, draping his legs over the armrest andstaring up at Mulder with an air of disinterested amusement.


Mulder didn't buy it. The green eyes glowed too intensely, the smallperfect mouth of the man before him twitched just a little too noticeablyfor him to be as bored as he was trying to appear. Mulder leaned over,breathing lightly on the man below him, his mouth just barely grazing thestubble covered chin, the warm hollow of the intruder's throat.


"Krycek," he breathed, and it was like a benediction.


Mulder moved onto the couch, straddling the man below, relishing hisflushed cheeks, the way his chest jerked with each choked breath. The agentbrushed his hands over Krycek's streamlined face, fingertips circling hisexotic eyes, tracing along his high cheekbones, moving down to the tiny,perfect chin. He leaned over the man underneath and planted kisses alonghis jawline. Krycek raised his hand, smoothing it down the sculpted swimmer'smuscles under Mulder's T-shirt. Mulder lifted himself back up onto hishaunches, drawing his hands along the path Krycek's had taken a moment before,savoring the look on the other man's face as he caught his shirt up in hishands, pulling it off over his head, muscles rippling with his movements. Mulder inhaled the musk emanating from Krycek's body, the scent heady andstrong.


He leaned down over Krycek, teasing at the other man's lips, suckinggently along his chin, his cheeks, then finally moving in to claim his mouth,forcing inside, tasting, conquering. Mulder could feel the heat radiatingoff of Krycek's body, and he pressed tightly to the other man, revelingin the warmth which spread out into his own chilled form. Krycek's handbegan to smooth along his back, tracing the ridges of muscle along his spine,sending tendrils of fire racing down his vertebrae and into his groin.


Mulder felt Krycek shifting beneath him, pressing into his erection,gasping as he felt along the smooth skin of Mulder's back. Mulder movedin to nip and suck at the tender skin behind Krycek's ear, all the whiletugging at his shirt. He pulled it out from the waist of Krycek's jeans,exposing the thin trail of curly golden hair tracing up his stomach to hisnaval. Touching a finger to the tip of his tongue, Mulder ran it alongthat path, stopping finally to press it lightly into the indentation, winninga long, low gasp from Krycek.


The man beneath him lifted up his hand, and Mulder gathered the softmaterial of his shirt up and over his lover's head, marveling at the milkytexture of Krycek's skin. At long last, Krycek shook his head free of thegarment to stare up at Mulder with enormous glowing eyes. Mulder smileddown at the man, running his hands along Krycek's sinewy arm to grip himtightly at the wrist, holding him prone under the agent.


Mulder watched, fascinated as Krycek's mouth worked without making anysound. He felt his lover's body tense, then relax as he gave himself upto Mulder's control. Mulder leaned in low, lapping at Krycek's hardenednipples, drawing the tender, sensitive flesh into his mouth, smiling asKrycek's body shuddered underneath him.


Finally, Mulder stood, pulling Krycek up off of the couch by the wristso that he stood beside him on the floor. Mulder knelt down before Krycekand went to work at the fly of his jeans, opening it and sliding them downaround his ankles. He leaned back on his heels to admire the man beforehim, now completely naked. Krycek stood passively, gazing down at him,arm held loosely at his side. Mulder's eyes ran along his tight, muscularcalves, his thighs, up to his groin and the manhood there, full and hard.


He shut his eyes, and so felt rather than saw Krycek's palm cup his headand bring it in toward his groin. Mulder parted his lips in anticipation,the heady scent of his lover assailing his nose and making his head spin. Then there was the velvet heat of Krycek's flesh on his skin and the bitter-sweattaste of precum in his mouth. He took one deep breath before envelopingthe other man's length. He worked along Krycek's shaft, alternately suckingand smoothing with his tongue, bringing his lover to the edge before easinghim back down. Krycek was moving his hips in time with Mulder's thrusts,and the head of Krycek's member was pressing against the back of Mulder'sthroat with increasing frequency. Mulder brought a hand up, placing iton Krycek's lean hip to steady himself as the man thrust into him. ReleasingKrycek, he brought his tongue up from the base of the man's cock then swirledit around his head before taking him back into his mouth. He felt his lovershudder and then there was no time to think as he swallowed the cum pouringinto his mouth.


This time it was his lover who raised him to his feet before kneelingto remove his pants. Mulder trembled as he felt Krycek's hand smoothingdown the sensitive skin of his thighs. Finally, he stood, giving Mulderthe opportunity to steal another deep, searching kiss before moving to layKrycek on the floor. He was halted by Krycek's hand on his hip, and thelook in the other man's eyes made his heart skip wildly in his chest.


"No," Krycek whispered. "Let me..."


And then they were both frantically working to clear a space from themess on the floor, sweeping back empty beer bottles and old newspaper clippingsas they went. Mulder lay back on the floor, shifting until the sharp anglesof his shoulder blades lay flat against the loose carpets which coveredthe floorboards. Krycek was bending over him a second later, trailing hishand up and down Mulder's chest, smiling as the agent squirmed below him. Mulder, in turn, ran his hands across Krycek's broad back, caressing theample flesh and firm tissue as his legs were parted and drawn up over Krycek'ships. He relaxed, letting his mind slip away as his gaze took in the disorderedroom, the paintings on the wall, the cluttered desks, the old, beaten furnitureilluminated by the streetlights outside. He noticed all of this, but hefailed to notice the tiny circle of light shining on Krycek's back.


Mulder's breaths came in bursts faster, faster, and he was on the vergeof fainting and then Krycek was inside of him, a solid physical presencethat sliced through his body like a knife and brought him back to the realityof his apartment and the floor and the streetlight and his lover on topof him.


"Alex," he gasped, and Krycek thrust into him deep and sure,his hand like a vise on Mulder's shoulder. Mulder was pressing up intoKrycek, moving in counter-rhythm to his thrusting, the pulse of their lovemakingpounding through his body. He could hear Krycek's voice, a steady streamof Russian obscenities pouring over his ears like honey before it was drownedout by a dull humming in the back of his head.


Reaching up, Mulder pulled Krycek down until they were lying chest tochest, his own erection crushed against Krycek's stomach. Mulder ran hishands through his lover's damp hair and down along his neck before smoothingthem down Krycek's back to cup his buttocks. They increased the pace untiltheir movements blended together, a fluid blur of limbs and bodies againstthe floor.


Sweat trickled down from Krycek's neck to pool in the hollow of Mulder'sthroat, cooling his heated skin. Krycek was so beautiful above him, flushedlike a god as he moved inside Mulder's body. Mulder squeezed his eyes shutas Krycek slid deeper into him. It was incredible; it was like being drunk. His awareness was focusing more and more on the hot presence inside ofhim, it was *becoming* him. He was melting around the invader moving insideof him, stretching, pressing...


The stream of whispered obscenities turned to endearments as the twomen climaxed, gasping, clinging to each other for dear life. Mulder letout a strangled sob as his seed spilled out between their bodies. He lay,panting, feeling Krycek's cooling seed dripping out between his legs. Hewrapped his arms around Krycek's heaving back and kissed his ear, soothingthe man above him. He took one last look at his lover's body, amazed athow it seemed to glow in the faint illumination of the night and then heclosed his eyes.


The yellow circle of light shining onto Krycek's back dimmed and disappeared,and the man got up and left. Below him, Krycek nestled deeper into Mulder'sarms and fell asleep.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** **********


The gentleman smiled, accepting the proffered package with a curt nodof his head. He dismissed the courier with a gesture and a word of thanksin his cultured, mannerly accent. Opening the package, the gentleman withdrewthe tape from the Styrofoam padding and inserted it into the VCR. He didn'tparticularly *enjoy* watching the two men have sex; had he been younger,he reflected wryly, it would have been a different story. The thrill laycompletely in watching the son of his enemy sleep with another man. A smilebroke out over the wrinkled planes of his face. Mulder was an observantman; it wouldn't be long before he discovered the small lens installed inthe ceiling over his couch - a peephole, a gloryhole, if you will. Andafter that, it wouldn't be long before his enemy heard. *He* was a smartman too, and he would know who had put it there.


The gentleman settled back into his chair and prepared to watch the fireworks.




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