Title: REASSURANCE (1/1)

Chapter 13, and the final chapter of the EATING series.

Author: Josan

Beta: Solan

Date: September, 1999

Summary: Walter lets actions speak louder than words. Pairing: Sk/K

Rating: NC-17, for the sex

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Even Nadia noticed that there was something different about Alex the next morning.

He was courteous, but seemed remote. More like an observer than a participant.

Walter recognized the Alex from long ago. He knew this Alex was expecting repercussions from his revelations of the night. He had an idea how to handle the situation, but they would have to be home before he could implement any action.

They were leaving after breakfast anyway. They would be home in the afternoon, time enough to deal with Alex before he went to work the next day.

Alex thanked Nadia for allowing him to visit. Let Walter make his good-byes privately while he waited in the car.

"Walter. What's wrong with Alex?"

Walter turned to look at his lover, staring blankly out of the front windshield.

"He's Russian," said Walter.

Nadia countered that with a raised eyebrow.

"Means he sometimes gets depressed over things that aren't that important. He'll be okay by tomorrow." He kissed his mother's cheek. "Take care."

He was partially down the walkway when he stopped, turned and looked at Nadia watching him. He came back to the porch, stood at the bottom step. "Mom?"

"Yes, Walter."

"Do you still love me?"

Nadia was horrified. Not a demonstrative person by any means, she reached out to her eldest child, gently clasped his face between her hands. "Oh, Walter! *Of course* I still love you. I'll *always* love you. You're my child."

Walter leaned in to hug her tightly. He hadn't meant to upset her. "I really lucked out when I picked you for a mother, didn't I?" That gave her time to get herself under control.

"Yes, you certainly did." She hugged him in return, rubbing her cheek against his head.

Walter kissed her again. "Love you," he whispered.

Nadia watched him get into the car. She walked over to Alex's side, waited until he rolled down the window. The lack of life in his eyes worried her.

"Do you have a good memory, Alex?"

"Yes, ma'am." Alex didn't know why she wanted to know.

She recited a phone number. Walter cringed. Alex repeated it.

"Think you can remember that?"

"Yes, ma'am." Alex still didn't know where this was going. Walter did.

"Well, then, Alex. The next time your coming down becomes a 'comedy of errors'" she smiled at Walter, "I hope you will remember the number and make your way to one of those old-fashioned things called a telephone booth. And call me to let me know you'll be late."

Walter groaned.

"Can I count on you to do that, Alex?"

Alex nodded, not certain if he were promising something he would never have occasion to do.

"I'll see you both at Christmas." Nadia said firmly, stood back from the car, waved them away.



Alex was quiet all the way to the airport. Never made a sound throughout the flight, the one direct flight to DC. Not even on the way home.

Walter let him be, not intruding on his thoughts, hoping that Alex could work things out for himself.

By the time they opened the door to the apartment, Walter knew he would have to take matters in hand.

Alex went in first, dropped his knapsack on the floor, the bag of cinnamon-raisin rolls on the table by the door. He started turning around, to say something to Walter.

He got as far as opening his mouth.

Walter's was on top of his, aggressively plundering.

Alex was pushed to the wall by the door, Walter never letting up his assault of Alex's mouth.

His hands were just as aggressive: they were at his jeans, pulling down the zipper, slipping in, freeing his cock.

Alex made some sound that vibrated into Walter's mouth. Could have been protest. Could have been encouragement. Walter didn't care.

One arm was holding Alex against the wall, the other hand was pumping his cock. When he was satisfied that it had caught on to the game, Walter dropped to his knees, took the hardening cock into his mouth and proceeded to give Alex the type of blow job he had picked up from the man himself.

Alex was totally unprepared for the attack. He wanted to have a discussion with Walter, but right now, he doubted he could remember what about.

He came quickly, barely managing to stay upright.

Walter swallowed, gave Alex's cock a last suck, and released him. Watched, very satisfied with himself, as Alex's legs stopped holding him and he slid to the floor, Walter between his legs.

Walter leaned in and kissed his bemused lover again, gently this time. "We've got to do something about that," he said, sitting back on his heels.

"Hm?" All Alex could contribute.

"The noise you make when you come. Not all the time, you know. I like hearing it. But for when we visit my mother. You're just going to have to be quieter, Alex. Because I'm not going this long again without having you. It makes me aggressive. And you certainly can't go this long either." At Alex's questioning look, he explained, "You get all Russian on me. You know: the stereotypical depression. You start expecting the worse. You go all quiet."

He caressed Alex's thighs back and forth with his hands. "You even had Mom worried about you. And believe me, Alex, you don't want that. I managed to fend her off this time, but she's worse than a terrier when she wants to know something."

The worry was back in Alex's eyes. Walter could see he wanted to say something, so he kissed him again. Played with his mouth as his hands played once again with his cock.

With careful manoeuvring, Walter got Alex up the stairs and into bed. Alex was slower to arouse, but that suited Walter: he wanted to make very certain that Alex felt loved. And he waited till what he thought was the right moment to make his point.

Alex was on his back, arching his hips into the rhythm Walter had established, wanting it to go faster as he always did. Walter was trying hard to control his own reactions when, fully in Alex, he stopped moving, held the man's shoulders down as he called his name. It took a moment or two to get his attention. Alex struggled against Walter's hands, finally opened his eyes to find Walter's eyes just above him.

"You're going to listen to me, Alex. About last night."

And saw fear, quickly subdued, flash over his face. Alex threw his chin up, as if waiting for a blow.

"I told you once that the past was exactly that, the past. That it would stay there.

"Alex, I'm sorry about your family, about what happened to you. I understand why you tried to survive the way you did. I even understand that you were ripe pickings for Spender. If he were still alive, I would have no trouble hunting him down, bringing you his head on a silver platter.

"And thank you for trusting me enough to tell me. For taking the chance of telling me. I know you did it because you love me. Because I love you."

Alex's lower lip was caught between his teeth. Walter bent down, kissed it loose.

"Alex, everything that happened has brought you to this place, this point in time. If you had had a normal family, a fair chance at life, we would never have found each other. Never loved each other."

Walter smiled down at Alex, used a gentle hand to smooth the hair off his forehead. He kissed him again, with more insistence this time. Alex hesitated, responded almost timidly. Walter moved his hips, just enough to remind them both of what they were doing. He raised his head.

"I certainly wouldn't be here, between your legs, my cock up your ass. And you wouldn't be lying here, waiting for me to make you come."

Walter grinned at his lover. "I'd miss that." He began moving again, slowly, drawing out every sensation he could so that Alex's hips rose to encourage him. He put a hand out for support, took Alex's hand in his other. Placed them on Alex's cock. Together they established a rhythm until Alex existed only where their hands worked his cock, where Walter's cock stroked inside his ass.

When he came, he screamed Walter's name. Walter grinned, rather a feral grin, at the sound and let himself come.

He pulled his lover close, watched as Alex fought off the sleep brought on by intense orgasm. "I love you, Alex. Remember that. No matter what, I love you."

Alex stopped struggling against his fear of being alone and despised again. Let it go as he curled his body around Walter's, felt a big hand cup his head. He sighed, rallied enough energy to whisper, "Love you so much," to Walter.

And slept, finally at peace with himself.

********************Enfin, la fin********************