Subject: Forgetful (1/12) (m/k slash) by KMS!
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Date: 19 Jul 1997 22:00:04 -0700

Title: Forgetful (1/12)
Disclaimer: Characters are property to Carter/1013/Fox.
Rating: NC17 for m/m & m/m/f.
Classification: SR
Summary: Krycek is sent to pick up Mulder after another
mind-wipe. Author's note: This story takes place sometime
after 'Apocrypha.'
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Chapter 1: Retrieval


Krycek glanced around again. None of the military troops
were visible from his vantage point. Huddling in the shadow
of the building, he reached up and checked the window above
him. The hanger was well guarded but what he most needed
was inside, and tonight he was going to get it. Silently he
lifted the glass off the window he had pried open earlier
and slipped inside the building.

Workers still moved around the room, but no one took notice
of the silent shape that slipped inside. Quietly he made
his way up to the catwalk above, following a crooked path to
his destination. Passing over scurrying figures dressed in
white haz-mat uniforms, and what looked to be the remains of
an alien craft, Alex made his way to the area that had been
partitioned away from the rest of the hanger's activity.

Below him, men dressed in doctor's white lab coats worked on
a figure that was strapped to the bed. His tall, lanky form
struggled against the bonds holding his wrists to the bed.
Straps crossed his chest and legs, holding him secure
against his struggles. Alex watched as the figure seemed to
give up the fight, limbs relaxing at last, as the hypodermic
needle was withdrawn from his arm. The doctors continued to
work over him, carefully watching several monitors
surrounding the now still figure.

'I can't believe he's gotten himself into this mess,' Alex
thought. Once again they had caught Fox Mulder red-handed
and had decided to deal him a more durable solution.
Nothing too permanent.

From his position, Alex could also see the smoking bastard
watching the proceedings, giving the occasional order.

"He forgets everything." Alex heard the command.

"Yes, Sir, already done," came the ready reply.

Damn. Damn. Damn. It might already be too late. Nothing he
could do at the moment. He would have to wait for the right
time to make his move.

Alex settled in for a long wait, perching himself among the
catwalks, keeping an eye out for trouble.

"That should do it, Sir. He shouldn't remember a thing
about his experiences here."

"Will he still have verbal capabilities?" Cancerman asked.

"Yes, Sir. He will be able to function, but the majority of
his memories have all been erased. Albeit temporarily."

"Excellent." And with that, Alex watched the black-lunged
bastard leave.

Alex watched as they loaded the sleeping Mulder on a rolling
gurney, and pushed him toward the waiting military

Now was his chance. Alex made his way out of the building,
and moving swiftly, got in his Range Rover in pursuit of the

It didn't take Alex long to execute his plan to overtake the
ambulance, running it off the road, taking out the drivers.
They apparently, had not been expecting such actions from
anyone and Alex met with little trouble disabling them and
retrieving his 'package.' Mulder's limp form took a little
muscle to transfer into his own car. The man weighed more
than he looked! Once safely in his own vehicle, Alex sped
off, leaving the incapacitated men to be found by their own
people. Alex glanced over at Mulder again, double checking
that the seat belt was securely around his waist, even
though the seat back was in a fully reclined position.
Taking the next exit, Alex pulled to the side of the road.
Pulling on the brake, he leaned over and pulled up Mulder's
left eye-lid.
Sure enough, his eyes were still dilated with the sedative
Cancerman's people
had given him. Satisfied that Mulder would not wake up too
soon, Alex eased off the brake and took off again, leaving a
cloud of dust in his wake.


Hours and over a hundred miles later, Alex felt he could
finally breath a sigh of relief. Alex looked down at the
sleeping form. He did not know what to expect from Mulder
when he awoke. Alex himself was exhausted from the long
drive to his hideout and he was doubly glad that he had
stocked away the money he had gotten selling the secrets off
the digital tape. Now he was safely hidden away on a small
ranch in Colorado, compliments of Cancerman's secrets,
thank-you-very-much. Alex was a little smug with himself
for having gotten what he had from the digital tape. Fox
Mulder was tucked safely away in his room, sleeping off the
effects of the sedative he had been given.

He still didn't have much memory of what happened between
the time he had run across Mulder in Hong Kong and when he
had come back to himself in that damn silo. Jesus,
sometimes he could still taste black oil in his mouth from
his alien encounter. If it hadn't been for Mulder's
contact, Mr. X, he would still be behind that locked door.
Effectively imprisoned. Effectively dead. He remembered
looking out through the glass window and seeing Cancerman's
smug face smiling back at him, just before the bastard had
walked away, leaving Alex alone with the alien craft.

Alex had spent the next four days trying to get the hell out
of there. Unsuccessfully. Hunger gnawed at his belly, and
he was desperate for a taste of water. He knew he had been
hallucinating, imagining oily aliens and Cancerman's face
grinning down at him. He thought he was still hallucinating
when the large black man had stood over him, looking as if
he hadn't decided yet if Alex was worth saving or not.

But, miraculously, the man had really been there and gotten
Alex out. When Alex was conscious again, the man made
Alex's choices clear. Work with him, against Cancerman, or
go back to the silo. The choice wasn't hard.

Alex knew he was being used as a tool against Cancerman but
that didn't bother him in the least. Mr. X let him go his
own way most of the time, as long as he was willing to do
the occasional job for him.

Rescuing Fox Mulder had been just another job. Though for
the life of him, Alex could not figure out why the black man
had sent him after Mulder. Surely he knew the way Mulder
felt about him. Mulder hated Krycek. He still believed
that Alex had killed his father, William, even though Alex
had told him that he hadn't. Fucking trigger-happy
Cardinal. Just as soon shoot people as look at them. Fat
lot of good it did him. The Consortium had eliminated him
as soon as he became a liability. Personally, Alex thought
he had become a liability as soon as Louis had shot Melissa
Scully, instead of their intended target, Dana Scully. Not
when he had failed to kill Assistant Director Skinner.
Twice. Failing once in the cafe and again, when he was
being transported to another hospital. Louis was a fool,
but he knew how to play the game. Until he lost, that is.

Louis must have done some fast talking after that time with
Melissa Scully. After all, that was when THEY had decided
to kill Alex for his 'failure to complete his mission.'
Escaping the bomb that had sent him running for his life, he
was suddenly just as glad that Mulder's partner had escaped
that fiasco. Though he did regret her sister's death,
Melissa Scully had not been a player and should not have
been involved.

Alex had to wonder. He would rather be on Cancerman's bad
side than Mulder's. He had seen both now and while
Cancerman's anger could get him killed, Mulder's anger could
explode into personal violence. At least Mulder could be
reasoned with. The other preferred to coldly order his
executions from a distance.

Alex wrestled the unconscious agent out the Range Rover and
up the stairs to the guest room. Plopping the lanky form
onto the bed, Alex stripped him down to his boxer shorts and
laid him back on the bed. He positioned him as comfortably
as he could, noting as he did the bruises caused by rough
hands and leather restraints. Mulder must have put up quite
a struggle before they had managed to subdue him. If Alex
knew the smoking bastard's minions, they had not been
gentle. He drew up the covers, laying the quilt over the
drowsing man, willing him to sleep through the night.

And now, here he was, with Mulder quietly sleeping in his
bed. Alex grinned ruefully. Krycek had a nice little set
up for himself. An untraceable new identify, he now went by
the name 'Ben Alexander.' And plenty of money left over
from his 'digital days,' as he liked to call them. The
ranch was remote enough to be private but not a great
distance from the nearest small town.

Looking down at Mulder, a wry smile played at Alex's lips.
This was probably the most pleasant time he would be
spending with Mulder, he might as well enjoy it. When the
Special Agent woke up he would have to deal with the
infamous 'Mulder Temper.' No doubt it would be directed at
him like a gun, just waiting for the hair trigger to set it

Alex glanced over and checked the sleeping agent once more
before leaving the room. Mulder was out, and looked like he
would be that way for a while. Alex finished up what little
chores he still had to do around the house before he went to
bed himself. His last act was to ensure that his weapon was
stored and locked away before he let himself rest. No sense
in letting an upset Mulder awaken and arm himself.




Alex jerked awake. Looking at the digital clock on his
bedside table, he figured it was still hours away from dawn.
What the hell had woken him up? Suddenly, he heard the
sound of a wordless shout. Crawling out from under the
covers in his tee shirt and boxers, he padded his way down
the hall to Mulder's room. Peering into the darkness, he
saw Mulder's form sitting up on the bed.

"Mulder!" Alex hissed at him from the doorway.

Mulder jerked toward the sound of the voice. Alex heard
what sounded remarkably like a sob come from the bed.
Trying to discern the figure on the bed, he entered the room
and made his way to the bed.

"Mulder, go to sleep. You're all right. Just go back to
sleep." Alex tried to instill a soothing calm into his
voice. Moonlight streaming in from the windows made it a
little easier to discern shapes until his eyes adjusted to
the gloom.

He watched as Mulder drew a shuddery breath. "Who... who
are you?" It almost didn't sound like Mulder. The voice
was too unsure, too scared.

Alex reached out a hand to him and touched his shoulder as a
frown furrowed his brow. "It's okay. You're safe.
Everything's okay. Go back to sleep."

Mulder was staring at him with wide eyes, studying his face
as best he could in the dim light. "Who are you?" he asked
in a hushed tone.

Alex pushed at the shoulder so Mulder would lay down again,
sitting himself on the edge of he bed. Thinking he might as
well get it over with, he reached over and snapped on the
bedside lamp. Both men blinked with the suddenness of
bright light, before staring at each other.

Mulder's eyes showed confusion, while Alex's waited for the
inevitable hatred to appear. When it didn't, Alex's eyes
filled with confusion, too.

"It's me. Alex." Alex's astonishment was palpable. "You
don't remember me?" Alex's eyebrows rose higher.

Hazel eyes studied the younger man for a long minute. He
had no idea who he was. Mulder glanced nervously around the
room. He had no idea where he was. "I don't know you.
Where am I?"

Alex almost jerked back in astonishment. Mulder sounded so
young and confused. And if he had no memory of Krycek, well,
at least they wouldn't be at each other's throats. This was
definitely going to put a crimp in Mr. X's plans. Mulder
wasn't much use to anyone without that incredible mind of

Mulder watched as an array of thoughts flickered though the
other man's eyes. The hand that still rested on his
shoulder felt warm, reassuring. Mulder swallowed hard.
'Who am I? Who's Mulder? Me? Who is he? He says his name
is Alex, but who is Alex? Where am I?' Panic was starting
to rise in his chest. 'Why can't I remember? What has
happened?' Unanswered questions ricocheted around in his

Alex noted the fear rising in Mulder's eyes, the body
tensing beside him. Without a second thought, Alex gathered
the other in his arms, shooing away the fear. He felt
Mulder's arms wrap themselves tightly around his waist,
burying his head against Alex's chest. "You're okay.
You'll be okay. You're safe. I'll take care of you." The
words tumbled out in a reassuring murmur.

Alex's arms tightened as he felt a terrified sob rock the
lean frame. Shit! He had not counted on this. What the
hell were they going to do now. He was sure that Mr. X's
plans did not include a mind-wiped Mulder.

Alex recalled the few times in his childhood that someone
had comforted him in the middle of the night. A dim memory
of his grandmother's arms holding him, chasing away a bad
dream, came unbidden to his mind. She had always been the
one he had gone to when he was in trouble. The only one who
would stand up for the small child against an implacable
father and a mother who would not protest his treatment of
their son, fear of bringing down his father's wrath on
herself, holding her at bay. Alex knew that the comfort of
those arms had only lasted a few years. His grandmother had
died when he was eight. The memory of long ago comfort made
his arms tighten around the terrified man before him.

Then another memory rose to the surface of Alex's mind. He
remembered another person who he had held in his arms as she
wept in frustration. He had been seventeen and had gone
over to his sixteen-year-old girlfriend's house to see her,
but she had been out at the time. What he did find was her
nineteen-year-old sister weeping from a fight she had just
had with her parents.
He had held her in his arms until her tears dried up and
suddenly they were in
a passionate embrace. One thing led to another and he had
ended up sleeping with her. The affair had continued for
weeks, all under the unknowing noses of both her parents and
her little sister. Alex had not broken off with Penny
either. They had continued to date until the night he had
convinced her to let him spend the night in her bed. They
had made love while her older sister had slept on in her own
bed, unawares, in the room the sisters shared. Hours later,
Penny awoke to the sounds of Alex and her older sister in
bed together. She had been ready to throw him out, livid
with anger, but somehow Alex had managed to convince her
that her parents would blame everything on her. After all,
she had invited him to stay the night. He had even managed
to convince her it was her fault that he was sleeping with
her sister. At her incredulous look, he had carefully
explained that since she would not put out, he had been
ready to drop her. Having her sister had met his needs and
kept him dating her.

Alex was nothing if not an opportunist. He had always been
something of a sexual predator, and knew how to take
advantage of situations. He was a mercenary at heart.
Being on the run had sharpened that instinct. Willingly, he
had given his body away for a warm place to sleep, a safe
haven for the night. Men or women, it didn't much matter to

Alex looked down at the man in his arms as his sobs
subsided. As Mulder's questioning face turned up to him,
Alex placed his hands on either side of Mulder's head. At
Mulder's hiccuped 'who are..', Alex leaned forward and
kissed him. Alex smoothed the tear-stained cheeks with his
thumb and kissed him again.
Harder, longer. "It's okay. It's me. Alex." Another
kiss. Deeper.

Slowly Fox Mulder responded. His eyes closed as he
concentrated on the sensations his body was receiving. His
lips parted as the other man's insistent tongue thrust it's
way into his mouth. He felt himself pushed back against the
mattress, his body crushed under the weight of the younger

Alex was delighted. He sucked at Fox's mouth, nibbling at
the full lower lip with pleasure. A jolt of pure lust
tightened his groin. His hands roamed over Mulder's body,
pushing the thin tee-shirt up to reveal Mulder's chest.
Alex released Mulder's mouth and lowered his head, leaving a
trail of wet kisses on his neck down to his chest, tonguing
each nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

Fox's body arched with the sudden sensations. Sucking one
nipple into his mouth, Alex pinched the other between his
thumb and forefinger. Mulder's body arched again as a loud
moan filled the room.

Alex allowed his hands to continue down Mulder's body. One
hand slipped between his legs and cupped the growing
erection, still encased in the thin fabric of his cotton
boxer shorts, in his palm.

Fox's hips rocked toward him and Alex moved to the opening
in the boxer shorts. Slipping a finger inside, he stroked it
lightly over Mulder's hardening cock, tracing a vein, before
sliding his whole hand in and cupping him in his palm again.
Drawing the rod through the opening, Alex put a fist at the
base of the erection and teased the penis to its fullest

Alex kissed his way down the lightly furred chest, over the
tight stomach, before snaking out a tongue to lick the
pre-cum that glistened at the head of Mulder's cock.

Alex swallowed once, wetting his lips, before taking Mulder
into his throat until he reached the hairy root, then began
a long, slow suck that left Mulder whimpering for more.
Again and again, Alex's head bobbed until suddenly he
stopped. Mulder looked down at him in panic, fearing that
Alex would stop. Alex merely grinned at him and slipped his
fingers inside the waistband of the boxers, tugging them

Mulder lifted his hips to assist and soon the boxers were in
a heap on the floor. Fox's erection bobbed into the air,
free of the material constriction. Before he could move,
Alex was on top of him again, kissing him deeply, thrusting
his tongue deep into Mulder's mouth, rubbing his hard body
against the other man's. Mulder sucked him in, feeling the
tongue duel hotly with his. With their mouths locked in a
passionate kiss, Alex stripped his own clothes off, an extra
pair of hands helping to slid the material out of the way.

Alex reached over and opened the bedside drawer. Fumbling
around a moment, he finally felt the foil wrapped condom and
the bottle of astroglide.

"Turn over," he whispered to Fox, suprising himself with how
husky his voice sounded.

Fox looked into eyes that had darkened with lust. Rolling
over, he felt Alex kneeling between his knees, pushing his
legs further apart. A cool fluid was spread by Alex's warm
fingers as they slid over Mulder's ass then down deep into
his rectum.

Alex swiveled his fingers so he was rubbing Mulder's
prostrate, his other hand slipping to the front to grasp
Mulder's cock, teasing it.

An ecstatic grin crossed his face as Alex imagined himself
sinking his flagpole into Mulder's undiscovered territory,
for it was very apparent that Mulder was a virgin to some
kinds of sex. Hot, tight. He applied more lubricant to his

Tearing open the foil packet and catching the rolled rubber
between his fingers, Alex brought the condom to his own
straining cock and gently rolled it on. Touching himself
had caused his cock to harden even further and he grabbed
his penis in his right hand and aimed the head toward
Mulder's ass. Sliding the head between the greased mounds,
he rubbed the tip up and down the furrow before narrowing
his aim to the small brown hole. He smoothed a hand down
the spine and over the cheeks, spreading them.

Holding himself just below the crown, he guided the head
into Mulder's anus and pushed. Mulder groaned and thrust
his hips into the mattress, relieving the pressure a little.

Pushing harder he felt the orifice surround the head. One
hard thrust of his hips and his cock was in, slipping into
the slick passage. Alex stopped a moment, giving Mulder a
chance to adjust to his size before he thrust himself
deeper. Mulder felt his body responding, pushing back
against the heated flesh that entered his body. Mulder
grunted as Alex entered him, possessed him.

"Take it, baby. Take it all. I want to fuck you so hard,
you won't be able to walk for a week," Alex whispered
through clenched teeth.

Alex put both hands on the Mulder's hips, drawing him up, up
to cock level, away from the bed. Once Mulder had raised
himself to his knees, Alex began to seriously thrust into
him. Harsh breathing, the slap of flesh on rear flesh, and
the squish-squish of Alex's cock claiming Mulder were the
only sounds in the room.

Mulder's body was jolted as Alex set a brutal rhythm. His
own cock felt like glass as it teased the fabric of the
sheets. He thought he would shatter apart if he touched

Alex pounded into him with a fury he had never felt before
during sex. Mulder represented the point in his life when
everything had changed, gone wrong. Even though he had made
all those choices himself, he still wanted someone other
than himself to blame. Uncaring that this was Mulder's
first time his thrusts became harsher, deeper. He wanted to
lose his load in Fox Mulder's heart, to forever stain it
with his own black soul.

A soft groan drew his attention back to his partner. He
looked down, seeing Mulder's hand grasping his wrist. Then,
just as suddenly as the anger had come upon him, it left.
Something inside him broke open and a flood of softer
emotion filled him. The part of him that harbored jealousy
and hate for this man drained away. His movements slowed,
his caresses became softer, more gentle, making the man
below him moan in pleasure, not pain. A tiny voice inside
him wanted Mulder to enjoy this experience. Enjoy being
with him in this way. The tiny voice that he had long ago
silence, whispered that he had always admired Fox Mulder,
admired his courage against all the dark forces. The same
dark forces that Alex had allowed to trample his own life.
Maybe more than admired. Maybe loved him. He had always
been suprised that being around Mulder had excited him. His
strength, his resolve, his ferociously protective nature.
Again Alex silenced the little voice. Loving Mulder was not
something he was willing to allow himself to think about.
Couldn't afford to think about. Couldn't afford to remember
how good it felt when Mulder had allowed him into his world.
How he had allowed him to accompany him when he went to see
Scully at the autopsy bay, exposing her importance to his
new partner. Couldn't afford to remember how good it felt
to have Mulder's trust. Trust which he had promptly

Alex leaned forward and nipped at Mulder's ear. Mulder
twisted around until his lips met Alex's. Alex slid his
tongue into Mulder's mouth, thrusting in time with his
body's movements. Mulder groaned and pushed himself against
the hard cock that stretched his opening.

With a groan Alex exploded into Mulder, inducing Mulder's
release into the sheets. Both collapsed upon the bed, and
Alex made the effort to roll off Mulder. Turning him over
he engulfed Mulder into his arms, kissing him warmly,
letting the older man nibble at his lips. It was only when
the tension of climax left him that he was sorry he had used
him so roughly. He knew past events were not Mulder's
fault, he had made his own choices, even if those choices
had come back to bite him in the ass. That and the thought
of doing this again, made him regret his harsh lovemaking.
Mulder would need a little time to heal if he had hurt him.
With a sigh he kissed Fox softly, stroking his back, calming
his fears, making him feel loved, cherished. His voice was
low as he murmured his reassurance to Fox. Alex switched
off the bedside lamp, and curling around his former
partner's backside, one hand wrapped around Mulder's waist,
he pulled the covers over their sweat dampened bodies and
with a final kiss to the back of Fox's neck, they quickly
fell asleep. __________________________________

End Chapter 1.


Chapter 2: Caretaker


Alex awoke to the smell of cigarette smoke in the room.
Wrinkling his nose, he squinted into the bright morning
light. What he saw almost made his heart stop.

That black-lunged bastard sat on the edge of the bed, calmly
studying Alex's suprised face and Mulder's still-sleeping
form. In his right hand he casually held a small caliber

As Alex watched, he inhaled another puff of smoke and
released it in a swirl in the morning light. "I think we
need to talk, don't you, Alex?" The old man's voice was
pleasant and unhurried. Cancerman held Alex's eyes a moment
before he continued. "Why don't you put something on and
join me downstairs for coffee. We'll call a truce until we
finish our little discussion."

At Alex's dubious look, Cancerman said, "You have nothing to
lose, Alex, and everything to gain. There's no reason we
can't be pleasant to one another while we work out a few
details." The old man stood up and the gun disappeared into
a pocket as he exited the room. A few moments later, Alex
smelled fresh coffee brewing.

Looking down at himself, he realized that it wouldn't take a
rocket scientist to figure out what he and Mulder had been
doing all night. They had still been wrapped around each
other, naked in the bed, when Cancerman had found them. Not
like he could claim conserving body heat because of a
blizzard. Going back to his room, he threw on a pair of
jeans and a tee shirt. He considered taking his gun, but
reluctantly decided if the old man wanted him dead, he would
be a corpse already.

Entering the kitchen, Alex saw Cancerman sitting at the
table, a cup of coffee in front of him, a cigarette at his
lips. Passing him, he reached into the cupboard and got a
mug, filling it with coffee. Taking a sip, he moved to the
table and sat across from the old man.

"So, what happens now?"

Cancerman looked at him, exhaling smoke, before replying.
"The truth of the matter is, Alex, I am happy with the
situation as it stands."

Alex frowned. "What!?" He was confused. Up until a short
while ago, he could have sworn the old man wanted him, and
Mulder, dead.

The old man's smile was tight. "Agent Mulder's failure to
remember at this time is intentional. We needed to disable
him for a while until our operation at the base was
complete. We knew he would make an appearance and felt it
prudent to take him out of the picture for a time. Not on a
permanent basis. The fact that you showed up to retrieve
him only complimented our efforts."

"So, did my instructions to retrieve him originate from

"Not at all, Mr. Krycek. You merely became an opportunistic

"How did you find me?"

"You weren't lost, Alex." Alex pondered that a moment, a
frown deepening the creases around his lips.

"What happens now."

"You will continue to care for Agent Mulder, as you seem so
capable of doing," at this, Cancerman smirked, "And then he
will be returned to his job and his former life."

"But he can't remember anything."

"That is not a permanent condition, Mr. Krycek."

Alex stopped at the implications. "How much will he

"You have about a month, Alex. Perhaps two. He won't
remember what occurred to him at the base, but the rest of
his memory will return by then. It is convenient for our
purposes for him to remain in your custody. Someone would
have to care for him, regardless."

Alex thought hard. "He's going to be pissed."

"Hopefully, by then, you will have made other arrangements
for his custodial care."

"What about you and me? As far as I know, I'm still on your
hit list."

"The unfortunate turn in our relationship can be mended. It
might be useful to me to have a man on the outside, whose
services I can call upon occasionally. I have the tape,
Alex. You are no further threat in that regard." Cancerman
inhaled from the cigarette and blew it out. "Returned by
yourself, if you recall." Studying Alex a moment, he
continued, "Or maybe you don't," he dismissed the thought
with a wave of his hand as unimportant. "In any case, I
will give you a reprieve, on the understanding that you are
once again at my beck and call. You've shown intelligence
in regard to your handling of the tape. Making a profit off
the information without exposing its source. Though a
little more discretion with your choice of partners in the
future might be in order. After all, I believe the French
are still looking for you."

Alex's lips tightened in anger. "So, I don't get returned
to the fold, but you stop your men from coming after me."

"Doing this little favor for me will go a long way toward
mending our fences, Alex. Besides, I don't think you will
find it unpleasant. At least, you don't seem to have minded
up until now." The smirk returned. "How you spend your
time with Agent Mulder in the coming weeks is your business.
In fact, the more confused about your relationship you
leave him at the end of that time, the better."

"Why?" Alex was intrigued by the suggestion.

"Leaving Mulder distracted can only further our own agenda.
Distracting him without having to kill him is preferable."

"Why would that be?"

"Because a distracted Mulder is also a distracted Scully.
Mulder dead would only cause her to focus harder on things
better left alone. Agent Scully doesn't have Mulder's
intuition for these situations but her pursuit of justice
can be just as relentless." Cancerman took a sip of his
coffee. "The truth of the matter is, working with Mulder
has sharpened her intuition, too. She can be nearly as
dangerous as he. But if his focus is less sharp, so is

Alex frowned. "I'm confused. Why do you protect him?"

"I told you before, Alex, I can't risk turning Mulder into a

"You've said that before, but I don't buy it. If you killed
both Mulder and Scully, no one would pursuit it. Skinner
maybe, but you could rein him in eventually."

"You underestimate Agent Mulder. He still has some well
placed connections and his usefulness, to the project, at
exposing leaks in our organization, is invaluable. You do
recall the incident under which the X-files were closed the
first time, don't you."

"Mulder's informant was killed."

"And with your assignment as his partner, you laid bare the
fact that he had acquired another. You also revealed how
dangerous Agent Scully had become to the project, causing
her removal from the scene."

"So, why did you return her?"

Cancerman's smile widened. "Don't you think she works as an
excellent leash for Mulder. Threaten his partner, and he
can be brought under control. Remove her and he can be
brought to his knees. But without her, Mulder is relentless
and without remorse. Not a good combination if your at the
wrong end of his pursuit. As you, yourself, know, Alex."

Alex shifted, uncomfortable in his chair. "Why kill his

"The elder Mulder was not a threat as long as he was willing
to keep silent. But Mulder had both physical documentation
and his father as a substantiating witness. Eventually the
documents were retrieved, and his father was eliminated
before he could confirm the contents of those documents.
Confession is not always good for the soul."

"Mulder believes I killed his father because he saw me that

"Careless of you, Alex," Cancerman chided.

"He won't be happy with what your suggesting. He hates me."

The smirk had returned. "Not at the moment it seems. And
apparently the feeling is not mutual. In any case, you have
about a month or more before his memory begins to resurface.

Cancerman stubbed out his cigarette on a saucer and stood.
"Do you agree with the terms, Mr. Krycek?"

"It doesn't look like I have much choice."

Cancerman smiled thinly at him. "I'm sure Mr. Mulder's
stay, here with you, will prove enlightening and not

Alex knew he had been out-maneuvered.

Cancerman stepped close to Alex, reaching down and patting
his shoulder. Alex lifted his face to stare at the old man.
"And once this job is out of the way, welcoming you back to
the fold should be quite interesting." He looked Alex up
and down, trailing a finger down the line of Alex's jaw.
"Quite interesting."

Alex's eyes grew wide with suprise.

Without another word Cancerman left the house.

Alex watched as a small army of men loaded themselves into
three waiting vehicles and pulled away in a cloud of dust.



In the car Cancerman spoke to one his men. "Did you have
time to place all the monitors?"

"Three in each bedroom, one per bath, and two in every other

"Fully functional?"

"Systems checked out A-okay. Audio and visual feeds were

"Excellent." Cancerman reached into his pocket and pulling
out another cigarette, he lit up again. "Excellent."


When he was sure they had left, he made his way back
upstairs. Alex stopped at the door a moment and studied the
sleeping form before him. Fox Mulder's face was relaxed,
boyish. Alex couldn't remember when he had seen him looking
so young.

Fox's lips were parted, a hint of teeth showing, as he drew
a slumbered breath. Alex licked his own lips at the sudden
rush of lust that hit him. Drawing a deep breath, he let it
out slowly. After last night he knew Mulder would be too
sore for more sex this morning. Suprisingly, Alex did not
feel disappointed. He didn't really want to fuck Mulder
this morning, just hold him, cuddle. An eyebrow lifted on
his forehead. Cuddle? Was that ME? Did I just say that?
Yes, cuddle. A slow smile spread across his face as he
crossed the room. Stripping off his clothes, he drew back
the covers and climbed in, sliding into Mulder's arms and
stealing a quick kiss from those full lips. With a grin he
kissed them again, sliding out his tongue to trace over the


Flashes of memory passed by Fox; none staying long enough to
make a lasting impression. He moaned at a fleeting image of
a child floating out the window before warm lips pressed
themselves against his temple and warm arms held him

Fox could taste the lingering flavor of coffee on Alex's
lips. With a soft sigh he enclosed Alex in his arms and
threw a leg over him, settling his head on the warm
shoulder, before slipping back into the warmth of sleep.

End Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: X marks his spot


Alex woke to find the bed empty. Mulder was gone. In a
panic, he jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes. He
nearly tripped on the stairs in his rush, coming to a
skidding halt when he reached the kitchen. There was
Mulder, standing over the sink, staring out the window into
the fresh morning sunshine. At Alex's entrance, a shy smile
spread across his face.

Alex blinked.

"You have horses."

Alex blinked again. Mulder's voice had held almost
childlike wonder. "Yes. Have you ridden before?"

Mulder's smile faded and his brow furrowed in concentration.
"I don't know. I don't remember."

"Do you want to ride this morning?"

"Can we?"

Alex had to smile at the eager response. Crossing the room,
he came up to Mulder and leaned forward for a kiss. Shyly,
Mulder kissed him, their stubble abrading the other's soft
cheek, before pulling away, his nose wrinkling. "You need
to brush your teeth," he admonished him with adolescent

Alex grinned. "Why don't we eat breakfast, BRUSH our teeth,
THEN go for a ride?"


Hugging the older man, Alex reached down and squeezed his
butt. "You're not too sore, are you?"

Mulder pulled away. "A little. But I want to ride."

Alex turned toward the stove thinking of hazel eyes and lean
bodies, muttering under his breath. "So do I, Fox. So do

They spent the next several days playing. Swimming,
wrestling, laughing, joking. Playing basketball. Fox had a
hell of a jump shot, sliding easily past Alex's defenses and
sinking the ball in one smooth motion. Alex watched in awe
as long limbs propelled his lover upward and then gracefully
landed him on his feet, a triumphant grin spreading over his
face. Sweat poured from him, making his face shiny with
perspiration, his shirt sticking wetly to his chest.

Then there was the rest of their time together. Making
love. Over and over. And over again. They found new and
interesting places to try out. The bed, bathroom, shower,
barn and surrounding fields. Mulder seemed to be
inexhaustible. Alex hadn't had this much fun in years.

The strangest moment came after their equestrian excursion.
Alex went up to the bathroom to get cleaned up. After a
quick shower, he stood before the mirror, wearing only a
towel, while he found his razor. Mulder had heard the
shower go off, so he tentatively knocked on the bathroom

"Can I come in?"

"Sure," Alex called.

Mulder opened the door and a burst of cool air entered with
him. Alex shivered a little, then reached for the shaving
cream. Mulder sat himself down on the edge of the counter
and watched Alex as he deftly scraped whiskers from his

Alex took a moment to watch the handsome face that intently
studied his every move.

"Do you want to shave?"

"Can I?"

Alex smiled at him. "How about I do it for you?"

Mulder's eyes were on the razor, as if it would tell him the
secrets of the universe. "Okay. What do I have to do?"

Alex handed the razor to Mulder and grabbed the can of
shaving cream. "Just sit back and let me do everything."

He squeezed a dollop of foam onto his palm and returned the
can to the counter. Rubbing his hands together, he reached
up to Mulder's face and smeared the lather over the
beginning beard. Turning on the water, he washed his hands
and then took the razor from Mulder. "Okay, turn you head
that way," he pointed over his left shoulder with the razor.
Mulder head turned and Alex carefully scraped away the
stubble. Quietly he gave Mulder instructions, forcing him
to make faces so that he could be shaved properly. "Okay,
now turn." Obediently, Mulder turned the other way. "Now
lift you chin." Again Mulder followed instructions. "Go
like this," he said, making another face for Mulder to
imitate. Alex had never done this for another man before
and found the procedure strangely erotic. Carefully he
relieved Mulder of his beard, resisting the urge to run his
tongue over the exposed Adam's apple, or to kiss his jaw, or
lick the cream off that spot behind his ear. Even the
thought of the bitter taste of the lather did not deter him
much, but there was something so essentially trusting about
the whole thing that made him hesitate and shook him to the
core. Mulder trusted him. Mulder. Trusted. Him. With a
razor in his hand, Mulder was tilting up his head and
exposing his vulnerable neck to him. To HIM. Mister Fox
My-Middle-Name-Is-Suspicion Mulder. Alex's hands almost
trembled with the thought. He shivered again and reached
for a hand towel, rubbing it against Mulder's face, wiping
off the last of the foam. Mulder's hand caught his own as
he turned to put the towel down.

Hazel eyes studied him. Then Mulder reached up and cupped
Alex's face in his hands. Softly their lips met, before
Mulder's tongue tentatively slicked Alex's lips. Alex
groaned and pressed himself between Mulder's dangling legs.
Sliding his hands down to Mulder's ass, he pulled him to the
edge of the counter. His hands slid down Mulder's chest,
coming to rest on his zipper, sliding it down, out of the
way. He felt Mulder's chest tremble as he giggled with

Alex grinned and tugged at Mulder's jeans. "You need a
bath, too." Seconds later, Fox's jeans were around his
knees. Alex reached over and grabbed the can of shaving
lather, applying a little to his hand to use as lubricant.
Quickly he slid into Fox, groaning with hot sensation as he
did. He leaned forward, gluing his mouth to Fox's, pushing
his shoulders back against the mirror as he did. Slowly at
first, then faster with each thrust, his hips picked up
speed until he was pistoning into Mulder. Reaching down
between them, he stroked Mulder's shaft in time with his

Alex opened his eyes and looked over Mulder's shoulder. He
barely recognized the face in the mirror as his own. His
cheeks were flushed, his brows strained with concentration.
He watched his hands lower themselves to support the small
of Mulder's back, pulling him tighter to him. With a groan
he came, collapsing onto his lover, squeezing his testicles
in the process. The added pressure drew Fox to his own
orgasm and he fell back against the mirror.

Alex watched his deflated cock as he slipped out of Mulder.
Mulder kissed him one more time then stepped away from him
and climbed into the shower. Soon the room was filling up
with steam so thick Alex could barely see his hand in front
of his face.

Damn! This whole babysitting thing was going to be harder
than he thought. If he didn't watch himself, it was going
to be impossible to let go when the time came. And the time
would come. Sure as day followed night, it would come.

It was three weeks before Mr. X showed up. Alex awoke to a
gentle shove against his shoulder. When he opened his eyes
to the darkened room, he spotted the shadowy figure beside
his bed.

"Get up, Alex. We need to talk." The faint light of the
moon glistened against the man's chocolate skin.

Silently Alex slipped out of the covers, threw on a pair of
boxers and padded down the stairs, following Mr. X to the
living room. When both men had finally arrived, the dark
man whirled on Alex. "Just what the hell do you think
you're doing. You were sent to retrieve him, not use him as
your personal fuck-toy.

Alex stiffened. "How the hell do you know what we're

"They have you monitored, you idiot," X hissed at him.
"The whole place has more bugs than an ant farm.

Alex's mouth dropped open in shock. "Since when?"

"Since the morning your former boss showed up and made a
deal with you. The place is wired for audio and visual."

"All... all this time?" Alex asked with a gulp. His legs
suddenly felt like rubber and he sank down on the nearest

"Let's just say we all know how athletic you are now!" Mr. X
replied sarcastically.

"Shit," he breathed softly, before a frown creased his
forehead. "What about now. They're going to know you're

"I've taken care of that. Temporarily. We have a few
moments to talk. I intend to notify Agent Scully about
Mulder's whereabouts. I thought it best if you were
prepared. She finds out you've been fucking her partner and
she's just libel to shoot you on sight. Not that she
wouldn't do that anyway."

Fuck! Alex put his head in his hands. "How much time will
you give me?"

"Has his memory started to return yet?"

"No," Alex mumbled, "Not yet. Cancerman said it wouldn't
start to return for a month, maybe two."

Mr. X's dark eyes glittered in the dim light. "I wouldn't
place too much faith on his estimates. They've never wiped
someone with an eidetic memory before. His recovery time
may be sooner than expected. You may have to act fast. If
he recalls his memory before the time they have allowed,
their solution may become more permanent. If he recovers
too soon...," he let the warning trail off. "They are
following a timetable, Krycek, and they mean to keep on

"What will you tell Scully?"

"Minimal information will be sufficient. She will be given
this address. Nothing more."

Alex looked up at the tall black man. "Do you know what he
offered me?"

Mr. X studied the former agent. "You are a risk to me, Mr.
Krycek. You can act as my agent on the inside or I can kill
you where you sit."

Alex found it hard to swallow when his mouth had suddenly
become too dry. "I'm... I'm your man." He managed to

"Don't forget it, Alex." X brought his face close to
Alex's. "Or you won't live to regret it. That's a

Alex bobbed his head in agreement.

X withdrew and seemed to fade into the shadows. "You have
less than a month, Alex. Enjoy."

Alex sat still. Not even a scrape of a shoe signaled X's
departure, the man simply seemed to vanish like smoke.
Suddenly he shivered against the chill of the room that was
cooling the sweat that covered his body. Shaking, he
checked the locks on the door before climbing the stairs.

One detour to his closet, before slipping back into bed with
Mulder, allowed him to retrieve his weapon. Slipping the
gun under the pillow, he burrowed under the covers and
wrapped himself around Mulder's sleep-warm body. Alex lay
there a long time, thinking of how fond of Mulder he had
grown. The man next to him did not carry the
world-weariness or anger that he had come to expect from Fox
Mulder, Special Agent for the FBI.

This Fox Mulder was witty, playful. Charming even. Was
this how Mulder had been as a child? What he would have
been like, had his life not been filled with pain and loss?
Alex could feel himself falling for the tall, lanky agent.
Mulder's innocence and exuberance had managed to break down
Krycek's walls. Walls that he had thought were

He would have to warn Mulder about X. Describe the black
man to him and impress him with the need to follow his
orders. If it came down to it, it could be the only thing
that would save his life.


As soon as X was clear of the ranch, he reached for his
phone and dialed a familiar number. When the woman's voice
answered on the other end of the line, he spoke quickly.
"Agent Scully, I may have information as to the whereabouts
of your missing partner. Make no further attempts to locate
him until I speak with you again." Quickly he pressed the
end key, a small grin tugging at the corner of his mouth.

Scully looked down at the phone in her hand. The only sound
it was making now was a dial tone. "When I get my hands on
you, Mulder, I am going to KILL you."



X showed up at the ranch two weeks later to warn Krycek of
Scully's impending arrival. Making sure the surveillance
was disabled, he searched the house, only to find it empty.
Stepping outside to the porch, he heard whistling coming
from the barn.

Drawn to the sound, X found Mulder in the barn, brushing
down one of the horses after a long morning ride.

Watching Mulder unawares, X was struck by how much he seemed
to have changed. His movements were lighter, uninhibited.
It was Mulder who was whistling while he worked, his
movements smooth and supple beneath the jeans and tee shirt.

Mulder jumped at the sound of footsteps. Spinning around,
he saw a tall, black man standing at the entrance to the
barn. "Can I help you?" he asked warily.

"I was looking for Alex."

"He won't be home before the afternoon. He's picking up
supplies in town. Is there anything I can do for you?"
Studying the man, Mulder came to the conclusion that this
was the man that Alex had told him to expect. "Listen to
him. Follow his orders. He's a friend. He'll protect you.
If you don't do as he says, you may get hurt." Alex's
warnings echoed in his head.

X was startled by his own body's reaction to Mulder. The
images he had seen on the videos of Alex's long cock
shuddering in and out of Mulder's body, leaped into his

His own cock hardened at the thought, wanting to feel the
insides of Mulder's long legs slide against his hips as he
thrust his cock up his tight asshole. Time to turn the table
on Special Agent Fox Mulder, X thought to himself. Time to
be a pain in HIS ass for a change.

"Yeah, maybe you can," X said, stepping closer to Mulder.
Pressing him against the boards separating the stalls, X
closed on him, trapping his body between his arms as he
leaned in, capturing the full pouting lips in a deep kiss.

Startled, Mulder jerked away, a frown creasing his forehead.
X felt him trembling. "Who... who are you?"

"A friend of Alex's. He told me all about you. Told me how
sweet you were. Sweet and tasty." X lightly kissed him
again, humming deep in his throat with approval. "Umm. Alex
was right. You are hot."

Mulder went still under the hands of the other. "Alex told
you to come here?"

"Oh, yes. He said you were a great fuck."

Mulder's brow furrowed in a frown. "He said that?" he asked

The black man's hands roamed down his arms and over his
chest. "Oh yeah. He said you were learning to give great
head but that you fucked like a god. He couldn't remember
when he had had such a sweet fuck. Alex likes to share.
Told me, I should you try you out for myself."

X leaned in again and kissed him, hard.

Fox allowed himself to be kissed, feeling both betrayed and
elated. Alex had talked about him. Bragged about him. He
was a GREAT fuck. But he thought what he and Alex had was
special. But Alex had told him to trust this man, to follow
his orders without question, and Alex wouldn't lie to him.
He must have told the black man about the two of them,
otherwise how would the man have known? Mulder relaxed,
giving himself up to the other man, responding to the lips
that pressed against his own, feeling his body respond to
the caresses. Alex said it was okay, so it must be all
right. He trusted Alex.

Willingly, Mulder let himself be lowered to the floor of the
empty stall. He felt the black man pull his shirt out of
his pants, then fumble for the buttons, stripping him of his
jeans. The fresh hay was scratchy against his naked skin.
Mulder watched as X fumbled for his own zipper, sliding the
metal teeth apart, drawing out the straining black cock,
until it was free. He watched as X stroked the hard
erection until it stood upright against his belly. The
black man unbuttoned the front of his shirt, but did not
attempt to disrobe any further.

He felt X's hands on his shoulder, pushing him onto his
back. X lowered himself between Mulder's legs, drawing them

up until they rested on his shoulders. Without preamble,
the hard shaft made its way up his rectum, slick with
pre-cum, seating the crown firmly in place. X leaned
forward to capture Mulder's lips, overpowering the younger
man with his desire. Kissing him forcefully, he pressed
forward until his cock was buried to the root, before X's
hips began the age-old pumping action.

Letting Fox's legs drop from his shoulders, they lowered
until they wrapped themselves around X's hips. He could
feel Mulder's heels as they bounced at the back of his legs,
the smooth movement of the inside of Mulder's thighs sliding
over his hips. Thrusting harder, he felt his orgasm grip
him from his scalp to his toes, flooding Mulder with his
sperm. The tightening of Mulder's spincter drew the fluid
from his cock, milking him, pulsing again and again until
his cream dripped into the fresh straw. He felt Mulder's
orgasm spilling his seed between them, soaking both their
stomachs. X rested a moment atop Mulder before raising his
body and withdrawing his flagging erection.

He leaned forward, and kissed Mulder again, letting his
tongue explore the sweet mouth, before he pushed himself up
and away. Using the planks of the stall, he got to his feet
and, shaking the last of the juice from his cock, he watched
as tiny droplets landed inside the stall and on the man
lying before him. Wiping himself off with Mulder's
discarded tee shirt, he adjusted himself back into his
slacks, and straightened up his clothes, rebuttoning his
shirt. Looking down, he took a mental snap shot. A freshly
fucked Fox, he thought with a laugh. Mulder still lay on
the stable floor, legs akimbo, creamy man-juice leaking down
the crack his ass, a wide-eyed look on his face.

"Tell Alex he has twenty-four hours."

"Twenty-four hours for what?"

"He'll know." And with that, X turned on his heel and left
the barn.

Mulder was left alone to wonder if he hadn't just made the
most terrible mistake of his short remembered life.

Dana Scully rushed for the front door. The morning was not
going well. Some days should just be canceled. Balancing
her purse, jacket and briefcase, she fumbled with her house
key. At that moment, her cell phone rang.


Dropping everything onto a nearby table, she dug into her
purse, snapping open the phone and pressing it to her ear.

A deep male voice whispered a location in her ear.

X. After two weeks of waiting, the bastard had finally
called back, hissing the whereabouts of her missing partner
at her.

"Is he okay? Is he hurt?"

There was a strange note that Scully didn't understand in
X's voice when he answered. "He's great." Scully wondered
at the response until the voice added, "Except he has a
complete memory loss and doesn't know who he is."

"My god," breathed Dana. "Is he hurt? Is he safe?"

"The amnesia is temporary. He is safe at his present
location, but you must re-acquire your partner as soon as
possible." X hung up without another word.

Reaching back into her purse, she scribbled down the address
before picking up the phone and dialing Skinner's number.

"Sir, I have a possible location for Mulder."



"I'll have Kim make reservations for two, Scully. I'm
coming with you."

Dana smiled. "Thank you, sir."

End Chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Leave-taking


Alex made it home a little before three that afternoon.
Reaching into the back seat, he snagged the bags of
groceries and hauled them into the house. Kicking the back
door shut behind him, he dumped his purchases on the kitchen
table before calling out for Fox.

The minute Mulder walked into the kitchen, Alex knew
something had changed.

"What's wrong?"

Mulder wouldn't meet his eyes and he was shuffling his feet,
watching the floor.

"Mulder... What happened?"

"There was someone here."

Alex's breath caught in his throat. A cold finger of terror
laced down his spine. Sharply he asked, "Did they hurt


Alex could sense Mulder holding back. "What? What
happened? What did they look like."

"It was a black man. He didn't say who he was. He said it
would be okay."

"That what would be okay?"

"Please, Alex, don't be mad at me."

Forcing himself to be calm, Alex said, "Just tell me what
happened, Fox." His voice was calm. Deadly calm.

"Please, Alex, I'm sorry." Alex could smell the fear rising
in him.

Quietly he said, "Tell me." Each word was distinctly
enunciated. "What did he do?"

Ducking his head so he wouldn't have to look into Alex's
eyes, Mulder finally said, "I let him make love to me."

Alex's eyes closed. He was going to kill X. The man had
balls. Fucking his lover. Here on his own place.

Alex opened his eyes to Mulder's frightened countenance.
The look in Alex's eyes scared him more. They were cold,
dead eyes. All love and laughter forgotten. Mulder
shivered as fear built in him like a small fire. And then
it changed. Alex frowned at him and closed his eyes in
resignation. Opening his arms, wrapping him in a warm
embrace, he allowed Mulder to burrow his face into his neck.
Kissing away Mulder's fears, he gave himself a mental kick.

Stupid. Stupid. Did you think you could keep him all to
yourself? There were plenty of others who would jump at the
chance of taking advantage of Mulder as he was now. People
that Mulder would have known to steer clear of before.
Before. Not now. He was too vulnerable, his amnesia making
him an easy target for revenge for past transgressions (real
or imagined). Alex should have known. He, himself, had
leaped at the opportunity as soon as it had presented

Taking Mulder, in an unguarded moment, as his lover,
unprotected by Mulder's natural intelligence and wariness.

Christ! He was as bad as X. Tightening his arms, he rubbed
a warm palm up and down Mulder's spine. "Hush, now. Hush.
Are you okay?"

Mulder's grip tightened as he nodded. "I'm sorry, Alex.
I'm sorry."

"Shhhh. Shhhh. No more of that. It's over. Everything's
okay. Did he say anything to you? Did he tell you why he
was here?"

"He said to tell you, 'you have twenty-four hours.'"

Alex sighed, resigned. Twenty-four hours. Then Scully
would be here. And Mulder would be gone. Gone from his
life, forever. His arms gripped tighter, the unexpected
pain in his heart was piercing.

Alex released Mulder from his arms and took his hand.
Leading him from the kitchen, he led him to the living room
sofa and sat down.

"We need to talk. Someone is coming. To take you home."

"But, I am home," Mulder protested.

Alex hugged him. "No. This is not where you belong, as
much as I want you to stay. You have a place out there.
Another life. That's what that man wanted me to know. He's
sending someone to come get you."

Mulder's body stiffened. "Alex... are they... you know,
like him? Are they going to want sex with me?"

"No!" Alex hugged him again, reassuring him with soothing
hands. "No. It's going to be okay. This person will not
harm you. I promise. She's a friend of yours. She'll take
care of you."


"Her name is Dana Scully. She's about five-feet-two, with
red hair. Real pretty. She won't hurt you, Fox. She's
your best friend."

"But what about you, Alex? You're my best friend."

Alex smiled at the appellation. "She'll be here tomorrow.
And you'll have to leave with her. I promise you, she'll be
good to you."

Alex watched as tears spilled down Mulder's face. "I don't
want to go, Alex. I want to stay here. Please don't send
me away, Alex. I'll be good, I promise. Just, please,
don't send me away."

Krycek felt tears prick at his own eyes and he leaned
forward and kissed Mulder's face, wiping tears away with his
thumb. "You have to go back, Fox. You have to. There's no

Mulder's tears fell faster. He curled forward and buried
his head against Alex's stomach while his body shook with
sobs. Alex held him tight, rubbing his back. When the flow
of tears finally dried up, he took his lover by the hand and
led him upstairs. Their loving that night was solemn and
slow, an air of quiet desperation pervading every kiss,
every caress. With great concentration, Alex stripped
Mulder, then shed his own clothing. Reaching out for his
lover, he caressed him with his hands, sliding over
everything, everywhere he could reach. He wanted to imprint
him onto his memory. The feel of Mulder's skin. The musky
smell of him. The way he shuddered when Alex pinched his
nipples. The sweet taste of his bare skin.

Gently he pushed his lover back onto the bed, reaching for
Mulder's hands, holding them by the wrists and placing them
onto his own hardening erection. Mulder's fingers flew over
him. Stroking, rubbing, caressing. Alex halted him before
he came in his hands and gently pushed against his chest.
Mulder lay on his back, spreading his thighs, as Alex
crawled between them. Holding each other's eyes, Alex
embedded himself inside Mulder's hot flesh. Mulder gave a
tiny whimper but never dropped his eyes. They barely
blinked as Alex stroked faster. Alex reached again for
Mulder's hands, placing his right onto his stiffening rod.
His own right hand entwined fingers with Fox's left, both of
them luxuriating in the building pressures.

They came simultaneously, Alex deep inside the older man.
Afterwards, Fox burst into tears at the thought of leaving
Alex. Alex drew him close, kissing each drop of salty water
away, stoking and petting him until he quieted. Neither
slept, holding each other until the dawn's light illuminated
their tired faces.

Finally climbing out of bed, they quietly ate breakfast and
did the dishes. When everything was finished and put away,
Alex took the older agent in his arms again, kissing him

The phone shrilled, shattering the silence.

"They're on their way," the voice on the phone stated.
"They're leaving the airport now.

Alex hung up. Looking up, he saw Mulder staring at him.
"They're coming."

"I don't want to go."

"Please, Fox. Do this for me. Don't make this harder." He
reached out and kissed him tenderly. Pulling away, he took
one last look at his lover, savoring each feature in turn.

"I can't be here when they arrive."


"No, it's for the best. I'll be close. I'll be watching,

"Why can't you be here?"

"A lot of reasons, that I'm not going to go into. I'm going
to leave now. You go upstairs and pack your things and then
wait for them."

"Can I go for a ride before I have to leave?"

"Not today, Fox. You have to stay close to the house."

"I don't want to go."

"Hush now. Go get ready." With one last kiss, Alex left.

Mulder stared after him, standing a good long while, until
with a heavy sigh, he went upstairs and packed his few
belongings. He didn't see the tears gleaming in Alex's eyes
as he walked out the door.



End Chapter 4.

Chapter 5: Home, Sweet Home

Two hours later, Scully and Skinner arrived. They stepped
out of the rented sedan and cautiously approached the front
door. They had no idea what to expect in this situation.
Scully only prayed that X's information was true. She
nearly ached from missing her partner.

Skinner rapped smartly on the front door, which opened
immediately. Before them stood Mulder. Hale and healthy.
Well, except for the dark circles surrounding red-rimmed


Dana barely had time to say 'Mulder' before she wrapped him
in a ferocious hug. She felt his body stiffen in her arms
before relaxing and cautiously putting his arms around her,
hesitantly patting her back. They stood for long seconds
until Skinner cleared his throat. Drawing away from him,
Dana stepped back to take a long hard look at him.

"My god, Mulder, where have you been. You've been missing
for over a month."

Fox met her stare, studying her face. Hesitantly he reached
up a hand, tracing his fingers along her cheek. "I... I
think I remember you." He frowned at the memory. "But I
can't... remember your name." Dana's disappointment must
have been apparent, for he quickly added, "I'm sorry."

Scully sighed. She still had hopes that Mulder's informant
could have been wrong. "My name is Dana Scully. I'm your

At his continued blank stare, she added, "We work for the
Federal Bureau of Investigations." Dana stepped back and
waved a hand at the bald headed man next to her. "This is
our boss, Assistant Director Walter Skinner."

Mulder stuck out his hand. "How do you do, sir?"

Skinner shook it in a firm grasp, almost chuckling at
Mulder's formality. "How are you, Agent Mulder," he asked
gently, "Can you tell us what happened to you?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't know. I've been staying here with
my friend, Alex, but I don't know what happened to me before

Scully seized on the name. "Alex? Alex Krycek?"

Mulder frowned at her. "No. Ben Alexander. Alex for
short. He told me you would be coming for me and that I was
to leave with you." Mulder stepped away, backing into the
living room to retrieved his knapsack.

The two federal agents followed him, checking out the place
as they did. They found an old fashioned country home,
modestly decorated, with nothing very personal to indicate
who the owner was.

"I think we'd better check this out before we leave,

Dana nodded, opting to stay with Mulder on the ground floor
while Skinner went upstairs.

What he found disturbed him. The clothes in the closet, and
the shaving kit in the bathroom, indicated the only
inhabitant was a male. And there were used condoms in the
trash of one bedroom. The other rooms appeared unused.
Skinner thought it best to keep this information to himself
unless there was a reason to tell Scully. He went
downstairs and joined the others. "Anything?"

"Nothing, sir."

Mulder stood by the door, holding his knapsack against his
chest while he shifted from foot to foot, looking very much
like a kid waiting for his parents to hurry and take him to

"Are we going to go now?" he asked softly.

Dana placed a reassuring hand on his forearm. "Yeah. We'll
go now."


The return trip was unspectacular. Mulder sat between them,
trying to peer past Scully so he could see out the window
during takeoff. They questioned him, but it soon became
obvious that he remembered nothing and had little to tell
them. The only people he had seen was a tall black man
(whom Scully suspected was Mr. X) and the mysterious Alex.
After getting a description from Mulder, she caught
Skinner's eye, confirming her suspicion that he also
believed the man to have been Krycek.

Not long into the flight, the drone of the engines, coupled
with a sleepless night, had Mulder drifting off to sleep.
Dana had been staring sightlessly out the window at the
passing clouds when a light snore caught her attention. She
turned her head to find Mulder's lanky frame curled up in
his seat, snoring against Skinner's chest. Dana had to
chuckle to herself, resisting the urge to snicker aloud, as
she caught the embarrassed look on her boss' face and heard
his resigned sigh.

"I hope he doesn't drool," was Walter's only comment.

Reaching into the seatpocket in front of her, she drew out a
small blue blanket and shook it out. Tucking it around her
sleeping partner, she gave her boss an understanding look.
He responded with a wry grin and a snort before resuming his

"Your place or his, Agent Scully?"

They hadn't really discussed what they were going to do with
Mulder. They had no idea how long the amnesia would last
and she felt he couldn't be left on his own.

"My place. We'll go to Mulder's tomorrow to see if it jogs
his memory."

Skinner nodded and started the car.

Arriving at Dana's, Skinner trailed the couple, carrying the
luggage. Dana watched Mulder roam around her apartment,
lightly touching knickknacks, bouncing on the couch, opening
the refrigerator. Reaching in, he snagged an apple.
Holding it in the air, he asked, "Can I have this? I'm

Dana nodded and watched as he chomped down on it before
wandering out of the kitchen so he could check out the bed
and bath rooms. She followed him as he bounced on the bed.
"Am I gonna sleep here?"

Scully glanced at her boss before answering. "Sure you

Mulder bounded to his feet and headed back to the living
room. Drawing aside the curtain of the big bay window, he
asked, "Do you have horses? Alex had horses. We used to
ride almost every day."

"No, sorry. No horses."

"Oh." Mulder appeared chestfallen.

Skinner looked amused. "Agent Scully?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Take a couple of days. If you need more time, just call

"Thank you, sir."

"And Dana, if you need anything," Skinner looked over at
Mulder, "Anything at all, just ask."

"Thank you, sir." Dana felt warmed by his concern. "Thank
you very much. I think I'm going to see if I can schedule
him for some tests. See what that turns up. If nothing
more happens," she raised a finger to her head, indicating
Mulder's memory, "I'll ask my mother to stay with him."

"I'll leave you to it then. Remember, call me. Day or

"Again, thank you, sir."

Dana spent the next two days at Mulder's side.

The first day she took him to his apartment. He wandered
around, much like he had at her apartment, touching things,
opening drawers, peering into corners. His cache of videos
made this new Mulder blush and he quickly closed the cabinet
door. He found the goldfish fascinating and wanted to know
the names of each. Scully shook her head. She wasn't sure
any of them had ever lasted long enough to BE named.

Dana, meanwhile, gathered up spare clothing for him. When
he commented on the condition of his apartment, she assured
him that he had been a 'bit of a slob' ever since she had
known him. He questioned her endlessly about their
relationship. How long had they known one another. Did she
like working with him. Did they ever spend any time
together. Had they ever kissed.

Dana blushed at this last question.

At her negative reply, he wanted to know why. After all, he
said, he thought she was beautiful. Dana's blush deepened.
A little flustered, she avoided his oh-so-direct gaze and
patiently explained that they were partners and best
friends, but were not romantically involved. She was
quietly pleased when he found her answer to be
disappointing. Still, she mentally wiped her brow with

The down side of the little visit was that nothing jogged
his memory. Not the apartment, not the fish, not the black
leather couch, not even his favorite Georgetown Hoyas'

Bundling him back into the car, she whisked him away to
George Washington University Medical Center so they wouldn't
be late for their appointment with Doctor Daly.

They spent the afternoon at the hospital while a variety of
tests were performed. CAT scans, MRI, and a complete
physical were given. Only his bloodwork seemed to give them
any clues. From what they could discover, there had been a
drug placed in his system, released as time coated capsules.
Possibly nueron supressors. Memory supressors. Doctor
Daly felt sure that within another two weeks, the entire
drug would be cleared from his bloodstream. Sooner if they
were lucky.

Scully was relieved. With any luck, her partner would be
back to his old self in no time.

They spent the evening with her mother. Dana and Margaret
had to grin as Mulder seemed to stuff himself silly. After
dinner, Scully sent him outside with the basketball to shoot
hoops while she helped her mother with the dishes.

"Dana..." her mother hesitated.

"What is it, mom?"

"Do you realize that you can't seem to stop touching him
since you've been here?"

Dana looked up, startled, almost dropping the soapy plate
she held in her hands. "I... I just want to make sure he
feels safe, mom."

Her mother gave her a penetrating stare before reaching out
and laying a hand on her forearm. "Is that all, Dana?"

Scully stared at the soapy bubbles hiding her hands. "God,
mom, I missed him so much," she confessed. "He was gone so
long I thought I had lost him for good this time."

Her mother's hand rubbed between her shoulder blades as she
gave her a hug. "So it's more like you're touching him to
just reassure YOURSELF that he's really back."

Dana grinned and blushed faintly. "Yeah. I guess that's
it. He's so different. So..."


Dana's smile widened. "That's part of it. He just seems to
give me such intense looks. Before, when he was himself, he
used to give me the same kind of looks, but he always seemed
to drop his eyes when I looked back. Now... now..." Dana
was at a loss as to how to explain. How could she explain
how his unwavering gaze set small fires in her belly, how
his innocence made her want to protect him, how his constant
touches made her want to throw him to the floor and cover
him with her own body. The thought made her blush again and
then deeper yet as she realized that she was still under her
mother's scrutiny.

Her mother smiled gently at her. "He was special before.
Now he's even more special."

Dana didn't get a chance to respond before the door burst
inward and a sweaty Mulder bounded into the kitchen.

"Hey, Dana," he said with enthusiasm, "Want to come out and
play basketball with me?"

Margaret and Dana exchanged grins as her mother shooed her
out the door, releasing her from her kitchen chores.

Margaret watched out the kitchen window as Dana's tomboy
nature reasserted itself and she did her best to give Mulder
a run for his money.

Margaret laughed aloud as she watched her daughter feint to
the left before ducking around Mulder's right, soaring
upwards to cleanly sink the ball in the basket. A second
later, Mulder grabbed her around the waist and they tumbled
to the ground, laughing and rolling in the grass. The worry
lines had disappeared from her daughter's face, replaced by
laugh lines as Mulder tickled her relentlessly.

She turned away to put on a pot for tea when once again the
door burst open to allow the two laughing agents to enter,
still flushed, their hair carrying traces of green, grass

"Mom, tell Fox to stop tickling me!" Dana cried.

Margaret Scully grinned and with mock sternness scolded
Mulder, "Now behave yourself, Fox, or no desert for you."

Mulder grinned, unrepentant. "She made me do it, Mrs.

"You two go get cleaned up while I cut the cake."

They threw her a salute before heading into the bathroom.
Margaret got down the cake, listening all the while to peals
of laughter and the sound of splashing water. "You'd better
not be making a mess in there," she scolded in her best
'mother' voice.

She heard Dana's voice call back, "Don't worry, mom, Mulder
will clean it up." This was followed by another squeal of
laughter as Mulder splashed her again.

Margaret just shook her head. She was happy for her
daughter that Fox was back. Having him missing for so long
had really put too much of a strain on her youngest girl.


End Chapter 5.


Chapter 6: Reinstatement

Flashes of memory strobed behind Mulder's eyelids. They
skimmed his conscious mind, playing tag with his active
memory. He jerked in his sleep, trying to force a single
memory into focus. It eluded his grasp, leaving familiar
traces in its wake like the scent of a woman's perfume, long
after she has left the room.


Late that night, Dana found herself standing at the door to
her bedroom watching Mulder sleep, listening to his quiet
snores. She smiled at the memory of the time they had spent
at her mothers. It wasn't often they got to feel so
carefree. Damn, she had missed the man!

She didn't want to confess to her mother how hurt she was
that he hadn't instantly remembered her and everything that
was between them. Right now she was just grateful to the
powers-that-be that he had been returned. She heard him
snuffle in his sleep, then watched as he curled up on his
side. Turning away from the door, she made her way back to
the couch. Tomorrow was going to be a long day and she had
best be prepared for it.

The next day they headed out to the Hoover building. Again
Mulder walked around, inquisitively getting into everything,
touching objects, grimacing at some of the more grizzly
photos adorning the walls of his office.

And again, nothing seemed to jog his memory.

His entrance and exit did not go unnoticed. Several agents
called out greetings. He even got a quick hug from an
elderly secretary down in research. Scully made a point of
stopping by Skinner's office, but had to drag Mulder back
out when he began to wander around the AD's office and
Skinner began to shoot her pointed looks as if she had just

let her child play, unsupervised, in his office.

He spent the afternoon teasing her by calling her 'Agent
Scully.' She briefly wondered if soon he would be asking
for her 'medical opinion.' She could only hope.

They stopped by the Jefferson Memorial and their favorite
bench by the Tidal Basin, but nothing came back. Zip.
Nada. Zilch.

They spent a quiet evening watching old sci-fi movies and
eating pizza. Dana could almost believe nothing had
changed. All they needed now were crappy hotel rooms.

Before going to bed, Mulder asked when he was going to be
sleeping at his own apartment. He had not missed the way
she had moved so stiffly in the morning. The couch was
obviously not her mattress of choice.

"How about we try it tomorrow?"

"Okay," Mulder agreed before heading into the bedroom. He
was starting to chaff under the constant attention. Not
that he minded Dana. Not at all. He really liked her. But
he didn't like to feel like he was being watched all the

Dana's night was restless. She woke up groggy and irritable
when the phone screamed the next morning at 7am.

They were calling her in to do an autopsy. Quickly calling
her mother, she arranged for her to stay with Mulder for the
day. Her mother didn't seem to mind in the least and
arrived less than an hour later.

She didn't finish with work until late that day. She and
Mulder had a quiet dinner with her mother and then she drove
him back to his place. A little apprehensive, she settled
him into his rooms then made her way out to her car, pausing
briefly at the door, uncertain if she should really leave
him on his own. She considered staking out Mulder's
apartment for the night, but finally dismissed the idea. He
had her phone number and if he needed her, he would call.

Krycek looked around Mulder's darkened apartment. This was
the first night that Scully had allowed Mulder to stay at
his apartment alone.

He slipped into the bedroom, the lump on the bed reassuring
him that Mulder was there. He crept closer, squatting
beside the bed, reaching out a hand to touch the sleeping
form. Mulder stirred, muttering in his sleep. Alex stroked
his soft hair, quietly calling his name. Mulder blinked
sleepily, focusing on the man beside his bed. "Alex?"

"Yeah, it's me."

Alex stood, shedding his clothes before slipping into the
warm bed with his lover. Mulder snuggled against him,
wrapping an arm around Alex's waist and throwing a leg over
his thighs. Alex's arms gathered the sleep-warm body tight
against him.

"I missed you, Alex," the sleepy voice said in the dark.

"I missed you, too."

"Are you going to take me home now?"

Alex kissed Mulder's forehead at the hairline. "You are
home, silly," he chided him.

"No. Not here. I mean back at the ranch. I want to go
home. With you."

"Don't you like it here?"

"I miss you."

"I miss you, too, but don't you like Scully?"

"She's nice," Mulder managed around a yawn, "But I miss
being with you." Mulder yawned again and snuggled closer.

"She's been good to you, hasn't she?"

"Yeah. She's real nice. I think she likes me. She even
took me to visit her mom. She's real nice, too. Do you
think Dana likes me? You know, like you do? Do you think
she'd be mad if I kissed her?"

Krycek bit his lip to keep from laughing, even as a little
piece of his heart broke off. Such an innocent question.
Such enormous ramifications. 'I'm losing him,' he thought
with a touch of desperation. 'To Scully. Oh god, you have
really have gone off the deep end, Alex. Get a hold of
yourself,' he told himself sternly, 'At best he was only on
loan to you. Be grateful for the time you had.'

But he couldn't be grateful, not if it meant that he would
never get to see Fox again. See him, hold him, make love to
him. Finally he answered as honestly as he could. "I don't
know, Fox. Have you tried?"

"No." Fox's voice was faint. "I thought she might hit me.
She told me we had never been romantic, but she's awfully

"Yes, she is." Alex had to agree to that.

"Are you going to stay, Alex? For good?"

'For good, for bad... forever,' Alex thought with a sigh.
"I'll stay till morning," he promised.

Mulder yawned again and rested his head in the hollow of
Alex's shoulder. "Good."

Alex kissed his forehead again. Mulder seemed a little too
warm to him. "Did Scully say if you were running a fever?"

"The doctor says my system is fighting the last of the drugs
like a virus. Throwing it off as waste product."

"Ah. That would explain why I got such a sleepy reception."

"Sorry, Alex," Mulder murmured, grazing his cheek with a
kiss before laying his head down again and drifting off to

"No problem," Alex reassured him, holding him close and
falling to sleep himself.

Alex awoke at dawn the next morning. Kissing the still
sleeping Mulder, he dressed quickly and left the apartment.
Across the street, two Consortium agents watched his exit
from the building from a parked car. One of them picked up
his cellular and made a quick call.

"He's just leaving now, sir."

The voice on the other end relayed new instructions. The
man closed the phone and nodded to his partner. They both
exited the car and caught up to Alex. Startled, he
attempted to move away but they latched onto his arms and
drew him back to the waiting vehicle.

"The boss wants to see you."

Alex quietly slid into the back seat, cursing his luck.
Twenty minutes later he was standing at the end of a large
conference table. Two guards stood behind him, watching at
the single exit door. The room was foggy with the lingering
smell of stale cigarette smoke.

At the other end of the table the old man sat, creating more
fog with the exhalation of another puff. He let Alex stew
for a few minutes until the former agent began to fidget.
When he finally spoke, he kept his voice low, so Alex was
forced to lean forward as he strained to hear the raspy

"You were given no instructions to contact Agent Mulder once
he returned to Washington, Mr. Krycek."

Alex made no reply, simply swallowed nervously.

The smoking man ignored his rectitude and continued. "Has
he regained any of his memories yet?"

"No. I don't believe so."

Cancerman stood and motioned for the guards to exit the
room. Moments later he and Alex were alone.

Cancerman moved to the nearby credenza and retrieved a large
remote control device. "Your duties in respect to Agent
Mulder may not be over yet, Alex. We still need to keep
abreast of his returning memory." Returning to his seat, he
motioned for Alex to join him at the other end of the
conference table.

Warily Alex picked out a chair and sat. The old man pushed
a few buttons and a movie-house sized video screen dropped
down from the ceiling. Another button dimmed the lights in
the room. And yet another started a video feed.

Alex blinked as pictures rolled by on the screen. Movies of
him and Mulder. Having sex. In bed. In the shower. All
over the little farmhouse.

"Have you accomplished your mission, Alex?" the raspy voice
came out of the dimness.

Alex turned to look at the smoking man. "We won't know that
until his memory returns, right?"

Cancerman blew another puff of carcinogenic smoke at him.

"You were not told to come to Washington."

Alex swallowed and stayed silent.

"How did he seem?"

"He said he wants to go home?"

The older man snorted at this. "And just where does he
think home is these days?"

Alex gestured toward the moving cinematic figures. "Back at
the ranch. With me."

"Ah. So he misses you."

"That's what he said."

"Are you prepared to return to us, Alex."

Alex squirmed nervously. "What do I have to do?"

Cancerman looked pointedly at the video screen and then back
at Alex.

Video-Alex was deep throating Video-Mulder while the other
man leaned back against the shower stall.

"Nothing you haven't done before, Alex." Cancerman stubbed
out the half-smoked cigarette while giving Alex an intense

Alex glanced up at the moving images again before getting up
out of his seat and kneeling before the old man.

Cancerman leaned forward, lightly placing a palm against
Alex's cheek, guiding him forward until his lips brushed
against the younger man's. Alex closed his eyes, letting
his lips part, feeling a tongue trace over his lips before
entering his mouth. The old man tasted of ashes and bourbon
and Alex was suprised at the tenderness the kiss conveyed.
Cancerman withdrew, studying the younger man, then reached
down for his zipper.

The two sets of eyes met before Alex reached out a hand and
brushed the other's hand aside, so that he guided the steel
teeth out of the way. Then both his hands reached for the
belt, undoing the fastening and opening the slacks until the
hardening cock was free. Not giving himself time to think,
Alex went down on it. He felt a gentle hand caress the back
of his head and heard a gentle voice say, "Welcome back to
the fold, Alex."


End Chapter 6.


Chapter 7: Revelations

Dana awoke to the jangle of the telephone. Leaping out of
bed, she dashed to the instrument. "Mulder?" she said

There was quiet on the other end then a determined voice
said, "Agent Scully, this is Assistant Director Skinner."

"Yes, sir?"

"I wanted to warn you that Alex Krycek was spotted in DC
this morning. Do you know the whereabouts of Agent Mulder?
I take it you thought it was him calling."

"I let him sleep at home last night, sir."

"Do you think that was wise, Agent Scully? Do you think
he's ready for that?"

"He was quite insistent, sir."

"Do you think he and Krycek planned to meet before we left

"It's possible." Dana hesitated before plunging on. "But I
got the impression he was just tired of being hovered over.
I'm afraid I may have been a little bit... overprotective,

"Do you think Agent Mulder is in any danger from Krycek?"

"I don't know. If what we suspect is true, then Krycek was
taking care of Mulder in Colorado, then I don't see any
reason why he should wait until he's back in DC to endanger
him in any way."

Skinner harrumped his agreement before remembering what he
had found in the farmhouse and what he suspected happened
between the two men. "Do you think we should place Mulder
in protective custody?"

"I don't think that will be necessary, sir. I'll keep an
eye on Mulder's place tonight. I'll call for backup if I
need it, sir."

"Just be careful, Scully."

"I will, sir. Thank you, sir."

Dana quickly showered and changed into casual wear.
Snatching up her keys, she drove through the heavy
early-morning traffic, cursing slow drivers under her
breath. When she reached Mulder's apartment building, she
jumped out of the car, making an inspection of the area.
She didn't notice anything unusual, no watchers as far as
she could tell, and moments later found herself pounding on
Mulder's door, almost shaking the brass four and two from
their nails.

After a few minutes of impatient waiting, she drew out her
key and unlocked the door. "Mulder?" Silence. No one on
the couch, she noted. "Mulder?" she called louder.

She heard a muffled voice from the bedroom. Drawing her
weapon, she crept to the doorway. "Mulder?" she queried

"Dana?" answered a sleepy voice.

Scully entered the room, blinking at the darkened interior.
"Mulder, are you okay?"

"Yeah," he answered curiously. "What's wrong?"

Her eyes finally adjusted to the dim light and there sat
Mulder, blinking sleepily, hair all askew, blankets pulling
away as he sat up.

"You didn't answer the door."

"I was asleep," he rose up unsteadily, rubbing the sleep
from his eyes.

Dana drank in the sight of him, chiding herself for it even
as she wondered what it would feel like next to his lean
body, still warm from sleep. 'Behave yourself, girl,' she
mentally scolded herself. She re-holstered her weapon,
letting the light jacket fall back into place covering it.
"I was worried." She couldn't take her eyes off of him.

Mulder gave a bone cracking stretch. "I'm okay."

'Stop staring, girl.' "I just thought we'd go out to
breakfast. Are you hungry?"

Mulder yawned as he passed her. She caught a whiff of his
musky scent and had to restrain fingers that suddenly seemed
to want to dance over his ribcage of their own volition.

"Yeah. Breakfast would be great! Do I have time for a

'Only if I get to scrub your back. And front,' Dana's
traitorous mind supplied. "Uhmm... sure," she answered

Mulder leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek.
"Morning," he said shyly, hazel eyes looking at her from
under long lashes.

Dana's hand flew to the spot on her cheek, before she
flushed, the blush covering her from her head to her toes.
"Uhmm. M...morning," she managed to stutter out.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."

"No, no... That's... that's o-kay." Dana tried to remember
how to breathe.

Mulder watched as she blushed deeper, thinking how pretty
she was.

"I'll just be a couple of minutes, okay?"


Mulder watched as she turned away, walking unsteadily back
into the living room. He felt himself grin. 'Well, I guess
she wouldn't deck me if I kissed her,' he thought to
himself, smiling wider as he got into the shower.

Fifteen minutes later, he was cleaned and dressed in jeans
and a polo shirt. Entering the living room, he found Dana
on the couch, staring off into space. Waving a hand in
front of her face, he asked, "Hey, are you ready to go?"

Dana jumped, startled. "Yeah. Yeah." She tried her best
to keep her voice steady.

Mulder grinned at her and she felt the world tilt before it
righted itself again.

Twenty minutes later, they were sitting at Mulder's favorite
cafe. Not that he remembered that small fact. The waitress
flirted outrageously with him and Mulder felt himself
blushing more than once.

"Do you remember anything, yet?"

"No. Do I get to wear a gun, like you?"

Dana chuckled. "Not yet. You'll probably have to
re-qualify at the shooting range before they give you back
your weapon."

"Can I practice?"

"Maybe we can do that later today. Are you feeling okay?
Doctor Daly said you might be running a fever because of the
medication you had been given."

"I was last night. Alex said..." He stopped abruptly.

"Alex was there last night?" she asked sharply.

Busted! Mulder froze like a deer in headlights. "Ahhh...

Dana bit her lip to keep from grinning. He really was a BAD
liar. "Mulder, you have to tell me. Did you see Alex last

"Well, I... uhmmm..." Mulder squirmed in his seat.

"Mulder, please be honest with me. I have to know the
truth. I won't be mad."

Mulder frowned. "I don't think anyone was supposed to

"But he came to your apartment."

Mulder hung his head. "Yeah," he said quietly.

"Did he hurt you?" she asked, equally soft.

Mulder looked up in surprise and gave her a penetrating
stare. "Alex would never hurt me," he stated firmly.

Dana studied the sincere face before she nodded. "It's
okay. I just needed to know. Why don't we finish up here
and then head out for the firing range?

They were quiet as they drove to the Hoover building. As
they checked in, Scully pulled the security guard aside and
asked him to ask AD Skinner if he could join them at the


Scully showed Mulder how the gun worked and how to reload
before giving him all the safety rules. She finally
released the borrowed weapon into his hands and watched him

For all his memory loss, he still had a knack for guns.
Well... about as well as he ever did. His scores were just
slightly lower than he had gotten on his last qualification

Dana glanced up as the door opened and Walter Skinner walked
in. Leaving Mulder in the hands of the range supervisor,
she motioned Skinner to step out with her.

"What is it, Agent Scully? Do you need more time off?"

"It isn't that, sir. It's Krycek. Mulder let it slip that
'Alex' had come to see him last night."

She watched as the stern face frowned. Then she saw him
glance through the window at Mulder. "Scully, there's
something I haven't shared with you."

"What's that, sir? Dana cocked her head at him.

"There may be another reason why Krycek is here. One that
you may not be aware of. When we were in the farmhouse..."
Skinner's voice dropped off, unsure of how to tell her.

"What is it, sir?"

"There was evidence of... Krycek may have been having sex
with Mulder."


"I found used condoms in one of the trash cans upstairs.
Recently used. No sign of a woman on the premises and only
one bed had been slept in.

Scully's face was horrified. "You think that Krycek RAPED

"Scully, please keep your voice down! I don't know. Mulder
has made no mention of any sexual molestation, has he?"

"No. No, he hasn't. And he speaks fondly of 'Alex,' as we
both know."

Skinner chewed his lip, "It's possible that Krycek seduced
him. We know he has lost his memory. And we KNOW Krycek.
The little rat would be quick to take any advantage he
could, especially over Mulder."

Oh, my god. Mulder.

Skinner saw the stricken look on her face. He reached out
and patted her shoulder. "Are you okay, Scully?"

"I'm fine, sir."

Skinner withdrew his hand and glanced through the window
again. "He must be laughing his ass off at us right about

"He'll be laughing out the other side of his face if I get
my hands on him," she said hotly.

Skinner touched her arm. "Just be careful, Scully. I don't
want to see either of you getting hurt."

"I will, sir. Thank you."

Skinner glanced through the window one more time. "And take
care of him."

"Yes, sir."

Dana opened the thermos again and poured herself another cup
of coffee. It was going to be a long night! God she hated
stakeouts! And without Mulder's easy banter and comfortable
presence, it was almost unendurable. Dana took another sip
of the hot liquid and then leaned back against the headrest,
trying to decide what she was going to do to Alex if she got
her hands on him. Slow torture or quick but painful death.
What to do, oh, what to do!

Somewhere around 9pm she saw Mulder's lights snap off.
There was no sign of Alex and everything had been quiet

Alex slipped around the corner of Mulder's apartment
building, knowing in his heart that he shouldn't be here.

He had spotted Scully an hour ago, sitting in her car,
consuming cup after cup of coffee. With a smile he left her
to her caffeinated watch and slipped up the back entrance to
number 42.

Moments later, he was in Mulder's bedroom, slipping out of
his clothes again.

Mulder woke up with a little jerk as he crawled under the
covers. "Alex?"

"You were expecting someone else?"

Fox snuggled into his arms and leaned up for a kiss.
"Missed you."

"Missed you, too." Alex held Mulder's chin firmly in one
hand as he gave him a soul shuddering kiss. Mulder's body
slowly melted into Alex's arms until he was limp. When Alex
released him, all he could do was to sigh, "Damn, Alex."

Alex grinned and worked his way down the throat, leaving
small hickeys on his jawline, his throat, and his
collarbone. His fingers left faint red scratches over
Mulder's nipples, teasing and caressing them with the same
motion. Alex followed a meandering trail down his chest,
coming to rest in the tuft of curls at Fox's groin.

Alex wanted Fox in his mouth. Wanted to feel Mulder's
release down his throat. Wanted nothing more than to erase
the memory and taste of Cancerman's cock in his mouth.

Images of the video played in his mind. The Fox and the
Rat. Alex swallowed deep and Mulder groaned. Alex slipped
one finger into the crease of Mulder's ass, adding pressure
to the tight hole there. Mulder's hips jerked and he
suddenly exploded into Alex's mouth, too much to contain.
Cum dripped out, smearing own Mulder's own taut belly as he
struggled to catch his breath. Alex smeared the gooey mess
with his fingers, then put them in his mouth to suck off the
excess. He rose up until he had Mulder in his arms again,
kissing him, sharing the taste of him. Mulder could feel
Alex's cock press against his thigh as Alex lay down on him.
He reached out to touch the hardening rod, but Alex stopped


"No. This one's for you. I can't stay tonight. Go to
sleep, I just want to hold you for a little while."

He lay back in Alex's arms with a sigh. Alex lay in the
dark, feeling safe, as if the world had finally gotten back
on its correct rotation through the stars. Alex knew he
couldn't stay. Knew that if Scully had any indication that
he was here, he would have a gun in his face in no time.

Scully. She waited downstairs, unaware that he had just had
her partner's cock +down his throat. If she ever found
out... If she ever found out... Well, why the hell not!
Maybe it was time for a little role-playing game. Time to
be the Big Bad Gangster. To play the complete asshole that
they all thought he was. Maybe it was time to visit Special
Agent Dana Katherine Scully downstairs.

End Chapter 7.

Chapter 8: Stakeout

Dana stared out the windshield, watching the hazy moon. It
was full tonight, its bright light blinding out the stars
behind it. The rest of the sky was an inky blue. She
glanced up at Mulder's apartment again. Still no lights.
Not even a flickering blue from a television screen. She
took another sip of coffee then replaced the mug on the
dashboard. It was going to be a VERY long night.

Krycek had known that Agent Scully was parked outside in her
car, trying to keep a protective eye on her partner. He had
thoroughly checked the area before he had entered the
apartment. He wondered briefly what she would say if she
could see him with Mulder.

Thinking of the little redhead made his cock lift in
anticipation. Why not? Scully and Mulder in one night. It
would definitely be proof for the Cancerman that Mulder and
Scully could be distracted.

They had kept a close enough eye on these two to know they
had never slept together. Krycek glanced over at the
sleeping form of Mulder. Both of them in one night! Maybe
it was too much to hope for. Still, the thought of both of
them doing her brought a grin to his face. His penis pulsed
with the image in his mind.

Quickly Alex got dressed again. Donning his black pants,
tee and leather jacket, he let himself out the front door.
He pulled his boots on in the hallway. Moving quietly to
the street outside, he quickly spotted Scully keeping watch
on Mulder's apartment building.

He pulled his gun and silently crept up to the car. He
opened the driver's door and even as Scully jumped, he put
the gun against her temple.

"Don't move until I tell you, Scully."

Scully froze; her eyes round with shock.

"Hand me your weapon."

Scully gingerly reached for her weapon, passing it over to
Alex, butt first. He placed it into the holster at his

"What do you want, Krycek?"

Instead of answering, Alex backed away from the car, pulling
her out of it by her arm. The gun never left her head.

"Shut the door, Scully."

She reached out a hand and did, as Krycek slid an arm around
her throat. He pulled her close to his body and pushed her
against the trunk of the car. His lips were inches from her

"You wouldn't have another weapon, would you, Scully?"

His hand traveled down her chest, squeezing her breast
roughly, then traveled lower. Scully jerked away from the
hand as it slid between her legs, but Alex pressed his body
against hers, squeezing her between himself and the car.
The barrel of the gun was at her throat, Alex whispering
into her ear.

"You should see him, Scully. He didn't remember who I was.
So I took him to bed."

Scully froze, her head turned slightly toward his voice.

"He was sweet, Scully. I convinced him to let me fuck him."

Alex's hand was moving again, over her belly, squeezing her
breast again.

"It wasn't all that difficult. Though I don't think he'd
done it before," he continued.

Scully was shocked. 'NOOOOO,' she thought. 'MULDER!' the
voice in her head cried in anguish.

"You didn't," Scully whispered.

Alex smiled and nuzzled her neck. "Yes. Yes. I. Did. You
should have been there, Scully. I know you want him. You
should see him. So innocent. So open. I came to get you,
so you could join us, Scully," he said.

"No," she barely whispered, her eyes closed.

Alex moved his hand under her jaw, forcing her head back
until it rested on his shoulder. His tongue flicked out and
touched the shell of her ear.

She shivered and tried to pull away.

"Don't make me kill him, Dana," Alex said as his lips
brushed her throat.

Scully drew her breath in sharply. "No," she whispered

"Don't you want him, Scully. Haven't you dreamed of fucking
him." He lowered his hand to her breast again, slipping it
inside her shirt as he played with the nipple.

"Please, Alex," she pleaded.

Krycek ground his pelvis into her butt. She could feel his
manhood pressing into her through the cloth.

"I want to see you fuck him, Scully. I want to see you suck
his cock." He pressed himself into her again, squeezing her
nipple between thumb and forefinger as he did.

"You choose, Scully. Do WE have sex with Mulder or should I
just go back up there and shoot him."

The sensations were nearly overwhelming her but Dana knew he
meant what he said.
He would kill Mulder. "Don't hurt him. Please, don't hurt

A satisfied grin spread across his face. He pulled away
from her toward the building. The gun in the small of her
back propelled her into the apartment. No television played
and the only light was what spilled into the darkened
apartment from the hallway and windows. The room grew very
dark as Alex closed the door and it took both of them a
minute for their eyes to adjust to the room.

"Take off you clothes, Scully," Alex said, kicking off his

Scully removed her blouse. Her breasts bounced freely once
she had removed her bra.

Behind her, Alex was quickly undressing. He didn't let go
of the gun but kept it trained on her back.

Once again he was naked in the apartment. Watching Scully
as she slipped off her pants, he appreciated her petite
form. He saw her look at him over her shoulder and he moved
up behind her, snaking a hand around her waist. He pressed
the gun to her side as he whispered in her ear. "Not going
to change your mind are you?"

Dana stiffened at the touch of cold steel. She glanced at
Alex, considering, then with a firm resolve, she answered in
a sultry voice, "Are you going to shoot me or fuck me?"

Alex grinned. He pushed her forward into the bedroom.
Unseen by Dana he left the gun on the dresser beside the

If anything, the bedroom was even darker. The dim glow from
a red street sign below blinked off and on. Scully could
see Mulder now, sprawled over two-thirds of the bed. He was
out like a light. Again she felt Alex's hands move over her
body. She felt him pressing up behind her, as he squeezed
her breast.

"I want to see you go down on him, Scully," he whispered.

His hand moved over her belly, then down to her crotch. His
large hand covered her mound, then slid between her legs.

She let her breath out with a gasp. Alex's hand rubbed
deeper, dipping into her wetness. His other hand pressed
against her shoulder, bending her in half. She placed her
palms against the bed and walked them to Mulder. Behind her
she felt Alex pressing her head toward Mulder's groin.

"Lick him," she heard his hushed commands.

Dana touched her lips to Mulder's abdomen, her tongue
slipping between her teeth to lick him. Instantly, she
tasted the semen that still lay there. She almost pulled
away but Alex's hand had slipped into her from behind,
manually manipulating her. Again she felt her head pressed
from behind as Alex noted her hesitation. "DO IT," he

Dana kissed Mulder's belly again. Her lips tingled with
excitement. To be with Mulder was something she had secretly
dreamed about. She could smell the odor of sex on him.
Again her tongue tasted the semen but this time she licked
at it eagerly. Her mouth traveled down to the dark hair
that covered his groin, cleaning him, washing him with her
tongue. His penis lay against the dark tangle until her
tongue flicked out and touched it. She watched it pulse as
it began to fill with blood. She brought a knee up on the
bed, brought her head closer to Mulder's cock. She flicked
out her tongue and let it travel the length of Mulder's
manhood. Above her she heard a groan from Mulder. She
looked up to see a glittery reflection from his slitted eyes
as he looked at her.

She watched him as she moved up the bed, Alex all but
forgotten behind her. She traced a line with her tongue
over his lower belly, up to his chest. She could make out
the look of consternation on his face, his eyes widening as
he recognized her.

"Agent Scully?" he whispered in shock and confusion.

Dana moved up to cover his body with hers. She straddled
his body, and straightened her elbows, looking down at his
face through the tumble of her hair. "Mulder," she

Fox felt a jolt of desire shoot through him when she said
his name. His hands reached up hesitantly to her sides.

They both felt the bed jostle as Alex climbed on. Mulder
glanced at the other man with a slight frown, finding it
almost impossible to tear his eyes away from the red-haired
vision leaning over him.

"Alex?" he whispered in a small voice.

"I brought you something special, Mulder," Alex whispered
back. He slid a hand between them and stroked Mulder's cock
which hardened at his touch.

Dana peered down between them, past her stomach to see what
Alex was doing. She swallowed hard, then look again to
Mulder's face. His eyes had closed, but he opened them
again as she leaned in for a kiss. Her auburn hair brushed
against his face as she eagerly took possession of his lips.
Alex wasn't the only one who could get his attention. She
opened his lips with her tongue, slipping it between his
teeth, tasting him, filling him with her desire. Abruptly
she felt his tongue plunge into her mouth. His hands moved
up to cup the back of her head, holding her to him. She
sucked eagerly on his tongue, feeling it dart about her
mouth. One moment filling her mouth, the next tickling her
palate, slipping over her teeth, sliding out to suck at her
lower lip.

She could feel Alex at her again. She lowered her chest to
press against Mulder's, her nipples crushing themselves
against him. Her back arched, her butt rising in the air as
Alex slipped his fingers into her slick hole.

Alex lifted her hair and kissed her neck, trailing his
tongue down her spine to her ass. She jerked in startled
surprise as he spread her buns and slicked his tongue over
her back entrance.

Below her she could feel Mulder tremble with her touch. She
left his mouth, raining kisses over his cheeks, forehead,
over both eyes. She wanted to suck him into her. She
flicked her tongue over his ear, nuzzling his neck, almost
heady with the scent of him.

Her body jumped again as Alex's tongue delved deeper, but he
held her firmly so as not to lose the taste of her. She was
moaning now. Dana placed her hand over Murder's and guided
him to her breast. Eagerly his hands kneaded them, bringing
a gasp to her lips.

Dana felt Mulder's hardness raise to brush at her mound.
She moaned with delight. His hips bucked, his cock stabbing
at her soft belly. His hands slid back up to either sides
of her head, his hands in her hair, holding it away from her
face. Her mouth formed a small 'O' as she groaned again.
He brought her lips down to his, his hands cupping her small
ears. His tongue slicked over her full lips as she opened
them to flick out her tongue to touch his. Her hand grazed
down his chest and slid between them as she felt her way to
his hard cock. Her lips never left his as she finally grasp
it in her small fingers.

She felt another hand cover hers as Krycek guided Mulder
into her. She gasped into Mulder's mouth as he entered her,
his largeness stretching her, filling her. Mulder felt
Alex's hand slid past their joining and cup his ballsac,
briefly, before continuing down his thigh. Mulder's body
shuddered with pleasure. Alex positioned himself behind
Dana, slipping a condom over his hardened cock. He spread
her luscious mounds apart, slipping his length between them,
applying generous amounts of lubricant. He rubbed himself
over her crack, as she groaned below him. He took his penis
in his hand and guided the head to her rear entrance. Dana
jumped at the pressure at her anus but schooled herself to
relax. Slowly Alex forced his way into her. Dana cried
out, as pain became pleasure. Her body felt stuffed,
Mulder's largeness stretching her in the front and Alex
penetrating her in the rear.

Inside of her, their cocks fought for attention, separated
from each other by a thin membrane. Alex held her by her
hips as he pounded his way into her body, jolting her when
his groin slapped against her ass. Her tightness held him
out then closely grasped him as he ground his way into her.

Finally, with a wave of ecstasy, he flooded her insides,
until it coated her other joining. Dana's head was pressed
into Mulder's neck as both men used her.
Above him, Mulder could see Alex's face, frowning in
concentration, then relax
as he came. Alex collapsed over Scully's back, his cock
slowly slipping out of her tightness. He moved off her and
lay beside Mulder. Dana stirred, raising her auburn head to
stare at Krycek.

His lips thinned in a satisfied grin before he elbowed
himself up. He slid an arm around Dana and leaned down to
kiss Mulder's mouth. Dana watched as Fox's eyes closed in
pleasure, his hips still shoving his cock into her. Alex's
tongue plunged in, forcing his way, deepening the kiss until
Mulder was nearly breathless, then just as suddenly,
releasing him. Mulder's eyes blinked open, watching Alex.
Alex grinned down at him before pushing at Dana.

"Roll over." His voice was low and sexy as he spoke to both
of them. As one, without losing contact with each other,
they managed to roll over. Alex kissed them both deeply
again, his hands roaming over both of them. Dana moved her
legs apart, wrapping them around Fox as he positioned
himself deeper into her. "Fuck her, Mulder," Alex whispered
in Fox's ear.

Mulder did as he was told and before long Dana was biting
her lip to keep from screaming. She forgot Alex in the
room; she forgot how she had gotten here. All that mattered
was this man above her, whom she finally admitted she loved,
touching her soul, her very being.

She came dizzyingly, almost passing out. When she became
aware of her surroundings again she realized Mulder had
stopped, but was still hard inside her. The bed moved again
and Alex moved into her view behind Mulder. She saw Fox's
eyes squeeze shut in pain as Krycek spread his ass cheeks
and pressed his way in. Alex was still slick from Dana as
he pushed at the tight orifice; Mulder moaning until Alex
was in to the hilt. Then Alex moved in and out slowly, the
sphincter stretched tight over his organ. Mulder slid
deeper into Dana, moving to the rhythm that Alex set. Dana
felt hands on her ankles, lifting them beside Mulder's hips,
then higher. Alex's hands stretched her apart as Mulder
buried himself in her. She moaned with pleasure as Alex
hooked his elbows under her knees and started to slam his
hips into Mulder's backside. Scully watched as Krycek
grabbed a handful of Mulder's hair and stretched his neck
back, raining kisses down his throat, taking Fox's ear in
his mouth, turning Mulder's head so he could kiss his lips.
She came again in blinding flashes and moments later Fox
flooded her with his passion as he collapsed upon her. The
only movement on the bed was Alex as he finally spasmed out
his ecstasy into the other man.

Dana grunted under the weight of both men, but a moment
later Alex had stretched out beside her, discarding the used
condom. Gently he pushed Mulder to the other side of her as
she sighed in relief. Krycek watched her in the near
darkness as she let Mulder rest his head on her shoulder.
Their bodies glistened in the dim light with the sweat from
their mutual exertions. Dana curled her arm around Mulder's
head, holding him to her shoulder, fingers playing in his
dark brown locks. She looked down at him, his eyes closed
sleepily. Gently she touched her lips to his forehead,
noting the sleepy grin she elicited in response. On her
left side Krycek had rested his head on his crooked arm.
This was better than he could have believed possible. He
reached out a hand and kneaded Dana's breast, drawing her
attention to him. Slowly he slid his hand over her belly
until it parted the short curly red hair. Dana moved
nothing but her eyes as she watched him. Alex slid his hand
between her legs and gently rubbed at her wetness. Dana's
breath quickened. He continued to stroke her until she
unconsciously spread her legs, allowing him easier access.
Before she was aware of what he was doing he rolled himself
between her legs and plunged himself into her body. Dana
gasped with the suddenness of it, loud enough for Mulder to
open his eyes. He stared up at Alex, then over at Scully.
He frowned as he saw the look on her face, somewhere between
surprise, outrage and ecstasy.

Something wasn't right, but again his mind failed to give
him the answers. Almost before he could react, Alex had
come again, flooding her already damp hole. Roughly Alex
leaned down and kissed her deeply before rolling off her
with an almost evil grin. Mulder studied her face a moment,
noting her surprise.

"Dana?" he said with concern. Scully swallowed hard before
looking at him, then swiftly kissed him again.

"It's okay," she tried to reassure him. "It's okay,
Mulder." She pulled his body closer until his leg lay
between hers, his body nearly covering hers. "Go to sleep,"
she said softly. He studied her a moment longer, looking at
her as his head once again rested on her shoulder. His body
was exhausted, and try as he might he could not keep his
eyes open a moment longer. Dana moved so their legs were
entwined, leaving no room for Alex between them.

Again in the darkness she saw a flash of teeth as Krycek
grinned at her. She kept a wary eye on him as he rolled
away from them. A moment later he got off the bed and stood
beside it.

"Good night, Scully," he whispered.

When Scully made no response, he grinned at her in the
darkness. He stepped to the door and turned back to her.
"We'll have to do this again, sometime," he said as he
retrieved the gun from the dresser.

From the bed he heard the faint sound of Scully's voice as
she quietly cursed him. "Bastard!"

Krycek quickly stepped back toward Mulder's side of the bed.
Scully cringed, thinking 'now I've done it' and knowing she
was in no position to stop him. But Krycek surprised her.
He crouched down beside the bed a moment, reaching out a
hand to stroke Mulder's back. Mulder whimpered a little in
his sleep. Krycek pressed his lips to Mulder's shoulder in
a soft kiss, then stared past him into Scully's eyes.

"I didn't come here to hurt him." A wry grin crossed his
lips as he shook his head slightly. "I just couldn't resist
him." A frown creased Scully's brow as she realized he was
being completely honest.

With his free hand Krycek pickup up the blanket and with a
flick of his wrist, covered them both with it. Mulder
snuggled in closer with a sigh. Krycek arose and made his
way to the bathroom to relieve himself. Looking at himself
in the mirror, he shook his head in wonder. "Both!" he
whispered to the reflection in startled triumph.

He snapped off the light and re-entered the bedroom.
Neither Scully nor Mulder had moved. He couldn't resist the
urge. Dropping the gun on the floor and pushing it under
the bed with his foot, he slipped under the blanket and lay
beside Scully again.

"I thought you left," she said quietly.

'You wish I left' Krycek thought to himself. Alex leveled
himself up until he was looking down at her. "Confess it,
Scully. You owe me for this," his smile turned gentle, "You
have to admit, he's sweet, isn't he?"

Even Scully had to admit it was true. She thought she had
lost Fox Mulder and now, she had him more than she had ever
thought possible.

"You wouldn't have hurt him," she stated.

"I was sent to recover him." He held her gaze for a moment.
"They needed him out of the way for awhile. They'll leave
him alone now." Alex reached out and brushed a stray lock
on Fox's forehead. "He'll be safe," he said softly.

Scully studied his face a moment. "How long have you been
in love with him?"

"Who said..." he started defensively, then stopped himself.
He smiled tiredly at her. "Go to sleep, Scully. By
tomorrow you'll have some explaining to do to him."

Krycek rolled away and grabbed a pillow. Punching it, he
slipped it under his head. Unaware of the satiated smile on
his own mouth, he closed his eyes and slept.

End Chapter 8.

Chapter 9: Waking up

Mulder twitched in his sleep while memories of the seasons
rolled over him. Summers building sandcastles on the beach
with a small, hazel-eyed girl. Winters picking up shells
and driftwood. Watching colorful autumn leaves whisper down
from the trees to create elaborate padded beds, just right
for running and jumping into, while they scattered around
you like feathered down bursting from a pillow. Spring
bringing the perfume of wildflowers carried on the wind and
freedom from the chilly snows.

Dana awoke to the feel of someone nuzzling her ear. She
smiled sleepily and turned her head in the direction of the
nuzzler. She quickly found that she couldn't turn far
because her left side was completely numb and there was a
great pressure holding her down. Her eyes flew open, only
to be met by smiling green ones.

"Morning," Alex said quietly.

Dana stared at him, uncomprehendingly, and then looked to
the weight on her left side. There was Mulder, curled up
over her left side, as he had been all night. She smiled
fondly at this sleeping image of her partner. Looking back
to her right, she looked Alex straight in the eye. "I'm
surprised to see you still here."

Alex gave her a small smile, "We have to talk." He jerked
his head to indicate the living room before rising and
donning his jeans. Dana watched as he nonchalantly walked
back over to the bed, reached under it and brought out the
gun. This he tucked into his jeans.

She waited until he had left the room before wiggling out
from under Mulder. She snagged one of his discarded tee
shirts off the floor and drew it over her head. All of her
clothes were still in the living room and she didn't feel
like walking out there naked.

When she finally did walk into the living room, the aroma of
coffee greeted her. Seconds later, Alex walked in from the
small kitchen holding two cups, one of which he handed to

She sipped at the hot brew, grateful for the civilized way
that Alex seemed to want to treat this. "Okay, Alex, what
did you want?"

Alex motioned to the couch and she folded her legs under her
and sat. He perched on the arm on the other end, studying
her over his coffeecup. "We need to talk."

"You said that. What about?"

"Him," he said with a jerk of his head.

"What about him?"

"Come on, Scully. You know what I mean."

Dana let go a sigh. "Yeah. I know. How long before he
gets all his memory back?"

"Truthfully, I don't know. I'm kind of surprised he hasn't
started to get them back already. I was told that it would
be about two months; and it's been almost that already."

A kaleidoscope of memories flashed behind Mulder's eyelids.
His mind was caught up in the swirl of lights and colors.
Memories tumbled together, one on top of another, until they
lay in a jumble. Sorting them seemed an impossible task so
he let them lie, occasionally picking up one and examining
it like a pretty stone found on the shore.

"I think we need to talk about... well, what to say to him
when he does get all his memory back."

Dana took another sip of coffee before she answered him.
"My best advice to you, Alex, is to get the hell out of town
as fast as you can."

Alex sighed heavily and Dana watched as his shoulders
slumped. "I wish it was that easy. I'm supposed to report
in when he gets his memory back. Of course, that
presupposes that he doesn't kill me first."

Dana's look became a glare. "You're working for them

"Not by choice, Dana."

She stared into her coffee with a thoughtful expression.
"So are you going to tell me how all this happened and how
you came to be involved?"

"Well, you've met Mulder's informant?"

"Yeah, nice guy."

"He got me out of the damn silo, so I was doing the
occasional job for him. He sent me to pick up Mulder from
that base he broke into. By the time I got there, they had
already messed with his head. All I did was get him away
from them and take him home. Well... my home, anyway. When
he woke up he was so lost and confused..."

"That you thought you could just take advantage of him?"

"It wasn't like that, Scully. Well, maybe it was at the
beginning, but... My GOD, Scully! YOU see how he is. I...
I just couldn't resist. You don't know how hard it was to
send him back to you. I didn't want to let go, but I knew I
had no choice."

"Why did they erase his memory?"

Alex shook his head. "Some project they were working on.
They wanted him out of the way for the duration."

"What was the project?"

"I have no idea. Mulder was my only concern. Once I
already had him, Cancerman was willing to leave him in my
custody. He wants to leave him confused when this is all
over, confused about him and me, but I don't want to see him

"Mulder will never believe you."

Alex looked sad. "I realize that. And there is nothing I
can do about that. I know I should have left him alone once
he got back here and, really, I intended to, its just

"You missed him."

Alex ducked his head. "Like you wouldn't believe," he said
with feeling.

Scully shook her head. "Looks like Mulder wasn't the only
one Cancerman was trying to manipulate."

Alex gave a snort. "Ain't that the truth."

Memories of locust filling up a courtroom, frogs falling
from the sky, a room full of identical women, claiming to be
his lost sister, filled his mind. Gunshots, explosions,
fires. Luminescent bugs coming down from the sky to suck
all the fluids from your body. Images came and went. Each
more frightening than the last. Mulder whimpered in his
sleep and pulled the pillow tighter into his arms.

"So, what do you want now, Alex?"

"I know that I can't stay. And they have videos of him and
I together. I'll see to it that they are destroyed. I don't
want to hurt him, Scully. I just... I don't want him to
think badly of me. That's all."


Images flashed so fast, they hurt. Every degradation, every
insult, every broken heart, ever scar was reopened and
examined. Salty water squeezed out from behind his closed
eyelids as bitter tears dripped onto the linen pillowcase.
With a choking sob, he jerked awake.

Both Scully and Alex looked up as they heard the cry.
Scully put her mug down and started for the room. Before
she took two steps, a hand stopped her.

"Dana, I have to go. Please take good care of him. And...
And tell him I'm sorry if I hurt him."

Scully studied his face for a long minute before patting his
hand. "I will, Alex. I promise."

"Thank you." Alex said softly, turning away even as Scully
left the room to comfort Mulder.

A split second later her head popped out again. "And Alex?"


"Thanks for giving him back."

"Don't thank me, Scully. I'm not sure I would have if I had
had any other choice."

Dana smiled slightly and disappeared again.

Alex dressed hurriedly and headed for the door. He only
stopped once, at the door, taking a long last look at
Mulder's apartment. Staring at the brass numbers nailed to
the outside of Mulder's door, he muttered to himself. "The
answer to life, the universe and everything." He gave a
rueful grin. "Now all we need is the question," he said as
he quietly closed the door behind him.


Scully entered the room to find Mulder sitting up in bed,
tears still streaming down his face. She gathered him in
her arms, shushing him softly. His arms tightened around
her and his sobs wracked the lean frame before they finally
tapered off.

Pulling away from her, he held her with his eyes. "Scully?"

Dana's breath caught in her throat. THESE eyes knew her.
Knew her like they had always known her. Knew the level of
her commitment to him. Knew the depth of their friendship.
The extent of her pain. Her Mulder was back.

All she could do was whisper, "Oh, my god, Mulder," and
clasp him to herself, vowing never to let go. "You're back,
you're back. Oh my god, I can't believe you're back," her
words ran together as tears sprung to her eyes. Their tears
mingled, washing away the loneliness and pain of missing the
other. When they finally drew apart, all Dana could do was
hold his hands and ask, "Are you okay? Do you remember what

At this question, he became quite still. "I remember,
Scully. I remember all of it. Including last night."

Dana became silent and hung her head in shame. A hand
softly brushed her cheek, forcing her to look up and meet
his eyes again.

"I'm sorry, Mulder. I took advantage of you. I..."

"No, Scully. Don't say you're sorry. Never say you're
sorry for caring for me. I couldn't forgive you if you just
did it out of pity."

A small smile tugged at her lips. "Pity had nothing to do
with it, Mulder. It definitely wasn't pity."

Mulder's smile widened before it faded. "And as for Alex...
I just don't know what to think about that."

"Mulder... I... I got the chance to talk to him before he

"What did he say?" Mulder demanded.

"Mulder, I don't think he did it out of pity, either."

His face grew hard. "No. He just knew I couldn't remember
him, so he decided to have a little fun, at my expense."

Dana placed a soothing hand on his forearm. "You don't
really think that, do you?"

Mulder angrily wrapped a sheet around his hips and paced the
room. "What an I supposed to think, Scully? Do you really
expect me to believe that he slept with me because he was in
love with me?"

Dana stopped his pacing by standing in his path. "Up until
a few minutes ago, that's exactly what you thought, Fox

Mulder stared at her, his mouth compressing into a fine
line. "But I didn't remember who I was. Do you really
think he was in love with me?"

She touched him again. "If the conversation I just had with
him is any indication, then; YES, I do."

Mulder sighed heavily. "God, Scully, what am I going to

"Do you remember what you saw at that base?"

Mulder shook his head. "No. I just remember waking up at
the farmhouse and being scared because I didn't know where I
was. Or who I was."

"And then what happened?"

"Alex. Alex happened. He came in and held me. Then he
started to kiss me. And then... then..." his voice trailed

"It's okay, Mulder. Something happened between the two of
you and it's OKAY to acknowledge that. Alex said they
wanted to leave you confused when this was all over, but I
don't think that's what he wants, Mulder. I think he really
cares. And face it, without all the baggage between the two
of you, who knows what might have developed. He told me to
tell you that he was sorry. That he didn't want to hurt

Mulder sighed again and she wrapped her arms around him.
"God, Scully, what an I going to do?"

"I can't be mad at him, Mulder. He brought you back to me."
Dana tightened her arms around him.

"I never knew it was so hard being me."

End Chapter 9.

Chapter 10: Confrontation

Returning to work was... interesting. At least Scully
didn't feel like she had to watch his every move this time.
Oddly enough, his actions when he returned to the basement
office were reminiscent of the last time he had been here.
He wandered around the room, touching things, seeming to
recall them through some form of tactile memory.

Dana smiled with amusement and wondered if he would do the
same thing in Skinner's office as he had the last time. She
could just see him meandering through there while Skinner
shot her glares, telling her, without words, to rein in her

After the first couple of days, things seemed to settle back
into their old routine. In some ways she missed the
absent-minded Mulder. There was definitely something
uncomplicated and uncluttered about him. And his eyes had
never held the depths of sadness and anger that shimmered
there now.

But she was worried. Mulder was becoming increasingly
withdrawn. Even his wisecracks didn't have their usual
edge. Even her joy over his returned memory and their
sudden closeness did little to break through his stoic
faade. She watched as, every day, he grew more and more
distant. The silences were becoming unbearable. Maybe it
was time to take the bull by the horns. Dana did a little
investigative work and found some answers. Krycek's, or
rather, Ben Alexander's farm was up for sale. There was an
estate agent handling everything. No, he had had no contact
with Mr. Alexander, but he was known to call in every once
in a while to check up on things. Dana left a message to be
passed along, along with an electronic mail address. A week
later she received a note.

Surprised to hear from you.
Is anything wrong?

Dana shipped back an answer.

Trouble brewing.
You must talk to him.
He needs you.
Come soon.

An hour later she had a reply.

I'll be there as soon as I can.

Mulder would have her by the ears if he found out about
this. But she had to do something. It didn't look like he
was going to snap out his blue funk anytime soon.

A week after the last message, Alex made an appearance. All
he had to do now was figure out how to get Mulder to talk to
him. Talk to him without blowing his head off. So he set a
little trap. The Rat's trap.


Mulder groaned as the phone rang. He sat up on the couch,
pushing unread file folders off his chest, and reached for
his cellular.

"Mulder." His voice was rough, unused.

"Tenth and Wilmont. Room 43." The voice was hushed and
hurried. Message delivered, Mulder was left with only the
dial tone.

"Oh, hell."

Alex watched as Mulder entered the abandoned apartment
building. The place had been condemned for years and was
waiting for its chance at urban renewal.

He watched as Mulder, flashlight in one hand, Glock in the
other, searched the building. It was time to make his move.

He was perched above a hole in the ceiling above room 42.
Just across the hall from where he had told Mulder to go.
He watched Mulder's caution, admiring the way the man moved
with the sleek grace of a cat.

With a small sigh, he brought up his pistol, taking careful
aim for Mulder's ass, (maybe I'll kiss it better later, he
thought) he squeezed the trigger.

Mulder gave a startled gasp, dropping the flashlight in
surprise, and spun around. One hand reached behind him for
a buttcheek, plucking the tranquilizer dart out of his rear.
Alex watched as outraged hazel eyes met his green ones in
his hideout, just for a brief moment their eyes locked,
before those hazel orbs rolled up in his head and he passed

Alex leaped down to the floor and carefully stepped around
the unconscious agent. He would have to move fast. The
tranq would not last for long. He rolled Mulder up and
hauled him over his shoulder, carrying him in a fireman's
lift, down the stairs and into the only habitable room in
the building.

Settling the lanky man onto the clean mattress, he removed
everything from his pockets. Keys, penlight, cellular,
wallet, small change all landed in a pile. The handcuffs he
secured to Mulder's wrist and attached the other end to a
nearby pole. He headed back upstairs, collecting Mulder's
gun and xenon flashlight. Hell, that thing must weigh about
five pounds alone! Hurrying back down stairs, he searched
Mulder one more time, taking special care to search the
cuffs of his pants and along his belt. Now where the hell
did Mulder keep the extra key to the handcuffs? Alex ran
his fingers along the waistband, but his fingers didn't
encounter anything. Alex frowned, and then suddenly he felt
a hand grasp his wrist.

He jumped, only then noticing that Mulder's eyes were open.

"What's the matter, Alex. Miss having someone to fuck, so
you thought you'd wait 'til I was unconscious? Again?"

Alex jerked his hand away, as if he had been burned.

"We need to talk."

"Yeah? How about 'slam, bam, thank you, sir.' Doesn't that
pretty much say it all?"

When Alex responded, his eyes were steely and his voice
carried an edge. "Is that how you remember it?"

"But my memory can't be trusted, can it, Alex? You all made
sure of that, didn't you?"

"I didn't bring you here to argue."

"Then what the hell did you bring me here for? The nights
getting a little cold for you, Alex?" Mulder was
practically yelling now, his voice dripping sarcastic honey
as he said Krycek's name.

"As a matter of fact they are." Alex growled in return.
And with that, he leaned forward and kissed him, hard.

Mulder turned his head away with a jerk. "Get the fuck away
from me, you bastard!"

"Well, if we're not gonna kiss and make up, maybe we could

"You've got nothing to say that I want to hear." Mulder
struggled to sit up. Alex sat back on his haunches and
watched him.

"How about the fact that that oil alien that got into me
didn't microwave your ass like a frozen entr

Mulder met his eyes, curiosity rising despite himself,
considering the possibilities. "Actually, I would like to
know about that."

"I'm willing to talk, on MOST subjects, just don't ask me
what I can't tell you."

With a weary sigh, Mulder sat up and leaned back against the
wall. "So tell me. Tell me about the oil alien. The whole
time you had the alien in you, you could've killed me. I
spend all that time with you when it was in you and it never
tried to kill me. Did you have control over it? Did you
know what it wanted? What it would do?"

"Gee, Mulder. Don't be shy about asking." Alex grinned at
him. Mulder raised a defiant eyebrow. Alex sighed. "I
knew it would defend itself, especially if it could do so
without revealing its true nature."

"But when I caught you in the Hong Kong airport... you
fought back. Why didn't it defend itself then?"

"It didn't get into me until you sent me into the restroom
to clean up. I don't think it would kill in a public place,
just so it could retain its anonymity."

"Then it was in you for the whole plane ride. And when we
landed. We were in the car alone. Why not then?"

"I didn't view you as a threat. You weren't attacking me."
Krycek rubbed his throat in memory. "You were a little
rough but you weren't threatening me."

"It could have killed me when those assassins ran us off the

Krycek studied him until Mulder began to shift
uncomfortably. "There was some... mutual understanding. It
would listen to me," he began slowly, "And I didn't want to
hurt you."

Mulder opened his mouth to speak but Krycek put a hand up to
stop him. Alex got to his feet and began to pace the room.
"I told you when I first met you that some of us had heard
of you in the academy and admired your work. Believe it or
not, that was the truth. Your search for the truth is...
inspiring... frightening." Krycek looked embarrassed.
"Sometimes I can't imagine what you have to go through in
order to find the truth. Your dedication is nothing short
of amazing." Krycek shook his head. "Especially since you
have no idea what you're up against."

A chagrin look started on Mulder's features and he climbed
to his feet, one arm dangling toward the pole where his
wrist was still cuffed. Alex pointed a finger in his
direction. "It's true and you know it," Alex pressed the
point, "Your like some medieval knight, fighting the
dragons. All dedication and passion without a thought for
what could happen to you, what kind of trouble your stepping
blindly into." Krycek shook his head. "I've heard some
refer to it as a kind of 'noble naivet

"I'm not nearly that honorable," Mulder growled.

"Aren't you? You'll plunge headlong into danger, without a
second thought, if you think your right. Without any regard
for yourself or your safety."

"That's not true," Mulder stated flatly, trying his best to
deny the veracity of the statement. Truth from Krycek, what
a laugh!

"Isn't it? How many times have you gone into something
because someone needed you? How many times have you placed
yourself in danger to protect someone else? Even when you
were in the VCS and tracking serial killers, how many times
did you dive into their heads, even knowing you might not be
able to claw your way back out?"

Mulder dropped his eyes, unable to meet the stark truth of
Krycek's words, but Alex continued. "Sometimes your such an
innocent, Mulder. Don't give me that look, you know its
true. That's why they fear you. You're relentless. The
truth is your god. Nothing else matters."

"That's not true!"

"No? The only thing that slows you down is Scully. You're
not willing to place her in the same degree of danger that
you will accept for yourself. You even do what you can to
protect Skinner."

Mulder looked away again, not able to meet his eyes, abashed
his weaknesses were so apparent.

"You'll do whatever you have to, to protect the innocent.
Regardless of the danger to yourself. You're like some
elemental force. Unstoppable. Relentless. Driven.
Hurricane Mulder! Feel free to stop me if I'm wrong. But
you can't, because I'm not wrong. You carry the fatal flaw.
Always struggling for the truth, even if your search
destroys you. Not that you're fearless. Not at all! This
stuff scares the hell out of you. And rightly so! Most
people would be too afraid to continue; to even attempt to
stop them. They would run, screaming out the door. Not
you. Your scared shitless, but you keep on going. Pushing
the envelope. Like fucking Don Quixote, listing at
windmills. You think you have right on your side. Don't
you get it? They're bigger, stronger, and more powerful.
They outnumber you, but that doesn't stop you. You don't
have a chance, but you won't give up."

Krycek pushed up against him, pinning him to the wall with
his body. "What makes you fight so hard? Why can't you
give in? What drives you so hard, Mulder?"

Mulder felt himself pressed against the wall, not just
physically but emotionally as well. Krycek's face was
inches from his own. "I can't give up. I have to find her.
I have to know the truth." The words came out in a rush.

Krycek studied the handsome face. "Relentless," he
whispered, his hot breath brushing Mulder's cheek. Mulder's
eyes slid from Krycek's green ones to watch Alex's lips form
the word, finding himself fascinated with the movement.

Alex leaned forward and touched Mulder's lips with his own.
Mulder seemed to melt into the kiss for a moment before he
jerked his head away. "No!" he said forcefully. Pushing
Krycek away with his hands, "I can't do this. I won't do
this again!"

A small smile played on Krycek's lips. He had felt Mulder's
surrender before he had abruptly pulled away. He knew the
look of confusion on Mulder's face; he had seen it in the
mirror when looked at his own face. The things that had
happened between them were not over, just pushed away to a
dark corner for now. Too much had happened to Mulder
recently and he was not prepared to deal with this, too.
Krycek reached out a hand and stroked Mulder's cheek. "It's
okay. I understand." Krycek pulled away, taking a step
away, speaking low as if to calm a wild beast. "Cancerman
knows what happened."

That caught Mulder by surprise. "How? When...? How did he
find out?"

Alex turned away, needing to withdraw from Mulder's
intensity. "It was HIM I stole you from. HE made you
forget. HE had them mind-wipe you. Then he showed up at
the farm."

With a hand on his shoulder, Mulder turned Krycek to face
him. "You're working for HIM?" His voice rose on the last
word, incredulous, outraged.

Alex shook his head. "I didn't then."

"Than why did you 'steal' me from him?" his voice carried a
steel edge.

"I was working for the guy you call 'Mr. X' at the time."

Mulder absorbed this piece of information with a shudder.
"You're working for Cancerman now?"

"After he showed up at the farm. After I rescued you. I
didn't have much choice."

Mulder had gone stone still. "He knows what happened
between us?"

"I found him sitting on the bed the next morning. I didn't
exactly have to draw him a picture. He could see for
himself what was going on." Krycek chuckled, "Not even a
chance at a plausible denial."

"I thought you were on the run from him. How did he find

Alex shook his head. "He said he already knew where I was.
And he would bring me back into the organization if I took
care of you for him."

"So, that night with Scully...?"

"...was not on Cancerman's agenda. That was something I
wanted. I shouldn't have, but I wanted you. Both. And I
wanted you, both, to have each other."

The statement surprised Mulder and he asked softly, "Why?
Why would you want me to sleep with Scully?"

"Oh, come on, Mulder, everyone knows you're in love with
her. What no one can figure out is why the two of you
haven't slept together before now! I knew I couldn't stay
and I wanted to make it possible for you and her to get
together. I just... I just wanted to leave you in the
hands of someone I trusted." Alex looked down at the floor,
studying his shoes.

"Why do you think you shouldn't have wanted it to happen
that night?"

Krycek looked up sharply at Mulder, before ducking his head.
"Because I revealed too much of myself that night. Scully
could see it. You... I don't know what the hell you think.
And I'm not sure I give a damn," he said forcefully, trying
for bravado, false as it was.

Mulder chewed on that a while, ignoring the challenge. "I
don't know what to think. You confuse the hell out of me,

A wry grin crossed Krycek's face. "Now you know how I feel.
But you're right. This can't happen again. It's too
dangerous. For both of us."

Mulder quirked an eyebrow in question. "He wants you
confused, Mulder. Unsure of where you stand. He's hoping
it will distract you from your... quest."

"But you don't?"

Krycek stepped close again. "That's not what I want," he
said sincerely. Mulder studied the green eyes, but found no
guile lurking there. "I wouldn't mind if it continued
but... I don't want to hurt you. And I know that
distracting you from your search for the truth would hurt

"But you killed my father."

"I told you before, I didn't." Krycek was exasperated.
"That was Louis. I saw the look in your eyes when I told
you the first time. You may not want to admit it but I saw
the look of relief in your eyes when I told you I didn't do
it. You say you didn't want to believe me but you were
relieved all the same. Some part of you wants to believe
that I didn't kill him, that I COULDN'T kill him.

I didn't shoot Melissa Scully, either, but I was there. I
tried to make sure Cardinal shot a couple of inches above
Scully's head, to give her a chance. But Melissa was
taller. It would have missed Dana. That's why Melissa was
shot in the head, I was trying to make sure Dana got missed.
NOBODY expected her sister to show up."

Alex sighed heavily. "I never thought my life would turn
out the way it has. And now I'm so tired." His shoulders
slumped. "I'm so tired of running. Tired of being under
Cancerman's thumb."

"Let me go, Alex."

Alex studied him a moment, trying to gauge his level of
violence. "I don't want to fight you, Mulder."

"Then let me go."

Alex reached for his free arm, taking his wrist in a
crushing grip and pushing it against the wall. They stood
toe to toe, Alex's chest pressed against Mulder's.

"Is it so hard to believe me, Mulder?"

"Believe you? Believe that your not a cold-blooded
murderer? Believe that you didn't fuck me just because you
could? Why, Alex? What did you get out of it? Just the
chance to rub my nose in it? Just the chance to say
'gotcha?' What is it I'm supposed to believe, Alex?"

Alex trapped him with his eyes. "Is it so hard to believe
that I love you?"

End Chapter 10.

Chapter 11: Surrender

Mulder felt Alex lean against him, adding pressure.

"Get away from me, Alex," he hissed.

Alex stepped away, his eyes glowing with pain, sighing in
resignation. "Fine, Mulder. I just wanted to talk. I know
what happened has been bothering you. But if you're
unable... or unwilling, to talk about it," he reached into
the pile on the floor and pulled out Mulder's keys, "Then
fine. I guess we're done here."

He tossed the keys into the air and headed for the door.

Mulder caught them easily, one-handed. The whole setting
was too reminiscent of the last time Mulder had been cuffed
around Alex. The scene in Hong Kong came back vividly.

Being caught, handcuffed to a dead body, trapped by a locked
door. He almost expected to see Alex turn at the door,
sneering at him, and making a sarcastic comment. Both of
them knowing at the time that Alex had been leaving him to
his death, the French black ops group and a
radiation-exuding alien just on the other side of that thin
protective wood.

Mulder felt the anger boil up and over, exploding in
absolute fury. He shifted the keys with his fingers until
he found the proper one, unlocking the cuff, hearing the
clang of metal on metal as he let it slide away from him,
down the pole.

Mulder looked up to see Alex just stepping through the
doorway. With a lunge, he was on him, pinning him to the
ground, twisting one arm behind his back. He heard Krycek's
breath whoosh from his lungs. He forced him down, onto his
stomach; Mulder's other arm circling his neck in a headlock.

"You're not getting out of here so fast, you bastard!"

Alex lay acquiescent beneath him, not struggling. "What do
you want, Mulder? Do you want me to say I'm sorry? I'm
sorry, damnit!"

"Why didn't you just leave me alone!" Mulder screamed, his
voice full of rage.

"I'm sorry, Mulder. I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist. I
didn't mean to hurt you. I'm so sorry." Alex's voice was
strained with unshed tears. "I'm so sorry," he whispered.

"You son of a bitch! Why? WHY?" Mulder's tears were
starting to flow. The feelings of betrayal, hurt, and lost
trust were squeezing his chest until he could hardly
breathe. "You let X fuck me. I trusted you. God damn you
to hell! I trusted you!"

"I'm sorry, Mulder. I'm sorry." Alex whispered the words
over and over.

"Why didn't you just leave me alone? Did you both have a
big laugh from it? Did you both go out and share a beer

Alex could feel Mulder's tears beginning to mingle with his
own. "Please, Mulder. I'm sorry. I didn't know. I
couldn't stop him. I couldn't stop myself. Let me up.
Please. I'm so sorry. Just let me up and I'll get out of
you life forever."

"Why? Why?" Mulder sobbed against his back, burying his
face against Alex's shoulder blades.

Alex could feel his grip loosen. He shifted under Mulder
until he could turn over. Mulder's grasp fell away from him
and Alex drew his head down to his shoulder, holding him
tight with his other arm, stroking the long muscles of his
back. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You were just so sweet, so
vulnerable; I couldn't stop. I'm sorry." Alex kissed his
tear-stained cheeks, cooing into his ear, until Mulder's
sobs lessened. Alex felt his body lose its tension, only an
occasional hiccuping sob escaping him as he lay on Alex. It
felt so good to have Mulder in his arms again, the weight of
his body above him. It felt so right. He kissed him again,
letting his hands begin to roam, leaving behind assurance
and moving toward arousal.

"God, I missed you so much, Mulder."

Mulder's hands began their own journey, sliding over Alex's
chest, squeezing his sides.

"If I had a choice, I would never have sent you back. I
would have kept you all to myself." Alex kissed his cheek,
then his eyebrow, enjoying Mulder's sweet skin against his
lips again.


"Don't talk, Mulder. Don't say anything. Just make love to

Mulder sniffled and drew his head back so he could look into
Alex's eyes.

Alex held his eyes. "Fuck me, Mulder."

Mulder's eyes widened. "I never... Alex, we never..."

"I know, Mulder. I want you. I want you in me. I want to
feel you in me. I want to feel you come in me. Please."

Mulder sucked in a breath. Alex didn't give him anymore
time to think about it. He leaned up and placed his lips
against Mulder, grinding his growing erection against his
hips. Mulder groaned into his mouth.

"God, Alex!"

"Remember how good we were together, Mulder." Alex rolled
them over until he was on top. "God, I missed you. I
missed your beautiful body. I missed how I could make you
moan." He started to move down Mulder's body, opening
fastening and baring skin as he went. "I missed tasting
you. I missed feeling your body shudder under my hand."
Alex had all the buttons of his shirt undone. "I miss
feeling your tongue on my skin, licking me, washing me with
your own moisture." Alex took Mulder's nipple between his
teeth, biting him gently.

Mulder groaned, head thrown back. "Alex!" His voice
sounded desperate.

Alex soothed the nipple with his tongue. "I missed hearing
you giggle when I tickled you with my tongue. I miss
looking up and seeing your eyes watching me."

He looked up then and held Mulder's eyes. They had that
dark, half-lidded look he got when he was getting lost in
his desire. Alex wanted nothing more than to keep that look
on his face. Or replace it with that
I've-just-been-thoroughly-fucked look he wore after sex.

Alex reached for his belt, pushing the leather and fabric
out of his way. He slid a hand inside Mulder's slacks,
caressing him through the cotton cloth of his boxer shorts.
Mulder groaned again.

Before Alex could make another move, he was caught in
Mulder's grip, and flipped over onto his back. Mulder
kissed him hard, pushing his tongue past Alex's teeth,
sliding deep, taking possession. Alex welcomed him, opening
his mouth wider, sucking him in.

Mulder's hands began to strip him, wrenching open the shirt,
buttons popping off and flying everywhere. He reached into
Alex's jeans. What he didn't feel surprised him. He didn't
feel anything between the rough denim and Krycek's skin.

"Jesus Christ, Alex! You really did expect to get laid
tonight," his voice was filled with mirth, "You even went

Alex just grinned and reached into a pocket, bringing out a
foil packet of condoms and a tube of lubricant. "I'm always
prepared. Scouts honor." He threw a mock salute at Mulder.

"You were never a Boy Scout, of THAT, I'm certain."

Mulder reached for the foil packet and threw it over his
shoulder. Alex looked at him in astonishment, before he
felt Mulder's hips grind into his own. "We're riding
bareback tonight, Alex. It wouldn't be the first time."

Alex grinned and then shivered, thinking of Mulder filling
him up with his semen, the feel of his manly juice hotly
splashing into his guts. He reached for Mulder's slacks
again, intent on pulling them all the way down, when his
hands were stopped.

"Why don't we use the mattress that you have so conveniently
provided." He pushed up to his feet and held out a hand to
help Alex.

When Alex stood, he was wrapped up in Mulder's arms again.
Kissing, touching, caressing. Alex's head was spinning. He
felt Mulder's walking him backwards, toward the mattress,
moving slowly, their hands never ceasing their journey.

Touches were remembered. Special places were recalled.
Reactive caresses were recollected. Alex closed his eyes
with a groan. God, he remembered this body so well. Those
long tapered fingers, teasing him. That tongue, tasting
him. How the hell had he ever let him go!

His heel caught on the edge of the mattress and Mulder
lowered him gently. As he did, he was stripping him. Shoes
and socks were tossed aside, jeans followed immediately.
Alex's erection bobbed in the air and Mulder took a moment
to kiss the head before he moved up Alex's body. He smiled
to himself as he watched it jump, stretching to regain

He lay over Alex's body, fully clothed. The feeling of
power, of being the one in charge made his balls ache. Alex
was naked beneath him, writhing under his hands. He could
make Alex do anything he wanted; Alex had already said as
much. He was in command. He took Alex's face in his hands,
pressing his lips solidly against the younger man's. He
felt Alex's surrender, his mouth opening wider, allowing,
no, YIELDING, all resistance gone. He could make him wiggle
on his fingers, beg for his touch. Beg to be fucked. But
Alex had already begged. 'Please. Please fuck me.' He had
whispered in Mulder's ear. 'Take me. Fill me up with you.'

Mulder groaned again, suddenly feeling his clothes were too
restrictive. He started shedding them, feeling Alex's hands
assisting him.

Every item landed on the floor. All except Mulder's tie.
Mulder leaned over Alex again, letting his weight fall on
him, kissing him thoroughly. For just a moment he held
himself perfectly still. Alex groaned beneath him. "Don't
stop. Please, Mulder, don't stop."

Mulder grinned and ran the silk of his tie against Krycek's
face. "Maybe I should blindfold you, Alex."

"No. No blindfold. I want to see your eyes. I want to
watch your face when you come in me."

Mulder ran his hands along Alex's arms, pushing them up,
over his head, until his wrists were crossed. "Maybe I
should tie you up."

"Yes! Tie me up! Tie me down! Please, Mulder, just fuck

Mulder drew the silk around his wrists, binding them loosely
together. He watched as Alex's eyes closed in pleasure. He
moved downward, starting a loving assault against Krycek's
body. He sucked at the skin of Alex's neck, leaving a row
of hickeys, followed the path downward with small caressing
bites. Alex sucked in a quick breath. Mulder could hear
his whispered moans, "Yesyesyesyesyesyes."

His tongue left shiny traces down Krycek's torso. When he
reached the groin, he touched everywhere. Everywhere but
the cock that stood so tall and proud. He buried his nose
in Krycek's pubic hair, inhaling the musky scent of denim
and 'pure Alex.' Alex arched under him, attempting to make
contact, but Mulder deftly avoided it, allowing the hardened
rod to brush past his cheek.

Mulder sat back on his haunches and stared at the man before
him. Alex was shaking with passion, quivering under
Mulder's gaze. "Mulder..." he heard Alex whisper.

Mulder's eyes bore through Alex. Alex's eyes widened.
"Please, Mul..."

Mulder put up a hand to stop him. In his other hand he
clutched something, opening the hand, palm upwards, to
reveal it. The tube of lubricant sat there. "Grease me,

Alex felt the quiet order shoot straight through him. Oh,
god, yes! Alex was on his knees before his lover in a
flash, snatching up the tube, almost dropping it in his
haste to remove the cap. He bent over and kissed the head
of Mulder's penis, then slid his mouth over it, engulfing it
in his humid heat. Mulder groaned. Alex licked and sucked,
caressing the head, following a straining vein with his
tongue. He took it deep, feeling it stretch his throat,
liking the way that Mulder's hands had moved into his hair,
holding him close, driving the cock into his mouth. He
groaned with pleasure, transmitting the vibrations to
Mulder. He squeezed his own legs together, feeling his
balls tightened with the pressure. His hands moved up,
rolling Mulder's testicles with his fingers. Suddenly he
felt a pain in his hair as Mulder pulled him away. "Grease
me, Alex."

Alex spread the lubricant with shaking hands. When Mulder's
cock was thoroughly anointed, Mulder pushed Alex back down
on the mattress. "Lube yourself," he ordered quietly. Alex
awkwardly did, spreading the oily substance. Mulder watched
him; his eyes glittering with excitement as his lover
prepared himself for him. His cock pulsed with the sight.
When Alex had finished, he lay flat on his back, his legs
bent at the knees, his thighs spread. 'Take me, take me'
his eyes seemed to say. Mulder reached down and fondled
Alex's cock. It twitched in his hand, a drop of precum
exuding from the inflamed tip.

"Pull your knees up to your chest." Alex raised his legs,
pulling them upwards until they lay next to each armpit.
Mulder slipped his shoulders under Alex's knees, sliding his
hands over Krycek's wrists, holding them over his head.
Alex was so excited he thought he would burst. But before
he could make another more, Mulder had a surprise for him.
He reached over to his jacket and pulled an object from the
inside coin pocket, something that Alex had missed. He
brought it back to his lover and slipped it over his cock,
all in a matter of seconds. Alex barely had a chance to
react before the cockring was tightened. He head flew back
as his body shuddered and he groaned aloud.

"You won't come before I say you will, okay, Alex?"

Alex couldn't speak, merely nodded. Mulder moved then.
Moved between Alex's legs, spreading the asscheeks even
further apart. He took his cock in hand, rubbing it between
the cheeks, pumping up and down the channel in imitation of
sex. Alex groaned. "Fuck me, Mulder, fuck me."

Mulder looked at his lover, his eyes sparkling. There was
no more time for teasing. No more time for preparation.
Mulder placed the tip of his cock against Alex's tight brown
hole and added pressure. Alex jumped with a whimper before
settling back down. Mulder pressed again and the anus
widened to take him in. Alex felt stretched. He had always
been the top, never allowing himself to be the bottom, never
allowing another man to shove his dick up his ass. Oh man,
why the hell had he waited. He opened his eyes to stare
into Mulder's hazel ones that hovered just above him. This,
this was why he had waited. For this man. This was the man
he wanted in him. This was the man whose cock he wanted
filling him. "Fuck me, Mulder," he pleaded.

But Mulder knew better. Knew if he shoved in right now that
Alex would be screaming in pain. The head had barely
entered when he drew it out again. Alex whimpered and
Mulder repeated the action again and again until he felt the
opening stretched. Then he pressed deeper. The resistance
here was not nearly as tough as the tight ring of muscle at
the opening. Here Alex's body accepted him. The spincter
muscle that had resisted his entrance now held him firmly
inside Alex. He shoved his hips up, driving his cock deeper
into the pulpy flesh. Alex groaned again. The back and
forth motion repeated itself slowly. He was all the way in
now, feeling Alex's body, the heat, the tight caress around
his cock, the way his slightest shift caused Alex to groan
in pleasure. He settled himself between Alex's legs,
fucking his lover, the added weight squeezing Krycek's
testicles in delicious pleasure.

Alex never wanted it to stop. He wanted to be in this place
forever, laying here with his legs spread wide while Mulder
fucked him. And then Mulder began to drive into him. His
hips snapped forward, his cock diving deep into Alex's
rectum. Alex cried out in pleasure. 'Yes, yes, yes' he
thought. "This is what I want. Take me, Mulder. Take me,
I'm yours!" He choked out the words into his lover's ear.
Mulder kissed him then, having not done so since he had
penetrated Alex. He held him with his lips, possessing him
all over again. Alex could feel the binding tighten on his
soul. Alex groaned into Fox's mouth and lifted his hips to
meet Mulder's. Faster and faster, Fox's ass bobbed in the
air, plunging deeper with each thrust, his erection was as
hard as steel. Alex bit his cheek and suddenly Mulder was
coming. His cock seemed to explode with the force of his
orgasm, peeling back another layer of his own soul in the

Alex felt the hot spurts as they splashed his intestines.
His balls ached and he pistoned his ass against Mulder's
hips. The cockring tightened, not allowing the final
release. "Please, please, please," Alex begged.

Mulder was breathing hard. He stroked a hand over Alex's
cheek, "Not yet, lover."

Alex shivered with the touch, the term 'lover' melting his
willpower. "God, Mulder! Please!"

"Not yet. Not until I say."

Alex shivered again. Mulder watched him and then began
kissing him again. Alex closed his eyes, accepting the
kiss, the domination. Yes, he had given up all his power to
Mulder. The man could do as he wished with him. He could
fuck him. Caress him. Order him to suck him off. Order
him to play with himself. Alex would have done anything he

And then he felt Mulder getting hard again. He felt the
cock in his ass twitch delightfully. Felt it filling him
again. Felt each pulse of Mulder's heartbeat through his
cock. Oh, he was going to be fucked again. Alex lifted his
hips in anticipation.

Mulder moved slowly, sensually. "Faster, faster," Alex
begged. Mulder released Alex's hands, allowing him to let
his legs fall at his sides again. Alex groaned and wrapped
his legs around Mulder's hip, pulling him in with his heels.

His fingers undid the knot and slipped the loose piece of
slik around Mulder's neck. He slid it through his fingers
until he was just holding the tips, and then used them to
stoke over Fox's nipples. Mulder sucked in a sudden breath.
Alex drew the silk tight, using it to pull Mulder's head
down so he could steal another kiss. Mulder groaned into
his mouth.

He used his fingers to trail the tie over Mulder's shoulder,
down his spine. Holding the ends tight again when it
reached Fox's waist, pulling him in tighter still.

He stroked in again, pressing deep, feeling Krycek's ass
tighten on his cock. Faster and faster, he pumped his hips.
The tension was rising again. He felt Alex's hands on his
butt, pressing him to dive in deeper with each thrust,
sliding the silk over his butt. And then one finger wormed
its way into his ass. The touch deepened, the pressure
increasing until they were both feeling incredible pounding
against their prostates. With a growl, Mulder reached
between them, releasing Alex's penis from the cockring.
Alex exploded between them with a shout, his orgasm making
all his muscles go rigid. The muscles in his ass bore down
hard on Mulder's cock and he exploded, semen discharging
heavily enough to overflow.

Mulder collapsed atop Alex, gasping for breath. When he
gathered enough energy to raise his head, he noticed that
Alex had passed out. He gathered him in his arms and rolled
them over until Alex was nestled against his shoulder, still
sound asleep, the tie forgotten, buried beneath them.
Reaching over to the discarded pile of clothes, he snagged
his trenchcoat and covered them both to keep warm. Pressing
his lips to his lover's temple, he whispered, "I love you,
Alex," and let himself fall asleep.

End Chapter 11.

Chapter 12: Removal

Alex lay with his face nestled against Mulder's shoulder.
He could barely move and was still feeling a languid
pleasure throughout his bones. He had passed out after
Mulder had finally allowed him to come; come so hard he
thought his semen would pass through most substances with
the force of a bullet.

Mulder had rolled them over, holding Alex in his arms as he
slept, snagging his own trenchcoat to cover the two of them.
Alex had never been so happy in his life. But he knew it
would not endure, this newfound peace. Real life waited for
them just beyond these walls. He wished he and his lover
could just sink into another dimension, one populated with
only two.

Alex looked up at his lover. Fox was asleep, his face
relaxed. Alex sighed. The rest of the world would be
intruding soon and there were some things that he needed to
do before that happened. He loved Fox, and would do
anything he had to do to protect him.

He studied Mulder's face, seeing that fragile balance
between venerability and strength. The events of the last
month would have to be deleted from his memory. There was
no choice. Now all he had to do was convince Mulder.
Destroy the videotape. Secure Scully's silence, heaven
knows, she would understand. If he did nothing, this whole
thing would destroy Fox. He had to convince him it was the
only way. Alex almost cried at the thought.

With a nudge, he woke Mulder. Those sleepy hazel eyes
opened and he almost wept. This was going to be SO hard.

"Mulder, I have something to ask of you. And I don't want
you to get mad."

"What are you talking about, Alex? At the moment, I don't
think I could be mad at you if I tried."

"Well then, just hear me out before you start yelling.

"What is it?"

"I want you to undergo another mindwipe."

"WHAT? Why the hell would you want THAT?"

"You promised not to yell."

"Then I take it back! Alex, why?"

"Look, you have to do this for me. You have to do this for
yourself. Let them take your memory of the last month."

"And forget you? Forget what happened between us? Is that
what you want? Are you afraid of what I know about you now,

"No. I'm afraid of what you know about yourself. I've
watched you, damn it. I know what this is doing to you. I
know it's eating you up inside. I KNOW. Let me help you.
Let me take away the memories. I'd rather you forget what
we had than watch it eat at you, poisoning everything around
you. I can't stand to see it suck the life out of you. I
look in your eyes and all I want to do is hold you. The one
thing I know I'm not allowed to do. That THEY won't allow
me to do. I love you, Mulder. Let me help you."

"But everyone will still know. Everyone but me! Do you
think Scully will forget? X? Cancerman?" he said bitterly.

"Mulder..." Krycek stopped. "I've already destroyed all the
video tapes and the surveillance they took when we were at
the ranch. They won't have any proof. Only their word.
They can't get to you unless you let them."

Mulder just stared at him, unable to believe that this man,
who had once been his enemy, would risk his position in the
black ops group just to give him back his sanity, his peace
of mind.

"How do I know they are destroyed?"

"Because I'm protecting myself, too. You know how this 'old
boy's club' is. I wouldn't stand a chance if I didn't get
rid of the evidence. And you don't stand a chance as long
as you remember, so let me do this for you. For both of us.
Cancerman has taken me back into the organization; I have
access to what I need to do this. I'll be on the outs with
him again, but hell, I'm sure he's going to want a little
more than cocksucking from me next time."

"You BLEW Cancerman!?"

"Well, it was either that or bend over the table. Or maybe
a nice bullet to the brain. I wasn't in a position to
argue. You know I was on the run from him."

Mulder let out a weary sigh. "I don't know if I can agree
to this, Alex." He caressed Krycek's cheek with one long
finger. "Do you really want me to forget you?"

Alex leaned up and kissed him. "We don't have a choice.
You know that."

Mulder sighed again. "Damnit, Alex. I don't want to lose
you. I feel like I just found myself. And you want me to
give all that up?"

"Please, you have to think about this. Please! You know
what will happen if we do nothing. Cancerman is bound to
catch us on camera again. Well, especially since I can't
keep my hands off you." At this he saw Mulder smile. "
Then he'll use it to blackmail you. You're position in the
bureau is already shaky enough. Can you just imagine
pictures of us showing up all over the Bureau? I'd have to
fight them off with a stick!"

Mulder chuckled at the image of Alex defending his virtue,
then his smile faded. "What will I have to do?"

"Leave it to me. I'll slip around Cancerman and get
everything set up."

Mulder silently stared down at him until Alex raised his
head and met his eyes. "I trust you, Alex," he said

Alex hugged him tighter, feeling his heart fill with love
and weep at the same time.


Alex made all the arrangements. He called Scully to meet
them at the gates of the base that Mulder had originally
broken into. When everything was finished, Mulder would be
brought to the gate and released. Scully would pick up from
there. Mulder would remember getting into the base and then
nothing. No one (provided Scully kept her promise) would be
able to tell him where he had been for the last month.
Scully was upset but understood why this needed to be done.
With just a little cajoling and browbeating, he and Mulder
had been able to convince her of the plan. The project that
Mulder had tried to spy on had long since wrapped up and
moved shop elsewhere. Silently Alex wished he could wipe
the memories of the others who knew what had happened, just
to protect his lover, but that was not possible. He also
knew that when Cancerman got wind of this, he would be on
the run again. That was okay with him. He had a few ideas
about that. After all, the farm had finally sold so he had
a few extra bucks stashed away. He would just have to hide
better next time. Maybe somewhere where he was sure
Cancerman had no influence. If Cancerman represented the
establishment, maybe it was time to get in with the
anti-establishment crowd. Whatever. Like Scarlett O'Hara,
he would 'think about it tomorrow.'

For now it was all he could do not to throw Mulder onto the
floor and seduce him. Just one more time. For old times
sake? Please? He looked over at his lover. They were
walking down a long hallway, holding hands like children.
He looked at Mulder again, and then looked over his
shoulder. No one was with them at the moment. He turned
toward Mulder and pushed him up against the wall, kissing
him ferociously. Mulder's lips protested a moment, no doubt
trying to remind Alex of where they were, before yielding
themselves up. Alex finally broke the kiss when he had to
come up, gasping, for air.

"Damn, Alex. You do that again and I might change my mind."
Alex flushed and squeezed his hand.

"You kiss me like that again and I might too." He tugged on
his lover's hand again and they proceeded to their


The room was white. White on white. That was how Mulder
would remember it. White gowns, white masks, white sheets.
Blinding white.

They brought him in and had him lay on a gurney. An
intravenous line was stuck in his arm and he was given a
sedative. When they started to strap down his wrists...
well, that was when he started to lose it. He began to
struggle, fighting the sedative, fighting the restraints.
But suddenly Alex was there to reassure him, stroke his
forehead, and kiss him gently. Mulder whimpered softly and
Alex started to cry.

"It's okay. It's okay. I'm right here. Shhhhh. It's
okay." Alex repeated the words over and over until he saw
the sedative take effect and the lids were pulled down over
Mulder's beautiful hazel eyes. He was gently shoved to one
side then and led away by a burly guard. They wouldn't need
him for the rest and he really didn't know if he could let
them finish without interrupting, protesting that he wanted
his lover back.

Alex found a high spot to watch the proceedings from.
Reality seemed to warp and wrap around itself when he
realized that this was almost the same view he had had the
last time he was here. He perched above, watching, and
Mulder was strapped to a gurney, while men in white took
away his memory. Only this time it was himself who had
ordered it. He shuddered at the thought of becoming like
Cancerman. This procedure was being done out of love, and
with full consent of the patient. That was the difference
and he had to hold it close to him. Remember Mulder's love.
Remember it for the both of them.

It didn't seem to take them as long before they finished.
Alex watched as Mulder was wheeled out the door and put into
a cell to sleep for a while. He snuck in long enough to
plant a final kiss against those luscious lips before
retreating to a safe distance again.

Finally, the guards came and roused Mulder, thrust him into
the back of a military vehicle, and drove him to the gate.
And into the waiting arms of Scully. Almost no words were
exchanged between the two of them, Mulder's mind still so
muddled that he could barely make a coherent sentence.
Scully on the other hand had a promise to keep, and with
that still in the forefront of her thoughts, she thought it
best to keep quiet.

Alex watched the exchange from a distance. He wanted to
make sure that Mulder had not seen him, but he couldn't just
let him go without seeing him one last time.

He would have to move out soon. His spare set of identity
papers was ready. His name would be Artzen. He had found
the perfect para-military group to join up with. The
bastards were planing on making a statement in a big way, an
Oklahoma City bombing kind of way. If things went right, he
would stop these assholes.



Alex fired the gun into his fellow rebel's head. The son of
a bitch was getting ready to shoot Mulder. He hoped that
Mulder had got all the receipts; for the racing and diesel
fuel, the detonation cord and for the ammonia nitrate.
Obviously he must have gotten the receipts for the storage
space and the rental truck, otherwise why would the FBI be

The truck slammed into the side of a building and he heard
Mulder identifying himself.

"Get out of the truck. Get out of the truck!" Alex tossed
the gun out of the window and stepped out. At the sight of
him, Mulder mumbled 'You son of a bitch' and thrust the butt
of his weapon into Alex's stomach. Probably just as well,
thought Alex, grabbing his stomach and hunching over, hoping
to hide his erection.

"I handed you this bust, Mulder," he yelled.

"Oh come on, Krycek!"

"Who do you think sent you those receipts?"

It was apparent that Mulder did not remember their time
together. His anger was palpable. And, oh my, he did look
so cute in that helmet and carrying around that big weapon.
Go GI Mulder! Alex just wanted to ask him if he could hold
his 'big weapon' for him.

When Scully asked how Alex got involved with these men, he
told her they found him in North Dakota. Alex could see
that Mulder assumed that he was talking about the silo and
he didn't correct the agent. Alex just said 'they liberated
me on a salvage hunt.' Well, that was the truth. They
liberated him from Cancerman's people who were about to put
a slug in his brain.

"Hey, you go underground you got to learn to live with the
rats." Alex could feel his erection returning. He just
wanted to grab Mulder and pull him to the floor, raining
kisses down his body as he stripped him of those sexy black
jeans and black turtleneck.

"I'm sure you had no trouble adapting."

When he tried to explain, Mulder just responded with,
"You're full of crap, Krycek. You're an invertebrate scum
sucker whose moral dipstick is about two drops short of bone

Alex thought, 'I'll be your scum sucker, Mulder. Show me
your dipstick. Oh, please? Oh, pretty please?"

Instead of saying that, Alex stood up, defending himself,
"Hey, I love this country."

Mulder shoved him back into his seat. 'Touch me again,
Mulder. Please?' thought Alex.

Then Scully stood up, "What do you want, Krycek?"

He knew what she was really asking. Why are you here? Why
don't you leave Mulder alone? You left; he's mine now!
Back off! It all came through her eyes. Mulder may not
remember, but Scully certainly did.

"Same thing you do," Alex responded. She had to know he
would never do anything to hurt him.

Alex managed to grab their attention with promises of more
information. At lease he would be able to stay by Mulder's
side. Besides he knew the trail would eventually lead to
Russia and he wanted to be there with Mulder. After all, he
spoke Russian.


The End

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Author's notes:
I'm going to have to give credit where credit is due. This
story is dedicated to Brenda Antrim (The Queen of X-Slash).
Her story 'Krycek' inspired this bit of madness and
frustrated the hell out of me when she killed Alex off at
the end. So I started with the menage-a-trois scene (where
I imagined 'Krycek' might go) and built the rest of the
story after that. Shameless rip off of the whole who-am-I
memory loss idea. Thanks, Brenda. You've inspired us all.

And special thanks to cathy lee for pushing me to subscribe
to the M/K list and all her encouragement. Really
appreciated. (Sorry, cathy, they didn't get that romantic
breakfast on the balcony watching the sun rise over the San
Juan Mountains. <G>)

And thanks to everyone for bearing with me. I don't usually
post in chapters, but I needed the push to finish. Thanks
to everyone who sent me that push.


And, of course, this story explains the whole reason why
Mulder spends so much time in the Tunguska/Terma episodes
slapping Ratboy around. All those buried memories were just
trying to resurface. And all that repressed sexual desire
was coming out through a violent channel. <g> Not to
mention the reason why Ratboy never seems to fight back and
gladly follows Mulder to the gulag. Kind of gives new
meaning to Skinner's words to Krycek, "Think warm thoughts."
Now we know what he really ment! ;-)