Hardened Criminal II: Lessons
By Orithain and Nicole S.

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Series: Hardened Criminal II
Status: New, complete

Disclaimer: Surfer Boy owns these guys, although he doesn't deserve them.

This is set in a prison and contains rape, violence, sex and hard time. You have been duly warned.

Thanks to Aries for continuous encouragement...and chanting.

Summary: Mulder and Krycek learn to understand each other a little better.

Hardened Criminal II: Lessons
By Orithain and Nicole

Alex Krycek lay on the padded weight bench and raised the bar with weights up over his head, a grunt leaving his throat as he did so. He breathed in deeply as he lowered the bar, the smell of stale sweat and testosterone in the weight room assaulting his nostrils. He exhaled as he raised the bar again. A few other men were in this room pumping iron, sculpting their bodies into perfect shape, shape no one but the other prisoners would see for years.

He was here, in Cedar Junction, Massachusetts, doing time for killing Jamie Ryder. He chastised himself every day for being so stupid as to beat on a man because he was drunk and out of control. Gay bashing! What the hell had he been thinking? That one act ruined his whole life.

He had started out his sentence in Virginia where he committed the crime, but only a couple of weeks into his incarceration, the roof had collapsed in his cellblock from a heavy rain. He was supposed to go to another prison in Virginia, but they were so overcrowded that most of the inmates had to be dispersed among the various other prisons up and down the East Coast. It was just dumb luck, and not his, that Fox Mulder was a prison guard at this Pen.

A hack walked by, and Alex cautiously raised his eyes to see if it was Mulder. It wasn't. Relief washed over him as he raised the weights above his head and tried not to think about what Mulder had been doing to him for the past couple of months. Alex rested the weights on the stand and stood up, stretching his arms as he did so. He wiped the sweat off of his face with his t- shirt, sat down on another bench and started on some wrist curls.

Mulder had raped him. Alex shuddered inwardly at the word rape, yet it was the truth. Mulder had been raping him repeatedly for the past two months. There was no pattern, no set time. Any shift Alex could be summoned to the recycle room, the door locked behind him while Mulder did what he wanted to him. Alex refused to think about how quickly he came when that bastard touched him.

Alex pushed the thought from his mind as he continued with his weights. It took all of 30 seconds for his mind to return to what that hack Mulder had done. In the beginning, Alex had lost his appetite and been depressed over the violations. He had wretched every time he thought about it. Now he decided to bulk himself up, make himself stronger so he could fight him off.

Alex finished his workout and headed for the showers. He stripped, then walked into the large tiled area with shower nozzles jutting out of the wall. There wasn't anyone else in here. Alex smiled to himself, grateful to be alone. As he started to wash himself, his mind drifted back to Mulder yet again.

//Yeah, I'm gonna get build myself up, knock that taser away from him and kick his ass.// Alex smiled to himself as he thought of Mulder, sprawled on his back, being kicked in the side. //I'm gonna force that self- righteous, raping sonofabitch down on his hands and knees and force *him* to suck *my* dick.//

Alex lathered himself up, still smiling to himself. //Yeah, I'd love to see that stupid fucking hack's pretty mouth full of my cock. Sucking on it, the head hitting the back of his throat as I push inside.//

Alex's hand moved down to his cock, gripping himself tightly. "Suck my cock, bitch," he whispered to himself. "Yeah, that's it, bitch, suck it, suck it hard." His hand swiftly moved up and down his erection, soap and water making it slippery and slick. The water coursed down his body, plastering his heavy fringe of dark lashes to his cheek, carving trails down his muscular torso and arms. His hand moved faster, all the while whispering, "Suck it, bitch," to himself.

He braced one hand on the tile wall before him, the water now rushing down his back and muscular thighs, some streaming between his ass cheeks. He was close and was biting his tongue to keep from moaning out loud. Finally, he came with a quiet grunt, the water washing the evidence down the drain. He stood there, his hand bracing himself against the wall for a minute before he turned the water off and started to towel off. Two gang-bangers came in as he was leaving, giving Alex a quiet thrill that he had come so close to being caught.

He got back to his cell where the Smoking Man was waiting for him to get some more coffee. Alex turned his back to him as he got dressed; he could feel the old man's eyes upon him as he moved to put on his underwear. Suddenly, there was a hand on his buttock. Alex froze.

"You know, Alex, it's a good thing you're with me. I'd hate to see you out there all alone trying to fend the others off with a body like this."

Alex could feel the old man's hand move down to cup and caress his ass before going lower. He closed his eyes and bit his lower lip; his head was spinning from revulsion at what this old man was doing to him.

"Yes, it's too bad that I can't get enjoyment out of such things anymore. I'm sure I'd enjoy you immensely." The hand moved down to squeeze his thigh, then it was suddenly gone.

Alex waited a fraction of a second before he scrambled into his clothes. He turned to face the old man, who wore the familiar leer on his face.

"Don't worry, Alex, I told you I wasn't going to do such horrendous things to you." The old man paused to light a cigarette, "But I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it."

Alex remained calm, despite the overwhelming urge to throw up.

"Coffee, Alex. Strong, black, just the way I like it."

Alex stood there, afraid to move.

"Alex! Coffee, now!" the old man barked at him.

"Yes, sir," Alex whispered as he got to work.


The next night, after his shift, Mulder caught up with Alex in the recycle room.

"Put down some cardboard on the floor. I want to try something new."

"And if I don't?"

"Then your knees are going to get mighty sore."

Alex put down a few layers of cardboard on the floor while Mulder locked the door and started to get undressed.

"Strip down, Krycek; I want you naked."

Alex complied, taking off his clothes and folding them neatly, setting them aside.

"On your knees."

Alex's heart skipped a beat as he got on his knees before Mulder. His pulse quickened as he looked at Mulder's cock at eye level, dripping with pre-cum.

"You want that? I know you want it, Krycek. Do what you do best, prag."

Alex put his hands on Mulder's hips and brought his mouth in to start sucking on the hard penis before him. He took him deep, almost swallowing him, as Mulder's hand caressed his hair.

"Yeah....oh god, yeah, that's it."

After a few minutes, he was pushed away, Mulder still hard, his cock still throbbing before his face.

"Stay on your knees, and put your hands over your head." Alex put his hands up, where his wrists were cuffed together. He was then pushed so he was face down on the cardboard, his knees under him. His arms were bent so he could rest his weight on his elbows, but he couldn't really move in this position.

"Ass high in the air, Krycek. Yeah, just like that. Your ass is beautiful, you know. I've been watching you work out; it makes me happy to know that you're doing this all for me." Mulder smacked Alex on the ass a couple of times before moving behind him.

"Yeah, this ass is all for me." He spat on his hands well and used that and his pre-cum to lubricate himself before he entered Alex.

Alex let out a whimper as he was filled by Mulder, trying so hard not to enjoy this. It was hard not to. Mulder was hitting his prostate with every shove, sending jolts of pleasure throughout his body. He was also massaging Alex's balls, squeezing and pulling on them, making the pre-cum flow out of the head of his cock to pool on the cardboard below him.

"Yeah, this ass is so fucking good. I love your ass, Krycek, your ass is all mine." Mulder had his hands on Krycek's hips, thrusting hard into the other man. He threw his head back as he came, a cry strangled in his throat. The walls to this place weren't soundproofed, so he had to keep himself in check. He shuddered and thrust a few more times as his orgasm ravaged his body. He collapsed forward onto Krycek, breathing hard. He stayed like that for a few minutes, before pulling out and cleaning himself off with the convenient wipes that he had made sure were near by.

Alex was still in position, knees tucked under him, hands cuffed in front of him. He hadn't come, and his balls were close to bursting. Suddenly, Mulder was undoing the cuffs and sitting beside him. Alex rose to sit as well, his hands rubbing his wrists.

"You wanna come, Krycek?"

Alex looked up into the contempt-filled hazel eyes above him. He did, god, he really did, but he wouldn't give Mulder the satisfaction of knowing.

"I know you want to." Mulder ran a finger up Krycek's cock, gaining a sigh from him.

"C'mon, Krycek, jerk off for me. I want you to come on me."

Alex looked at him; this guy was getting kinkier every day.

"I read this somewhere; it sounds like fun." Mulder got on his back. "Get on your knees and jerk off. I know you want to."

Alex licked his lips before he got on his knees and grabbed his cock, positioning it so he would ejaculate all over the hack. He stared at Mulder as he stroked his turgid member, seeing the bastard watching him and getting off on it, quickly bringing himself to completion and spilling his seed over his hand and onto the guard below him.

"See, you liked that, didn't you?" Mulder said, his voice husky and low. "Now it's my turn to get something I like. Lick it off."


"You heard me, prag. Lick it off."

"No fucking way!"

Mulder reached up and grabbed Alex by the hair, forcing his head down to his torso. "Lick it off, bitch! You don't do it and I'll make your life a living hell."

"Fuck you!"

"Do it, Krycek. Do it or I'll turn you out into D block with no protection. You know who's in D block, don't you? That's where the sick fucks are, bikers ready to own your ass and rape you and trade you between them. You want that, Krycek?"

Alex was silent.

"I thought not. Now lick your fucking cum off of me before I use that taser on your balls."

Alex bent his head down and started on his daunting task. He tried to think of something good while he was doing it, tried to think of it as a food, but couldn't. He gagged a couple of times but finished quickly.

"Yeah, it's a good thing I read about this; this was a great idea." Mulder inspected the work Alex did; there was not a spot of cum to be seen. "Good boy. Now you can get dressed."

Alex dressed quickly, his head still spinning. As soon as he got back to his cell, he brushed his teeth four times and rinsed with mouthwash, gargling a few times before crawling into bed and trying to sleep.

//That fucker is gonna pay. I'm gonna kick his ass next time. Just wait, Mulder, you motherfucker.//


Fox Mulder turned off the water in his shower, toweled off and pulled his sweats on. He sure got Krycek good last night. If Krycek had any doubts about who was in charge and who owned him, today would have reminded him. Strange thing was, Mulder was beginning to enjoy himself. He actually looked forward to fucking Krycek. He knew Krycek liked it too, he couldn't hold back his moans or hip movements when Mulder was inside him. He was such a pretty little slut it was no wonder Mulder was enjoying him. Mulder had nearly kissed him today after he licked his cum off of him, but he had held back. He couldn't get that intimate with him yet; he had to wait until Krycek wanted him, until Krycek made the first move and really belonged to him. Then the murdering little bastard would be his sextoy for the rest of his term and he'd like it. He was going to beg Mulder to fuck him.

Mulder went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat and had just put the coffee on when there was a knock at the door.

"Mike!" Mulder grabbed the man by the hand and pulled him inside, shutting the door behind them.

"Hey, Fox, how are you?"

Mulder embraced the man, "Mike, I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too."

Both men held onto each other a long time before they broke away, Mulder ushering him into the living room. He brought them both large mugs of fresh coffee.

"What are you doing here? I thought you had that job with the EPA in DC?"

"I did. I quit." Tears sprang to Michael's eyes as he lit a cigarette. "I couldn't live there anymore; everything reminded me of Jamie. I'm back here for a while, just until I can find a job somewhere else." Michael exhaled the smoke from his lungs and started to cry. "I couldn't stay there, Fox, it was just too hard. I'd go for groceries, or shopping, and see his face everywhere. It was just too hard..." Michael wiped the tears away with the back of his hand and continued puffing on his cigarette.

"God, I'm sorry. I really am sorry."

"Yeah, well, Mom's glad to see me home; she's already got me cleaning out the gutters and fixing all kinds of things. Darryl, however, could give a shit whether I'm here or not."

"I see your brother once in awhile, but he doesn't say hi."

"To my sweet brother Darryl, I don't exist. His kids know they have an uncle somewhere, but that's about it." Michael took a long drag on his cigarette then exhaled. "Are you sure you want me here, Fox; I could be detrimental to your career?"

"Aw, fuck 'em. You've been my best friend since we were five years old." Fox smiled at him; he had missed his friend so much over the years. When Michael went away to college, then to work, he left Fox alone, and that had hurt. Deep down, he had known that Michael had to get out of this town and do something worthwhile, but he had still felt like he had lost a part of himself somehow. "I'm sorry I couldn't be there at the funeral; I had to work a double shift that day and..."

"It's okay, Fox." Michael cut him off. He stubbed out his cigarette before continuing. "I know how it is. My old man worked at the Pen for 35 years. If anyone had known that his boy was a fag when he was alive, they would have made life hard for him."

"It's not fair, Mike. I should have been there for you. They wouldn't give me the time off."

"That's okay, Mom came up. She's pretty cool for an old lady, you know. Jamie's family was there too. They were my rock all during the trial." Michael lit another cigarette and took a sip of his coffee. "That asshole Krycek though, how I wanted to leap over that railing and kill him."

Mulder nodded, a knot starting to ache in the pit of his stomach.

"All through the trial, I sat there with Jamie's family, staring at those three guys, wondering what the hell possessed them to pick on my Jamie. But that Krycek guy, he was cold. I didn't see one flicker of emotion throughout the whole time. His eyes were like cold shards of green ice." Michael took another drag on his cigarette and exhaled quickly. "I hate him, Fox. I can't forgive him for what he did to Jamie." He mashed out his cigarette in the ashtray as if he were squishing Alex Krycek in there with it.

Mulder just nodded again; he didn't know what to say. He couldn't tell Michael that he was fucking the man that killed his lover and was starting to enjoy it. He couldn't tell him that he'd seen that same cold, emotionless look when he'd raped Krycek and knew that it was only a cover. He couldn't tell him that he'd already realized that the more Krycek felt, the less he showed, especially when he was scared or thought that showing emotion would be a sign of weakness. Mulder suddenly realized that Krycek probably *had* regretted what he had done but wouldn't or couldn't show it. He bit his lower lip, then Michael's hand was on his, stroking his fingers with his own. He looked up at him, and Michael smiled.

"Let's talk about other things, Fox. I can't go through it all again. How's Sam?"

"She's fine. She's opened a practice in Boston."

"Yeah? Great."

"Yeah, she's got a partner; they're running it together. Dana Scully's her name. She's a little older, and her experience really adds to their practice."

"That's good." Michael moved closer to Mulder on the couch, his hand still caressing Mulder's. "I've really missed you, Fox. We should have stayed together."

Mulder closed his eyes and sighed, "Michael, don't."

"Why not, Fox?"

"It's...I can't take advantage of you like this."

Michael laughed, "I think I'm the one seducing you, Fox."

Mulder turned and looked his friend in the eyes. He looked so sad, his eyes heavy with tears. Mulder stroked his face with his hand, Michael leaning into his touch. "I'm sorry."

Michael let out a sigh as the tears fell from his eyes. Mulder took him into his arms and held him close until his friend was finished sobbing. Michael stayed a little while longer, catching up on the town gossip until he had to leave. Mulder gave him a quick kiss before he watched his friend leave his house and go out to the battered pick up truck he drove when he was in town.

Mulder went to bed, needing sleep after his night shift and the emotions he had just faced. How dare Krycek put his best friend through all that pain. He very carefully did not think about the fact that when Michael had tried to seduce him, he had backed off not because he didn't want to take advantage of his friend but because he suddenly saw Krycek and didn't want Michael. If Michael had persisted, he wouldn't have been able to do anything with him. His sleep was fitful, waking a mere five hours later to get dressed to go to work again.


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Alex was starting to settle into the routine of the prison; he knew who to stay away from and who would talk to him. Actually, hardly anyone talked to him. The Italians in the kitchen ignored him, and the other inmates were afraid of his cell-mate. There was one guy in the kitchen who wasn't Italian, but he was nuts. His name was Ralph Morrison, and he talked to Krycek every once in awhile but drifted off into these diatribes about conspiracies and government plots against him. Aside from that, only the Smoking Man talked to him. And Mulder. Sometimes. Just a little bit before or after fucking him.

That night, during his shift, cleaning up after dinner, Alex thought of Mulder and how he wanted to gain control of their situation. He decided that tonight was the night; he was going to be prepared and take the guard, then make him do whatever he wanted. He was a bundle of nervous energy, waiting until he saw the dark blue prison uniform saunter through the mess hall towards the kitchen.

Mulder was in a bad mood this evening. He hadn't had very much sleep, and he was pissed off at that prag Krycek for making his best friend suffer. When Mulder came into the kitchen that night, he was seething; he wanted Krycek to pay for what he had done. He ushered Krycek into the recycle room, remaining calm until they were both inside.

Alex came into the room and waited for Mulder to lock the door and give him instructions on how he wanted him tonight. His ass was still a bit sore from yesterday. He remained calm, ready for Mulder to let his guard down so he could overpower him. He didn't have a chance; a blow in the side with a billy club left him gasping on the floor, reeling.

"Hey, Krycek, you motherfucker," Mulder sneered at him.

"What was that for?" he gasped.

"Jamie Ryder." Mulder kicked Krycek in the side, watching him writhe in pain. "It's time you paid for what you did to him."

Alex looked up at the Mulder, his eyes wide with realization; no wonder he was doing all this to him. "You knew Jamie?"

Mulder brought his leg back and kicked Alex in the leg. Alex let out a howl at the pain. "Yeah, he was my best friend's lover, you little fuck!"

Alex whimpered at the pain and squeezed his eyes tightly shut. What were the odds of this happening? He opened his eyes again and looked up at Mulder, who had a look of pure hatred in his eyes. He licked his lips before speaking. "Michael?" he whispered.

Mulder's eyes narrowed as he bent down, the club at the ready. "Yeah, Michael."

"Oh, shit."

"You got that right." Mulder reached down and pulled Krycek's pants down to his ankles. "Stand up, prag."

Mulder rousted Alex to his feet and leaned him against the cardboard bin while he fumbled for his handcuffs. In that split second, Krycek had spun around and knocked the taser from his hand, scrambling for it as it clattered to the floor, his pants around his ankles not making it easy.

"What the fuck are you doing, Krycek?" Mulder held the billy club ready to strike.

"I'm not taking your shit anymore, Mulder. You're gonna do it my way this time." Alex knew that he had to take control immediately or else Mulder would probably kill him.

"Yeah, you think so?"

"Yeah, I do."

Alex kicked his pants off and lunged at Mulder, the taser missing him by inches. The next attack was more successful; Alex got him on the hand that held the billy club. The baton fell to the floor as Mulder howled in pain at the shock. Alex got the club and jabbed it in Mulder's side, knocking him to the ground before shocking him good with the taser at the back of the neck.

"You like that? Huh, bitch? That's right, you're *my* bitch now. I'm gonna make sure you wish you were never born!"

Alex took the cuffs from Mulder's belt and cuffed him to the container, letting him hang there by his wrists. He pulled Mulder's belt and pants off, then, without preparation, entered him. Mulder was suddenly conscious and screaming.

Alex took the billy club and brought it around to choke Mulder with it, "Shut the fuck up, prag."

Mulder gasped for air and whimpered as he fought to take a breath. Alex choked him some more before flinging the club aside, he was enjoying this immensely despite the discomfort of forcing himself into Mulder's unlubricated hole. He was so hard and fucking Mulder just made him harder. He thrust hard into the guard, hands on his hips to bring him back to meet his movements.

"Yeah, you're my bitch now, Mulder. Take it, baby, feel that, that's a man fucking your ass." Alex came with a cry, not caring who heard; he hadn't had an orgasm like that for a long time. His body shuddered and shook as his cum shot into Mulder's ass. When he was done, he cleaned himself up, pulled on his pants and looked at the man still cuffed to the large metal container. He turned Mulder around to face him. Tears stained his cheeks, and a look of horror was on his face as he looked at the con who held him captive and had just raped him.

Without a word, Alex reached up and uncuffed Mulder from the container and watched him slump to the floor. He was going to say something but didn't. Instead, he walked out the door and back to his cell without saying a single word to the man he'd just raped.


The next day, Alex was on an emotional high that he hadn't felt since he found out he'd been accepted at Quantico. He kept his cool on the outside, but on the inside, he was feeling giddy. He had actually done it! He had overpowered Mulder and shown him who was really boss. He had made him his bitch! Alex nearly smiled to himself as he entered the kitchen to start his shift. He couldn't wait to see Mulder's face. All through his shift, he looked over into the dining hall to see if he was there. When Mulder didn't show by the end of the evening, he really smiled to himself. //He must be too afraid to come back. He's probably afraid of what I'll do to him.//

Alex almost sniggered out loud as he walked back to his cell with the others. He had scared a hack away from work! He tried not to grin as he got back to his cell but couldn't help himself.

"What is it, Alex? You look surprisingly happy today," the Smoking Man asked.

"I just had a really good day. How would you like a coffee, Spender?"

The Smoking Man looked at him wryly. Alex never volunteered to get him coffee; he always waited for him to ask. "Yes, Alex, that would be quite nice, thank you." He watched as Alex bustled around, filling up the tiny coffee maker that they were allowed. Alex was almost happy; this was quite odd. "Alex, you didn't kill anyone today, did you?" He took a long drag on his cigarette, letting the smoke drift out of his nostrils.

Alex turned around and laughed at the man, making him raise an eyebrow. "No, I didn't kill anyone. I just had a good day."

"I see." Spender sat back and waited for his coffee, finishing his cigarette and starting another. He accepted the cup of dark, hot liquid from Alex and took a sip before speaking. "You didn't fuck anyone today, did you, Alex?"

"Excuse me?" Alex stared at the man in disbelief, a shock running through him.

"There has to be a reason for your underlying good mood. Did you get laid?"


Spender looked up at him and narrowed his eyes, his mouth turned into his familiar leer. "You had better not. Although I can't take pleasure with you myself, that does not mean that you are free to do so with other men. If I hear of such things, you can be sure that I will turn you out on your own."

Alex kept his cool exterior as he sat on the stool in the corner. "I'm not fucking anybody. I'm not a fag, so how could I fuck someone?"

Spender took a sip of his coffee and a large drag off of his cigarette, blowing the smoke in Alex's face before giving a cruel smile. "You're right. You wouldn't let some gentleman fuck you up the ass, would you, Alex?"

"No, sir."

Spender leered at him before stubbing out his cigarette and leaned back on the bunk. "They'd better not; you belong to me." He let the statement sink in for a second before adding, "I'm out of Werther's, Alex."

"I'll get them right away." Alex hopped up off the stool and left the cell, feeling like he wanted to throw up. //I don't belong to that black lunged monster. I don't belong to anybody.// His shoulders sagged, and the spring left his step, his good mood ruined as he thought about the past 24 hours and went to get the old man his candy.


Fox Mulder lay on his couch in his living room, sipping a beer. His vacation couldn't have come at a better time; he was dead tired and, at the beginning of the week, his ass hurt. He had considered driving to Boston to see Sam, but laziness had got the better of him, and now he was content to lie on his couch and vegetate. He had been thinking of what Krycek had done to him the week before, how he had turned the tables on him. The initial shock had worn off by now, but he still felt uneasy about what happened.

In all his years as a guard, nothing like that had *ever* happened to him before. He had never had an inmate take control from him like that. Of course, he'd never repeatedly forced an inmate to have sex with him over a period of several months before either. He had started working here, at Cedar Junction, to support Samantha and send her through school. When she was done, he applied for a transfer, to see the world, he had told himself. He spent two years in Illinois, then three in Kansas. By then, he missed home; he missed being close to Sam. When a spot opened up back in Cedar Junction, he came back. He never did sell his parent's house; instead he had rented it out to a couple who worked at the Pen. When he told them he was coming back, they were ready to move on.

He finished his beer and placed the empty bottle on the table before he rolled over onto his side. He tried to concentrate on the Nova Special he was watching, but his thoughts kept coming back to Krycek. After he had left the recycle room, Mulder had lain there for a few minutes before he pulled himself together and went back to patrolling his beat. He was stunned more than anything as he walked around, the cum seeping out of his ass to stain his underwear. He finished his shift then went home, where he took a long, hot shower, scrubbing the smell of Krycek off of his body.

Michael had come over yesterday evening; and they had sat around Mulder's back yard, drinking beer and barbecuing some steaks. It was good to have someone to talk to, to have a real friend around again. Unfortunately the one thing he wanted to talk about, he couldn't divulge to his friend. //What would Mike think? He'd probably hate me.// Mulder had acquaintances, guards he palled around with, that he saw at the bar when the work week was done, but he didn't have someone he could really call a friend, a buddy. Once in awhile, he'd talk to Krycek, but he didn't offer up much in the way of conversation. He mostly nodded and gave simple yes or no answers. Occasionally, he swore that Krycek had started to smile but caught himself before he let out an emotion and shut himself off completely.

His eyes started to close, images of Krycek holding the taser on him running through his mind. He opened his eyes to drive the image away, but his mind wouldn't let him. He fell into a fitful sleep, waking a few hours later in a pool of sweat.


Alex was breaking down boxes in the recycle room, a frown on his face. Mulder hadn't been to work for a week. At the beginning, Alex was elated; he knew he had driven the hack away, scared him, made him aware that Alex was a force to be reckoned with.

He sighed as he picked up another box and started flattening it. He wouldn't admit to himself that he missed the man, instead rationalizing the sulleness to lack of sexual activity. He shook his head, //It wasn't sex, it was rape, Alex!// He nodded. He picked up another box but then put it down and looked around. Right here, in this very room, was where the violations had taken place, yet he felt no discomfort in here. He actually He thought of Mulder, sucking on his nipples, pinching and twisting them into hardness before his hand dipped down to caress his cock, thumb spreading the pre-cum over the head.

"Stop it!" he hissed at himself, pacing the floor, his hands clenching and unclenching.

He picked up the box again and tore into it, his hands shaking with the anger that he felt at himself. //He was your rapist, not your lover.//

They would sometimes talk after they were finished, about sports, about the weather. Mulder had asked him about his family once...

"Quit it!" Alex punched the large metal container that he had been cuffed to so many times. "He's not my friend. I hate him for what he did to me." Alex kicked one of the boxes, almost screaming in frustration at the images assaulting his brain. "He raped me, he's not my friend...he fucked me...I hate him."

Alex closed his eyes and breathed deeply, unsuccessfully trying to push the memories from his mind. He thought of Mulder's strong back and shoulders, how he would dig his stubble into his back as he took him from behind. His smell, of musk and arousal and a hint of spice. His hands, always holding him, or caressing him, touching him in just the right places. His mouth, the mouth that never touched his own yet nipped a trail across his shoulder blades. That lower lip, luscious like a ripened piece of fruit, just waiting to be nibbled on. His cock, his hard, large, cut cock, ready for his mouth. At first he gagged, but then he started to enjoy the feel of the velvety shaft inside his mouth, his tongue sliding over the head, teasing the slit. Then he'd be spun around, or draped over a stack of newspapers as Mulder took him from behind, every stroke sending immense pleasure throughout his body.

Alex locked the door then reached down and adjusted himself in his prison issue blues. Yeah, Mulder knew how to make him feel good. He leaned against the steel bin full of cardboard and brought out his hardening cock, stroking himself gently. If Mulder were here right now, he'd just be entering him with his fingers, stretching Alex wide to accommodate him. Alex pulled his pants off and kneeled down on the floor, his legs spread wide. He put two fingers in his mouth, wetting them well, before he bent forward slightly, leaning against a stack of newspapers for balance as he so often did when Mulder fucked him, and reached back with his hand to his puckered opening. He pressed inward, allowing his moist digits to probe inside. His other hand was still stroking his cock, making himself harder.

He dug in deeper, hooking his finger slightly, searching for that spot that Mulder seemed to find immediately. It took him a minute, but finally, the pleasure point was found, bringing a gasp to his lips. Alex moaned as he moved his fingers in and out of his ass, while his other hand pumped at his cock. He started moving his hips back and forth, fucking himself on his fingers and into his hand at the same time. His eyes were closed, and his mouth was parted slightly, his breath coming out in gasps.

"Yeah, baby...yeah, give it to me, baby."

Alex moved his hips faster, digging in harder, a third finger joining the two already in his ass. He was close. It was coming; he could feel it in the base of his spine and the bottom of his balls. He moved faster, sweat forming on his upper lip. He wanted someone to kiss; he wanted someone to hold...he wanted Mulder. Yes, he wanted Mulder, here, fucking him, breathing heavily into his ear, his stubble scratching his neck. He wanted to feel those strong arms around him as he was cuffed, his hands above his head, helpless, in Mulder's control.

"Yeah baby, fuck me. Fuck me, Mulder, yeah, fuck me!" Alex bit his lower lip hard enough to almost draw blood as he came, his pearly white fluid making a slick puddle on the floor before him. He remained in his position, his fingers up his ass, his hand gripping his cock tightly, as he shuddered under the orgasm's power. After a few minutes, he opened his eyes, blinking at the harsh light assaulting his dilated pupils. Slowly he stood and found the wipes hidden behind the pop can crates, then cleaned himself and the floor up. He tossed the boxes that were on the floor into the bin, opened the door, turned off the lights, and went back to join the others in the kitchen.


Alex had barely slept all night; he kept thinking about that moment when he realized he wanted Mulder, when he called Mulder's name as he came. What was happening to him? How could he want the man who repeatedly raped him? How could he want a *man*? But even as he thought that, he remembered how even the first time, painful and humiliating as it was, Mulder hadn't done him any lasting physical harm and had made him come. //No, no, no!// he thought. //He raped me and he's twisting my mind, trying to make me think he didn't.// Alex tossed restlessly in his bunk, desperately trying to understand what was happening to him.

He could understand, if not forgive, the rape since he understood why Mulder did it. After Mulder had told him about his longtime friendship with Michael Lindsey, Jamie Ryder's lover, Alex had been surprised that Mulder hadn't hurt him more when he had the chance. But that hadn't made it any better and hadn't stopped him from turning the tables on Mulder when he had the chance.

Alex was starting to think that *that* had been his biggest mistake yet. Now he knew how good it felt to be inside the man, and he couldn't blame it on Mulder forcing him. He'd liked it, and he wondered what it would be like to fuck Mulder when he was willing. Or how it would feel to be fucked by Mulder if he wasn't fighting the pleasure, if he let him take him. Alex moaned.


The following day Alex dragged himself through his work, so tired he could barely keep his eyes open. Between that and being distracted by his thoughts of Mulder, he was in a fog most of the day.

It had been a full week since he'd seen Mulder now, and he wondered if he'd transferred to another cellblock. He hoped not, not now that he'd realized that he wanted to see the man again, wanted to understand what was happening between them. He was on garbage detail again tonight, hauling the bags out to the dumpster, then he'd have to take care of the recycling since two men got paroled today. He tossed a bag into the huge dumpster, freezing when he sensed someone behind him.

"This seems familiar."

Alex whirled around at the sound of the quiet monotone, a huge grin spreading across his face when he saw Mulder standing behind him.


Mulder was more than a little surprised at Krycek's reaction to seeing him. The last time he'd seen the man a week ago, he'd been walking away after raping him. "Miss me, Krycek?" he asked sarcastically, stunned when the younger man blushed furiously. "You did!"

Alex couldn't meet his eyes, staring at the ground, noticing as he glanced up nervously that Mulder was hard. Maybe he hadn't been avoiding him because of what happened. "Where've you been?" he asked quietly.

"On vacation," Mulder shrugged.


"Yeah, I had a week coming to me."

Relief washed across Alex's face at those words, and he smiled faintly at the guard before him. "That's good." He started shoving more garbage up and into the bin. Then he stopped and turned back to Mulder, "I thought maybe, I..."


"Nothing. Just that what happened last week, when I..." Alex trailed off and crossed his arms across his chest.

Mulder laughed out loud, "You didn't think *you* drove me away, did you?"

Alex took a deep breath. This was it. Decision time. He could give a smart ass answer, and they would continue as they'd been, or he could take a chance and tell the truth. Either Mulder would laugh at him and totally humiliate him, or maybe, just maybe, they could get past everything that had happened. He forced himself to look up, meeting the hazel eyes that watched him. "I hoped not."

Mulder couldn't believe what he was hearing. "What?"

Alex opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He couldn't make himself say anything else, not till he knew what Mulder felt, what he really wanted from him. He just stared at the man he'd considered his enemy, his worst punishment in this hellhole, for the last few months and who now might be... he wasn't sure what.

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Mulder didn't move, but something softened in his eyes, and Alex felt hopeful. Chewing on his lower lip, he slowly reached toward Mulder, cupping his palm around the guard's jaw, feeling the stubble rasp against the sensitive flesh. He rubbed his thumb over that full bottom lip that he'd been refusing to admit he was fantasizing about, tugging it down, then gasping when Mulder caught his thumb between his teeth.

Mulder reached for Krycek, his hand tracing the rigid cock in his trousers. He wasn't quite sure what had happened to turn the man from raping him the last time he'd seen him to practically offering himself to Mulder today, but he couldn't deny he wanted the little slut anymore. If Krycek was willing now, so much the better.

Alex stared at Mulder, slightly stunned at how aroused he was now that he had admitted to himself that he really did want this man. He suddenly stepped back, unfastened and shucked his pants, and turned around, bracing his hands against the side of the dumpster. He spread his legs, wriggling his ass slightly at Mulder as he glanced over his shoulder at the older man, the long lashes shadowing his eyes. Mulder just gaped at him in disbelief.

"Come on, Mulder, take me again, here, like you did that first time." Alex twisted around so he could meet Mulder's eyes. "I want you to."

Mulder was still stunned, but his body was quite clear on what it wanted to do when confronted with Alex's tempting ass. He started to grab Alex, then stopped. He hesitated for a moment, then reached into his pocket, pulling out the lube he'd placed there that afternoon before coming to work. He hadn't admitted to himself that he'd intended to see Krycek again after what had happened, but here he was, where he knew he'd find Krycek, and wasn't it convenient that he just happened to have lube in his pocket. He hadn't used any with the convict up till now, not wanting to make it any easier on him, but something had changed. He didn't want to think about it. He just wanted to feel himself sheathed in that ass again.

He squeezed out some lube, hastily applying it to himself, then smoothing it into Krycek, smiling when he saw how the man pushed back onto his fingers.

Alex felt Mulder's fingers slide inside him easily, stroking him, hitting that spot that made him see stars and cry out in ecstasy. He moaned, letting himself enjoy it, riding them, loving every second. He whimpered in protest when the fingers pulled out of him, but Mulder stroked his back soothingly.

"I've got something better for you, baby. You're gonna like this *soo* much," Mulder purred in his ear, rubbing his cock along Alex's crack, teasing him with what he wanted. "Open yourself for me; show me where you want me."

Alex gasped at the words but spread his legs wider and braced a shoulder against a relatively clean spot on the dumpster. He reached around behind himself and grasped his cheeks, spreading them for Mulder.

Mulder smiled. "You're such a slut, Krycek. I knew you were under that cocky attitude."

Alex flinched at the harsh words and started to straighten up, suddenly wondering if he'd made a huge mistake. But Mulder pressed a hand into the small of his back, holding him down.

"Don't you move, Krycek! You offered, and I'm taking you up on it. You're mine now." And with that, Mulder slid inside Krycek in a long, slow glide. Both men gasped at the sensation, and Alex pushed back against Mulder, trying to draw him even deeper. His hands were now on Mulder's ass, pulling on him, until Mulder reached down and moved them to the dumpster so Alex could brace himself. Mulder reached around Krycek, taking hold of his cock and stroking in counterpoint to his thrusts inside the man.

Alex was going insane as he let himself enjoy what Mulder was doing to him this time. It had always felt good, but now that he wasn't fighting it, it was incredible. He loved the fullness inside him and the tightness of Mulder's slightly rough hand on his cock. He didn't realize that Mulder was concentrating on him this time, determined to make him come while Mulder was still inside him. Then he felt Mulder's teeth nipping at his shoulders and neck, and he arched his head back, making his throat accessible.

Mulder sucked on Krycek's throat for a moment before regretfully making himself let go. Much as he'd love to mark the younger man, he knew he couldn't. If the Smoking Man saw a mark on him, he'd withdraw his protection or kill him himself. Even if he didn't kill Krycek, being turned out without his protection and with a mark like that on him would make his pretty ass fair game for every bastard in the place. Mulder did not want to share. Krycek was *his*.

Krycek was emitting little gasping sobs with every thrust, and his nails scrabbled uselessly at the metal sides of the dumpster, seeking something, anything, to grasp on to. Mulder was nibbling on his ear now, licking it, blowing on it, making him shudder with the overwhelming sensations racing through his body.

"Touch yourself, Krycek," Mulder breathed in his ear, "pinch your nipples; feel how good it is. You want to come, don't you? Do what I tell you, and I'll make you feel *sooo* good."

Alex whimpered. His hips were jerking wildly, pushing back onto Mulder then forward into his hand in a frenzy. Every thrust inside him hit that pleasure point that Mulder had introduced him to, sending white hot shocks of pleasure through his body. He brought one shaking hand to his body, rubbing it over his chest, teasing his already hard nipples, then pinched one of the rigid buds. The slight pain of his nails digging in felt so good, and the pleasure reverberated through him. Mulder had been watching, and when he saw Alex's eyes widen at the sensation, he thrust hard into him and rubbed his thumb over the sensitive spot on the underside of the head of Alex's cock at the same moment as he bit lightly on his throat.

The combination of sensations all at once was too much for Alex, and he came, shoving a fist into his mouth to muffle his shriek of completion. Mulder reveled in feeling Alex's muscle ripple around him, milking him of every drop of fluid, and he muffled his own groan of pleasure in the younger man's shoulder. He kept one arm around the limp man's waist, holding him up while he regained his breath.

After a moment, Mulder raised his come-covered hand to Alex's mouth, surprised when the man eagerly licked it clean, then sucked on his fingers. Mulder lowered his hand again, ignoring Krycek's murmur of protest when his fingers slid out of his mouth, and scraped some of the fluid off his belly with one finger. Mulder pulled out of Alex, gaining a faint sigh from him, then turned him around so they were face to face. He stared into Krycek's eyes as he raised his hand to his lips, then licked it clean. He did that again and again under Krycek's fascinated gaze, then curved his hand around the back of the younger man's neck, pulling him in closer so he could kiss him for the first time.

Alex remained rigid with surprise at first, not knowing how to react, but slowly, as Mulder's tongue gently traced the line of his lips, he relaxed and opened for him, letting that tongue slip inside his own mouth to twine around his tongue. He tasted himself, and under that a faintly sweet, faintly spicy flavor that could only be Mulder. He pressed forward into the kiss, tentatively sliding his arms around Mulder's waist, tightening his grasp when Mulder didn't object.

Eventually the need to breathe forced Mulder to pull back, and he stared into Krycek's eyes questioningly for a long moment. Apparently satisfied with what he saw, he pressed Krycek's head to his shoulder, holding it there while one hand stroked the soft, sable hair. Krycek sighed quietly and snuggled closer, relaxing into Mulder's embrace, soothed by the repetitious motion.

Alex released Mulder immediately when the older man stepped back. He looked up, meeting Mulder's gaze curiously, gaining a small smile.

"Get dressed," the guard instructed quietly, and Alex nodded.

"Mulder," he started, but he was silenced by the other man's finger on his lips.

"Not now. You have to get back inside before someone comes looking for you."

Once he was cleaned up and dressed again, Alex went back in as instructed, but not without an anxious glance thrown over his shoulder. Despite Mulder's half-smile, he left no more certain of what was happening between them than he'd been before he saw Mulder again. He'd have been surprised to know that Mulder was as confused as he was.

After Alex disappeared back inside, Mulder slumped down on a box, burying his face in his hands. //What the fuck was that? Shit, I had the perfect opportunity to humiliate the bastard, to make him pay for what he did, and instead I... I made *love* to him! What the hell is happening to me? I can't actually give a damn about Alex Krycek, can I?// His thoughts were a welter of confusion. All he knew was that he hadn't been able to hurt Krycek, not when he saw the vulnerability in those big green eyes. Mulder groaned and headed inside back to work, not wanting to think about it anymore.


Alex was on cloud nine as he walked back to his cell. He desperately wanted to turn around and go back to Mulder and hold him and kiss him again. He could still feel their lips pressed together, Mulder's tongue stroking the inside of his mouth. He stifled a smile and continued walking, not letting anyone else know what he was thinking about.

He finally got to his cell, but when he looked inside, he saw a young man beating on the Smoking Man. Alex stood there for a minute, unsure what to do. After watching the young man punch the Smoking Man in the face over and over again, he finally came to his aid.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing?" he finally asked.

"Leave us alone!" The young man turned towards him, a shank in his hand. "This is between me and him."

Alex stepped back and looked upon the scene. The young man looked down at the old man, a familiar leer on his lips. "This is for Mom and all the pain and grief you caused her, you black lunged motherfucker!" Then the young man stabbed the Smoking Man, over and over again, the blood arching high into the air and spattering the walls. "Fuck you, Dad! Fuck you!" the young man screamed as the sharp object jabbed into his father again and again.

Alex stepped backwards out the door to his cell until he was at the railing of the catwalk. He looked at all the blood in his cell; he couldn't believe it. He barely noticed the guards coming to see what the commotion was and the lockdown that followed. Alex just stood there, expressionless, watching. Finally, they subdued the young man with their clubs and dragged him away, a red trail of blood smearing along the catwalk as they went. One of the guards came up and cuffed Alex to the railing.

A booming voice beside him shocked Alex back to reality. "What the fuck is going on here? I told you to keep Jeff Spender away from here and in his own block! Goddamn it, now we're in a shitload of trouble!" Skinner turned and screamed at his guards, "Who the fuck is on that gate? I want him in my office, NOW!" Skinner stalked away, leaving Alex and the guards to deal with the mess.

Alex could hear the whispering through the air vents as the news of what happened ran like wildfire through the block. He could see the little hand mirrors poking out from between the bars, reflecting the action to the cells down the tier.

"Goddamn, he bled like a stuck pig," one of the guards commented as the maintenance crew arrived.

"C'mon, Krycek, you've got some questions to answer," the guard said as he led him away to Skinner's office. Out of the corner of his eye, Alex could see Mulder lurking, his face expressionless.


After hours of interrogation, they finally let Alex go. The hacks realized he didn't know anything. Alex, however, found out that the young man who had killed CGB Spender was none other than Jeffrey Spender, his son. It seemed the younger Spender had held a grudge against his old man for years. When he found out he was in this prison, he actually robbed a bank so he could come here and kill his father. Talk about focused.

Alex looked around, admiring the cleanliness of everything, the smell of bleach in the air. The top bunk had a new, bare mattress on it, and the Smoking Man's effects had vanished, leaving Alex completely alone. He was about to smile at the prospect of being alone, finally, for the first time in months, when he heard a voice emanate from the grate at the top of his cell by the ceiling.

"Krycek?" It was Wilkes, from the cell next door. He was a small time drug dealer and pimp who was putting his cellie's kids through college. The biker had saved him from being shanked out in the yard one day, and Wilkes was so grateful that he agreed to put $1,000 per month in the biker's kids' college fund. He figured it was easier to hire muscle than suck it.

Alex stood on the desk and whispered back, "What?"

"You gotta watch your back, Krycek."

"You think I don't know that! What did you hear?"

"Fitzpatrick's still pissed that you kicked his ass, and now that the Smoking Man's dead, he wants a piece of you."

"That was months ago!"

Wilkes snorted, "The Irish don't forget grudges easily. Look at Belfast."


"Be careful, Krycek."

"Thanks, Wilkes."

Alex hopped off the desk and sat down on his bunk, his head in his hands. He didn't know if he should laugh or cry. What a fucked up day. He fell in love, his protection was killed, but he didn't really care about that second point right now. He was actually quite grateful that he wouldn't have to look at his craggy old face anymore. He shook his head and went over to the small sink in the corner, where he splashed cold water on his face, trying hard not to think of the Irish and their threats.

He crawled into bed as the lights went out, the thin blanket covering his boxer short-clad body. He closed his eyes and thought of Mulder fucking him from behind as Alex spread his cheeks, ready and waiting. Alex allowed himself to harden as his hand wandered down to the waistband of his boxers, then dipped inside and caressed the rigid flesh. He had never jerked off before in his cell, not wanting to do anything remotely sexual around the Smoking Man. But now the Smoking Man was dead, and he was alone in his cell; he could do this all night, if he wanted to.

He rolled over on his side, his back shielding his actions from any passing guard. His hand gripped himself as he thought of Mulder's large cock filling his mouth; it tasted so good. He wished he'd had a chance to taste him again today, but he'd have another chance soon, maybe even tomorrow. Alex swallowed as his mouth worked as if Mulder's cock was already there, sucking and licking at the air. He put two fingers in his mouth and sucked on those instead, imagining them to be Mulder's hardness. His hand worked at his cock, his thumb teasing the slit and working the pre-cum down to lubricate the shaft. He came with a grunt, biting his fingers so he wouldn't make too much noise. He cleaned himself up, then lay there, spent, snuggling his face into his pillow, cuddling back against the cold brick wall, wishing it was Mulder


The next day, Alex kept his head up and his senses on full alert as he went about his day. He hadn't seen Fitzpatrick all day, and that worried him. He knew Fitzpatrick was planning something, but he knew that he would probably make Alex wait, attacking him when he least expected it. That time came when Alex went into the recycle room. There were three of them waiting for him, Alex's arms full of bags of tin cans. One of them shut the door while the other came up behind him and held him as Fitzpatrick laid the boots to him. Alex didn't stand a chance.

Not surprisingly, it was Mulder who found him, twenty minutes later, bleeding and beaten, barely breathing. He immediately dropped to his knees and cradled his head in his hands.

"Krycek, Krycek....Alex." Mulder caressed the blood soaked hair with his thumb. "Alex, who did this to you?"

//He called me Alex.//

"Who did this to you?"

Alex shook his head slightly, then closed his eyes.

"Fuck!" Mulder snapped into action, leaving Alex on the floor as he called for help. Within a few minutes, a gurney was wheeling him away to the infirmary. Mulder could only watch as his new lover was taken away. He had to stay at his post and try and find out what happened to Krycek. He knew no one was going to talk and it was a waste of time, so he just stood there, against the dining room wall, ears ready to hear any gossip. On his way home, he stopped by the infirmary to see how Alex was.

"Hey, Pendrell."

"Hey, Mulder, what's up?"

"Not much. You still rebuilding that old Camaro?"

"Yeah, a few more weeks and I'll be able to start that sucker."

"How're Connie and the kids?"

"She's fine; they're growing like weeds. Never have more than two, Mulder, five is just way too many to handle."

Mulder laughed, "Hey, how's that Krycek kid? He sure got the shit kicked out of him."

Pendrell whistled, "Yeah, no kidding. We had to transfer him to the hospital for surgery. Broken ribs, punctured spleen, broken arm." Pendrell paused as he reached for a report. "Oh yeah, cuts, abrasions, and a concussion."

"Wow." Mulder felt sick as he heard the list of Krycek's injuries.

"Yeah, he should be just getting out of surgery now. He should be back here in a couple of days. They'll keep him sedated until then."

"Hey, thanks, Bri."

"No problem, Mulder." Pendrell paused for a moment, "I hear Michael's back in town."

"Yeah, he's back for awhile, until he finds a new job."

"You guys should come over one day. It'll be just like old times."

Mulder smiled at Pendrell, remembering how they used to hang out together and get in trouble as kids. Brian was the only one in this town who didn't pass judgement on anyone. He didn't care what you were on the outside; he cared who you were as a person on the inside. "Thanks, Bri, we'll do that."

Mulder left the infirmary and drove to the hospital, still in uniform. He found the room Alex was in, a guard posted outside the door. He was just about to enter the room, but the nurse stopped him, thinking he was there to question him.

"Look, he's been through enough as it is. Can't you guys just leave him alone to rest? You've got him shackled to the bed for god sakes. I don't care what he did, you can't treat sick people this way."

"I just want to know how he is. He got attacked on my shift; I'm responsible. I need his condition for my report."

The nurse snorted, then looked down at the chart. "He's going to be fine, as long as you leave him alone."

"I'm not going to touch him, I just want to see him."

The nurse looked up at Mulder, then at the clock above his head. "You've got one minute; you do anything to him, and I'll lodge a formal complaint."

Mulder nodded and followed the nurse inside the room. He looked down at Alex's battered face, his beautiful cheekbones marred by contusions. His nose was wide and swollen, and there were knuckle marks on his forehead. Mulder wanted to touch him, to take his hand in his and let him know that it would be all right, but he couldn't. He thanked the nurse then left, going back to his car, where he sat in a dark corner of the hospital parking lot and wept.

The End of Part II

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