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three irrestisible men and a pair of handcuffs offends you, or if you are
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And don't take this story serious.( I doubt that anyone would.):-)

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to Depeche Mode. I was listening to their music, when I was writing it.
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Games people play
by Ratwoman

Krycek rattled slightly at the handcuffs, after Skinner had fixed them
around the brass-rails inset in the headboard of the large bed. While Mulder
was taking off his own shirt he watched as Skinner ended Krycek's weak
protests by a ravious kiss, before he gagged him with a folded up cloth.
Mulder wondered for a brief moment if that didn't go a bit too far, but when
Skinner had decided, it was almost impossible to stop him.

Skinner was already starting to unbotton Krycek's shirt at the collar, so
Mulder decided to help him.He shoved the fabric out of Krycek's pants and
started to unbotton it at the other end. Their hands met at the bottom end
of Krycek's breastbone for an electrisizing moment. Finally Skinner shoved
the material apart and stared at Krycek's now bare chest for a few seconds.
Mulder followed his example and soaked in the excellent view of smooth skin
and firm muscles. His gaze sank to his flat stomach and raised to the
elegant arc of his neck and to Krycek's precious face. He was frowning a
bit, his huge green eyes glaring curiously from one man to the other. When
Skinner bent down and sucked on his neck where it met the perfect torso, a
sound stiffled by the gag disappeared from his throat and his eyes widened
a bit.

Mulder also bent down and licked Krycek's flat abdomen, paying special
attention to the small trough of his navel. Slowly he moved with his tongue
upwards Krycek's chest, his hands exploring the way before him like the
vanguard of an army watched out if the terrain was free. It wasn't, he met
with Skinner's shoulder, slightly disappointed that he was still wearing his

Mulder hardly raised his head when he looked up at Skinner who was now
sucking on Krycek's left nipple. It was a fascinating perspective, watching
with his eyes just inches above Krycek's skin as Skinner worked on him.
Mulder paused for a moment, his hand on Krycek's chest, feeling the raising
and sinking at each breath, the heat radiating from his body, the racing
heartbeat. He felt so alive, so vivid.

Mulder moved further upwards, taking Krycek's right nipple between his lips.
He bit slightly, then sucked, the nipple hardening in response. Krycek
made a sound similar to a moan, muffled by the gag in his mouth.

Mulder looked up as Skinner sat up, breathing heavily. Then the A.D. turned
his attention on Krycek's pants, opening the belt, while Mulder kissed and
licked Krycek's throat, leaving a moist trace while he enjoyed the special
austere taste of Krycek's skin. He heard the rustling of stuff when Skinner
shoved away Krycek's pants, as he himself reached Krycek's face, licking
along the line of his jawbone. Mulder paused for a moment to admire Krycek's
face. The long eye-lashed eyes were unfocused, glassy, the dark hair tossled,
hanging onto his forehead. The gag in his mouth did not even disturb the

Yet it was keeping Krycek from screaming out loudly. Suddenly Krycek
uttered a yell stiffled by the gag, his eyes closed and instantly opened
wide again. Mulder looked out for the reason and found Skinner sitting
between Krycek's now uncovered legs and sucking on the top of Krycek's cock,
while his hands were massaging his balls. But before Krycek could ejaculate,
Skinner pulled away from him, undisturbed by Krycek's stiffled whimpering.
The aching in Mulder's groin grew when he saw Krycek's erection. And
certainly it didn't make it any better that Skinner now took off his own
shirt, uncovering his broad, muscular, decidedly masculine chest. Krycek
raised his head and also stared at Skinner, his eyes becoming even wider as
Skinner took off his pants freeing his stirring erection. His broad chest
was not the only part of his body which was exquisitely male.

Skinner crawled onto Krycek's chained body, his hard rubbing against Krycek's
cock, his hands settled on the sheets on the right and left side of Krycek's
chest. Skinner started to rock up and down in mimicry of the act which was
certainly up to come later, while he bit greedily into Krycek's shoulders
and chest, leaving bite marks on his smooth skin. Krycek writhed and wiggled
helplessly underneath him, tugging on the handcuffs, his eyelids flattering

Mulder grew hot. This was much more arousing than any porno he'd ever
watched. And it was unfair! Skinner was covering almost every inch of
Krycek's exclusive body, what should he do, just watch? Well, Skinner didn't
leave him any other choices, if he didn't give Mulder any access to Krycek's
skin, he'd have to touch his superior.

Mulder began stroking Skinner's broad back, admiring the movements of the
firm muscles. Encouraged by the deep groan disappearing from Skinner's
throat, he traced down Skinner's spine with his tongue, finally reaching
his fine ass, biting into the white skin, whereupon Skinner's movement on
Krycek became more erratic. Suddenly the A.D. sat up, almost throwing Mulder
off the bed. All three men were breathing heavily.

"Help me to turn him around." Skinner ordered in a husky voice. Mulder
obeyed eagerly.It was not difficult to turn Krycek, because he didn't make
the slightest attempt to struggle. While Skinner was reaching for the
lubricant, Mulder looked at Krycek's firm back and the round asscheeks. The
hot ass was the second of Krycek's virtues that had caught Mulder's
attention. The first thing had of course been the huge green eyes with the
long eyelashes. But the ass... Mulder always had to hold himself back not
to grab into the hot asscheeks in public and make a complete fool of
himself. Now, alone with Krycek and Skinner, he utilised the opportunity
widely, grabbed without restraint into Krycek's buttocks undisturbed by
the protesting, almost indignant sound Krycek made, massaging them,
kneading them, parting them and moving his fingers between them, over the
sphincter, shoving them together again and again. After awhile Krycek
started to buckle, attempting to kick him off with his long legs, so Mulder
pinned him down with his knees, making his victim unable to recede, and
again focused his attention insatiably on Krycek's ass, fascinated by the
cramping and decramping muscles, occassionable bending down to bite into
the living flesh.

He would have probably spend hours that way, if Skinner, impatient to get
release for his hard-on, hadn't shoved him aside after what seemed to be
just seconds for Mulder, but what actually had been almost ten minutes
Skinner had spent partly with watching Mulder, amused by the obsessive
concentration on his face and the unwilling uttered noises of arousal Krycek
made, partly with stroking Krycek's back. Skinner now parted Krycek's
asscheeks, which were glowing pink from Mulder's treatment, and put a blob
of lube on the hole. A shiver ran through Krycek's whole body when Skinner
inserted a finger to smear in the lubricate. To tease their writhing victim
Mulder let his fingers wander up and down his spine, a bit frustrated that
he couldn't attend the hottest asscheeks on earth anymore. But when Skinner
had finished, Krycek's ass would be his and he'd bury his aching cock in
it... Mulder's erection now stood so painfully against his pants that he
had to free it by taking them off.

Skinner now took his fingers out of their trembling captive's opening and
thrusted his full length in with such a force, that Krycek's answering
scream was loud even through the gag. For a moment Mulder almost feared for
Krycek's health. Then his arousal even grew as he watched Skinner move in
and out of Krycek with a powerful, nearly regardless rythm, a stiffled
scream dissapearing from Krycek's throat at each thrust.

Mulder's cock was already wet with precum as Skinner's thrusts became more
erratic and he also cried out as he ejaculated. It was strange to observe a
man as self-controlled as Skinner losing any restraints at the sex.
Skinner's cock slid out and he rolled to the side, his skin glittering with
sweat, unneccessarily murmuring: "He's yours now." for Mulder was already
shoving a condom over his member before he entered the hot, tight, slick

Under normal circumstances Mulder was much more considerate than Skinner,
but he'd restrained his urge for so long, that he couldn't help but thrust
in and out with almost the same force as Skinner earlier. He heard Krycek's
muffled cry each time he thrusted in, felt Krycek's inner muscles clenching
around his cock in an iron grip, the moist tight heat surronding him. Mulder
came with a last deep thrust, seeing stars exploding in his mind, and
collapsed on Krycek's sweat-wet back, his member still loose in Krycek.

His heart was still racing when Krycek, still gagged, cleared his throat. It
was so comfortable to lie on Krycek's velvet skin, that he for nothing in
the world wished to change place right now. If he took off Krycek's gag to
ask him what he wanted there was the possibility that Krycek would plea him
to get off his back. So Mulder simply decided to ignore him. But Skinner
didn't. As he removed the cloth he asked in an almost concerned voice: "Did
you enjoy it?"

"That was certainly the most intensive and arousing sex I ever had." Alex
answered in his huskiest bedroom-voice. "But please remove the handcuffs now,
I'd like to move my arms!"

"Sure." Walter said and freed Alex. To Mulder's relief and enlightenment
Alex just stretched and bend his arms, but didn't try to move away from
underneath Mulder,while Skinner gently passed his fingers through Mulder

Mulder felt relaxed and happy, his two beautiful lovers around him."We
should do that more often." he murmured.

"The three of us already meet each weekend!" Krycek underneath him remarked.
"How often do you have in mind? Each evening? Or every lunch break on
Skinner's desk?"

"Sounds like a good idea to me. What do you think, Walter?"

But Skinner just smiled like someone smiled about the crazy ideas of some
kids. Then Skinner suddenly stood up, slapping Mulder's ass in that special
>it was nice but I have to go< -way.

"Where are you going?" Mulder said. To his disappointment Krycek now crawled
forth, too.

"There's a conference this evening." Skinner replied as he put on his
clothes. "But you can also play alone."

Was that a sting of jealousy in Walter's voice?

To appease him, Mulder asked: "Will you join us again when the conference is

"Perhaps." Skinner said before he left, seemingly in a hurry. Mulder wished
to hug him for goodbye, but he knew Walter wasn't that emotional.

Alex sat up, swinging the handcuffs in front of Mulder's eyes. "You should
really try that!" he said, his eyes sparkling seductively.

"I'm tired, Alex." Mulder said, but he was really tempted.

"And?" Krycek asked. "You don't need to - you can't - do anything than lying
back and enjoying. But I promise you, it'll be great!"

Mulder was already persuaded. He lay down, arms stretched above his head, as
Alex closed the handcuffs around his wrists. Looking up to the beautiful
young agent, he asked: "Do you think we can ever persuade Walter to try the

Alex smiled at him as he moved his fingers over Mulder's chest. "No chance."
he replied.

The End