Piper Maru

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The X-Files episode script 3X15 Piper Maru

written by Frank Spotniz and Chris Carter broadcasting date 02/09/96



(On the French ship Piper Maru, several men are getting a diver, Gauthier, into a high pressure suit. They speak in French.)

MAN: [Ready for the dome. Let's go, let's go.]

MAN: [Are the oxygen tanks ready? How is the oxygen pressure?]

GAUTHIER: [Check. Set.]

MAN: [Is the oxygen at 20.8?]

GAUTHIER: [20.8. Check. Set.]

MAN: [Are you ready for the dome?]


MAN: [Close it ... tighten it up.]

(The men attach the dome to Gauthier's suit. A hoist is swung into position, and Gauthier is lifted, swung clear, and lowered into the water.)

MAN: [Cable detached. He's solo.]

(Gauthier begins to descent. A team monitors his progress from the control room. They have an audio feed from Gauthier as well as video feed from a camera on his suit.)

MAN: [Water temp is 2 degrees. Surge is negligible.]

MAN 2: [Two hundred and seventy meters.]

GAUTHIER: [I should be close to the bottom.]

MAN 1: [We're picking up some radiation. A strong reading, Gauthier.]

GAUTHIER: [Maybe this thing's right down below me.]

MAN 1: [After three months, to find the needle in the haystack now...] (shakes his head)

(Gauthier is descending toward a sunken object.)

GAUTHIER: [Are you seeing this up there?]

MAN 2: [We see something. What is it, Gauthier?]

(Gauthier reads "JTTO 111470" stenciled on the side of the object.)

GAUTHIER: [I think it's one of the squadron.]

(The men above smile in celebration. Gauthier sees the words "Drop Dead Red" in bright red letters on the object. He hears a banging sound.)

GAUTHIER: [Do you hear that?]

MAN 2: [We hear it. What is it?]

GAUTHIER: [I don't know.]

(The video and audio feeds become garbled.)

MAN 2: [We're losing him! Try a different frequency!]

MAN 1: [Gauthier? Gauthier? We've lost contact. Gauthier?]

(They continue to see static. Below, Gauthier continues to hear banging. He looks at the cockpit and suddenly a man appears, beating on the glass in an air space. As Gauthier looks at him in surprise and shock, the man appears to have a black oil moving on the surface of his eyeballs.)

(It is now dark, and the crew has lights shining on the water.)

MAN 1: [Wait a minute! There he is!]

MAN 2: [All hands activate the winch.]

(Gauthier has been lifted onto the ship.)

MAN 1: [Quickly - open the mask and get him out!]

(A crew member notices an oily substance on the outside of Gauthier's suit. They remove the glass dome from the suit.)

MAN 1: [Are you all right, Gauthier?]

GAUTHIER: [Yes, I think so.]

MAN 2: [What happened down there?]

GAUTHIER: [I don't know. I became disoriented.]

MAN 2: [We lost all contact.]

MAN 1: [Are you sure you're OK?]

GAUTHIER: [Yes. Yes. Just help me out of the suit.]

(The men start working on the suit. As they step away, Gauthier blinks and his eyes now have the black oil on them.)



(Scully walks out of an elevator, reading a folder as she walks down the hall. A door opens behind her and Skinner sticks his head out.)

SKINNER: Agent Scully? Can I see you for a few minutes?

(Scully enters the reception area outside his office.)

SKINNER: Kimberly, would you excuse us please?

KIMBERLY (the secretary): Certainly, sir.

(Kimberly stands up and walks out the office. Scully is puzzled.)

SKINNER: A memo came across my desk last night. I debated whether or not to call you at home but I decided to ...

SCULLY: And it concerns me?

SKINNER: Yes, and your sister. It's been 5 months and there have been no new leads or evidence in her murder investigation by the DC police team or the Bureau. I've been told the case is to be made inactive until further notice.

(Scully looks away in disbelief and disgust.)

SCULLY: I see.

SKINNER: I don't think there's anything to be read into this. I think it's a case of manpower and workload. I want you to know, though, that I am going to appeal this decision and I am gonna go back over all the evidence again myself and make sure that nothing has been overlooked.

(Scully looks at him, clenches her jaw and walks towards the door. She stops and turns back to him.)

SCULLY: You know, it's strange. Men can blow up buildings, and they can be nowhere near the crime scene but we can piece together the evidence and convict them beyond a doubt. Our labs here can recreate out of the most microscopic detail the motivation and circumstance to almost any murder, right down to a killer's attitude towards his mother and that he was a bed wetter. But in a case of a woman, my sister, who was gunned down in cold blood in a well-lit apartment building by a shooter who left the weapon at the crime scene, we can't even put together enough to keep anybody interested.

SKINNER: I don't think this has anything to do with interest.

SCULLY: If I may say so, sir, it has everything to do with interest. Just not yours, and not mine.

(Scully exits, closing the door loudly behind her.)

(Mulder is in his office, sitting at his desk. There's a knock.)


(Scully enters. She walks briskly, tosses the folder onto a table and takes off her coat.)

SCULLY: Sorry I'm late.

MULDER: Anything up?

SCULLY: No. (Mulder continues to stare at her, noticing that she appears upset) It's nothing. What did you want to talk to me about?

MULDER: Something interesting came into my attention last night. A French salvage ship, the Piper Maru, limped into port in San Diego yesterday, all the way from the north Pacific.

SCULLY: Why is that of interest?

MULDER: (handing her a satellite photo) Using the national weather service satellite system, I was able to track its course. This was its original position.

SCULLY: (looking at the photo) Longitude uh ... 171 east, latitude 42 north.

MULDER: Yeah, that's where the boat we know as The Talapus pulled up what you believed was a Russian sub, but what I believed was the remains of a UFO.

SCULLY: Oh, Mulder ... (she puts her hand over her face for a moment)

MULDER: Look, Scully, I don't know what it is but something is still down there and now the French are looking for it too.

SCULLY: So what?

MULDER: So why all the attention paid to this site? What information are they acting on?

SCULLY: Why don't you just ask them?

MULDER: I would but the entire crew is being treated for radiation burns.

SCULLY: From exposure to what?

MULDER: The French government is keeping that information classified for some reason.

SCULLY: Could it have anything to do with their resumption in nuclear tests?

MULDER: I checked. It's thousands of miles away from any test sites. (Scully smiles and laughs) What?

SCULLY: I'm just constantly amazed by you ... you're working down here in the basement, sifting through files and transmissions that any other agent would just throw away in the garbage.

MULDER: Well that's why I'm in the basement, Scully.

SCULLY: You're in the basement because they're afraid of you, of your relentlessness and because they know that they could drop you in the middle of the desert, and tell you the truth is out there, and you'd ask them for a shovel!

MULDER: Is that what you think of me?

SCULLY: Well, maybe not a shovel. Maybe a backhoe.

MULDER: Well that's good because there's some garbage in San Diego I want you to help me dig through.

(Mulder hands her an airline ticket.)


(In a room full of burned patients in oxygen tents, a doctor is writing on a clipboard as Mulder and Scully enter.)

MULDER: Dr Seizer?


MULDER: Special Agent Mulder. This is Agent Scully.

DOCTOR: You're here about these French sailors with the radiation exposure?

MULDER: Yeah, how are they doing?

DOCTOR: Not real good. (Scully looks over the patients) It's been difficult to determine a proper course of treatment, because there's an air of secrecy around what happened. The source of their exposure is still undetermined.

(Scully sees that the patients have terrible burns. Some are heavily bandaged.)

SCULLY: These symptoms, would you characterize then as acute or somatic? (Dr Seizer gives her a puzzled look) I'm a medical doctor.

DOCTOR: They're somatic, although I don't think we've seen the worst of it. The effects are degrading rapidly, spontaneous internal bleeding in the mouths and intestinal tracts (Mulder looks around), blood in the urine. All these men are suffering severe delirium, the pre-advanced stages of coma.

SCULLY: What kind of exposure are we talking about here?

DOCTOR: 200, maybe 400 Roentgens, with a high rate of absorption.

SCULLY: That's verging on the levels the victims of Hiroshima suffered.

DOCTOR: Whatever these men came in contact with, it was man-made. Levels like this just don't appear in nature.

MULDER: Not on this planet.

SCULLY: Did you get the chance to talk to any of them?

DOCTOR: No, they were in pretty bad shape by the time they got to me, except for one man, and this was strange because he was the only one who seemed to be completely unaffected. I held him for the first day, but I detected none of the symptoms of the others. His leukocytes and erythocytes were high. Actually, he was in very good health.

MULDER: How could that be? With that level of radiation, how could one man not be exposed?

DOCTOR: Doesn't make any sense, but it's lucky for these men because he was the one who piloted the boat in. And none of these men could've done that in their condition.

MULDER: Would it be possible for us to talk to him?

DOCTOR: You could if he was still here, but he discharged himself this morning. He's a Frenchman, has a San Francisco address, his name is Gauthier.


(Gauthier enters a house, finding no one at home. He looks at a picture on the wall of himself and a woman in front of the Eiffel Tower. The phone rings, but he doesn't answer and continues to look around.)


(On the Piper Maru, people in yellow isolation suits take off their masks and get off the ship.)

MAN'S VOICE: OK, let's wrap it up and get in the trucks.

(Mulder and Scully approach the dock in their car.)

SCULLY (with her cell phone): I'm getting no answer at this man Gauthier's home number.

MULDER: Try the INS or the French Consulate, see what you can pull up on him.

SCULLY (talking on the phone): Yes, can I have the number for the French Consulate please?

(A man wearing a blue uniform approaches their car.)

MULDER: (flashing his badge) Agents Mulder and Scully, FBI.

MORGAN: I'm Wayne Morgan. I'm with the, uh, Navy's investigative services unit.

MULDER: Have you turned anything up?

MORGAN: No nothing, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to be looking for.

MULDER: The crew of this ship is being treated for radiation.

MORGAN: Yeah we got all that, we had a hazmat team poring over the boat, didn't find a trace.

SCULLY: Nothing?

MORGAN: We have divers in the water going over the hull, put probes down the bilge. Couldn't detect the slightest level.

MULDER: So it's OK for us to go on board?

MORGAN: Sure. You'll probably get more radiation off your cell phone.

(On the boat, Mulder is looking around with his flashlight. He comes across Gauthier's diving suit and notices the oily substance on it. He also sees the video camera. Meanwhile, Scully finds a large map with the words "Zeus Faber" hand-written on it in large letters. The lights come on.)

MORGAN (to Scully): Generator's back up. Is that better?

SCULLY: Yeah, thanks. Is this the way you found this room?

MORGAN: Nothing's been touched, not since you've been tied up here anyway. (Mulder enters) It's a mess huh?

MULDER: It feels like home.

SCULLY: It feels like somebody was looking for something. Any idea what?

MULDER: No, I'm looking for the VCR.

SCULLY: What for?

MULDER: The dive suit has a video camera.

(Mulder finds the VCR, switches on a monitor, and browses through the tape. The monitor shows the plane that Gauthier found.)

MORGAN: What the hell is that?

MULDER: Looks like the fuselage of a plane.

SCULLY: It's a North American P-51 Mustang.

MORGAN: Yeah, it sure is.

MULDER: I just got very turned on.

SCULLY: (giving Mulder a quick look) It's the shape of the canopy. I used to watch my father and brothers put together World War II model planes as a kid.

(Mulder backs up the tape, passing the "Drop Dead Red" lettering.)

MULDER: Would it have been carrying anything radioactive?

(Mulder stops the tape on the "JTT0 111470" marking.)

SCULLY: No, it was just a fighter.

MULDER: Then what was it those men exposed to?

SCULLY: (writing down the marking) I don't know, but I might know somebody I can ask.

(Gauthier is looking through his files and documents in the drawers of his desk. He finds a letter, opens it and reads it. A door opens behind him.)

MRS. GAUTHIER: You're home! I was so worried about you. (she hugs him) Why didn't you call me? (Gauthier stares at her, expressionless) There were these men here from the consulate. They said there'd been an accident. (Gauthier still doesn't respond) Why aren't you answering me? (she sees the papers all over the desk and floor and, alarmed, backs away) Why aren't you answering me?

(She runs out of the room and Gauthier pursues, catching her as she reaches the front door. He pushes her against the wall and she looks in horror at his eyes, which have the black oil swimming on them.)

(Later, the woman steps out of the house. She now has the black oil swimming on her eyes.)



(Scully arrives in a blue car at a check point and speaks to a guard.)

SCULLY: Hi, I'm here to see Commander Johansen.

GUARD: Name please?

SCULLY: Special Agent Dana Scully, FBI. (flashes her badge)

GUARD: You have an appointment?

SCULLY: No, uh ... he used to be a friend of my father's. I'm out here from Washington. I wanted to surprise him.

GUARD: Let me give you directions.

SCULLY: I know my way, thanks.

(He nods and another guard raises the gate. Scully drives in. Some children cross the road in front of her and she slows to a stop. She sees two girls playing hopscotch on the sidewalk, and she flashes back to two red-haired girls playing the same game. The younger one successfully negotiates the hopscotch game, the older one calls out "Good, Dana" and they laugh and hug each other. She is seeing herself and Melissa as children. Scully smiles at them and her eyes are moist. A look of sadness crosses her face for a moment, but she turns back ahead and continues down the road.)

(In San Francisco, Mulder knocks on Gauthier's door.)

MULDER: Mr Gauthier? Mr Gauthier, open the door. It's the FBI.

(There is no answer. He tries the door, finding it unlocked. He enters.)

MULDER: Mr Gauthier?

(Still no answer. He walks through the front of the house.)

MULDER: Mr Gauthier?

(In another room, he sees the mess around the desk. He finds a crumpled letter on the desk and unfolds it, seeing the letters "JTT0 111470" on it. The letter is in French, but he recognizes a word.)

MULDER: "salvage."

(The top of the letter is torn, with only an insignia and the letters "J. KA" remaining. He looks through the other papers on the floor and finds an envelope with the same insignia and a return address of "J. KALLENCHUK SALVAGE BROKERS LTD., 3702 Medlock Street, San Francisco, CA 94101." Mulder puts the envelope in his pocket just as he hears a thump. He draws his gun and moves into the kitchen, finding Gauthier just regaining consciousness on the floor. He is covered with the same oily substance as the diving suit.)

MULDER: Mr Gauthier? I want you to lie still. I'm with the FBI. What happened? Did you fall?

GAUTHIER: I don't know.

MULDER: How did you get here?

GAUTHIER: I can't remember. I was on the boat.

MULDER: The Piper Maru? That's the last thing you remember?

GAUTHIER: Yes, I was on a dive.

MULDER: OK. Do you know where you are?

GAUTHIER: I'm at home.


GAUTHIER: Where's my wife?

MULDER: Nobody else's home, but somebody has been going over your papers.

GAUTHIER: (becoming agitated) Where's Joan?

MULDER: She's not here. Look, you need to be careful. You've got some kind of oil all over you.

GAUTHIER: What's going on here?

MULDER: I want you to try to remain calm, OK? I'd like to ask you a few questions about a letter. About a J. Kallenchuk Salvage Brokers.

GAUTHIER: I don't recognize that name.

MULDER: Well, somebody did ... and I think you know why.

GAUTHIER: I would like to speak with the French Consul General. I have nothing more to say.

(Scully is at a house on the naval base.)

WOMAN (to Scully): He'll be right out.

(Johansen enters the room.)


SCULLY: Commander Johansen?


SCULLY: I'm Dana Scully, I used to live 3 doors down. My father was Captain William Scully. I went to school with your son..

JOHANSEN: I'm sorry, um ... my memory isn't quite what it used to be. Richard doesn't live here anymore.

SCULLY: Actually sir, I came to see you.


SCULLY: I work for the FBI now and, uh, there's a question I'm hoping you can answer.

JOHANSEN: Oh, well would you come in. Do sit down.

SCULLY: Thank you.

JOHANSEN: Would you like something to drink?

SCULLY: No, thanks. I know that you were an officer in the Pacific theater during World War II. I wanted to ask you about a plane that's been discovered.

JOHANSEN: Discovered?

SCULLY: Yes, a P-51 Mustang at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean (she looks at her notes) with the uh..call numbers JTT0 111470.

JOHANSEN: Well, those are not the call numbers of a P-51.

SCULLY: There was an illustration on the fuselage with the words "Drop Dead Red".

JOHANSEN: I'm sorry.

SCULLY: Would the words "Zeus Faber" mean anything to you?

JOHANSEN: No ... but as I said, sometimes my memory is not so sharp.

SCULLY: Well, would you know anybody I might be able to talk to? Somebody who might be able to give me that information?

JOHANSEN: I wish I could help you.

SCULLY: I wish you could too. There's a number of French sailors who may die from radiation exposure. If we knew more about the plane, we might be able to understand why. Anyway ... it was very good to see you again sir.

(They stand up and shake hands.)

JOHANSEN: Oh say hello to your father for me.

SCULLY: I wish I could, he's passed away.

JOHANSEN: I'm ... I'm very sorry.

(Scully starts to leave but pauses and looks out the window.)

SCULLY: I have to say this place brings back memories for me. I remember all the kids used to play a game called "beckons wanted" ... right out there. Well ... if you talk to your son, will you tell him I stopped by? (Johansen nods) Thank you.

(She leaves. Johansen steps to the window and looks out.)


(A woman is looking through some files when there's a knock on the door.)

WOMAN: Who is it?

MULDER: My name is Mulder, I'm with the FBI.

(She closes all the file drawers and locks them, then puts a few files in an attache and closes it. She sits down at the desk.)

WOMAN: It's open. (Mulder enters) Can I help you?

MULDER: I'm looking for Mr. Kallenchuk.

WOMAN: I'm sorry. Mr Kallenchuk is out of town. Perhaps I can help you with something?

MULDER: Maybe you can tell me where I could find him.

WOMAN: Sure, the Far East.

(She grips a gun that is taped to the underside of the desk.)

MULDER: Well, I've got a letter here typed on his stationary. Maybe you typed it for him. (shows her the letter)

WOMAN: (pointedly) Sorry, I don't type. What did you say your name was again?

MULDER: Mulder.

WOMAN: Mr. Mulder, I'd be happy to relay any message you have for him, but I really have no way of contacting Mr. Kallenchuk just now.

MULDER: OK. Well, why don't you have him call me as soon as he can. (Mulder hands her his card)

WOMAN: Sure (reads it) the FBI.

MULDER: Yes. What did you say your name was?

WOMAN: Geraldine.

MULDER: Thank you, Geraldine. (he leaves)

(Outside, Mulder lay lows in his car parked in front of the Kallenchuk office. Three cars pull into the parking lot in a hurry. Several men, speaking French and carrying guns, storm into the front and rear doors of the office. Mulder sees a car coming around from the back. Geraldine is driving it. He follows.)

(Scully approaches the base check point but is waved down by the guard.)

GUARD: Agent Scully, would you step off the car please?


GUARD: Turn off your engine and step off the car please.

SCULLY: What's this about?

GUARD: You're being detained.

(Johansen pulls up in another car. He gets out, waves the guard away, and gets in the car with Scully.)

JOHANSEN: Pull over there.

(Scully does so.)

SCULLY: What's going on?

JOHANSEN: I can't give your regards to my son, Miss Scully. He was killed in a training accident during the Gulf War.

SCULLY: I'm sorry (she sees that Johansen is upset) ... There's something else, isn't there?

JOHANSEN: We bury our dead alive, don't we?

SCULLY: I don't know if I understand.

JOHANSEN: We hear them everyday. They talk to us, They haunt us. They beg us for meaning. Conscience ... it's just the voices of the dead... trying to save us from our own damnation.

SCULLY: You know something about that plane, don't you?

JOHANSEN: I know ... because I was sent to find it ... as an officer in a submarine called the "Zeus Faber."


(Geraldine picks up a flight ticket at a desk under a sign that reads "Hong Kong, flight 621." Mulder is watching her from nearby. His cell phone rings.)

MULDER: (to phone) Mulder.

(Scully is calling from her car, still at the base.)

SCULLY: Mulder, it's me. Where are you?

MULDER: San Francisco Airport, where are you?

SCULLY: Miramar Airbase. I think I've just found out what those men were exposed to, what the Piper Maru was out there looking for.


SCULLY: That P-51 Mustang was part of an escort for a B-29 carrying an atomic bomb, just like the one we dropped on Hiroshima. Only this one never reached its target.

MULDER: Says who?

SCULLY: Says one of the men originally sent to find it, on a submarine called the "Zeus Faber."

MULDER: That was the name we saw written on that dive chart, right?

SCULLY: It all makes sense, Mulder. Why would they build a nuclear weapon when they can salvage one?

MULDER: Why, if they knew about it, why wait 50 years to try to recover it? And why was the only person not exposed, the diver who was sent down to find it?

SCULLY: I don't know.

MULDER: Why don't you try to find out?

SCULLY: What about you?

MULDER: I gotta go to Hong Kong.

SCULLY: (surprised) Hong Kong?

MULDER: Yeah. Look, I'm gonna miss my flight, so, uh, I gotta call you back, OK?

(He heads for the gate. He passes Joan Gauthier, who is seated in the waiting area. She stands and walks away as well.)



(Skinner is the only customer sitting in a restaurant. He is drinking coffee and reading the menu when 3 men enter.

WAITRESS: (to the men) Hi.

(The first, the Gray-haird man, sits at a table just in front of Skinner. The second sits at a table beside him. The third remains standing at the front of the restaurant.)

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: Anything good here? Anything not on the menu?

SKINNER: You'll have to ask the waitress. (the 3 men stare at Skinner) You gentleman have a problem?

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: When something is not on the menu, Mr Skinner, there's usually a reason, wouldn't you say?

SKINNER: I'm sorry. I didn't came here for conversation.

SECOND MAN: A hierarchy exists in the FBI, isn't that right? A man has status, like yourself, the assistant director. Those under him obey his orders, right?

SKINNER: Who are you guys?

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: We work for the intelligence community.

SKINNER: Remind me not to move there.

(Skinner stands up and grabs his coat. The Gray-haired man and second man stand as well.)

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: You take your orders like those below you, Mr Skinner. A case is made inactive - the death of an FBI agent's sister - maybe that's because those above you have done the hard work of arriving at that decision.

SKINNER: Thanks for the enlightenment. I'm gonna go now.

(Skinner walks toward the exit.)

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: It helps to know these things when a man looks forward to his career ... to his plan for future.

(Back at the base, Scully and Johansen have returned to his house. He shows her a black and white picture of a group of sailors.)

JOHANSEN: We'd all joined thinking we'd come home heroes. That's me. (points to one of the men) The rest of the men in the picture... a month later they were all dead. The madness we planned to unleash on the Japanese - we ended up setting it loose on ourselves.

SCULLY: Radiation killed all those men?

JOHANSEN: The men you say had burns on their bodies. That's how it began with us. Awful burns.


JOHANSEN (voice over): (a submarine moves through the water) We'd found the sunken squadron when a Japanese destroyer moved into the area, but rather than attempt to return home, Captain Sanford ordered us to go to silent running. After 3 days the burns started to appear. (a medic treats another man's facial burns) Baker got them first, then Vorce and Innocenti. No one had seen burns like these before, but a lot of us began to suspect they had to do with the planes that we'd been sent to recover. (Captain Sanford enters and sees more burned sailors) The men were all frightened or dying. As the X.O. I urged the captain to return to port but against all reason and good sense, he refused to leave the area.

MEDIC: Captain Sanford, I'm not an MD but I know a lost cause when I see one. These men are all dying and there's nothing that I can do to stop it.

SANFORD: Just do your damn job.

MEDIC: Sir, I'm trying, but if we stay down here any longer, none of us are going home.

(Later, the medic approaches Johansen who is at the periscope.)

MEDIC (whispering): You're the X.O., you've gotta get us to the surface .

JOHANSEN: We are under the captain's orders.

MEDIC: The captain is losing his mind.

JOHANSEN: The Japanese are shadowing us. That destroyer is doing wide circles above our position.

MEDIC: You have to take control of this sub, sir. You have to make a decision.

LOUD VOICE: We're all gonna die!

(Johansen and the medic rush back to see what's happening. In sick bay, a burned man is holding a gun.)

BURNED MAN: All of us, we're dying, can't you all see that? (aims the gun at the captain) You've gotta get us outta here!

(The captain grabs his arm. The man fires but misses. They struggle to the floor, and the captain disarms him and Johansen and the medic enter.)

JOHANSEN (voice over): Our silence had been shattered by the gunshot. The only command that could save us from the Japanese destroyer now was the command to return home, an order I knew the captain would never issue.

(Johansen closes the hatch to the sick bay. Sanford charges toward it and tries to open it, unsuccessfully. He bangs on the door.)

SANFORD: Johansen! Open this door! Open this door! Johansen!

JOHANSEN (voice over): I knew mutiny was our only chance for survival. But I also knew, by sealing that door, I was sealing the fate of the men I locked behind it.

(Sanford turns back to the men in sick bay. He has the black oil covering his eyes.)


JOHANSEN: By luck, or the grace of God, we made it to Pearl Harbor.

SCULLY: What happened to Sanford and the sick crewmen?

JOHANSEN: When they opened that door, those who weren't dead were dying. There were 144 men on that boat. Only 7 of us had survived. Whatever killed then, I was allowed to live, to raise a family, to grow old. None of us never got an explanation why.


(Geraldine is eating - with chopsticks - in a restaurant. Mulder approaches from behind her.)

MULDER: Is this seat taken, Miss Kallenchuk? Geraldine Kallenchuk, isn't it?

(He sits down next to her.)

JERALDINE: Jerry, with a 'J'.

MULDER: I noticed you flew first class. Must be good money selling classified government secrets.

JERALDINE: It's a bull market, hon, and I'm Miss Popular. Let's make a deal.

MULDER: How much for the location of that P-51 Mustang you sold the French government?

JERALDINE: Why should I tell you?

MULDER: Actually, I'd rather know who sold you the secret.

JERALDINE: I'm a middle man, Mr Mulder. Pardon my gender type. I take a cut, a thin slice off the top. It'd be bad business to divulge my sources.

MULDER: Why did you run off to Hong Kong?

JERALDINE: To meet the buyer.

MULDER: To sell him what?

JERALDINE: Pardon your gender type.

MULDER: Oh, your buyer's a woman.

JERALDINE: Actually, you know, it's none of your damn business.

MULDER: Actually you know it is my damn business because whatever you're selling is killing half a dozen sailors in a California Hospital, which is why I'm gonna arrest you.

JERALDINE: Arrest me? With what? Your chopsticks? This is Hong Kong Mr. Mulder. They don't allow handguns here, they took yours away at the airport. (Mulder cuffs the woman to himself) Hey! Hey! You can't do that!

MULDER: I just did it, now let's make a deal.

(Mulder stands and walks out of the restaurant, dragging her behind him.)

(They are now walking now down a dark corridor.)

JERALDINE: You are violating my civil rights.

MULDER: You gave up your civil rights when you committed treason.

JERALDINE: You can't force me to do anything.

(They reach a door with "Kallenchuk Salvage Broker" on the door, along with some Chinese words.)

MULDER: Open it.

(She does nothing. Mulder reaches for her purse, but she jerks it away from him. Mulder kicks the door open.)

MULDER: Pardon my gender type, but after you. (he pushes Geraldine in) Where are the lights?

KRYCEK: Right here.

(Krycek is in the corner of the office, pointing a gun at Mulder.)

MULDER: Krycek. I thought guns were against the law here.

KRYCEK: Yeah, well you know what they say. When guns are outlawed...

MULDER: Why don't you take that gun and shoot yourself in your head like you shot my father?

JERALDINE: Great ... High Noon in Hong Kong.

KRYCEK: Aw, why don't you just SHUT UP!

(He grabs Jeraldine and pushes her out of the office. He closes the door on the handcuff chain, leaving Mulder inside and Jeraldine outside.)


MULDER: No way to treat your business partner, especially since she's been moving those secrets you've been selling so well.

(Gunshots are heard from the hall, and Mulder feels Jeraldine falling to the floor. A group of men, the same Frenchmen who had stormed the San Francisco office, come down the hall.)

(Krycek moves to the office window.)

KRYCEK: Looks like she's your partner now.

(He climbs out of the window, leaving Mulder in the office.)


(As the Frenchmen advance cautiously down the hallway, Mulder drops the handcuff key on the floor.)

MULDER: Damn. (he tries to reach the dropped key on the floor)

(He gropes for the key while the Frenchmen prepare to storm the office. They burst in but find no one there. The other cuff is unlocked. One of the men goes to the window and sees Mulder running down the street. The men head back into the hall to pursue him, but encounter Joan Gauthier. As they approach, she emits a blinding light. The men fall to the floor. She returns to normal and steps over them. The men are very badly burned.)

(In Washington, Skinner enters the same restaurant as before and greets the waitress.)

SKINNER: Is the coffee hot?


(He goes to a table and sits. Another customer stands and leaves. As Skinner starts to read his newspaper, a Hispanic man walks by him and approaches the counter. The waitress approaches Skinner with the coffee pot.)

SKINNER: How's the blue plate?

WAITRESS: Looks good. (she pours coffee for him)

SKINNER: I'll have one medium rare please.

(She writes down the order and returns to the counter, where the Hispanic man is waiting.)

HISPANIC MAN: You got a pay phone that's out of order. Nobody complains? I'm complaining.

WAITRESS: I'm sorry, sir. I'm sure it's been called in. (Skinner looks up)

HISPANIC MAN: You're sure? Meanwhile, I'm going to miss the phone call. That's gonna cost me time and money. Who's gonna call that in?

WAITRESS: I'm sorry, sir. I don't know what else to say.

(Skinner, irritated, stops reading.)

HISPANIC MAN: Say you're gonna pay me the $1.75 the phone ate.

(Skinner stands up and approaches the counter.)

WAITRESS: No, you'll have to deal with the phone company, sir.

(Skinner is right behind the man.)

HISPANIC MAN: You'll deal with 'em, I want my money.

SKINNER: Is there a problem there?

HISPANIC MAN: (turning) (loudly) Yeah, there is a big problem!

(He draws his gun and shoots Skinner in the abdomen. The waitress screams as Skinner collapses. The Hispanic man stands over Skinner and spits at him.)

HISPANIC MAN: Chupa dura ("suck hard"), amigo.

(The man leaves. The waitress runs to Skinner, who is gasping on the floor.)

WAITRESS: Oh my God! I'll call 911.

(Scully returns to her apartment and is heading for her bedroom when the phone rings. She steps back into the living room and answers.)

SCULLY: (to phone) Scully.

WOMAN'S VOICE: Agent Scully, this is Kim Cook from the director's office.


KIM: We've just got some bad news. A.D. Skinner has just been shot.


KIM: About an hour ago. He's been taken to Northeast Georgetown.

SCULLY: I'm on my way.


(Krycek reads a sign that says "Flight 1121 to Washington." He walks across the terminal, unknowingly approaching Mulder, who is at a phone with his back to him. When Krycek reaches him, Mulder grabs him and punches him with the telephone.)

MULDER: That's for your partner. (he pushes him up against the pay phones) This is for me (Mulder head-butts him, then grabs Krycek's gun and points it at his stomach) And this is for my father!

KRYCEK: No! I didn't kill your father.

MULDER: Now you tell me.

KRYCEK: It wasn't me.

MULDER: Oh yeah? Then who was it?

KRYCEK: I don't know.

MULDER: Either way, Krycek, you're a liar.

KRYCEK: Come on, finish it Mulder. Come on, finish it. Do it.

(Mulder backs off but keeps the gun on him, shielding it with his body to avoid attracting attention.)

MULDER: I want that digital tape.

KRYCEK: I don't have it.

MULDER: Like hell you don't. That tape contains the secrets you were selling as well as everything else our government knows about the existence of extra terrestrial life .

KRYCEK: How could I sell anything? The tape was encrypted.

MULDER: Obviously, you found a way.

Krycek : I don't have it. I'll give it to you if you let me go.

MULDER: Where is it?

KRYCEK: D.C. ... in a locker.

(He points to his shirt pocket. Mulder nods but moves closer. Krycek pulls out a key. Mulder reaches for it but Krycek jerks it back.)

KRYCEK: No. (Mulder reaches for the key again, unsuccessfully) If you let me go, I'll tell you.

(Mulder looks around the terminal. Krycek has a very bloody nose.)

MULDER: You put that tape in my hands and we'll talk about it. Why don't you go to the bathrooms and clean yourself off? If you're not out of there in 3 minutes, I'm coming in there to kill you.

(Mulder follows Krycek to the bathrooms, but looks in first, then motions him in. He waits outside. Joan Gauthier approaches the restrooms. Krycek is at the sink, washing the blood from his face. He then steps to a urinal as Joan Gauthier enters the men's room. Krycek sees a lady's shoe under the divider and looks up to see Joan.)

KRYCEK: (laughing) What the ...

(Joan picks him up by the collar and slams him into the bathroom wall.)

(Shortly after, Krycek exits the restroom and heads back to the terminal, with Mulder behind him.)

MULDER: Feel better?

KRYCEK: Like a new man.

(Krycek now has the black oil in his eyes.)