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Nameless (1/2)
by Alicia and Te


Walter Skinner strode down the darkened street, paying little attentionto his surroundings. Yet another fight with Sharon. It was only a matterof time, wasn't it? But neither of them was ready to make that final break,admit the marriage that had once seemed so permanent was dead and buried,had been for some time.

Walking, walking, eyes focused inward until he could no longer take whathe saw there and forced himself to look around.

//How did I get *here*?//

Slightly rundown area, not really dangerous, but not exactly the neighborhoodhe usually frequented.

//Not recently, anyway.//

On the street corners, loitering in front of businesses, well- built youngmen. Dressed in formfitting jeans of various shades, skintight T-shirts.Boots of many shapes and styles. Leather jackets slung over shoulders inthe warmth of the early summer evening.

Walter knew he should turn around and go home--or at least go elsewhere.He was going to do so, pivoting on his heel to head back the way he'd come,when he saw him standing in the lamplight.

Tall, had to be 6 foot even without the well-worn black engineer-type boots.Standard uniform of tight white T-shirt and faded jeans with strategicallyplaced holes. Dark hair, cropped short and dry-styled, showing off a faceso innocent- looking it would have defied belief in less seedy surroundingsthan these. No jacket for this one--maybe he just wanted to show off hisadmirable arms, but combined with that angelic face the effect was of theone good boy amidst all the other hustlers. Walter wondered if the imagewas calculated. Probably. This one looked young, but not so young he didn'tknow precisely what he was doing.

He shifted course without thinking, and the words were out of his mouthbefore he had a chance to stop them. "You. Let's go."

Walter watched the plush-looking lips purse a bit as the younger man gavehim the once-over. The guarded eyes registered no surprise at his obviouslytailored clothes, merely a bland, world-weary amusement that did nothingto raise his estimation of the boy.

//Not that that matters.//

The younger man shifted a little, letting the harsh glare of the streetlightcatch him to what was, arguably, his best advantage before speaking. "Whatdo you want?"

There was no slur, no cheap accent to the words, and for a moment Walterfroze, eyes narrowing in suspicion, but then the boy spoke again.

"C'mon, sir... we don't have all night. Or, do we?" A slow dipand lift of thick lashes, and a voice whose education had suddenly beenwell and truly coated with sex.

Walter raised a hand to the smooth cheek, gratified when the lips partedjust a bit, the sharp, pink tongue sweeping briefly over the mouth. He lethis fingers drift over the younger man's face before allowing them to settleon an ear. A brush of a thumb over the curiously unpierced lobe, an experimentaltug. "Assume we have all night."

A sharp intake of breath was quickly masked by the sultrily professionalwords. "Three hundred. Kinks extra. Money on the nightstand."

"Done." He turned and began to walk away, not looking to see ifthe boy would follow.

"Uh... Sir... the motel--"

Without breaking stride: "We won't be staying there."


It was good to hear the note of uncertainty in the little rentboy's voice... good to have that confirmation of control. He turned in the middle ofthe deserted street, watched the younger man hesitate. "I have no greatlove for fleas, boy. We'll be staying at *my* hotel." He made as ifto continue walking. "Is there a problem?"

Alex paused fractionally, then shrugged. "No, *sir*." He caughtup to the older man just as they reached the main thoroughfare. "Forthe record, sir, you can call me--"

Walter snorted in amusement as a cab rolled up in response to his hail."For the record.... For the *night* ... I can and will call you anythingI want."


The cab ride passed silently. Alex surmised, correctly, that the older manwould not want to provide the driver with any more gossip than necessary,and although in some circumstances he would have found it amusing to dosomething outrageous just to see what kind of response he could provokefrom his companion, he judged discretion would be the better course thistime.

In less than five minutes they were pulling up in front of a middle-of-the-roadchain hotel. Alex hung back in the lobby as the older man checked them in,then followed him into the elevator. Arriving at the room, Alex walked inand paused. "So, what do you want?"

"Get in the shower."

"Hey, I'm clean, you don't need to--"

"Who's in charge here?" More a growl than a question, and Alex'smouth closed on the remainder of his words. "I said, get in the shower."

"Yes, sir." Subdued tone, but with a hint of something underneath."... but I'd like to see the money first."

Walter felt a surge of anger at the insubordination, but squelched it. Theboy wasn't asking for anything out of the ordinary. Pulling out his wallet,he yanked out three $100 bills and tossed them on the bedside table. Ina reasonable facsimile of his normal tone he replied, "There. Now,into the shower."

The boy nodded, producing lube and condoms from his pocket and placing thematop the currency as if to seal the transaction before seating himself onthe bed and beginning to tug at his boots. He looked up through the curtainof his lashes and asked, "Will you be joining me?"

The seductive pose *had* to be practiced, but Walter couldn't deny thatit worked. If a small portion of his mind had begun to clamor for attention,calling out that this was an incredibly stupid thing to be doing, that hecould still walk away and go home with some semblance of honor--well, thosecalls faded away to inaudibility when he met wide, faux-innocent green eyes,when he let his own vision roam over smooth muscles, now being bared forhis enjoyment.

But there was a script to this ... rhythms and motions made no less traditionalfor their tawdriness. Walter leaned back against the dresser opposite thebed, bored his gaze into the other man's, crossed his arms over his chest."No."

"Anything you say, sir." And with that he stood, boots and socksfinally toed off, and positively wriggled out of the T- shirt. Walter shiftedhis pose, watched the play of dim lamplight over the lean muscles whilehe knew the fabric would be concealing him from the other man's view. Hethen shifted his gaze just to the side, affecting a pretense of boredomwhile he studied the play of the boy's shadow on the beige wall. Simplemovements, gracefully executed. Walter wondered how much he charged to dance.

"Did you want me to ... do anything in particular, sir?"

Caught in his reverie. Walter felt the heat of the younger man at his side,detected the scent of some surprisingly subtle cologne. The older man sighed,briefly regretting the order to shower. But as he turned to meet those eyes,strangely olive in this dim light, he stood firm. As ... cheap ... as thisall was, the last thing he wanted was the taste of some other lonely manon his prize.

"Just get yourself clean."

Thought slammed home with the click of the bathroom door. Something aboutthat sound, that assumption of privacy by his (albeit temporary) property,bothered him deeply even as he moved to sit on the bed.

//This isn't the way it's supposed to go....//

Crow screech in tinder starlight. Motel so bare of amenities it felt likehome ... like the barracks a


full 30 miles in the other direction. Lithe and sexy this one was ... asway, a seduction on legs and when he'd walked--no, sauntered-- into thebar Walter had swallowed hard and wished for his

//You an Indian, sugar?//

black hair back to hide the flush he'd known he sported. Cheap beer downa dry throat, awkward proposition coyly accepted. He remembered gentle fingersworking him to a frenzy, a laugh hovering in the still air, chirping injust that range of indeterminacy that frightened him deeply and made himache to fuck. And a slender hand on his chest pushing him back. Confusion,fear ... but the man had smiled over his shoulder before gliding to thebathroom. And closing the door. A flood of relief as he realized he wouldn'tbe left like this but the closed door was maddening. Walter had found himselfbattering it open again, faced with the image of the man wiping eyelineraway with damp tissue. A brief frown followed by an indulgent smile ...

"Mais bien sur, sugar. The customer is always right."

The snick of the bathroom door recalled him from his memories and in drippedthe rentboy, naked, grinning, and holding the towel out to him.

"Thought you might want to dry me ... sir."

This boy had a little too much attitude. Was this the vogue nowadays? Nomatter, he'd make it clear who was in charge--but then again, looking atthe hard body positioned before him, waves of moist heat bringing him thescent of hotel soap and still a hint of that cologne, could he really complain?

//He couldn't charge extra to dance. He does it just by breathing.//

"No, I think you can dry yourself." Hold those green eyes, don'twaver. "Right here."

The mouth that had begun to form a pout at his first words now relaxed intoa knowing smile.

//Have to think of something appropriate to show him he doesn't know everything.//

"Whatever you want ... sir." That voice again, musical and allmale, sending the blood surging through him even before the boy raised thetowel and began his performance.

Well-muscled arms raised the towel, covered the face just long enough toblot the larger drops from his cheeks, then moved the cloth gracefully downover chest and shoulders, one arm and then the other. No overt posturing,but nonetheless clearly a conscious display of a body that no onlooker couldfail to admire. Slip the prop behind the back, flex the shoulders and hips.Then he bent to dry one slim foot and ankle, stroke upwards over a lightly-furredcalf and thigh, and Walter had to bite back a groan. He managed to holdhimself still while the boy repeated the moves with the other leg, but whenthe towel came up higher, the white material highlighting the ruddy sacand half-erect penis, he couldn't wait any longer.

"That's enough." Voice a little too hoarse, and the look in theboy's eyes showed he'd noticed. No help for it, though; just keep going."Over here."


continued in part 2Nameless (2/2)
by Alicia and Te


Disclaimers, etc. in part 1


An unreadable glance, so quick he thought he might have imagined it, andthen the boy was kneeling between his legs, efficiently unfastening hisbelt and opening his trousers. "Pants off, or on?"

Walter grabbed the younger man's hands, took a moment to savor the sensationof soft flesh sliding over bone and muscle. "Off. Shoes and socks first."

Alex sat back on his heels and kept his eyes down as he unlaced first oneshoe, then the other. Walter couldn't restrain the shudder that racked hisform as a slender finger traced the arch of his foot. When the socks hadbeen removed, Alex planted a kiss on the bone of each ankle before restingthe feet comfortably on his thighs. Walter felt the tickle of sparse hair,flesh warm and damp from the shower and budding arousal. He indulged himselfby kneading the firm muscles for a time, catching the brief grunts and rollsof his companion as a toe skidded close and

candy falling from the sky it felt like rain hard and oily ... bittersalttang in the air and explosions were rocking Walter's frame mercury gumdropsand sugarsweet bullets catching here and there as

he watched the boy struggle and strain from his awkward position for morecontact. Walter felt drunk on this languid debauch, cool cool canned airso dangerous crackling with ozone as thunder raged outside. He wonderedif this strange little foot massage counted as a kink.... It would almostbe worth it for this. The young man was a natural, never moving off hisknees, arms at his sides, using only his torso and pelvis to strain towardthe skidding, taunting feet ... but no. Walter abruptly removed his feet,planted them to either side of the younger man's thighs, and stood.

The boy looked briefly stunned, but recovered quickly to kneel up and finishthe work of removing Walter's trousers. As soon as he had stepped out ofthem, he settled back on the bed, spreading his legs. The young man wastedno time, sliding up the nubbled coverlet using only leanly muscled armsto pull him the distance, a gesture both playful and sensuous ... impossibleto observe without imagining the pull of rough cotton and polyester acrosshard nipples, dipping ticklishly into the navel, dragging, loose threadscatching and tugging.... The first touch of tongue to his thigh made himshiver.

Walter reached down to try to grip the boy's short hair, but it simply flowedlike sharp water through his fingers and he settled for cupping the baseof the skull. A guiding tug and the tongue moved to his balls, sucking androlling them within wet heat.... It was eminently clear that this boy wasdetermined to earn his money. Walter relaxed as much as possible, throwingone arm behind his head as he ran his fingers down the boy's neck and shoulder.

There were hands on his thighs, lips on his cock ... tiny sucking kissesmore reminiscent of a succubus than anything else. Walter closed his eyes,losing himself in the fantasy of some invisible demon of smoke and lust.He allowed his hips the freedom to separate themselves from his roving mind,leaving it to the boy to steady them, if he could. But he was growing impatient....

"Suck me. Now."

A pause, an increase in pressure on his thighs, and then he was swallowedwhole. Thoughts raced and flitted through his mind but the sensation chasedeverything away. There was nothing but his cock and this wonderfully obliginghole, rough little tongue working hard against the underside, throat contractingon the head. Walter could hear deep groans, knew on some level that theywere his own.

//Too soon.//

The older man grabbed hold of his self and *pulled*, dragging his consciousnessbeyond the white noise while literally dragging the younger man's mouthoff his cock.

"Wh-what? Did I do something wrong?"

Breathless and flushed, lips swollen. A beautiful boy, really. Walter easedthe pressure on the younger man's hair, smoothed his knuckles down the softcheek without being fully aware of what he was doing.

"This isn't everything I want from you."

Green eyes focused smilingly on his own. "Of course, sir. How do youwant it?"

"Hands and knees."

Walter watched the boy arrange himself off to the side; languidly ran afinger across the lightly tanned shoulder, down the rib cage before pinchingthe nearest nipple lightly. The ensuing gasp sent a renewed spike of arousalthrough his own body and the older man took a deep breath before reachingover for the supplies. The brush of shirttails over bare thighs as he positionedhimself reminded him abruptly of his questionable state of attire, but hereally couldn't bring himself to care. He rolled on a condom and tossedthe lube onto the bed, cataloging the utter stillness of the younger manwith a mixture of approval and disappointment.

It occurred to him that it was entirely possible no one had ever stoppedthe boy mid-blowjob before. Walter smirked inwardly at the thought of ahustler with performance anxiety, letting the cold humor bring him backto some semblance of control before allowing himself to caress the downycheeks. Toyed with the idea of peeling off another hundred for the rightto beat that pretty little ass raw; squeezed hard instead. The boy pressedback into the touch, wriggling a bit in encouragement, and Walter had toswallow hard not to go with the impulse.

//This isn't going to last very long.//

Walter grabbed the tube and slicked his fingers, not bothering to take thetime to try to warm the gel. A cool finger down the crack and the boy jumpeda bit.

"Hold still."

Walter heard the teeth click together; had another moment of dissonanceas he wondered just who had taught this boy how to behave. Speculation dissolvedquickly at the boy's small hiss when he pierced the ring of muscle. Walterfound himself deeply fascinated by the sight of his finger disappearingand reappearing; amused himself by adjusting pressure and speed while addingdigits. The boy began to moan steadily, working himself back against Walter'shand and muttering almost incomprehensibly under his breath.


The older man looked up to see the hustler tossing his head slightly, fingersgripping the tangled coverlet in time with his thrusts, whole body dampwith sweat ... it was beautiful. He raked the internal gland one last timebefore slipping out gently and slathering lube on his cock. Walter groanedat his own touch, wondered how the steady ratchet of his own arousal hadgone unnoticed. An interminable, excruciating slow rock and he was buriedto the hilt, panting and flexing, struggling to hold on.

So good so good slick and tight and this boy must not have been on the streetsvery long ... firm buttocks pale under his hands and he backthrust harshly,watching the boy's head snap back in reaction and relishing the accompanyinggroan. Then sliding, slowly, losing himself yeah this is what I wanted withinthe heat and pressure and friction and there really was nothing else wasthere, nothing other than this and now and here and more....

Walter braced himself on the headboard and began slamming into the youngerman in earnest. Small whimpers from below sending him higher and higher.Suddenly he felt muscles bear down on him hard ... and that was all it tookto drive him over the edge.

Moments, minutes later he found himself crushing the uncomplaining man intothe mattress and he rolled off gently, discarding the condom with a smallmoue of distaste. After a while his companion rolled onto his back, madepreparatory movements to stand. He was still rock hard. The sight dashedcold water on Walter's afterglow. It was an unwelcome reminder of the cheapnessof this act, a niggling snark about his performance. He grabbed the youngerman by the shoulder.

"Where are *you* going?"

Alex froze briefly at the question, then turned and raised an eyebrow.

Walter slid a hand down the damp torso, tugged a bit at the treasure trailbefore stroking the younger man's cock idly. "I paid for the wholenight." A flip of his thumb over the head; a truly gratifying buck."I expect the whole night."

A stifled chuckle. "Yes, sir."

Walter squeezed and the chuckle was strangled off. "Come with me."

Wide-eyed confusion ... the desire to kiss the younger man was wholly inappropriatebut impossible to deny. Walter contented himself by diving at the vaguelygolden throat and sucking hard, tasting salt and heat and man. He couldfeel the moan tremble against his lips and forced himself to pull off. Hestood and shed the rumpled dress shirt, finally. Brief concern over howto explain its


condition was hastily quashed. The way the boy was staring at his chestmade his cock twitch far, far too soon. Walter crooked a finger and walkedto the closet door, sensing the younger man hesitate a moment before following.There was a mirror here ... and this was a lesson the hustler needed tolearn.

"Stand in front of me."

The younger man complied, and Walter slipped his hands under the leanlypowerful arms and began to massage the muscles of the chest and belly, watchingthe reaction in the mirror. A brief pinch of the nipples made the boy groanand, as Walter expected, blush and look away.

"What are you ashamed of?"

One hand left the chest to wander southward, begin a rough rhythm of strokes.


"Look at yourself."

Walter waited until he was meeting the green eyes in the mirror again beforeremoving the stroking hand to rake short nails up the boy's belly. The musclestwitched and jumped under his fingers, and hips thrust helplessly, flushrising and spreading. Walter rewarded the response by slipping his handback down to cup his companion's balls, using his other arm to pull theboy closer as he tugged and teased.

It wasn't especially fair to ask difficult questions, but something aboutthe feel of that blush-hot ear against his lips made him speak without thinking."Who are you, really?"

Green eyes widened in alarm, and the body under his hands stiffened almostimperceptibly.

"No, you don't have to answer." His hand moved back to the weepingcock; the gorgeous moans began again. "It's not especially important.But it's become clear to me that you haven't been trained correctly."

Some animal sound that might have been a question, and Walter began to strokefaster.

"It's true. You have a little too much shame for this. Not that I meanto critique. Hardly. I'm enjoying myself immensely." He glanced upto find that the eyes had closed; the young man had braced himself againstWalter and was bucking mindlessly into his fist. He pulled his hand offand the eyes shot open again. Walter let his hand hover over the bobbingcock; watched the anger, the confusion flash through the other man's eyes,the chest heave with pants, and smiled internally. "Paying attention?"A nod. "Good." He let the other man settle himself again; welcomedthe hand on his supporting arm with a lick at the ear.

"Now, where was I?" The boy thrust helpfully at the empty air,and Walter laughed quietly. He circled the cock again; felt fingers tightenon his arm. The eyes stayed open this time. "We, your ... employers... are looking for a quick, easy fuck. That much is true--but that's notall." He let his hardening cock slip between the still-slick cheeksand rocked.

"Oh, God..."

"For any number of reasons our worlds lack something. We pay you notonly to take the edge off, but to share a little of yourself with us....It's not so much to ask, is it?"

"Yes ... no...."

Walter chuckled again and shifted, rubbing himself in the hot little haven,stroking faster. "So I ask you to look at yourself right now, as Isee you. Flushed, panting ... sweating and hard. For me, now. Or maybe justfor yourself?" The boy had bitten his own lip hard enough to draw atiny bit of blood. It was too much; he pulled the younger man's head backand to the side for an awkward, utterly forbidden kiss, forcibly stillinghis own hips so he could feel the insistent bucks of the other man. "There'sa ... long and noble tradition in this, my Narcissus. We all need a littlebeauty in our lives...."

There were going to be bruises on his arm tomorrow but he didn't, couldn'tcare. This wildness in his arms, this raw animal of muscle and sex.... "Comefor me."

A moment's hesitation, again, but then, just as Walter was beginning towonder whether the boy's abandon was merely another part of his act (andthe earlier hesitation, too?), the body in his arms shuddered violently,then erupted in spasm upon spasm of orgasm, the young man wrenching andgroaning as his come spattered his chest, Walter's hand, the mirror andthe floor before them.

Walter braced his feet as the boy slumped back against him for a moment.Very nice. When the long lashes fluttered and those glowing eyes began torefocus, he gently urged the young man back to the bed. Time for round two.


As the beginnings of daylight began to filter in through the edges of thecurtains, Alex slipped out of bed and began to pull on his clothes. Overexertedmuscles, stiffened after an hour or so's sleep, protested mildly, but heknew he'd be fine after a shower and some time in the gym.

Pocketing the cash and one unused condom, he looked closely at the olderman, gauging the depth of his unconsciousness. They'd both gotten a goodworkout over the past hours, and the man had to be at least 10 years hissenior, but Alex knew better than to assume an opponent was helpless. Still,as he listened to the deep, steady breathing, he judged it was worth therisk. Reaching quietly into the pocket of the other man's discarded trousers,he pulled out the wallet and flipped it open. His eyes momentarily widened,then crinkled in amusement.

//Well, isn't that interesting. Walter Skinner, FBI. You do meet the mostintriguing people in this line of work.//

No wonder the guy had gotten off so well on his little innocent act. Powerplay written all over him, and now Alex had a better idea why. He replacedthe wallet carefully and quickly, then glanced around to make sure he hadn'tforgotten anything.

//Well, Mr. Skinner, *A.D.* Skinner, it certainly has been a pleasure. Untilwe meet again ... which may be sooner than you think.//

He made sure the door closed quietly behind him as he left.