Title:Menagerie (Element 104)

Author: Amatia

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Rating: NC-17

Category: M/K slash.

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Menagerie (Element 104)

by Amatia


Fox Mulder lay on his black leather couch, his left hand tracing designson the cool fabric. The blind clattered against the window with every gustof wind that blew in, bringing the temperature down with each clatter. Cladin boxers and a t-shirt, Mulder lay directly in the path of the draft, notcaring about the chill of the wind. A strip of moonlight fell across hischest and stomach, illuminating the right hand that rested there.

Unfocusing hazel eyes traveled aimlessly around the room, blindly lookingfor someone that had left two days ago. Since then, Mulder had been arrested,questioned, released, questioned, and had taken a mandatory leave of absencewhile he supposedly straightened his life out. He didn't feel bad aboutthat, for Scully had been forced to take one, too. Skinner obviously didn'twant to deal with them at the moment. They had a meeting scheduled withhim in a week's time to regroup. *Funny*, he thought. *I believed in somethingfor so long, and when I decided to get over it and go a different direction,I find the faith I've so recently abandoned holds a measure of truth.* He chuckled to himself. Truth. The word held no meaning for him anymore.What was truth? Something that was real? An idea accepted on faith? An ideaso deeply ingrained that it becomes real?

Mulder sighed and twisted restlessly on the couch. Goosebumps prickedhis skin, yet he did not get up to close the window. He did not want totake the chance.

A shadow fell across him, stopping the beam of moonlight. Mulder lookedover his shoulder. A dark figure stood on the fire escape outside the windowwithout moving for a moment, then rapped on the glass with a knuckle. Mulderrose and went over to the window. "Go around," he said.

The figure disappeared back down the fire escape, and Mulder closed andlocked the window, pulling the shade as well. He opened the front door justas his visitor turned down the hallway. Standing in the doorway with a "hurryup" look on his face, he said. "Come on, it's cold."

"You're the one who insists on leaving the window open," AlexKrycek said as he stepped inside the apartment. "It keeps me awakeuntil midnight," Mulder said dryly, noting the time.

Sorry," Krycek apologized lamely. "I'm a wanted man, what elsecan I say?"

"Well, when you put it that way..." Mulder drawled. "Ok,so, what did you bring me?"

"Mu-shu pork and fried dumplings," Krycek deadpanned.

"Don't make me hungry."

Krycek withdrew a piece of paper from the inside pocket of his leatherjacket. Both his hands, real and prosthetic, were gloved in black leather."A list of the Consortium members who were there when I was. And someI knew were there before me."

Mulder noticed that Krycek's hand was trembling as he handed him thepaper. "Is your name on here?"

A gloved hand weighed down on his shoulder. "I didn't make any decisions,Mulder. I was just the errand boy. I put down those who I know made thedecisions."

Mulder nodded, and the hand dropped. Krycek turned to go. "Wait,"Mulder said.

Krycek turned back around to look at him. "What is it, Mulder?"

"Do you have a place to stay?"

Krycek was taken aback by the look of compassion on Mulder's eyes. "Justbecause you stick a gun in my chest, I'm supposed to believe you're my friend?"he asked, making a mockery of what Mulder had said during their previousexchange.

Mulder's eyes narrowed. "If you want to refuse my offer of hospitality,fine."

There was a moment of silence while they looked at each other "Idon't have anywhere to go," Krycek said finally, his voice soft.

"Would you like to stay here?"

Krycek could see how much this question cost Mulder. "Mulder, Ican't. It would be great to have a place to sleep that was warm...well,semi-warm...and comfortable, instead of an abandoned building. But you'rebeing watched almost all the time, and I took a big enough risk coming eventhis late, for only a few minutes."

"Then we'll get you a hotel room."

*We'll?* thought Krycek. *What is going on?* "I thought you hatedme, Mulder."

"I don't want to see another valuable source die."

*So that's his game*, Krycek thought to himself. *He doesn't want medead because I'm his helper now. Oh, the things he doesn't know.* "Thatisn't a good enough reason for me."

"Dying on the streets is a better alternative?" Mulder askedincredulously. His eyes swept over Krycek. His clothes had seen better days,and he looked like he could use a shower. "Look, you need a night'srest. If I'm offering it to you, why not just take it?"

"Would you take favors from people who want you dead?" Kryceksnarled.

His tone didn't faze Mulder, who said, "I think of all the peoplewho want you dead, I'm the one who wants you dead the least. Take it orleave it, Krycek."

Krycek shrugged. "So how far out of town are we going?"

"There's a 24-hour hotel right outside Alexandria," Muldersaid, going into the bedroom. Krycek could hear him opening drawers, rummagingaround, and then slamming them shut. He came back with a duffel bag in onehand and his shaving kit in the other. "I don't suppose you have anythingyou want to bring with?"

"No. What you see is what I own."

Mulder nodded, and tossed the bags on the couch. "Hold on one moreminute while I put some clothes on."

*As if I didn't notice you were only wearing those black boxers,* Krycekthought sarcastically. *Why don't you bring your Speedos with and we canswim in the pool? Sometimes, Mulder...* Mulder reappeared wearing jeansand a black sweater. He found his jacket behind the couch and pulled iton. "I'm too used to my trench," he said.

"You don't need to explain," Krycek answered. "Let's justgo. The idea of sleep is very appealing at midnight."

Mulder grumbled something at him and grabbed his stuff. He opened thedoor and let Krycek go out ahead of him, then locked the door behind them.Then his cell phone rang.

"Shit." He fished it out of the duffel. "Mulder."

Krycek assumed that it was Scully on the other end of the line. She wasthe only person who called Mulder at weird hours. "Yeah, I've heard.Uh-huh. Bye." Mulder pushed the end button and looked at Krycek. "Word'sout to the feds that you're in town. I'm technically supposed to be snappinghandcuffs on you right now."

"The FBI approves of bondage as a sexual technique?" Kryceksaid slyly.

"Shut up, all right?"

"You get one call from Scully and you're on the defensive? Jesus,Mulder. I thought we were past the defensive stage."

"If we don't talk, we don't insult each other. And since all ourinsults have sexual innuendoes, I'd just rather not talk to you."

They had reached Mulder's car, and he'd unlocked the doors. Krycek slidinto the passenger seat. "Bothered by it, Mulder?"

"What does it matter to you?"

"Hey, you were the one who started it. I just want to know, doesit bother you?"


"Then why worry about it?" Krycek grinned. He'd found one ofthose hypothetical buttons, and he was going to push it until Mulder blewup.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up, Krycek?" Mulder backed out ofthe parking spot.

"And if I don't?"

"Then I'll do what I'm supposed to and arrest you."

"You never were good at following rules, Mulder. Besides, it wouldbe worthless to cuff me, since I technically only have one hand."

"Do you want me to drop you off at the Hoover building?" Mulderthreatened. "I'm sure they'll have no trouble cuffing you."

Krycek sighed. "I'll shut up now. You're no fun when you use arrestas a threat."

Mulder pulled into the Quicky Mart. "I'll be right back."

Krycek watched him enter the building, half afraid he'd take out hisphone and call Scully, turning him in. But Mulder grabbed what looked likea package of cookies from the shelf, and something else from below thatKrycek couldn't see. The cashier put both items in a bag, and Mulder handedhim what looked like a ten. He shoved the change in his pocket and cameback out to the car. Opening the door, he tossed the bag in the back seat.

The rest of the ride was quiet. Mulder broke the speed limit the wholetime, and Krycek wondered what exactly his hurry was.

The night clerk at the hotel looked half-dead as he took Mulder's creditcard with the request for a double room. "Sign here please, sir,"he mumbled, shoving the receipt at Mulder.

Mulder signed and handed it back. The clerk handed him two keys, andhe pocketed them both.

Krycek was on edge now, wanting to know what else Mulder had bought,and why there was that look in his eyes. *I suppose I'll find out soon enough,*he thought, following Mulder into the elevator. "What room are we in?"

"1013. Floor five."

"Is there an ice machine nearby?"

"Why, you hot?"

"I was just asking, Mulder."

They stepped off the elevator, and Mulder found their room. He stuckthe electronic key in the slot, waited for the light to turn green, thenopened the door. Letting Krycek in first, he set the duffel bag down underneaththe bar that served as a closet, and the shaving kit on the sink in thebathroom. "You want to shower?"

"I don't have anything to change into," Krycek answered.

Mulder pulled a pair of boxers from the bag and tossed them to him. "Wearthese," he said. His voice was low and uneven.

Krycek caught them, wondering what was going on. He shrugged mentallyand went into the bathroom. "Can I use your shaving kit?" he called."This beard growth is driving me crazy."

"Be my guest." Mulder hung his jacket up, then sat down onthe bed, taking off his shoes. *I suppose it's now or never*, he thought.*And it's the only way possible for him to pay for his sins unless I arresthim.* Mulder stripped down to his boxer shorts, and laid the rest of theclothes on a chair.He climbed back into the bed leaned back against thepillows, trying to work up the courage to demand this from Krycek. *I stillhaven't figured out why I want this as revenge*, he thought. *Christ, I'dcertainly make a good guest on the Jerry Springer show. Men who obsess overtheir father's killers...*

Krycek came out of the bathroom freshly shaven, his prosthesis removed.Mulder winced inwardly at the sight of the scarred stump where his leftarm had once been. *Tunguska....and I could have stopped this.*

He saw the younger man pause by the television, and glance at him. Therewas no mistaking the look of arousal in Krycek's eyes. Mulder's mouth wentdry, then he swallowed, and began to speak.

"Hear this, Comrade Krycek," he said slowly. "You aregoing to pay for every minute of pain you caused me. And you're going topay with pleasure. Which means you're going to be making love to me fromnow until the end of time."

Arousal shot through Krycek so strong that he had to grab the television,which teetered on the dresser. He saw the look in Mulder's eyes, and knewthat he wasn't kidding. "Mulder..." he whispered.

"I don't think you have a problem with that, do you?" Mulderasked softly, eying the evident hard-on that Krycek had.

"God, no...." Krycek whispered.

"Then come here, goddamnit!" Mulder growled. He was on firealready, and Krycek hadn't even touched him. *So much for control,* he thought.*I am truly insane. I want this man. The man who has caused me so much grief,so many sleepless nights.*

Krycek moved soundlessly toward the bed, his eyes holding Mulder's. Deepgreen locked with blazing hazel. Carefully, he sat down on the edge, unconsciouslysmoothing the coverlet. Mulder reached out, and laid his hand over Krycek's."Are you afraid of me?"

Krycek shook his head slowly. "No. Never."

"Then why are you sitting there fidgeting with the blanket? WhenI said come here, Alex, I meant here by me, not at the edge of the bed."Mulder closed his fingers around Krycek's hand.

Krycek moved up on the bed, so that he was laying next to Mulder. Mulder'sthumb moved slowly over the back if his hand, once, twice, three times.Krycek felt goosebumps rise across his skin as he sucked in a ragged breath.

Mulder suddenly pounced, so that he was on hands and knees above Krycek."Let me kiss you," he whispered. Krycek answered by sliding hishand around the back of Mulder's neck, and pulling him down to meet hislips. His heart beat wildly in his chest, and he was trembling. Then Mulder'slips were pressed firmly to his own, and he couldn't think anymore. *It'slike falling into a pool of warm honey...sweet...and then you're stuck.*

Mulder felt like he was going to explode right there. Krycek's lips weresoft and hot, and he tasted like crushed almonds and nutmeg. *Sweet cyanide....*Mulder thought. *He's going to poison me with his kisses.*

They stayed like that, with just lips caressing, until Mulder pulledback and sucked in a lungful of precious air. He looked down at Krycek,who was heavy-lidded with desire. "Alex," he gasped, "answerme now. Yes or no?"

Krycek slid his hand down over Mulder's chest. "God, Mulder, doyou think I can refuse you after that kiss?"

"I need an answer, Alex. I'm not going to force you if you're notwilling." He stilled Krycek's hand, and looked into the wide greeneyes. "I know that you and I haven't gotten along well, and we bothknow why. But let's put that behind us - for tonight."

"Shhh, Mulder. Don't talk about it okay? I'm here, and I'm willing.And the answer to your question is yes." He leaned up and gently bitMulder's slightly pouty bottom lip.

Mulder dropped his hips so that they were nestled together. He watchedKrycek's pupils dilate, felt rather than heard the moan that was issuedfrom the other man's lips. Krycek's cock pulsed hard against the creasewhere his leg became hip and met his body. He felt his own erection growin response to the heat so close to it.

Whomever it was that had said that the Devil was the most beautiful angelmust have made love to Alex Krycek. Mulder had to struggle to keep fromlosing himself in the other man's eyes, from counting each heavy breaththat issued from those parted red lips. He raised a hand and ran his fingerdown the side of Krycek's face and over the soft bottom lip. Krycek openedhis mouth and caught Mulder's finger between his teeth, his tongue flickingthe tip lightly. Mulder gasped, his body clenching in a sudden paroxysmof lust.

He ground his hips against Krycek, who groaned and flipped him onto hisside. "Shorts," Krycek gasped. "Off."

Mulder slid a finger into each side of Krycek's boxers, and carefullypulled them over the straining erection, past Krycek's knees, and over theside of the bed. He did the same with his own, not caring where they landed.

Krycek leaned in and took Mulder's earlobe between his teeth, and Muldersucked in a harsh breath as warm lips closed around the sensitive flesh.Krycek's hand traveled down over his hip and closed around his erection.Mulder shuddered as electrical sparks danced over his skin. He tipped hishead down to nip at the tender skin of Krycek's neck, and heard his gasp."Like that?" he whispered.

Krycek's response was to run his thumb up the underside of Mulder's cock,then slither down the bed so that his head was even with Mulder's waist.Mulder caught his breath in anticipation as he felt Krycek's breath on hehead of his cock.

Then he was letting out a low, keening moan as a hot, wet mouth coveredhis erection. *Alex...*

It seemed the world was spinning out of control, and that he was goingto fly off of the face of the planet, the sensations running through hisbody were so great. He let out a strangled cry as Krycek relaxed his throatand took him all the way in. Mulder began to pump his hips slightly intothe hot wetness as the world began to spin even faster. He reached his handdown and squeezed Krycek's shoulder, trying to pull him up. "Gonnacum," he rasped out.

Krycek pulled back for a moment. "No," he whispered, and slidhis mouth back around Mulder's weeping cock. *I'm going to die right here,having sex with Alex Krycek,* Mulder thought around the haze in his brain.Then the fuzziness overcame him, and he flew off the planet, spurting cumdown Krycek's throat as he burst into a million pieces.

Krycek swallowed it all as Mulder screamed into the pillow, tremors wrackinghis lean frame. He placed his hand on Mulder's hip to keep him from jerkingtoo high off the bed, and began to press tiny kisses all over Mulder's cockuntil his orgasm started to subside and his body stopped quivering.

Mulder lay quietly for a few minutes, breathing heavily. Krycek movedback up the bed to lay beside him, resting his head on the pillow besideMulder's. After a while, Mulder opened his eyes and met Krycek's. "Youokay?" Krycek asked softly.

"Never been better," Mulder replied, and with a movement soquick Krycek hardly saw it, flipped him onto his back. "I think it'syour turn now, don't you?" He grinned.

Krycek grinned back, and Mulder couldn't resist the temptation to kissthe man again. This time it was not as long nor as sweet as the first, butMulder couldn't shake the thought that Krycek would poison him with thisalmond and nutmeg flavor. *It would be a sweet death, though...I certainlywouldn't regret it.*

He abandoned Krycek's mouth to trail kisses down over his chin and downhis neck, pausing to nuzzle the hollow of the younger man's throat. *Heeven smells of almonds...*

Mulder paused in his exploration of Krycek to reach over onto the nightstandand fumble for a package. He dropped it on Krycek's chest, then kissed aroundit until he found Krycek's nipple. He closed his lips around it and beganto suck. Krycek gasped, running his hand over Mulder's hair before he pickedup the box. "Mulder...."

"Hmm?" Mulder was too entranced with the spicy taste of Krycek'sskin to say much more.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying with this?"

"I want you to fuck me," Mulder murmured against Krycek's stomach.

Krycek sat up, almost squashing Mulder's head. "Mulder...you needto be sure about this..."

"I am, Alex." Mulder cupped his chin in his hand. "I wantyou inside me."

The look in his eyes was so open, so needy. Krycek set the box of condomsdown and cupped Mulder's face in a mirror gesture, then leaned forward andkissed him slowly, sliding his tongue into Mulder's mouth.

Mulder moaned under the assault and let Krycek explore his mouth. Theyounger man was tender, yet demanding, and Mulder found himself with anothererection. "Please...." he whispered into Krycek's mouth.

Krycek reluctantly pulled away, and opened the box. He withdrew a wrappedcondom and the tube of lubricant that came with. "Do you want to putit on me?"

"Yeah," Mulder said, blushing. He took the condom from Krycekwith shaking hands, and carefully removed the wrapper. Then he slid it overKrycek's straining cock, slowly, caressing him with his fingertips. WhenMulder was finished, Krycek deftly unscrewed the top of the lube with onehand. "How do you want to do this?" he asked.

"I want to be able to see you," Mulder growled.

Krycek laid back against the pillows. He squeezed some of the lube outonto his fingers, and coated his erection with it. Then he wiggled a fingerat Mulder. "Come closer."

Mulder moved forward obediently. Krycek squeezed more lube out and slidhis hand between Mulder's leg, seeking the tight entrance to Mulder's body.He massaged it with the gel, and when he felt it begin to relax, he gentlyslid his finger in up to the first knuckle. "Relax, Mulder," hesaid. He felt Mulder consciously try to relax, and he twisted his fingera little. Mulder moaned, and pressed down. His eyes flew open as Krycek'sfinger slid all the way into him. Krycek grinned, and moved his finger untilhe was rubbing Mulder's prostate. A low growl rose up from Mulder's throat.

Krycek slid his finger out of Mulder, then replaced it with two. Mulderpressed down again, harder this time. Krycek resumed stroking his prostateuntil Mulder was moving up and down in a steady rhythm on his fingers.

"Mulder," he growled. The older man stopped moving. "Youwant me or my fingers?"

"You...." the whisper issued from Mulder was low and filledwith desire.

Krycek positioned Mulder over him. They were facing each other, and Krycekcaught Mulder's gaze. "Go slow," he said softly.

Mulder nodded, and began to lower himself onto Krycek's cock. He pausedjust as the head slid in, and took several deep breaths. Krycek smiled athim. "I know. It takes a moment to get used to it." Mulder carefullylet himself down until Krycek was fully embedded in him. Krycek tipped hiships upwards, and Mulder groaned. His hand sought Krycek's, and he squeezedtightly. Then he nodded, his eyes closed, an almost ethereal expressionon his face. He raised himself up about two inches, then slid back downagain. He opened his eyes, and slid off of Krycek's cock. "I want youon top of me, Alex..."

Krycek slid over as Mulder flipped over, then moved above him. "Bringyour legs up over my shoulders," he said. Mulder did, and he slid intohim slowly, feeling the tight muscle contract around his manhood. Mulderbegan to push forward with his hips, and Krycek arched forward to meet him,time and again, moving faster and faster, Mulder's hand on his shoulderhelping to keep him steady as he balanced on one hand. He struggled tokeep his eyes open, watching Mulder move beneath him, his hazel eyes unfocusingslits as he drowned in Krycek's movement. Krycek pushed deeper, harder,trying to get as far as he could into Mulder, almost feeling as if thiswas not his body he was living in, but someone else's. Then Mulder clenchedthat ring of muscles one final time, and they exploded together into a brilliantshower of red and white sparks, of loud cries and tender whispers.

Krycek tried to capture the feeling in his mind of exploding into Mulder,of the hot seed flowing out of him and into this man beneath him. Fox Mulder,once his partner, once his enemy, and now his lover. He collapsed on topof Mulder, too spent to be able to hold himself up any longer. Mulder wrappedhis arms around him, and turned them onto their sides where he could nestleclose and bury his face in the crease where Krycek's neck and shoulder met."Alex...." he murmured contentedly.

Krycek was too overcome by emotion to respond in words, the tears wellingup behind his eyelids and threatening to spill over. He snuggled closerto Mulder, his face pressed against Mulder's, and the tears did spill over,running down onto the pillow underneath his head. But he didn't care, sohappy was he to just lay here, warm and wanted for a change.

They fell asleep quickly, tangled together.




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