TITLE: Aaargh! No! Not again!
AUTHOR: Aqualegia
EMAIL: Aqualegia@aol.com
ARCHIVE: Gossamer. ArchiveX. TER/MA, All Things Rat
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SUMMARY: Something goes wrong with Mulder's email again
DISCLAIMER: They don't belong to me, I'm just playing with them
for a while.

Aaargh! No! Not again!
by Aqualegia

"Aaargh! Noooo! Not again!" Mulder's wail of anguish could surely be heard half a mile away.

Alex, who had been peacefully floating in the swimming pool jack- knifed in surprise and swallowed a mouthful of chlorinated water as he sank below the surface. Coughing and spluttering he waded to the side, then ran naked and dripping through the French doors into the house.

He arrived in Mulder's study just as the older man slammed his head down on the desk beside his PC which had the mail program still open.

He sprang forward, yelping as he stubbed his toes on the coffee table, to stop Mulder doing himself or the PC any more damage. Catching hold of Fox's arms, he sprayed everything with water as he struggled to hold the other man still.

Intuitively he knew what had happened. Okay, he admitted to himself, maybe not so much intuition as having seen this behaviour in his beloved once before. "So, what did you do that's got you so upset," he asked in a soothing tone.

"I sent my feedback to the wrong list - I was laughing so hard and I forgot I was on-line, and I pressed control-enter and it sent the message before I remembered to change the address."

"They'll forgive you," Alex soothed him, authors always like feedback..."

"But I should know better...."

"Trust me, they'll forgive you." He let go of Mulder and stepped back, the coffee table caught him behind the knees. His arms flailed but he failed to catch his balance and sat down on it. The small table wasn't built for such rough treatment and collapsed, dumping Alex on the floor.

Mulder laughed his good humour restored. "When did you become such a klutz?"

Alex pouted. "It started when you screamed and I tried to drink the swimming pool dry." he muttered darkly.

Mulder sobered, he closed his laptop which gave a series of beeps in protest, then hauled his lover to his feet and marched off in the direction of the bedroom pulling Alex along behind him. "I think we'd better go to bed before anything else happens," he said as he closed the door behind them and drew his beloved into a demanding kiss.