TITLE: Aaargh! No! Not again! II
AUTHOR: Aqualegia
EMAIL: Aqualegia@aol.com
DATE: March 2000
ARCHIVE: Gossamer. Basement. RatB. All Things Rat. Anywhere else please ask.
SUMMARY: It's definitely not a good day for Fox and Alex. Continuation Aaargh! No! Not again! which can be found at http://www.chaelyndra.com/nicklea/fiction or my page on RatB http://www.squidge.org/terma/aqualegia/aqualegia.htm you will really need to have read this to understand what's going on. A serial apology for posting to the wrong list....
DISCLAIMER: They don't belong to me, I'm just playing with them for a while.

Aaargh! No! Not again! II
by Aqualegia

The kiss went on and on as they ground their hips together, and stripped Fox of his clothes. When it finally became apparent that their legs were not going to support them for much longer, Fox pushed Alex backwards across the room towards the bed.

Unfortunately for Mulder's plan, he had left his trainers in the middle of the floor when he'd returned from his early morning run. Alex tripped over them, staggered, and started to fall. Fox clutched at him, trod on one of the trainers and crashed into his lover. Together they hit the end of the bed then slid onto the floor. The sudden pressure on their engorged cocks as they landed proved too much for them, and they came, hard.

They lay where they had fallen, stunned by the force their orgasms and gasping like stranded fish from having all the air forcibly expelled from their lungs.

Eventually Fox managed to get to his hands and knees and, having grabbed the T-shirt he had discarded earlier along with his trainers, wiped them both before crawling away in the direction of the bathroom.

With a heartrending groan, Alex rolled over, forced himself up and tottered on rubbery legs the last few feet to the bed and flopped on to it. He lay there until he felt he could breathe without the aid of an oxygen tent, then followed Fox into the bathroom.

Fox, who was in the shower when he went in, poked his head around the shower curtain and made puppy-dog eyes at Alex. "Wash my back?"

Krycek gave a 'put-upon' sigh, and stepped over the rim of the large triangular bath, pulling the shower curtain shut behind him. Taking the sponge from the shelf, he held it under the spray, then reached for the soap... at the same time Mulder did. Their bodies ricocheted off one another. Alex made a grab for the shower support bar, Fox found himself with an armful of curtaining; which only delayed the inevitable pull of gravity, the rings came away from the bar and he swung around to sit gracelessly on the side of the tub.

Hurriedly Alex flipped the lever which sent the water gushing from the taps, so that the bathroom floor didn't get too flooded by the absence of the curtain.

Before anything else could go wrong, Alex quickly washed Fox's back and sent him out of the tub to dry off and dress, while he had a quick bath, and then mopped the floor.

When Alex left the bathroom, Fox was standing my the bedroom door staring perplexedly at a sodden patch of carpet. "What are you staring at?"

"Alex, do we have a leak?" Fox asked, looking up at the ceiling.

Alex wandered over, cast a measuring eye between the door and the wet patch, and shook his head. "No, that's where I drip dried when you pulled me in there," he stated.

Fox grinned suddenly, "The that's why my clothes are wet too.


"'K. I'll go start lunch."