Snips and Snails (1/1)
An Admission Interlude
by Aries

Fandom: XF (M/K)

Rated NC-17 for strong, m/m sexual images

Summary: Another interlude from the world of Admission. The boys get a puppy.

Disclaimer: As much as I wish they were, they aren't mine. They're *his*. Even though they have much more fun with me...


Thanks to Nic and Orithain for wonderful beta. And as always, thanks to the lovely Pat for encouragement. Kissy, kissy!


Fox pulled into the driveway of his new home and looked up at the structure. After just three weeks, he still had the urge to head toward Helgand Place at the end of the day. Not that he missed apartment forty-two. It was just tough to break a nine year habit.

He grabbed his jacket from its resting place on the seat beside him, and got out of the car.

The neighborhood was alive with sounds this afternoon, as it was every day around this time. The growl of lawnmowers, screeching children and the tinkling of that blasted ice cream truck that came through, every night at six, almost blocking off the entire street and bringing kids running from every direction.

Still, it was good.

He unlocked the door and walked in, to the familiar sound of singing.

And that made it perfect.


The smooth alto broke off. "Be there in a sec!"

Fox entered the spacious living room and sank to the floor, leaning against the dusty cocoa, overstuffed chair. He picked up the newspaper up off of the coffee table and began to read.

Halfway through an engrossing article, he heard a tiny snuffling sound, then began to feel a persistent tugging at his foot. He flipped the paper down and found that the culprit was a chubby ball of tawny-red and black fur, trying for all it was worth, to untie his shoe.

"Hey." Fox dropped the paper and patted his thigh, to gain the puppy's attention. Deep brown eyes looked up at him for all of five seconds, before the pup promptly attacked his hand.

Now within reach, he picked the dog up and looked around, grinning up at the man he found standing in the doorway.

Alex approached, wearing a similar smile.

"Can we keep him? Can we, huh, huh, can we?"

Fox broke into laughter, as Alex dropped down onto the carpet, beside him.

"Like him?"

Fox looked down at the puppy, who had settled comfortably against his chest and was now attempting to gnaw his finger off at the first knuckle. "Of course I do. Where'd you get him?"

"Breeder on the other side of town. They own German imports. You should see his parents, Fox. *Gorgeous*." Alex rattled on, happily. "I learned some interesting stuff, too. Did you know, that all the Shepherds over in Germany, have to achieve at least a Schutzhund One degree?"

Fox raised an amused eyebrow. "And now you're going to tell me what that is, right?"

"Schutzhund is German, for protection dog. The dogs are trained in obedience, tracking and protection."

"Ah. Okay. Sounds like what the K-9s go through."

"Yeah, pretty much. Anyway, there's sort of a test that litters are sometimes given, when they're a few weeks old. You know, to gauge intelligence, sociability, blah, blah..." He took the puppy from Fox's arms. "And *this* little guy was the brightest and most outgoing of the litter..."

"Outgoing, huh?"

Alex reared back, letting the pup cover his face with sloppy kisses. "Yup...right, buddy? He's my smart boy..."

Fox watched, thoroughly amused, as Alex cooed and fawned all over the wiggling ball of fluff. Finally, he broke in. "*So* this in direct response to my New Year's wish, or..."

Alex sat up, grinning. ,*Yeah*. You like him, right? I mean, you *do* want him..."

"*Sure*, I want him. I just hadn't realized that you were really listening when I said it."

"I always listen to you..."

"I know, But I didn't know you'd actually act on it." Fox leaned in and brushed Alex's mouth with his own. "Thank you."

A round of ear piercing yips separated them.

Alex laughed as the puppy jumped up at his face, licking whatever skin he could reach. "What? You want a kiss, too?" He lifted the dog up to his face, planting noisy kisses on his head.

Fox watched, doing his best to stifle the laughs that rose in his throat.

"What's so funny?"

"*You* are."

"Why? Puppies need love, just like kids. Here." He held the dog out. "Give him a kiss."


"Come on," he coaxed, swinging the puppy's dangling lower body, back and forth. "Kiss, kiss."

"You've really lost it, you know?"

"Daddyyyyy," Alex called from behind the pup's head, in a voice, about four octaves higher than his own, "Gimme a kiss...."

Fox rolled his eyes and leaned forward, until the wet, eager little tongue could lap frantically at his nose. He closed his eyes and grimaced, then began to laugh, as the puppy reached the ticklish spot, just above his lip. "Okay, okay." He moved away, wiping at his face with the back of his hand. "You happy?"

"Yes." Alex dropped another kiss on top of the fuzzy head, then set the puppy down on the floor. It immediately jumped on Fox's legs, attacking his hand. "See? He loves you."

"Because I let him slobber all over me?"

"Sure. They know the difference between animal lovers and haters. So...what should we name him?"

"You mean you haven't got two dozen picked out, already?"

"Maybe a dozen and a half...but we should agree on it, don't you think?"

"I guess. How hard can it be?"

Four hours later, they still hadn't come to an agreement.


"Are you kidding me?" How about...Rusty?"


"Well, he's kind of reddish in spots..."


"Too mythological....Boomer."

"Christ, why don't we just call him Benji and scar him for about Jake?"

"Stupid you know how long we've been at this?"

"We *have* to name him..."

"I'm tired."

"Come on..."

"God, I should have agreed to the first thing you said.......*Clyde*."

"...I like it."


"Yeah. Clyde...Clyde...that works."

"Thank God. Clyde, it is."

"Okay. Now all we gotta do is come up with an AKC name."

"S'cuse me?"

"We have to register him. Clyde is his *call* name. We need to come with a registered name."

Fox sat at the kitchen table, slumped over the surface. "I got it." He lifted his head and gave Alex a deadpan stare. "How about....*Clyde*."

"Okay. You're tired..."

"That's all I've been saying..."

"We can think about the rest, tomorrow."


"Hey...where is he?"

"I don't know, he was here a minute ago, trying to shred the leg of my jeans..."


"What, you expect him to answer?"

"Clyde," Alex clapped his hands. "Come on little buddy, where are you?" Alex turned to the man, still sprawled over the table. "Help me find him, Fox. He's not housebroken."


"Why do you think I've put him outside, six times since you've been home?"

"I don't know, I didn't really think about it."

"He's a *puppy*. We've got to train him."

"So, we're sitting around here, while an untrained puppy wanders around the house?" Fox jumped up from the table and dashed past Alex. "Come on, let's find him."

Room after room they searched, whistling and clapping. No dog.

"Where the hell is he?" Alex asked, coming out of the bedroom.

"Did you check under the bed?"

"Of course, I checked under the bed."

"How about the closet?"

"Did you leave it open, again?"

Fox gave him a guilty shrug. "Maybe..."

Alex turned back into the bedroom. He found the closet door open, just wide enough so that Clyde might have squeezed through. He slid the door open and turned on the light.

"Oh, shit."


" much did you like those brown shoes?"


Alex stooped, picking up Clyde and one shoe, chewed almost beyond recognition.

"You little..."

Alex cradled the puppy in one arm and held his head against his chest with his other hand. "Don't yell at him. He's just a baby, he doesn't know any better."

"If he chews up another one of my shoes, he won't make it to adulthood."

"Let me remind you that if you'd closed the closet door all the way, like I've asked you to do, this wouldn't have happened."

Fox opened his mouth to argue, but decided against it. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, as Alex edged by him, still carrying the dog.

"Come on Clyde, let's go outside and let daddy cool off...."

Fox stood leaning in the bedroom doorway, listening to Alex's fading voice. "Don't worry, he's not as mean as he sounds, he's really a big pussycat. He just needs a good night's sleep..."

"Oh yeah..." He couldn't help the smile that came to his face. ,..he's *lost* it..."

Fox walked out to the kitchen, picking up his long discarded newspaper along the way. He poured himself a glass of milk, and sat at the table, reading. Fifteen minutes later, Alex came through the door, beaming, praising the puppy to high heaven.

"What a good boy. We're not gonna have any problems at all, are we?"

Fox looked up from the paper, eyebrows drawn down low.

"Guess what Clyde did?"

"Ate one of the tires off of my car?"

Alex ignored the sarcasm. "He did everything he had to do, outside. Isn't that great?"

"Isn't that what he's supposed to do?"

"*Yeah*, but it usually takes a while for them to realize that that's the *only* place they're supposed to do it. He's been good all day. Hasn't done anything in the house....don't forget...when you take him out and he does well, you have to praise him."

Fox drained his glass and placed it in the sink. "Fine. But I'l tell you right now, I'm not talking to him in that silly baby voice that *you* do."

"Uh huh. Okay."

"I'm *not*....*what* is he playing with?"

Alex looked under the table. "His celery."

"His what?"

"Celery. It's a squeaky toy..."

"So I hear."

"It looks like a stalk of celery with a face."


"There's a banana and a porcupine around here somewhere, too..."

"'s time for bed."

"Yeah, it *is* getting late." Alex squatted in front of the table. "Come on, buddy."

The puppy abandoned his toy and bounded out to meet Alex.

"Uh...where's *he* sleeping?"

"He's got a crate in the laundry room."

Fox released a relieved breath. "Good."

"What"D you think?"

"I...I don't know."

Alex cut his eyes away. "Come on, Clyde. Time for bed." He picked the puppy up and moved toward Fox, stopping when their bodies were touching. "Tell him goodnight."

"You're killin, me." Fox scratched the pup's head, then under his chin. "Goodnight, Clyde."

Alex flashed a satisfied smile, then turned toward the laundry room.

Fox moved off toward the bathroom, shaking his head. He turned the shower on and stripped off his clothes, then stepped under the warm spray. A few minutes later, the door opened and Alex joined him.

"That was fast." Fox smirked, turning around and hooking an arm around Alex's waist. "I thought you'd have to read him a story, first...maybe sing him a couple of lullabies..."

"Oh yeah, you're real funny." Alex took the sponge from his lover and began to stroke it over his chest. '"These first days are very important. We want a strong bond, don't we?"

Fox laughed softly. "Yeah, we do."

"All right then, shut up and stop making fun of me."

Fox gave him a lascivious smirk. "*Shut* me up."

Alex studied him for all of three seconds, before covering his mouth in a fierce, heart-stopping kiss. He backed Fox into the wall, pinning his hands on either side of his head, against the tile. As he continued to devour his lover's mouth, Alex rocked against him, pressing their erections together.

Fox moaned and twisted, against the cool tile. His lover's fingers closed tighter around his wrists, holding him fast. The moans turned to whimpers of frustration as Alex stopped moving against him.

The younger man tore his lips from Fox's and spun him around, pushing his chest to the wall. One hand remained on Fox's back, while the other moved downward, teasing up and down the cleft of his ass, his fingers working their way deeper inside, with each pass.

Fox tried desperately to remain relaxed, so that he might allow his lover's fingers to find their mark. Fox groaned, scratching at the tile, as he felt one finger slither into him. The noise grew louder as the second followed, stretching and teasing. His head snapped back and his knees almost gave out on him, as Alex's teeth sank into his shoulder.

Alex felt the tightening of Fox's shoulders. Felt the near collapse of his body, but heard no sound. He smiled and sucked at the flesh, marking his man for what he proudly thought would be, at least a week.

Still, no sound.

Alex removed his mouth, admiring the angry red mark that he'd left. He then twisted his fingers inside of Fox's ass, fluttering them in just the way he knew would drive him crazy. Fox's muscles tightened in response, but he uttered not a sound.

"Oh, come on," Alex coaxed softly. "You know you want to scream."

A clipped choking sound was all the answer he received.

"Come on, lisa," Alex purred into his ear, just above the sound of the water. "Scream for Alex." He forced his fingers in just a little further and repeated the fluttering movement.

Fox's mouth dropped open and his face twisted into a painful grimace, yet he refused.

"Come on, baby. You know I'm going to win..." Alex bit him again, at the base of his neck, but this time, applied no suction. He released the wounded flesh and swept his tongue slowly across it. "Why don't you just give in?"

Fox laid his cheek against the wall and frowned, his body quivering with unspoken need.

Alex withdrew his fingers, then grasped his own cock by the base, rubbing the head between Fox's cheeks. "Mmmm. Doesn't that feel good?" He pressed deeper, almost to the small entrance. "Want to feel better?"

Fox gave a tight nod of his head.

"I need more than that."

No reply.

Alex licked the outside edge of his ear. "Bastard." He bit down on Fox's earlobe and pulled, before letting it go. "You *will* give in." He surged forward, burying himself fully, inside of his lover.

An involuntary groan ripped past Fox's constricted throat and his muscles automatically tightened around the intruder.

"See?" Alex rasped into his neck. "I *told* you, I'd win." He pulled out, almost to the tip, then plunged back in. "Scream for me." Another thrust, harder than the last. "Scream, Fox..."

Fox whimpered in agony. His cock shrieked at him to give in. It was a good game, but he'd he always did in this position, and it was time to admit defeat...

Alex wrapped his hand around his lover's cock and began to pump it mercilessly, as he thrust deeply into him. "Scream, baby....come on....scream...."

Fox pounded his fist against the tile and threw his head back, releasing a wrenching scream that bounced off the ceramic walls for an eternity, before they died off. Alex's own cries soon followed, as he emptied himself into his lover's body. He released Fox's softening cock and wrapped his arm around his waist, before he pulled gently, out of him. Fox turned, falling back against the wall. He eyes remained closed, as he attempted to control his respiration. Before he could fully recover, Alex's mouth came down on his, just as passionately as before.

After a long, thorough kiss, Alex pulled away and smirked. "I win."

"I *let* you win."

Alex laughed softly, turning his face up to the spray. Fox moved to his side, bumping him a bit to the left, then stepped quickly under the running water.


Fox gave him a sweet smile. "Loser gets to shower, first."

Alex snorted. "Since when?"

"New rule. Oww!" Fox rubbed his backside, after the stinging slap. "Hey, that didn't *tickle*, you know..."

Alex took the opportunity to bump him away from the water. "Good, then I did it right."

After a bit of a tussle, both men managed to finish their shower and get into bed. Not more than five minutes after they were settled in, Alex sat up.

"You hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"I think Clyde is crying." Alex cocked his head and listened for a moment. "He *is*."

Fox strained to hear. "Oh, okay. Now I hear him. He'll stop if we just ignore it."

Alex sighed and stretched out alongside his lover. A minute later, the crying got louder and he sat up again.


"How can you stand that, Fox? Poor thing, this is his first night in a strange house. He's scared and alone."

Fox sat up beside him. "I know. But if we keep going in there to comfort him, he'll just cry every time we leave him. He'll get used to it." He fell back against the pillows, but other man remained in his sitting position. Fox observed the miserable expression on his face and smiled.

//Man, what a pushover. Who would ever have thought?//

Fox had long ago gotten over the shock of realizing Alex's endless capacity for tenderness and thought he could be surprised, no more. But Alex's *sappiness* over this puppy did surprise him a bit as well as amuse. And though he was sure that he couldn't possibly fall any deeper in love with the man, he felt himself tumbling a bit farther.


Alex turned worried eyes to him.

"Let's just give him a little more time, okay?"

Alex hesitated, then nodded his agreement.


Fox gathered his lover into his arms, holding him tightly against his chest as he stroked his hair.

The crying turned to yelping and Alex turned his face into Fox's chest, using every bit of his resolve, not to get up and go to the laundry room. Fox had to admit to himself, that even *he* now, was considering getting up. But before either of them could act, the yelps faded and stopped. Alex lifted his head to listen. He looked down at Fox and smiled.

"I guess you were right."

"I *am* on occasion, you know."

Alex settled back down and the two men drifted into sleep.

Less than one hour later, Fox's eyes opened.

//Ah, damn.//

He looked over at Alex, who was snoring softly, dead to the world. That was a surprise. Alex's sense of hearing was usually much better than his.

He lay listening to the tiny whimpers, then decided to get up before they got any louder.

The whimpering stopped the moment Fox flicked the light on, in the laundry room.

"What's the matter, Clyde?" he asked softly. "You need to go out?"

The puppy pranced around his crate and began to whine again.

Fox advanced and released the latch. The moment the door swung open, Clyde barreled out, jumping up at his knee.

"Okay, come on." Fox headed for the kitchen and the pup followed him eagerly to the back door. He unlocked the door and swung it open. "Go on."

The puppy peered out into the dark back yard, but would not budge.

"Okay, I get it." Fox stepped outside and called to him. "*Now* will you come out?"

Clyde bounded out into the yard and immediately began sniffing around. Fox yawned and closed his eyes, hoping that this wasn't going to take forever. Almost twenty minutes later, the puppy had finally relieved himself and Fox brought him back inside.

"Oh, yeah." He reached down and stroked Clyde's head. "Good boy. Now...back to bed." He pushed the pup back into his crate and shut the light. Before he could make it into the hall, the whimpering began again. "Oh, please don't..." He waited and listened, as the sound got louder. Fox returned to the room and flipped the switch. He looked down into the pitiful brown eyes and sighed.


Alex shifted onto his side and wound his arm around.....nothing.

He opened his eyes and sat up.

Fox wasn't in bed.

He felt the sheets.


//Where the heck is he?//

He slipped out of bed, threw on a pair of shorts and went out in search of his absent lover. It didn't take long at all to find him.

The light from the laundry room flooded the hall and led Alex right to him. The younger man snuck into the doorway and covered his mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

There, stretched out on the floor with Clyde pouncing on his chest, covering his faces with kisses, was Fox. He giggled softly as he played with the pup.

"You know, I *really* gotta get to bed. *You* can sleep all day if you want, but..."

A presence in the doorway caught his attention and he tilted his head up. An upside down Alex smirked down at him.

"Not. One. Word."

Alex threw his hands up. "Hey, I wasn't going to say *anything*." He entered the room and crouched down on the floor beside Fox. Clyde automatically went for his hands. "So?"

Fox sighed. "I guess we could put his crate in the bedroom."

"I guess," Alex agreed nonchalantly.

Fox rolled to his feet and picked the puppy up. "You're killin, me." He started for the door and called over his shoulder, "Well, what're you waiting for? *Some* of us have to work in the morning..."


Fox pulled into the driveway, wondering what new and wonderful thing Clyde did *today*. It had been two weeks since the puppy had come to live with them and one thing had become crystal clear. Puppies were more trouble than kids. Not that he knew much about kids...

In the last fourteen days, Clyde had chewed the hell out of three of his shoes, urinated on one of them, tried to shorten two of the legs on the kitchen table, and decided that the twenty-five page report that he'd been working on for over a week, just wasn't going to cut it, and ripped it to shreds. Of course, it was all *his* fault for leaving it where Clyde could get at it...Alex's words.

And despite all the trouble, the little weasel managed to secure a permanent place in his heart.

"Besides," Alex reassured, "It's just a stage. He'll get over it, soon."

"You know, Alex, I really hope so," Fox sighed one day after examining the mangled remains of the areca palm that Scully had given them as a housewarming gift. "If he keeps on at this rate, we'll be homeless inside of a month..."

Fox drew a deep breath and entered the house.


*Really* quiet...

Assuming that Alex had taken Clyde out for a walk, he headed for the bathroom, shedding his jacket and tie along the way.

Minutes later, he was enjoying a nice warm shower, when the door jerked open.

"*Jesus*, Alex! You scared the..."

"Get dressed!"

"Kinda hard to do when I'm wet..."

Alex grabbed his arm and pulled. "Come on!"

"What the hell's your problem?"

"Clyde's missing."

"*What*? What do you mean, *missing*?"

"I left him in the yard, just for a few minutes to answer to phone. When I came back, he was gone. I've been looking for him for two hours!"

Fox felt his heart begin to pound double-time. '"Shit. Okay..." He practically fell over himself, trying to step out of the tub. Alex fled the room, leaving him to hastily dry and dress himself. Brief moments later, he was following Alex out to the street.

"Okay," Alex took a deep, shuddering breath. "I looked down in that direction..." he pointed west. "I've got the Pearson kids looking in all the yards on that side of the street and Nicole and Donna from next door, checking this side. I was just about to go east when some of the kids said they saw you come home." He raked a hand through his hair. "I don't get it, Fox. I don't know how he could have gotten out of the yard. I'm always so carefully to lock the gate..."

Fox rubbed his arms reassuringly. "It's okay, babe. We'll find him. Let's split up, we'll cover more ground, that way. Have you notified the pound in case someone finds him and brings him there?"

"Yeah. It's the first thing I did, after I realized that he was missing."

"Okay." Fox gave his lover a quick kiss. "Let's go."

The two men went their separate ways, looking under cars, in yards, behind bushes, *anywhere* a puppy could hide. For hours, they called Clyde's name, hoping against hope that the pup would come bounding out to greet them. But as the sun began to fade, so did hope. Finally, at around nine-thirty, Fox tracked Alex down and tried to talk him into coming home.

"Alex," he grasped the younger man's shoulders, "We've been out here for hours and hours. He's not around." He raised the tone of his voice, trying to instill a bit of hope. "Maybe someone who doesn't know who he belongs to, took him in. Let's try the pound again, in case they've been notified."

Alex's eyes never kept still the entire time Fox talked to him. He continuously scanned the area, looking for movement, tuning his ears in to the growing stillness, listening for a whine, a tiny yip.




"Come on. Let's go call."

He managed to steer Alex to the house and sat his heartsick lover at the kitchen table, while he called the pound.

"...yeah....okay...well, please keep an eye for him. Right. Thanks."

He hung up and turned to Alex. There was really no need to say it, the conversation was clear. Clyde had not been turned in. He walked up behind Alex and wrapped his arms around his chest. "He'll turn up," he mumbled into the other man's hair.

"What if he was hit by a car? Or he's *stuck* somewhere? Or someone stole him? You know, there are people around who pick up strays and turn them in to labs for money..." He shuddered at the thought.

Fox tightened his arms around Alex. "Don't think that way. He's fine. I'll bet you he's safe and warm in somebody's house, and *believe* me, with all the mischief *he* gets into, I'll bet they're *dying* to find his owners. In fact, they'll probably want to pay *us* to take him back."

A trace of a smile formed on Alex's lips. "Come on, he's not that bad..."

"Oh sure, it's not *your* shoes he's destroying."

"He loves you. That's why he likes getting into your things."

"Well, maybe he could love me just a tiny bit less, hmm?"

Alex squeezed one of the arms draped around him. "Want a sandwich or something? It's late and you haven't eaten a thing."

"Yeah, that'd be great. I'll be right back, okay?"

Alex nodded and rose from the table. "Ham and cheese, okay?"

"Fine," Fox called as he exited the room. His shoulders slumped as soon as the door swung shut behind him. He had to remain cool and calm for Alex, but the truth of the matter was, he was just as sick about Clyde's disappearance as his lover. He raked a hand through his hair and headed toward the master bathroom, praying to God and every other deity he could think of, to please let their puppy be found and returned to them.

As he passed through the bedroom and toward the bathroom, the partially-open closet door caught his eye. He'd forgotten again, to close it after he'd pulled his clothes out. He sighed, moving in that direction. He started to slide the door shut, when a soft gnawing sound grabbed his attention. He peered down into the dark closet and grinned.


Alex stood at the counter, staring down at the half-made sandwich. He didn't know why he'd made one for himself, he wasn't the least bit hungry. But Fox would complain if he didn't eat too, and he really wasn't up for a struggle.

The sudden slam startled him out of his trance and he looked down at what appeared to have once been a shoe. He stared down at the mangled object on the counter beside him, then spun around to find Fox standing behind him, a smug little grin on his face, holding...Clyde.

"Here's your damn dog."

Fox's grin turned into a full smile, when Alex's face lit up and the younger man approached, taking the puppy from him.

"Clyde!" He hugged and kissed the puppy, then turned his attention onto Fox. "Where was he?"

"In the closet," Fox nodded toward the counter, "Having a snack."

Alex planted more kisses on the furry little head. "Jeez, Clyde, don't you know how worried we were? Why didn't you answer when we called?"

Fox shook his head. "It's been two weeks. You think he's actually learned his name in that time?"

"He knows it," Alex countered indignantly. "He's a smart puppy. I wonder how he got into the house without me seeing him?"

"Well, we left the gate open when he went out looking for him, and if you remember correctly, the kitchen door was open, too. He probably wandered back in while we out there."

Alex rested his cheek against Clyde's head. "Thank you," he whispered softly.

Fox approached, wrapping his arms around Alex and Clyde. The puppy wiggled between them, licking first one face, then the other.

"You know, I can't even bring myself to be mad about the shoe. I'm just glad he's back and he's okay."

Alex grinned, kissing his lover softly. "God, I'm exhausted all of a sudden."

"Yeah, me too. Let's eat, then get to bed."

The two men ate their sandwiches, then retreated to their bedroom and set Clyde down on his blanket. They'd tried every trick from ticking clocks to hot water bottles, and nothing but being here in the bedroom, kept him quiet at night, so in the interest of a good night's sleep, the bedroom is where he stayed.

He was indeed an intelligent dog and had learned quickly to go to the door and bark if he wanted to go outside, so they'd recently begun to trust him outside of his crate. Once the lights were out, he usually just settled down on the blanket and went to sleep. Tonight, he was out even before Fox and Alex got into bed.

Alex smiled at Fox as he dropped onto the mattress, and nodded to the corner. "He wore himself out."

"*And* us," Fox added.

Alex wound his arm around his lover's waist and tucked his head into his shoulder. A soft sigh was his only reply.

Fox closed his eyes and gently stroked the length of Alex's back.

Alex moaned deep in his throat and draped a leg over Fox's hips, brushing his semi-erect cock as he did.

"Thought you were tired?"

"I am."

Alex slipped a hand down to his lover's crotch. "Apparently 'Little Fox' isn't." He fondled the older man's cock gently.


"Close your eyes," Alex whispered against Fox's shoulder as he continued to tease the now, completely swollen shaft. "Just relax and let me take care of you."

Fox's hand wandered over to Alex's crotch and began to caress his cock, but the other man grasped his wrist and took his hand away.

"But, what about you?"

Alex gave him a devious little smile. "I've got two hands."

Laughter rumbled in Fox's chest. "You're bad."

"And aren't you glad?"


Movement at the foot of the bed, drew their attention away from each other. Fox's eyebrows drew down into a distinct frown and Alex burst into laughter, as Clyde made his way up onto the bed. Before either of them could react further, he was leaping across the mattress and jumping between the two, wiggling and wagging and licking them silly.

"Oh, this is great," Fox complained between wet kisses. "*Now* what?"

"Don't know. Maybe he has to go outside."

"I'll take him." Fox flipped the sheet off and rolled out of bed. As he got up, Clyde jumped to the floor and ran to the door. Wrestling a pair of shorts over his erection, he turned to Alex, who was lying sprawled and naked before him, fingers teasing his own cock. He groaned softly. "Hold that thought."

"Don't worry."

Fox growled softly at him, then opened the door and disappeared into the hall with the dog.

Alex closed his eyes and wrapped his fingers around his cock, sliding his thumb back and forth across the glistening tip. His breathing quickened ever so slightly and his heart beat just a little faster as he anticipated Fox's return. Amazing how no matter how tired either of them was, all it would take was a touch to make them forget their fatigue. Or at least, ignore it for a little while...

Fox returned, leaning quietly in the doorway. His already erect cock throbbed painfully in his shorts, in response to the sight that awaited him on the bed.

Alex...sprawled over the middle portion of the bed, dark head thrown back against the pillows, one hand clenching in the tangle of sheets, and the other slowly pumping his cock.

//Jesus fucking Christ. //

Thick, sable lashes swept upward and glazed eyes searched out the origin of the low moan. He found it in the doorway. His eyes focused on Fox's and he arched and writhed slowly, all the while, teasing himself with light caresses. "Where's Clyde?" he half whispered, half moaned.

"I gave him some treats and every toy he had, and left him in the laundry room. Should keep him quiet long enough for us to finish this."

"Us?" Alex emitted a shaky laugh. "Looks like I'm the one doing all the work."

"And you're doing it so well. Please...continue."

Alex grinned and tipped his head back into the pillows. "Mmmmm...." His fingers traced the large vein on the underside of his cock, then circled the prominent ridge of the head. His thumb swept over the tip, spreading the pearl of fluid around the blunt surface. His eyes opened again and found his lover's. He raised his thumb to his lips and slid it between them, sucking and licking, tasting himself.

Fox approached, unable to stay away any longer. He reached the edge of the bed and pulled his shorts off. His erection sprang forward, practically leaping into Alex's palm as he reached out for it. His eyes closed and his mouth dropped open on a hard gasp as Alex milked them both at the same infuriatingly slow pace.

"Lie down next to me, lisa."

Alex moved over, making room for his lover to settle in beside him. He rested his left arm along Fox's body and grasped his cock, then took his own erection in his right hand. He began to stroke them both again, slowly, firmly. Fox watched through the fringe of his eyelashes, shifting from himself to Alex, watching those skillful hands work each cock in almost identical rhythm.

"That's good, baby," Fox rasped, turning his head to nuzzle his lover's ear. "Mmmmm. Sooo good...."

Fox's words tickled the interior of Alex's ear, sending a ripple all through his body. He increased the pace of his strokes a bit, taking them closer to the edge. Fox's body twitched in response and soft whimpers began to push past his lips.

"Oh God, Fox....faster?"

"*Yes*. Faster, baby. I"M almost there. Almost..."

Alex turned his face to Fox's and covered his mouth in a long kiss, their tongues intertwining, as he quickened his pace.

Fox grunted into Alex's mouth, feeling the inevitable approach of his orgasm. The younger man deepened the kiss, refusing to break it until it was over, prompting more frequent and longer moans from his lover. His hands moved faster and with more force, driving each of them closer and closer. He released Fox's mouth for a split second, before claiming it once more in another bone-jarring kiss.

Fox's body stiffened and he whimpered frantically against Alex's mouth as he felt his climax tear through him. His lover was right behind him, pumping furiously and groaning his satisfaction, as they both came all over his hands and their own bodies.

When it was finished, Alex relinquished his claim on Fox's mouth and lay panting, on his back. Fox curled into his side, a deep purr rumbling in his chest. Alex kissed the top of his head and moved away.

"Be right back."

Fox grumbled his protest, but allowed Alex to go to the bathroom to wash. The younger man returned moments later, and gently washed Fox with a warm cloth.


"Mmm hmm."

Alex dispensed with the washcloth and returned to bed, pulling up the sheet and tangling his limbs with his lover's. Just as both were passing into sleep, a small creak brought them back to consciousness. Before they fully realized where the sound had come from, Clyde climbed up on the bed and plopped down, draping himself over Fox's leg. Fox looked down at the puppy, then at his lover.

"How the hell did he..."

"You left the laundry room door open, didn't you?"

Mulder shook his head. "I guess, I...I *must* have...uh...Clyde?"

The puppy came to life, leaping at Fox's chest, attempting to wash his face.

"Come on now, cut it out!"

Alex burst into laughter. "I just got this stupid image of Fred and Dino in my head..."

Fox ignored him. He sat up, talking sternly to the puppy...or so he thought...

"Let's you and me get something straight here, dog. This is a *people* bed." He pointed to the blanket in the corner of the room. "That's a dog bed. We're people, you're a dog. We sleep here, you sleep there. Understand?"

Clyde nuzzled under his arm and dropped himself between the two men. He lay his head on top of his paws and turned pathetic brown eyes up at Fox. The man whimpered and dropped his chin against his chest.

"Oh yeah," Alex interjected. "I'll tell you what he understands. He understands that you're a real pushover."

"No, I'm *not*."

"Yes you *are*. Admit it. He's *got* you."

Fox shook his head, trying to conceal a smirk. "Isn't it enough that *you've* *got* me?"

"It's not exactly the same..."

"Pretty close when you think about it." The smirk came. "You both look at me with big old puppy dog eyes to try to get over on me, you both wiggle your tails when you want attention..."

Alex broke into hysterical laughter.

Fox leaned in as close as he could, with the dog between them. "You both whimper and whine when I hit that special spot..."

Alex twisted and arched his neck, whining softly and nuzzling the hand that Fox used to support himself. Clyde's head snapped up and he looked at Alex, cocking his head from side to side.

Fox laughed softly and rested his head against the pillows, petting Alex's head.

"Well, at least *you* don't chew up my shoes..."