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Anatomy of A Quickie
by Aries

Goddamn humming. Where is that coming from?



Oh. It's her...

"Are you listening to a word I say?"

"Y-yeah. You bet."

Okay, so maybe I'm not. But she doesn't have to know that. My mind is occupiedwith other thoughts. Has been for weeks, now. I'm surprised that I haven'tgotten one or both of us shot by now. I really, *really* gotta get it together.All I can think about it *him* and the last time we were together. It wasshort and it was...well, I was going to say sweet, but how much sweetnesscan you cram into just a few minutes?


Yeah, it was intense. Fast and hot and hard and....shit. Speaking of hard,it's a good thing we've got another twenty minutes in the car. I'm goingto need at *least* that long to calm down. Okay... okay. Think about somethingelse. I know. I'll *listen* to Scully.

"...and not only is it *highly* improbable, Mulder, but I find thelack of professionalism on the part of Agents Walker and Sanchez, appalling.And *further*, your encouragement of their total disregard for protcol will*not* reflect well on the home office. Skinner will have your head *and*mine, if we don't..."

//Hummm, hummm, hummmmmm....//

Three weeks. Two days. Seventeen hours and...thirty two minutes.

He said he'd be gone a few weeks. Well, his few weeks were more than up.I found his note that night when I got home. Said something had come upand he couldn't wait for me. Apologized profusely and promised he'd makeit up to me. He'd better *believe* he was going to make it up to me...

Ah, home. And *still* she's talking. Jesus Christ Scully, who wound *you*up today?

Well, I guess I gotta get out of the car, even though "little Mulder"refuses to behave. Down boy, down! Maybe some obedience classes...

I drape my jacket in front of me, uh-huhing and ah-haing, while Scully rattleson, all the way to the elevator. Why did I invite her out for pizza? Hey,who the hell knew that she was going to get off on a rant after that phonecall, this morning?

I blindly hit the button marked four and the elevator lurches upward asshe jumps to subject number eight hundred and sixteen. Her brother.

"Bill was pretty ticked off when I called last night to say that Icouldn't make it to Easter dinner."

Bet he layed all the blame for it, right at *my* feet, too...

"He implied that it must have something to do with you..."

Knew it.

"I told him it was strictly job-related, which actually just made himall the more sure that it had to do with you..."

Christ, we're only up to the second floor?

"Uh huh.....Ah hah...."

"...and he said that although they were so sure that the baby's hairwould stay blonde, it does seem to be turning dark.."

Dark hair. Soft, spiky dark hair. Brushing against the inside of my thighwhile that mouth of his works magic on my...

The elevator whines to a stop at the fourth floor and the door opens. Shehas to almost trot to keep up with my long strides. We reach the door andI jam the key in the lock, twisting and jiggling. Damn door opens easy enoughfor anyone who wants to break in, though...

I toss my jacket onto a nearby chair, taking care to keep my back to heras I move toward my bedroom.

"It'll only take me a few minutes to change."

"Take your time." She flops onto the couch and reaches for theremote.

I open the door and close it behind me. Yes! Peace and quiet. God, that'snice. I move toward the closet to pull out some jeans and a shirt...a nice,big shirt that I can wear on the outside of my jeans. One that'll camouflage...

A hand clamps over my mouth and an arm around my chest. I struggle for abrief moment, then the scent of leather reaches my nostrils. I cease myfighting immediately, and he uncovers my mouth. I spin into his arms.

"Miss me?"

"Shh," I whisper. He can sense my agitation. "*Fuck*, Alex!You couldn't have called, e-mailed me, *something*, to let me know thatyou'd be here today? *Scully's* here! We're going out to *eat*!"

He starts pulling my shirt out of my pants. "It's okay, I..."

"Hey Mulder?"



She's right outside the goddamn door.

"I was thinking. Maybe Bill was know, partly."

"Uh....yeah? About what?"

Alex deftly unbuttons my shirt and yanks it off.

I whisper to him. "What were you going to say, Alex?"

"Maybe I *do* put work before family..."

"Well Scully you know, if you think so..."

I turn back to Alex, who is now working on my pants.

"I'm only in town for a couple of hours. I was supposed to fly in andfly right back out..."

"It just seems, Mulder, that more and more..."

"I wasn't even going to tell you that I was here..."

I've now been stripped down to my shorts and I start to hastily undresshim.

"...I'm avoiding my family..."

His ever present black shirt hits the edge of the bed and slips off ontothe floor.


"I wasn't going to be in town long enough to see you and I didn't seeany need in torturing us both..."

Pop goes the button on his jeans. Zip goes the zipper.

"Do you think I'm avoiding them, Mulder?"

"Huh? Oh...uh...It doesn't matter what I think, Scully..."

"...but then my plane got delayed and that left me with a couple ofhours to kill..."

He pulls off his boots and I pull his jeans and underwear off. I can't believeI'm doing this.

"Yeah I know Mulder, but you must have an opinion. I'd like to hearit."

He practically rips off my underwear and pushes me up against my dresser.

"Lean over it," he whispers in my ear.

Naturally, I comply.

"Uh...I don't think you're avoiding them, S..."

He nips at my back.

"...Scully. Our jobs aren't nine f-five. Bill needs to...shit!"

"Mulder? You okay?"

"Yeah. I uh...I stubbed my toe. What was I saying?"

He giggles against my neck.

"Shut up!"


"N-nothing..." I elbow him in hard in the chest. He lets out asmall groan and smacks my ass. I file the incident away in my mind. Retributionwill come at another time. It'll come slowly and it'll come painfully. "...uh...Billshould know that there are going to be times when you have to work..."

Alex unscrews the lid on the tube that he'd picked up on the way to thedresser, and coats his cock as he speaks softly.

"And there are going to be times when you just gotta stop in the middleof it all and fuck the guy hiding in your bedroom.."

"I'll going to kill you, Krycek."

"Yeah I know, Mulder. I just hate to upset the family..."

He grasps my hips and pulls me back slightly so he can access my cock, thenquickly presses into me. My hands curl into fists and I clench my teethto keep myself from screaming. This is a pretty strange thing, as I'm usuallypretty quiet until the end. But for some damn reason, all I want to do isfucking scream. Couldn't possibly be because my lover is nailing me whilemy partner jabbers away, completely unaware, outside my bedroom door. Naaaah....

"I don't know Mulder, maybe I *could* put work on hold for a few daysand fly out. My mother would be so happy. What do you think?"

I think I'm going to die. Alex is pumping steadily now and feathering mycock with light strokes.


"Yeah!" I say a little too loudly, "Uh...take the...the time,Scully...go to's.."

Go right *fucking* now, in fact.

"Mulder, are you sure you're okay? You sound a little winded."

"W-winded? Me? No..."

Alex is panting softly. Shit. He's going to start whimpering any minutenow, and she's going to hear and come through that door and see us and loseher mind. And then everything is going to go to hell in a hand basket. Ipull a drawer open and yank out a t-shirt...

"Yeah, Mulder. I think I'll do that. I just hope he doesn't start inabout you and work like he always does..."

Alex increases pressure on my cock, slightly. It's enough to snap my headback.


He moves faster and that infernal whimpering of his begins. I shouldn'tsay that. I usually enjoy his cute little noises. They drive me nuts. Butnow is *not* the time. I wrench my upper body around and shove the t-shirtinto his mouth. It excites him. Great. He increases the strength of histhrusts and jerks my cock harder.



"Yeah! Sc..."

I can't. I just can't talk any more. If she comes in, she comes in. At thisparticular moment in time, I really don't give a shit. Alex lays his headon my back and drives into me as hard as he can. The dresser starts to squeakas it inches forward. Times like these, I wish I'd put a damn carpet inhere.


It's coming. And all I can do is bury my face in the cradle of my arms andpray for the strength to remain silent. Alex's muffled moans reach my earsbut hopefully not beyond the door and all of a sudden, I'm coming all overthe side of my dresser and down his fist.


Christ, I'm wasted. But I force myself to answer.

"Yeah, Scully...I'm just...looking right out,okay?"

Silence on the other end.


I think.

Alex pulls the shirt out of his mouth and slowly straightens his back. Hepulls me up and wraps his arms around me.

"Get dressed and leave. I gotta get out of here."

"When'll you be back?"

"Next week, I think. I'll be able to stay a while, then."

"Good. These quickies are fun but damn dangerous." I kiss hiseye lids. "Besides, I'd like to spend the *night* with you. Unhurried.So I can lick every inch of you..."

"God. I know. Come on, we gotta get dressed."

We clean up quickly and pull our clothes on.

"Think she's out there, listening?"

"Even if she is, she can't hear anything. *I* can just about hear you.Now, go on. Get her out of here, so I can leave."

I jerk him into my arms and lay a hard, wet one on him.

"Hurry back."

"I will."

He backs away from the door, out of Scully's line of sight, in case she'sstill out there. I give him one last long look, then open the door. She'sgone back to the sofa and is watching television

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah...what the hell took you so long? And why are you so flushed?"

"Flushed?" I raise a hand to my cheek. "I...I don't know.I feel fine." I ignore her first question, hoping that she forgetsit. She does. "Come on, I'm starving."

As we move to the door, I notice her sniffing.



"You smell that?"


"Smell what?"

"Smells like...leather."

I make a show of sniffing the air. "I don't smell anything."

She moves closer. Sniffs *me*.

"It's you."

"Can't be"

"It *is* you. Is it a new cologne or something?"

"Uh. Yeah. That's it. Cologne." I glance anxiously over my shoulder."Come on, let's go." I open the door and practically shove herout.

"So, Mulder. Like I was saying..."