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Summary: This is the third in the *phone* series. Comes after Local Call and Hangup

Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, we all know how this goes. *His*, not mine. Is everybody happy?

Huge thanks to Nic, Orithain and Sue, for kewl beta and offering to spank me now and again. As always, big hugs to the lovely Pat who is now *also* putting ideas in my head. Blame the next epic on her. X-tra special thanks to Rowanne for also threatening me with violence on the odd occasion, and for putting this stuff up on TER/MA so quickly!


Mulder walked into apartment forty-two, to the ringing of the phone. He took off his coat,and threw it on the sofa before walking over to the desk to answer it. He'd long given up on the notion that one day the voice on the other end would belong to one Alex Krycek, but when he delivered his usual deadpan greeting, it was met by silence.

"Hello?" he said a second time, only to receive a soft click as his response.

//Forget it, Mulder. Happens to millions of people, every day. Doesn't mean shit.//

Just the same, he thought it might.

It had been over three months since that Saturday morning when Krycek rose from Mulder's bed, dressed slowly, and left with only a single, hesitant, backward glance.

And Mulder had let him go.

He couldn't blame Alex, he guessed. He knew from the events of the night before that the younger man was in a far more fragile state than he ever could have imagined. He should have been more sensitive. More reassuring...

Alex had awakened to find him turned on his side, head propped up in one hand, studying him intently. He'd held Alex's gaze for only a few seconds before the green eyes flitted away.

"You don't look very comfortable."

Very softly replied. "And you look *very* comfortable."

"My bed."

Alex kept his eyes averted.


"No...thank you."

"Not hungry?"

"I just...I don't usually eat breakfast."

"It's the most important meal of the day."

"That's what my mother always told me..."

"You have a *mother*, Krycek?"

Alex's head snapped to the right, and he looked at Mulder. Hurt flashed in his eyes so quickly that the older man thought he might have imagined it. But as fast as it had appeared, it was gone, replaced by that practiced, blank stare.

Mulder shrugged. "I was just...I was curious about you, that's all."

Alex's eyes again slipped away. "I have to go."

"Right now?"


"Working on a Saturday, Krycek? What kind of slavedrivers do you work for?" The right corner of his mouth dropped back down into place when Krycek slipped out of bed, pulled on his clothes, and walked slowly toward the door. He stopped, hand on the knob, and looked over at Mulder for at least four seconds before his eyes lowered, and he opened the door and left.

And now, months later, he hadn't seen him. Hadn't heard a thing. He tried like hell to convince himself that he wasn't concerned, but there wasn't a day that went by that he didn't think of Alex and wonder where he was. There wasn't a night that his body didn't hunger for that sweet, restrained wildness he'd tasted so briefly. But what was he to do? He'd blown it that morning.

Or maybe he hadn't. Maybe Alex would have left no matter what he did or said. It had looked as if he'd never know. Until now.

//It *wasn't* him.//

Mulder rubbed his hand across his forehead and down his cheek, then walked into the kitchen.



Mulder pressed the tiny button on the side of his watch, illuminating the face.

One twenty-four.

And no response.

His heart leapt into his throat. Too much coincidence.

"It's you, isn't it?"

More silence.

"I thought we might be past a long time..."

Soft sound of a breath being drawn.

"Are you in town? If so, I'd like to see you....that is, if you'd like to see me."

He waited.

Seconds later, the caller hung up.

He replaced the phone in the cradle and turned onto his side. He stared into darkness for quite a while, thinking.

So he was around. And obviously still thinking about them. Even so, he wouldn't show. Not tonight, anyway. He was just calling to feel things out. To hear Mulder's voice...try to make a determination on where they might stand...

Well, hopefully he'd made it clear where they stood. Where *he* stood, anyway.

Mulder closed his eyes and fell into an uneasy sleep.


"I think you've lost it, Mulder..." Scully practically ran to keep up with him as they left the Credit Union. "...Why in God's name would Skinner sign off on such a ridiculous..."

Scully's words faded and were lost, as Mulder caught a fleeting glimpse of a tall, leather-jacketed figure, disappearing through a crowd of people across the street. He stopped cold, causing Scully to swerve quickly, just barely avoiding a collision with him.

"Mulder?" She attempted to follow his gaze. "What is it? What do you see?"

Mulder gave no answer. All his concentration was focused across the street.



"What's so fascinating over there?"

His eyes finally dropped away, unable to find what he was looking for. "Nothing."

"*Nothing*? You looked like a leopard eyeing its next meal."

Mulder returned a bland expression. "Just thought I saw someone I knew."

"Tall, leggy blonde with blue eyes?"


"The look in your eyes was downright predatory."

Mulder shrugged. "You're exaggerating, but...tall, yes. Long legs? Yeah, I guess so...but you got the hair and eyes wrong. Dark. With laser green eyes."



Scully frowned at the reaction. "I just meant that whoever it is must be gorgeous."

Mulder gave his partner a trace of a smile. "Yeah. Yeah......gorgeous. Come on, let's go get some lunch. You can finish yelling at me at Benny's..."



Mulder stuffed the last two bites of his pizza into his mouth and answered the ringing phone. Silence met his muffled 'hello'. He swallowed quickly and spoke.

"Are you going to talk to me, tonight?"


"I saw you today. I know it was you...I'd know you anywhere. If Scully hadn't been with me...would you have stayed? Would you?" Receiving no answer, he pressed on. "Would you have let me come across the street and follow you? Maybe you would have led me back to the place where you're staying and let me in, and we could've....talked...I would have liked that very much. Would you have liked that? ........Alex?"

He heard the faint gasp then the return to silence.

"What is it?" he asked softly. "Do you like it when I say your name? Hmm? Why don't you come on over, and I'll whisper it in your ear..."

Still nothing.

"I don't know how else to say it you....Alex.....I want you here. Please come."

Mulder pulled the phone away from his ear and disconnected.

He slouched back against the sofa and wondered if he'd done the right thing.

He wouldn't be finding out tonight.




Followed by Saturday.


Mulder lay back on the sofa and switched the television on. He wandered from channel to channel, stopping on some cheesy, plotless smut. Unable to stay interested, he turned the sound down and closed his eyes. As he drifted toward sleep, his remaining shreds of consciousness filled with images of the beautiful, emerald-eyed man who for months had hidden from him and who only now had resurfaced, placing himself squarely at the center of Mulder's thoughts.


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Mulder jerked into a sitting position, listening. A quick glance at his watch gave him the time.

One thirty-one.

He cocked his head, concentrating on the silence.

Something woke him; he was sure of it. He rose from the sofa and headed for the door, telling himself that there was no point.

Still, he walked.

When he reached the door, he listened carefully.


He turned the knob and swung the door open, practically jumping out of his skin when he met a pair of startled green eyes. The two men stared at each other for an eternity before Mulder stepped back, allowing his visitor to enter.

Krycek walked in slowly, not at all sure he should have done this.

//Too late now, ain't it?//

"Why don't you ever talk to me on the phone?"

The younger man shrugged and looked away.

"Where've you been?"

"Here and there," he answered softly.

Mulder walked past him, entering the living room. He reached the sofa and turned around. Alex remained by the door.

"Think you're safer over there?"

Alex swallowed hard. He took a deep breath and stepped into the room, stopping a few feet from where Mulder stood.

"Want something to drink, or eat, or anything?"

Krycek shook his head, watching the other man's mouth. He fought down the urge to take the last few steps over to Mulder and devour that fucking incredible mouth. It had been far...*far* too long...

Mulder read Alex's expression and decided that he wasn't going to wait around for the younger man to act on his feelings. He closed the distance between them and hooked an arm around the trim waist, yanking Alex against him. His mouth grazed the perfectly bowed lips in front of him, and he whispered against them, "If this isn't what you want, tell me now."

Alex flinched, trying to imagine such words leaving his lips. He couldn't. He pressed forward, offering Mulder his body and his mouth.

The older man jumped on the overture instantly. He covered Alex's lips with his own, drinking in the soft whimpers. His hands slid up and over the expanse of the muscular back, stroking and gently kneading as he continued to feed on the exquisitely pliant mouth. He pulled away just a bit, moaning against Alex's cheek, "I missed you."

The admission startled the younger man.

Mulder smiled, stroking the furrowed brow. "Why does that surprise you so much?"

"I...I don't...I didn't think..."

Mulder cocked his head. "Didn't think what?"

Alex fell silent and looked down at the floor.

"Why did you leave that morning? And why did you stay away so long?"

" just didn't seem like..." Alex shook his head and turned away.

Mulder moved with him, maintaining face to face contact. "Didn't seem like what? Alex, if I did something that bothered you...if something I said has kept you away all this time, I'd really like to know what it is so I don't do it again."

"I didn't..." He stopped and started again. "I thought I was reading way too much into it. That morning...I woke up next to you, and my heart was in my mouth. You asked me to stay, and I can't...I can't tell you how that felt. But in the just seemed so nonchalant about the whole thing, and I realized that it was no biggie for you. I was just another body in your bed..."

"Is that what you thought? Is that what you *still* think?"

Alex lowered his gaze, but Mulder caught his face between both hands, forcing him to look back.

"Do you know how long it had been since I'd slept with *anyone*? Do you also know that I haven't been with anyone *since* you? Jesus, Alex, you fucked me up but good. If you hadn't come back into my life, I probably wouldn't ever have had the desire to have sex again."

Alex merely sighed.

"You think that's bullshit?" Mulder asked softly, tracing the swell of the other man's lower lip with the tips of two fingers. "I swear to you it isn't."

Alex's lips twitched and parted. His eyes dropped shut as his tongue inched out, tentatively stroking the fingers before it.

"I'm so glad you came back," Mulder told him, once again wrapping one arm around his waist, while he allowed Alex to lick, then suck, on his fingers. He exhaled heavily. "What do you say we take this into the bedroom?"

Alex nodded and followed the older man into the next room. Shaky hands fumbled with buttons and zippers until both men were naked and falling onto the bed, slithering and writhing all over each other.

"Alex," Mulder gasped between ravenous kisses, "baby...I can't...I can't take this slow. Not tonight." He rubbed his cock frantically against the other man's thigh. "Please...I missed you so much."

This was different.

On their first two encounters, Mulder had been in control. Completely and totally. And now, here he was, very much *out* of control. Rubbing against him like a cat in heat, begging for all Alex's attention. It was too much to take.

Alex spun the older man beneath him, attacking his throat, his chest...biting and sucking everywhere, driving Mulder past the point of insanity.

"God...oh....ah, oww....fuck, baby...don't stop..."

Mulder twisted under Alex's weight, inciting the younger man to greater heights of sexual violence. He sank his teeth into the padded muscle of Mulder's shoulder, just shy of drawing blood. The older man's head burrowed into the pillows, and he shrieked in pain. Alex tried to draw back, but a pair of hands at his head forced him to remain where he was.

"Fuck me, Alex," Mulder sobbed in desperation. "Come on, do it!"

Unable to deny his lover, Alex pulled him into position and slammed into him, unprepared. This time the scream came from both men. Alex couldn't waste time on letting Mulder adjust. He pulled out almost all the way and rammed back in, causing Mulder's head to hit the oak headboard on every thrust.

"Shit...oh.....oh, *fuck*!" Alex increased his speed, now wrapping Mulder's aching cock in his fist and jerking it quickly. "Can't hold it...come on..."

Both men exploded simultaneously, hurling gut-twisting screams into the air as they came inside and all over each other. Alex fell onto Mulder's chest, sliding on the sweat-soaked skin. Except for the occasional tremor, both men lay motionless, unable to even breathe. Long minutes later, Alex raised his head and drew some air into his lungs. He looked down at the man who still lay virtually unconscious beneath him. He cautiously caressed one slick cheekbone.


No answer.

" to me."

The older man's eyelids fluttered, and he drew in a long, sharp breath.


The older man gave him a weak grin. "Oh. My. God."

Alex chewed on his own lower lip. "I'm wanted me to..."

Mulder nodded slowly. "And it was fucking fantastic. God....Alex, you blew me away."

Alex closed his eyes and lowered his head to Mulder's shoulder. He purred with contentment as the older man stroked his hair.

"You realize, of course, that I can't let you go, now."

"What do you mean?"

"Just what I said. You're dangerous, Krycek. I can't in all good conscience let you loose on the street. I'm going to have to keep you here where I can keep an eye on you."

Alex tucked his arms under Mulder's back and trailed a line of kisses along the bruises that were already forming on his shoulder. "Oh, really?"

"Really. And don't give me any shit about it. I don't want to have to cuff you to the bed...wait a minute, what am I saying? Go ahead...give me some shit."

Alex laughed softly, and the sound of it filled Mulder with happiness.

"Hey, Fox?"

"Uh....*Fox*? Give him an inch, he'll take a mile..."

"Mulder's just a little impersonal, don't you think? If you really hate me calling you Fox, I won't..."

Long sigh. "It''s okay. I suppose you could call me Fox. Just don't let it get around. Before you know it, *everybody* will want to do it." *Fox* kissed the top of Alex's head. "What were you going to ask?"

"I was just going to say, you don't *have* to wait until I give you a hard time, you know. You can cuff me to the bed whenever you want."

"I'll remember you said that..." He stroked the younger man's back and nuzzled the damp hair. "Will you stay with me?"

"For the weekend, you mean?"

Fox looked up to the ceiling, opening and closing his mouth. His gaze shifted down to the man in his arms, and he gave him a devastating smile. "For a start."