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Summary: Krycek stops at a phone booth in the middle of the night to makea call. Guess who's following him?

Rated NC-17 for language and explicit m/m sex

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Local Call
by Aries


Alex Krycek dug through the pockets of his jeans.

No change.

He searched his leather jacket.

Still nothing.

He leaned against the glass wall of the phone booth and looked at his watch.

Two forty-five.

"I ought to call collect. Piss the old bastard off."

He closed his eyes and shivered.

//Fuck, it's cold. What the hell are you doing out here, this time of

night? Fuck him *and* his project.//

There was a quick squeak squeak of the folding door and a gun in his ribsbefore he could open and focus his eyes. He was spun around and shoved facefirst into the wall that housed the phone. A warm body hovered very closebehind him. He made no attempt to turn around. Didn't have to. He knew whoit was.

"Hey, Mulder. Isn't it past your bedtime?"

"I don't sleep, Krycek. You know that." Mulder shifted in thecramped booth, making sure that he kept his advantage. "What are youdoing out here?"

"Making a call...well...I was *going* to make a call but I don't haveany change. Can I borrow a quarter?"

Mulder jammed the gun harder into his back. "Who were you going tocall?"

"My date. I'm running a little trouble, you know...and Ithought I'd better explain."


" are we going to do, here?"

"About what?"

"Well, we're squeezed together in a tiny phone booth at almost threeo'clock in the morning. Your gun is in my back and if I'm not mistaken,that feels like your very hard cock against my ass."

Mulder grimaced but said nothing.

"So, the way I see it, you can do one of three things. You can arrestme on some trumped up charge, you can get the hardware out of my back andlet me go on my way, or you can fuck me."

"You're an insane bastard."

"Make up your mind, Mulder. My arm is falling asleep..."

Krycek's knees almost buckled when he heard the unmistakable sound of abelt being undone. There was more jerky movement in the small space, thena hand came around to his jeans, popping the button and drawing the zipperdown. His eyes rolled up into his head as a warm hand slipped inside hisunderwear.

"Didn't think I had the nerve, did you?" Mulder taunted softlyin his ear.

Krycek swallowed, trying to rid his throat of the lump that had settledthere. "No," he answered honestly. "I didn't."

"Never challenge me."

"If I remember correctly, I also challenged you to either arrest meor let me go."

Mulder squeezed him gently, sending a hard shudder through his body. "Idon't arrest people on trumped up charges and since I really don't feellike letting you go, there's only one other option." The entire timehe spoke, he stroked Krycek's twitching cock. The recipient of his caressesdrew in a stuttering breath. When released, it was accompanied by a whispered,'Oh God'.

"What was that, Alex?"

"Nothing," he rasped.

Mulder holstered his gun, grasped the younger man by his shoulders and managedto get him turned around. Hazel eyes searched green. Then the master ofsurprise was himself, caught completely off-guard as Mulder's lips coveredhis. He began to sway and felt himself caught and held by an arm wrappedsecurely around his waist.

//Okay...he's kissing me//

Krycek tried to wrap his mind around the fact that he was actually beingtenderly kissed by Fox Mulder, but he wasn't having a whole lot of luck.A quick fuck in a phone booth at three in the morning, he could see. Itwas late. They were squeezed up against each other in this tiny space. Theywere *taunting* each other...Alex Krycek could rationalize just about anysituation.
..but *this*? He never kissed *anyone*. Had meaningless sex, sure. And plentyof it, but to him, kissing conveyed an intimacy...a display of emotion forthe other person that he'd just never felt. So then why in God's name washe letting *this* man kiss him? And more to the point, why the fuck washe kissing him *back*?

His head was starting to pound.

//Too much thinking.//

Mulder's arm tightened around his waist and he could feel his own cock respondto the one pressing against it.

//Oh God, *way* too much feel that?// He writhed againstthe hardness. //He wants you. *You*. If he wants to kiss you, so what?//

Mulder's tongue slipped between his lips, sliding along the roof of hismouth, then tangling with his own. He groaned softly.

//So, you *like* it, that's what.//

Krycek threaded a hand through Mulder's hair and deepened the kiss.

//Oh shit, what are you doing?//

Mulder's hand slipped into the back of his jeans, cupping his ass.

Smooth, soft skin stretched over tight muscle. He slowly kneaded the flesh.

Alex broke the kiss, drawing ragged breaths. "Mulder..."

Mulder focused on his eyes. "What?"

Alex hesitated.

Mulder's hand pressed against his ass, pushing them closer together. "Whatdo you want?"

Krycek paused a second more, then plunged his fingers into Mulder's hairand brought their lips together once more. Mulder groaned deep in his throatand leaned heavily into him, pushing him backward and knocking the phoneoff the hook.

//This is bad, Alex. This is very bad. Stop kissing him!//

He withdrew, cocked his head to the opposite side, and kissed Mulder again.

// I can't. He tastes so good. *God*, how can a man taste this fucking good?//

He groaned his protest as Mulder pulled away from him. The older man droppedhis pants and gently pushed Krycek to his knees. Green eyes rose to hisface. He extended a hand and stroked the kneeling man's flushed cheek.

Krycek grasped Mulder's underwear and drew it down past his hips and overhis stony erection. His lower lip quivered in anticipation. Mulder's handsclasped at the back of his head and pulled it forward.

Krycek's eyes dropped shut at the first sensation of Mulder's cock on histongue. Christ, he'd wanted this since *forever*. But somehow, he'd alwaysthought it'd be the other way around. Life was just full of surprises, andsome of them, he thought as he sucked Mulder into his mouth, not altogetherunpleasant.

Glittering hazel disappeared behind closed eyelids. Mulder grimaced, tryinghis level best to keep a grip on sanity.


What a stupid word. *What* was sane about *any* of this? He was in a fuckingphonebooth, on a deserted street at three a.m. with one of the dirtiestsnakes to ever slither the earth. And *what* was he doing? Getting readyto nail the bastard. And what made the damn situation even worse? Krycekwas going to *let* him. Hell, he *wanted* him to.

//Something is really fucked up here, and as soon as this is done, I'm goingto figure out what it is...*after* it's done...//

Mulder pulled Krycek up by his jacket, much to the other man's moaned protestations.His lips found the racing pulse in Krycek's throat, drawing a soft moanfrom the younger man. His mouth traveled down the soft skin and stoppedat the curve between his neck and shoulder. He sucked the flesh into hismouth, applying an almost unbearable pressure.

Krycek's hands tangled in the folds of Mulder's coat. His teeth clenchedas he attempted to bite back a reaction.

//Jesus Christ, he's *marking* me...//

His cock throbbed at the thought.

Mulder released him abruptly. "Turn around."

Krycek forced himself to move, turning his back to the older man. Mulderslipped his hands inside his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. Heslowly worked his way back up, kissing and licking the soft skin of Krycek'sass. The muscle clenched under his tongue and a soft grunt came from above.He smiled and stood up. Krycek spread his legs as far as the jeans pooledaround his feet would allow, and waited. Mulder grasped his cock at thebase and pressed it into the crevice, seeking out the tight opening.

"Please..." A soft, rough whisper.

"Please, what?" Mulder asked in an almost identical tone.

Krycek gritted his teeth. "Please fuck me." A loud groan torefrom his throat as the head of Mulder's cock began to stretch the opening."Oh, *God*."

Mulder grasped his hips and pulled him backward as he pressed forward. Therealization that he was *actually* fucking *Alex Krycek* hit Mulder likea ton of bricks. His heart began to pound double-time as he tightened hisgrip on the younger man and established a steady, driving rhythm. He openedhis eyes in time to see one of Krycek's hands go to his own cock and beginto stroke it in time to Mulder's movements. He reached around and graspedthe wrist, pulling the hand away. Before Krycek could protest, Mulder'shand replaced his.

Krycek's mouth dropped open and a long gasp escaped it. He braced himselfthe best way he could against the wall and gave up complete control to theman behind him. He closed his eyes and focused on the contrasting sensationsof Mulder's long wool coat scratching against his skin and the smooth heatof his cock sliding in and out of him.

//God, this is it. I might as well die now. In a few short minutes, thisgoddamn man has completely ruined me...fucking great. I'll obsess over himfor the rest of my fucking miserable life, now. Jesus, please send downa lightning bolt or something and kill me *right* now.//

Mulder tightened his left arm around Krycek's heaving chest and laid hishead against the leather covered back. He increased the speed of his movements,forcing a sharp cry from the younger man. Mulder moaned into his back ashe felt the inevitable explosion rumbling through his body. He thrust franticallyinto Krycek and released a long gasping sob as he came. A few more hardstrokes of his hand and Krycek joined him, shooting hot and hard over Mulder'sfist. The younger man bit into his lip to keep from screaming out loud.His arms gave out and both men fell forward, sandwiching Krycek betweenthe phone unit and the gasping man behind him. He winced at the feel ofthe large metal object pressing into his chest but sheer exhaustion kepthim silent.

Long seconds later, Mulder regained enough strength to stand up straight.Silently, he began to readjust his clothing. Krycek turned around and backedinto the glass wall. He doubled over and rested his hands on his knees fora moment before pulling his jeans up. As he was zipping up, Mulder's fingersclosed around his wrist, twisting his hand, palm side up. He pressed a quarterinto it.

"Better call your *date* now. Please convey my apologies for detainingyou."

Krycek turned weary eyes up to him. He said nothing. Mulder ran a hand throughhis hair and opened the door. Krycek lowered his eyes to the floor and waitedfor him to leave. When the feel of his presence did not fade, Krycek lookedup.

Mulder watched the younger man intently. His eyes glittered with an emotionKrycek could not read. He moved he two short steps that it took for himto stand before the other man. He reached into his pocket and produced anotherquarter. He thrust his hand into the inside of Krycek's jacket and depositedthe silver into the breast pocket.

"What's that for?" Krycek rasped. He focused longingly on thosedeliciously full lips as Mulder spoke.

"You can use that one to call *me*."

Green eyes flicked up to hazel. Mulder backed toward the door and with onelast long look, turned and walked away. Krycek listened to the dull clickof his heels against the damp pavement until the sound faded. He unclenchedhis hand and dropped the quarter into the phone. He dialed and as he waitedfor an answer, pulled the other quarter out of his pocket. He held
it in his palm, stroking the raised surface with his thumb. A tiny smilecrossed
his lips and he tucked it back into his pocket.

A faint click, then a soft. "Yes?"

Krycek's smile faded and he listened.


He hung up and walked out into cold, early morning.