Present For Fox

by Aries


Fandom: XF (M/K)




Disclaimer: Fox and Alex are CC's. Kevin is mine...notthat I want him...


Author's note: This is per request of Amy B. She'sbeen such a devoted fan of ours (Nic, Orithain and me) that we thought it'dbe nice to dedicate a story to her. Nic asked her if there was anythingin particular that she'd like us to write about and she came up with thetattoo idea. So...this is for you Amy, with our love and undying gratitude.


Summary: Alex promises Fox anything he wants forhis birthday, and this is what he comes up with.


As usual, props go out to Nic, Donna, Deb and thelovely Pat for being such fine betas and willing participants in the perpetuationof my madness. I love you chicks!



French toast.






Mulder opened his eyes.


Alex sat smiling at the edge of the bed. Besidehim, a tray rested on the nightstand. Mulder peered over at the contents.His nose hadn't deceived him.


"Happy birthday," Alex said softly, beforeleaning over to plant a light kiss on the sleep-swollen mouth.


Mulder executed a luxurious stretch and smiledup at his lover. "Thanks." He glanced again at the tray. "Youdidn't have to do this."


Alex frowned at him, then placed the tray overhis legs. "Shut up and eat."


Mulder got halfway through his breakfast, beforeAlex started asking questions.


"Okay. Now. You wouldn't let me buy you anythingbecause you said you were going to tell me, *on* your birthday, what youwanted."


Mulder's fork paused midway between his mouth andthe plate. "That's right. And you remember that when I asked you ifyou'd give me anything I asked for, you said, what?"


Alex rolled his eyes. "I said, *yes*. Anythingyou want."




"So? What d'you want?"


Mulder glanced at his watch. "I made an appointmentfor you."


One dark eyebrow jerked upward. "Appointmentfor what?"


Mulder smiled and shoved another forkful into hismouth. "You'll see."




"What are we doing here?"


"What does one *usually* do at a tattoo parlor?"


"You're..." Alex looked from the buildingto Mulder's amused face. "You're kidding."


"Uh uh."


"You want me to get a tattoo?"




Alex sighed. "I *did* say anything, didn'tI?"


"Yes, you did."


"I suppose I don't have a choice in the design?"


Mulder shook his head. "Got it all pickedout."




Mulder just shook his head.


"When did you think this up?"


"Not long after you started hounding me lastmonth, to give you some ideas for a birthday gift."


"Why didn't you say something, *then*?"


"I wanted it to be a surprise."


" got that a little backwards, baby.It's *your* birthday. *You're* the one who's supposed to be surprised."


Mulder grinned and shrugged.


"Why a tattoo?"


"Why not?"


"What if I hate the design?"


Mulder's expression turned somber."If youreally don't want to do this Alex, you don't have to..."


//Asshole, *now* look what you did.//


"No! I promised you could have anything andI meant it. I *want* to do this for you."




Alex slid across the seat and draped an arm acrossMulder's shoulders. He turned the older man's face to his and bestowed ashort but sweet kiss on his pouting lips. "Yeah, really."


Mulder brightened and swung his door open. "Let'sgo, then." he met Alex at the front of the car and, grasping his hand,pulled him into the building.


It surprised Alex that Fox did not release hishand upon entering the shop, but rather held it in a tighter grip. He scannedthe large room.


Clean. Orderly. Well of course, it was. Fox didhis homework, he was sure. He'd never take him anywhere that didn't havethe highest reputation.


"Hey! How ya doin,?"


Both men turned in the direction of the voice.A young man, no more than twenty-seven or so, had emerged from the backroom and stood, smiling at the two who'd just entered the shop.


Mulder returned the greeting. "Pretty good.We have an appointment..."


"Yeah, I remember you. You were in here lastmonth. And...if I remember our conversation, the tattoo is for," hepointed to Alex, "him, I guess."


"Yeah, I'm the goat," Alex mumbled, givingMulder a mock grimace. Mulder grinned and raised Alex's hand to his lips.


The young man watched, the corner of his mouthslanting up into the beginnings of a smile. "Follow me, guys."He led the way into a small room. Just as clean as the first, this roomwas furnished with two chairs, a television, CD player and in the middle,an adjustable table. Beside that, were a stool, lamp and a tray, neatlysupplied with the necessary tools.


"Okay," the man began, ,where are weputting it?"


Alex opened and closed his mouth, shrugging andshaking his head.


Mulder smiled and turned him around so that hisback was presented to the young man. "Here." He pointed midpointbetween Alex's right hip and back, just above the curve of his ass.


"All right, then. You don't have to removeyour shirt, but you'll have to keep it pulled up around your chest, okay?"


Alex nodded.


"It would be easier, though, if you took offyour pants and underwear. I'll drape you with a sheet."


Alex glared at Mulder, who tried unsuccessfully,to look as though her wasn't enjoying himself, immensely.


"Okay, well, if you'll remove your pants,we'll get this show on the road."


Mulder stood, hands in the pockets of his leatherjacket, smirking uncontrollably, as Alex unbuckled his belt. He stared daggersat Mulder, as he unzipped and removed his pants and boxer-briefs. As hegot up on the table, the artist draped a sheet low across his ass and proceededto prepare the area to be tattooed.


"So, tell me," the young man inquired,"how'd you come to the decision for a tattoo?"


"It's a birthday present," Mulder answered.


"Ah. When was your birthday?" The questionwas directed at Alex.


"Not mine, *his*."


The young man laughed. "*You* made an appointmentfor *him* to get a tattoo for *your* birthday?"


"That's about the size of it."


Alex looked up at Mulder, who was still standingin the same spot. "Okay, Fox. I'm here. You gonna tell me *what* I'm..."


"*Fox*." The young man laughed again.,Oh, *now*, I get it!"


"Get what?"


"He doesn't know?"


"Doesn't know, what?"


"He does, now."


"*What* do I know?"


"Your tattoo." He looked to the artist."You got it, over there?"


"Yeah." The young man picked up the designsheet and handed it to Mulder, who in turn, held it in front of Alex's eyes.A slow smile came to his face.


"Why didn't you just have 'Property of FoxMulder', stamped on my backside?"


"I thought this was a little more subtle."


Alex studied the small design of a fox at rest,its bushy tail curled around the side of its body, head resting on top ofthe tail, eyes only partially open. He smiled again. "I like it."


Mulder lit up. "Yeah? After our conversationin the car, I wasn't so sure."


Alex grinned up at him. "How could I not likesomething so totally corny? It's so *you*."




"Sorry, did I say corny? I meant uh...whimsical...yeah...that'sit, that's what I meant..."


"Shut the hell up, Krycek."


The young man looked from one to the other. "Uh...guys?Are we doing this?"


Alex answered him, but his eyes, sparkling withhumor, never left Mulder's. "Yeah, we're doing this. Do your thing,Sparky."


"Actually, my name's Kevin."




"Okay, well..." Kevin turned the CD playeron. "You guys mind Goo Goo Dolls?"


Alex answered. "Hey, it's your shop, playwhat you want."


Kevin nodded and went about his business, singingloudly.


Alex closed one eye and grimaced at Mulder. "Howcan anybody be *that* tone deaf?"


Mulder smiled and pulled up one of the two chairs,positioning it, so that it faced the head of the table. He dropped intoit and leaned forward to kiss his lover. "Thank you," he whispered.


"I'll be sure to think of something equallyas extreme for *my* birthday."


Mulder quivered with silent laughter. "I'msure you will."


Alex winced at the first touch of the needle tohis skin.


"Does it hurt?"


"A little uncomfortable."


"You okay?"


Alex smiled at the display of concern. "I'mfine. I've felt much worse, believe me."


Kevin's voice sounded from behind Alex. "Howya doin, up there?"


"I'm fine Spar..." Mulder gave him afrown. "..uh, Kevin." He turned back and stuck his tongue outat Mulder, who immediately jumped on the opportunity to pitch forward andlick at it. "Don't you start," he warned in a low voice, whichwas of course, completely ignored by his lover.


"Start what? I'm not starting anything."Mulder's teeth clamped down lightly on Alex's lower lip and pulled.


"Fox," Alex whispered as softly as hecould. ,"knock it off. In case you'd forgotten, I'm in a tattoo parlor,naked from the waist *down*, laying on a table on my stomach, which is notthe most comfortable position to be in when I'm being teased..."


"I'm sorry," Mulder crossed his armson the table, in front of Alex, and rested his chin on them. They were now,eye to eye. "It's just a bit of a turn on, you know? Hard evidencethat you're *mine*."


Alex's eyes sparkled a brilliant green. "Igot your hard evidence..."


Mulder chuckled softly and moved a bit closer."How hard?"


"It's a little difficult to play show andtell at the moment, so just believe me when I say, *very* hard."


"Mmmm. Show me later?"


"Over and over again."


Mulder lifted his head and glanced around Alex,at the young man, hard at work. He returned to his previous position. "Wonderhow long this is going to take."


Alex shrugged one shoulder. "Why?"


"Just curious." Mulder moved closer andbrushed the tip of his nose, back and forth, against Alex's.


"There's *no* reason?"


The corners of Mulder's mouth curled upward. "Well...I'mabout ready to bust out of my pants. I guess you could consider that a reason."


"Yeah, well imagine how *I* feel. I've gotjust about all I can do to keep from humping this damned table.


"Awww, poor Alex."


"You need to work on the sympathy act, Fox.It's just not working."


Mulder smirked. "How 'bout I work on somethingelse?"


Alex watched curiously as Mulder pulled away andleaned back against the chair. His eyes grew wide, when the older man undidtwo buttons on his shirt and slipped a hand inside.


Mulder's head fell back against the chair as hemoved his hand slowly over his chest, stroking and pinching his nipplesto hardness. His lips parted on an inaudible sigh as he continued to teasehimself and his lover. His unoccupied hand slid up his thigh to the veryvisible bulge at the front of his jeans.


"You okay?"


Both men were startled by the voice.


"Uh, yeah. Yeah, fine."


"I heard sort of a gasp, I thought maybe I'dhurt you."


Alex turned to give Mulder a wide-eyed stare. "No,everything's fine."


"Okay. Be sure to let me know if anythingis bothering you."


"Yeah. Right."


Mulder gave Alex a wicked grin and returned tobusiness.


"Don't," Alex mouthed, but his plea wentunnoticed. He held a hand out and whispered, "Please, Fox."


Mulder stopped stroking himself and took Alex'shand. He leaned forward and lapped at his lover's mouth. "Please, what?"


"Cut it out."


"Now, since when don't you enjoy watchingme?"


"Since *never*. I'm enjoying you *now*, butthis isn't exactly the time or place. What if Scooter back there, sees?"


"He's so intent on what he's doing, he can'tsee anything else. Besides, the table is blocking his view. I can't seehim at all, from here."


"Yeah but, *still*..."


Mulder laughed softly and sat back. He pulled hishand from Alex's grasp and returned it to his crotch.


Alex shook his head slowly, while he watched Foxundo the top button, then draw the zipper down. He fought to control hisbreathing, as the older man's hand slipped inside, pulling the slitted foldof his underwear open.


Mulder watched Alex watch him, as he pulled hiscock out and held it firmly in his closed fist. "Want it?"


Alex's eyes flicked up his lover's. He nodded.


"Hmm. Too bad. Guess you'll just have to settlefor watching."


"When we get out of here," Alex warned,"*you* are a dead man."


"Just do me one favor," Mulder murmured.




"Fuck me, first."


"That's what I meant. I'm going to fuck youto *death*."


Mulder's hand slid up and down the solid shaft."I can think of worse ways to go."


"Give me that."




Alex nodded at Mulder's cock and the drop of fluidthat had appeared at its tip.


Mulder circled the head with his index finger,then swiped away the moisture and held it up before Alex's mouth. "This?"


Alex opened his mouth and tried to lick to dropaway, but Mulder held his finger just out of reach.


"You're just asking for it, you know?"


"I don't *have* to ask." He moved hisfinger closer to Alex's mouth. "You're always more than willing togive it to me."


"Yes, I am. Now why don't you give me what*I* want?"


"All right, you big baby." Mulder broughthis finger to Alex's mouth and it became immediately immersed in wet warmth.His eyes closed halfway as he felt his lover's tongue stroke along the undersideof his finger, then swirl around it.


Alex began to pull away, sucking gently as he did,drawing a soft moan from Mulder. He kissed Alex as soon as his finger wasall the way out, replacing it with his tongue. His hand went back down tohis cock, working it steadily, as his tongue thrust in and out of Alex'smouth.


Alex felt the movement and knew that Fox was backat it. He broke the kiss and dropped his gaze to his lover's lap. Muldertwisted sideways in the chair and laid his head on the table, giving Alexan unobstructed view.


"Jesus," Alex whispered into the olderman's hair. "Come on, baby. Faster."


Mulder's eyes dropped shut as he did as he wastold.


"That's it, Fox. That's it."


Mulder began to whimper as he worked faster.


"Shhh. Sparky'll hear you." Alex strokedMulder's cheek. "Think you can come quietly?" He smirked. "It'dbe a first. You never have, before."


"What'll...what'll you do if I ...don't?"Mulder panted softly.


Alex kissed his mouth, then clamped his hand downover it. "Now, come on. Come for me."


Mulder jerked his cock harder and began to tremble.The air left his nostrils in a loud wheeze and a soft grunting sound starteddeep in his throat.


"Come on," Alex encouraged, watchingfor the eruption. "You're almost there..."


As soon as the words were out of his mouth, hefelt Mulder stiffen. The older man let out a muffled cry as he came, coatinghis hand and underwear with warm, slick fluid.


Alex took his hand away from Mulder's mouth andkissed the top of his head. "Rest up, Fox. When I get you out of here,you're going to pay dearly for what you've done to me."


A weary smile appeared on Mulder's face. "Promise?"


"Oh, yeah."


Mulder opened his eyes and looked around for somethingto clean himself up with. Finding nothing, he zipped himself up and calledto Kevin, who was still hard at work and still wailing tunelessly.


"Hey, Kevin?"


No response.






"Where's the men's room?"


"That door over there, to your right."


"Okay, thanks." He turned his attentionback to Alex. "Be right back."


Alex watched Mulder disappear into the bathroom,then closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on something other than thetremendous ache in his groin. His eyes snapped open a few minutes later,when he'd realized that his lover had returned and was running his handdown his back, ending at the edge of the sheet. Mulder rested his hand there,thumb stroking back and forth, as he studied Kevin's work.


"Wow. This is great, Kevin." He bentfor a closer look. "Look at the detail and the color on this thing.Alex, wait till you see it."


"Kinda hard to get a good look, consideringwhere you had him put it," came the reply from the head of the table.


Kevin reassured him. "Don't worry man, you'llbe able to get a pretty good look at it with the help of some strategicallyplaced mirrors."


"Is it almost done?"


"Almost. I'd say another twenty minutes orso..."


"You call twenty minutes, *almost*?"


Mulder laid a hand on the young man's shoulder."It's okay. He just gets a little antsy, sometimes. Take your time."He tossed his next statement to the head of the table. "I want it doneright."


"Oh sure. *Now* you're in no hurry..."


Mulder returned to the chair in front of Alex,grinning deviously. "Twenty minutes isn't all that long."


"*No*, not for *you*, it isn't."


Mulder moved in for a kiss, then murmured againstAlex's lips, "Whatsa matter, baby? Frustrated?"


"Yeah, you could say that. I don't know howI'm going to get my pants back on."


"I'll help you."


"You've helped more than enough, thank you."


Mulder flicked at the indentation just below Alex'slower lip. " sound almost bitter."


"Don't worry, it's nothing a good hard fuckwon't fix."


"You're so romantic."


"I'll send you some candy and flowers, later."


Fifteen minutes later, Kevin was finished.


"Damn. At the risk of sounding vain,"the young man commented, "this is good."


Mulder came to investigate. "Oh yeah, it'sbeautiful. You did a hell of a job. Alex, you gotta see this."


Kevin placed the mirrors and allowed Alex to havehis first look. He studied the tattoo for a good long time, then turnedhis gaze on Mulder.


"Very nice."


Mulder grinned. "Isn't it?"


Kevin finished up and rose from his stool. "Okay,you can get dressed. I'll meet you out front with instructions."


Mulder nodded. "Thanks."


Kevin headed to the door, then turned and smiled."Take your time."


The door closed softly and Alex jumped off thetable, wincing at the slight tenderness he felt. "Come with me."He grabbed Mulder by the front of his shirt and yanked him toward the bathroom,growling all the way. Once inside the small room, he whirled around to facehis lover. "Drop your pants."


Mulder started to laugh. "*What*?"


Alex noticed a small medicine cabinet above thesink, and started rummaging through it. "You heard me." Bottlesclanked together, as he pushed them around, searching. ,Come on, come on....yes!"He grabbed a small jar of Vaseline out and popped the top off. He turnedback to Mulder and looked him up and down. "Why are your pants stillon?"


"Alex, you can't really think that we're goingto..."


Alex cut him off. "Oh, yes. Yes, I can think.In fact, I'm going to do more than think. See this?" He let the sheetfall away from his hips, displaying a rather impressive erection. "Thisisn't waiting till we get home. Drop em. Now."


The order left no room for argument. Mulder unbuckledhis belt and drew the zipper down. "Okay, but...shit!" Alex jerkedhis pants down around his ankles, then pushed him to the floor. "Alex..."


"Hands and knees," Alex snapped his fingersrepeatedly. "Let's go."


Mulder laughed again. "What if Kevin comesin?"


"What do *you* care? You were jerking off,not more than five feet away from him!" He moved behind Mulder andpushed forward and down on his shoulders, forcing him to assume the positionhe'd demanded.


Mulder turned his head. "I *really* don'tthink this is a good idea..."


Alex answered, while greasing up his cock. "Youknow my love, at this particular moment in time, I really don't give a fuck*what* you think." He tossed the jar aside and gripped Mulder's hipwith one hand, while guiding his cock between his ass cheeks with the other.When he'd maneuvered the head inside the tight muscle, he let go, movinghis now free hand to Mulder's other hip, pulling his lover back, as he plungedforward.


Mulder groaned at the quick, not altogether gentleinvasion, and dropped his head to the cold tile floor.


"Aww, *fuck* yeah..." Alex wasted notime in establishing a hard, driving rhythm, bringing himself closer toa blinding orgasm, with each thrust. He squeezed his eyes shut and threwhis head back, groaning deep in his throat, as Mulder tightened his muscles,effectively milking his cock. "Oh, shit, shit, *shit*!" He camejust then, emptying himself deep in his lover's ass, then collapsing ontop of his back. Mulder's arms gave out under the dead weight, and bothmen fell to the floor, Alex slipping out of him, as they did.


"Alex...Alex," Mulder's muffled voicereached the exhausted man's ears. "Get off. Get..." He pushedupward and to the side, rolling Alex off of him. The younger man lay onhis back, moaning softly. "Come on, Alex. We gotta get cleaned up andget the hell out of here." He rose to his feet, cleaned himself up,then pulled Alex up. "Come on, lean against the wall." Alex stoodquietly, eyes closed, as Mulder cleaned him up, then retrieved his clothingand helped him get dressed.


By the time Alex was fully dressed, he'd gainedenough strength to stand on his own. He smiled softly at Mulder. "Thatwas great."


Mulder turned him toward the door. "God, you'redopey after sex. Have I ever told you that?"


"Wait till I've got all my strength back.You'll pay for that remark."


"Yeah yeah, I know. Come on, let's get outof here, so I can look at my birthday present in the privacy of our *own*bathroom."


Alex stopped moving and turned to face Mulder.He wrapped his arms around the older man and laid a long, sensuous kisson his lips.


"Happy birthday, Fox."


Mulder returned the kiss.


"It has been. The best I can remember."