Okay, it's like this. I'm supposed to be workingon something else. My first slash series, actually. But I needed a break.And while I've been valiantly attempting to clear my head of anything slashrelated, I find that my efforts have failed miserably. So okay, I'm weak.So shoot me. Here's a little piece of fluff that popped into my head thismorning...while I was supposed to be cleaning...

Rated NC-17 for strong same sex interraction and language.

Summary: M/K
The boys have a little fun under some harsh time restrictions

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And away we go...


Ten Minutes 1/1
by Aries

The door flies open and we practically fall into the room.

That we don't trip over each other and hit the floor is an amazing thing.

Forty seconds.

My black henley sails across the room and lands on the chair at the footof the bed. His holster comes off and then the once-crisp, white dress shirtand that hideous burgundy tie with the paisley print joins it.

"Gotta hurry, Scully's waiting for me."

One minute.

Faded jeans fall in a crumpled heap. Then navy suit pants and white underwear.Shoes and socks fall soundlessly into the pile.

A minute thirty-two.

I drop onto him and immediately find myself being propelled onto my back.

"Oooh, feeling a little aggressive today?"

"Got my ass chewed out this morning. Gotta work off some of that tension."

Two minutes.

"You mean you gotta take your pent-up irritation out on me."

"Do you mind?"

"Do you care?"


"Fucking liar."


His mouth clamps onto mine, ripping the breath from my lungs and...

"Oww! Hey, can you leave that hair on my head, please?"

"Shut up."

Three minutes.

His grasp on my hair loosens but he doesn't let go. His tongue follows thevein in my throat, up the underside of my chin and back to my mouth. I attemptto stifle a giggle as it tickles my lower lip. Not a successful attempt,apparently because the next sensation is one of moderate pain. His teethsink into my lip. Not hard enough to draw blood but it gets my attention.


He licks the small wound then sucks my lip into his mouth and his free handslips down to my cock. It all but leaps into his hand.

I'm ready.

Shit, I've been ready since he called me from the car a half an hour agoand told me that he had a few minutes to kill and would I...

Three minutes, forty-five seconds.

A clink of metal against bone as his teeth clamp down on my earlobe andhe pulls at the silver hoop. I wince, but it's nothing more than a reaction.He's done it before and he's always gentle. He likes the earring. Says it'sa real turn-on. He says he likes the feel of it in his mouth...that justthe smooth coolness of it on his tongue is enough to make him hard. He'sa sick bastard but I love him. His hand continues to stroke my cock, tormentingit to new levels of stiffness.

Four minutes.

I'm moaning. I can't help it, it just...happens. Goddamn it, I'll neverrealize that *doing it with him in a public place* fantasy, if I can't keepmy mouth shut. But he's so...*good* at what he does, he drives me fuckinginsane.

Four twenty-three.

He doesn't have to look for the KY, I'd already placed it within reach.After he called, I went around making preparations. I would have made agreat Boy Scout. He slathers some on his cock and lifts me against him.

Four minutes and fifty seconds.

My head pushes back into the pillow and a litany of curses stream from mymouth. I'm not pissed or in pain. Just the opposite. In one long, fluidthrust, he's buried himself in me and it feels so damn good.

Five minutes.

He starts to move inside me and his hand blindly reaches for my cock. It'sstill slick from the KY and it just glides up and down the shaft. Christ,that feels terrific.

Five minutes and twenty seconds.

I'm writhing now, uncontrollably. My fingers dig into the padding of hisshoulders and my muscles contract, squeezing...trapping him. I watch thatfamiliar glaze spread over his eyes and I know he's right there. So am I.I urge him to move faster. Not that he needs any urging. His eyes close.Then mine.

Five forty.

The walls are thin in this run down rat's nest he calls an apartment andI know that the neighbors must be thinking that those damn animals are atit again. I couldn't give a good shit. Our howls can probably be heard downon the street. Whatever.

Five fifty.

I love it when he comes. He's generally silent during our love-making butat the end, he makes enough noise to raise the dead. He's definitely anodd one but *God*, how I love him.

Six minutes.

He collapses on top of me, struggling for every breath. I allow him andmyself a few seconds rest before pushing at his weight.

"Hey. Come on, you said you only had a few minutes. Go grab a quickshower and I'll get some clean clothes for you."

He mumbles incoherently...he never recovers as quickly as I do...and withone more shove, I get him up and on his way to the bathroom.

Six minutes and forty-seven seconds.

I hear the shower go on and I go to the closet and pull out a pair of blackpants and another white shirt. And this time, *I* pick the tie.

Eight minutes.

He emerges from the shower and I help him get dry, then hand him his clothespiece by piece. I help him knot his tie, run my fingers through his tousledhair and give him a quick, hard kiss.

Eight minutes, fifty seconds.

He heads to the door and abruptly comes to a halt. I slam into his back.

"Shit! My gun!"

"I'll get it."

I rush into the bedroom, grab the holster from the floor and run back tothe living room.

Nine minutes, ten seconds.

I help him with the holster and give him another quick kiss.

Nine minutes, thirty seconds.

"You'd better hurry up. If Scully's gotta wait for you, she's gonnabe pissed. Where are you meeting her?"

Nine minutes, thirty-five seconds.

He smirks at me as he reaches for the door knob.

"I'm not meeting her anywhere."

"But you said..."

Nine minutes, forty-five seconds.

"I said she was waiting for me, and she is."


That wicked grin again.

"In the car."

Nine minutes, fifty-three seconds.

I stare dumfounded. He winks at me and passes into the hall.

"See you tonight."

I close the door and walk laughing and naked back to the bedroom.

Ten minutes.

I wonder how long it'll take her to notice thathe's wearing different clothes...