Title: Love Hurts

Author: Batela

Rating: NC17 Sk/K

Summary: Krycek gets caught in Skinner's apartment. Skinner teaches him an unexpected lesson.

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Unknown to the intruder, Walter Skinner had decided to go home for lunch. Skinner knew as soon as he walked into the apartment that he wasn't alone. He drew his gun and silently entered. A noise upstairs. He crept up the carpeted staircase, stepping over the boards he knew squeaked. Someone was in his bedroom. He took a quick look around the corner and caught a glimpse of a familiar leather jacket and dark hair. He put the gun back into its holster and waited. As soon as a head appeared at the door, he swung his fist, connecting with a cheek, sending the man to the floor. Skinner dove after him, pinning him down.

"Oww, shit, Skinner, let me up!" Krycek demanded.

"I don't think so, boy. Why are you here? Are you planting or taking?" Skinner growled into his ear.

"I'm not doing anything, just looking." Krycek said sullenly.

"Looking for what?"

"Nothing." Krycek wiggled, trying to free himself. His ass dug into Skinner's groin.

"You keep doing that, boy, and there's going to be even more of a problem."

Krycek froze. Skinner noticed his breathing change.

"Is that what you want, Alex? Huh?" Skinner breathed on his ear and deliberately moved against Krycek's upturned ass. Oh, yeah, that's what he wanted. Krycek pushed back against him.

"Go ahead, Skinner, hurt me. I don't care, I've had worse done to me. I'll survive." he stated bitterly. Skinner had no doubt that the younger man had been hurt badly. He wasn't sure he wanted to know how badly. Krycek turned suddenly, trying to bite Skinner's hand. Skinner cuffed him on the back of his head.

"Is that the best you can do?" Krycek taunted him. Skinner began to understand what would hurt Krycek the worst, more than a beating would, more than a rape would. He stood up, dragging Krycek with him. He pushed the man onto the bed and quickly handcuffed him to the headboard.

"Hey!" he protested. He stopped, staring at Skinner who began to undress. Krycek's heart started racing, Skinner was just like the others; he'd take Alex and toss him aside to crawl off and nurse his wounds.

"Alex, nobody starts out in life as a murder and a traitor. At some point, I'm sure you were a lovable little boy who cried when he was spoken harshly to or fell, scraping a knee. Somehow you got programmed to accept pain, so I'm going to do the one thing that will hurt you the most." Alex stared as Skinner tossed his trousers aside and stepped out of his briefs.

"What?" Krycek whispered, looking over Skinner's muscular body and his thick cock. Skinner sat down on the bed next to him.

"I'm going to make love to you."

Krycek looked at him in shock.

"You're nuts! Let me loose, Skinner, you crazy fuck!" Krycek struggled, trying to break free of the handcuffs. Skinner ignored his thrashing about and pulled the man's boots and socks off. He reached for the belt, having to lay across Krycek's legs to keep him still enough to unzip the black jeans and pull them off. Skinner was pleased to see that Krycek was vane enough to keep himself clean. In Skinner's experience, most assassins smelled rank.

"I don't know why you're protesting, Alex, just minutes ago you were all set to accept being raped. I'm still going to come in your ass, don't worry." Skinner promised him, working the younger man's shirt up his chest. He wasn't about to uncuff the man, so that would have to do. He leaned down and touched the tip of his tongue to Krycek's nipple. Krycek let out a shuddering breath.

"Don't do this, Skinner, please." he begged.

"Don't do what, Alex?" Skinner asked, gently sucking on the nipple while he caressed the man's heaving torso.

"Don't... don't love me." he whispered, a tear rolling down his face. "Hurt me all you want, turn me over and fuck me dry, I don't care, but not like this. Please."

Skinner released the nipple and moved up higher, covering Krycek's naked body with his own. He put a hand on the side of Krycek's face, wiping at the moisture. He slowly leaned down and kissed Alex. The man choked back a sob and opened his mouth, accepting Skinner's questing tongue. Krycek tried to roughen it up, trying to take a bite out of Skinner's tongue but Skinner backed away until Alex settled down and kissed him again. Three more times, Skinner stopped, leaving Krycek frustrated. Skinner straddled his hips and moved their cocks together. Krycek moaned and bucked against him.

"Fuck me, Skinner, come on just do it." he begged. Skinner licked gently at his neck, flicking his tongue at an earlobe before moving slowly down the hairless muscular chest to suckle at his nipples again.

"I'm not going to fuck you, Alex." Skinner said, moving down the man's belly, teasing his navel. Alex writhed, gulping for breath and Skinner smiled at the reaction. "I told you, I'm making love to you. I'm going to suck you cock lovingly, play with your ass lovingly and I'm going to put my cock into you gently, with lots of lube, and I'm going to lovingly caress your ass from the inside out until you come screaming with pure pleasure." Skinner took the man's cock in his hand and gently sucked on the foreskin making Alex whimper. Skinner slowly moved his hand up and down, milking the shaft as he dipped his tongue to the small slit at the top of the head.

"Ahhh!" Alex cried out, moving his legs apart to let Skinner lay comfortably between them. Skinner drew the foreskin back and licked around the head, slowly making his way down the rest of the hard shaft before going back up again. He put his mouth around the head and gave it a gentle suck, sipping at the bitter tang that his tongue picked up.

"Oh, God, Skinner, please......" Krycek moaned, shaking his head back and forth. Skinner wet a finger and rubbed on the outside of his anus. Krycek's legs went up, opening himself up to Skinner.

"Please, Skinner, do it do it please......" he begged. Skinner ignored him and continued to rub gently, feeling the muscles try to grab at his finger and draw him in. He licked at the heavy balls, taking them one at a time into his mouth, giving them thorough attention before lifting them out of the way. He touched the tip of his tongue to Krycek's anus and the man sobbed out loud, pulling his legs back more.

"Please, Skinner, no more, fuck me please, I need to be hurt, don't do this." He cried, tears rolling down his face. Skinner slid his tongue into the tight ass and the man cried more. He moved his tongue in and out slowly, savoring every moment of the wiggling man under him. He kept it up until Alex quieted down and began to move his hips, seeking more. He crawled back up the younger man until their cocks were touching. Skinner reached into the side drawer with one hand and took out a condom and lube. He put the condom on and coated it well with the gel and then used two fingers to coat the inside of Alex's ass. Alex wrapped his legs around Skinner's lean waist, pulling him closer. Skinner leaned down and kissed him, his tongue entering Krycek's mouth just as he slowly pushed into his ass.

"Oh God, yes." Krycek moaned and tried to draw him in faster by bucking up. Skinner was ready for him and refused to allow it. He took Alex at his own pace, filling him slowly until he was buried all the way in. He pulled out again, slowly working the tight ass. He was sweating bullets after a while, keeping himself under control, from wanting to pound into the man fast and hard. Instead he went slow and steady, drawing out the suspense.

"Please, Skinner, make me come, please." Alex asked hoarsely. He thrust his tongue into Skinner's mouth, seeking that wonderful piece of sweet velvet hidden inside. Skinner gave him his tongue and reached between them to wrap a hand around Krycek's cock, firmly stroking him as Alex begged and cried out. Skinner's own penis stroked past the man's prostate and Alex came, flooding Skinner's hand and their chests. The rippling orgasm squeezed Skinner's cock and triggered his own orgasm. He groaned and buried his face in Krycek's neck, licking the salty skin, kissing him until the last of the waves passed. He pulled out and gathered Alex into his arms, wiping the man's face.

"This is what it's all about, Alex, this is life, real life, not that world of death you inhabit." He unlocked the cuffs, releasing Krycek's wrists. "If and when you decide you'd like to know more, you let me know, until that time, get out of my home, Alex." Skinner left the bed, leaving Krycek's arms cold and bare. Feeling lost and alone, a strange pain in his chest, Krycek rose and dressed, hating himself for the tears on his face and the shame in his heart.

Krycek left Skinner's apartment without seeing the man again, he left wishing he could have turned back the clock six years.