Interruptions by Becky

Fandom: XF

Rated PG for references to sex toys and a m/m relationship. No actual sexwas used in the writing of this fluff.

Disclaimer: Ratbaby and Foxbaby are, unfortunately, not really mine. Theybelong to CC and 1013 and people with money and lawyers. I have neither.

If anyone wants to archive it, just let me know.

A mindless bit of fluff from the playground in my mind. I'm making my firstattempt at serious fic, but Alex isn't being very cooperative. He wantsto play games and this is the result. Non-betad. Serious breaches of theEnglish language are mine alone. My Beth read it and said "post it!,"so here goes. I've never posted any writing anywhere before, so be kind.If I made you smile, let me know at

As always, for My Beth.

How annoying is it when fictional characters want to talk to you at thewrong times?

So there I was, updating customer accounts, when...

"Okay. I'm ready now."

"Huh? Alex? What in the hell are you doing here?"

"You've been dying for me to make hot, monkey love to Mulder so youcan take notes for your story, right? So here I am. I brought restraints,blindfold, Astroglide, nipple clamps..."

"Hold on there, lover! You can't just come in here and disturb me atwork like this!"

"Why not? You're bored, aren't you?"

"Yes, but that's not the point. I can't just drop everything I'm doingwhenever you show up and decide you need attention. Where were you lastweek? I had all the time in the world to write , but you never made an appearance.Fox and I had to work by ourselves. Restraints?" :::gulp::: "Theleather and.."

"...and velvet ones, yes."

"Oh, my..."

"Wait a minute! *Fox?* He let's you call him *Fox?* And just what didthe two of you do in my absence?"

"Yes, he lets me call him Fox. He was one of My Boys long before youwere, Ratbaby. Jealous?"


"Don't be. You *know* you're my favorite right now! All we did wastalk about you, anyway. I got a good bit of angsty longing and self-loathingout of it, too. Did you say nipple clamps?"

"Mmm hmmm..."

"The ones with the chain that connects to..."

"...the collar and cock ring? Uh huh. Something wrong, my Goddess?"

"N-n-nothing a cold shower won't cure. Um, didn't we decide no BDSMin this one? Why all the toys?"

"The better to get your attention with, my dear."

"Alex, you *have* to go away! I really *do* have work to do. Come andsee me tonight, 'k?"


"Please? I'll make it worth your while..."


"I'll write any kind of scene you want - violence, romance, bondage,flirtation..."

"Mary Sue."


"I want you to write a Mary Sue. Y'know - you and me."

"No! I swore I'd never do that! Anything but that, Alex!"

"Don't you want to make your Ratbaby happy?"

"Al-ex! Not the puppy eyes! I'm powerless against the puppy eyes!"

"Just say 'yes' and I'll go away and come back later tonight. Promise."

"Oh, all right..."

He *did* come back. He decided to show up as I was grocery shopping.

"I'm ba-a-ack!"

"Well if it isn't Alex Krycek, the King of Bad Timing!"

"I thought you *wanted* me to come back tonight?"

"I did. I wanted you to show up a couple of hours ago when I was sittingin front of a blank computer screen - *not* in the middle of the grocerystore!"

"What's wrong with the grocery store? It's the perfect setting forwhat we need to do."

"And that is...?"

"A Mary Sue, remember? You told me that you'd write any scene I wantedand I want a Mary Sue. You told me I could have one..."

"Oh Jesus, Alex! Not the puppy eyes! Okay, okay. I just hope I rememberit all when I get back to my keyboard. So, where do we start?"

"Can I have both arms in this one?"

"Of course. The better to hold me with, my dear."

"You're about to turn the corner into the produce section. When youdo, you'll see a tall, dark man paying *way* too much attention to the grapefruitdisplay."

"Mmm.. This would be you? I eye you appreciatively. Black leather jacket,jeans - snug in all the right places, but not too tight - black work boots...Doc Martens?"

"Yep. I feel your eyes on me, and I look up to see a shapely redhead.Black leather jacket, jeans, black work boots... Um, did you dress likethat on purpose, my Goddess?"

"No, it's just really the way I dress. If it makes you feel any better,the boots are cheap knock-offs from Wal-Mart. Where were we? Yes. You lookup at me and I see the most beautiful eyes in all of creation sizing meup. I smile back invitingly."

"Suddenly, a shot rings out and a bullet sends the lettuce flying inall directions. I grab you, pull you to the floor, and draw my gun."

"Nope. Sorry. Gunplay is just not sexy. How about if you stalk me throughthe store and kidnap me from frozen foods? I can go Stockholm on you."

"Stockholm Syndrome has been done to death, my sweet. Hmm... Mindlesssex in the meat locker?"

"Where it's cold and bloody?"

" 'Cold and bloody' is my milieu. You knew that before you ever hookedup with me. This isn't working out, is it?"

"I told you, lover, I don't do Mary Sue."

"What's in there?"

"That's the door to the bakery. I used to work there when I was incollege."

"C'mon - let's go in."

"But Alex..."

"Oh, this is good. Mysterious equipment, big tubs full of sticky sweetness..."

"Well when you put it *that* way... We might be able to work somethingout."

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