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Beer and Whine

by Dr. Ruthless

He prowled into the room, and sauntered up to the bar as if he was on stage.
Maybe he felt as if he was. I surreptitiously checked him out, and felt a
rush of warmth in the groin. He was hot! He held himself like a dancer, or a
fighter, or maybe both. Tall and built to rumble, with long legs and slim
hips, he walked balanced on the balls of his feet as if he was ready to
spring. As he moved, he held his elbows turned out a little in the "muscle"
walk that some of the body builders use, but graceful too, not plodding in
the way some of the power lifters are. He was wearing very faded blue jeans
that fit where they touched, and a soft blue denim shirt open at the neck. A
black leather jacket that had seen better days topped off a tweedy vest and
soft brown suede boots. He had an earring in his left ear, and the most
beautiful face I have ever seen. He looked dangerous. He looked like he
didn't give a shit. He looked...oh God he looked sexy.

I was mesmerized. He ordered vodka and a beer, tossed off the vodka right
there and then, leaving the glass on the counter he picked up the bottle and
turned to face the room. He had dark brown hair, widely spaced eyes with
lashes that ought to be taxed, and a mouth that was sending out "kiss me"
signals that totally swamped the rest of my thoughts! I must have looked a
sight. My jaw hung open and I know I was flushed, when he caught my eye and
I felt like a total fool. He didn't need to be psychic to read my thoughts.
The drool on my T-shirt was a dead giveaway. I blushed, I know I did and
that of course confirmed any doubts he might have been having about my
thought processes. I wanted him. I felt like I'd been struck by lightning.
Smell that ozone? It comes to you courtesy of my fevered imagination
picturing the things I could do to this sleek, wild animal. My thought
processes were totally shorted out by this time, and if I'd had to stand up,
I wouldn't have been able to... well part of me could, but the rest, not a
chance. When you get that sudden rush of blood to the dick, it has to be
diverted from somewhere, right? So, let's say my conscious mind was a little
under the weather.

Panther Boy eyed me up and down. I couldn't move. I was fifty percent
horrified and fifty percent Oh baby fuck me now! I could tell the exact
minute I stopped being another drinker in the bar and became prey. A tingle
washed up my spine to the back of my neck and my stomach did flip-flops. We
hadn't said a word up until now, but then he slowly crossed to my table,
eyes on mine like he was trying to hypnotise me. I've got to say he was
succeeding too. He hooked a chair out from the table and sat down, raising
his beer to his lips and chugging. Putting the bottle down on the table he
fixed me with one of those looks. You know the kind, the look that says I'm
gonna make you scream before I'm done, so why don't you start now? Then he
lifted that bottle up again and licked the mouth deliberately. He never
stopped with the direct stare, even for a second. Unsmiling, he held the
bottle out to me, and I took it with a very shaky hand. His fingers brushed
mine and a shock like static passed from him to me. I drank the rest of his
beer and put down his bottle. His hand came out to pick it up again and I
rack my brains for some way of breaking out of my trance. Small talk, I
thought, lets go for some small talk and see what happens. I opened my mouth
and a croak emerged. I closed my mouth again and concentrated on breathing
hard. I'm good at that!

I was self conscious, looking at his green, green eyes and his dark, dark
lashes, and he jerked his head towards the exit, got up and started to head
out. Halfway to the door he turned, gave me another shot of green lightning
from those eyes and jerked the head again. I thought, "He wants to take me
home with him." Then I was on my feet, stumbling around the table to follow,
watching his buns as I went. Some days you just have to abandon your plans
and go with the moment.

So, I followed Panther Boy out of the bar, and he slowed up to let me walk
alongside him. I was checking out the bulge in the front of those Levis, and
trying to keep mine from being too noticeable at the same time. We still
hadn't spoken a single word to each other but I thought the night is young,
and we've got the rest of our lives. We'll maybe get to talk by Tuesday, if
you haven't still got your mouth full!

We turned the corner into a narrow side street, and Panther Boy flashed me a
grin and grabbed my arm, pulling me with him into the darkness of a service
road. "Oh my God, service me!" I thought to myself and it's all I could do
to keep from hooting with laughter and drumming my heels on the ground.
Panther Boy pushed me up against the wall, and stepped in close. He put up
his right hand to the back of my head and pulled it forward. I wanted to
kiss that mouth, but he had other ideas, turning my head sideways and
fastening his lips on my neck, just in the angle of my jaw. He licked
delicately, tickling a bit, and then he bit, quite hard. My knees trembled
and I started to wonder about the survival of the fittest and the law of the
jungle. Maybe I was going to be lunch. I put my hands on his hips and pulled
them in to me, letting him feel the kind of welcome I had waiting for him.
He was hard and ready too, and I ground my crotch into him, cupping his ass
with my hands and holding on for dear life. When you hold a tiger by the
tail you don't let go or you're dead meat. I guess that holds true for
panthers too. I clung to his butt like a limpet to a rock. The feel of his
erection through the denim was making me twitch all over. He was still
biting and sucking on my neck and I had a huge hickey by now I was sure. His
right hand was all over me, first pinching my nipples through my shirt, then
undoing my fly buttons and thrusting down to case my cock, which was feeling
unbearably tight and close to shooting its load. I gasped and he pulled back
his hand. I wondered what was with the other one and reached out to take
hold of it. That's when I realised that this nature god of mine wasn't quite
perfect. His left hand was plastic. His arm was missing. I couldn't quite
determine how much of him was missing, and anyway, once he realised what I
was doing, he unfastened the buttons on his own jeans and brought that right
hand up to push down on me. It was obvious what he meant for me to do, and I
was happy to oblige. Pulling those jeans down to mid-thigh level, I dropped
to my knees in front of him, the way I'd been taught to worship when young.
Panther God, hear me now, I'm your willing sacrifice. No doubt Mom would not
approve, but she was not here, not now, and I probably never would see her
again. She would not be zooming out in her wheelchair to snatch me away from
my fate tonight.

No underwear and his cock sprung out at me like a switchblade and I smelled
the hot, spicy, musky smell of him and I wet my lips and looked up. His
expression was unreadable. My belly was doing its flip-flop thing again, and
I opened up my lips to take him in, relishing the smooth, firm flesh,
tasting the salty tang of his penis. He gave a shuddering sigh and pushed
his hips forward, putting his hand behind my head and I started to suck. I
could hear his breath catching in the back of his throat, and his dick began
to throb, pulsing rhythmically as I worked on it. He was thrusting back and
forth into my mouth, and I was hanging onto the cheeks of his ass as he
pumped. My fingers wormed their way into his crack, and I pushed on that
tight hole to get one inside of him. He gave a sudden cry that told me I had
found his prostate gland, and I finger fucked him like crazy as I tried to
stay on the tiger's tail.

Another cry as his muscles went tight and his cock pulsed once, twice, and
the rush of seminal fluid filled my mouth as he came. I sucked, swallowed,
gulped, began to lose it, and felt the residue running down my chin.
Finally, he released my head and took a step back. His chest was heaving,
and I could still feel his pulse racing as I slowly withdrew my finger from
its hiding place. We still hadn't spoken and I placed a kiss on the end of
his cock, and licked around it before looking up at him with my heart in my

He ran his fingers into my hair, and I arched to his caress, hissing with
pleasure/pain when he tightened his grip and pulled. I whimpered and he
yanked harder, toppling me over and sending me sprawling on the dusty
concrete. I lay looking up at him and he gave me a lowering look from under
his eyebrows and my dick gave another twitch. God, I wanted him.

"Fuck me, please fuck me." I mumbled, finally discovering that I could talk
to this creature. There was a pause, and then he spoke at last.

"Get up!" His voice was a silky, menacing snarl and I stumbled to my feet
quickly, pants sagging around my knees, cock pushing out the front of my
briefs in an impossible, painful bulge.

"Put your hands up against the wall." His voice came cool from the shadows
and I turned to place my palms against the rough stonework. Yanking down my
briefs, he exposed my hard on to the night air. First he pressed himself up
against the cheeks of my ass, and I sighed as I anticipated the penetration
I was longing for. Then, he pulled away and I could hear him fiddling with

"OK, Here it comes." That voice again, like cool water on sunburn, soft,
rough and caressing, making me shiver. There was pressure on my anus, and
then something cool slipped inside me. I groaned.

Cool and hard, it kept on coming, and I writhed. This was no lover's flesh.

"What are you doing to me?" I stammered, not sure if I loved it or hated it.
He had me pinned against the wall now, my pants around my ankles, his weight
against me, and the whatever-it-was pushed deep inside me and going deeper.
My cock met the wall in front of me, and I screamed. It was rough and hurt
me, but I was so close it felt wonderful too.

With a brutal shove, he slammed me into the wall. I came then, spraying the
wall and myself with sticky white gobs of semen. I fell to my knees, butt
stuck out like a naughty schoolboy. Through dizzying pain, I gasped out to
my Panther Boy:

"What are you doing? Why hurt me. I want you so much."

He appeared to consider this, and then he answered me at last.

"Spender, you should go back to that nicotine pickled old bastard and tell
him you decline responsibility for the X-Files. You can have anything else
you want, but the X-Files are not yours, and will never be. You should
return them to Fox Mulder right now." With that, he aimed a boot at the
bottle he had rammed into my ass. I passed out. When I came to, a little
while later, my Panther Boy was gone.

I still wish I knew where he went, and who he was. I know I will never, ever
be the same again.

Sue aka Dr. Ruthless

//Endymion cackles madly in the background//