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Booze Brothers 5: "On the Rocks"

by Dr. Ruthless


Three a.m. is the time I've always found it hardest to be alone. Three a.m.
is a cold, dirty time of night. It's the time before dawn when one's body
suddenly acquires a sheen of grime over it. People die at that time, and by
the time the sun rises, the soul has left to begin its journey, and only the
husk is left to greet the day. I used to sit huddled at three a.m. pondering
the possibility of dying then, never to be missed. There are only repeats of
old shows and infomercials on at that time of night. I always felt a flood
of relief when the sun finally rose, and I knew there would be another day
in which to make contact with people. Somehow it always felt as if I'd
gotten another chance at life.

I'm so used to brooding at this time of night. Old habits die hard of
course, which is why I'm still brooding now, even though I'm not alone any

I'm no longer alone. That in itself is a miracle. I still haven't gotten
used to sharing my life with someone who loves me. He is lying next to me,
sleeping sweetly. As usual, he has to touch me, and if I were to move, to
get up out of the bed, he would first grope to find me, and if he couldn't,
he would wake. His hand lies across my chest, and his face is snuggled
alongside my arm. He is warm. The heat he generates glows along my side, and
if I stretch out my neck just an inch or so, I can brush my lips over his
hair. I have never in my life felt so peaceful. The very thought of him
makes me feel good. I feel as if I have been redeemed.

I turn carefully into his warmth and put my arms around him. He stirs,
coming awake with a suddenness that speaks of long years on the run. I
soothe him, stroking the long back muscles, and then kiss his lips tenderly.

"What's the matter?" His voice sounds like fur, softly whispering fur that
brushes against my ears. I kiss him again, feeling the softness of his lips
against mine.

"Nothing's the matter. I just love you. I was watching you sleep, and I
wanted to hold you." He moans softly, and his arm moves around me to hold me
close. His mouth comes down over mine with sweet, sucking greed as he rolls
to pin me down. I feel so good, so loved, that I want to cry. I don't cry; I
kiss him back, upping the ante by running my hand down to grab his ass,
pulling him in tight to me, feeling his growing erection firm against my
thigh. He rubs up against me like a great, languid cat, and I arch into him,
knowing that he will want to make love to me and wanting more than anything
to have him invade my body.

"Alex, I love you." The words are torn out of me by need. I feel the
response in his convulsive clutch. He raises his head from my mouth, and I
hear the words he says as if I'm swimming underwater.

"Fox, my beautiful Fox, I've wanted you since I first saw you." His lips
come down on mine once again, and my belly flips as his tongue searches out
the secrets of my mouth. He finally allows me to breathe, moving from my
lips down over my jaw and into my neck. He carefully presses kisses with
hot, wet centers along the route he takes, and I am content to stroke his
hair, pet his neck and whisper small endearments to him as he traces his
lines of lust along my body.

We have only been together for a few days, and this still feels so strange.
I don't understand how I could hate this man so passionately one day, and
the next day find myself so deeply in love with him. I think of the things
I've done to him in the past, and I wonder if I will ever be able to make
things right again. He lost his arm through me. If it hadn't been for me he
would still be perfect. Oh, my Alex! Sometimes I wonder how it is that you
love me when I deserve for you to kill me.

He is kissing his way down my side towards my penis now, and I want him so
badly I can't stand it. I feel under the pillow for the lube and unscrew the
cap, slicking my fingers and reaching down to find him. As his mouth
envelopes my cock, suckling and licking with long strokes of his tongue, I
feel between the cheeks of his ass for the small, tight opening that I know
is there. I urge him to move towards me, and my busy fingers find his soft
spot, working at it until first one of my fingers, then two are able to
enter his rectum, probing to find that magic spot, his prostate. As my
fingers work on him, his mouth is working on me, pulling me towards the
dizziness of sensation I crave.

"Alex, I need you inside me, please, baby, please." He looks up at me, his
mouth still firmly clasped around my dick, and I gesture to him. Reluctantly
he removes his mouth from me and squirms up to kiss my lips once more. I
take hold of his cock and stroke on the lube, pulling my legs upward to
allow him free entry. I am more than ready. He slips in easily with only the
bare minimum of resistance. Then, he presses his hips up towards me until he
is as deeply buried as is possible, and leaning forward, he fixes his mouth
to mine again as we begin to rock.

I take hold of my penis and stroke it in time with his thrusts, wanting him
to watch me. Gazing up at him with lust-drugged eyes, I see a fierceness of
expression that only shows when, like now, he's fucking me. He looks so
arrogant right now that it sends me over the edge, and watching me, he
shouts out with joy.

"Yes, Fox, yes! Come on, that's good! God, I could fuck you to death!" I'm
gasping and panting as I shoot sticky white sperm all over myself, smearing
it with my hand and holding it up for him like a sacrifice. He dips his head
and licks it from my fingers, making me groan again as I fill with adoration
for him. Another moment and his rhythm alters, he plunges desperately now,
pounding me as he arrives at his own climax. His eyes never leave me, and I
see his face crease with ecstasy as the spasms wash over him.

At the end of it, he collapses to lie drained across me and I place kisses
onto him wherever I can, while he remains panting in my arms. Later, we
drift back to sleep, still entwined, limbs tangled and arms about each
other. I have never been so happy. Tomorrow I have to return to work. I will
have to leave him behind, a secret not to be shared, at least not for now.

I wonder how I can possibly keep him a secret. My joy must shine out of my
face all the time. I know I see it in his. How will Scully react to the
knowledge that I have a lover? How will she take the news that my lover is
Alex Krycek? She knows that Cardinale killed her sister, but she also knows
that Alex was there when it happened. What will Skinner do when he discovers
that Alex is home and that I have dropped my senseless persecution of him in
favor of taking him into my bed?

Spender! Oh, God, Spender! He knows about Alex and me. He has seen us
together. What will he do with that news? My dreams are uneasy as I ponder
my choices. When the alarm finally heralds morning, I am confused,
miserable, and halfway to convincing myself that I will lose Alex.

He is first to rouse himself, leaving the warmth of my side to head for the
bathroom, and then to make coffee. My Alex is an addict. I pull the clothes
over my head, not wanting to stir, though to tell the truth, it isn't half
as inviting now that he is no longer lying beside me.

As I'm trying my best to fall back to sleep, he comes back into the bedroom,
delving under the duvet to suck my toes. I defy anyone to stay relaxed when
Alex Krycek is sucking on his big toe. I give a high pitched scream that
makes him fall about laughing and scoot up the bed, trying to get my feet
away from his invading mouth.

He won't let up. Laughing though he is, he's remorseless in his quest to see
me awake and out of bed. Finally, I quit trying to fight him, and instead I
squirm to bring my body round so that I am leaning up against him. Briefly
he allows me to sidetrack him into a kiss, but then he smacks my behind
quite sharply and pulls away.

"Come on, Fox. You have to get your ass in gear. If you're late and they
find out that I'm responsible for your delinquency, I will be shot at dawn.
You need to come get ready for work." His velvety voice is soothing, even
though I don't like him telling me I have to wake up and go to work. I plant
a kiss on his shoulder and dive into the shower.

I am beginning to believe that he is wiser than I am in many ways. He does
not come to join me in my shower. I am disappointed, but on the upside, he
has made me coffee and offers me toast as I enter the kitchen.

I love to watch him in the kitchen. He pads around putting food together
deftly, and I watch the muscles sliding under his skin as he moves. He is
naked and radiates an aura of quiet competence. I would trust this man to
kill someone for me, and I will drink his coffee without reaching for the
Maalox. I can't think of any greater compliment to offer him.

Eventually I am dressed, breakfasted, and kissed out the door. He is still
naked, and it has never been harder for me to go to work than it is right


Coming back to work after a break is always a difficult adjustment. I have
not been in since Christmas Eve, and now it's the New Year. When I reflect
back on the things that have happened to me since Christmas Eve, I'm
astonished that I don't somehow look different. My whole life has changed in
the space of little over a week, and somehow it doesn't show on my face.

Entering the office I'm now sharing with a whole bunch of other agents, I
look around for Scully and can see that she's here by the fact that her
glasses case lies on the desk. She is nowhere to be seen. There's a note on
my desk to go see Kersh immediately, so of course I go first to get coffee.

When I return to the desk some time later, Scully is waiting for me.

"How was your Christmas, Mulder? I called you but you weren't there. I hope
you had a good time." She's looking at me narrowly, and I listen to see if
there's any concealed meaning there, but she's just asking to be civil. I
wonder how much to tell her. I need to tell her sooner, rather than later,
or she'll never forgive me.

"Scully, I had a wonderful time. How was yours? Did you have a headache on
Christmas Day? I know I did! You dance really well by the way!" I'm hoping
to divert her but soon see that this won't happen readily. She shoots me Icy
Stare Mark IV, the one that's guaranteed to quell opposition without
stripping any flesh from the bones. I smile at her, unrepentant. I'm going
to drop more of a bombshell than that; just give me time.

"Scully, I met someone." I know I've got a foolish grin on my face, but I
have to tell her. I have to tell her some of it at any rate.

"Mulder, you mean...That's wonderful, who is she?" She's smiling, and I know
that she really is happy for me. I am touched. She's been a really good
friend to me through these past few difficult years. I want to let her know
that I'm finally on my way to becoming happy. I don't know how she's going
to react when I disclose who my choice of partner is. Hell! I'm remembering
how I felt just a little over a week ago.

Something in my expression must have given me away because she loses her

"What, Mulder? What is it?" she looks perplexed, and I can't say I blame
her. I'm still pretty confused myself.

"Well, you see, Scully, it isn't a she, it's a he... " Her eyes open wide
and round, just like saucers. She opens her mouth to say something, but just
then the phone rings, and Kersh makes any further discussion impossible as
he demands our immediate presence in his office.


Finally we escape from Kersh's interminable meeting. Reports have been
delivered, discussed and dissected. It's time for lunch, and I know that
Scully is going to be on my case just as soon as we leave the office. She's
practically running to keep up with me, and as I look at her, my lips
twitch, and I decide to take pity on her.

"OK, Scully, lunch is on me. Where do you want to go?"

We settle on a sandwich bar a couple of blocks away from the office, and I
take her arm as we stroll across. We grab our soup and sandwiches, and find
a booth where we can talk. Then we sit and look at each other. She opens her
mouth a couple of times, and then closes it again.

"Are you having trouble, Scully? You seem to have lost your voice." I know.
I'm teasing her, but it does unleash the floodgates, and off she goes.

"Mulder, you never told me you were gay." She appears to be a little hurt,
and I don't blame her.

"Scully, it's not that simple. I'm not. At least, I wasn't, or... I don't
know how it happened." Visions of Alex invading my apartment that night,
dirty-sweet, smelling of lust and blood, flash through my mind, and my cock
leaps. "I never had this kind of thing happen to me before. I don't quite
know where it's going yet, but I know that I want it."

Scully is thinking hard. I recognize the signs. I'm starting to get worried,
but then she leans forward and puts her small hand over mine. I breathe a
sigh of relief. She's still talking to me. I'm trying to find ways of
breaking the news to her of exactly who my significant other

//lover! Sweet, sweet lover!//

is. There must be a way that won't make her take out her gun and shoot me.
At that moment my cell phone rings.

"Mulder." It's Alex. My belly flip-flops, and I get a dumb smile on my manly
features. I can tell I look goofy because Scully rolls her eyes heavenward
and returns to her soup while I babble to my lover. "Hello, Love. What's up?
Did you just call to hear my voice or is there a problem?"

"Fox, I'm really sorry, something has come up, and I have to go out of town.
I'm heading out right now, and I'm going to try and turn it around to be
back late tonight." My stomach lurches. I'm uneasy. Where is he going? I
don't like this. "I won't be here when you get home, but I'll be thinking of
you. I'll be there as soon as I can. I love you." His voice rasps over my
ears, sliding down my nerve network to caress between my legs. I want to go
and grab him. I want to make him stay home, but that's unfair. He wouldn't
do it to me. I suddenly realize how little I still know about my man.

"Ok, Love. I'll see you when you get back. Wake me if I'm sleeping, OK?"
Scully is trying not to look as if she's listening, and I'm sure I'm
blushing because Alex is telling me in graphic detail exactly how he plans
to wake me. This of course has just ensured that I won't be able to get a
wink of sleep 'til he's home! I try to keep my breathing under control, but
she's still listening, and the look on her face tells me I'm going to be

"I love you. See you later." I put my phone away, feeling slightly foolish.
Scully is watching me with a small smile on her face. I'm sure she's
thinking I've slipped a cog or two, and she's right.

"Mulder, tell me! Tell me all about it or I'm going to run screaming from
this restaurant. What happened? Who is he? How did you manage to do all this
without me knowing?" She leans forward, female that she is, eagerly
listening for gossip.

"Well, I've known him for a long time. To tell you the truth I didn't like
him. Actually, I kinda hated him." I can feel my face turning red. She
knows! She must know! Her face is calm and interested. She hasn't drawn her
gun yet, so I continue. "We haven't seen too much of each other lately, and
I was pretty surprised when he turned up at my door on Christmas Eve."

"Mulder, you were at the party on Christmas Eve." She's still sounding
confused. "Just what is it that you're not telling me?"

I gulp. "It' You know him." I can hear blood rushing in my ears.
She's completely flummoxed. I can see her furrowed brow as she tries to
unravel the puzzle.

"Scully, I know this sounds stupid. Just take it from me that I really
didn't intend to fall in love with anyone, let alone a man. I don't quite
know how it happened, but I'm not sorry."

"Mulder, you say I know him? Who is he? What are you trying to keep hidden
from me." She's leaning forward again, all honest concern and earnestness.
This is the crunch. Tell it now or go home, Mulder.

"Alex, his name is Alex Krycek." The words fall into the suddenly still air
like rocks into a pool. The shock lies leaden on the air and is followed by
ripples of bewilderment. Her eyes widen and then cloud over. I am not sure
how she feels.

"Alex Krycek? Oh my God, Mulder. What are you thinking of?" She sounds as if
she is somewhere else. I touch her hand and wait. Visions of Alex, my Alex
are dancing in my inner eye.

"Mulder, I don't know what to say. I thought you hated him. You do remember
that he killed your father?" She's not angry. She's stunned. I wrack my
brain for something to say to her so she will be happy, but I can't think of
anything right now.

"He didn't kill my father. My father killed himself. I'm convinced of that
now. Scully, I don't think it matters about the past. What matters to me is
the way I feel about him. It's the way we are together. That's the only
thing right now. Scully, you have to come and see him with me. See us
together. I can't explain what I'm feeling. I can only live it." My voice
trails off, and she's actually nodding.

"Mulder, it's OK. It's your life. I won't make trouble for you. If you love
the man, you love him. I only hope you won't be too badly hurt. He's
betrayed you in the past, sold you out. I recall having to blow a hole in
you to stop you from killing him. I won't do it again, Mulder. He's all
yours." She's holding herself now, arms tightly wrapped around across the
front of her in Defensive Posture 12b of the psychology 101 handbook. I put
out my hand to touch her face gently, and she bursts into tears.

"Scully, you've been my best friend for years. Don't stop being that. I'm
always going to need one." I'm tearing up too. So much for my butch and
manly exterior! Oh, well! I suppose I can try for sensitive and new-age


Later in the afternoon I find myself in the basement. Damn! I didn't want to
come down here. Why can't I have a secretary to go hunting files for me?
Still, I walk very softly past the door to the X-Files. I hate being here. I
think I've made it past, but damn it, just as I reach the elevator, it opens
and out steps my favorite Special Agent. Oh, fuck! Please not him, not
today! Make him go away!

"Mulder. I was looking for you."

//Shit! No such luck!//

"Looking for me, Spender? What's the matter? Too much time on your hands?"
Cheap shot, I know, but he does irritate me. He gestures and holds the door
open for me to go into the X-Files. Being totally without will power today,
I go in.

"What seems to be the problem, Spender? Do you need a little help with the
X-Files?" I know I'm needling him, but somehow I can't help myself.

"Not the X-Files. You know what I want to talk to you about. Alex Krycek is
the main thing. You do know you are consorting with a known felon? Are you
aware what would happen to you and your job if this became known?" He's
talking calmly, but his face gives it all away. He looks so bitter and
unhappy that I wish for a moment I could help him. I can't. I wouldn't if I
could. Alex is mine. Not his, mine!

I smile to hide my unease. I know very well what will happen. I would never
be able to protect Alex, and I need to.

"Are you asking out of concern for me or out of a desire to do a little
consorting of your own? He's mine. You won't find him running to you. Give
it up, Spender. You know, he's like a drug. Once you've taken him, you have
to keep a regular supply going, or it's cold turkey. Is that your problem,
Spender? Getting sweats and shivering in the night? I feel for you, but I
can't help you." I'm trying to be kind. I know I'm not succeeding. He looks
worse now. His face grim and closed.

"I'll talk to Alex next time I see him. That's all I can promise." He looks
at me, with a cold, intense glare that shrinks my stomach and makes me fear
for my Alex.

"If you know where he is, tell him I need to talk to him. That's all I'm
asking, for now." He turns from me and opens a file. I am dismissed! Way to
go, Spender! I love power games with assholes. I leave, without closing the
door behind me. Petty, I know, but it makes me feel good.


It's about 8 when I get home. He's not here, and I knew that he wouldn't be.
I consider watching the TV but can't quite work up the enthusiasm. I take
myself off to bed. This is a new thing for me. I never used my bed until he
came. Now, the pillow smells of him, and I want to lie here and imagine. I'm
really tired, but 3 hours sleep a night will do that to you. It isn't
surprising. The only thing that does surprise me is the fact that I fall
asleep straight away.

I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming of warm lips around my penis, and the need to
push, push myself into that heat. Cloudily I can hear sultry encouragement,
sweet obscenities that make me crazy. I wake as I'm coming, crying out in
the night as I spurt endlessly into that heat.

"Hello, Baby. I told you I would." He's damp from the shower, and he crawls
up to cover me in kisses. I groan and throw my arms around him. He gasps and
winces a little, and I'm suddenly a little worried. I reach out, fumbling
for the lamp. Clicking it on shows me the beauty of my lover and the bruises
on his back, his ribs and his side.

"Jesus, Alex! What happened to you?" I lick at the scrape on his chest. He
hisses his breath in, and then strokes my hair.

"Baby, I'm trying to persuade certain elements that they should leave us
alone. I want us to be able to live together. I don't want anyone to start
shooting at you, just because you're with me." I lay my head down on his
shoulder. I won't let it drop, but it's not a good time right now. That
reminds me, and I start to tell him about Spender. He closes his eyes for a
minute, and then sits up.

"Fox, he seemed like such a good idea at the time. Now he's starting to
become tiresome. Maybe we should both go and see him. What do you say?" I
look at the clock. It's 2am. I shake my head.

"Do you mean right now?" He can't be serious!

"Yeah, let's get him over with. Come on!" He starts to climb out of bed and
turns to pull me up. "I've got just the thing for you to wear. We'll have to
be very careful here. I don't want to have to kill him, but I don't want him
to screw up your life either." He pulls me to him and opens his mouth to
kiss me, plastering his damp, warm self onto my body and making me shudder
with lust. His tongue lazily curls into my mouth, drawing my cock upwards as
though it were on a string. I don't know how I can feel this horny all the
time. I cling to him. This is real. This is where I want to be. Fuck

Releasing me at last, he turns to the closet where his clothes are hanging.
Opening the door, he fishes out a couple of hangers. Extending one to me, he

"Here. You are gonna look sensational in this, Fox." Dubiously I take it.
The garments are leather. I turn to find my underwear.

"Nope, sorry, no can do, You can't wear anything under it. You'll see. Just
put it on, Fox." His breath is a little ragged and he looks flushed. He's
really turned on. I pull the pants off the hanger. Putting them on, I can
see at a glance why there's no room for my boxers. The pants lace down the
outside from hip to ankle. There is about 2 inches of my skin showing all
the way down on each side. The top is sleeveless, made of glove leather, and
it also laces up the sides. It's so tight, I feel as if I'm wearing a corset
or something. There's black criss-cross lacing from mid chest to my neck
too, and a collar that stands high. Looking at myself in the mirror, I can
see a totally new Fox Mulder. I'm amazed. Alex is just about drooling. His
penis is up and hard. He looks at me as if I'm a steak. Holding out a black
studded collar, he says, "Wear this for me, just for tonight. It doesn't
mean anything, but Spender will think it does." I shrug and put it on. He
gasps and comes over, still naked, to press himself against me, running his
hands over me. I grope down for his cock, wanting to help him feel good, but
he slaps my hand away.

"No, Babe, not now. I need that for now. Wait 'til later. It will be so
good!" He peels himself away from me and turns to put on his own clothes.
He's in leather too, and a big, floaty silk shirt in an amazing green that
makes him look like a forest elf. Over this go a black leather vest and an
assortment of chains, clamps and rings. He looks so pretty. His ass is
outlined in soft black leather, and I want to dig my fingers into it. That
hard-on of his is showing clearly through the tightness of his pants. It's
very difficult to keep my hands to myself. I busy myself looking for my
black boots. "Alex, I like this outfit, but I'm gonna freeze if I go out
like this!" He sniggers and comes over to kiss me again.

"Oh, God, Fox. You look so hot! I wanna forget going out and take you back
to bed, but we can't just yet. Come on. Let's find you a coat. Spender is
gonna wet himself when he sees you." I trace a lingering lick down from the
corner of his mouth to his neck where it disappears into the shirt. He gulps
and pushes me away."Come on, Fox. Let's go do it!" Fast kiss, slap on my
butt, and we're out of there. I'm getting into a whole new lifestyle here.
Where will it end?


Driving to Spender's place, he keeps on touching me. He's stroking me
through the leather, kneading and squeezing until I'm just about crying with
need. When I ask him to stop, he just laughs and keeps going. In a way, I'm
glad when we arrive. He has already learned the touches that make me crazy.
I don't want to soil his pretty leathers. Not yet, anyway.

He picks the lock, and we enter the apartment building. He knows where to
go, and soon, he's pounding on Spender's door. It's nearly 3 am. Either he's
in bed, sleeping deeply, or he's out. If he's asleep, he's going to be
really pissed off.After a couple of minutes, just when I'm dragging at his
arm to try and make him come away, the door opens. Spender is home. He was
definitely sleeping, by the look of him. He's pulled on a pair of faded
jeans to answer the door. His hair is in disarray, and his feet are bare. He
blinks at us uncomprehendingly, and as he does so, Alex saunters in past
him, snagging my hand as he goes, pulling me after him. He slips off my coat
and tosses it onto the couch, as Spender stands, uncertain.

"What are you doing here? Do you know what time it is?" Spender's voice is
scratchy, confused. Alex grabs hold of his hair, pulling him in to stand
nose to nose with him. Spender blinks owlishly at him. Alex gives a
predatory smile and then kisses him. I watch, feeling hotter than ever. I
want to peel off my second skin and touch myself. I'm so into it, it doesn't
even occur to me to feel jealous.

I watch Alex kiss Spender's mouth, and I can feel it as if he were doing it
to me. Spender moans and goes limp against Alex. He's not as tall as either
of us, and he's slender too. His chest has curly black hair on it, and he
would be attractive if he would only smile. I don't want to make him happy
if sharing Alex is what it will take.

He finally comes up for air, and Alex keeps his hand buried in Spender's
hair. Spender looks up at him with an unmistakable look of adoration. When
he finally turns to me, his face is back to its usual cold, bitter mask.

"How come you had to bring the slut-bride from Planet Fuck-Me with you?
What's he doing here?" I don't think he likes me. I'm crushed!

"Hey Jeffy! He's a treat for you. Fox is beautiful. Look at his lips! Can't
you imagine how they would feel if he wrapped them around your cock? Come
on. C'mere!" Alex is slowly walking him over to me. His arm is around
Spender, and he's got his hand buried in that hair of his. His eyes are
bright and feverish, and he's looking at me with a smile I haven't seen
before. He reaches me, and leans to glue his mouth to mine. He's still
holding Spender, and the three of us crush awkwardly together. Alex darts
his tongue into my mouth, and for a brief second I close my eyes and wish I
were home and alone with him, then he pulls away.

"Look, Jeffy. Look at my pretty Fox. Can you imagine him lying under you
looking like that? Kiss him, Jeffy! You know you want to." His hand in
Spender's hair urges him forward, and Spender has a strange, sick gleam in
his eye as he puts up his hands to lay them along the sides of my face. His
lips are soft and warm, and he kisses me like a drowning man. He pulls me
into him and presses himself on me. Alex is stroking my hair and whispering
sweetness to me in his low, husky voice. I feel dizzy and wonder what will
happen now.

Alex is untying the laces at the fly of my pants. He drops to his knees to
suckle briefly on my engorged prick, and then hauls Spender down beside him.

"Look at this. Wouldn't you like it? Wouldn't you like to taste it? He
slides his hand along it, stroking around the drops of moisture trembling on
the head of it, scooping them off and putting his fingers into Spender's
mouth. He licks them avidly and gets another kiss from Alex. Then Spender
leans forward to take my dick into his mouth. His mouth is very talented,
and I'm on the final climb towards orgasm when Alex pulls him away from me.
I can't help it. I cry out. He chuckles and caresses me again.

"Patience, Baby. You'll have such a good time if you just hold on for a
minute or two." He rolls Spender to stand in front of him with his back to
him. While he's talking to me, he's nipping and sucking Spender's neck, his
back and his shoulders. Spender has his eyes closed, and he's breathing
harshly. Alex's hand moves down to open Spender's jeans and tug out the hard
erection that's lurking there. As he begins to stroke it, he leans to kiss
me again, and then tells me to do things to Spender. I drop my head and
begin to lick and bite his nipples. He is groaning now, and I know how he
feels. We are so close, so aroused, it's like torture.

Alex has Spender leaning back against him. His hand is busily, slowly
jerking Spender's cock, and I'm biting the man's nipples, running my hands
over him and playing with his ass cheeks as I think of variations. Spender's
breath comes in great gasping sobs now, and he's whispering Alex's name
again and again under his breath. Suddenly, Alex stops his stroking and
pushes Spender away. He pulls up a chair and makes him sit in it. Then he
takes the cuffs from his vest and secures Spender's arms around the chair
back. The man is sitting there, close to orgasm, dick pointing at the sky,
and he's handcuffed to a fucking chair.

Alex turns to me and grabs me into his embrace. His kisses and licks make me
weak in the knees, and slowly we sink to the ground. Finally, Alex turns and
takes my helplessly throbbing cock in his hand, squeezes it a couple of
times, and then deep throats me. I scream, thrust, and come explosively, my
entire body awash with sensation. He turns to Spender.

"You could be getting that, but you're threatening my Fox and that's not
allowed." Spender looks haggard, and who's to blame him? I feel so sorry for
him. I go to him and try to find the key to the cuffs, but wherever it is,
Alex has it hidden.

"Alex, you can't leave him like this. He's suffering." Alex shakes his head
at me.

"It's OK, Fox. He likes it." Spender is shaking his head from side to side,
straining to find something to rub his penis on. Taking one final, slightly
exasperated look at me, Alex reaches down and with a couple of quick jerks,
brings about Spender's orgasm. He moans, and the white, sticky fluid runs
all over Alex's hand, spattering onto the floor. Alex wipes his hand in
Spender's hair and turns to leave.

"Are you going to leave him there?" I'm incredulous.

"You're too soft hearted, Fox. He was OK there." Nevertheless, Alex fishes
for the key in his pocket, unlocks the cuffs and grabs that curly hair
again. "OK, Jeffy, sleep well. You owe your present sense of well being to
Fox, not to me. If you bother him again, I'll leave you in such a state that
you'll wish you'd never been born."

To my amazement he nods, and his eyes are promising the world to Alex. He
turns, takes my hand, and we leave.


Back in my apartment, there is little left of the night. Alex turns to me,
puts his arm around my waist and nuzzles into my neck.

"God, Fox, you're so beautiful. I want to fuck you. Please, can I?" Nodding,
I start to undress. He turns me away from him and lays me down. Crawling to
sit alongside me, he begins stroking my back, my neck, the hollow where my
buttocks begin to swell away from my back. He kisses the back of my knees,
parting my thighs to find the tender flesh between them. I feel him tremble,
and hand him the bottle of "Wet", knowing that he's going to have trouble
with only one hand. His fingers, slick and clever, slide inside me as his
mouth continues its teasing exploration. He bites my ass cheeks, and his
fingers move home to stroke my prostate gland, making me buck into the

Finally, he climbs astride me and tugs my hips upward as he seeks to enter
me. The initial thrust is sharp, and I gasp as he works his cock past the
ring of tight muscle, but as he starts his rocking, lazy thrusts, I feel the
tightness begin to build, a tingling, tickling rush from my navel through to
my cock. I can't believe I'm getting there again. I'm not 17 any more! He
moves faster, and I reach down to knead my own dick, knowing that he can't
help me from this position. As I finally reach oblivion, muscles clenched in
ecstasy, and voice yelling God knows what, he comes with a scream. Slick
wetness gushing into me lets me know he is mine and wants me. I collapse
onto my belly, and he collapses with me, lying on my back, hand stroking
gently as I crash out.

When the alarm wakes me for work a couple of hours later, He is still lying
over me, looking very childlike and innocent. I'm still wearing his collar.
Now what are we going to do?