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Booze Brothers 8: Highballs

by Dr Ruthless



The morning seeped in behind the sleeper's eyes, turning his dreams golden. Alex Krycek sighed, sensing the passing of the night, and snuggled down into the bed, to nuzzle up against his partner. Fox Mulder mumbled in his sleep and rolled to put his arm around Alex, not yet ready to face the day, but wanting to hold his lover to him even as he slept.

Alex, slowly returning to consciousness, could feel the insistent prod of Mulder's piss-proud penis against his thigh, and smiled to himself at the sensation. He turned up his face to kiss the sleeping man, and slipped out of the bed, heading for the bathroom.

Mulder wrinkled his face in a moue of discontent, made blurry by sleep, but didn't wake up, moving instead to pull Alex's pillow against himself. He muttered to himself as he burrowed into the pillow, and Alex resisted the urge to go back and kiss him breathless, moving instead to the bathroom to relieve himself and to brush his teeth.

His face washed, and feeling good, he crept on cat feet to the kitchen where he started the coffee filtering, and cut up a grapefruit ready to take back into the bedroom, making a couple of trips to deposit the dishes on his night table. His mind dwelled on the warmth of the man in the bed, and he wished that the coffee would hurry up and finish filtering so that he could return to him. At last, the gurgling sound of the last drops of liquid bubbling through the paper signaled that it was ready, and he poured two mugs, adding cream to Mulder's, and taking hold of the two mug handles with the fingers of his one hand.

Quietly, he glided back to the bedroom, placing the dishes beside the bed, and at last, with a moan of utter bliss, he slipped into the warmth of the bed, scooting backwards to lie against the warm body of his lover. As soon as he felt Alex's smooth skin beside him, Mulder squirmed to lie pressed up against him, and Alex took a moment to luxuriate in the heat of his lover's body before rolling to face him.

Moving towards his sleeping lover, he ran a gentle hand up Mulder's side to his shoulder and then around to sink into the springy hair at the base of his skull, his thumb delicately tracing the convoluted whorls of his ear.

Mulder mumbled sleepily, pushing his head further into the caress in a way that was unmistakably cat-like. Alex grinned and tightened his hold, leaning forward to tease, and then to cover the lush lips of his beloved. As he pulled the now drowsily muttering Mulder into the warm depths of his adoring kiss, his tongue worked languorously, parting the softness of Mulder's lips and sneaking, thief-like, into the recesses of his mouth to steal away breath, leaving behind only pleasure.

As he finally decided that Fox was awake, Alex drew away, nibbling and teasing as he went, to supervise the opening of his lovers eyes.

Lashes flickered, and normally shrewd grey eyes gazed mistily into Alex's warm, green ones. Alex felt a shiver pass down his body as he stared back at the love that shone from them.

"Good morning, baby. Sleep well?" Mulder's voice was fuzzy with sleep and once again Alex felt the thrill and twitch jolt through him as he catalogued the sensual face of his beloved, the full lips and the rangy body, warm, strong, loving and his. A lump in his throat made both breath and speech unsteady. He nodded his response, smiling anew just because Fox was here, in his arms, and they were truly in love.

"God, I love you, Fox." Alex's voice was warm molasses, drizzling over Mulder's awakening senses, and Mulder obligingly gave himself up to be kissed again, lips parting readily to permit the slide and twine of tongue while his body tightened and seethed against this man he loved, and had given up everything for.

Drawing apart at last, Alex smiled sunnily.

"I made you coffee. Drink it while it's still hot." Mulder, still bemused, permitted Alex to haul him up and took the mug that he was handed, sniffing the aroma of the freshly brewed drink and then raising his head just sufficiently to take a sip from it.

"I've bought you a present." Alex was keen to get on with things, that was plain. Alex dived out of the bed, grabbing for a large, shapeless parcel, wrapped in paper that had little green aliens all over it. Alex had spent a considerable amount of time on those aliens, and Mulder took a minute or two to admire it.

"Hey, you really knocked yourself out on the paper. I love it! Thank you, baby. Merry Christmas."

There are two types of 'unwrapper'; every Christmas makes this more and more certainty. First there are rippers, avid for content, who snatch the paper from the gift, shredding it in their haste to get at the interior. Then there are the careful peelers, who appreciate the work that goes into wrapping a gift, and who are almost reverent in their treatment of a parcel coming their way.

Fox Mulder was a ripper. He tried, just for a split second, not to be, but in the end he was true to type, yanking the bright wrapper away from its contents, and flinging it from him in his frenzy. Alex chuckled as he watched. As Mulder laid out the smooth, soft, supple, black leather of the jacket Alex had bought for him, his lover was already bouncing with the need to see him wear it.

"I wanted to see you looking dangerous, love. Armani is very nice. I'm not disparaging it, but to look really dangerous, you need to wear the jacket and stop shaving every day." Mulder gave him a quizzical grin, and emerged from his cocoon of bedclothes. Making his way into the bathroom, he murmured that he would be right back.

Watching the bunch and slide of Mulder's muscular butt until he had made his way out the door, Alex closed his eyes, instant replay starting up behind the heavy lids as he waited .

Fox...his Fox.. In just a single year his life had turned around. He was no longer a lonely skulker in the shadows, he was complete. The memories of his past life, thoughts of loneliness, violence and addiction had formed him, but no longer controlled him.

A single whim that had begun late on Christmas Eve last year had led him through chaos, to hell, and then finally beyond to happiness. He felt as if he had been reborn, and for that he had to thank Fox.

There was a muffled thumping, followed by a muttered curse, and Alex shook his head. Fox was earnest, but funny, and had more than occasionally been known to be a klutz. What he was doing now, Alex couldn't say, but he was far too comfortable lying here to go and see. He would wait until either Fox returned or screamed in pain.

There were no further unusual sounds. Alex returned to his musings as he idly dug into his grapefruit, then jumped in surprise as a particularly juicy segment squirted him unerringly in the eye. He growled, surveying the grapefruit, which ought to have known better. It lay there in the dish, quiescent, and he gave it another exploratory prod, and then proceeded to devour it rapidly, finally laying the dish aside and dusting his hands together. No grapefruit was going to get the better of him.

When Fox finally reappeared, he was carrying an enormous box, wrapped in enough tinsel to sink a small battleship. His grin was huge and self-congratulatory.

"Merry Christmas, love."

He deposited the gift in Alex's lap, and then picked up his new jacket, slipping it on before draping himself over the bed in a moody looking pose that made Alex salivate.

Alex was torn. It was years since he had been given a gift at Christmas, but right now his urge to unwrap Fox was growing in an intensity that bordered on the obsessional. What to do? What to do?

In a way, Mulder decided it for him, pointing imperiously at the package, and demanding that Alex give it his attention.

We would bet that Alex, with his history of deprivation, not to mention depravity would be a 'ripper', desperate for instant gratification, wouldn't we?

Not so. Alex, always wary, mindful of traps and pitfalls, was a careful 'peeler'. This was a novel and wonderful experience for him, and he wanted to draw out the very final threads of enjoyment from it. He untied each tinsel bow with clinical precision, rolling the disentangled length of it carefully into a skein, and then set to unpicking the tape that sealed the wrapping paper.

Mulder looked on in growing impatience, understanding a little but wanting the payoff right away, hating the tease. As Alex finally removed the single sheet of wrapping paper, smoothed and folded it, Mulder found himself itching to lay his hands on the box, take it from Alex and rip the covering to shreds. Alex, looking up at his lover, naked save for the leather of his jacket, saw a predator, perched on his heels, looming over him like a vulture, and giggled.

"Can't stand the suspense, baby?" his smoky voice floated on the air like cobwebs, and the accompanying grin contained enough malice to make Mulder realize that Alex was behaving like this at least partly for effect. Reluctantly acknowledging the hit, he subsided back to his former position at the foot of the bed, and resumed his pose.

At last, Alex had the paper folded to his liking, and placed the tinsel carefully on the top of it before turning to the box itself.

Scotch tape to be peeled, then tissue paper to be taken and smoothed, then folded, then put aside, each second ticking away on leaden feet while Mulder found he had stopped breathing.

At last the gift itself was laid bare, and Alex gazed into the box for a long minute before putting his hand out to stroke it, tentatively. Olive green silk shimmered inside the box, and the label read "Armani". Alex slowly pulled out the jacket of the suit, and held it up, turning it this way and that.

"It will fit you, love. I measured you." Mulder sounded uncertain. "I just thought you'd clean up so nicely..."

Alex flashed a loving smile, followed by a considering look that quickly morphed into a different kind of grin.

"I guess we're doing a little role reversal here?" He slipped on the jacket and then hopped out of bed, sauntering over to the closet to filch one of Mulder's ties, quickly knotting it around his neck. Mulder, most of him still reclining, watched him with visibly growing interest.

Turning towards the bed, Alex paused.

"I'm a method actor. I have to have a minute to think my way into the part of Fox Mulder." He proceeded to stride around the room, working himself into the part he was going to play. His jacket hung down to cover his ass, almost. Each time he moved, Mulder could see the cheeks of his ass reveal themselves, and when he turned to face Fox, his cock was jutting through the open front of the jacket. Fox felt himself grow weak with desire as he watched.

Alex studied Mulder for a moment, and then he slouched. His usual proud posture became a droop, and he pouted. He pouted magnificently, and from somewhere, he summoned up an aura of detached cool. Reaching for a cell phone, he was about to start calling - someone - Mulder had no idea who, but he picked up a shoe that lay within his reach and threw it at his wicked love with a lot of force. Alex giggled, and then summoned up the pout again, posing for him.

Mulder, chuckling now, sat up and leaned back on his hands. He tossed his head, lifting his chin in an arrogant manner that was pure Krycek. Alex stalked towards him, grabbed the front of the leather jacket and yanked it towards him, his face a stormcloud of threat.

"You son of a bitch!" His voice, normally soft, furry and liquid, took on a flatness that was quite Mulderian. You're coming with me. You need to pay for your sins."

"Yob tvoyu mat!" Mulder growled out the words so convincingly that Alex blinked, put off his stride for a moment. He had not had any idea that Mulder knew words like that. He made a mental note to watch his mouth in future.

"Do you have any idea how to make reparation for your crimes against humanity, the state, and most importantly, me?" The words came through gritted teeth, and Mulder appeared to consider them carefully before reaching up to pull Alex's face down for a kiss.

This wasn't just any kiss. This was a definite knock-down, drag-out, with-lips-like-these-I'm-gonna-rule-the-world-some-day superkiss. Think Kissing 301 at the very least. Alex moaned and slumped onto the bed to lie across Fox's lap. Then he reciprocated, upping the ante with his beloved until the blood roared in his ears and the world stopped on its axis.

"Oh, fuck, that will do nicely." Alex pulled Mulder's mouth down again. His own mouth avid for the feel and taste of his lover.

"Hey, I was never such a pushover. Credit me with a little dignity." Fox's voice came, mildly complaining against Alex's throat as he nipped and sucked a perfect bruise into being at the join of neck and chest.

"You don't need to be pointing that loaded weapon at me, you son of a bitch," Mulder growled, making a pretence at snapping at the thick, veined, pulsing erection bobbing invitingly in from of him. "I'll come quietly."

"That'll be a first," sneered Alex, "You usually scream like a banshee." He began an attack on the other man's nipples , dropping to his knees, the better to reach them.

Mulder permitted this for a minute or two, and then reached down to take hold of the tie that hung from Alex's neck, hauling him up until they were both standing nose to nose, erections bumping, then noses , and then as Fox leaned forward, no space between them anywhere. He crushed Alex in against him and turned is head to lay his lips against Alex's, tongue snaking in to explore, affirming the sweetness of his lover, stroking sensation against his love's palate. Alex moaned.

A swift slide of Mulder's hand at Alex's shoulder and the jacket slipped to the floor leaving only the tie as Alex swayed, leaning into Mulder's embrace, perfectly pliant, waiting.

Lips parting only to kiss again, and breath shortening as they clung to each other, tasting, reaffirming that they had arrived together at a place where they could no longer keep secrets from each other. Now they could give each other trust as well as love.

"You think you're real hot stuff, don't you, comrade?" Alex's husky voice crept, insinuating to Mulder.

"That would be me. Krycek, Alex Krycek." He grinned, and the words, Mulder's delivery, the giddiness of the season proved too much at this point. Alex gave a shout of laughter and threw Fox onto the bed, kneeling over him to kiss him breathless while he ground his cock into Mulder's until it seemed as if he were going to strike sparks.

"Bend over and grab your ankles, Krycek" he grunted when finally he tore his mouth from that of his lover, trapped beneath him, not giving him even the vaguest space for such a movement.

"You've got to be kidding, " Mulder groaned, and then gasped as Alex nipped at the angle of his jaw. "I don't owe you anything, and I'm certainly not going to give in to you, G-man."

Mulder wrapped long legs around Alex's waist, and then flipped the pair of them over so that Alex was now on his back. Then he reached to fumble under the pillow, and triumphantly brought out the tube of KY jelly.

"We have to use this up before next year, lover, it's not the Y2K version." Alex's shoulders shook, and quite frankly, he could only be described as giggly as he watched his Fox prepping himself. As Mulder took hold of Alex's cock and centered himself, Alex's laughter died, and his husky voice began to murmur intimate Russian phrases.

Mulder sank down onto Alex's penis and Alex shuddered under him as He felt the silken heat envelop him, sliding down inexorably as Fox sank onto him, groaning. Alex could do nothing.

"Oh God! Do it to me, Alex! Please do it!" Mulder's voice was ragged with need, and Alex felt his insides go liquid in response to Fox's cry. With no time to waste on tenderness, he wet his fingers with saliva and stroked them onto his cockhead, then with a push and a twist, his prick was buried deep inside Fox, riding waves of slippery darkness towards the red blaze of pleasure, tingles coursing through him and tensing all his muscles as he thrust.

Alex cried out again, his muscles twitching and clenching as he pushed inside his lover. As he began to thrust, Fox arched his back in a spasm of delight that was apparently so great it was close to agony. Alex's whole body seemed to gather itself and squeeze itself out through the end of his dick and into the air. He yelled Mulder's name, knowing that he was beyond the point of no return, and he was going to come right there.

Alex felt Fox's anus contract around his cock as he too lost control. His penis spurted into confines of Alex's grip, and he pitched forward to lie gasping on his lover's chest, his heart beating crazily. They lay that way for several minutes, slowly recovering, while Alex slowly stroked the back of Fox's neck, his hair and his spine, fumbling under the soft leather to caress.

"Oh God Alex!" Mulder was barely able to articulate. Alex chuckled deep in his throat, continuing to run his hands over the other man's back.

"Wow Fox! I'm a total wreck. Look what you did to me!" His green eyes gleamed with mischief.

"I'm sorry, comrade, I wanted to make it slow, do everything to you that I've been thinking about for the past day. I guess I got carried away." Mulder pulled up with an effort and kissed Alex tenderly.

"Merry Christmas, Alex. I love you." Mulder gazed at the man he could no longer live without.

"Same to you, G-man, and happy anniversary." Alex lay, arm around his lover, happier than he ever had been. Mulder finally struggled himself up and reached for some of the discarded tinsel and ribbon, busying himself with it. Alex felt certain liberties being taken with his person, but was just too comfortable and sated to do anything about it. After a minute or two, he uttered a mild inquiry.

"Whatcha doin', baby?" his molasses voice poured sensuously over Mulder.

"I'm just making myself a little present to unwrap later." There was a laugh in his voice, and Alex lifted his head just enough to gaze down at the huge, extravagant bow Mulder had tied around his now quiescent penis, making it look like a large prawn in a party frock. Shaking his head, he lay back down and allowed the day to bring what it would.

Sometimes the things we get for Christmas aren't apparently valuable. Don't discard them without making sure. Everything can bring happiness one way or another, given time.


The End

Sue aka Dr. Ruthless