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NC 17: Well, maybe. Contains impure thoughts.

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"Clean- up and Dirty Mind"

by Dr Ruthless

Dr. Ruthless sat at her computer and wondered what she should be getting on
with. She had finished her stories, everyone was reconciled with anyone who
mattered. Nobody was love-lorn and asking her for advice, and she had
replied to every last item of e-mail. What to do? What to do? She spun
around in her chair, and surveyed her humble basement. Maybe she should
actually do somecleaning up for a change. There were dust bunnies under the
VCR and her prized copy of Xtro II had a coffee ring on the cover. She
sighed and headed out to the kitchen to find the furniture polish and the
vacuum cleaner.

Passing the computer, she clicked hopefully on "get mail" but nothing
happened. The dialog box apologised. "Sorry, you have no mail".

"How the heck can I have no mail when I'm on 17 mailing lists? I don't
understand." She pondered as she dusted and swept busily. A voice came from
somewhere behind her. "Sue...Sue!" and she turned to look, but there was
nobody there.

"I really need to get a life. I'm going to take root in this basement if I'm
not careful." Venomously she polished the coffee table. "Other people go out
and shop, or lunch or whatever on their day off. Me, what do I do? I clean.
Mrs. Mop! No excitement at all! I suppose the high spot of the day is going
to be when the husband comes home and I serve him his dinner. Grrrrr!"

The floor was sparkling, the rugs were beaten, the cat had run for its life,
and she was stacking dishes in the sink, prior to the final onslaught when a
strong arm snaked around her waist, and a warm, raspy chin nuzzled the back
of her neck. She jumped out of her skin!

Turning in mid leap, in much the same way cartoon characters manage it, she
came face to face with *holy shit!* Alex Krycek. Her heart just about leapt
into her mouth. What was going on?

"Sue..." coming from his gravelly, sexy voice, her name sounded like a
caress. "I need you to help me out. You've been really mean to me."

"Whatever do you mean? I ended the story with you and Fox just about riding
off into the sunset together, and Scully half way reconciled to your
relationship. What more could you possibly want?" He snorted, and the arm
tightened around her, as he pushed her up against the counter.

"You've gotta be kidding me! Every time you write about me you hurt me. You
shot me, dammit, you even killed me in that last one, and OK, I know you
relented and brought me back, but that hurt too, you know, and you gave
Scully the chance to perform an unauthorised vasectomy on me. I want you to
know that I suffered untold anguish over that. I may never be the same
again." He surveyed her to see how his complaint was going over. She was
flushed, with a smudge of something grubby on the end of her nose. She
stood, trying very hard not to wriggle against the extremely insistant lower
half of the delectable body she had been writing about for the past few

"Alex, I don't know what else you want. You want me to write you a holiday
or something? Why don't you go home to Fox and be domestic. Isn't that your
major goal in life?" He laughed harshly.

"That's what I'm trying to get through to you! I really want him, but you
left me high and dry on the fucking doorstep. I didn't even get a proper
kiss when you faded us both out!" He looked very cute in his indignation,
and she was wondering just how she was going to restrain herself from
grabbing him and planting a really wet one on him. She took a deep breath.
It didn't work,and she considered a cold shower.

"Alex, let me get this straight. You can't actually get it on without I give
you permission? Is that what you're saying?" His green eyes flashed and he
moved in closer, squishing her firmly against the worktop and letting her
feel that he was all there. Very much all there! She shuddered.

"You got it in one. I knew you were a really smart lady. Now if you can just
see your way to sitting down and writing me some really hot sex I will be
much obliged!" He stooped to kiss along her neck and around her left ear.
She felt her knees growing weak and the rest of her getting more than a
little warm. Clearing her throat, she fixed him with a stern glare.

"Alex, (God she loved saying that name!) just what do you think you are
doing to me?" He grinned a lazy, ratboy kind of grin and ran his tongue
around her lips before replying.

"Oh, I'm just letting you see what it feels like to be left high and dry by
someone. I'm going to get you so worked up, you'll just be begging me for
it, and then....heheheh! Then, I'm going to go back to the doormat just
inside Fox's apartment, where I've been standing hopefully for the last
several days." Her blood ran cold. Truly, he was as bad as people said he
was. What a shame he was so beautiful. Maybe she should write in some
disfigurements, so that she could get over him a bit, but he was so pretty!
She couldn't do it!

"I don't see what's in it for me! If I write you your sexy vignette, you go
off to play with Mulder, and if I don't you're going to torment me. I lose
whatever I do." She whimpered a little in the back of her throat, wishing
that she could play with him the way he deserved. Pushing him away, she
started to speak, then started again, trying to get her voice to go back
down to it's usual contralto, instead of the Minnie Mouse squeak she had
just produced. He ground his pelvis into hers once more before backing off a
little way, shit-eating grin still plastered across his gorgeous face.

"Besides, what about the short story I wrote for you and Fox the other week.
It was supposed to happen straight after the main story finished. Surely
that was steamy enough even for you!" Poking her finger into the chest of
her favourite character, she pushed past him, heading very determinedly for
the cold shower.

"Yeah, that was great, fantastic, but it was 10 days ago now, and I need
more! I'm a creature of large appetites honey, and I need to pander to them.
Come on now, you have to be nice to me for a change!" So saying, he grabbed
for her again, and his mouth came down on hers, muffling the words that had
been bubbling up a second before. As she sank into the kiss, his tongue ran
the inside of her mouth, and her whole body turned to mush. He slowly
released her, and stood grinning at the wreckage.

"So, what about it Honey?"

"Yes, Alex, whatever you say...."

and so, a story was born....

Sue aka Dr. Ruthless