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"Wedding of the Year" by Ruthless and Relentless

Spoilers: One cheeseball has a very bad day.

Plot: What really should occur at a wedding. Any wedding. I hate weddings.

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Wedding of the Year



It was going to be a gorgeous day. Fleecy little clouds floated in the azure sky, and the sun was heating up even though the day was still young. The Scully residence lay in the midst of an gloriously well established garden, and the glowing green of the well manicured lawn was the focus of a hive of activity. A marquee had been erected in the middle of the grassy expanse, and caterers were bustling in and out, putting the finishing touches to a buffet that was so lavish it made the tables groan. Dana Scully was up and about already, pacing nervously in her underwear as she suffered her mother's attention. Her dress lay ready in its swath of tissue paper, and her sister in law, ungainly in the seventh month of her latest pregnancy was exclaiming over it. Its silken folds shimmered on the bed and she sighed, thinking back to a time when she had been slender enough to fit within its confines.

Fox Mulder was also pacing, growing increasingly uneasy. When he and Alex had awakened that morning, his usually aggressive, attentive lover had been stone silent. Not long after they became lovers, Mulder realized that by nature, Alex Krycek was a very quiet man, but this morning was so far past quiet that it was dead air. When Alex had rolled out of bed, ignoring all of Mulder's playful entreaties, the dead air became frosty. Mulder couldn't resist puffing out a breath just to check if he could see it. When Alex returned, he headed straight into the bathroom. He was carrying the bottle of Stoli he kept in their freezer and he took a long swallow as he closed the door and locked it.

Mulder was baffled. He thought through the events of the past 24 hours, and nothing at all came to mind. He could find no reason whatsoever for Alex's actions. Sighing, he made up his mind, and made his way to the locked door, behind which his beloved Alex was presumably getting himself plastered. He was dressed right now in just a pair of faded blue jeans, and his hair still stood up in little tufts and spikes, from where he had run his hands through it repeatedly. Diffidently, he rapped on the door and waited. There was no reply. He banged a little harder, but still nothing, although he could hear something suspiciously like muffled cursing coming form the bathroom. Finally, he gritted his teeth, backed off and ran at the bathroom door, hitting it hard with his shoulder. The door shook, but didn't give way. He backed off to take another run, and dropped his shoulder. No doubt the door would have given way at his ferocious onslaught, but it never had the opportunity. Alex opened it, just as Mulder crashed through, and as he did so, Mulder hurtled through to wind up in the bathtub with a despairing yell.

Fetching up in the tub, in a haphazard sprawl, he gazed up at his lover and asked the million-dollar question.

"What's wrong, love?"

Alex had turned to look at Mulder. Mulder pulled his best pout in hopes that he could get the stone man to say something. Still holding the now empty bottle of Stoli, Alex reached down and hooked one hand under Mulder's arm and easily lifted him up to a standing position. Then Alex walked out of the bathroom. Mulder realized that Alex had walked, not staggered or swayed and that despite drinking an entire bottle of lethal potato juice on an empty stomach, the man was cold sober. Cold being the operative word. This was not good. Mulder knew he had to get some kind of communication out of Alex and it was going to take all his skills. Mulder was giddy with delight at the challenge. He loved Alex more than anything on the earth, he was totally indecipherable and therefore a complete package for Mulder to open anew every day, perfection within perfection. Mulder stepped carefully from the tub and found the nude man standing in the living room, his back to the bedroom door. The empty bottle was sitting on the floor beside him.

"Hate" was quietly growled.

"What is it baby, what do you hate?" Mulder said softly. He closed the distance but he knew from Alex's tensing muscles that he had gotten as close as was safe at the moment.

"Weddings" said even lower, venomous.

Two words, Mulder thought. Progress.

"Why do you hate weddings, Alex? Why didn't you tell me?" Mulder was talking softly, but not soothingly. Alex saw through that trick in a second and it really pissed him off when Mulder had tried it in the past.

"I. Did." Followed by a quiet rumble that Mulder always though of as Alex's own personal early warning system.

Alex was right, he had made it clear in his own way that he did not want to be part of the day's activities, yet Mulder had pushed him. This was bad. Scully would have asked him, how bad? Mulder knew that with Alex, bad did not come in degrees, it came in waves. He knew he was going to have to come up with something to try and salvage this situation. He hated to do it, but he dove in deep and pulled out the secret weapon he used when Alex was his most intractable.

"Alex," Mulder said softly. "If you go with me to the wedding, we'll play a game".

Alex Krycek, primal, deadly, professional enigma, turned and looked at Mulder for a very long time. Mulder stood still. Moving would be the worst mistake possible.

"Tell", he said to Mulder. The faintest flicker of humanity had ignited behind those amazing eyes, and Mulder began to talk.

"Baby, it can be whatever you want it to be. We can play with Scully's brother after the ceremony. You know how afraid of you he gets, and he really hates me. We could surround him, and make him really annoyed, or we could..." His voice trailed away to nothingness as he saw the expression on his lover's face change. He felt a chill run down his back as the green eyes glowed like twin lamps from hell. He recognized the signs.

Alex was having an idea.

Mulder knew from experience that it was way too late to circumvent whatever evil his beloved was plotting. He quailed inwardly as the beatific smile spread over the other man's face.

"What? What have you thought of?" He put out a hand to touch Alex gently. His stomach tended to feel as though someone had scooped out a dollop, and replaced it with ice cream whenever he gazed at this gorgeous man who had given himself without regret. He loved him, but he was also aware that Alex was more than a little crazy, and that he was probably not going to enjoy the day.

Alex's eyes contained dancing imps, and his smile held a delicious wickedness in it that made Mulder's cock twitch to hardness right there. He knew that he was going to end up going along with his love, just because he was so beautiful when he was being evil this way.

He also knew that he was going to regret it, whatever the plan might be, because Scully was going to get really mad at him.

"Alex? Tell me, please?" He cringed inwardly, but Alex smiled at him, and moved in to pull him close, kissing him hard and feathering kisses down over his chin and beyond, to the fuzzy trail that led from his navel to the button that fastened his jeans.

"Oh, nothing, Fox. It's nothing to worry about." His mouth began to do things to Fox's fly, and then to Fox's burgeoning erection, and soon, Mulder was lost in the sensation of being eaten alive by a rat.

This, as it turned out, was a very bad thing indeed, although at the time it felt pretty damned good.

So damned good that Mulder let out a yelp when Alex slowly unfolded and stood, breaking all physical contact.

"ALEX!" Mulder moaned, "Don't do this to me. Don't stop!"

Alex was so close to Mulder that his breath warmed Mulder's ear when he spoke.

"You're not going to enjoy this day until I do," Alex husked quietly.

Mulder knew he was in so much trouble that it was probably going to take the rest of his lives just straightening out whatever happened on this one day. He also knew that Alex would make it worth every nanosecond.

Painfully, Mulder moved into the bedroom to get dressed.

Alex went into the bathroom to shower, this time leaving the door unlocked. Mulder laid out the Armani summer tuxes he had picked out for them both. He didn't particularly care for the white coat for himself, but he chose these deliberately because Alex was a work of art in this style. He started chuckling as he remembered buying the suits. First, he had to explain to Alex that you didn't just buy a tux like this off the rack, you went to a store, made the purchase and then had a fitting. Alex had wanted to know what constituted a fitting and Mulder answered, leaving out a few of the details. He wouldn't repeat that trick, the tailor's medical bills were still coming in and it was only because the man was terrified of Alex that he didn't sue. Mulder had ended up having to measure Alex's other inseam.

He'd had to let Alex pace for an hour before he could get him to stand still long enough to get that far. If they hadn't been purchasing two Armani tuxes they would have been arrested, but the storeowner was a greedy bastard so he'd 'overlooked' Alex's behavior. That the man was also gay didn't hurt. He was mesmerized by Alex, to the point that Mulder was starting to feel very possessive. When Alex finally moved over to Mulder, invading his space to let him know that he would now allow himself to be touched, Mulder had looked at the owner and flashed him a very evil grin that said it all, " Mine!"

As they left the store Alex made his first comment since they entered the place,

"Fucker isn't gay, he's festive", Alex growled.

Mulder almost dropped their packages. People thought Alex had no sense of humor, they were so wrong. You just had to be able to understand it.


The groom was fighting with his own tux right at that minute. He hated the feel of the thing. He felt as if he had been trussed for the oven like a roast, but his Dana had wanted it, and he could stand it, just for this one day.

Walter S. Skinner studied himself in the mirror and nursed his hangover. He had drunk rather too much the previous night, in the company of Dana's partner, Fox Mulder, and his strange, silent, deadly lover. Alex Krycek was an unnerving presence at the best of times, but last night he had been especially saturnine, drinking neat Stoli and occasionally interjecting as Mulder and Skinner had shared anecdotes about his bride to be.

He wondered what the day would bring.


Dana herself was tempted to phone for a one way ticket to Paraguay, or somewhere equally remote, and hide herself at the top of the highest mountain she could find. She wondered why she had allowed herself to be talked into all this fuss and furore. If she had been left to herself, she would have been content merely to stroll to the registry office one lunchtime to tie the knot, but her mother had been so disappointed that she had given in against her better judgement. She had bitten the bullet and allowed her mom to organize what she called a 'quiet wedding'.

She was still not sure how the heck 400 guests, a marquee and an army of caterers could be called a quiet wedding, but it was soon going to be over. In just another eight hours, she and Walter would be on a jet heading for Puerto Plata, and a week in the sun. Hopefully that would give their jangling nerves the opportunity to die down

All she had to do right now, apart from looking beautiful, was to get through the day without permitting any of the factions at her wedding to come to blows.

Easy! Child's play!

Frowning, she contemplated Fox Mulder, knowing his propensity for causing trouble. Once she had allayed her own fears regarding Mulder, her thoughts sprang instantly to the hell born brat he had taken up with. Alex Krycek and Fox Mulder, the thought of the two of them running amok at her wedding sent her worriedly to the phonebook to look for travel agents that sold South America.

At that point her mother returned to the room to help her on with her dress, and her chance of flight was over with.

Her mom was preoccupied with the fact that the caterers had commandeered her kitchen, and were even now attempting to round up and contain the twenty live lobsters they had brought to cook, and which had unaccountably escaped their box.


Once Mulder had gotten dressed, he went in to check his email and phone messages. He was halfway through a drunken message from Frohike when Alex moved into view. Mulder was astounded. Privately, he was very concerned about how Alex and the tux would get along, they'd had a bad start and his lover was not exactly what he considered polished in the sartorial arena. Alex prowled into the kitchen and rummaged through the cabinets, totally unaware of Mulder's reaction. Alex wore the suit like he was wearing his jeans and leather jacket. Armani couldn't dent Alex's bad-ass posture, this man was wearing the suit, the suit was not wearing him. He was stunning, beauty personified. Turning to look at Mulder, Alex caught the rapt expression and decided now was a good time to begin playing.

"I'm hungry," he said quietly.

Mulder swallowed twice, and answered, "Baby, there is going to be tons of great food at the wedding reception."

Alex repeated, but lower this time, with more urgency, "I'm. Hungry."

Mulder walked over to him and put his arms around Alex's broad chest, although his long arms barely made the circumference. Alex may behave coldly, but he radiated heat all the time.

"What are you hungry for, Alexei?" Mulder asked with equal quietness and urgency. His need for this man was overwhelming, he could smell Alex's own dusky fragrance. Everything about him intoxicated Mulder.

"Has to be hard, long," Alex rumbled, almost inaudibly. He then slowly lowered his eyes and shifted his stance so that his pelvis was pressed against Mulder's.

"You aren't wearing any underwear." Mulder couldn't help but notice as he pushed back into his lover's tight, hard thighs and crotch. Mulder lowered his hands to that excellent ass and began massaging, feeling the strength straining at the thin cloth. Alex lifted his hand and pressed one long finger firmly against Mulder's lips. Mulder got the message and shut up.

Both men began to gently rock back and forth, letting their erections enjoy the friction. Mulder could sustain only one thought. Alex was relenting! Mulder knew that Alex had more control than he did when it came to sex, but Alex's appetite was insatiable. Just as Mulder was bringing one hand around to massage the front of him, Alex easily reached around Mulder and picked up the large pretzel stick he had pulled from the cabinet and laid on the counter. He tucked just the end into his mouth and slowly sucked it further in, using his tongue to lick at the bottom as he used his voluptuous mouth obscenely. His eyes now locked on Mulder's and his breathing deepened and became harsher, panting like an animal.

Mulder wondered if he was going to be the first man to die from an overdose of eroticism. Something about the expression in Alex's eyes frightened Mulder enough that his brain started functioning again. Mulder froze. He finally realized what Alex was doing and the mother of all groans started in the bottom of his feet and worked its way up his tortured body and out of his mouth. Alex slowly, inexorably, backed away and sauntered into the living room as Mulder stood by the sink, bent over and moaning. Then he heard it, unmistakable for anything else.

Alex was laughing.

The tremors that shook Mulder's body were testament to the effect that his lover had on him. However, he knew better than to try and remonstrate with him when he was in this kind of mood. The last time he had tried to do so, Alex had bound and gagged him, sucked him until he was close to blowing a fuse, and then gone off out for the evening, leaving him stranded, hot, and totally unable to help himself. It hadn't helped that Scully had been the one who found him like that and released him. When Alex had come home, he had given Mulder his most arrogant stare, and refused to touch him for a week, preferring to jerk himself off while Mulder suffered from pangs of unrequited lust. He wouldn't be doing that again.

He turned to look at his reflection in the mirror, and as Alex strolled over to stand beside him, he took in the sight of the two of them together. They were of a height, the two of them, and both were dark. Both of them were handsome, but that's where the similarities ended. If he himself was built for speed, Alex was built for power. Mulder was slim and strong, wearing clothes with the elegance of a fashion model. He was careful of his appearance, never liking to be less than well groomed. Alex, on the other hand, didn't care. He was sturdy, with a deep chest and strong arms. He was Mulder's opposite in many ways, not caring one wit about the clothing he carelessly draped onto his body. He preferred to go naked at home, but his usual outfit of choice was battered jeans and plain T-shirt, covered by the ubiquitous leather jacket. His appearance in the tux was a revelation. Mulder had thought that the unaccustomed apparel would somehow have dented his lover's self-confidence, now he could see that this was not going to be the case.

Moving in to stand beside him, Alex casually draped an arm around him, and Mulder turned his head to nuzzle at his cheek.

"I love you, Alex." His voice was quiet, matter of fact, but nobody hearing could doubt the sincerity of the softly spoken words.

"I know you do, G-man," Came the husky reply "But don't think I'm going to ease up on you today. You don't get any fun out of this until I do." He kissed the angle of Mulder's jaw, the flicker of a pointed tongue sending shivers through from his neck to his navel. Absently, his hand crept down to press against his own crotch as he moaned. Cobra fast, Alex had his hands at Mulder's throat, the fingers tightening until blood roared in his ears, and the world faded to a place where all that existed were Alex's fingers around his neck. "Don't you dare! If you touch yourself again, you'll regret it for the rest of your very short life. That's mine, do you hear me? Mine, and I forbid you to touch it."

Wordlessly, he nodded, unsure if he would ever be able to speak again. His lover studied him intently for a few minutes, and then kissed him very suddenly, deep, hard, and dangerous.

"We'd better get going if we wanna see the Ice Queen get hitched." There was nothing in Alex's voice but amusement, but Mulder still had that sinking feeling in his belly as he followed his unpredictable lover out to their car.

Alex took the car keys from Mulder's hand.

"I drive."

It was a statement, not a suggestion. Mulder figured it would give some time to come up with a lie to tell Scully when she asked him about the bruises that were even now growing darker on his throat. He also knew that she'd know what had really happened. Scully wasn't completely convinced that someday Alex wouldn't kill Mulder, and she made that very clear to him.

Mulder looked over at his lover. Alex was driving fast, as always, ever silent and intense in his concentration. He felt Mulder's stare and without looking over, placed his hand on Mulder's leg.

It was a possessive gesture. Alex was very tactile with Mulder, touching him, moving in close, breathing his air. Mulder knew that Alex was dangerous, it was an intrinsic part of him, no more separate than the unnaturally lush eyelashes that framed the windows to Alex's soul. He also knew that Alex would never kill him, or let him be killed.

Mulder couldn't explain it adequately to Scully, but he felt safer with this deadly man than he had ever been. He was safer than most people would ever be in their entire lives. Alex would torment Mulder sexually, harass him mentally and cause him no end of difficulty, but he would never cause him real harm. Mulder knew this without doubt. He had known it from the first time they had made love. Alex had let down the Kabuki mask he wore and Mulder had seen something so deep, so primitive, so possessive in those eyes that he knew he was mated for life.

Alex owned Mulder, loved him in the only way he understood and Mulder cherished it, needed it and would never let go, never underestimate it. He didn't need Alex to profess traditional love, he needed Alex as he was, for what he was and he knew Alex needed him. That was a helluva lot more than Mulder had seen in most *traditional* relationships, no matter the pairing.

Alex swerved the car into the parking lot of a convenience store and turned off the ignition, interrupting Mulder's musings.

"What do you need, baby?" Mulder asked.

"Altoids. Stay here."

"Mulder did. He didn't need anything and he knew that Alex was not in the mood to have him follow every footstep right now. A big smile crossed his face when he saw the reaction of several young women as they did a jaw-dropping double take at seeing Alex. Alex didn't notice them, he never did see how people reacted to him. Mulder thought it was one of his finest traits. Zero vanity. He had to admit, coming and going Alex was mighty fine in that tux. Even the tailor would have agreed.

Alex went to the back of the store and made a series of rapid phone calls on his cell phone, then grabbed some Altoids, actually paid for them this time, and exited the store. The young women were still standing outside, reluctant to miss any view of him. Mulder understood. He wanted to tell them the view was even better without the clothes, but he kept that nugget to himself.

Alex climbed back into the car and pulled out into traffic, they'd be at the Scully residence soon.


Pulling up outside Dana's parent's house, Mulder was a little nervous as he watched Alex's reaction to the valet who wanted to take their car away and park it. He relaxed when his lover finally relinquished the keys. Then as Alex turned to him with his sardonic smile, and threw his arm around Mulder's shoulders, he melted, snuggling against the vibrant body that bracketed his, as the sexy rumble of his lover's voice reached him.

"Come on, baby, let's go get hitched."

The door to the house was standing open, and the commotion inside was all but ear splitting. Caterers were dashing between Kitchen and marquee, and somewhere in the background, someone was lamenting lost lobsters. A man with a clipboard and glasses that hung around his neck from a cord minced about in very tight jeans calling for more something or other, and was ignored utterly. That is to say ignored utterly at least until he came nose to nipple with Alex, who was on his way through to the back yard to see what the heck was happening out there.

"Oooooh!" shrilled the man with the clipboard, fingering Alex's lapel, "Where did you spring from?"

Alex grinned, a nasty grin, and made to move past him, but he remained in front of the long-suffering hit man, buzzing and flapping like a particularly irritating insect. It was inevitable of course. Mulder winced as Alex swatted him, laying him out neatly along the deck just beyond the porch.

He turned, holding his hand out to Mulder, and together, the two of them picked their way through the commotion and out into the sunlight.

The back yard was set with chairs, ready for the ceremony, and a platform upon which a band would later play for dancing at the reception. Bill Scully, in his shirtsleeves, was busy supervising the layout of cables and things, and there were a couple of men with him, rigging floodlights and sound equipment. Alex watched this for a moment or two, and then his interested gaze moved beyond, to where a large box stood, perfectly alone on the grass.

He moved over to peek inside, and then, his most angelic expression spreading his features like gilt on gingerbread, he picked up the box, and ambled off with it. By the time that Mulder had turned back to find him, he had disappeared around the corner of the marquee.

Uttering a curse, Mulder hurried after him, and was just in time to see his beloved returning, dusting his hands together gently. Of the box, there was no trace.

Fascinated, Mulder studied his lover. There was a decided air of naughty little boy about him as he slid up to Mulder and snaked his arm around him.

"The damned wedding's supposed to start in an hour and a half. They'll never be ready in time." Mulder pulled back to examine his sweetie, and nodded to himself when Alex refused to meet his eyes, pulling him in instead to a kiss that curled up his toes and scorched his tonsils. As Alex finally allowed him to move away once more, delicately scritch-scratching the front of his pants as he did so, Mulder had forgotten his suspicions, forgotten his unease, and almost forgotten his fucking name as his cock jumped under Alex's hand.

Just at that moment, Bill Scully appeared, face frowning, and for a moment, Mulder's torture was reprieved.

It wasn't a long reprieve. Bill Scully's face always had the expression of a constipated man when he spoke to Mulder. His sister was a doctor, Mulder mused, why didn't she ever tell him about suppositories?

Mulder realized that Bill was talking at him. He also realized that Alex had vanished, moving away as smoothly as a cat. Mulder suppressed a groan. Sometimes having a vivid imagination was a real curse.

Bill was talking about his new car, the huge SUV parked in the driveway. He insisted that Mulder come around the side of the house for a minute so he could thump his chest in the male ritual of "mine is bigger than yours". Bill was extolling the SUV when his mother began calling for him from inside the house.

Mulder took advantage of the diversion to scan the area for Alex, he had to collar him and fast. As Bill was looking away, yelling answers to his mother's questions, Mulder saw movement inside the SUV. He focused a little more. It was a sizeable lobster claw, evenly waving back and forth just above the side window, a little crustacean metronome.

For a minute, Mulder tried very hard to believe that one of Bill's kids had left a toy in the SUV, but he couldn't sustain the lie.

Rapidly, the extent of having twenty lobsters sitting in your vehicle all day in the hot sun began to compound in Mulder's mind. His cheeks puffed out and his face began to get red as he attempted to hold in a combination bray of laughter-horror. He failed. Mulder ended up bending double and choking.

Bill turned around and began pounding on his back, assuming the sorry son-of-a-bitch had choked on one of his damn sunflower seeds. That was just what he needed today, his sister's idiot partner choking to death on her wedding day! Mulder pulled himself upright, fending off the onslaught to his back.

"Bill, I'm okay. I just swallowed a bug."

"You swallowed a bug?"

"Uh huh, a big one. It was flying, it crunched, so I think it may have been a Japanese beetle"

Bill Scully stared at Mulder. Shaking his head in disgust, he mumbled under his breath about being pitying that poor stupid bug and headed back into the fray of preparations.

Mulder had time to take a quick look at the SUV. The waving lobster claw was gone, down for the count. Rustling in the bushes around the opposite side of the house caught his attention.

Alex poked his head around and gave Mulder a gleeful smile. The he held up his hand, his index finger raised. Mulder began to choke again. Alex had just given him a signal, "That was number one". Alex disappeared and Mulder began to trudge back to the melee. He might as well say "Hi" to Scully while she would still speak to him.

He circled the house, trying to spot where his errant love might have gone. When he found him at last, he was standing, dreamily surveying the swimming pool at the side of the building. When Fox hove into sight, he looked up with a sunny smile on his face, and reached out to take Mulder's hand in his.

Mulder began to feel as though today might be worthwhile after all. Alex didn't often hold his hand. The missing arm made him feel very vulnerable, and he usually felt trapped unless his hand was available and unencumbered.

Right now he was concentrating on pushing Mulder's blood pressure sky high once again, drawing tiny circles on Mulder's palm with his thumb. Mulder moved closer to Alex, pressing himself up against the lithe body that he craved so badly. He was rewarded by a warm arm sneaking around him under his jacket, and firm fingers that gently began to explore the crease of his ass.

"Alex, lover, please... " He knew he was whining. Alex glanced at him in some amusement and slowly disengaged himself from the lust-dazed Mulder, laying his hand against the side of his neck and leaning in to slide moist lips against Mulder's own. Fox groaned at the contact, and moved forward, trying desperately to deepen the embrace. It was not to be. With another snicker, Alex turned and began to walk back towards the house, tossing a very worrying remark over his shoulder as he did so.

"I wonder," came the breathy murmur, "What would happen if the drains became blocked."

"You wouldn't." Fox gasped, knowing even as he said it that he had made a grave tactical error. Of course he would, especially now. He wondered what he could do to divert his beloved's attention, and breathed a sigh of relief when his sweet obsession turned and made his way back into the house.

Clipboard Man was still in evidence, and Alex curled his lip in a snarl as the man approached. Fortunately, the man detected that he was persona non grata, and backed off as Alex poised himself to attack. Then they were through the living room and on their way up the stairs to find the groom.

Alex forged ahead, not caring for one second that he had no idea where in the house Skinner might be. He tried room after room, surprising shrieks from several young ladies, and a very definite come-on from one matron of indeterminate age. For a minute, Alex, wearing his very best evil smirk, looked as though he were going to stay and fool around with her, but then he apparently recalled his mission. He kissed the lady soundly, told her he would see her later, and sauntered off.

Mulder was really relieved when at last he found Skinner's room although the groom appeared to be a little worse for wear. Closing the door, the three of them stared at each other, and then, with a flourish, Alex produced a hip flask, and offered it to Skinner.

Skinner accepted the flask, opened it and took a long swallow. He took a second one. Before he could take a third, Mulder reached out and took the flask from Skinner's hand. That he could do this without Skinner giving Mulder his AD-From-Hell-Stare was a strong indication that the man was in Venice mode, sinking slowly.

"Is it wedding day jitterbugs, Sir?" Mulder asked.

"What the hell is a jitterbug Mulder? No, wait, I don't want to know," Skinner mumbled.

"Wizard of Oz". This startled both men and they looked over at Alex.

"You've seen 'The Wizard of Oz'? Mulder asked, clearly astonished.

"30 times", Alex answered.

Skinner sat down on the bed. "Of all days, today you mention that movie. Unbelievable, Krycek, Mulder is rubbing off on you."

"Once I'm happy he will, bet your ass on it," Alex answered, gracefully moving his head around to leer at Mulder. He then stuck out his tongue and touched his nose with it. Mulder's legs gave out and he landed on the bed, beside Skinner.

Once he got his breathing controlled, Mulder asked the AD, "Why is that movie pertinent today, Sir?"

"Walter, a man who is going to die should be called by his first name", Skinner answered. Mulder and Krycek exchanged glances.

"The Wicked Witch of the West is here", Skinner leaned over and placed his head in his hands, covering his face. "She's my older sister, she showed up uninvited. She loved Sharon and hates Dana," Skinner moaned into his hands. "She's here to eviscerate me".

Alex looked down at the miserable man, his Kabuki mask firmly in place for the first time that day.

"Describe her."

Skinner didn't look up, if he had, he would not have continued speaking. No one would have spoken lightly to Alex when he was masked.

"She's 5"11, dark brown eyes, female, Caucasian, stout build and last seen wearing a lilac dress." He had just described the matron who had propositioned Alex! Mulder quickly looked up to read his lover's expression. Alex took the flask from Mulder, knocked back a long swallow, and gave it to Skinner. His eyes were glowing, malice-filled beacons. He turned and headed out the bedroom, his body in full prowl. The last thing Skinner and Mulder heard was,

"Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead" being whistled as the door softly closed.

The two G-men looked at each other and shrugged. Mulder watched as Skinner took a further long draught from the flask, and the reached out a long arm to snag it. Raising it to his lips, he discovered that it contained only the merest trickle of spirit, and looked around for a refill. The strong bite of the alcohol was soothing in a way that seemed not just right but perfectly necessary. He looked into the flask, screwing it against his eye in a forlorn desire to make it full once more.

Walter watched his progress with interest, and finally turned to rummage in the cabinet beside his bed. With triumph, he turned to Mulder, waving a 3/4 full bottle of Jack Daniels. Mulder smiled, his first real smile that day, and reached for it, and together, the two of them settled down to trade their horror stories.


It was half an hour before the wedding. Guests had begun to stream into the old house, and Margaret Scully had fixed a smile on her face and begun to greet her guests. Smiling in a somewhat panic stricken fashion she lead them all out to the area beside the pool, where the collection of relatives and colleagues had formed a number of little, loose clumps talking in a desultory fashion if this and that.

When Fox Mulder and Walter Skinner emerged to join the growing throng, they both had apparently acquired an irresistible urge to sing. The two of them approached the stairs looking gently mussed, and attempted to descend them together.

They did not fit.

After studying the problem for a minute, and pausing in his exceptionally tuneless rendition of Mambo #5, Skinner turned to Mulder with a triumphant smile.

"You know what it is? We need to turn sideways. We don't fit." Mulder, who at that moment was executing a couple of stylish dance steps at the head of the stairs, surveyed the old fashioned, colonial style staircase.

"Wanna slide down the banisters. Always wanted to do that." He moved closer to the head of the stairs. Skinner giggled. (it could only be called giggling) and put one large, stubby forefinger to his lips.

"Don't tell them that's what we're gonna do. 'S just not expected of an Assistant Director. You guys get all the fun."

"Do not!"

"Do too" Mulder slung his leg over the banister and prepared to ride it down into the hallway below. Skinner, watching the proceedings with a great, loose, sloppy grin on his face, saw Mulder set off down the shining, beeswaxed length of the rail, and then settled himself in position to follow him down.

Rapidly approaching the foot of the stairs, Mulder suddenly, and with a certain amount of horror, noticed the extremely large newel post at the bottom of the stairs. It suddenly became important for him to stop before he caused extreme damage to those parts of himself that were even now thinking longingly of Alex.

Too late! As Mulder put out hands to catch hold of the post and break his headlong downward plunge, the full weight of Assistant Director Walter Skinner of the FBI cannoned into his back at a speed of what felt like 30mph.

The screaming woke the dead. People rushed to the sound as swiftly as they would have run from a fire. Dana knew ER sounds when she heard them and ran from her room, a doctor to her bones. Since she was wearing just her undergarments, her veil and a flushed expression, she was a fetching sight.

Alex roared out of an upstairs bedroom, pushing Dana aside, his long legs eating up the space between him and his screaming lover. Pantyhose and a rather jaunty torn lilac dress lay in the hallway, a little pile of evidence that Alex left without regard.

Bill Scully was thundering into the house from the backyard, in full voice, so loud that Mrs. Scully's frantic questions went unheard.

Alex was lifting anyone in his way with one arm and tossing and scattering them like tiny pieces of rice, so he reached the two fallen men first. Mulder was flat on his back and still howling with gusto. Alex cradled the fallen man tenderly, and Mulder's shrieking segued into laughing.

"What the fuck happened?" Alex pushed right into Mulder's face as he ground out the words. People began to take baby steps backwards from the melee. Alex on angry was not a setting anyone wanted to be near. Mulder's face was red, he was wheezing as he now laughed hysterically.

"Fell sideways off the banister, fell sideways off the banister, fell sideways off the banister", Mulder managed to choke out in a sing song tone. He wasn't done singing yet, he had planned on a rousing version of "Papa Loves Mambo" before he was through.

"Why?" Alex got eyeball to eyeball this time and Mulder began to get quieter.

"Cause I was gonna crunch my balls!" Mulder wailed. "You don't want me to crunch my balls do you? You said they belonged to you!" These last words came out in a rising quavering tone. He was now looking his most beseeching, a sorry little boy who wanted to be petted. The guests began to baby step back toward the men. They knew they'd be telling their grandchildren about this day.

Alex began a deep chuckle, it gained momentum and became full, rich laugh. This pleased Mulder immensely, he had never seen Alex laugh like this before. He was entranced. Alex was radiant, his nose crinkle had made an appearance and several of the women (and a few of the men) envied Mulder beyond all others at that moment. Now that he knew Mulder was safe, that no one had tried to harm him, Alex didn't hide his relief. He gave Fox a loving kiss on the forehead. That was all it took. Mulder was beaming now, and he chirped up at Alex.

"You are enjoying the day, can we fuck now?"

The avid wedding guests let out a collective hum, busy little bees gathering all they could.

Dana Scully's voice silenced everything. "Walter is unconscious".

Margaret Scully fluttered around in a panic. Her daughter was clasping Skinner's bald head to her scantily clad bosom, and the male members of the crowd were pressing close in their valiant efforts to sustain and support her. Nobody was paying any attention to Skinner himself, but Scully's uplift bra was getting full marks. Pleas for a little space fell on deaf ears, until Alex placed his two fingers between his teeth and whistled loud and shrill.

In a commanding voice, he ordered the crowd to move back, where finally Bill Scully and his mother succeeded in persuading them to allow Dana and her betrothed some air. She was examining him minutely, studying the eyeball that glared balefully from the eyelid she had raised. She wasn't prepared for the strong arm of her beloved to snake out and pull her down into a determined clinch. A host of fascinated eyes, peering around the corner saw her betrothed roll her over into an extremely thorough and comprehensive kiss.

"Dana, Dana darling...." Her mother was faint, but pursuing. Her brother was somewhat more forceful as he strode over to the recumbent couple.

"Dana Scully!" he called in his best military manner, and the two of them sprang apart, guiltily. Skinner, his glasses nowhere in sight, scrubbed madly at the lipstick that now covered his face in an attempt to pretend that all was well. He covered his mouth in a somehow childish gesture of shock, and indicated Dana's outfit.

"You gonna get married in your underwear? You'll get cold." Scully stood up, enchanting in white satin fresh from Victoria's secret, and tugged on Walter's arm.

"Come on, Walter. Let's find you some black coffee." Alex, surveying the still pink and giggling heap that was his lover, nodded his agreement and turned to coax Mulder to rise. Just at that moment, when Mulder was clinging to him, trying to press wet hisses onto him, mumbling insistently about wanting to be fucked, right there, and right at that moment. As he wrestled his unsteady lover, there was a screech from the top of the stairs, and a very haughty lady, clad in a torn lilac dress appeared, her face as dark and forbidding as a summer thundercloud.

"Walter!" Skinner sobered up almost visibly as the barrage of sound assaulted his ears.

"Jean?" The sound of Walter Skinner's voice came out as a small, inquiring croak. He stumbled to his feet, and stood swaying dizzily, hanging on to the banisters as he turned to face her. She descended the stairs in an extremely dignified manner, pausing to sniff the air around Walter.

"Good heavens, Walter, you're drunk!" She reared back, curling her lip with disdain. Walter stood, collecting his thoughts together slowly, and it was left to Alex to respond.

"Yeah, but he'll be sober in the morning, but you'll still be fucking ugly." There was a collective intake of breath and a sea of interested faces turned to observe this new turn of events. He turned to Skinner, who was looking at him with an open mouth. "I've always wanted to say that."

Dana chose that moment to drag Walter off into the kitchen, and finally the crowd began to head out to where the chairs were laid out ready. Dana poured a coffee for her intended, and then turned and fled up the stairs. On her way, she passed by Jean, Walter's infuriated older sister, who was watching Alex as he struggled with Mulder, her face red, and jaw dropped to her chest.

As she got her mouth under control, and drew a breath prior to begin speaking, Mulder went on the air.

"Come on, baby, you promised." He flung his arms around Alex's neck with great abandon, rocking his laughing lover back on his heels. You told me you'd fuck me if you started to enjoy yourself." He glued his full lips onto his saturnine lover's, and swept him into a full hot, hard embrace. Alex cast his hands up in a mute plea, and then succumbed to the onslaught, winding his arms around the other man and melting into the kiss. Dana returned at that point wearing a flimsy wrap over her undies, and headed for the kitchen to succor her swain.

Summoning all her formidable powers and remnants of slashed dignity, Jean Myrtle Skinner Harris Upton descended the staircase, moving as a great ship would as it loosed its final ropes to put out to sea. She approached the two men who were engrossed in a passionate kiss, a mythic kiss, a kiss that sent several of the couples present racing for empty rooms in the Scully house and had one couple locked in a bathroom for the remainder of the day. She fixed her most baleful stare on Alex.

"Young man", she spoke through tight, unmoving lips. "You have something of mine!"

Alex, never moving his mouth from Mulder's, gave her the finger behind his back. Jean had little experience with defeat, but she knew that this man had shown it to her in full. She turned around with great stateliness, announced her departure from "these dreadful people" and left the house. The door slammed resoundingly behind her. Alex came up for air long enough to gaze into Mulder bleary eyes and say,

"That's two."

He then turned the drunken, humming, totally aroused FBI agent around and took him by the shoulders and steered him into the kitchen. Looking at the suck-egg Skinner nursing his cup of midnight black something, Alex casually asked,

"Room for one more?"

"Sit him down, Krycek," Dana answered. She got up to get her slumping, mumbling partner a cup of the same substance she was pouring into Skinner. Dana was surprisingly relaxed, not herself at all. The Ice Queen had thawed. She handed the cup to Mulder and Alex helped him get it to his mouth instead of his lap. He had plans for the contents of that lap, and scalding was not one of them.

"Dana . . .", Skinner began, but she shushed him, gently, lovingly. Her mother came into the kitchen, somewhat reluctantly as Dana began to speak.

"I've been thinking about all this, and there is one thought I cannot shake."

The men all became completely silent, waiting for the final toll of the bell of doom.

"My father was a sailor", she continued, and amazingly she started to smile and then to giggle charmingly.

"Mom, don't you agree, he would have loved this!" Dana was into a full giggle fit now and her mother's eyes began to sparkle. The men were in silent awe. They knew that they would never, ever have such luck again in their lives. Mulder thought he might even reconsider his God theories.

"Yes, darling, he would have been howling with laughter," Mrs. Scully agreed. She wiped the tears from her face, not all of them from her current gales of laughter.

Skinner had begun to sober a bit, an odd expression crossed his face and he looked up sharply, "Where is my sister?" he asked, his voice heavy.

"She left." Mulder slipped a look at Alex as he said this. Alex was the picture of contentment, as relaxed as a cat in the sun.

"She said you had something of hers though," Mulder ventured now that he saw that Alex's disposition would suffer his inquisitiveness. He was itching to know what it was. With a flourish worthy of a grand magician, Alex pulled an item out of his inside jacket pocket and using two long fingers, sat the treasure delicately in the middle of the table. It was a pair of dentures.

"That's three," he said.

The roar of laughter that greeted the production of the pair of sparkling white snappers was almost enough to wake the dead. Walter Sergei Skinner let go at last, and laughed until the tears rolled sparkling down his cheeks. The others who were grouped around the table looked on with alarm as the big man turned purple and came close to falling off his chair. Dana pounded him on the back, but he laughed on, until she couldn't hold back any more. Together, the two of them leaned on each other and whooped, gasping for breath.

Mulder, who had followed this with a fascinated albeit fuddled gaze, suddenly consulted his watch.

"I thought you were gonna get married, Scully? Does this mean you won't?" a quick scrutiny of the clock revealed that Dana had five minutes to make herself presentable. With a quick inspection of her rapidly sobering beloved, she fled up the stairs once again.

Margaret Scully, torn between following her to help and staying to insure that her unruly guests would behave themselves. Finally opting for the peacekeeping role, she fussed over Skinner, smoothed Mulder's jacket, and at last ushered the gaggle of G-men out into the yard, and in the general direction of the chairs. Then she turned and hurried back into the house to assist her daughter.

The priest stood ready and music was playing softly as Mulder and Krycek led Walter Skinner to take his place before the assembled multitudes. His glasses had unaccountably gone missing, and he found himself blinking owlishly at what appeared to be a fuzzy blob but which actually was a crowd of very interested spectators who were all congratulating themselves for attending this wedding.

The minutes past by on leaden feet. Walter had ceased to be purple, and was heading for a very interesting shade of green, when at last a furtive signal from the house resulted in the starting up of the wedding march, and shortly thereafter, Dana appeared, gliding stately on the arm of her proud brother. There was a collective gasp from the audience in general.

Brides are always beautiful. It's an unwritten law, and Dana was no exception. She was slender and vivid, her flaming red hair and bright lips glowing through the misty veil, her dress a froth of antique lace that began at her bosom, allowing her white shoulders to rise up like a carving in marble. Lace spread over her hips and foamed out to trail behind her on the grass. Clinging to Bill's arm she stepped closer to her groom, and her brother patted her arm as they took their positions.

Taking his place next to Walter, Fox felt in his pocket for the rings. Then he felt in his other pocket. He felt in the pocket of his pants, and then began to grow nervous. Alex took in the situation at a glance, and quietly faded out of the picture before turning and running for their car. Jumping in, he put it into gear, and performed a one-armed racing change as he sprayed gravel on his way out of the drive.

He knew that there wasn't time to return to Alexandria. He had seen a jewelers store as they came in this morning, and he screeched in, burning rubber as he stopped the car three inches away from the clapboard front of the store.

Racing into the store, he demanded to see the wedding rings. The only problem was trying to isolate one sales person to process his purchases, and get out in a hurry when there were four women all desperate to help him.

Finally he had persuaded them to wrap up a pair of rings he thought were close to the right sizes, and he drew out Fox's wallet, flinging Fox's Amex card down with a flourish. The saleslady that won the skirmish to accept his card beamed up into Alex's face as she ran the card through the machine, and Alex reflected that Fox would probably be able to write it off as expenses anyway. On impulse, he picked out an old fashioned brooch made from opals and peridots set in gold, and added that to his purchases. Scully deserved a little something for all the stress she had undergone that day.

Grabbing his purchases, he raced from the store and back to the car, retracing his crazy dash while casting a worried eye on the time. His arrival back at the Scully mansion was rapid and somewhat disconcerting for Skinner's sister who had been ambling slowly about her business as she prepared to depart this hell on earth. Alex, roaring past in his Grand Am practically took her nose off. She stood gazing after the vehicle, only gradually becoming aware that she had wet her pants.

Driving as close to the ceremony as possible, Alex hurled himself out of the car and raced around the marquee. Arriving at the focal point, he was just in time to hear the priest say "Is there any just cause or impediment..."

Bill Scully was ready to strike. After escorting his sister down the aisle, he had not returned to his seat. Choosing instead to visit the open bar he had downed two double scotches, neat. He could no longer stand this assault on his concepts of dignity and propriety. This marriage had to be stopped, he was the man to do it. He turned and began to sway toward the aisle. Self-righteousness shone from him and he trailed clouds of glory and farts of scotch in his quest to save Dana from herself. She never did know her place anyway, it was time she learned.

He opened his mouth to deliver the 11th commandment when it was slammed full of a large cheeseball that had only seconds earlier been on the catering table. Alex appeared in front of him, filling his view, obliterating the earth and sky. He reached out his prosthetic arm and cupped the back of Bill's head, his real hand he saved for cupping Bill's balls. He squeezed them, hard. Bill made a gurgling sound, as he crossed his eyes and his legs while simultaneously sinking to his knees. Alex dipped gracefully with him, still holding onto Bill. His unease towards Alex became total terror. Sensing this, Alex moved into Bill's space, his breath on the other man's cheek.

"Boo!" he whispered, and let go of his prey.

Bill Scully executed a beautiful leap up and back, right into the swimming pool that was directly behind him. He barely made a sound as he entered the water, so clean was the backwards dive. Alex watched with sincere interest as the other man sank to the bottom. Bubbles and bits of cheeseball rose to the surface. Alex turned, strode toward the wedding party, Bill already forgotten. Later, one of the caterers who had helped rescue their patron from the pool swore that he heard the pantherman say the words, "That's four".

Mulder was sobering. He was trying fervently to retain his trademark cool, but something about 'trying to be cool' ruined the effect.

"Where the hell is . . . .", his low moan was interrupted as Alex materialized at his side and handed him the rings. Alex leaned in and bit him on the ear. Mulder held in a very little yelp as he shot a hard look at Alex.

"You weren't breathing, G-man, very un cool not to breathe", Alex purred into the violated ear. The priest called for the rings, and Mulder turned his attention to his duty. He handed them to Walter. Walter began to put the ring on Dana's finger. She let out a little gasp. Mulder froze.

"Omigod," she sighed, looking up at Walter.

"You went back and bought the rings I had really wanted," Dana spoke this in a voice that was part sexy growl, part delighted little girl. Everyone within earshot perked up. No one had ever heard Dana use such a tone. Mulder's curiosity demanded that he stick his head directly into the middle of the scene to examine the rings. They were spectacular. Beautifully intricate and ornate, with exotic scrollwork worked into each band. Most definitely a Dana Scully ring, most definitely NOT a Walter Skinner ring. Russian Alex had chosen the rings he liked, and they were beautifully Byzantine, totally in keeping with his tastes and totally opposite from Skinner's.

Walter knew he had lost this round. The odd thing was, he no longer wanted his own way, now that he saw how Dana beamed at him, he was deliriously happy. He leaned into Mulder and said,

"I owe you for this."

Mulder answered as blithely as if he had actually known what had transpired.

"My pleasure, Sir." Mulder's head was beginning to swell when he felt a firm hand travel up the crack of his ass and turn toward his crotch. The devil hand began a slow descent toward his already rigid cock. Mulder let out a yowl that was completely drowned by the band as the happy new husband and wife began their walk back down the aisle.

Now it was time to party.

The crowd beat a joyful pathway towards the marquee, following the new Mr. and Mrs. Walter Skinner. Dana's eyes shone, and as they reached the wide entrance and stood to receive the congratulations of the people who were present, Mulder and his sadistic beloved stood forgotten on the grass.

Alex had moved in close, and was gradually steering Mulder back towards the wall while Mulder, torn between lust and his concept of decency, uttered half-hearted protests.

"Alex..." (kiss, brief and wet on his lips.) "Alex, baby, not here." (Kiss, deeper this time and dragging a moan from somewhere deep inside him.) "Bloody hell, Alex!" they reached the wall and Mulder thumped back into it, dumping breath and inhibitions alike as he felt the hard, hot, eager form of his tormentor press along him, his busy hands cupping his ass to draw him tight against the swelling bulge at his groin.

Mulder gave in to the moment and wanton to the core he spread his thighs as far as he could, his tongue busily twining in to taste Alex's mouth. Hands buried beneath the tux jacket worked furiously to find flesh, and he knew at that moment that he would do it there, right there, wouldn't be able to stop if that's what Alex wanted.

Alex was getting into the swing of it. He closed his eyes and glued his mouth to his needy lover, sinking himself into the sweet heat of it, as the sun on his back, the urgently stroking fingers and the rigidity of his lover's cock, pressed in desperately against his own belly combined with the adrenaline high on which he was flying.

In the distance Mulder could hear the sounds of laughter emanating from the marquee, but it was too faint against the drumming of his own pulse to make him turn. All he needed was Alex, and Alex was in his arms right here and now.

Mulder moaned.

It took the man who earlier had been wielding the clipboard to part them. He had arrived somewhere between Mulder's first breathy moan, and Alex's determined onslaught on the nipples that stood, tiny seeds of burgeoning sensation, under the fancy dress shirt. Having spotted the lovers in their clinch he was now surveying them with approval. His mistake was to draw attention to himself by offering advice of a decidedly crude nature. Alex jerked back with an oath, and fast as a cat he turned to stalk the hapless fellow.

It was the work of only a few seconds to toss him into the pool, but the moment had been lost, and Mulder sighed as he followed Alex towards the marquee, and his partner.

"That's five," Mulder murmured under his breath. Alex had tired of his play and he was growing restive, Mulder knew all the signs. Alex's chin was up, his left shoulder hitched, his head tossed and most ominous of all, he had become silent. Mulder knew that the darkness was rolling in, anything that Alex had done up to that moment had been gentle. He had to get Alex home before he shape-shifted into a primal force and these good people would be in peril.

Seating was finished for the banquet, and as best man, Mulder knew he was expected to give the first toast to Mr. and Mrs. Skinner. He had been unable to get Alex into the tent, and he was loath to leave him alone. Rushing to his seat at the head table, Mulder shouted for silence. Everyone quieted and turned to look at him. Mulder lifted his glass and began to speak. Simultaneously, Mulder could hear deep growling accompanied by screams that had begun just out of his sight. Acting quickly, Mulder shouted to the assembly,

"Let's have a big cheer for the beautiful bride!"

The crowd gleefully joined in, waving napkins, hooting, shouting for kisses between the newlyweds. The inside noise covered the sounds of the outside struggle. Mulder shot a glance at Scully, she knew his predicament and blew him a kiss and mouthed to him, "GO HOME". He raced out of the tent and such was the celebratory mood that no one even noticed his departure.

He charged out to find Alex crouched over the wet, scared-witless Bill Scully, holding him in a death choke with his powerful right hand. Bill had powered up on more scotch and gone searching for Alex to exact his revenge. To Bill Scully's everlasting horror, he had found him. The hand that gripped Bill's throat was no longer teasing. Alex was going for the kill and Bill knew it. He could see it in Alex's eyes, hungry eyes, eyes that showed the need for a sustenance other than mere meat and drink. Mulder reacted instantly.

"Alex", he said plaintively, "I feel sick, I need you," he ended the last in a bare whisper. Then he slumped to the ground in a pitiful looking sprawl. Alex had tuned out everything in his blood lust, but Alex was never blood-simple. Mulder's voice sliced through the heat around him. He dropped Bill as an animal drops a burden. He spun to Mulder and took in the tangled sprawl. Silently Alex lifted Mulder, ignoring the inquiries of those who had come to the aid of Bill in the grip of this madman, the aid of Mulder in his swoon. He carried Mulder to his car and gently placed him in the passenger seat. Alex kneeled beside him, checking pulse, respiration and running his hand so lightly over Mulder's lower lip. Alex heard the people who had followed him, some to apprehend him for his assault on Bill, others to check on Mulder to make sure this wild creature was not hurting him too. Alex turned and snarled, an inhuman sound, and the crowd retreated, leaving the two men alone. Mulder opened his eyes and tiredly looked at his protective lover,

"Take me home," he quietly asked. Alex closed Mulder's door, got into the car and began the drive to their apartment.

Mulder rested on the drive, Alex was driving more slowly than usual and it gave Mulder time to think, to plan. Now, HE was going to enjoy the day.

As the car pulled up in their parking stall, he had his plans in place. He groaned plaintively, and Alex turned quickly to help him out of the car. Leaning on the warm body of his lover, Mulder permitted Alex to lead him up to their apartment.

The two of them reached the safe haven of the apartment, and Alex, still solicitous, helped Mulder through to the bedroom, lowering him gently to sit on the edge of the bed. Gazing up at his lover, Mulder reached to pull him close, running his hands around the thin silk of his well fitting pants to cup his ass, feeling the bunch and play of the muscles under the silk.

"You look so fine today, baby. Thank you for coming with me. It meant a lot." Alex smiled down at him sardonically.

"I wonder if Bill Scully sees it that way. That jerk is such a freak."

Alex hissed an intake of breath as Mulder leaned in to nibble at the bulge that was manifesting itself beneath his pants. Running his hands up Mulders flanks, towards his armpits, Mulder mouthed the sturdy erection, and prompted Alex out of his jacket. The garment lay puddled on the floor, and Mulder started on the shirt, fumbling the buttons undone by touch as he continued to lick and suck at Alex's crotch.

Alex, groaning now, was squirming under his lover's ministrations, enjoying the assault, but wanting more. Mulder did not budge, his hands now clamped firmly on Alex's butt, holding him still while he worked.

"Not enough, Fox. Need more..." The first intimation that Alex was losing control came like music to Mulder's ears. He chuckled.

"You'll get more, love. You'll get a whole lot more." Slowly rising to stand, he dragged his tongue over the other man's belly, up his chest, along the pale column of his throat to lick his lips, and then covered Alex's mouth with his, driving his tongue inside to flicker and dance over his lover's. The sudden realization that Alex was losing control and as needy as he was sent a sudden thrill swooping through him to invade the pit of his stomach.

Deftly, he turned Alex around, lowering him to the bed, and rising as if to begin undressing. Alex lay, watching him out of hooded eyes, his face suddenly predatory and a little cruel. Fox surveyed him, unsmiling, and then took Alex's hand, bringing it to his lips to nibble on the fingertips as he walked around to the headboard. Slapping his cuffs on him and tethering them to the headboard was the work of an instant, and as he backed away, watching his lover, he laughed out loud.

"Now, Alex Krycek... Now you get what's coming to you."

Alex lay looking at him, a sleepy smile on his face and a determined tightness in the front of his wet, silk pants. Mulder slowly stripped, turning himself this way and that as he did so, while Alex's smile grew broader.

Once he was naked, he settled himself on the bed beside his lover, and dipped his head to apply his mouth to one of Alex's nipples, first flicking with his tongue, and then nipping it sharply between his teeth, surprising a gasp out of Alex.

Sitting up again, he looked at the man he was holding captive.

"You're just too fucking sexy for your own good." He slowly began to unzip Alex's trousers, nibbling at the proud purple flesh that he exposed, and then drawing the trousers off him to lie discarded beside his jacket and shirt, a testimony to the day. Returning to Alex's straining cock, he lapped delicately at the underside, watching as it pulsed under his tongue, and formed a single droplet at its tip.

"Please Fox, come on. I want you to... " The voice was a hoarse groan, and Mulder looked deep into his lover's eyes, his hand idly tugging on the erection that he held.

"You've had what you wanted all day. It's my turn now. You need to be spanked for what you did to Scully's wedding." He sounded stern, and Alex lost his smile.

Rolling Alex onto his face, Mulder traced the pale, firm globe of Alex's buttocks, then he pulled on his captives hips until he had Alex kneeling, ass in the air, legs splayed apart until he was totally exposed. He nibbled at the cheeks, moved lower, lapping at the little brown bud that was Alex's ass, and then lower again to suck at the heavy balls that were hanging so temptingly. He heard Alex moan again, and sat up to crouch behind him.

The first smack was totally unexpected. It connected with Alex's butt making a lovely, satisfying crack. Alex jerked and squeaked.

"You son of a bitch." The words were a howl of surprised anguish.

"It takes one to know one, baby." There was a second smack, and a third, and on and on until the white cheeks turned rosy. Alex had stopped yelling now, and was shamelessly thrusting his behind back into the spanking, virtually begging for more as Fox began to tease, running his hands along the crack of Alex's ass.

Finally, Astroglide slick on his fingers, Mulder stroked his hand into Alex, fingers stretching him, stroking him, invading him until the cries he was giving were desperate. At last, he lubed himself up, and moved to enter his lover.

As he pressed gently at the other man's ass, Alex thrust back sharply, desperate to get the stimulation he needed, and Mulder gave a low cry. It was hot inside his lover, and the walls that pressed on his cock were tight and rippled with every slight movement they made. This was not going to be a slow fuck. Mulder pushed in hard, reaching around to take Alex's cock in his hand, and the began a hard, fast ride that brought the surging of sensation up along his thighs as he heard Alex gasping "yes, yes, oh, God yes."

Alex was first, and Mulder felt the pulsing of his lover's dick as he gave it up for him, heard the breathy cry of 'love you' as the man reached meltdown and finally, the sticky spurt of semen, tangible evidence of his pleasure.

He wasn't far behind. The tightness in his balls suddenly intensified and he could feel slick, silken ripples along his cock as Alex tightened up, clamped down and sucked the sensation out of him.

Coming was a declaration of love for Alex, and the tingling bliss he felt was something he owed to Alex. He cried out, pushed in deep, and spent himself, sweet hot fire inside him, surging through him, slamming the fluid out of him, and distilling itself into an explosion of delight that flared through his cock until he couldn't stand it.

Falling forward, he lay along Alex's back, kissing his neck as he held him, murmuring love, and hope and gratitude.

When he was able, he released the cuff, and took Alex in his arms.

As the two exhausted men lay together, Alex spoke.

"I never did block the drains".

Mulder started to giggle. He looked at Alex,

"It's okay. I did it when I was drunk."

They ended the day howling with laughter.

The End