TITLE: "Midnight Angel XIV: Souls" (1/1)

AUTHOR: Isahunter


CATEGORY: V, WIP, Krycek/Other (No slash)

SPOILERS: Up to "One Son," S6

TIMELINE: Set in the winter of '99, but in this story the events of the episode "Biogenesis" never occurred.

ARCHIVE: Yes, with my name and all headers attached

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DISCLAIMER: Although the other characters are of my own creation, all characters from "The X-Files" belong to Chris Carter, Ten-Thirteen, Fox. No infringement intended.

SUMMARY: The eye of the storm is deceiving.

NOTE: This is a continuation of the "Midnight Angel" series, available at the eXpositions web site: http://www.aliens.mcmail.com/isadiadem/

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"I wanted to escape from love but didn't know how."

--Ting Ling (1906- )

Long after the tears had ended and the shower water had gone cold, he removed his hand from her back just long enough to turn off the faucet. Other than the slight shivers that gave her goose-flesh, she didn't move. With her forehead buried against his neck and her fingers tangled in his hair, she sucked in a shuddering breath.

"I'd pay you to pretend that didn't happen."

Her dry comment startled him to laughter. "How much?"

"I think I have twenty dollars in my wallet."

"Consider it done."

Reluctantly releasing her, he pulled aside the shower curtain and reached for a towel. She had to be freezing. Draping the thick terry cloth around her shoulders, he stepped out of the tub and grabbed another towel from the rack to wrap around his waist. But it wasn't so easy with one arm. With a slight giggle, she took the ends of the towel herself and did it for him. When she was done, she shyly met his gaze.

"I'm sorry I was being such a bitch."

He ran his fingers through her wet hair, tracing the curve of her ear with his thumb. "You had every right. I got you into this shit. You should have let your brother kick my ass." When she didn't say anything, he continued fingering her rough tresses. "Did you cut your hair?"

"Does it look stupid?"

"No," he said, dragging the towel up from her shoulders and drying the curly mass, "but you're freezing."

Locking her hand on his wrist, she stopped his gentle motions. "Don't."


"Don't be nice to me. Don't make me get used to this, and then break my heart. I can handle that from my parents, but not from a friend."

"Screw that...I'm just trying to get laid." She let out a startled laugh, but there was something desperate withering in her gaze. A sacred little spark, slowly dying, fading in the cold. And he'd be damned if he let it go out completely. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her out of the bathroom and towards the awaiting bed. Sitting down on the soft comforter, he pulled her between his legs and finished drying her damp skin. Taking his time brushing the towel over her flesh, lingering, tasting, lapping droplets away with his tongue, making her shudder.

He smoothed his palm over her ass, pulling her closer, clamping his lips down over her nipple and lightly sucking. He smirked when she clenched her hands in his hair and closed her eyes. When his hand slid deeper to explore the moist folds between her legs, and she didn't flinch or pull away in fear, his mouth grew more insistent. Kissing, biting, sucking. Drawing throaty moans from between her parted lips. Making her hips slide involuntarily, rubbing against his exploring fingers, pushing them even deeper inside of her. And when he suddenly pulled away from her, she glared at him.

"Lay down."

"You were doing just fine," she protested, breathlessly.

"Trust me."

He almost laughed after those words left his mouth. Coming from him, the statement was about as ridiculous as playing catch with a scorpion. But as she stared down into his eyes, she didn't ask any questions. She just did as she was told. Lying on her back on the bed, her head on the pillows, waiting, willingly placing herself in his hands.

He wasn't about to disappoint her.

It was humbling to look her in the eye. She trusted him, even though she knew he killed. Turned to him as he laid down beside her, even though his presence in her life had nearly gotten her raped that very same night. Touched him without hesitation, gently tracing the scars on what remained of his left arm, brushing her lips against the sensitive flesh, even though he'd done nothing to deserve it. And when she pressed against him, dragging the towel from his hips and dropping it to the floor, he couldn't keep himself from attacking her mouth. From claiming her lips, suckling her tongue, trespassing like the thief he was.

Traveling down the length of her neck, over her collarbone and between her breasts, he paused in that fragranced valley and sucked in a deep breath.

She didn't smell of heavy perfume or deodorants, but of sweet feminine musk, her own personal flavor, as familiar to him now as his own face. At times he caught traces of it on his jacket, smelled her when she wasn't even around. And the scent made him growl deep in his throat. His lips humming against her skin made her softly giggle.

Past the shallow curve of her stomach, nibbling at her flesh, pressing his nose against her, licking, winding a path through the dark curls between her legs. And when she saw just where he was headed, she tensed beneath him and grabbed his hair. He glanced up at her, shaking his head, and something in his gaze made her drop her hand. Slowly settling back against the pillows, she struggled with obvious intent to relax.

Grinning, he sat up and swung his legs to the floor. Twisting to face her, he settled back down with his head by her legs and his own legs bent against the headboard. Pulling her to him. She sure as hell was going to enjoy this...but she wasn't going to be the only one. Bending her shaky leg and propping it up out of the way, he nuzzled his nose against those dark curls. Listening to her gasp. Breathing in deeply, blowing cool air against her until she shuddered. And when he darted his tongue out to tease her, she nearly jumped off the bed.

Shit. She tasted even better than the slight sampling he remembered. And even though she squirmed against his mouth, he didn't give a damn. He used his lips to tease her, brushing lightly against the hood of skin that covered her clit, nipping at it lightly, letting his breath stir the dark hair there. Rubbing his nose against her, drawing a moan out of her, rubbing his fingers against the moist lips of her sex. Her could hear her labored breathing as he touched her with the tip of his tongue. The panting cries she let out as he dipped in to taste her, to push his tongue inside of her and lap up the slightly tart fluid she was secreting. Her hips shifted restlessly, rocking her pelvis against his chin, trying desperately to get him right where she wanted him. But he wasn't about to let her have control.

Lifting his head, he glanced back at her face and grinned.

"Having fun yet?"

She didn't say a word, but the glare she gave him said enough. His laughter made her squirm even more.

"Touch me, Sabryn."

She swallowed heavily, staring at his swollen cock, reaching up to stroke the length of it. He twitched in her hand, thrusting his own hips forward, and nearly fucking lost it when she took him in her mouth. Jesus. She didn't even know what she was doing, but the wet hot sweep of her tongue against his burning flesh was almost more than he could bear. He swore under his breath as the tip of her tongue licked away the moisture gathering on the bulbous head, swirling around the rim, drawing him deeper into her sucking mouth. She touched him almost shyly, but the effect it had on him was more startling than if she'd been a pro. He could barely concentrate when he returned his mouth to the weeping flesh between her legs. Her moan, at the touch of his tongue, sped like wildfire through his entire body.

He didn't waste time playing anymore. Drawing back the hood of skin over her clit, he danced his tongue over the sensitive flesh, suckling at it, pulling it into his mouth and nipping lightly with his teeth. She was squirming hard against him, rocking against his face, filling his nostrils with the scent of hot, wet pheromones. He sipped at her, drinking the tangy nectar, memorizing the flavor with every cell in his body. At the same time, she sucked and licked at him with growing confidence, stroking the length of him between her fingers, using her other hand to gently rub against the base of his scrotum. Jesus, merciful God, he was so damned close. He wanted to thrust himself into her, to fuck her mouth, but he knew he'd scare the hell out of her. More than that, he wanted this to last. He wanted to be buried deep inside her when he came, feeling her clench and convulse around him, hearing her sweet cries in his ear. But if he didn't end this soon, that wasn't going to happen.

Pushing her legs even farther apart, he stroked the underside of her clit with his tongue. Over and over, back and forth, occasionally stopping to dip his tongue inside her once more. And when her moans started growing more desperate, vibrating down the length of his cock, he took the swollen nub into his mouth and sucked hard. Showing no mercy. Dragging a scream out of her mouth that had to have awakened his landlady from a sound sleep. Sabryn spasmed against him, her hips rocking hard, and he pulled away from her mouth while she was distracted. Pressing his fingers hard against her, he kept the waves of her orgasm rolling and he turned himself on the bed to face her. And when he settled down next to her and pushed his cock into the damp quivering heart of her, she dug her fingernails into his shoulders and held on tight.

Her legs wrapped around his hips tight, locking in place, moving with him as he thrust hard into her. Sweaty, slippery, hot, and panting. Yet when he paused, his weight pressing more on her than the one arm that braced him, she held his gaze. She didn't try to hurry him. She didn't protest against the slow thrust and drag of him inside of her, a pace far more relaxed than she'd obviously expected. Staring up into his eyes, she met each push with one of her own. Bit her lip and held on. Whimpered and tossed her head as the tension became intolerable. But she always returned her gaze to his. Met his kisses with undisguised passion. Pulled him into an embrace more welcoming than he'd felt in years. And when he finally let himself go, fucking her, slamming himself into her, cumming so hard it shocked him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and didn't let go.

Every muscle in his body, once clenched in sublime release, suddenly went lax. And even though he had to be crushing her, she didn't say a word. Didn't move other than to stroke his damp hair. He buried his face against the side of her neck, groaning, feeling her thighs give him one last squeeze.

And when he finally found the strength to roll on to his side, pulling her with him, she followed willingly.

"Christ, that was amazing."

She laughed sleepily. "I bet you say that to all the girls you fuck in this bed."

He could only grin. She didn't know how right she was.

Sabryn opened her eyes lazily, blinking a few times, trying to remember where she was, when she felt his chest rise beneath her. Some time during the night, they had both fallen asleep. She could only guess it had been him that pulled the covers over them. Nestled against his side, warm and comfortable, she hadn't even noticed the sun rise. Glancing at the clock beside his bed, she realized that it was past nine in the morning. As she abruptly sat up, she felt him stir beside her.

"I need to go. I have to talk to Olivia, and meet with Maxine about the paintings."

He yawned, reaching up to pull her back down beside him. "Later." Dodging the sleepy kisses, she tried to sit up once more. "I need to tell Olivia about the invasion. I have to warn her."

He suddenly became much more coherent. "You can't tell her."

"I have to. She's my friend."

"You tell her, and she'll tell her friends, and they'll tell their friends...that's if they believe you. And if they do, it'll cause panic and chaos. Do you remember the mass suicides that surrounded the Hale-Bop Comet? That was just a piece of rock. Imagine what would happen if an entire fleet of alien ships started arriving. Believe me, they're better off not knowing what's coming."


"You can't save everyone, Sabryn. Let them have some peace while they're still here."

She sank back to the pillow, covering her eyes with her hand. "I can't live with myself if I just sit back and do nothing."

"You're going to have to."

"Not really." She met his gaze. "As you said, I'm going to die anyway. I haven't had the vaccine."

Something strange flickered in his eyes before he abruptly looked away. "Even if you had, it's no guarantee. It just buys you time. The vaccine isn't any defense against the newborns."

She frowned. "Newborns?"

"The alien babies. Or maybe pupa would be a better word." When she continued to stare at him, he sighed heavily. "When the black oil reproduces, using humans as hosts, the result is a highly intelligent and deadly alien offspring. It has dagger-like claws and defends itself by any means necessary. These things are highly evolved. Unlike animals we know, their offspring aren't weak and helpless prey. These newborns are strong, able to survive and further the growth of the species. The adults are more vulnerable, because they change."

She was still staring at him. After a few moments of silence, she laughed slightly. "So I'm fucked either way. Thanks for the update."

Licking his lips, he scratched the slight stubble on his jaw. "Not entirely."

"What are you talking about?"

"The cold should help in avoiding too many of the newborns. And--"


"And I'm going to help you with the other part."

"The vaccine?"

He nodded slightly.

"You have it?"

"In the truck. Not much, but it's enough for now."

She sat up abruptly, unable to think of a word to say. Except maybe, "How?"


The little flutter that raced up her spine gave her the chills. She looked away, unable to bear the expression on his face. Swallowing heavily, she stood up and mumbled something about going to the bathroom. Once in the safety of the enclosed space, she shut the door and leaned heavily against it.

He'd brought her the vaccine. He was, in a way, saving her life. So why the hell couldn't she bring herself to be happy about that? Why was she so damned scared by the look in his eyes?

For some reason she couldn't breathe. Sweeping her hand through her hair, she crossed to the sink and opened her suitcase. Dressing, barely aware of what she was putting on, she absently glanced at the window reflected in the mirror. Above the shower, just a sliver of glass let light into the tiny bathroom...and as she watched, she could see several people hurriedly walking by. Just the bottom of their legs. Frowning, she turned around and stepped into the tub. Peering over the window will, she watched for several moments before seeing a man, further away, dressed in a blue jacket. And when he turned, the single word, written on the back of his jacket in block letters, sent chills down her spine.


What the hell were they doing here? As she glanced at the bathroom door, she remembered something Alex had once told her. He was an ex-FBI agent, turned traitor. Oh God. And she'd led them right to him.

Alex finished buttoning his pants and tugged the T-shirt down over his stomach. Slipping on a pair of old shoes, he grabbed the keys to his truck and glanced back at the bathroom door. Sabryn was still locked inside, avoiding him. She'd have to come out sooner or later. And when she did, he'd be waiting for her, with the vaccine in hand.

Heading for the door, he turned the handle and stepped out into the stair well. The door was just closing behind him when he heard Sabryn scream.

"Don't go out there!"

But it was too late. The sudden strange ringing sound in his ears wasnít loud enough to block out the sound of someone telling him to freeze. The haziness in his vision wasnít blinding enough to keep him from seeing the dozens of pistols pointed in his direction.

And nothing could mask the smug grin of Fox Mulder as he stepped down the stairs and cuffed himself to one of his very own most-wanted suspects.


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