TITLE: "Morning Glory XI: Prelude to Goodbye" (1/2)
AUTHOR: Isahunter
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SPOILERS: Up to One Son, S6
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SUMMARY: How do you say an unforgettable farewell? NOTES: Continuation of my series,
"Morning Glory," which can be found here-- http://www.angelfire.com/ak3/expositions/MG.htm

For Allison--most generous person I've never met. Thank you for...everything.
"A friend is someone who knows all about you, and loves you just the same."
--Author Unknown.

She winced as she crept down the ladder, hoping the creaking of the rungs wasn't audible from
the nearby bedroom. Wearing her blue night shirt and carrying a bottle of scented bath gel, she
stepped away from the ladder and turned to make her way towards the bathroom...only to shriek
and nearly jump out of her skin as Johnny stepped right in her path.

"Going somewhere?"

Shit. She'd waited all damned night for him to go to bed before pretending to retire to her own
bed in the loft. She'd told Alex, just before dinner, that she'd join him for that bath he'd
mentioned as soon as John went to sleep. Several long hours playing "Go Fish" had not been her
idea of a good time. But what she would've rather been doing would have sent Johnny's
temperature boiling hotter than the water heating on the stove.

Still, the odd little smile on his face had been unnerving.

Now she knew why.

"Damn it, don't sneak up on me like that! You know the dark freaks me out."

There was amusement in his voice when he said, "Sorry. But I was wondering what was taking
you so long."

"I didn't know I was that obvious."

"Bryn, I would love challenge you to a game of poker. I'd win every time."

Rolling her eyes, she turned around and headed back to the ladder.

"Where are you going?"

"Back to bed."

"Isn't he waiting for you?"

Pausing, she glanced at him over her shoulder. "Well, yes, but I was planning on sneaking back
down here after you went to bed again."

He laughed softly. "Get your butt in there before the water gets cold."

Turning, she could only stare at him. "You aren't angry?"

"I've never, in your whole life, seen you smile the way you do when you look at him. If he can
do that...there must be something about him that I'm not seeing."

"Oh, John...just when you're becoming a real pain in the ass, you do something sweet to make
me love you all over again."

He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. "Right back at'cha. Now go, before I have to force

Stepping past him, she grinned. "Good night."


She didn't waste time wondering if he'd change his mind. She just ran. Knocking lightly on the
bathroom door, she turned the knob and opened it a crack.

"It's me."

"It's about time. I was beginning to think I'd been stood up."

Peeking around the door, she took one look at his nude body gold-plated by candlelight, and said,
"Good God, never."

Stepping inside the room, she shut and locked the door behind her. Leaning heavily against the
wooden surface. Damn, he was magnificent. Illuminated by a curtain of glowing steam, his flesh
dotted with condensation, he sat casually in the full tub with his knees bent to accommodate his
long legs. Every dip and curve of his muscles was a play of light and shadow. Tempting,
beckoning. Making her weak in the knees.

"Wow, a sexy male, a hot bath, and candles? How romantic."

"It was either that or we sit in the dark."

Taking in the visual feast, she raised her eyebrows. "That would never do."

"So get your butt in here before it starts getting cold."

Setting the bath gel down, she turned her head to see him watching her. A strange expression
she'd never seen before sobered his face.


"Ti krasivaya," he whispered. "Ya lyublyu tiba."

"I have no idea what the hell you just said, but it sounded cool."

He smiled, holding out his hand. "Get in here."

Dragging her night shirt over her head, she did as he asked, watching his verdant gaze darken
even more as he took in her nudity. Stepping into the tub, shuddering slightly at the unfamiliar
heat, she tried to settle down opposite him...and was barely successful. There was not nearly
enough room for the both of them. Her back was uncomfortably pressed against the water spout,
her legs were bent in an awkward position, and she was half sitting on his feet.

"OK, so maybe this isn't as romantic as it seemed."

"Why don't you come over here?"

"Well, I need to shave my legs."

"Now that's romantic."

"If you'd rather I go around looking like a Chia pet..."

He tugged her bent legs out from between his own and tucked her feet over his hips. Grabbing
the bath gel, he squeezed some onto her leg and let the bottle drop as he began lathering the
mint-scented soap. She sat back as best as she could in her cramped position and watched him
with open interest. There was something oddly erotic about watching him work up a lather, even
if she was a bit embarrassed by her stubbly legs.

"Are you going to shave them for me, too?"

He shook his head. "I don't want to cut you. I'll just sit back and admire the view."

She considered her position, sitting opposite him with her legs spread over his, and blushed. And
when his soapy hand slid down even further, for a completely unwarranted lathering, she bit her
lip to stifle a moan.



"You better stop or you're going to make me shake so hard I'll cut myself."

Reluctantly, he sat back and propped his arm up on the edge of the tub. "Hurry up."

Grabbing the nearby pink razor, she set to work, meeting his gaze every now and then, hoping
her stomach didn't look too horribly flabby as she bent over. He watched with surprising
patience, grabbing the gel again as she moved to the other leg, before running his hand over the
smooth calf of the first.


She smiled, trying hard to ignore his erection. It wasn't easy, and the growing moisture between
her legs had nothing to do with the water.

"I can't believe you're leaving tomorrow. You haven't even been here two days."

"Don't think about that now."

"I can't not think about it, Alex. You don't even know if you'll make it back."

"I'll come back. One way or another."

She finished shaving the rest of her leg in silence before awkwardly lifting herself out of the
water. He was about to reach for her, thinking she was leaving, when she turned and settled
down with her back to his chest. She could feel his still hard cock pressed between them, making
her breath catch. With her feet against the opposite wall, she had to admit it was better this way.
Resting her head on his shoulder, she tangled her fingers with his.

"I wish we could stay like this."

"If I stay like this much longer, I'm going to explode."

She met his gaze over her shoulder, before twisting to meet his kiss. The insistent thrust of his
tongue in her mouth was like a drug. Alluring and addictive. She lifted her hand to run her fingers
through his wet hair, pulling him even tighter against her mouth. His hand cupped her breast,
squeezing, caressing, rolling her nipple between his fingers, making her squirm. Sliding down, his
hand delved under the water, squeezing between her legs to part the folds of her sex.

"God, you're so wet," he whispered against her lips.

She arched her back as his fingers teased, dipping deeper to push inside her, teasing her clit with
his thumb. Her hips began to shift involuntarily, seeking more, needing even harder pressure of
his hand. And yet, this wasn't what she'd had in mind.



"Alex, stop."

His ragged breathing against her ear, he said, "What the hell for?"

Pushing his hand out of the way was one of the hardest things she'd had to do, but as she sat up
and turned on her knees to face him, she knew it didn't matter. For once, this was going to be all
for him. His pleasure, his memories. When she was done with him, he'd never want to leave her.

Sitting back on her heels, an extremely uncomfortable position against the hard floor of the tub,
she reached for the bath gel.

"What are you doing?"

"You'll see."

Reaching behind her, she released the plug on the tub and drained half of the water.

"What the hell...I didn't drag bucket after bucket of water in here for nothing."

"Shhh. Trust me, Mikhail."

He frowned slightly, watching her through lowered eyelids as she squeezed some of the gel into
her hand and worked it into a lather. Leaning over him, bracing one hand against his shoulder,
she started lathering his chest. Working in a circular motion, paying particular attention to his
hardening nipples. Up and over his shoulder, trailing a soapy path up his neck and down again.
He tried to nip at her lips as she neared, but she pulled away and laughed softly.

"Patience, please."

She washed down one arm, cleaning each finger in turn, before moving to the other side and
gently bathing the scarred remains of his left arm. After cleaning under his arms and down his
sides, she rinsed off her hands and poured handfuls of water over his skin to clean away the
frothy mess.

"You're killing me here."

"So I see." She reached down to brush away the pearl of moisture at the head of his cock with
her thumb, making him flinch. "I promise it'll be worth the wait."

Groaning, he leaned forward, and grabbed the back of her neck, claiming a kiss before she could
move away.

Dropping her hands to her sides, she gave him a reproachful glare. "You're spoiled. I don't think I
should continue at all."

"You better or I'm gonna drag your ass out of here and fuck you on the floor."

She had to squeeze her thighs together as that image flooded her mind. She was almost tempted
to let him do it.

Taking a deep breath, she filled her hand with more bath gel and scooted down as far as she
could in the tub. Grabbing his left foot, making him bend his leg back even further, she placed it
on her chest and slowly began lathering his calf.

"Tell me about your family."

"Jesus, now?"

She grinned, slyly. "Yes. Maybe it'll take your mind off things and you won't be in

He leaned his head back, bringing his hand up to impatiently rub his eyes. "What do you want to

"Well, what were your parents' names?"

"Anton and Eva."

For some reason he didn't sound too proud to mention that. Working her way back to his foot,
she used the lather to massage the tender skin underneath.

"Did they love you?"

"What kind of a question is that?" When she looked away from his gaze, his voice immediately
softened. "Yes, they did."

"Did you have any siblings?"

"No. My mother was pregnant again when I was nine, but she miscarried."

"I'm sorry. That must have been very hard on your family."

"You could say that. It was her lover's baby."

She paused while working on the ball of his foot. "Oh. I--"

"It's OK. That was a long time ago."

"It still must have been hard on you. You were so young. I can't remember my parents being
anything but indifferent to each other, but at least they didn't cheat."

"She didn't consider it cheating, at the time. She told my father she was doing her job."

Sabryn wasn't sure she wanted to know any more. So much for giving him a night to
remember--she was only bringing up bad memories. Setting down his foot, she rinsed away the
soap before moving to the other leg.

"What happened between them?"

"They stayed together. He forgave her, even though he'd had his heart broken."

"You wouldn't have done the same?"

"She destroyed him. He was never the same person again. No, I wouldn't have forgiven her, and
I didn't. She stuck around, helped me with my homework, paid for part of my education...but we
were little more than housemates."

She could understand that very easily. "It must be very hard to trust someone after that."

He didn't say a word. But he didn't really have to. Rinsing off his right leg, she set his foot down
and scooted up between his thighs. Her own legs were starting to cramp from sitting in the same
position, but she tried her best to ignore it. Concentrating on his gaze, it wasn't too entirely hard.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For kissing Skinner, after what your mother did to you."

He looked away, his expression hardening. "I wanted to kill him."

"And what about me?"

"I wanted to wipe him from your memory. To smother you with myself, consume you, and fuck
you so hard you could do nothing but scream my name. Until you knew without a doubt that
your every little thought and breath was mine alone--"

She crushed his lips under hers, stopping the possessive litany before he truly grew as angry as he
sounded. Sealing their mouths, giving him no doubt as to who she was thinking of. Putting every
bit of passion she had behind the act. And when she pulled back to meet his gaze, his eyes were

"You really are trying to kill me, aren't you?"

"Well...maybe just a little incapacitation, to keep you from leaving tomorrow. After I have my
way with you, of course."

"So go ahead."

Reaching for the gel one last time, she held his gaze and she poured some into her hand and
rubbed it between her palms. He flinched slightly when she touched her fingers to his inner
thighs, raking her fingernails through the dark hair, sliding back and forth in a deliberate tease.
And when she finally reached the smooth solid length of his cock, he was breathing so hard he
stirred her hair. She stroked her soapy hand up and down, tugging at him with each pull, smiling
devilishly when he couldn't keep his hips still. He nearly groaned aloud when she stopped her
motions, but as she reached down to rub a layer of foam over his scrotum his protest melted into
a moan of pure satisfaction.

"I think you like that."

"Fuck, I can't tell you how good that feels."

"I think I can see for myself."

His cock was so engorged it looked painful. And judging by the way he hissed when she stroked
it again, it undoubtedly was. He couldn't hold himself still, his fingers clamped down hard on the
rim of the tub, his head tossing against the wall with her every pull. And when she could see his
balls starting to rise, she stopped all motion and pulled her hand away.

His eyes popped open immediately. "What the--"


"Screw patience, damn it! I was about to cum!"

She bit her lip, stifling laughter. "Shhh. They'll hear you."

"I don't give a damn. That was plain mean."

"I'll make it up to you," she said, leaning forward to brush his lips with her own. "I promise."


He was unnaturally still, holding his body in rigid composure as she rinsed away the last of the
soap. If not for the fact that they still hadn't washed their hair, she would have drained the rest of
the water. Instead, she'd just have to work around it. Backing up as far as she could, she rested
her forearm on the tub floor and used the other to steady his cock as she took it into her mouth.
She could hear him suck in a shuddering breath and she almost needed one of her own. She
could barely imagine doing something like this, let alone actually going for it. She'd had him in
her mouth once before, but she hadn't expected that moment to go all the way. This time, she
knew exactly where things were headed.

Blind instinct led her to swirl her tongue around the dripping head, tasting lightly soapy bath
water and the unmistakable taste of male secretions. Slightly bitter, slightly salty, but not
unpleasant. Oddly, the more she tasted, the more she liked it. There was something so perfect
about having him in her mouth, drinking from his body. A strange, almost biblical notion...which
nearly made her laugh, considering the situation. She could feel his belly brushing against her
head with the rapid struggle of his breathing. And when she added a bit of suction, she could see
his knuckles turn white as he grasped the tub edge even tighter. The throbbing ache between her
legs wasn't helping matters in the slightest.

Making sure to breathe, she took him deeper in her mouth...and still managed to gag a bit before
she controlled it. He started to reach for her, but she pushed his hand away. He was so close. She
wasn't stopping now.

Sucking hard, she used her hand to stroke the length she couldn't manage. Licking at the hard
ridge that ran the underside of his cock. Pulling back every now and then to nibble at the swollen
head until he moaned out loud. She kissed the tip with moist lips, meeting his gaze once more. He
looked about seconds away from losing it. Knowing she had to act fast, she swallowed his length
again, moving her head up and down, keeping the rhythm with her hand, feeling his hips start to
rise beneath her.

"Oh shit, shitshitshit...."

His fingers clenched in her hair, his entire body poised, and his testicles started to rise, she took
one last deep breath and swallowed. His semen spurted against the back of her throat, his entire
body shuddering as he emptied himself into her mouth.

"Uhnnn..." He panted, his hand falling limp by her side. "God damn...I didn't know you were
going to do that."

Releasing him from her mouth, she licked her lips and sat up. "You didn't like it?"

"I feel like you just ripped my guts out."

"Is that good, or bad?"

"That's good. Very, very good."

She gave him a shy smile as he leaned forward and kissed her, tasting himself in her mouth. Her
legs were quivering, and she felt so swollen and achy that she thought she might spontaneously
combust. As if reading her mind, he reached his hand between her legs, pushing his fingers inside
of her, never taking his lips off hers. She gasped into his mouth, wrapping her arms around his
shoulders as he continued to shove his fingers in and out. Her shaky thighs threatened to collapse,
she could barely breathe, and when he finally pushed his thumb down hard on her stiffened clit,
she nearly bit him in her convulsions. He pulled back to watch her, milking the orgasm for all it
was worth, fucking her with his fingers until her muscles finally went still.

He rinsed her with the soapy water as she caught her breath. "I think you liked that."

She nodded. "I wasn't lying when I told my brother you were good."

"Damned good."



Sabryn felt the bed shift and lazily opened her eyes, wondering what time it was. After closing
her eyes for the first time all night, only meaning to rest a moment, she'd somehow fallen asleep.
Not really surprising. They'd worn each other out. There was scarcely a moment he hadn't been
inside her, in one way or another. There wasn't a place on her body he hadn't touched, kissed, or
stroked. After so much delicious contact, her whole body felt like a live wire of nerves. Blinking
slowly, she turned her head to the side to see Alex laying on his back, scratching the cat behind
the ears as it sat on his chest and purred, in pure ecstasy.

"I knew it," she said, softly.

He actually looked embarrassed to be caught in the act. "Knew what?"

"I knew you liked that cat."

"She's a pain in the butt. Wouldn't leave me alone until I petted her."

"Hmm...I bet you say that about me, behind my back, too."

He smirked slightly. "I wouldn't do that, would I, Cheeser?"

"That poor cat's name is Cheeser?"

"Audrey named her 'Cheshire Cat' when she got her, because she looked like she was grinning.
But when her youngest granddaughter tried to say the name, it sounded like 'Cheeser.' So,
Cheeser Cat, she is."

She reached across to pet the cat, making it purr even louder. "She's awfully sweet."

"Did you have a nice nap?"

"I didn't mean to fall asleep. You should have woke me up."

"You were dreaming. I didn't want to disturb you, in case it was something good."

She thought for a minute, trying to recall what it was. Only bits and pieces floated through her
mind. "I was little...running through a field. I got scared, because I thought I was dreaming about
the abduction again, but I realized after a while that it wasn't me. And instead of being the girl, I
was watching her from behind."

He moved the cat out of the way, turning on his side to face her as Cheeser curled up behind him.

"She had dark hair, and she was running towards a hill...and I called to her, like I knew her." She
paused, trying to remember. "I don't know what her name was, but I knew it then. I started to
chase after her, and when I got to the top of the hill, she stopped and grabbed my hand.
Everything up to then had been normal, but once we were on the hill, you could see this city
below...blackened and charred, like it had been bombed."

She shivered, meeting his gaze. "I'm scared. What if the earth does look like that someday?"

"It was a dream." He curled his hand around hers, threading their fingers together. "And even if it
wasn't, you were alive."

"Who would want to be alive in a place like that?"

"Things rebuild all the time. Forests burn to the ground from lightning strikes. It's part of nature.
And the ash and destruction nourish the new growth, making everything stronger."

"What we're talking about isn't natural at all." Pulling her closer, he tucked her legs between his
and pressed his lips against her hair line. "You're gonna be all right. I know it."

She wrapped her arms around him, bringing them up to cup his shoulders in her hands.
Whispering against his shoulder, she said, "I didn't mean for this to happen."


"I just thought it would be some innocent thing...something to make me feel normal."

He pulled back to look at her, but she refused to meet his gaze. "What are you talking about?"

"I don't know what it was, really. Maybe because you were honest with me. Or maybe because
an attractive man paid attention to me...or the danger could have even had something to do with


"But I think--I think it was all of those things and more. The kindness that seemed to shine
through you, even past that bad-ass persona you wear so well. The way you looked at me. The
way you didn't baby me, like my brother. And you wanted me, even after I told you my dirty
little secret."

He stared at her in silence. She could feel his gaze boring into her, penetrating, the same hypnotic
stare that pulled her in every time. And she couldn't look at him, or she'd never say it.

"That first time, in my bed...I hardly even knew you. I'd talked to you a couple of times before,
but it felt like--this is going to sound really stupid and cliched, but it felt like I'd known you a
million times before."

"What are you saying?"

She licked her lips, buying precious time. "I'm saying that despite everything I know you've
done, and the little voice that tells me it's wrong, I've fallen in love with you. And it scares me to

He was alarmingly silent for the longest time. Perfectly still. And she couldn't even tell if he was
breathing. Daring to look up, she met his gaze and sucked in a deep breath. He looked shocked.
Like it was the last thing he ever expected her to say. He opened his mouth to speak, and closed
it again. Blinking a couple of times, before opening his mouth once more.

"Say that again?"

"I said I was scared--"

"No, not that part."

She should have known he wouldn't make this easy. Using the softest whisper, she closed her
eyes and said, "I love yo--"

The rest of the word was smothered against his lips, buried under his weight as he rolled and
settled on top of her. Twisted and turned into a stunned gasp as he pushed her legs apart and
thrust himself inside her. She barely had time to breathe, let alone adjust to his invasion, before he
started moving inside of her, worshipping her lips, pulling her thigh up for even deeper

"Say it again."

Fiery little tingles sped through her veins, rocketing out to the tips of her fingers and toes,
centering from the heated spot where they joined.

She panted, closing her eyes at the feel of his mouth suckling her ear. "I love you."

God, his whole body seemed to convulse with the words, speeding up, driving into her even


"I love you, Alex."

Pressing down hard on her pubic bone, he sent little shock waves of friction through her clit. She
gasped, digging her fingernails into his upper back, feeling the entire bed shudder beneath them,
glancing over to see the cat watching with bored yellow eyes.

Before she could be embarrassed by the feline's scrutiny, he kissed her again, drawing all of her
attention, making her toes curl. His hips slammed between her legs, faster with every passing
second, so close to making her scream.

"Say it, baby. Tell me you love me."

"Yes, oh God. Mmmm" She gasped again, her thighs tightening as she neared orgasm. "I

Two more hard thrusts and he threw his head back, groaning through clenched teeth, shuddering
with the force of his climax. And when the tension left his muscles, he settled down bonelessly on
top of her. His face pressed against her hers, his rapid breathing washing over the sweat on her
skin. She turned her head even more, to meet his gaze.

"I don't want you to leave me."

He reached up to push her hair away from her eyes, his fingers lingering to trace the curve of her
ear. "I'm coming back, Sabryn. I promise you that."

"You'd better."

Rolling to his side, still joined with her body, he tucked her thigh over his hip and pulled her tight
against him.

"I love you, too, baby."

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