TITLE: "No Ordinary Morning"
AUTHOR: Isahunter

NOTES: A sequel of sorts to my M/K Y2K Challenge story, "A Night Like This." Of course, since this is a shameless PWP smutfic, it's not necessary to have read that story first.

For Ursula, who asked so sweetly. Thank you for the encouragement.

Five minutes into January 1, the year Two Thousand, and the millennium was already starting off with a bang. The lobby of the Outrigger Main was brightly lit, still packed with celebrating tourists as they pushed their way towards the elevator. Bodies brushing against each other in their haste, writhing, making breath come hard and fast out of their mouths. As the elevator's doors opened, pouring its contents out in a chorus of Auld Lang Syne, Mulder shoved his way over to the side and pulled Alex with him.

He could feel the heat rolling off of Mulder in waves, potent and rich with musk, making his fingers twitch with the need to explore. His hand shook as he opened his wallet and drew out the key card, running it through the slot next to the door as the elevator filled with passengers. Pushing the button to the top floor, restricted access to the most expensive suites, he settled back against Mulder's shoulder. Doors closing, the ride began.

His fucking jeans felt about ten sizes too small. Sweating, mouth watering, groin throbbing, he leaned back against his new found lover and let his fingers do the walking. So nonchalant, barely making any movement, drawing no attention to the fact he was cupping Mulder's balls like a prize trophy. He could hear the agent groan softly, shifting against his grip, pushing himself even harder against Alex's palm. Adding a subtle squeeze, he felt Mulder grab his arm and push him away.

Christ, was he embarrassed because the couple next to him was watching the show with avid interest? Because he'd never done anything like this before, never fucked a man--let alone a woman, any time recently? Casting a mischievous glance over his shoulder, Alex bid his time as the elevator stopped and several people departed. With more room, he wasn't forced to stand so close to the other man...but he didn't move an inch.

Well, except for his hands. Unable to see what he was doing, he used touch alone to find the zipper in Mulder's slacks, sliding it down, slipping his hand inside. The agent flinched as he wrapped his hand around the swollen length of his cock, tugging in one long pull from base to head. Rubbing back against him, his ass sliding back and forth against that magnificent bulge.

The couple watching them left at the next stop, departing with a smile, leaving them alone save a few half-asleep baby boomers. And when the doors closed again, Alex turned towards his lover and pushed himself against him. Taking his mouth, shoving his tongue inside, oblivious to the gasps his sudden move received. His hand moved boldly inside Mulder's shorts, stroking bare hot flesh, tangling in the short wiry hairs, tracing moisture up and down the turgid shaft, rubbing slippery little circles with his thumb. Hanging on to the solid brass railing behind him, Mulder moaned loudly...and neither of them paid the least attention when the other people in the car hurriedly departed at the next stop.

Dragging his stiffened prick through layers of clothing, until he could see the object of his affection, Alex drew back from Mulder's mouth. He'd never seen anything more beautiful in his life. Like a sculpted work of art, little veins pulsing below the surface, a solid ridge just under his fingertips, the thick head drenched with moisture. Mulder watched his fingers move, his mouth hanging open with the effort to breathe, his hips twitching with the effort to remain still. And even though he knew the hotel's security cameras were catching every second of the erotic moment, Alex didn't give a damn.

Dragging his slacks and boxers down his thighs, the button popping off and ricocheting against the wall, Alex dropped to his knees. He could see Mulder close his eyes, biting his lip, unable to do anything but weakly hold himself upright. His thighs shook as Alex took him in his mouth, and the sudden harsh moan that escaped his lips echoed in the small space. But he didn't have long to enjoy himself. Merely a few seconds of glorious movement and suction before the ding of the bell announced their arrival at the penthouse.


Alex pulled away, casting Mulder a devilish grin, and climbed to his feet. Pulling the key card out of his pocket once more, he crossed the hall and opened the door. Holding it open, waiting for his lover to follow, he couldn't help the bubble of laughter he released when Mulder kicked off his slacks and shorts, and carried them, half naked, into the suite.

"Nice ass."

"Who'd you have to shoot to get this place?"

"You'd be surprised."

He shut the door as Mulder dropped his clothes onto the nearby chair and began stripping out of his shirt. Standing there, nude, with the exception of a pair of sandals, he looked like Adonis come alive. Fuck. If the ache in his jeans was any indication, this wasn't going to last very long.

Luckily, they had all night. And hopefully, many more to come. Quite literally.

He advanced on his partner, menacing, every bit the assassin and predator he was...yet Mulder didn't budge. Aside from the pulsating bobbing of his impressive cock. Good God...that little red Speedo hadn't even begun to reveal the glory within. Straining towards him, leaking seminal fluid as proof of his need, Mulder's cock was a sight to behold. And to be held. He was determined to do much more than that. Pushing him back towards the bed, onto the tacky palm tree printed bed spread, Alex loomed over him. He could feel Mulder kicking the sandals on to the floor, but his gaze never left his eyes.

How many nights had he lain awake dreaming of this? Far too many to count. Need this, want this, have to have this, this man only. Right now, for the rest of his life.

He slid down off the bed, onto his knees, worshipping him as he shrugged off his leather jacket and tossed it behind him. Unbuttoning his own jeans to ease the pounding ache of his cock. Lifting Mulder's foot, holding his gaze as he took the agent's big toe into his mouth. Sucking, swirling, drawing him in as if he meant to deep throat the appendage. Mulder writhed on the bed, arching his back, lifting his hips in subtle thrusts, his fingers clenching in the bed spread.

He smelled so good, tasted so tangy and alive. Blessedly musky from the dark, hidden space between his legs where his balls fell and swayed in tempting rhythm. Moving from toe to toe, Alex kept him in a steady state of suspended animation, eyelids fluttering, back arched, body frozen in sublime ecstasy. Down to the arch of his foot, causing him to flinch as he gently bit the sensitive flesh. Up his calf, massaging, biting, tasting, tongue sifting through hair to sample the salty essence of his skin. Further up, to his knee, nibbling, parting his thighs, tickling the softer flesh between until he squirmed in delicious agony below him.

"Oh Fuck, Alex..."

"Soon, baby. Soon."

A light lap of his tongue over the flesh of his scrotum, followed by his lips in a kiss that took his breath away. Licking, sucking, drawing his balls into his mouth and loving them both in turn. Smiling as best he could at the keening sound coming from Mulder's mouth. His lover's legs moved restlessly, hips jerking, head tossing from side to side. Needing more, desperate for it.

And when Alex moved forward to take the entire length of his cock into his mouth, Mulder sat upright with the force of a slingshot.

Pushing at his shoulders, determined to move him away.

"Damn it, not like this. Fuck me."

Releasing him with a wet swish of his tongue, Alex met his gaze. "I'm gonna do a hell of a lot more than that, now lay back, damn it."

Mulder hesitated, clearly wanting this to last, but Alex didn't give him any quarter.

"If you want me to make love you, you'll lay back now."

Releasing a shuddering breath, Mulder did as he was told. Quite obviously surprised by his choice of words. But why should he be? He should have known from day one that the swirling emotions surrounding them were every bit as potent as the hate they'd mistaken them for...only just the opposite.

More determined this time, Alex sucked Mulder's cock deep into his mouth. Using his hand at the base to follow his movements, drawing upon the thick column of flesh, wanting nothing more than to taste this man's copious release. His cheeks hollowed with the effort, his lips wrapped so tightly around him, tasting the slightly bitter potion, hearing the ragged breathing, smelling the virile aroma that was all Mulder, feeling the subtle brush of those coarse hairs against his lips.

And with the sudden spasm of Mulder's hips, the swift rising of his balls, he cried out and erupted into Alex's mouth. Washing his tongue and throat with jetting secretions, emptying himself so completely that Alex could barely swallow.

Sinking back to the bedspread in a boneless mass, Mulder tried desperately to catch his breath. Rolling onto his back next to him, Alex wiped his thumb across his face and popped it into his mouth, cleaning up the semen he'd missed. He kicked off his boots, used his toes to shove down his socks. He was aware of his lover watching him as he lifted his hips and shoved his jeans to the floor, pushing his shorts along with them. He could feel Mulder's gaze tripping over the length of his cock, watching it twitch with his pulse, his fingers untangling from the comforter with the need to touch.

Dragging his tee shirt up his torso, crossing his arms and pulling it over his head, Alex tossed his last stitch of clothing to the floor. No longer out of breath, he turned on his side, crept up to Mulder's mouth and met him in a wanton kiss. Deep and intense. No more holding back emotions, no longer pretending this desire between them didn't exist. Touching and exploring as if they'd been doing it all their lives. And maybe, in some warped way, they had.

Rubbing against other, skin on skin, almost desperate in need. Legs tangling, stiffened cock fighting against reawakening cock for dominance between them. Clutching, teasing, biting at each other's lips. Mulder's hand drifted down between them, stroking Alex, making him impossibly harder than he already was.

"Turn over."

His eyes heavy-lidded with desire, Mulder rolled onto his stomach and shook his ass until he coaxed another laugh out of Alex. Raising onto his hands and knees, looming over him like a leopard over its prey, Alex bit into his shoulder. Hard enough to hurt, but not enough to break the skin. Mulder started to move, protesting, until Alex shoved him down...licking the reddening wound until he was still once more. Down a couple of inches and then biting again, lapping at his skin and making him restless. Sliding down the length of his back, biting and licking all the way, nipping at his spine, until Mulder was humping the mattress in rapture.

Finally reaching the plump halves of his ass, breathing in the heady scent, sinking his teeth into the ripe flesh like devouring a peach. Licking him again, tracing little circles with his tongue until finally he parted the beautiful half moon and delved inside.

Mulder gasped, his sudden cry echoing off the walls, his hips moving faster and faster against the comforter, seeking relief, wanting more, needing to feel Alex inside him.

Dipping his tongue into the pungent cleft of Mulder's ass, he let his nose lead the way, dropping subtle kisses, before swirling and centering on the tight pucker of flesh that pulsated against his tongue. The ring of muscle fluctuated, pushing in and out against his lips, clamping around his tongue as he pushed his way inside. Reaming him, washing him with saliva, moistening the taut entrance in preparation. Mulder thrust back against him, relishing the wet sweep of his mouth, whimpering nonsense words against his bent arm. When Alex finally pushed a finger inside, exploring the hot cavern, the curse that left his lover's mouth was either garbled or something he'd never heard before.

Mulder threw his head back, gasping, high-pitching pants leaving his mouth as he rode the driving force of Alex's finger. Crying out once more with the addition of a second finger, freezing in place as Alex scissored his fingers apart to make his entrance easier.

"Oh Jesus, I don't know how much more of this I can take."

"You took over five years of Scully dicking you around. I think you can manage this."

"Scully never made me feel like a prepubescent masturbating punk, either."

"No, just a middle-aged masturbating punk."

Throwing a glare over his shoulder, Mulder said, "I never thought about fucking her the way I wanted to fuck you."

Pulling out his fingers, Alex grinned. "Guess it's your lucky day, Mulder. Dreams do come true."

Straddling his body, hands and legs on either side of him, he lowered his weight onto Mulder's body. The slick, oozing head of his penis searching for access to his lover's body. Probing, parting, nudging at the tight orifice. Lips pressed against his backbone, his hand slid under his body to pull him tighter into his embrace, hips driving forward to force himself past the barrier and into Mulder's tight ass.

"So good," he heard himself mumble, pushing all the way in, engulfed and surrounded by pure heat. "Want you so much."

He started to move, slight forward thrusts deep within, covering him completely, bumping his hips into Mulder's ass. Kissing his shoulders, his ear, his mouth as he awkwardly turned his head to meet Alex's lips. Short sharp movements that rocked him, pushing Mulder's cock against the comforter, humping him into the mattress. A growing needy ache that refused to be appeased. He wanted more, had to have all of him now.

Snaking his arm beneath Mulder's torso, he pulled the agent with him as he drew his knees up beneath them. Raising their joining into the air, coming up on his knees to grab Mulder's hips and drive into him with forceful thrusts from behind. Panting, grunting, clenching his fingers as he heard the muffled moans Mulder emitted against the bedspread. Sweaty, achy, so damned close to completion but not quite there.

Slipping his hand down to fondle Mulder's testicles, stroking his newly hardened cock, keeping up a firm rhythm with the movement of his own hips. He clenched his buttocks, pushing even harder, wanting to crawl right inside him where it was safe and warm. Like nothing he'd ever felt before.

Pistoning inside him, rushing towards a fever pitch, watching stars explode before his eyes as the sweet release finally came and he felt the sticky flow of Mulder's ejaculation on his fingers. Boneless, shaking from head to toe with exhaustion, he slowly collapsed onto the man beneath him, feeling nothing but Mulder's fingers entwining with his own as he drifted off to sleep.


Sunlight pierced his dreamy slumber, shaking him awake to find that Mulder had disappeared sometime early in the morning. After the night they'd spent together, making love several times before sunrise, he couldn't believe his eyes. He couldn't help the sudden pounding of his heart until he realized the balcony door was open, the curtains drifting lazily in the breeze.

Crawling off the bed, he got to his feet. On shaky legs, still new to the various strenuous positions Mulder had put him in, he walked over to the glass door and pushed it aside. Sipping from a white mug, Mulder looked up at him and smiled. With his hair ruffled, wearing a plush terry cloth robe, he looked sexy as hell. To Alex's amazement, he started getting hard again.

"It's a beautiful morning. I made coffee. Sit down."

"I was beginning to think you'd wised up and ran out on me," Alex said as he lowered himself into the opposite chair.

"Not there. Sit down here." Mulder gestured to his lap.

Blinking slowly, Alex did as he was told, and before he was all the way seated, Mulder met his lips in a passionate kiss.

"There won't be any running anymore. This is a whole new start. No ordinary morning. And I'll be damned if this is just going to be a holiday fling."

Leaning back, Alex smirked. "I think I can handle that. After you, I think I can handle just about anything."

END. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~