Oct. 26, 1997
Short Story Challenge

(This is in answer to cathy lee's short story challenge.) (548 words--just
a little over the mark)

Servicing all the Mulders
by KMS!

The War was over. The Consortium had won.

Alex watched as another batch of clones were harvested from their tanks.
Freed, they lay, wet and dripping as the medical staff took measurements
and gauged reactions.

Alex turned away. He would see each one of them soon enough. After all,
he was the last test before they were sent out into the field. The last
conditioning before the Mulders were activated.

He hated living here. Hated Big Brother always watching his movements.
He was stranded in Orwell's '1984' and god help him, the only thing that kept
him sane was the job they required of him. And it was such an easy job,
how could he refuse. Because when the truth was told, he missed his lover
and his job gave him back a little piece of his soul.

Alex looked down and read his job description, for the hundredth time.

Mulder Encounter Testing Authority (META): Operative will engage new
CLONE in sexual congress and enlighten current CLONE in ORIGINAL's
tastes and methods.

Goal: New CLONE will be able to fully function in society posing as

Alex shook his head in disgust. He had no idea why it was important that
the clones be able to pose as the original Fox Mulder. He had watched as
they had killed his lover. Dead and buried. No more Mulder. Well, maybe
that wasn't exactly true anymore. There were plenty of Mulders. Just no
more original. There were pumping them out on the assembly line and then
sending them to him for final testing. And test he did.

Alex took enjoyment in handling each one differently.

He knew he was warping the psyche of some of them.

He secretly delighted in the fact.

Mulder049: making slow languid love to him until they screamed their
pleasure together.

Mulder178: a vigorous hand job, the warm splash of cum seeping over his

Mulder277: a blow job; wrapping his lips over the Mulder's cock, all the
while watching his face with intense scrutiny.

Mulder365: the shower; sharing hot, steamy sex while warm water pounded
at their bodies.

Mulder454: his fingers up the Mulder's ass while he stroked his cock to

Mulder482: the Mulder on his knees, servicing Alex with his mouth like a

Mulder564: giving him a simple kiss on the cheek before he pushed him back
out the door.

Mulder 632: the eggbeater. (Alex was almost embarrassed to remember this

Mulder786: harsh lovemaking, pounding out his anger at his missing lover
into the accepting body of the clone.

Mulder 892: refusing him at the door, giving him his first taste of

Mulder911: bringing him in, giving him a beer, spending an enjoyable
evening watching the Knicks on television. Never once touching him, but
watching him through veiled eyes all night, sending him completely mixed

THEY thought they were making identical Mulders. But Alex would have
the last laugh. Each 'Mulder' encounter was different from every other
'Mulder' encounter. There wouldn't be an army of Mulder clones. There
would be an army of Mulders with different experiences. THEY thought
they would all be the same.

Little did they know.