Date: 07-Sep-97


Title: Something to Remember You By
Author: KMS!
Rating: PG-13
Classification: V & H
Spoilers: Duane Barry
Keywords: Fluff!
Summary: If Mulder wore Scully's cross the entire time she
was missing, consider what he would have done if she had
dropped something else.
I can just see it now...
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Can't afford to buy 'em.
Characters lovingly borrowed from Carter/1013/Fox.

Something to Remember You By
by KMS!

"Mulder, what the hell are you wearing?" Alex stared down at Mulder's
feet, now clad in small, red, women's shoes.

Mulder daintily stuck out a foot and sweetly turned his ankle, giving
Alex the chance to admire it. "Do you like them?"

Alex looked up from Mulder's feet to skeptically meet his eyes. "Uh...
nice. Can I ask you why you're wearing lady's pumps?

"They were Scully's. After Duane kidnapped her, they were the only
thing I could find," Mulder sniffed. "She's gone, Alex. And this is all I
have left of her."

Alex reached out a hand and patted him on the shoulder.

"O-kay. Umm... they look really good on you." Alex wiped away the
tear that slid down his cheek and handed him a handkerchief so he could
wipe his running mascara.

"Do you really think so, Alex?" Mulder stared into his eyes.

"Um... sure, Mulder."

"Hey, I found Scully's Wonder-bra, too. Do you want to try it?"

Alex's mouth dropped open in shock. "I... I don't think so. Thanks
anyway." He watched as Mulder dug into a matching purse that hung from
his shoulder.

"P...p...purse?" Alex finally managed to stutter.

"Well, you can't go out unmatched, can you? Ah, here it is," he whipped
out the brassiere. "Do you want to wear it?"

Alex stared at the piece of lacy lingerie dangling from Mulder's fingers,
weighing the odds of being caught wearing it against the silky feel of it
against his skin.

"Well... um... I mean... it's awful pretty, isn't it? That is... um, no.
Definitely NO!"

"Well, suit yourself," Mulder held the item against his chest, trying to
gage the effect, but knowing in his heart it just wasn't his color. "Oh,
well. You're sure?"

"Yeah. I'm sure. Do you really think you should still be wearing those
shoes when Skinner shows up?"

Mulder grinned at him. "Oh, don't worry about him. I've already given
him the girdle I found."