Chocoholics Unite
by Ladonna King

He was bored. Bored, bored, bored. A week in the country with Alex had
seemed like a great idea at the time. No one breathing down their necks,
nothing to do but kick back and fuck themselves silly for five days
straight. He'd stocked the cabin with everything they could possibly need,
from exotic wines to chocolate syrup, and enough lube to keep anyone's
engine running reaaaaaaal smooth.

But now it was Thursday, and he was just about fucked out. If there was a
single position on a single available space in walking distance they had yet
to try, he couldn't begin to imagine what it might be. And he had packed
the portable Kama Sutra, so they could check off each one. As of 12:36 this
afternoon, they'd run the gamut. So now what? Start over? Get out the
toybox? Have that little talk with Scully and Skinner?

He heaved a sigh. Bored, bored, bored.

"Hey, Mulder," Alex grinned, flopping down beside him on the grass out back,
watching the clouds roll by.

"What?" Hearing a crinkling sound, Mulder nearly rolled over, already
reaching for his zipper.

"Easy, big fellah," Alex chuckled. "Besides, we ran out of condoms two days
ago. Here, want one?"

Turning his head to look, Mulder saw the open package of Reeses Peanut
Butter Cups Alex was offering with a hint of chagrin. "Just call me
Pavlov," he smirked and pulled one from the package, peeling off the little
brown wrapper and wadding it up in his jeans pocket. No sense in littering,
after all...though if he didn't clean out all those Trojan wrappers soon,
his pockets were going to look really strange.

He was just going to take a bite out of his when he saw Alex's eyes. The
way they zeroed in on his mouth. The glint that danced in those enigmatic
green depths. //Hmm...teasing never gets old,// Mulder mused with a grin
and let his tongue snake out instead, flicking over the chocolate,
deliberately coy.

Alex grinned back, rolling on his side to watch the show, leaning on his
good elbow. "You know what, Mulder?"

"Mmm," Mulder sighed, nibbling at the rippled edges and licking the
chocolate from his lips. //Did I bring my handcuffs?// he wondered
absently, rejecting it almost immediately. Somehow, throwing Alex up
against a wall had lost its appeal along the way. Been there, done that,
got the prosthetic. And the last time he'd tried making Alex mad enough to
hit him instead, the bastard had walked out.

And took all the fucking lube with him.

Which really was too bad, because that look in his eyes before he shut the
door, poised right there on the edge, had made Mulder hotter than he could
remember being in, oh...


"I don't care if we live to be a hundred, you're still going to have the
best mouth I've ever seen," Alex grinned, shaking out a Reeses cup of his
own and stuffing his wrapper in Mulder's pockets as well.
//Sometimes, he says the sweetest things...// Chuckling, Mulder started
licking out the peanut butter filling, his tongue darting and jabbing and...

"Not that we're going to live that long," Alex sighed mournfully, flipping
his candy straight up into the air.

And pulling out his gun.

With a smirk Mulder didn't like at all.

When the thing went off, Mulder's heart simply refused to beat, his eyes
fixed painfully wide on Alex's face. And Alex was still smiling, a smug,
evil, twisted grin, ravenous, superior...

Sexy as hell.

Alex's hand was mysteriously empty when he held it out in front of him. The
peanut butter cup smacked down into his open palm, pierced dead-center by a
perfect hole.

"There's no wrong way to eat a Reeses," Alex shrugged and started munching

Mulder had him stripped bare just in time for his heart to start beating
again, Alex's cock so far up his ass he could taste it.

Tasted a lot like chocolate, actually.

Not bad.