Revenge of the Chocoholics
by Ladonna King

Mulder wasn't angry.

Angry had been a road sign he passed fifteen miles ago. And he most
certainly hadn't turned off there. In fact, he'd just taken the fast lane
through outraged, furious, and downright acrimonius without stopping to see
the sights. Right about now, he was coming up on murderously pissed, and it
looked like a pit stop was in order.

He couldn't believe the sneaking little bastard didn't even know he was
being followed.

Krycek parked right before the main doors of a 7-11 in a tiny little suburb
of DC, backing the //probably stolen// T-bird into a space so his nose was
pointed to the street. Prepared to make a quick getaway. Mulder nearly
crashed into a battered blue Olds when he ducked his head, hoping not to be

Not until it was too late.

Glaring through the front windows, he watched Krycek roving the aisles,
grabbing what looked like anything and everything that caught his
attention. Mulder had seen him do it countless times before, starting back
when they were partners. Krycek would load up on junk food and caffeine and
then he'd be up for days. And after making off with half the candy aisle,
the miserable bastard would be horny as hell.

//Fucker. I'm going to kill him this time. I really, really am...//

He got out of the car just as Alex made it to the checkstand. Slinking
closer to the doors, Mulder leaned up against the wall, counting slowly to
ten, reaching inside his jacket for his gun. This was going to be so damned

Wandering out with a candy bar already opened, Krycek had time to pop a
piece into his mouth before Mulder snagged him by the collar, sticking the
muzzle of his gun hard into Krycek's ribs. Krycek didn't look the least bit
surprised, however, allowing himself to be led to Mulder's car without a
word, chewing reflectively.

"Get in," Mulder hissed, shoving Krycek against the passenger door. "Make
one move, and you're fucking dead, right here in the parking lot, asshole."

Alex just shrugged, opening the door and sliding inside, tossing a plastic
bag into the back seat and finishing off the last of his candy bar. Like he
expected a ride home from a friend. It was all Mulder could do to keep from
pulling the trigger right then and there.

Instead, he climbed in the driver's side, reluctantly holstering his gun and
clenching his hands hard on the wheel. //You
motherfucking bastard could you do this to me?//

Alex watched him calmly, relaxing back against the seat while Mulder tried
to get a rein on his temper. He had to have answers. Had to know why...

"Why him?" he grated at last, turning only his head to face Krycek. Who
sighed, shaking his head slowly.

"Look, it's nothing personal--"

"The fuck it isn't," Mulder hissed, slamming his fist against the wheel.
"The fuck it isn't. How long has this been going on? Are you doing this
just to piss me off, or did someone set you up to it? How much of a whore
are you, Alex?"

"Look, can we just drop it?" Alex looked away until Mulder grabbed him by
the collar again, yanking him around and shaking him.

"Why are you fucking Skinner, you sonofabitch?"

Alex's eyes narrowed over a sneer. "Fine, Mulder. It's real easy.
Sometimes you feel like a nut," his eyes traveled up and down Mulder in a
mocking caress. "And sometimes you don't."

Tossing the Almond Joy wrapper into Mulder's lap, he climbed out of the car,
walking away without a backward glance.