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P3: Cherry Red by UnChuck


Those things didn't happen.

That's what Mulder was telling himself.

He hadn't done that to Krycek in the phone booth. He hadn't been outon that ledge with him either. Nope. Never happened.

He hadn't been obsessing about Krycek. Hadn't been thinking abouthim at night. When he was alone. When he awoke in the morning, it wasn'tthe first thing he thought about.

No. No. NO.

Mulder was in hell, a hell he liked to call "plausible deniability."


It was the start of another day.

Time to go dig up more evidence, more clues in this crazy case. Alexwas sleeping like a baby, energized for another day. The case he was working on with Mulder made no sense whatsoever, but he couldn't have cared less.He was having fun with Mulder, and he couldn't wait to see what happened next. Yes, he was ready for another day of fun with Fox Mulder.

Yes. Yes. YES.

Alex Krycek was in heaven, a heaven he liked to call Mulderville.


"Are you ready to go, Krycek?"

Mulder's first words to him in the morning didn't really surpriseAlex. No 'hello', no 'good morning', no kisses for his Twinkle Toes. Nope, Mulder rarely went in for the formalities.

"We'll take your car over to the Naval archives and see if wecan get somewhere on this case."

The Naval archives? God this case was crazy, Alex thought. He onlyhoped that Mulder would stop for some breakfast on the long drive out tothe archives. For some reason, he had the strangest craving for a cupof coffee and a slice of pie. Yes, a piece of cherry pie would be fantastic.

The two agents took the elevator to the parking garage, and silencefollowed them. Alex was never sure what to say to Mulder. Should he talkabout the events of the last few days, or would he only scare off hispartner? Alex wanted so much to make real contact with Mulder. Sure, thesex was great, but if he ever hoped to make this thing work, he'd haveto make an emotional connection with him.

As they walked over to Krycek's government-issue Cherry Red Ford Taurus,Alex grew increasingly concerned. Was this really going the way he wanted?Or was this just some silly fling that Mulder would soon forget? Withinthe space of a few moments, these few passing thoughts were enough tochange his mood entirely. The joy for life and the anxious anticipationof spending time with Mulder were gone, only to be replaced by fear anddoubt. Was his project succeeding, or was he only fooling himself? Wouldthis be his first real mistake with Mulder, and just what would it cost him?

Alex wanted so much to break down the barriers between himself andMulder, to find a connection, a space and time where no enemies lurkedand no lies were told.


Mulder was confused.

He had walked down to the parking garage with Krycek, but as Mulderhad entered the driver's side the junior agent had not taken his normal place in the front passenger seat. Strangely, Krycek had gotten into theback seat. What was he doing?

Mulder turned around to look at the other man sitting behind him,observing him carefully before speaking. Krycek looked tired, as if hewere carrying a great burden. He was staring down at his feet, not lookingback at his partner. His breathing seemed heavy and uneven. Mulder knew this look well, he recognized it from the mirror. For a moment, he sawhimself in the form of Alex Krycek, and all the burdens he had carriedfor so long, but what could be troubling this young man? How could a manof such youth and inexperience be so troubled?

And how could a man so troubled look so damned sexy?


"Is something wrong, Alex?"

The troubled young man's ears perked up. Had Mulder really calledhim 'Alex'? Maybe his plan was working after all. He continued to hanghis head, not acknowledging his partner's words.

Alex stealthily watched as Mulder opened the car door and exited thedriver's side. Before Mulder closed the door, he removed his suit jacket, tossed it in the front seat and then finally closed the door. Alex thencautiously observed as Mulder opened the rear door and sat down beside him. As Mulder entered the back seat, Alex threw his head back againstthe small headrest. He looked over at Mulder with confusion in his eyes, going for the best sad puppydog look that he could muster.

Mulder again studied the man beside him. He looked deeply into thegreen eyes of the young man and saw a longing there, and suddenly Mulderrealized what was troubling him. Now it was Mulder whose head was hangingdown. It was Mulder with the troubled look on his face.


"Are you horny?"

Alex was surprised by Mulder's words; he had said them with a whisper,barely audible, even in the quiet confines of the automobile. Had Alexheard him correctly? Alex was equally shocked with his own reply.

"I'm always horny, Mulder. It's just more intense when you'rearound." His voice was husky and rough as the words rumbled up fromthe deepest core of Alex's soul.

Mulder snapped to attention. Had he really said those words? The eventsof the past few days flashed across his eyes. Images of unadulterated pleasure. Pleasure without thought, pleasure without barriers, pleasurein its purest form. Was this another one of his obsessions? He didn't care.

Mulder leaned over to Krycek and took the young man's face in hishands. He kissed the younger man passionately. Kissed him without thought.Kissed him without barriers. A kiss in its purest form. This was a firstkiss like no other and it would forever change the two men.


Alex was overwhelmed by Mulder's sudden passion.

The kiss was intense, as if a thousand sprites were dancing on hislips, encircling his tongue and electrifying his every nerve ending. Alexlet Mulder's passion wash over him. Mulder's hands moved quickly acrosshis chest and around his torso. It was sensory overload. Alex's brain quickly shut down, as his body became a giant current of electric passion.

Just as suddenly as it began, the kiss ended.

Mulder collapsed against the backrest, exhausted from the emotionof the kiss. Still, he refused to break his gaze from that of the otherman's.

Despite the separation of space between the two men, they were asconnected as they had been during their embrace. The electricity continuedto flow between them; it was as if they had been transported to anotherspace and another time. A space where only the two of them existed, a space with no other thoughts than their own desire for one another. A spacewithout barriers, a space and time in its purest form.


"I want to feel you inside me."

Mulder's words completed their bond, and Alex knew that his projectwould soon be complete. Nothing that might happen in the future would interfere with this moment, and the two of them would never be the same.

"Where do we go from here?" Mulder asked, almost pleading.

"Reach into the glove box," was Alex's reply.

Mulder was puzzled by Alex's response, but did as he was instructed,for the first time, following rather than leading the younger man.

"This is a government issue vehicle. It comes equipped with allthe necessary supplies."

Mulder removed several items from the glove box and slowly examinedthem. He read the labels on the boxes:

"Law Enforcement Condoms. 'To Protect and to Serve.'"

"FBI Lube. 'To Crack Your Tightest Case.'"

Mulder had never realized just how comprehensive the FBI could beuntil this moment. He looked over at Alex, smoldering with all his sexualjuices flowing, and couldn't help but laugh. No matter how crazy thisseemed, Mulder had to admit he had never been happier than at this moment.

"Do you want me to get you ready, Alex?"

"Just drop your pants, Mulder. I've been ready for this sincethe first time I met you."


It was late and Skinner was tired.

He'd been spending more time at the office, if only to avoid goinghome. Skinner didn't enjoy home much anymore. He couldn't get his mindoff things. Couldn't sleep. He had gone down the hall to review some casefiles, and was now returning to his office. He looked at his watch. Itwas past 11 o'clock. He'd have to leave sooner or later.

He entered his office and his nostrils flared as he immediately noticedthe smell of tobacco smoke. This was not a good sign. There, seated inone of the side chairs, he observed an aging white male, a face grayedand wrinkled from too much hard smoking and from a life full of even harder experiences.

"Good evening, Assistant Director Skinner. It's so good to seeyou again."

"What do you want?" Skinner asked the Smoking Man, as hetook up his position at his desk.

"I won't be here long."

"Good, because you're starting to stink up the place."

The Smoking Man took a last drag from his cigarette and snuffed itout in the ashtray on Skinner's desk. A long silence ensued as the man proceeded to take out his pack of Morleys, and light up another cigarette.

"I believe two of your agents are working on a case together."

"I have a building full of agents working on hundreds of cases.You'll have to be more specific," shot back Skinner.

"I am referring to the case involving certain of our better hotelshere in Washington. Are you familiar with this case?"

"I am; continue." Skinner was beginning to seethe. He hatedthis man and all he represented.

"I have evidence that has a direct bearing on this case."

Skinner continued to stare at the Smoking Man, refusing to acknowledgehis words. The Smoking Man rose from his seat and slowly walked towardsthe door. As he neared the exit, he turned and faced Skinner.

"The evidence is a tape. I've placed it in your machine for convenience.All you have to do is hit play. You don't have to listen to the tape, Assistant Director Skinner, but you will." Doing his best Lauren Bacallimitation, the old man said, "You do know how to hit play, don't you?You just stick your finger out - and push." With that, the SmokingMan departed Skinner's office. Leaving behind a pile of ash, the pallingsmell of his cigarettes...and the tape.

Skinner stared at the tape player for what seemed like hours beforehe worked up the nerve to walk over to it. He placed his finger on theplay button, but hesitated. Whatever was on this tape, he wasn't goingto like it. But the Smoking Man was right, he *would* listen to it.

Skinner hit play.


The room exploded with sound.

The screams of passion filled his office, and could clearly be heardechoing down the hallway. The moaning of two men rang in his ears before Skinner could turn down the volume.

"Damn you, Cancer Man. You *would* turn the volume to full blast."

But no matter how low he turned the volume, Skinner could not escapethe sounds. The sounds of passion. Passion without thought. Passion without barriers. Passion in its purest form.

"Yes. Yes, oh yes. More. Deeper."

It was going to be a long night. A very long night.