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Fox Mulder was sweating.


"Alex, we need to talk."


Mulder was sitting on the leather couch in his living room; it was nearly9 p.m. and he had just returned home from work. Across from him sat a smugAlex Krycek. He hated the way Alex was always grinning at him and flashingthose damned sexy green eyes and batting those seductive eyelashes. Blinkblink, blink blink. He wanted to reach over and smack him.


"Okay, Mulder, let's talk."


Damn, Mulder thought, Alex wasn't going to make this easy. Easy. Thatwas the problem in a nutshell. Mulder had been far too easy. And Alex hadbeen far too hard. Hard. Stiff. Throbbing. Blood flowing. Heart pounding.Lips touching. Hands, eyes, lips, tongues. Easy. Hard. Mulder. Alex. Givingin. Easy. Thrusting. Hard. Mulder. Easy. Alex. Hard. Hard. Alex. Alex. ALEX!Damn. The argument hadn't even begun, and he had already lost.


"You know what I mean, Alex! We need to talk about what's been goingon."


"What's been going on?"


Alex was acting innocent again, the bastard. Blinking those eyes. Grinningwith that mouth. Breathing. The bastard had the nerve to be breathing. Inand out. And those eyeslashes were doing it again. Blink blink, blink blink.It was all Mulder could do to control himself.


He needed to focus on the issue at hand and confront the problem head-on.Hands. Heads. Was his mind going to pervert every thought, every action?Apparently so.


"You know what's been going on, Alex."


Mulder did his best to thoroughly and methodically analyze the eventsof the past several days without actually mentioning the fact that the twomen had been engaging in sex. Frequent sex. In phone booths. And out onledges. And lots of other interesting places. Nope, Mulder didn't mentiona word of that. But his analysis was brilliant. If you ignored that minoromission.


Meanwhile, Alex was sitting there. Looking at him. Staring intently intohis eyes. Flashing those... those eyelashes. And it was getting worse. Alexwas running his fingers through that hair. Tousling it. Releasing the filamentsfrom their greasy bonds. Distracting Mulder. Alex was changing, right beforehis eyes. The now softened hair framing his face. And those eyes, thosebeautiful green eyes. And those eyelashes. Blink blink, blink blink. Yes,he wanted to reach out and smack him. Hard. And then maybe do a few otherthings to him too. Just to teach him a lesson.


"We can't go on like this, Alex."


What's he doing? Mulder asked himself. Stop, he has to stop doing that.Alex was taking off his jacket, stretching his arms out and showing offhis chest. And as his arms were raised, Mulder could see the sweat stainsunder his armpits. Mulder's eyes closed briefly as he inhaled deeply, tryingto smell the musky scent of his partner. Reminding him of the time in thephonebooth. Alone. Together. And still, Alex did not break eye contact withhim. It was as if Mulder was being reeled in like a fish caught on a hook.By those eyes, those devastating green eyes. And those eyelashes. Blinkblink, blink blink. They were hypnotizing him.


Mulder said something. He wasn't sure what he was saying, but he wasdefinitely talking. He knew he was moving his lips. Yes, his mouth was movingand his tongue was doing something. He just wasn't sure what.


And then the tie came off. Alex removed his tie. And he folded it. Neatly,with those hands, those hands that had only last night been wrapped so tightlyaround his, around his... cock.


"Please... Alex, say something."

Mulder let out a shudder of a breath, as Alex bent down and slowly, purposefullyremoved his shoes. One by one. Slowly. Untieing the strings. Slipping themoff and letting out a quiet little sigh as each one came off. Setting themneatly beside the chair. And still, Alex kept his eyes on Mulder, neverbreaking their visual bond. Again, his hands returned to his feet and inone graceful, fluid motion removed his socks. First the left. Then the right.He studied the younger man's feet. It was a tantalizing glimpse of nakedflesh that he had not yet seen. Or touched. Or sucked. Those toes, he wantedto suck those toes. Feel the little hairs tickle his tongue. Feel the fleshfilling his mouth.


"This has to stop, Alex."


Oh God, no! Mulder watched as Alex's fingers gripped each button on hisshirt, undoing them. One by one. Slowly. Deliberately. And then, oh God,he removed it. He removed the shirt. Revealing his smooth, tanned chest.And his firm, round nipples. With a faint dusting of hairs; hairs that couldalso tickle his tongue.


Mulder's mouth began to water.


"Alex, those phone calls. What about those calls?"

And then, oh Lord, Alex stood up. He's standing up! Mulder screamed inhis head. He couldn't take this much longer. No, please, don't! Mulder wantedAlex to stop, to not, oh God, please don't take the belt off. Not the belt.No, please Alex, don't. Don't take your... Not the pants, please, Alex,not the pants!


"Maybe we should just end this, Alex."

Why? Why, Mulder asked himself. Why was Alex standing there. In his underwear.Staring at him. With those eyes. And batting those lashes. Blink blink,blink blink. And his hands, what's he doing with his hands? Jesus. No. Thosefingers. Those delicate digits were there. Slipping under the waistbandof his boxer shorts. Those red, silk, sweat-stained boxer shorts. The sameones. From the, oh God, from the phone booth! No. He won't, Mulder toldhimself. He won't take them off. No. Jesus. No.


"Alex, please."

Mulder sat there, babbling like someone who belonged in a straightjacket.He was rocking slowly back and forth to somehow comfort himself, returningto his childhood when his mother would hold him, soothing him until thefear was gone. But the fear was not gone, it was getting closer. Alex wasgetting closer. Alex was approaching him. Naked. Standing so close to him.Naked. Tempting him with his flesh. Unleashing all his hidden fears, hishidden desires. Naked. Looking at him with those gorgeous green eyes andthose still blinking eyelashes. Naked.


"Can't we work this out, Mulder?"


Mulder couldn't take any more, he had to act, had to react to the sensoryoverload. He arose from the couch, suddenly and in a panic. In an instanthe was standing there within a few inches of Alex. Naked Alex. With hissudden rise, all the blood drained from his head and he suffered a blazinghead rush. And there he was, so close to that flesh, that luscious nakedflesh.


"Oh, *fuck*!"


Mulder looked down to see Alex's hand on his zipper. The sound of themechanical device was like a symphony of arousal and an anthem of sexualfreedom. He felt the younger man's hand reach into his pants, firmly graspinghis achingly hard penis and removing it from its fabric prison. Alex hadhim now, had him tightly in his grasp.


"Is that what you want, Mulder? Would you like to fuck me?"


Those words devastated Mulder. He wanted to scream from the highest hilltops- YES! YES! YES! It would be just like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music."The hills are alive with the sound of moaning!"


But all he could manage to get out was a feeble, "please..."


He had lost, utterly and completely. Alex was now leading him by hiscock into the bedroom, like a dog on a leash. Mulder felt completely humiliated,but he didn't care. He wanted this, he needed this.


"See, Mulder, I knew we could work this out."


"Shut up and suck my cock, Krycek." It was the best Muldercould do, short of smacking the guy. But then he decided to smack him anyway.It made him feel better. Like he was in control. But it was all Alex's idea.And Alex's mouth. And Alex's lips and his tongue. And, oh God...


"Whatever makes you happy, Mulder." The words rumbled, likea breathy growl from Alex's moist lips.


"And you better not be taping this, Alex. You don't have one ofthose tape recorders under the bed again, do you, Alex?"


Mulder was lost as the pleasure washed over his body. He barely heardAlex's gentle laughter as every last fiber of his body was overwhelmed.


It was over for Mulder, all over even if the night's activities wereonly beginning. Alex had won and no matter what happened in the future thesetwo men would always have this bond, this connection. Mulder could neverescape this desire for Alex.


But Mulder could always slap his tormentor around a bit. He enjoyed that.It was like throwing pebbles at the cute girls in the third grade. Onlybetter. But there was plenty of time for that. It was going to be a longnight, a very long night. And hard. And easy. And oh, fuck, Mulder toldhimself, shut up already!




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