TITLE: Bacchanal
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SUMMARY: Fruit and Nut Challenge. Moonlight, Candles and Grapes
SPOILERS: Anything up to "The End" maybe DISCLAIMER: They don'tbelong to me, I'm just playing with them for a while.
NOTES: My first attempt at M/K.
DEDICATION: Special thanks to my beta readers Dreamerlea and Phyre. Theirinput was appreciated more than words can express.

By Lynda

A naked Mulder followed the instructions he'd been given and walked aroundthe villa's pool towards the marble gazebo at the far end. Moonlight glintedon the surface of the water and reflected off the pristine white marbleblocks, giving them an inner glow.

Ahead, candles flickered in the faint breeze, casting their shimmering lightacross the Italianate frieze and statuary. Mulder felt he was attendingan orgy, as the dancing shadows seemed to give life to the exquisitely carvedfigures.

A marble couch, near the steps which led down to the shallow end of thepool, was covered with silken cushions. Others, having fallen, lay scatterednearby.

He sat on the couch and revelled in his surroundings. A vine, heavy withripe red grapes, wound around from the rear screen, and some of its lushfruits were artistically draped on the ornately carved plates. Individualgrapes had been placed on those held by the party-goers, alongside the marbleslices of red apples and green veined pears.

He leaned back, listening to the lap of water over the steps a few feetaway. He let his eyes stray, following the candle- cast shadows, imaginingthe conversation these naked guests might have had. The heady scent of lemonsand fruits, aromatic gifts of the burning candles, hung in the air.

Turning his head to take in more of his surroundings, he bit back a gaspas he caught sight of a perfect body reclining on another couch. A sensuouspresence, seemingly frozen in the act of plucking a grape from the bountybefore him.

Mulder's libido, already heightened by the ambience, was racked up anothernotch at the erotic sight. Getting to his feet, he swiftly crossed the smallspace and knelt by the other couch. Hardly daring to breathe, he separateda ripe red-purple fruit from the bunch and squeezed it gently as he movedhis hand to leave a trail of juice down the perfect flank. Moments later,he followed the trail of liquid with his tongue, up from knee, to thigh,to waist, shoulder and at last to capture the perfect mouth already open,waiting for his to arrive.

Drawing back he watched the long, thick, mink-coloured lashes rise to revealsparkling green eyes. He plucked another grape from the bunch that decorated,yet hid, the other's groin from him and held it between Alex's kiss-swollenlips. Sharp white teeth bit into the fruit, and juice ran down his chin.Mulder lapped at the sweet liquid and felt the lush lips under his tonguemove into a smile. He pulled away to savour with his eyes what he had alreadytasted with his mouth.

Alex gave a breathy half laugh. He captured Mulder's hand, neatly took theother half of the grape, then licked the thumb and forefinger clean beforechewing on his reward.

Mulder's cock had started to harden at the first sight of his lover andhardened even more as his fingers were sucked. He wanted, no, needed toworship the body lying so tantalizingly close to him. He ran those samewet fingers down the well- muscled torso, brushing the grapes aside as hismouth followed the same course, then engulfed the engorged shaft now revealed.Worked on it with tongue and lips until Alex was writhing, then as his orgasmapproached, Mulder moved swiftly to cover the stiffening body and capturethe cry of ecstasy with his mouth. The sight, sound and feel of Alex inextremis was enough to trigger his own orgasm and their bellies were soonslick with semen.

Carefully, Mulder rolled their sweat-slicked bodies over so his weight wasno longer crushing the younger man. He held Alex close as the sable lashesdropped over the now sleepy green eyes. Felt his lover's breathing evenout as sleep overtook him. Very gently, he brushed a stray lock of hairfrom Alex's brow, savouring the feel of the silky strands. He took a deepbreath and let it out slowly, smiling at the angelic expression on the faceso close to his own. A face that had haunted his dreams, and his nightmares.He closed his eyes and conjured up all the incarnations of Alex, the greenagent, the fugitive...




Resistance fighter...

And finally, lover...

The caring lover had provided the secluded villa for his precious hoursof off-duty time, and had found a way to make the few hours they were ableto spend together so special. The setting was perfect and he made himselfa mental note to tell his lover so, though no mere words could really conveyhis present happiness. His throat tightened at the thought of what he mightso easily have missed, and, opening his eyes again Mulder looked fondlyat Alex sleeping - his satiated lover, so endearing in the way he driftedoff to sleep for a while in his arms. So beautiful...

Taking a ragged breath he reached over for some grapes, letting the juicetrickle down this throat to relieve the tension and slake his sudden thirst.

The moon had disappeared now and the sun would soon be lightening the sky.Too soon the world would intrude on their solitude. But there was just timefor more... grapes.

A grin formed with that in mind, he brought his mouth down on the chiselledlips and woke his lover with a grape filled kiss...


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