TITLE: Trapped

AUTHOR: Mel X Lady


CATEGORY: Krycek/Scully and a little MSR

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SUMMARY: Scully wakes up in a mysterious place and finds that Alex Krycek is there too. They're both locked up and the most interesting things happen.

DISCLAIMER: Unfortuantly, I don't own anyone mentioned in this story, the only thing FOX doesn't control about me is my mind, and how I choose to use the characters.


Scully shook her head and tried to make the throbbing pain stop. She moaned gently as she held her hand to it, trying to make the pain go away, or at least stop hurting as much. Slowly, she opened her eyes and began to look around the room.

It wasn't her room though. It was somewhat else, it was nice though. It had a bed, but no windows and one door.

"What the hell?" She murmured as she sat up. She was dressed in a suit that she'd worn to the office yesterday. It must be Saturday, meaning Mulder wouldn't start looking for her until Monday. She stood up and began to walk around the room. It was nice, there was a small hallway off to her left, probably led to a bathroom. She walked down the small hall and found a door. "Ah hah." She announced to herself and began to turn the knob. She turned it all the way and opened it a few inches when the door burst open and something attacked Scully.


She let out a scream of shock/anger as she started to beat it away from her. She rolled it over where she was ontop of it and struggled to see it's face. She was about to look as the mystery attacker pushed her back down under it. All this wrestling wasn't helping her headache very much.

It picked Scully up and slammed her into the wall.

She got her first look at the face of her attacker.


"Scully! What the hell are you doing here?" His surprise changed to a growling as she realized she was about four inches off the ground.

"Where exactly is here?" she growled back, trying not to spit into his face until he had less control over her.

"How did you get in?" he asked, his voice quieter now as he gently lowered her to the ground. The change in attitude scared Scully a little bit, but that was to be understood.

"I don't know, I woke up here, the last thing I remember was opening the door to my house, I didn't even step in."

He nodded gently as he released his hands from her arms and let her slump to the ground. She didn't mean to, but her body wouldn't let her run, and where would she run to?

He sat down next to her in the hall.

"Same story here." he said as he dropped his head against the wall.


"I was at my home, and I woke up here, but see, I woke up in there." he motioned toward the bathroom.

"I guess you've been here as long as I've been." he whispered.

"Why are you whispering, Krycek?"

"What? Don't you think they're watching the place?"

"Why would they want to watch us?" Scully asked.

She was asking the stupidest questions today, they probably drugged her, yeah, that was her story for right now, she was drugged, probably by the shadow government, and this was all just a dream.

He looked over toward her and whispered, "Stay here, I'm going to check the other room."

"Wait, Krycek, promise me you won't kill me today, and I won't have to kill you either."

Krycek stood up and nodded. He walked toward the room that Scully had woken up in.

She was confused, since when was he on her side? She knew she had to try to find a way out, but she couldn't force herself to disobey him. There was something about Krycek, although he had attacked her a few minuets ago, she couldn't force herself to attack him back. Not after she found out it was him.

"Okay." he said as he looked back into the hall and saw Scully still slumped where he left her.

He smiled to himself, he was glad she decided to do as he asked her. He wasn't sure why they were there, but he wasn't in a huge hurry to get out. When was the last time he was trapped in a three room home with a beautiful woman and no one watching him?

She stood up walked toward him. She suddenly stopped and reached toward her side. Krycek grabbed for his gun which wasn't there.

"Thanks." She mumbled as she lifted her shirt enough to expose a wound on her hip, where he had scratched her.

"I'm sorry." he mumbled as he caught himself.

I'm sorry? I'm Sorry?, since when does Alex Krycek say 'I'm sorry?'

"Do you have a gun?" she asked, pointing to his hip.


"Do you have any weapons?"


"You sure?"

"Scully, if I had a weapon, I would have used it on you when I attacked you."

"Do you have a gun?"


"Do you have a gun?"

Scully lifted up her shirt but if kept falling down as she looked.

"Damn." She murmured as she tried it a few more times.

"Take off the shirt, then look." Krycek said simply as she looked up, fairly shocked, at his comment.

"Scully, I've seen it all, plus it's easier."

He was trying to help this time, he didn't want to see her like that.

She gently took off her over jacket and started to unbutton her blouse. She looked up to Krycek's face, just to make sure he wasn't planning anything. He just stood against the wall and looked.

She took off her blouse and then took off her holster. She dropped it on the floor in the space between them.

Krycek tossed his Holster next to hers.

"There." she said gently as she walked over toward him, unaware that her blouse was on the ground with her jacket.

Krycek looked at her as she walked toward him, the trench coats had never done a justice. She had a beautiful body. He also looked at the wound that he had given her when he attacked her, and he suddenly hated himself for hurting such a beautiful person. He felt as if he had defaced a monument or something. "Scully." was all he was able to say as she walked next to him and stood right next to him.

"I'm not a monster." he whispered as he gasped for air as she put her hand under his shirt and on his back.

"I know."


"Don't try to stop me Krycek, this is what's suppose to happen."

Krycek gasped again as she began to swirl her hand around his back.

"No, we can't." he firmly said as he gently took her hand from his back.

"Why?, because everyone think's I'm Mulder's? Well, I'm not Mulder's. Mulder doesn't own me. I'm not a prize he could win, no Krycek, you've won the prize. Take me Alex!" she then threw herself at Alex and kissed him. He suddenly felt his knees go weak and almost had to grab onto the wall to keep himself from falling. He began to pull her off but she wouldn't let go. She wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed into his mouth. Her tounge fought for entrance as he kept his lips together.

Krycek pulled his mouth away and held his head up higher so she could only reach his neck. She planted wet kisses and Krycek gasped.

"Scully, don't."

"Why?" she murmured as she moaned softly into his neck.

"Because it's not right, I don't deserve this type of love, I don't deserve love at all. It's me Scully, Alex Krycek!" he forced himself not to gasp while she listened and stopped.

She stepped back two steps and looked at his face.

"Oh My God." She said so quietly, it sounded more like a whisper then anything else.

"Krycek, I'm so sorry, I have no-"

"It's okay." Krycek whispered as he slanted against the wall.

After all, he was use to the concept, the concept of women wanting him, forgeting for the moment that he was a cold blooded murderer, but mistaking him for a nice guy, who wasn't concerned more with his life, but with the women of the week. Not that there where women of the week, infact, he hadn't been with a woman in years. He could get credit for caring about an innocent woman being killed, being killed simply for loving an unlovable man.

Scully walked back down the hall quickly and took her shirt and put it back on quickly. Her face was wildly pink, she hated that, but she felt that now was a better time to be embarrased when he wasn't looking at her.

She quickly buttoned up the shirt and began to walk back toward him.

"So there's no way out?" she asked after a minuet.

"No, I looked all around."

She nodded gently and nervously looked away.



"You...you wouldn't kill me, right now? Would you?"

"No, we both agreed not to fight until we found a way out."

"And after that?"

"I wouldn't kill you, Scully."

"You killed my sister."

Krycek looked down as he listened to the change in her voice, as it changed from fearful to angry.

"I was so young then, Scully, That doesn't change what I did, infact, it's not even an excuse. I should have known better, I should have known not to listen to my father."

"Wasn't your father a Russian imigrant?"

"Yeah, my mother too, but he wanted me to work with these men, the men you and Mulder know as the shadow government. He wanted me to be important, you know, the whole 'My son will be in charge someday' bit, unfortuantly, if he could see me now."

"I'm sorry, when did he die?"

"1993, My first job." he sighed as what felt like a tear slipped down his cheek.

He quickly wiped it away, but Scully had seen it, although she pretended that she hadn't.


He suddenly slumped down to the ground and placed his face in his hands. Scully heard suddle sobs as she walked next to him.

"I loved him, he was my father. The Smoking Man claimed that he'd be my new father. He brain-washed me! I was only 20 when I met him, I was so young still." the rest came out in Russian as Scully knelted down beside him.

"Oh, Krycek, I'm sorry."

He looked over and tried to wipe the tears from his eyes.

"Come here." she whispered and wrapped her arms around him.

He rested his head on her shoulder and sobbed a little longer before he felt her place her head on top of his.

"There, There, it'll be alright." She said soothingly.

"I'm sorry, Krycek, I-"


"Alright, I'm sorry, Alex, I took German in college, not Russian."

He laughed gently and stopped crying.

"Hey Scully?"


"Hey Dana, Please, you never saw me cry."

"I don't know who I'd tell, but can we agree that the last 20 minuets never happened?"

"Of course."

She smiled gently as he hessitently lifted his head off her shoulder.

He didn't know why he was getting to know Scully, he figured that being locked with a person in captivity for a while would do that.

Scully began to stand up but Krycek reached for her hand.

"Please, don't go yet."

"Okay." she nodded and sat back down. Krycek placed her head on his shoulder and put his arm around her shoulder and held her closer.

She closed her eyes and breathed in Krycek's smell.

Krycek listened as her breathing slowed down and became even. He looked out of the corner of his eye and realized she was asleep. Alex closed his eyes and tried to sleep too.


Scully opened her eyes and realized she had fallen asleep.

"Alex?" she whispered and realized he was asleep too.

"Alex." She said a little firmer and heard him stir out of his sleep.

"Dana?" he cried out as he stopped himself from jumping up when he realized Scully was still around his arm.

"Alex, it's alright, we're in the 3 roomed home."



"Look." he commented as he pointed to another room.

"Where the hell did that come from?" Scully asked as she looked down the hall.

"I think it's a kitchen."


"How long where we out?"

"I don't know." Alex said as he still noticed that she was still leaning on him. Not that it bothered him, not anymore at least, but he wondered if it bothered her, or even registered in her mind that she's snoozing with the enemy.

"Well, I guess we'll have to look." She said as she carefully stood up and walked into the room.

"Wow." she called out as he stood up and walked in.

"Wow?" he asked as she disapeared into the kitchen.

"How long where we out?"

"It had to be a while, I mean, you couldn't just build a whole room in 20 minuets." Krycek called in as he stood up and began to walk in.

"It's got everything." Krycek murmered as Scully opened the refridgerator.

"Food." she smiled as she began to shift through for an apple.

"Are you really going to eat that?"

"And what else would I eat?"

"Didn't your mother teach you not to accept presents from strangers?"

Scully walked over to the sink and washed the apple.


Krycek scoffed at the joke and grinned.

Scully took a bite of her apple, chewed, and swallowed.

"See?" she smiled in her small victory.

Scully took another bite and chewed slower.

"Hey Alex?" She asked after she swallowed. He had gone to the fridge and gotten a banana and began to eat.


"Your arm-"

That was all she had to say as he took off his leather jacket.

"I thought it had been...cut off." Scully murmured.

She didn't know how to approach the subject, but her curiosity was getting the best of her.

"It was, but that's the only good thing that has EVER occured with the Smoking man. He gave me an arm. It's nice, I almost forget that it's not mine sometimes, Almost."

Scully walked over toward him but stopped and leaned against a counter. "I'm sorry, but I was just curious."

"It's alright. I had it wrapped around you, I bet you were curious." She smiled and he smiled too.

Scully walked back into the room where she had woken up, the bed room of the house. Alex followed her and leaned against the door way and finished his banana.

"Why?" he asked suddenly as Scully sat down on the edge of the king sized bed.

"What?" she asked, hoping he wasn't starting to loose it.

"Why do you stick with Mulder?"

"Because you won't let me leave. If I left the X-Files, I'd just find myself back on there within a month. It's also become my life, my passion."

"Your's or Mulder's?"

"Why do you keep bring up Mulder? Do you know something?"


"Do you know something, Krycek!, We promised eachother, damn it, no secrets."

"Scully!" Krycek caught himself yelling. He quickly stopped himself and took a deep breath.



Well, here we go again, enemies again.

"Scully. Please, Mulder is perfectly fine. Nothing has happened to him. Nothing will happen to him. I promise you."

Scully looked away and sighed. She tried to distance herself from Mulder. He really only brought her trouble, but in the long run, he had brought her knowledge. Knowledge and the ability to understand so much more about herself and life.

She sighed and stood up.

"Krycek, I don't want to be here anymore. We don't even know what day it is, if it is even day, it could be night by now."

"I know, Scully, I want out too. Rats like me aren't ment to be caged."

And birds like you aren't ment to be caged either. Alex thought to himself, he wouldn't dare say that outloud. He was afraid he'd scare her.

She was brave, but even the bravest have fears.

"Krycek, you're not a rat."

"Yes, Yes I am." he replied with a small laugh in his throat.

Scully smiled and sat back down on the bed.

"Krycek, you can come out of the door way, there is room for two." she said as he slowly stood off the door and walked into the room.

"Are you sure?" he asked. He was scared. He would admit that, but not scared of being trapped, or how rooms where showing up mysteriously. No, he was scared of one thing, and one thing only, Falling in Love.

Alex Krycek was scared to death of falling in love with Scully, because that would indanger so many lives. Not just her's and his, but Mulder's and everyone she ever knew, including her family and friends. No one would be safe. No one.

Krycek sat down on the bed next to her and leaned back.

"When was the last time you even slept on a real bed, Alex?"

"Alex? Are we back to first names?" He asked, loving to see her somewhat tortured, somewhat confused on what to say next.

"Just answer the question." she replied as she restd her forehead in her hand.

"Scully, you're exhausted, go ahead and lie down." he said as he stood up and helped put her feet at the foot of the bed and her head on a pillow."

"No. No, I have to help you find a way out."

"Scully, we'll find a way out, but you need to rest."

"So do you."

"No, I'll be fine."

"Atleast lie down on the other side of the bed, please?"

"Sure." he whispered as he walked over and lay down on the other side of the bed. He was exhausted, but he didn't want to admit that to her.

"So, when was the last time you've been in a bed?" she asked. She had him trapped, but she'd go easy on him.

"Probably a few years, back in 1994 maybe."

"Where did you wind up sleeping?" Scully asked, she was curious now, curious about the man with little to no past, Alex Krycek, if that was even the man lying down next to her the bed.

"Have you been watching us from the start?" Scully asked before he could answer the first question.

"Why so many questions?" he asked her.

"You are a man of mystery, Alex Krycek, and I want to know an answer, an answer or two."

"Alright, my name really is Alex Krycek. My parents really where Russian Cold War imigrants. I have infact killed people, and I did loose my left arm in Russia. How about you?"

"Me? Alright, my name is Dana Scully. My father was in the Navy, I have 2 brothers, and I had a sister." She gasped slowly as she mentioned her sister and Krycek closed his eyes so he wouldn't see the pain in her eyes, but he could hear it in her voice.

She continued, "I am a doctor and I have been abducted by aliens."

"Dana." he whispered. He ment to say it louder, but he couldn't get his voice to go over a shameful whisper.


"I'm so sorry, I wish I could take all the pain out of you, all the hurt and all the sadness, I wish I could rebuild or something for you. I wish, I wish I wasn't so stupid, I've lost so much, but for what? A fake arm, and hurting people I should have cared for, but didn't because I was placed in the FBI to watch Mulder?" Alex got louder as he said it. He didn't care what Scully heard now, he wanted to end it. To be done with the whole misrable life that had taken over him. The secrets, the lies, they all had taken over his life. He had no life now, just his job, his job that made him hide from everyone, in the shadows.

"Alex." she said firmly as she reached out and thouched his right arm, which was right next to her left arm as he shifted onto his left side so he wouldn't have to face Scully in the eyes.

"Oh, God Scully, I am so sorry. I-" he stopped for a second as he noticed she had rolled over on her side so she could crawl behind him and put her arm over his side and hold his hand.

"Alex?" she asked, but he was gone, he began to cry as he realized that his whole life was nothing. Nothing but lies and running.

"Scully, I'm tired of running. I want to stop, but if I ever stop, they'll kill me. I'll be killed."

"I'm sorry Alex. I brought this out of you, I'm sorry." She replied. She hated to know she had caused him to cry over this, and it only made her wonder what he was going through, with the guilt and everything, but another part of her relished in the fact that he was crying. He was crying and finally feeling the pain that she had held inside for years.

"Scully, can I hold you?" he asked very flatly.

She stopped and sighed for a minuet and finally answered,

"Yes." and Krycek flipped his body over so he could see her eyes. He reached his right arm out and held her upper right shoulder.

"Forgive me." he whispered as he reached over and kissed Scully on her lips. He did it so gently, and Scully felt something burn in her heart. She didn't want to fall in love with Krycek. How the Hell would she ever explain that to Mulder, plus, her mom always asked why she wasn't with Mulder. She loved Mulder, but she just couldn't bring herself to say anything, although the attraction was obviously there.

Scully closed her eyes and put her mind into the kiss. They where so far into it that they never heard the wall crash down in the kitchen, or the men run into the room and grab Scully.

She let out a yelp as they grabbed her and threw her to the ground and another man aimed his gun at her.

"Good job, Krycek." the man who threw Scully to the floor murmered as he stood up.

"What the Hell are you talking about?" he yelled as he ran over and pushed the gun over to the side so that it wasn't aiming at Scully anymore.

"Listen, Krycek, I have 1 bullet left, so move it or loose it."

"I'll loose it." he said as he stared into the officer's eyes.

"What?" he yelled, he was obviously getting angry, but Krycek wasn't moving.

"You can't shoot her." he said with a stern look on his face.

Scully tried to move back but the man who had thrown her down stepped on her stomach and she cried out lightly.

"Don't you dare hurt her." Krycek called out as he heard Scully gasp.

"Scully? You alright?" Krycek called out again, listening with all his strength for her to answer.

"Mmmm." was all he heard. Krycek quickly looked back to see that her mouth had been covered.

What Scully saw next made her bite the man's hand so she could warn Krycek, but it was too late. A loud shot rang out, and Krycek slumped over.

The man stood up and walked over next to the guy who shot Krycek. "Let's get out of here."


and then it was over. The man she had just shared a lifetime of information with had been shot. She quickly pulled herself up, although it hurt, to see if Krycek was alive.

"Alex?" she whispered and turned him over onto his back.

"Dana." he whispered and reached his right arm up to stroke her cheek.

"Dana, there's a way out, go."

"Not without you." She whispered. She didn't realize what she had said, but she didn't care now. This was the end for him, she knew it, and she was suppose to hate him, but she just couldn't force herself to do it. To leave him. He had trusted her enough to tell her the secrets of his life, if that was even the truth. She didn't care anymore, she wanted to know everything about him, and she learned all she was able to know in such a short length of time.

"Scully, I love you, please, I want you to be happy though. You love Mulder, go to him."

"Krycek." was all she was able to murmurer as he let go of his last slip of breath and let go of a painful life.

"Krycek, Krycek, wake up, Krycek." Scully said inbetween tears. She wasn't suppose to mourn the death of an enemy, although, he had helped her out far beyond what she had ever known.

"Scully?" a voice rang out through the building as she looked up and noticed the blood on her hands.

"Scully!, Are you here?"

She listened for a few more seconds before calling out as loud as she could at the moment.

"Yeah?" she gasped for air.

"Scully!" a voice called out one last time before she saw his face. Mulder

She took a deep breath and stood up.

"Mulder, it's Krycek." was all she was able to mention before she collapsed into his arms.

"Mulder kissed the top of Scully's head and helped her go outside to get some fresh air.

"What happened in there?" Mulder asked while Scully sat on the back of his car. A nice little collection of people had shown up to investigate the house and the story.

"Excuse me, Miss Scully. You said there was an Alex Krycek in the house, well, my men can't find his body." A woman with the local Police Department's badge said.

"What?" She whispered.

"He was in there, I swear to you, I remember, cause where else would this blood come from?" Scully asked as she raised her hands up to show Mulder and the Police officer her hands.

"I don't know, but there is no one else in that house." she replied as she walked over toward the house to look again.

"Do you believe me, Mulder?" she asked as he looked toward the house.

"Of course I do." he replied and closed his eyes for a second.

"Mulder, I love you." Scully whispered.

"I love you too, Scully." he replied, looking toward the house.