AUTHOR: Michelle Roy
EMAIL: missmr94@aol.com
CATEGORY: Scully/Krycek romance story
KEYWORDS: Scully/Krycek sex
DISCLAIMER: These characters belong to God...er, umm I mean Chris Carter, 1013
productions, and Fox blah blah blah. No monetary gain will be made from this (yeah right. Then I woke up.)
TIME FRAME: This takes place shortly after "The End" (season 5 finale) and before the movie.
Spoilers abound.
SYNOPSIS: A completely inconceivable situation between Scully and Krycek. Be aware it is
an NC-17 situation for graphic m/f sex and some harsh language. I make no claims for the
plausibility of this story (it would NEVER happen) but it sure is fun to let the imagination take hold.
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They had him again. Alex was positioned directly under the
consortium's thumb and he knew it. By all rights he should be dead
right now, but for some inconceivable reason the well-manicured man
never pulled the trigger on the Star of Russia. He threw his head
back and let the shot of whiskey burn its way down his throat, grateful
to feel the pain.

Leveling his head, he took a look around the bar he found his
way to. Low lifes, petty crooks, whores. He smiled, thinking that
some would think he was in his natural element. Perhaps they were
right he thought, but in his own eyes Alex always saw himself as a
survivor, true only to himself. How many times had he cheated
death? How many situations had he found a way out of? He
possessed cunning, guile, instinct and razor-sharp senses. He had
needed them all to stay alive. Alex wondered if those who thought
him scum would feel that way knowing all he had been through. He
wondered if those who held themselves high above him wouldn't do
the exact things he did in order to survive. Alex closed his eyes.
Knowing what he knew made him valuable and dangerous, either an
asset or a potential threat. This was how the consortium saw him.
He opened his eyes and saw a reflection of himself in the mirror
behind the bar. "They'd better concentrate on the threat," he thought,
throwing back another shot.

He'd had enough slumming for the night. Digging in the pocket
of his jeans, he produced a wad of money and threw it on the bar as
he walked out. The chill of the night air hit him full in the chest and
Alex absorbed it, inhaling deeply. He looked up and down the lonely
street, as he was prone to do. Noticing nothing out of the ordinary he
turned and headed towards the hotel he'd gotten a room at.
Thankfully it was only a few blocks away as the leather jacket he
wore did little to keep out the wind that blew right through him.

Walking through the parking lot, Alex noticed that the lot was
full. The whores must be doing good business tonight he thought.
Walking to his door, something made him stop short. Nothing
specifically was wrong that he could see. There was just
something...He pulled his gun from his shoulder holster and
cautiously opened his door.


Lights from the parking lot shone through the window onto his
bed. Nothing moved inside. There was no sound. Alex threw the
switch that turned on the lights. Still nothing. The bed was in perfect
shape. Nothing out of it's place. No latent prints in the deep carpet.
He made his way to the bathroom, pausing to check the space
between his bed and the wall. In the bathroom Alex approached the
bathtub with caution, knowing from experience the threat that could
lurk there. Gun trained on the shower curtain, he ripped it aside.

Holy shit.

What the fuck?

There was a gun pointed directly at the middle of his forehead.
Alex in turn pointed his directly at the forehead of the redhead who
stood in his shower. "What happened Scully? Get lost on your way
to Mulder's apartment? Or just feel like slumming tonight?"

"Don't give me a reason Krycek."

Alex laughed. "Seems to me that I'm the one with the reason
tonight. Breaking and entering is more than enough reason for me to
pull this trigger."

"And murder isn't?"

"Prove it."

Something in Dana Scully faltered and Krycek saw it. He also
saw her red, glassy eyes. This might be very bad for him if she had
been thinking of her sister and had decided to take matters into her
own hands. But how in hell had she found him?

Scully's voice took on an exhausted tone. "I can't prove it
Krycek, and that's what has saved your ass." Her eyes welled up,
staying hard on him. "I can't prove it." Quietly, voice quivering, " I've
got nothing."

Alex was confused beyond belief. "So why are you here then?
To kill me? Not like you Dana. To bring me to justice ñ sure, I could
buy that from you. But to murder me in cold blood? You'd have to
jump off that pedestal you've put yourself on.

The gun she had pointed at Alex fell to her side and out of her
hand as she came to the realization that she had no idea why she'd
decided to come here. She knew that in lowering her gun she took
the very real risk of being shot by Krycek, but at this point she hardly
cared. All seemed lost. The X Files were burned. Mulder's ex-
partner, whom he still seemed to carry a torch for, lie in a hospital
near death. Her sister was dead. Her daughter was dead. It was
more than she could bear. Feeling her legs weaken, she grabbed at
Krycek to keep herself from falling.

Alex saw the blood drain from her face and watched in
amazement as the gun fell to the bathtub. She began to sway, and
suddenly lunged toward him. Alex's arm stiffened as he beaded the
gun directly at her in anticipation of an attack. Instead, she fell into
him, nearly passing out. He caught her with his right arm and silently
cursed his useless left arm. "OK Scully, you're going to have to help
me out here. I can't carry you, so stay with me."

He threw her arm around his shoulder, grabbed her waist, and
lifted her out of the bathtub. She was still with him, not having
passed out, but seemed to be in a trance-like state. Alex led her to a
chair near the bed and sat her down. He walked to the window,
glanced outside, and closed the drapes. Tears streamed down
Scully's face, although she wasn't crying. Alex was at a loss as he
stared at her.

He poured her a shot of vodka and offered it to her. The sight
of the drink seemed to snap her out of it. She took it and even
managed a half smile. "Thank you Krycek." She threw it back and
immediately began to hack violently.

Alex smiled. "It's not Stolichnaya by a long shot."

She looked up at him between coughs. "Obviously."

Alex sat on the bed. His instinct told him that she posed no
threat to him, but he kept the gun in his hand regardless. "Scully,
why in the fuck are you here?"

Scully was quiet for a long time. She seemed to truly ponder
this question. She looked right at him and very matter-of-factly
blurted out, "Krycek, I wanted to see you bleed. For all you've done
to my family, to Mulder's family, to me. But seeing you standing there
ñ seeing your, umm, your arm - I realized that the consortium has
used you. This place is a rat hole, and I'm sure it's not the worst
place you've ever stayed in. You have nothing. You have no one.
You live in fear. Who would choose to live their life like that? You're
a liar and a murderer and deserve to die for the crimes you've
committed. But I can't be the one to do it." She reached for the
bottle, and poured herself another shot.

He was suspicious. Where Scully was, Mulder couldn't be too
far behind. "Where is Agent Mulder?"

Scully drank another shot and managed not to hack as the
firewater went down her throat. "Agent Mulder is at the side of his ex-
partner Diana Fowley who was shot and is comatose."

Alex took a swig from the bottle. Diana wasn't dead.
Goddammit! He'd beaded a shot right to her heart. He took a long
pull of vodka and began choking.

Dana stood and walked to Krycek as he tried to catch his
breath. His arm shot up, gun pointed right at her chest. "Alex, relax.
I could've shot you in the bathroom. I didn't. I won't."

Alex fought every instinct he had and lowered the gun. He
could feel the vodka and whiskey from earlier in the bar clouding his
thoughts. He fought it. And yet he took another drink from the bottle.

"Are you going to drink that all, or are you going to offer me
some more?"

He handed her the bottle and watched her take a sip from the
bottle. He watched her lips curl around it. He watched the clear
liquid disappear between her lips and travel down her throat.

Dana felt herself getting warm from the liquor. She felt herself
begin to relax. As she looked at Krycek she came to a decision.

Krycek tried to look away but couldn't. Scully began to drink
too fast and vodka spilled out of her mouth and all over her white
blouse. "Shit." She stood there trying not to let the wet fabric touch
her skin. She looked at Krycek exasperatedly.

Krycek walked to the dresser, searching through a drawer. "I
think I have something that you can change into. It's not the silk that
you're used to I'm afraid."

Scully rolled her eyes. She made a conscious effort not to slur
her words. "Krycek, I am not the princess you seem to think I am."

He handed her the shirt, a grungy white button-up. "Here you
are your highness."

She snatched it from his hands and walked to the bathroom to
change. Once there she removed her blouse and bra and put on
Krycek's shirt. "To hell with it" she thought. "To hell with it all".
Before she opened the door, she retrieved her gun and put it behind
her in the waistband of her pants.

She walked out with the shirt buttoned only at the navel.
Krycek sat in a chair and watched her every move. He seemed to
have anticipated this.

"Give me your gun Scully."

"What gun?"

"Jesus Christ, give me some credit." He pointed his gun at her
"Give me the fucking gun."

Scully would admit it. She was definitely buzzed now. She
walked to the dresser and grabbed the bottle. "Come and get it
yourself Krycek."

Goddamn it. She was teasing him. Well, he was taking control
right now. He stood quickly, keeping the gun trained on her, and
pulled her into him. He dropped his gun, put his arm around her and
lifted the shirt. Feeling the gun there, he looked at her knowingly.
"What gun?"

She looked up at him silently. Alex took the gun from her
waistband and threw it to the floor. His hand went to the bare skin of
her back. "Ah, fuck it" he whispered to himself as he brought his
mouth to hers.

He kissed her with abandon and hunger, overpowering her and
losing control. He pulled her sharply into him and heard her muffled
gasp in his mouth. His arm released her only so he could pull the
button from the shirt she wore.

Her hands went to the swollen appendage that was nearly
bursting the seams of his fly. Her fingers expertly undid the buttons
and slid his pants down his legs. She marveled at the obvious
strength of his legs. She also noticed a lack of underwear. "No
underwear Krycek? How nasty of you." She reached around him
and ran her hands over his smooth ass.

Krycek slipped the shirt from her shoulders and cupped his
hand over her right breast, catching the nipple between his fingers,
squeezing. He lowered his mouth to her left breast, taking the nipple,
sucking and biting it. Scully moaned deeply.

Krycek felt her pulling away. He opened his eyes only to see
her drop to her knees in front of him. He felt his penis enter her
mouth. "Jesus Christ" he managed to groan.

She took him into her throat and closed it around the length of
him. As she pulled him out she sucked on the head, raking her teeth
gently on it. Her hands cupped his balls; her fingernails tickled them
slightly. Krycek's hands gripped her hair and guided her to the
rhythm he liked. Scully tasted the sweet precum that began to
egress from the tip of his penis. She took it out of her mouth, lay it on
her tongue, and squeezed the shaft so that a drop fell to her tongue.
Krycek watched it all, not believing that the woman he once thought
to be an ice queen was capable of such carnality.

Pulling her shoulders up, he brought her up to him and kissed
her ears, neck and shoulders, enjoying the taste of her flesh but
craving another taste. "Lay down" he said to her in a commanding
tone. Scully was all too happy to comply.

Krycek knelt in front of her and deftly undid the button and
zipper of her slacks. Sliding them off, he noticed that she also wore
no underwear. "And you call me nasty. Shame on your purified

"Panty lines are a most unattractive sight."

Alex saw nothing unattractive in his field of vision. He ran his
fingers along her flat stomach, tracing a line to each thigh, then from
her bellybutton in a straight line to her crotch. His finger disappeared
into her. Alex removed his finger and placed it on her lips, moistening
them with her flavor. He bent to her mouth, letting the tip of his
tongue glide along her lips, tasting her. Unable to resist any longer,
Krycek fell to his knees and buried his face in her crotch.

Scully moaned and let herself be taken by the waves that
overcame her. She undulated against his persistent mouth. Before
she realized that he had stopped, she felt his penis enter her.

Krycek slid slowly in and out of her, all too aware of Scully's
closed eyes. He could only imagine that in her mind's eye she was
fucking someone else. "Open your eyes Scully" he managed to blurt

Scully's eyes slowly opened and Alex saw that no surprise
registered in them. He felt her close her muscles around him. God,
he wasn't going to last long.

Alex began to pick up the pace of his thrusting and met with the
same rhythm in Scully. He rested himself on his knees and pulled
her into his lap. Scully still lay on her back as Krycek plunged into
her again. She sat straight up into his lap and began to roll her hips
against him.

Alex gripped her waist tightly, thrusting upwards into her. He
paced himself for about five minutes, feeling her tighten around him,
feeling her hands in his hair. He held back, held back....

Until he felt her begin to shudder. As her back arched away
from him, his eyes clamped shut and with a growl he released a flood
into her.

Scully sat on his lap for a few moments catching her breath,
arms draped around his shoulders. Realizing what had transpired,
she felt an instant need to wipe it from her memory. "Krycek, this
never happened. If you tell anyone, I will deny it until my dying

Her reaction didn't surprise him. It only added ammunition to
his already vast arsenal. He rested his head against her chest. "Tell
me who's going to believe me."

A sigh of relief. "I'm glad you realize that." She caught her
fingers running themselves through his hair and found it impossible to
stop. Her analytical mind began to attempt to pick apart her illogical
feelings for Krycek, but she banished all thought from her mind. She
just sat there, on his lap reveling in afterglow.

Alex held her close and smiled to himself at his good
fortune (finally). He'd never considered Scully. He always figured
she was Mulder's territory. He closed his eyes letting himself relax
for the first time in as long as he could remember. A thought drifted
in his head and one eye shot open and focused itself on the closet
opposite the bed. A small red light glowed. Alex smiled, knowing his
ass was covered. The camera rolled on...