Title: Lux In Tenebris
Author: Michelle Roy
Email: missmr94@aol.com
Rating: NC-17 for graphic account of three-way sex described in <sigh> loving detail
Keywords: Mulder/Scully/Krycek erotica
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em, I just let 'em have sex unlike their real owners, Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and FOX. I don't have any money so please don't sue <sob> Synopsis: PWP, just a whole lot of sexual activity between three beautiful people who completely deserve it. Archiving: Everywhere and anywhere so long as my name stays with it and I get to know where my baby ends up.

Krycek backed into a corner of Mulder's apartment when she entered, letting shadows obscure him once again. Darkness and shadows had become his part and parcel over the past four years; familiar friends that had saved his ass on more than one occasion. He felt comfortable and safe shrouded by them. Well, usually he did. This night was different.

This night he longed to step into the light.

And so he would, but only at the right moment. Only when Mulder indicated that the time was right.

Mulder. Christ almighty, Fox fucking Mulder. The memories of the past few months rolled through Krycek's mind as if they were a dream. They'd become lovers on a rainy January night, both of them surrendering to the unholy, unspoken passion that neither could bring themselves to acknowledge but both found impossible to fight any longer, having battled to deny it's burning existence for years. It had been a convergence of volcanic proportions, leaving both drained physically and emotionally. In the months since that first encounter, they'd come together whenever one felt the need for the other.

It had been a struggle to keep the fact that they were fucking from affecting the other aspects of their relationship, which remained as it always had been. But if they were to be completely candid with each other, each would admit to a proclivity to protect the other.

A proclivity to please.

And thus Krycek drew himself further into the blackness, watching his lover's mouth move in a slow, gentle rhythm over Scully's. It had been Mulder's idea to unite his two lovers. He had been swallowing massive doses of guilt by keeping his relationship with Krycek from her. Despite her Catholic faith, she was a powder keg of sexual energy and delighted in experimenting, or so Mulder said. Krycek had been all to fucking glad to comply. Hell, he wanted Scully nearly as much as he'd wanted Mulder.

And so a plan came together.

It culminated now.

Krycek stretched the blindfold between his prosthetic hand and his real one, waiting for Fox's signal. If he'd ever give it. The fucker looked completely caught up in Scully, sliding her jacket off her, kissing her neck, letting his hands roam over her perfect little ass. Watching this spectacle was giving Krycek a raging hard on and he wondered if Mulder was going to just let him suffer in silence.

Fuck that.

Just as Krycek was about to emerge from the shadows on his own accord, he caught Mulder's glimpse. Without missing a beat, Krycek strode purposely to the two of them. Mulder backed away just as Krycek came up behind Scully. She tried to turn towards Krycek, but he had the black silk scarf around her eyes before she could. Mulder whispered soothing words in her ear as Krycek struggled to tie the blindfold, pulling one end with his right hand and tightening the other end with his mouth.

Goddamned, fucking useless, piece of shit prosthetic arm.

Krycek circled them both trying to decide whom he wanted more. Mulder continued to whisper sweet nothings in Scully's ear and she apparently was coming around to appreciating the possibilities this situation presented. She had leaned back into Mulder and reached around to palm, through his jeans, what Krycek could see was an enormously appetizing hard on. Her position left her completely exposed to him, save for her breasts, which Mulder had begun to caress, thumbing her nipples through the nearly sheer fabric of her blouse.

Krycek stopped directly in front of Scully and brought his hand to her face, cupping her cheek. She pressed her head into his hand and rolled it so that one of his fingers slipped into her mouth. Krycek watched it disappear between her lips and felt her tongue cradle it, felt her suck it.

Fucking A, right on honey, you know what to do.

Krycek watched her suck his finger, mesmerized by the sight of her lips closing around his finger. He hadn't even noticed that Mulder had stepped to his side until he felt his hand on his neck, drawing him into a sumptuous kiss. Mulder's tongue snaked through Krycek's lips, toying with the end of his tongue.

Jesus, I must've done something right to end up here.

Krycek reluctantly pulled away from Mulder's kiss with a loud, sucking sound, causing Scully to snicker a bit. "I'm feeling ignored boys."

Instantly both converged on her. Krycek wetted her lips with his still-moist finger before he swooped down on her mouth and kissed her with abandon. Mulder lifted the hair from the back of her neck and kissed her there, letting his tongue dart between his lips. He felt Krycek tugging the front of her blouse from the waistband of her skirt and he assisted, pulling it out from the back. Mulder wasn't surprised when Krycek didn't bother undoing the buttons before taking the blouse off Scully. Fuck that, it took too long. Buttons flew in several directions as the animalistic side of Krycek made an appearance. In one sweeping motion Krycek tore open the blouse and slid it down Scully's arms, dropping the garment in a heap on the floor. Mulder saw to it that her skirt met with a similar fate, destroying the zipper by tugging it apart and letting it fall around her ankles in a silky whoosh.

Warm, honeyed scents began drifting up to Krycek and he glanced down to the tantalizing sight of Scully's pubic mound outlined against her tight bikini panties. He hadn't been with a woman since he and Mulder began their affair, and though he loved every aspect of fucking Mulder, nothing could replace that scent, that flavor. It drew him down to his knees, down to her crotch where he bit and tongued her through her panties. Fuck, this woman tasted incredible!

He had to have her.

He stood and watched Mulder lavishing attention on Scully's breasts. The man knew her well, sucking her nipples just so as to make her sigh, biting them just hard enough to illicit a moan. Krycek felt envy begin to creep up his spine. He knew they loved each other, and where did that leave him? Back in the shadows? Back in the darkness?

Well fuck that too.

He was coming into the light.

He came up behind Mulder, spun him around, and brought his mouth to Mulder's in a wild kiss. His lips ground into Mulder's; his tongue raped his mouth. Mulder kept up with the severity of the kiss just as Krycek knew he would, placing one hand on the back of Krycek's head and holding him tightly to his mouth.

As Krycek's nimble fingers unbuttoned the fly of Mulder's jeans, he clearly saw that anticipation wasn't the only thing that was growing. Mulder had already freed Krycek's erection from his jeans, and as Krycek didn't wear boxers or briefs, he was able to close his hand around Krycek's flesh, whereas Krycek had to free Mulder from one more garment before being able to feel the warmth of his cock.

Krycek tugged Mulder's jeans and boxers down to his ankles. He saw Mulder slipping his sweat-stained shirt over his head, revealing his glistening chest. As Krycek rose back up, he let the tip of his tongue trail up the length of Mulder's cock, closed his lips oh-so-briefly around it's apex and tasted the clear liquid that excreted from the tip.

Sweet. So intoxicatingly, fucking sweet.

A deep, guttural moan came from the back of Mulder's throat and he pulled hard at Krycek's hair, pulling him fully erect. As soon as Krycek stood before him Mulder reciprocated Krycek's oral tease. His tongue trailed small circles around Krycek's balls, his lips moved up his shaft to their ultimate reward; a taste of Krycek's precum that was so plentiful that it had begun to drip down his cock.

Krycek's closed his eyes, slipped his own t-shirt over his head, and lost himself in the warmth of Mulder's mouth.

His eyes snapped open when he felt two sets of lips on his cock. Eyes widened, he glanced down to see the glorious sight of Mulder and Scully both going down on him, Mulder tonguing his balls and Scully nearly swallowing him whole, her blindfold hanging around her neck.

She looked up at him, his cock full in her mouth, and she winked.

Krycek didn't even try and fight the groan that started in the pit of his stomach, traveled quickly up his throat, and emerged as a wild sound, more animal than human. That was him now, at this moment.

More animal than human.

He wanted to be inside them both. How could he possibly choose?

They chose for him.

They chose each other.

Their lips found each other's in their play along Krycek's cock. Krycek watched, as their kiss became more and more intense. He stepped away as Mulder rolled between Scully's legs and buried himself deep inside her. Krycek's rage would've overwhelmed him had the sight of his lover and Scully doing the deed not been so erotic. Had the scent of their combined sexes not have already overwhelmed him with pure, carnal desire. He paced around them and took it in from all angles. Without thought, his hand went to his cock and he began to stroke himself as he watched Mulder's cock dip into Scully. He moved in front of them and stood just above Scully's head, making sure that Mulder could see him, see his cock.

He didn't fail to take notice.

Nor did Scully.

She looked up at him through glassy, sexed up eyes. She spoke words that Krycek was all too happy to comply with.

"Krycek, on your knees. Now."

Yes ma'am.

He dropped to his knees near Scully's head and she instantly took his cock in her mouth, leaving his hands free to roam over her silky breasts. As he stroked them it came to him that he hadn't tasted them yet. It was about fucking time to remedy that situation.

Up on his knees, he straddled Scully's head in what would've been a divine sixty-nine if only he could gain access to her pussy. Unfortunately for Krycek, Mulder was still banging away, and by the muffled sounds Scully was making on Krycek's cock, he was doing more than respectable job. Fortunately for Krycek, his current position gave him access not only to Scully's breasts, but also to Mulder's lips, as they now faced each other.

Krycek bent low over Scully's chest and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking gently as he had seen Mulder do, then taking it between his teeth and biting down perhaps too hard. He was finding it harder and harder to control himself as Scully went down on him. She swirled her tongue around his cock as she sucked him deeply into her mouth and into her throat.

He was close. Perilously close.

Raising himself upright over Scully's face, he forced himself to pull his cock out of her mouth. He draped his arm over Mulder's shoulder and pulled him into a soft kiss. Sweat from Mulder's upper lip found its way into Krycek's mouth.

Mulder pulled himself slowly from the silken confines of Scully. Being inside her was like being draped in velvet. No woman ever came close to making him feel as excruciatingly orgiastic as she did. No woman ever possessed so much of him, and no other woman could ever take her place. But, no other human had ever made him feel so deliciously decadent, so dangerously hedonistic as Krycek did. He ran his hands over Krycek's body, feeling the play of his muscles under his fingers. His hard on raged.

Mulder had to have him. Now.

Krycek saw an opportunity to have both his lovers at once. He dove between Scully's legs and feasted on a banquet of scents and flavors that combined the best of both his lovers. His tongue consumed her moist labia and then found her clit. He devoured it gently, drawing it into his mouth and sucking lightly. He felt Scully's back arch and her hips grind into his chest

And then he heard her say "Oh God."

Krycek felt the cool tip of Mulder's lubed cock enter him directly over Scully's face. Fire spread instantly through him. Chills of the highest magnitude chased the fire down his spine when Scully began to drag her fingernails across his balls.

Krycek was sure that he had slipped past the guards at the pearly gates and entered a domain he was sure he'd never gain access to. Had he finally paid all his dues? Had he finally earned a moment of bliss? Being fucked by Mulder and feasting on Scully. Close enough to bliss for him. There was just one more thing.

He had a hard time forcing words past the animalistic sounds emanating from the back of his throat, but he managed to groan out one command.

"Scully, take my cock in your mouth."

He hadn't even finished the sentence and before he felt his cock being swallowed up in her warm, wet mouth. Krycek could see the finish line dead ahead and he was determined that all three would cross.

As Mulder slowly thrust in him, Krycek went to work on Scully, although work never afforded this level of pleasure. He ate her with gentle persistence. It was somewhat of a chore to concentrate on his mouth's machinations when he had to fight the urge to just surrender himself to Mulder's thrusts. But Scully's taste was too luscious, too enticing, her scent too hypnotic to even think of leaving it. He'd have to be torn away. He felt her begin to shudder.

That's right baby. Come in my mouth.

And I'll come in yours.

Scully sucked his cock better than Mulder did. He'd admit it. She knew the perfect rhythm, the exact sensitive areas. She pressed at the base of his cock and pushed her thumb up the vein that ran up the underside of it while sucking on the head. God then she'd take his cock into her fucking tight throat and constrict it around it.

He groaned into her pussy and fought off the familiar tremors indicating absolute surrender. Not yet, Christ, not yet. The others first.

He wouldn't have long to wait. Mulder exploded in him with a lascivious moan, filling him with his essence.

A thick fluid began to fill Krycek's mouth as Scully's back arched and muffled screams cried out against his cock. He'd had enough. He stopped holding back and with a horse growl, he released his seed into Scully's mouth and felt her tongue flicking against the tip, making him see stars.

The three of them collapsed in an exhausted heap of flesh on Mulder's floor, reveling in afterglow. Unconsciously each had continued to hold onto a part of the body of each of other two, unwilling to sacrifice the touch of the others simply because it was over.

In truth, it had only begun.

Where Krycek lay, a stray moonbeam filtered through the blinds on Mulder's window, casting a pale glow on his skin.

Krycek smiled. He'd come into the light.