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Dining In

-- MJ

He awakened to the feeling of warm stickiness dribbling along his chest."Mmpfh - Alex, what the hell?"

"I was hungry, so I called out for Chinese."

"Yeah, but what are you - ooh... Alex..."

"They sent extra sweet and sour sauce with the chicken, Mulder..."Alex licked the trail of neon red sauce dribbled down the length of Mulder'schest, detouring to lavish his tongue over heavily coated nipples. "Don'tmove; I'll bet this stains sheets permanently..." He suckled hard ata nipple, licking sauce out of the puckering with an intent tongue-tip.Mulder groaned again under him.

Another trail of warm, sticky-sweet sauce down the chest. "Hmmm..."Alex mused, lapping at Mulder's abdomen. "Pineapple chunks." Hepaused in his mission to lick at the deposit of sauce puddling at Mulder'snavel. Mulder felt something warm and rough rubbing against him, and lookeddown; Alex was dragging a battered chicken piece through the sauce on him,and pausing to eat it. "Quit wriggling, Mulder...I hate having my dinnermove away on me... Here, hold this." Alex moved Mulder's arm closerto his body and opened his hand. In it went an egg roll. Alex bit open apacket with his teeth. "Wait, I've gotta get mustard on it..."

Mulder felt Alex move away and move up towards his face. Alex leaned overto kiss Mulder; as Mulder opened his lips to Alex's kiss, he felt Alex gentlypushing shredded bok choy, shrimp, and carrot between them and opened widerto accept the piece of egg roll from him. "Yen Hong's does the bestshrimp roll in town," Alex sighed in satisfaction as he slid back toMulder's hand to return to the egg roll.

"I want sweet and sour chicken," Mulder demanded. "If you'regoing to keep eating in bed, the least you can do is feed both of us."

"You're on." Alex fumbled for a second, then moved back to Mulder'sface, holding a chicken nugget between his own teeth and lowering it toMulder's mouth. Mulder lifted his head to meet Alex and bit half of thechicken away. Alex repeated the ritual two more times, Mulder licking sauceaway from Alex's coated lips.

"So... what else did you order?"

"Hold still." Alex placed something warm and flat on Mulder'sabdomen. "You want any moo shu vegetables?" he asked, rollingthe pancake on Mulder's stomach.

"Yeah." Alex laid another pancake on Mulder's stomach, scoopedshredded vegetables and plum sauce on it, and rolled.

He lifted it and handed it to Mulder. "No tricks with these; they'retoo sloppy. Eat your own." Mulder propped himself up against a pillowand began working his way through the moo shu veggies.

* * * * *

"Mulder - what the hell?"

"Turnabout's fair play, Alex." Alex felt a trail of warm, stickysweetness being dribbled on him, slowly and methodically, covering his semi-erectcock. "Besides, I'm still hungry." Mulder plunged his lips downon Alex and began working his tongue over Alex inside his mouth. Alex couldfeel himself hardening in Mulder's mouth and drew back slightly; Mulderallowed Alex to slip out of his mouth up to the head of his cock, whichAlex could see resting against Mulder's lush lower lip. Gently, Mulder begantonguing sauce away from the slit, which was just beginning to drool. Alexsquirmed under the touch. "I ought to make you hold still yourself."

"You wouldn't."

"You're right. I'm busy." Mulder returned to the task of cleaningsweet and sour sauce from Alex, bending down to lap the dripping stickinessfrom Alex's scrotum, licking and sucking gently at the twin orbs insidethe sac. Alex squirmed more forcefully, a low moan coming from his lips.Finally satisfied with his handiwork, Mulder returned to Alex's erection,lapping at the underside of the shaft, licking away the brightly coloredfruit syrup. "Wonder if I could market this?" he speculated.

"Better not," Alex snorted. Mulder replied by mouthing Alex'serection whole, as deeply as he could take it, moving with Alex's hips tofind a working rhythm for his oral assault on Alex. Alex was moaning again,longer, more deeply than before; his eyes were unfocused and slightly glazed,trying to watch Mulder as he ran a hand through Mulder's hair.

Mulder could feel Alex growing rigid under him, the grip on his hair tighteningas Alex thrust more forcefully. He drew back just slightly and began workingthe base of Alex's shaft with one hand. In moments, Alex was bucking underhim, spurts of semen caught in Mulder's waiting mouth.

* * * * *

Alex lay with his head against Mulder's chest. He could hear Mulder's heartbeating. Mulder was unusually silent. "Penny for your thoughts?"


"You'd prefer a ruble for them? It's a pretty poor exchange rate."

"Oh. Sorry. I was just thinking."

"I know that. What about?"

"Chinese food..."

"What about it?"

"Alex, you ever wonder about that white sauce some of the chicken andseafood dishes come in? I think I solved it..."