Dancing with the Devil (In the Pale Moonlight)
by Nicole B.


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NC17 Slash Story


Summary: The boys go camping (again!)

This story was originally written as a submission for the
Krycek/Mulder UST Alliance Homepage Fanfic Challenge! The url for
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Dancing with the Devil (In the Pale Moonlight)
By Nicole B.

An NC 17 MK slash story, written for the KM UST Alliance Homepage
Fanfic enclosed space Challenge!

For those of you familiar with my 'Promises' stories, this takes
place in that same universe. This story could be considered a sort
of companion piece to Promises 3, but I think it stands alone just

This story is dedicated to my good friend Rachel, whose idea it was
to have this friendly contest.. Thanks kid!

Dancing with the Devil (In the Pale Moonlight)

"Krycek, I don't understand this fixation you have with nature.
Nature sucks, m'boy." Mulder affected a very bad W. C. Fields accent.
"Nature is bugs, and poison oak, and large animals with evil
intentions. You're lucky if all they eat is your provisions. Why
couldn't we have gone to the movies? I heard 'The Fifth Element' is
supposed to be good...."

"Mulder, will you give it a rest? You've done nothing but bitch since
we left. We went to the movies last weekend. Today the choice of
activity was mine."

"But why does your choice of activity always have to include the great
outdoors? Okay, no movie. We'll rent a suite at the Hilton, order in
room service, take long baths... whattayasay?" Mulder wiggled his
eyebrows suggestively, and a bit desperately. He was willing to do
almost anything to avoid camping with Krycek again. Not that he
didn't have fun the last time, but it had taken him almost a month
to recover from that brown recluse spider bite on his ass.....

"Next weekend, Mulder. Next weekend we'll go to the Ritz if you want.
This weekend, we're camping."

Mulder gave up. It appeared he was stuck with Krycek and the bugs for
the next two days. Going for long walks in the woods had never been
Mulder's idea of a good time. Roughing it to him was a hotel room
without free Playboy Channel.

"C'mon, Mulder, we'll have a great time." Krycek took his eyesfrom
the road long enough to give Mulder a look that made his heart begin
to thud loudly in his breast. Krycek's voice dropped in pitch, to
that low husky growl that he knew Mulder couldn't resist, and lowered
his chin, so that he was gazing up at Mulder through the luxuriant
curtain of his dark lashes. =No fair= Mulder thought with dismay.
=That's double-teaming, no fair.....=

"Remember last time?" Alex purred. "You can't say we didn'thave a
great time then."

"Okay, Alex. I concede. Just.... how long till we get there?"

Krycek laughed. "God, Mulder, you're such a child. We'll be there
when we get there, okay?"

Mulder grunted. "That's what my fucking old man always used to

They'd left Alex's tiny apartment in McLean about an hour before,
driving his forest green Ford Explorer across the state lines to
Sugarloaf Mountain, West Virginia. Mulder gazed out the window at the
lush greenery of the late spring countryside, reluctantly forcing
himself to relax. He smiled a bit as he recalled the last time they'd
been here. Gratifying memories of the day and night spent with Alex
in the wild beauty of this place began to penetrate his gloomy mood
and almost against his will he felt his spirits begin to lift. He
could behave like a petulant child with the best of them when he
didn't get his way, but somehow he could never say no to Alex, or stay
angry at him longer than a few minutes. Besides, he probably was
being too hasty. If prior events were any indication, this weekend
could turn out to be much better than a mere weekend at the Ritz...

They reached the campsite minutes later. Without discussion, Alex
drove to the exact spot of their previous campsite. He seemed intent
on recreating the experience, and indeed the idea of once again having
delicious, al fresco sex with his lover was making him very hot.

They made short work of putting up the tent and socking away the
provisions. When Alex began rolling out his sleeping bag, Mulder spoke

"Are you ready for your present, Alex?"

Alex looked up at Mulder and grinned. "Always, Mulder, but can it
wait until after we eat? I'm starved."

"Not that, you maniac. I mean a real present. Something tangible,
okay?" Mulder reached into the back of the Explorer and brought out
the large box he'd placed in the truck before they left Mulder's
apartment. "Here you go, lover. Open it."

Alex tried not to act too eager as he ripped into the large box, but
he was fighting a losing battle. Presents hadn't exactly been the
order of the day in his household when he was growing up, and
sometimes he embarrassed himself with his childlike glee at getting
a gift.

He reached into the box and lifted out his gift. "A sleeping bag."
He tried to keep the disappointment out of his voice. He'd just
bought himself a brand new sleeping bag a month before, Mulder knew

"Not just any sleeping bag, big guy. Roll it out."

Obediently Alex shook the bag out. He was momentarily puzzled, it was
so big.... "It's a double!" he exclaimed.

"Yep. A bag built for two. Now we can keep each other warm on these
cold nights, on these nice trips to the forest..." Mulder wondered
what he was saying. He still had trouble believing he hadn't been
able to resist the urge to buy the damned thing. That's all he
needed, to encourage Alex's crazy lust for outdoor activity. He
should have bought the man bikini underwear and rum flavored condoms,
now that would have been something they could both enjoy.... He shook
his head. He knew that Alex loved camping out, and he could never
resist giving Alex whatever he wanted. The younger agent never had
enough money, and Mulder had fallen into the habit of paying for their
meals out and weekends spent in motels. Alex tried to do his part by
doing most of the cooking for the two of them, and Mulder knew that
weekends like this one, where Alex planned and paid for everything,
were important for his self esteem. Despite all the grief Mulder gave
him about roughing it, he would never have denied Alex this pleasure.

Mulder rose from his perch on a rock and crossed to where Alex sat,
admiring the bag. "C'mon, big guy. You're starving, right? Let's
get some food into you so we can try out your present."

After a meal which began with beans and hamburgers and ended, at
Alex's insistence, with S'mores, they cleaned up the mess and began
preparing for bed. Mulder took the opportunity to duck behind a bush
to answer nature's call while Alex proudly set up their outdoor

Mulder returned to find Alex already inside the bag, lying comfortably
close to the crackling campfire. "Start without me?" Mulder teased.

"C'mon in and find out," Alex replied in a seductive tone, andthrew
back the top of the bag to reveal his naked form, pale skin glowing
in the soft light from the fire. Mulder sucked in his breath in a
rush, and hurriedly began undressing. He toed off his shoes, but as
his hands went to his fly, he heard Alex speak. "Stop."

Mulder froze. "Why?"

"I want to do that. Come here."

Mulder lay down beside Alex and put his arms around the other man,
leaning forward to nuzzle at his neck. He smelled so good, of the
leather jacket he wore, of the mild soap he used, and something else,
something warm and spicy that was his alone, and had nothing at all to
do with the toiletries he used or the clothing he wore.

Alex reached behind Mulder and slowly drew up the zipper of the bag,
until the two of them were wrapped securely in each other's arms, and
the bag cocooned them both.

Mulder began kissing Alex deeply, running his tongue greedily over his
lips and teeth, sucking his tongue hungrily, biting at his plump, lush
lips, bruising them with the force of his passion. His hands roamed
over Alex's body while Alex undressed him, working awkwardly in the
confines of the bag. First Mulder's shirt was removed and tossed
aside. Next came the pants. They were trickier, by far. Alex
grunted and squirmed against Mulder as he struggled to remove the
recalcitrant garment, inadvertently inflaming Mulder with the friction
of skin against skin.

Alex made a satisfied noise deep in his throat when he finally got the
pants off. He triumphantly tossed them out the top of the bag.
Luckily for them Mulder had fallen into the habit of emulating Alex,
and wasn't wearing any underwear.

They pressed together eagerly, kissing, running their hands over each
other's bodies, exploring skin and sinew and firm muscle. Mulder
continued to kiss Alex with a deliberate, aching tenderness, beginning
at his mouth, drawing each delicately shaped lip into his mouth,
sucking it slowly, then tracing its outline with the tip of his
tongue. Alex squirmed, it tickled. Mulder moved his lips to Alex's
throat, that long slender neck that was so pleasing to the eye and the
tongue, and bit at the pulse that throbbed at the side of his Adam's
apple, slowly drawing his hands up Alex's body to tease his nipples.
Alex groaned and arched his back, clutching at Mulder. "Roll over,"
he panted into Mulder's ear. Mulder turned obediently, putting his
back to Alex and offering himself.

He felt one finger, slick with saliva enter him, and he moaned and
pushed back against it. He heard Alex grunt, and another finger
joined the first.

Suddenly a hand appeared before his face. "Spit," Alex ordered.
Mulder worked up a good mouthful and spat onto Alex's fingers. Mulder
felt them smoothing against his opening, then the fingers were
replaced by the silk on steel of Alex's cock, rubbing sensuously up
and down against his tiny opening, slicking it with pre-ejaculate and

"God, yes!" Mulder moaned, and pressed back eagerly, trying totake
Alex inside. Alex's arms tightened around him, holding him fast.
Alex leaned forward and began chewing on Mulder's earlobe, making the
older man groan and twist in an abortive attempt to get away. "Oh,
no, you don't get away from me that easily," Alex croaked, and with
one swift motion he was deep inside Mulder's body, nestled there
inside that impossibly tight, welcoming heat.

Mulder moaned and pushed back against Alex, impaling himself on the
sweet invader. His hand crept down to encircle his own cock, hard and
straining and weeping precum copiously over his fingers. Mulder used
the lubrication to ease the motion of his hand on his member, jerking
himself frantically in time to Alex's frenzied thrusts.

Mulder thought that this was the most erotic thing he'd ever
experienced, here with Alex, wrapped in the arms of the man he loved
and swaddled by their new "bed", next to the crackling fire, withthe
beautiful pale moonlight shining down upon them.

Alex sensed a change in Mulder, heard the tempo of his cries change,
becoming breathy and urgent, and then felt the telltale involuntary
grip of Mulder's internal muscles bearing down on him with the force
of his climax. The sensation was almost more than Alex could bear,
and he buried his face in Mulder's soft dark hair (oh, such hair!)
and thrust mindlessly into is lover, spurting out his seed deep into
Mulder's bowels, until he was utterly drained.

They lay together for a time without speaking, both of them sated and
nearly blissful with serene satisfaction. "Mmmmm, as much as I'd love
to lie here just like this all night, Mulder, I really gotta whiz.
Unzip this thing, will you?"

Mulder reluctantly wiggled out of Alex's grasp long enough to reach
out of the bag and tug at the zipper. It refused to move.
Unconcerned, Mulder tugged harder. Nothing.

"Alex, it's stuck."

"What's stuck?"

"The zipper, you dink! What did you think I meant?"

"Well, pull harder! I gotta go!"

Frantically Mulder yanked and pulled at the obstinate mechanism, to no
avail. It was soundly and surely stuck. Mulder fought rising panic.
Here they were, two FBI agents, stuck together in a sleeping bag built
for two, in a more or less public place, stark naked and covered with
the telltale evidence of activities a bit more intimate than hiking.

"What are we gonna do," he wailed. "I gotta get out of here,Alex. I
hate being cooped up."

Alex chuckled. "We could wait a couple of days. When we don't show
up for work Monday, they'll send out a search party. We just wait for
them to find us."

"That is not funny, Krycek. Now think of a way to get us out of

"Okay, let's see. After a day or two without food, you'll be so
slinky that no doubt you'll be able to just slither out the top of the
bag, like a snake." Alex burst into helpless laughter.

"I fail to see the humor here, Alex. We're trapped. How can you

"Just relax, Mulder," Alex put his arms around the other man and
began stroking him, soothing away the tension in his body. "Let's
just go to sleep. We aren't in any immediate danger; we're sated,"
he licked Mulder's ear for emphasis "and we're comfortable, no? My
leak can wait. Hey, I promise, tomorrow we'll figure out a way to
get out of here. Until then, let's just go to sleep."

With great reluctance, Mulder capitulated. Soon he heard Alex begin
to snore, and the last thing that went through his mind before he fell
asleep himself was the forlorn hope that there were no spiders in this
sleeping bag....

The end.