From: Nicole B <>
Subject: Krycek's Deliverance, 1/? (NC - 17) by Nicole B
Date: October 18, 1996

Krycek's Deliverance, By Nicole B, rated NC - 17 for explicit sex.
This takes place several months after the events of Piper Maru and
Apocrypha. Contains third season spoilers. This has sexual content,
so, NO MINORS read this, please.

DISCLAIMER: As we all know, the X Files and the characters of Krycek,
Mulder, Scully, and Cancerman, et al, belong to Chris Carter and 1013
Productions, and Fox. Used with love but not permission.
The character of Cara belongs to me.

Part One of ?

The tall dark haired man ducked behind the concrete pillar in the parking
garage and peered around it cautiously, his heart pounding from exertion
and the well-accustomed fear. He couldn't see them or hear them, but he
knew they were there. He had thought he was safe, that the smoking man
believed him dead, or at least contained, and that as long as he was
careful, as long as he kept moving, maybe he would be allowed to live.

However, he had been dodging the relentless gunmen who were pursuinghim
for two days now, ever since he had returned to the fleabag hotel wherehe
was staying and found three of them waiting. He had only just barely
managed to kill one of them in self defense and make his escape with just
the clothes on his back. And now he was trapped. He looked around
desperately, wondering if he had time to check the parked cars for an
unlocked one he could quickly hot wire to make his escape.

His attention was diverted by the sound of a car engine. A blue Taurus
approached slowly, and the man could see a woman in the driver's seat. She
was leaning over into the floorboard of the car, her long dark hair
obscuring her face, oblivious to her surroundings. The man made his
decision in an instant, and flew from behind the pillar to jerk open the
unlocked passenger door of the Taurus and dive into the seat. The woman
looked up from the papers lying scattered in the floor, her expression
more one of surprise than fear.

"Drive!" the man hissed at her. She looked from his face tothe very
large gun he had pointed at her ribs, and back to his face. The
expression she saw there persuaded her to do as he said without question.
She drove.

"Speed up!" the man said, looking over his shoulder. "Comeon, let's go!"
The woman stepped on the gas and the car leapt forward. The Taurus shot
out of the garage and the woman turned the wheel hard to the right. The
tires squealed loudly, and the woman had to wrestle the wheel to maintain
control. Once they were speeding down the street, she spoke for the first

"What are you going to do with me?"

The man took his eyes from the road behind them to look at her. "Nothing.
I mean, I'm not going to hurt you. I' some trouble. There are
people after me, people who want to hurt me, for something I didn't do.
Well, maybe for some things I did do. I just,... I need some place to go
for a while. Do you live alone?"

The abrupt question took her by surprise, and she looked at him blankly
for a moment. "Don't lie to me," the man said softly, warningly.

"Yes, I live alone."

"Good. Then let's go to your place."


"This has been some day," Cara thought. "First I oversleepbecause the
stupid alarm doesn't go off, I leap out of bed into a puddle of cat puke,
and run out of hot water in the shower. And now, this! Kidnapped by a
grungy hunk with a wild look in his eyes." She stole a look at theman
in the seat beside her. He looked only about 30, but his face was lined
with weariness and there were dark circles beneath his sunken eyes. He
looked thin and desperate. The gun was still pointed in her direction,
but he didn't seem inclined to use it. "Maybe, if I'm careful, I canget
out of this alive." Cara thought. She cleared her throat and askedhim in
as normal a voice as she could muster, "What's your name?"

The man looked at her sharply. After a pause in which he seemed to be
sizing her up, he said, "Alex."

"Alex. My name is Cara."

"Very nice to meet you, Cara. How the fuck much farther to yourplace?"

Cara winced. "We're almost there."

"Good. I hope you didn't lie to me, Cara. If you have some boyfriend
there at home you think is going to be able to come to your rescue, you
will both be very surprised."

"I'm not lying. There's no one there, except my cat."

Alex snorted, and let his head fall back against the seat. Cara madethe
turn into the driveway of her little frame house and cut the engine. She
looked at Alex and said, "Well, here we are."

Alex looked up and then quickly looked around the quiet neighborhood.No
one was in sight. "Okay, Cara. Here's what we're going to do. We are
going to walk up to your nice little house and go inside. Don't even think
about screaming for help. I don't have a lot to lose by shooting you."
Cara nodded. She believed him.

Once inside, Alex looked around at his surroundings, the tiny livingroom
decorated country style, with fresh flowers and candles on the mantle.
"Very nice, Cara," he said, and she could almost believe the wistful
quality she heard in his voice was for real. She thought that maybe once
this man was not at all the beaten and forlorn creature she saw in front
of her now. He slumped onto her overstuffed couch and sighed deeply.
He seemed almost too weary to keep the gun trained on her. "I needsome
things from you now, Cara."

Cara found her voice with difficulty. "What, Alex?"

"Where is your bathroom?"

Cara pointed down the narrow hall at a door to their left. Alex tooka
deep breath and stood, waving the gun in the direction of the bathroom.
"Well, lets go."

Inside the bathroom, Cara took a seat on the toilet lid. She crossedher
legs primly, feeling ridiculous sitting on the toilet, but Alex didn't
seem to notice. "I need a shower, Cara. Now, I don't want to have totie
you up, so I think if you can just keep your seat right there and not move,
I won't have to. Okay?"

"Yes." Cara said, and Alex nodded. He put the gun down witheasy reach
and started to strip. Cara gasped and turned away, and heard Alex laugh
softly. "What's the matter, Carina? Never seen a man naked before?"

"Not one I've only known half an hour," she retorted, and helaughed
louder. "Well, what do you know, a good girl. It's okay, Carina, you
don't have to look."

Cara didn't answer, and kept her face averted until she heard the shower
curtain rattle closed. She looked up saw his filthy clothes in a heap on
the floor, a black leather jacket and black jeans, faded tee shirt and
scuffed boots, briefs and socks. All looked like they'd seen better days.
She looked up and into the large mirror which reflected both herself on
the throne, and the naked man in her shower. Her shower curtain was
whimsically decorated with large pink flamingos, but it was for the most
part just clear plastic, and she could see Alex easily.

She heard him groan when the hot water hit him, and she watched as he
lathered his hair with her Awapui shampoo. She looked around for the gun,
but it was no longer where he had put it. Apparently, he had it in the
shower with him.

The small bathroom began to fill with steam, and the fragrant smell ofthe
shampoo filled her nostrils. She wanted not to watch the kidnapper in her
shower, but she couldn't take her eyes off him. Cara wasn't sure if was
fear of the man that kept her on her seat instead of trying to escape, or
something else. She was captivated by the very sight of him.

She watched as he ran her French milled soap over his body. He was very
lean, and she watched, hypnotized by the sight of his long smooth muscles
bunching and relaxing as he moved around under the spray. He ran the soap
slowly over his chest, in lazy concentric circles, working up a lush
lather. He moved the bar down his flat stomach and then into the thick
nest of wiry dark hair between his legs. His head went back, and Cara
watched the water stream across his face and down his body, washing away
the bubbles. The water stopped, and Alex jerked the curtain back. Before
she averted her eyes, flushing guiltily, Cara caught a good look at theman
who held her life in his hands.

"Sneaking a peeky, Carina?" His voice was low and mocking,and suddenly
Cara's mouth was so dry she couldn't speak. "Well, that's okay. Youcan
look safely now."

He stood in front of her, one of her teal green bath towels wrapped around
his waist. His untidy shoulder length hair was still dripping, and she
watched, fascinated, as beads of water ran down his smooth chest to his
waist. Although lean, he was well muscled, and his body looked almost
sculpted. She thought of Michelangelo's David and wet her lips with the
tip of her tongue. He was very flushed from the hot water, and Cara did
not want to admit, even to herself, what effect the sight of him was having
on her. She raised her eyes to stare into Alex's face. His eyes were the
color of grass, with a dark circle ringing each iris. He seemed perfectly
aware her discomfort, and smiled widely. "Come on, Carina. Let's get
moving. I need some clothes."

In a dresser drawer Cara found a pair of jeans and a tee shirt belonging
to her brother. He attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks,
and had left the UND Fighting Sioux tee and jeans at her house on his last
visit. "Oh, no, not North Dakota," Alex muttered, and Cara lookedat him,
puzzled. He said nothing else, and she turned her back when he dropped the
towel. In just a moment, she felt a light touch on her shoulder, and
started. "It's okay, Carina. I just wanted to tell you you can turn
around now."

She turned and saw him standing there in her brother's clothes. They
definitely look better on him than on Mark, she thought inanely, and
wondered what was wrong with her. This man had kidnapped her, was
holding her prisoner in her own house, and all she could think about was
how absolutely delicious he looked. Alex still held the gun, but it was
pointed at the floor now. Cara decided to take advantage of this and
try to gain his trust.

"You don't have to hold that gun on me, Alex. I'm not going to try
anything. I don't think I could outrun you to the door or the phone, so
why don't you just put the gun down, and we'll go into the kitchen? I
could fix you something to eat, and we could talk."

Alex looked up at her when she mentioned food, as if he only just realized
he was hungry when she mentioned it. After a long moment, he clicked the
safety on the gun and slipped it into the waistband of the jeans. "Don't
make me regret this, Carina. I don't want to hurt you, I really don't."
Cara nodded and led him into the kitchen.
Alex took a seat at her small dining table and watched her as she moved
around the kitchen, taking out pots and pans. She looked into the
refrigerator, and frowned worriedly. "What do you want, Alex? I wason my
way to the supermarket when you....., when we met."

Alex laughed softly. "Whatever you have is fine."

Cara nodded and took eggs and butter from her fridge. Ten minutes later,
she put a plate in front of Alex with a four egg ham and cheese omelet and
toast on it. "Don't you want anything?" Alex asked.

"Uh, I'm not hungry right now. Maybe later."

Alex nodded and tucked into the food. Cara watched him, amazed. He ate
like a starved animal. When he finished and pushed the plate away, she
asked him softly, "How long has it been since you ate, Alex?"

Alex looked at her appraisingly. "I don't remember. Couple days,maybe."

Cara shook her head. "Do you want to tell me who you are runningfrom,
and what it is you did, or what they think you did?"

Cara listened in wonderment to the story that poured out. An obsessedFBI
agent who believed Alex killed his father, a mysterious man who smoked too
much and wanted Alex dead for mistakes made during the performance of
deeds Alex refused to go into detail about, and possession by an alien?
As he began to tell her about waking up, coming back to himself, frightened
and alone and trapped in unfamiliar surroundings, Alex's hands tightened
convulsively into fists and he began to tremble violently. Without
thinking, Cara reached across the table and gently stroked his arm, trying
to ignore how the feel of his warm skin beneath her fingers made her heart

Alex laughed shakily. "It's okay, it's just that I still can't believeit
myself. But I'm not crazy, Carina. Desperate and scared and very, very
tired, but not crazy."

"I don't think you're crazy, Alex. I believe you." And strangelyenough,
she did.

Alex drew a deep breath and pushed away from the table. "Yes, well,right
now I need some rest so I can think about how I'm going to get out of this
mess intact." He stood and motioned her toward her bedroom. "Let'sgo."
Alex stretched out on Cara's bed and sighed deeply. "God, it feelsgood
to lie down on a real bed." He looked up at her, still standing awkwardly
at the foot of the bed. "Come join me, Carina. I have to have somesleep,
and I think you'd rather spend the next few hours comfortable in your own
bed instead of tied up in a chair, wouldn't you?"

Before Cara could answer, her elderly obese cat decided to choose nowto
come out of hiding. He jumped into the bed and headbutted Alex in the
face, purring loudly. Cara gasped, wondering what Alex would do. He just
laughed, and scratched the old feline behind the ears before pushing him
gently back onto the floor. "Come on, Carina. What are you waitingfor?"

Cara nodded and took a nightshirt out of a dresser drawer. She startedfor
the bathroom, but stopped when Alex said softly, "Cara." She turnedto see
him shaking his head at her sadly. He said quietly, "I think I'd likeit
better if you stayed where I can see you, okay?"

Cara wanted to argue, but didn't dare. Hesitantly, she began to unfasten
the buttons on her jacket. She paused to see what he would do, but unlike
her he didn't turn his head away when she began to undress. So she turned
her back to him and dropped her skirt, blouse and jacket to the floor.
After a moments pause, she also removed her bra and it joined her other
clothes on the floor. She pulled the Garfield the cat nightshirt over her
head, and it fell down her body to her midthigh. She turned back aroundto
find Alex looking at her with great amusement. "Very nice, Carina.A gift
from an ex-lover?"

"My mother, actually."

He nodded and motioned her over. Hesitantly, she walked over and gingerly
climbed into the bed to lie beside him. He instantly rolled onto his side
and put his arm over her midsection. "I'm a very light sleeper, Carina.
Don't try to get up, okay?" Cara looked at the gun now lying on hernight
table and nodded. Alex closed his eyes and almost immediately, he was

Cara couldn't go to sleep so easily, of course. She lay beside this
strange man and watched him breathe, watched his eyes dart back and forth
behind closed lids. Once or twice he whimpered and muttered things she
couldn't quite make out. As the hours wore on, Cara tried to think of a
way out of her situation. She thought about trying to get up, but when
she cautiously moved just a bit, testing him, he immediately opened those
incredible eyes to look at her intently.

"Sleep, Carina," he said, and squeezed her waist before fallingback

"Looks like it's going to be a very long night," Cara thought.She
wondered what would happen in the morning when she didn't show up for work,
if anyone would come looking for her. In three years of working for Larry
Mitchell, the District Attorney, she had missed very few work days and
never without calling in. As Larry's executive assistant, she knew he
depended on her to be there, and she never let him down.

Cara looked over at the man sleeping restlessly beside her. As assistant
to the District Attorney, an unofficial part of her job was sometimes to
comfort and support crime victims or their family members who came to
court to testify against some scumbag who had hurt them or their loved
ones. Cara had seen and heard a lot in the last three years, and she knew
all about the kinds of things human beings were capable of doing to one
another. She believed absolutely that people who committed the kinds of
crimes such as those the man next to her had alluded to were beings who
deserved the worst punishment allowable. This belief did not jibe very
well with the feelings she was now having about Alex.

Cara sighed, and rolled over onto her other side. Alex woke momentarily,
then when he was sure she wasn't trying to escape, curled himself against
her and went back to sleep. He was so warm, and felt so good, the feelings
Cara experienced at his touch filled her with self loathing. The man wasa
criminal on the run! She had never felt so confused. Cara was sure she
would never be able to sleep, but finally, somewhere along 3 a.m., she did.
Something was wrong. Cara woke with a start. She opened her eyes and
found herself gazing into those eyes, the greenest, most beautiful eyes
she had ever seen. For a moment she was confused, then everything came

"Good morning, Carina. How did you sleep?"

"Fine, I guess."

For a long moment, they lay on their sides looking at each other, neither
one saying a word or moving. Then, slowly, Alex leaned over and kissed her.
A soft, chaste kiss, with closed lips. He drew back and looked at her,

Cara's heart pounded, and conflicting emotions tore through her. Suddenly
she realized she no longer cared where this man had come from, or what he
had done, she wanted him more than anything in the world. She reached over
and stroked Alex's cheek with the backs of her fingers. He closed his
eyes, and leaned into her hand.

Gently, he reached beneath her nightshirt and cupped her breast in his
hand. His touch burned her, and she gasped. Cara put her hands around
Alex's neck and pressed her body tightly to his. She could feel his
erection against her stomach through the rough denim of his jeans. She
reached underneath his shirt to caress his smooth warm skin. Her fingers
brushed his nipples, and she felt them tighten into little buds. He ran
his tongue over her neck and up her chin. She turned her head and
shuddered as his hot tongue ran into her ear.

Alex stroked Cara's long dark hair, then buried his face in it and inhaled
deeply. He brushed his lips against her cheek, then kissed her, his
tongue sliding into her mouth to dance over her teeth and duel with her
own tongue. Alex stroked Cara's body with hands that were firm yet still
the gentlest she had ever felt. He caressed her breasts, then slid one hand
into her panties to feel the heat there. Cara cried out as he slowly
teased her sensitive little button with his thumb. She tried to reach into
his jeans to touch him, but he drew back, frustrating her.

He quickly skinned out of his jeans and shirt, then embraced her again.
His face and chest were flushed and the pupils of those incredible eyes
were enormous. Still without speaking, he grasped her shirt and began to
draw it up. She sat up to allow him to remove it, then shucked her
panties. They lay together, warm and naked flesh pressed together.
Cara reached up and ran her hands through his silky dark hair, then
gently wound the long strands around her fingers and pulled his head down
to hers to kiss him deeply.

Alex broke the kiss, and slowly moved his hot mouth down her body, nipping
at her throat, kissing her collarbones, before slowly drawing her nipple
into his mouth and suckling at it. Cara moaned, feeling as if she would
explode if he didn't take her soon.

As if by a signal, Alex let Cara's nipple slide out of his mouth andgently
rolled atop her. He pressed his body against hers, and began rubbing
himself against her as he kissed her face tenderly. He reached down
between their bodies to guide his penis into her opening. She parted her
legs and cradled his body between them, gasping as he slowly pushed hisway
into her. "God, you feel so good," he whispered, speaking forthe first
time since they began making love. "It's been so long...." Caralifted
her legs and wrapped them around his back and held him against her, their
bodies locked together, not moving.

Alex rested his weight on his forearms, his hands cupping her head, his
long graceful fingers wound in her long dark hair, staring deeply into her
eyes. She returned his hot gaze, then squeezed her eyes closed as he began
to move within her, slowly at first, then at an increased tempo that left
them both gasping and clutching at each other's sweaty bodies. Cara
strained against Alex's relentless pounding of her body, feeling the
tension inside her increase until suddenly, her sweet release began. Alex
muffled her cries of pleasure, covering her mouth with his, kissing her
until he began to gasp and with a loud cry, spent himself inside her.

For a long moment they lay together, and the only sounds Cara could hear
were the pounding of Alex's heart and the rush of blood through her head.
Slowly, Alex withdrew from her body and rolled over onto his back to lie
beside her. He took her hand and squeezed it gently, and neither of them
said anything for a long time, until finally Cara said softly, "Nowwhat?"

Alex rolled over to face her, and Cara could see his lovely eyes were
troubled. "Let's sleep for a while, Carina. We'll talk later, okay?"
Cara nodded, and they lay together in silence. She did not believe she
would be able to sleep at all, but soon, she did.
As soon as Cara woke, she knew something was different. She sat up and
realized she was covered with a blanket that hadn't been there before.
And there was something else. Alex was gone.

In the kitchen, held to the refrigerator with a magnet shaped like apink
pig, Cara found a note.

"Little Carina, I thought I would never again experience the kindsof
feelings you created in me. You helped me remember that there is still
good in the world, and not everyone is out only for their own interests.
Be well."

Cara clutched the note to her face and inhaled. She thought she could
still smell Alex on the paper. `I'll never forget,' she thought. `Alex,
be safe.'

Two months later........

The phone was ringing when Cara stumbled through the door, loaded with
groceries. She tripped over the cat as he streaked across the floor,
headed for the open front door and freedom. Cara kicked the door shut
behind her and dropped the bag with her eggs in the middle of the floor.
"Shit!" she cried angrily, and snatched up the phone. "Hello!"she

"Hello, Carina," said the soft familiar voice on the otherend. "Did I
call at a bad time?"

To be continued....................End of Part One

From: Nicole B. <
Subject: Krycek's Deliverance, 2/? (NC-17) by Nicole B

Krycek's Deliverance, by Nicole B, rated NC-17 for sex,
language, and violent content. This takes place several months
after the events of Piper Maru and Apocrypha. Contains third season
spoilers. This has sexual content, so, NO MINORS read this please.

See part one for disclaimer

Part 2 of ?

"Alex!" Cara set the grocery bags down and sat down abruptly.She didn't
trust her legs to hold her up. "Where are you?"

"I'm close, Carina. I know how you must feel, but I need to seeyou.
Please, can I come over?"

Cara hesitated. In the two months since Alex first came into her life,
Cara had almost succeeded in convincing herself that her encounter withthe
strange, beautiful man with the incredible stories about aliens and
government conspiracies had only been some kind of dream.


"Yes, I'm here. Alex, I don't know...I want to see you, but..."

"I understand. I won't bother you any more, Carina. I just wantyou to
know, what I said in my note,....I meant every word. There is no way I
would have left you if I hadn't been forced to, by these circumstances.
No one has ever,....I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you."
Cara sighed. "You really need your head examined, girl," she thought.

"Okay, Alex, come over. How long....?"

"I'll be there in half an hour. Thank you, Carina."

The phone in Cara's hand went dead, and she stared at it for a moment
before returning it to its cradle. She went into the kitchen to put her
groceries away and tried not to think about what would happen when Alex
got there.


When the doorbell rang Cara opened the door, and there he was. Alex stood
on her front porch, looking so good Cara's heart threatened to leap outof
her chest and land at his feet like a hooked fish.

He smiled at her and held out his arms. Feeling like she was sleepwalking,
Cara moved into his arms. He held her close and kissed the top of her

"I wasn't sure if you'd be happy to see me or not, Carina. I halfexpected
to find the cavalry waiting to take me away."

Cara looked up at him in surprise. It had not even occurred to her tocall
the police.

"I wouldn't do that, Alex. I mean, I never even thought..."

Alex squeezed her tightly. "Carina, I'm sorry I left like I didlast time,
believe me, it wasn't by choice. I would've liked nothing better than to
curl up next to you and stay forever."

"Where have you been all this time, Alex?"

Alex released Cara and walked to the window. He pulled back the curtains
and peered through the blinds. "All over, Carina."

"Why on earth?"

"I've been looking for someone, someone who has something that canget me
out of this mess I'm in."

"What is it?"

Alex let the curtain fall back into place, and turned to meet her eyes.

"There are some things it would be better for you not to know, Carina."

Cara looked at him disbelievingly. "Alex, in case you've forgotten,we met
the first time when you kidnapped me at gunpoint and held me prisoner inmy
own house. I know, after that things.....changed between us. But then I
wake up to find you gone, with not a word for two months. Then you just
reappear, out of the blue! Don't you think you owe me *some*

Alex came over to her and hugged her tightly. "You're right, Carina,I owe
you a lot more than just explanations. But I don't want to put you in
danger. There are people looking for me who don't care who else they might
have to hurt, as long as they get to me."

Cara looked at him, frightened. "Are you saying that I'm alreadyin
danger?" She thought of him standing at her window, looking out ather
quiet street. "You think someone followed you here?"

"I don't think that, Carina. I would never have come here if I thought
they had picked up my trail again. I don't want to do anything to cause
you any harm. It's just gotten to be habit, always looking over my
shoulder. But if you want me to, I'll leave now."

Cara reached over and stayed him with a light touch on the arm. "Alex,
just sit down and tell me what is going on."

Alex sat down and sighed. "As I told you before, I used to workfor a man
who now would like nothing more than to see me dead. He's an evil and
dangerous man, but when I was working for him, I thought,....I thought the
work I was doing had a worthy purpose. He told me we were working to
protect our country from a man whose ideas and actions were constantly
threatening to bring attention to truths which were much better left
undiscovered. He said the actions I took in the pursuance of this end were
justified, no matter what laws of man or God had to be broken."

Cara looked at Alex with quiet contemplation. She had believed all along
that there was much more to this man than what he seemed on the surface,
and now she was sure of it. "And now this man you worked for wantsyou
dead. Why?"

Alex cradled his head in his hands. "There was a woman, someoneI was
supposed to help to....contain. There was a mistake, and her sister
was.....killed. By another agent of this man. But the smoking man blamed
me, and decided I was expendable. He also wanted to destroy a digital tape
I had in my possession, a tape containing information that he very much
wanted to keep secret, and tried to blow me up with a car bomb. Kill two
birds with one stone, so to speak. After that, I had no choice but to go
into hiding, to try to protect myself from him, and his hired killers."

Cara sat quietly, digesting what she had heard. "The last time youwere
here, when we talked about this, you said something about an FBI agent who
thinks you killed his father. Is this the man you were supposed to impede
in his mission to uncover these conspiracies you told me about?"

"Mulder. Yes, but Mulder is operating under a false assumption.I didn't
kill his father. He doesn't believe that, however, and I'm sure *he*
probably wouldn't mind seeing me dead, either."

"What is it you're searching for, Alex?"

"The tape I mentioned before. The smoking man got it from me beforehe
disposed of me, like garbage." Alex's face flushed crimson with anger.

"But you said before he wanted the tape destroyed. What makes youthink it
still exists?"

"I don't think the original still exists. I'm sure it was destroyedlong
ago. But what the Cancerman doesn't know is that after he tried to flambe
me, I found someone, a computer expert, Ingels, who was able to decode the
information on the tape and make a computer copy. Ingels is the person
I've been looking for all this time. He still has the copy of the tape,
and I have to get it back from him. It is my only chance to buy my safety.
If I can expose what is on that tape, and reveal the secrets that venal
animal wants to keep hidden, maybe I can stop running. After I escaped
from the Cancerman's little dump site, I went looking for Ingels, but he
had disappeared. I finally tracked him down, and now I'm going to get
that tape back."

Alex rubbed his eyes and sighed wearily. He looked at Cara and smiled
sheepishly. "Carina, one day soon, when all this is over, I'm goingto
take you out for the best dinner you ever had, steak, lobster, whatever
you want. Until then, do you think, uh, could I have something to eat?"


Cara watched Alex eat. He didn't seem as starved as the last time shefed
him, but from the looks of his lean frame, she thought he could probably
stand to eat a little more often than he did. He put the last bite of
bread in his mouth and sighed contentedly. Cara couldn't hold back a
smile. Alex looked up at her and gave her that dazzling smile that made
her breathing grow quick.

"I meant what I said, Carina. Just as soon as all this is over,I will
show you the best time you can imagine. I owe you so much."

"Just stay healthy, Alex. You can pay me back by staying alive andgetting
yourself out of this bind."

Alex reached across the table and took Cara's hand. "I never metanyone
like you, Carina. You are so special, I don't understand why you are
repaying what I did to you with such kindness."

"To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I understand myself."Cara laughed
nervously. "I guess I see something worthwhile in you, Alex."

Alex gazed at her for a long moment without speaking, then he moved from
his seat across from her at the table to sit alongside her. He reached for
her long heavy hair, today pulled back into a braid hanging down her back,
and leaned over to bury his nose in it. "Seeing you is like cominghome,

Cara turned into his arms. She reached up to kiss him and he met herlips
with an ardor that left her breathless. She broke the kiss and stood, and
taking Alex by the hand, led him to her bedroom.


Cara couldn't believe how she was behaving. She still knew nothing ofAlex
beyond what he had told her, and how could she know how much of it was
true? Certainly, much of it was incredible, almost beyond belief for any
rational person. But when she looked at Alex, all that faded to the point
of total unimportance. He had an extraordinary effect on her. All her
reason went out the window.

Alex pulled Cara down to lay beside him on the bed. He reached up and
pulled out the band holding her hair, and gently unwound the long braid.
The hair spilled around them in a dark cloud. "You are so beautiful,
Carina," he said softly, and kissed her neck, making her shiver with
anticipation. Slowly, he unbuttoned her dress, and Cara slipped it off
her shoulders and tossed it aside. Eagerly she began to pull Alex's
shirt free of his jeans. Soon both were naked and shivering a little,
partly from the cool air, and partly from excitement.

Alex reached for Cara, but she gently pushed him back onto the bed. "No,I
want to......" Cara leaned over Alex's supine form and began kissinghim,
first the rough stubbled cheek, then working her way over to linger at his
lips, taking her time, greedily ravaging the soft flesh, sucking at his
delicately shaped bottom lip. She moved to his throat, kissing the steady
pulse she found throbbing there.

Cara worked her way down Alex's body to lick delicately at his nipple.He
moaned and again reached for Cara, but she shook her head. She trailed her
tongue down his side, stopping to nibble at his ribs, making him giggle.
Slowly she moved down to twirl her tongue into and out of his belly
button, then ran it down his flat belly to lick delicately at the crownof
his penis. Slowly she began to stroke the length of him, and bent to the
single glistening drop of pre-cum that appeared at the small slit at the
tip, spreading it around with her lips and tongue, wetting the whole of

Alex moaned and ran his hands into the heavy mass of her hair. She opened
her mouth and took him fully inside, sucking gently at first, then with
more vigor, sliding her mouth all the way down his shaft, deep throating
him, then back up to suck ravenously at the silky tip, relishing the sounds
she heard coming from this man she was beginning to believe had possessed
her soul.

Alex reached for Cara and pulled her up to face him. "Enough, Carina,"he
gasped. "I want more than that...."

Cara sat down on Alex, reaching down between them to guide him into her.
Slowly she eased herself onto him, gasping as he slowly filled her. She
sat unmoving for a moment, enjoying the feeling of being in control. She
slowly began to move atop Alex, sensuously moving her hips in slow, small
circles, around and around, back and forth, the motions making Alex groan
and grab at her slender hips. He sat up suddenly, and Cara wrapped her
legs around his middle, locking him against her.

They rocked together, arms wound tightly around each other. Cara ranher
lips over Alex's face, kissing his closed eyelids, his rough cheeks, and
finally locking her mouth onto his, kissing him deeply. Alex gripped her
hips and pounded himself into her. She felt the tension building inside
her, and peaked with a cry, clutching Alex convulsively against her.
Feeling her inner contractions squeezing his cock drove Alex over the edge,
and he climaxed inside her with a cry that threatened to shatter the
bedroom windows.

Both now spent, Alex pulled Cara down to his side and kissed her. Theylay
side by side, fingers intertwined, Cara's head resting on Alex's shoulder.
"Sweet Carina," he sighed. "I have to find that tape andget out of this
predicament. Once Cancerman is out of the picture, then you and I can
have a future together."

Cara squeezed Alex's hand. "What if they get to you before you findthis
Ingels person, Alex? What will happen then? Why don't you just turn
yourself in to the police? Maybe you could work a deal, give them Ingels
and the tape, and thereby Cancerman, in return for your freedom, or a least
a reduced sentence."

Alex laughted bitterly. "Cara, you have no idea how powerful thesemen
are. If I turned myself in, I'd be dead inside of a day. Believe me, I've
seen it happen. My only chance is to find Ingels before Cancerman and his
goons find me. I think I've ditched them for now, but...." Alex hesitated.
"I think it is likely that they will catch up with me again soon, though.
That's why I have to leave here as soon as possible."

Cara stared at him in disbelief. "Why did you bother to come here,Alex?
A free meal and a free fuck?" She threw back the covers and boundedout of
the bed. "God, I've been such a jerk!" She picked up her robeoff the
chair by the bed and slipped it on. "You're in such a hurry, why don'tyou
just get out?" she said, jerking furiously at the robe's belt.

Alex got out of the bed and walked over to her. He put his arms aroundher
and held her close. He could feel her trembling with fury and sorrow.
"Carina, shhh. You don't understand. I have to leave now, I have no
choice, but I'll be back, I swear." Alex released her and turned away.
Still naked, he walked over to the window and peered between the blinds.

That habit was beginning to make Cara nervous.

"Cara, right now, I must do this, because I have to if I want tohave any
chance of survival. But one way or another, this will all be over soon,
and when it is.....I want to be with you." He let the slats fall back
together and turned to face her. "These last months, you were all Icould
think of, Carina. I had to come back, to see you again. I have
practically nothing to offer you, except my love. I may not live long
enough to show you just how much I care about you, but I had to see you
just one more time."

Cara stared at him. Had he just said that he loved her? Did he really
think that there was a chance all this was likely to end in his death?
Cara's thoughts swirled madly. She was more confused than she had ever
been in her life, and she was rapidly developing a serious headache. "You
know nothing about this man," she reminded herself furiously. "Allthese
crazy, paranoid stories, he's probably been in a mental institution forthe
last two months."

Cara looked at Alex standing there, watching her, waiting silently forher
reaction. Somehow she knew instinctively that he wasn't crazy, that no
matter how insane the stories he had told her were, they were also true.
Cara dropped her head into her hands. "Alex, this is all happeningso
fast, I...., I don't know what to say."

Alex quickly walked back over to Cara and hugged her tightly. "Sweet
Carina. I can't make any promises, and I know you don't have a lot of
reason to trust me, but all I can do is tell you I do love you. Now more
than ever, I have a reason to find that tape and use it to stay alive. I
don't know how long it will take, or where it might lead me, but I promise
that when this is over, and Cancerman is locked up where he belongs, we
will be together. That is, if that's what you want."

Cara thought furiously. All her life, she had played it safe. She never
took any chances, followed the career path her parents expected of her,
paid her bills on time, dated safe, steady, boring men, and helped little
old ladies cross the street. Having sex with Alex the first day she met
him, after he kidnapped her at gunpoint, was by far the most daring thing
she had ever done. And now this man, this beautiful man she realized she
was utterly in love with, wanted her to turn her back on her safe, steady
existence and willingly involve herself in the chaos of his life.
Cara was still trying desperately to think of how to respond when suddenly
there was a knock at her front door.

Alex lunged for his pants, still lying on the floor. He wrestled hisgun
out of the front pants pocket and ran to the window. He crouched down
below the level of the sill and then slowly raised his head to peer out.
Cara watched him, struck numb by fear.

"Get down, Cara!" Alex hissed. Shaking with terror, Cara ranto Alex's
side and crouched down beside him. Alex held the gun level with his ear,
the barrel pointed at the ceiling. "Oh, shit," Alex whispered."I don't
believe it!"

Cara raised her head to peek out the window. There on her front porch
stood a man, tall and dark haired, dressed in a suit and long black trench
coat. As she watched, he raised his fist and knocked on the door again.
"Alex, who is that?" Cara asked frantically. "Is that oneof the
Cancerman's thugs?"

"Worse, I think," Alex groaned. "It's Mulder!"

To be continued.....................End of part two

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Krycek's Deliverance, by Nicole B, rated NC - 17 for explicit sex, violence
and language. This takes place several months after the events of Piper
Maru and Apocrypha. Contains third season spoilers. This has sexual
content, so, NO MINORS read this, please. See part one for disclaimer

Part 3 of 4

"Mulder!" Cara gasped. "How did he know to come here?"

"I don't know, Carina. Mulder is.....spooky. He has a way of findingout
things," Alex replied. He was still hunkered under the window, naked,and
he bounced nervously in place, his eyes darting back and forth.

"Okay, Carina. Answer the door. Somehow he tracked me here, andhe's not
going to believe I'm not still here. I doubt he will just go away."Alex
smiled wryly. "Just try to stall him long enough for me to get readyto
take him."

"How, Alex?" Cara asked. "I'm a terrible liar!"

Alex laughed bitterly. "Stick with me, Cara. You'll learn. I know
Mulder, he'll try to convince you to do the right thing, he won't bully
you. You don't have to be afraid of him."

Cara was doubtful, but as Alex duck walked across the floor towards his
clothes, Mulder knocked on the door again, this time much more forcefully.
Cara turned to go to the door, then paused. "Alex, you said give you
enough time to get ready to `take him'. You're not going to kill him, are

Alex paused in pulling on his pants. For a long moment he didn't speak,
then he said, "No, Carina, killing Mulder isn't on the agenda today.He
might just turn out to be too valuable to kill."

Cara left Alex dressing and went to the door. Nervously she pulled the
belt of her robe tightly around her waist, and after pausing a moment to
take a deep breath and gather herself, opened the door. "Can I helpyou?"

"Miss Cordaro? My name is Fox Mulder, with the FBI." The manheld up a
leather wallet, and Cara pretended to carefully study the credentials it

"May I come in and speak with you?"

"What is this about?" Cara asked.

Mulder folded the wallet and put it back in his coat pocket. He was
quite tall, as tall as Alex, and had the most piercing hazel eyes Cara had
ever seen. She had trouble meeting those eyes, they seemed to look right
into her and see everything she was trying so hard to keep hidden.

"I think it would be better if we discussed it inside, Miss Cordaro."
Mulder stepped forward, forcing Cara to give ground, and reluctantly she
allowed him inside and shut the door behind him.

Mulder looked around the room, and Cara saw that his hand was resting
lightly on the butt of the gun strapped into a holster at his waist.

"Where is he, Miss Cordaro?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Cara said. She forcedherself to
keep her trembling hands clasped in front of her so that they would not
give her away.

"I received information that Alex Krycek was seen coming into this
residence, ma'am. If he is here, I need to know. Krycek is a very
dangerous man, and is wanted by the FBI for questioning in regard to some
very serious crimes, including kidnapping and murder."

"Well, he isn't here, Mr. Mulder. I,....I don't know anyone namedAlex
Krycek. I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave now." Cara couldn't
believe she found the courage to speak to this man so boldly.

Mulder studied Cara with those strange knowing eyes. "Miss Cordaro,
please understand. I'm not leaving here without Krycek. I know he's here,
and I intend to find him."

Cara decided that Alex was right, this man would never believe that Alex
wasn't here, and hoping that he had had enough time to prepare, she said,
"If it will get you out of my house, feel free to look anywhere youlike,
Mr. Mulder."

Mulder took the gun from the holster at his side and, holding it downby
his side, quickly began a search of Cara's small house; the kitchen, bath,
and finally the bedroom.

Cara stood in the living room, keeping a tight rein on her feelings with
difficulty, as Mulder cautiously stepped through the doorway into her
bedroom. The lights were off, and as Mulder reached beside the door for
the switch, holding the gun in front of him, a sudden movement from the
corner of her eye caught Cara's attention.

Alex came out of the shadows and lunged at Mulder, grabbing his wrist
and forcing his gun arm toward the ceiling, at the same time piling into
him with the full force of his weight behind him, sending them both
slamming into the wall. Mulder's gun flew through the air, hit the floor
and skidded under Cara's dressing table.

Mulder fought back furiously, slamming his fist into Alex's jaw, sending
him staggering back. Cara watched them, shocked into immobility by the
sudden violence. Mulder went after Alex, seeking to take advantage of his
momentary leverage, but Alex recovered quickly and met Mulder head on,
throwing his arms around Mulder and pinning the agent's own arms to his
sides. They staggered backwards, until Mulder stumbled over a small throw
rug and fell heavily to the floor on his back, with Alex crashing down on
top of him.

Alex sat on Mulder, pinning his arms down with his knees, pounding Mulder's
face with his fists. Mulder tried to fight back but he had been
outmaneuvered, and soon lost consciousness from the brutal blows.

"Stop, Alex!" Cara screamed. "You're killing him!"

Alex paused, breathing heavily. Sweat ran down his face and dripped from
his chin onto Mulder's face. After a moment, he got off Mulder and rolled
the unconscious man onto his stomach.

"Help me, Cara. Do you have any rope?"

Feeling rather unreal, Cara went into her kitchen and found a roll ofgrey
duct tape in a drawer. She took it back into the bedroom and handed it to

Working quickly, Alex strapped Mulder's hands together behind him withthe
tape, and rolled him back over onto his back. The agent was still out
cold, and Cara was concerned by the amount of blood on his face. "Alex,
he doesn't look too well. I think we should check him to see if he's

"You do it," Alex said. "We've got to get out of here.If Mulder found
me, the others will too. It's too dangerous for you to stay here, Cara.
You should come with me. I promise, Carina, I'll do everything in my
power to protect you, but I'm not going to lie, it'll be dangerous. But
not as dangerous as being here alone. I'm so sorry this is happening, but
it can't be helped. I'm going to go get some things together."

Cara nodded and went over to the still form lying on the floor and knelt
down beside him. Large purple bruises were forming on his left cheek and
jaw, and both his lips were split. What most concerned Cara, though, was
the copious amount of blood pouring from his nose. Cara checked his pulse,
and it was steady, but his breathing did not sound good.

"Alex, I think he is drowning in his own blood. You have to helpme sit
him up."

Alex came back to her side and together they pulled the unconscious manup
to a sitting position and propped him against the wall. Cara listened
carefully to his breathing and was enormously relieved to hear it improve
almost immediately. She went into the bathroom and soaked a washcloth with
warm water, and came back to Mulder's side. Gently she wiped the blood
from his face, then used it to apply pressure to his nose to try to stop
the bleeding. She hoped her ministrations would bring him round, but he
remained out.

Alex appeared at her side, her large carryon bag slung over his shoulder.
"We have to be going, Cara. We don't have much time."

Quickly Cara dressed in jeans, sweatshirt, and tennis shoes and pulledher
hair back into a ponytail. She fed her cat, and finally, she called her

Cara was almost relieved when her mom's answering machine picked up and
she knew she wouldn't have to actually speak to her, at least not now.
She told her mother as little as possible, only that she had to go away
for a while unexpectedly, and asked her to come over and get Mouse and
keep him at her house for a while. She also asked her to call Larry, her
boss, and tell him she was sorry to do this to him, and she'd call him as
soon as she could.

Choking back tears, Cara hung up the phone.. She turned to see Alex
regarding her seriously. "It's gonna be okay, Carina, but we have toget
going now. Help me get Mulder into your car."

Together, working under the cover of the darkness, they carried the
unconscious man outside and put him in the back seat. Cara covered him
with a blanket and got into the front seat. Alex got in behind the wheel,
and they roared off down the road, heading west.
Cara didn't even realize she had fallen asleep, until the soft voice she
heard calling her name grew louder and more persistent. "Cara!"

"What! What is it?" Cara sat up, her heart pounding. The carwas parked
in the darkness at the edge of a convenience store parking lot, and she
was alone in the front seat. Confused, she turned to see Mulder in the
back seat, awake and looking at her. His handsome face was covered with
bruises, and his nose was swelled twice its normal size. It looked so
painful Cara felt her eyes fill with tears of sympathy for him.

"Mr. Mulder, you're awake! How do you feel?" Cara asked hesitantly.It
seemed the most stupid of questions under the circumstances, as she was
fairly sure she pretty much knew how he felt. "I've been better, Miss
Cordaro. But then again, I've been worse, too. Miss Cordaro, we don't
have much time. Krycek is inside the store, and this may be our only
chance to escape."

Cara looked at Mulder like he had lost his mind. "I don't want toescape,
Mr. Mulder. I am here with Alex willingly."

Mulder looked at her and shook his head sadly. "Miss Cordaro, Idon't
think you realize the trouble you are in. Alex Krycek is a wanted man, a
dangerous man, and you are putting yourself in danger by associating with
him. He has killed women before. Not to mention putting yourself in
jeopardy of being arrested for kidnapping a federal agent."

"Alex told me about the woman who.....died, Mr. Mulder. He saidhe didn't
kill her and I believe him."

"Did he also tell you he didn't kill my father, Cara?" Mulder'svoice
rose. "I was there, Miss Cordaro. I know he did."

Cara turned around, her heart pounding . "Leave me alone, Mulder.I trust
Alex, I love him, and I don't want to listen to your lies."

"She loves him?" Mulder thought incredulously. He decided tochange his
tack. "Cara, listen to me. There are people after Kry...., um, Alexwho
aren't going to stop at arresting him. They want to kill him, and if we're
with him when they catch up with him, they'll kill us, too. The best
chance we all have for surviving is for Alex to turn himself in."

"I already suggested that, Mr. Mulder. Alex said he wouldn't livea day if
he did, and I believe him. Alex told me everything I need to know, Mr.
Mulder. I know about the things he has done, and I know that he is trying
to set things right, and I'm going to help him as much as I can."

They both looked up at the sound of a key in the turning in the lock.Alex
opened the drivers door and slid in behind the wheel. "So, SleepingBeauty
is awake. How've you been, Mulder?"

"Fine, *Alex*, how about you?" Mulder replied sardonically."Funny seeing
you here."

"Well, we try our best to keep you entertained." Alex tosseda paper sack
onto the seat beside him and started the car.

"Where are we going, Krycek?"

"I have to see a man about a dog, Mulder, and I thought you mightlike to
come along for the ride."

Cara listened in silence to the interplay between the two men. The tension
between them was palpable.

"Do you realize what you have gotten this woman involved in, Krycek?How
many more innocent lives are you going to fuck up before I finally takeyou
out of this life, you worthless son of a bitch?"

Alex laughed. "Pretty tough talk from a man who's trussed up likea
Christmas turkey, Mulder."

"Cara and I had a nice talk while you were inside, Krycek. She saidyou've
told her all about all the sordid details of your life. Did you tell her
you are a traitor to your country, *Alex*?"

Cara's heart thumped in her chest. What did he mean?

Alex's voice was deadly calm. "Shut up, Mulder."

"What, Krycek, you left something out of your life history? Caraseems to
think you've told her everything."

"Alex, what is he talking about?" Cara asked. She had a sickfeeling in
her stomach, and she wasn't at all sure she was ready for his answer.

Alex sighed, and his knuckles turned white on the wheel. "Carina,after I
escaped from Cancerman's bomb, I was running for my life, just like I told
you. Ingels decoded the tape for me, but he had to be paid for his work,
and, well, I had to live. It isn't easy to get a regular job when there
are hired killers after you. There was a woman, Jerri, who knew what todo
with the information on the tape, how to make it.....profitable. I knowit
was wrong to sell those secrets, but Carina, I had to survive."

Cara sat in stunned silence. Somehow, she supposed she had been expecting
something like this. She felt like a complete fool. The man tied up in
the back seat of her car was right, she was in more trouble than she could
fathom at the moment. It was just too much to consider. How had she let
herself get sucked into this mess? "You talked about us being together,
Alex, when all this is over. How do you expect to escape punishment for
all the things you've admitted to me? Do you think you can just walk

"Carina, please. I have a plan I believe will work. There are peopleat
the FBI who are going to be very anxious to get Mulder back in one piece,
and to get their hands on the copy of that tape. Mulder and the tape,
those are my trump cards. I will be able to make a deal with certain
people who are in a position to help me start over in a new place, witha
new name, in exchange for the tape and Mulder's safe return. I also want
to do this to make up for the evil I've done. I want to have a clear
conscience for the first time in a very long time."

"That's bullshit, Krycek!" Mulder exploded from the back seat."You can
never make up for what you have done, not as long as you live!"

"You may be right about that, Mulder." Alex said, and for awhile, they all
rode in silence.
After two long hours of driving, during which time Mulder sat in the back
seat and uttered not a single word, Alex pulled into the driveway of a
dilapidated house and turned off the engine. "Come on, Cara, it's timeto
meet Ingels." They started to get out of the car, and Mulder finallyspoke
up. "As much as it pains me to ask you for anything, Krycek, I reallyneed
a bathroom break, know what I mean?"

Alex glared at Mulder, then looked around him at he neighborhood. Itwas
the kind of place where the neighbors were likely to be the kinds of folks
who would be good at minding their own business. "All right, Mulder,come
on. I have your guns now as well as my own, so don't try anything. By the
way, Mulder, when did you start wearing a leg holster?"

"Got tired of losing my damn gun," Mulder muttered.

The odd trio made their way to the front door of the ramshackle house,and
Alex knocked on the door. After a moment, the strangest looking man Cara
had ever seen came to the door. He was tiny, not more than five feet two
or so, with a squatty little body that, when combined with large watery
eyes magnified behind thick eyeglass lenses, reminded Cara of a frog.

"Krycek!" he gasped. "I thought....."

"Yeah, I know what you thought, Ingels." Alex shoved Mulderthrough the
door ahead of him and Cara followed. "Where's your john, Ingels?"

The froggy man batted his eyes rapidly. "Uh, right down the hall,last
door on the left."

"Come on, Mulder. Time for your pit stop."

Cara stood in the dirty living room, feeling awkward with the funny little
man gawking at her. As if he suddenly discovered European manners, he made
an expansive gesture with his arm and said, "Take a seat, Miss, please."

Cara looked distastefully at the rickety couch, and gingerly sat downon
the very edge. "Can I get you a drink, Miss?"

"No, thanks, no." Cara said quickly, trying not to imaginethe condition
of the froggy little man's drinking glasses. Cara heard the toilet flush,
and after a moment Alex came back down the hall, pushing Mulder along in
front of him. "Sit, Mulder," Alex said, and pushed Mulder intoa chair.
Mulder winced as his weight fell on his bound wrists, and Cara squirmed,
feeling guilty. "Would you like some water, Mr. Mulder?" she asked,and
Alex looked at her sharply. She returned his gaze steadily, and his eyes
softened. "Let me get you some water, Mulder," he said with asigh, and
went into the kitchen to return a moment later with water in a glass that
looked surprisingly clean. Alex handed the glass to Cara and with a
gesture led Ingels into the dining room to sit at the table.

Cara went over to where Mulder sat and held the glass to his lips. He
drank thirstily, and when he pulled his head back, water ran down his chin
to fall onto his blood spattered white dress shirt. Cara gently wiped the
water from his chin with her thumb, and he looked intently into her eyes.
"Miss Cordaro, please listen to me. This may be our last chance. Youhave
to help me get free so we can get out of here."

"Mr. Mulder, please, I can't. I'm so sorry, sorry you are in theposition
you are in and sorry I got myself into this mess, but it's too late. No
matter what Alex has done in the past, I love him and I'm going to see
this through to the end."

Before Mulder could reply, they heard loud voices and a crash from the
dining room. Cara ran in to find Alex's chair overturned on the floor and
Alex holding the little man by the throat, shaking him like a dog with a
ragdoll. "Where's the tape, Ingels?" he roared. "Goddamnit,give me that

"All right, Krycek, calm down! It's in the safe in my bedroom. Jesus,let
go of my throat!"

"Oh, God, Alex, let him go." Cara said. "Please, don'thurt anyone else."

Alex whirled to see Cara in the doorway. "Did you leave Mulder alone,
Cara?" Without waiting for an answer, he ran from the room. Cara stood
frozen in her tracks , wondering if Ingels would try to get past her to
escape, but he seemed too intimidated by Alex's spent fury to try anything.
Cara looked back into the living room, and as she had feared, Mulder had
taken the opportunity afforded him by her lapse to try to escape out the
front door. Alex had him by the elbows, and Cara tensed, wondering what
violence was coming now, but Alex merely led Mulder roughly back acrossthe
floor and pushed him back into the chair. "Move again, Mulder, andI'll
kill you."

Alex led Ingels into the bedroom and returned a moment later alone, holding
a plastic case in his hand.

"Where is Mr. Ingels, Alex?" Cara asked nervously, part ofher fearing the

"Don't worry, Carina, he's still breathing. I tied him up. Can'thave him
getting to a phone and spoiling all our fun."

"Is that it?" Cara asked, gesturing to the case in Alex's hand.

"This is it, Carina. Our future." he held the tape up and smiled
triumphantly. "After everything I've been through, finally, it's backin
my hands."

"So what now, Krycek?" Mulder's voice came from behind Cara."Now that
Jerri's dead, who are you going to get to peddle your country's secretsfor

"Shut up, Mulder. I'm going to do exactly what I said I was goingto do
with it." He slipped the tape into the pocket of his black leatherjacket
and gestured for Mulder to stand up, which he did with difficulty.

"Time to make our deal, Foxy. Let's go."

The three of them left after Alex cut Ingels' phone lines and relockedhis
front door behind them. Alex drove the Taurus to a nearby 7 - 11 and went
to the phone. Cara watched from the car as he put a quarter into the coin
slot and was just close enough to hear through the open window as Alex said
into the receiver, "Hello, Scully, I think I have something you want."

To be continued..............................End of part three

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Author's note......I'm a paralegal, not a nurse or doctor, so if anyof the
details of Mulder's injuries is in any way hinky, I apologize. Teaser:
Scully and Skinner finally show up in the next installment.

Krycek's Deliverance, Part 4/4 (NC - 17)

Krycek's Deliverance, by Nicole B, rated NC - 17 for explicit sex,
violence and language. This takes place several months after the
events of Piper Maru and Apocrypha. Contains third season
spoilers. This has sexual content, so, NO MINORS read this,
please. See part one for disclaimer.

Part 4 of 4

Dana Scully threw down the folder she was studying and sat down at her
desk. "Who is this?" she demanded.

"I'll give you a hint, Scully, it's probably the last person inthe world
you'd ever thought you'd be hearing from."

Scully thought furiously. She hated these kinds of mind games. Mulderhad
only been out of contact for several hours, but she tended to get nervous
when he didn't check in, imagining the worst. He had been acting strangely
when he left, telling her once again that if she knew where he was headed,
she wouldn't let him go. Under the circumstances, the whole tone of this
conversation seemed ominous. "I give up. Who is it?"

The voice dropped the mocking tone. "It's Alex Krycek, Dana, andas I
said, I believe I have something you want."

Dana felt herself go numb with shock. It couldn't be, not Krycek! God,
she'd been so sure that this time he was really dead. Could he really be
back, and have Mulder? Dana pressed her hand against her chest over the
thumping of her heart and tried to sound more calm than she felt. "What
is it you think I want, Krycek?"

"I think you know, Dana. I have Fox."

Dana closed her eyes. "Is he okay, Krycek? Let me talk to him, Iwant to
talk to him."

"Take it easy, Dana. He's just fine, but he can't come to the phoneright
now. He's....tied up. I promise you he's not been hurt, at least nothing
that won't heal. I want to see you, and Skinner. We have some things to

"Like what, Krycek? What could we possibly have to discuss? BringMulder
back now, and turn yourself in, and just maybe you'll actually live to see
another day."

"Easy, Dana. I have something else I think you'll be interestedin, a
certain computer tape that I believe you and Fox have been very interested
in possessing."

Dana's eyes flew open. "What are you talking about, Krycek? Whywould you
be willing to turn over the dat tape to us?"

For a long moment there was no answer. "This is not something Iwant to
talk about over the phone, Scully. Get Skinner and meet me in two hours
at the abandoned warehouse at Fifth and Philadelphia. Don't be late, and
Dana, just you and Skinner. No tricks, or Foxy buys the farm." Therewas
a click, and Dana slowly hung up on the dial tone. She rose from her desk
and took the elevator up to her boss's office.


Kim Cooke looked up and smiled at Scully, but the smile faded at the
expression on Dana's face. "Kim, is he in?"

"Yes, Agent Scully. Just a moment." Kim picked up the phoneon her desk
and pressed the intercom button. "Sir, Agent Scully is here to seeyou."
Kim looked up again at the grim look on Dana's face and added, "It'san
emergency, Sir."

A moment later the door opened and Walter Skinner beckoned to Dana. "Come
in, Agent Scully. What can I do for you?"

Dana silently followed Skinner into the office and took the chair across
from his unnaturally tidy desk. "Sir, I think we have a situation.I just
got a phone call from Alex Krycek."

A slight widening of the dark brown eyes was the only obvious sign Skinner
gave indicating his surprise. "Krycek! My God, I thought he was deadfor
sure this time."

"Yes sir, so did I. But he isn't, and what's worse, he has Mulder."

Skinner stood abruptly and strode over to gaze out his office window.

"What does he want, Agent Scully?"

"He wants you and me to meet him in two hours at the abandoned warehouseat
Fifth and Philadelphia to discuss the return of Mulder and the dat tape,

Skinner whirled and looked at Scully in disbelief. "The tape! Whywould
he want to return the tape, Agent Scully?"

"I don't know, Sir, he wouldn't say. He said we'd have to wait untilwe
met in person, and he also said just the two of us are to come, no tricks."
Skinner looked at his watch. "Well, we have an hour or so to kill,Agent
Scully. What do you say we discuss strategy?"


Cara looked out of the car window and watched the electric poles go byin a
constant blur. Alex was silent next to her, and Mulder was equally quiet
in the back seat. The silence in the car had weight.

"Carina, are you okay?'

Cara turned in her seat to look at Alex. "Yes, Alex, I'm fine. I'mjust
concerned about how all this is going to turn out. I don't believe that
anything good can possibly come from all this violence and deceit. Why do
you have to use Agent Mulder as a bargaining chip? Why can't you just sit
down with these other Agents and discuss turning over the tape without
using Agent Mulder?"

"You should listen to the young lady, Krycek. She's making sense."

"Shut up, Mulder. You know perfectly well without you I wouldn'tstand a
chance. Skinner wouldn't give me a chance to open my mouth before blowing
me away if I didn't have you as a hostage to keep him in line."

"Skinner wouldn't blow you away, Krycek. He isn't like you. He'dlet the
court system deal with you. It does work sometimes, as you will find out
soon enough."

"Maybe, maybe not, Mulder. I think that what I am offering as atrade is
worth a lot more to Skinner and the bureau than I am. I'm just a worthless
son of a bitch, remember? I don't think Skinner will pass up a golden
opportunity to put that cigarette smoking bastard and his cronies away for
good, just to lock up little old me."

"Time will tell, Krycek. The things you've done,....hurting so many
people, doing so much damage, ......there is no forgiveness for you,
Krycek, no deliverance from your sins, not in this life. The court system
may mete out justice, but only God can forgive you, Alex."

Alex gripped the steering wheel and began to tremble. "Shut up,Mulder. I
don't need a sermon from you. I will deal with my demons in my own time.
In the meantime, you should be thinking about your own salvation, not

Cara reached over and touched Alex's arm. "Calm down, Alex. Thisis
almost over. Don't lose control now. We'll get through this together, you
and I. I'm right here beside you, and I'll be here till the end."

Alex looked over and smiled at her. "Sweet Carina. I love you. You're
right, it's almost over."


Alex pulled the car into the parking lot of the decrepit old buildingand
cut the engine. It was very quiet, and there didn't seem to be anyone else
there. Alex looked at his watch. "I guess we know how much they care
about you, Mulder. We're right on time, and they're late."

As if in answer to his statement, Cara saw a man and woman come forwardout
of the darkness. Alex got out of the car and opened the back door. "Out,
Mulder, your ride is here after all."

Alex pulled Mulder out of the car and stepped behind him. As Cara watched,
Alex put one arm around Mulder's throat and raised a gun to his head. The
couple stopped their approach.

"All right, Krycek, here we all are. Now what?"

Cara could hear the woman's voice, and it sounded hard, in direct
opposition to her small stature and feminine appearance. The man with her
was very tall and well built, and he stood protectively next to her.

"Now we talk, Scully."

"There is nothing to talk about, Krycek." The tall man withthe woman Alex
called Scully spoke up. "Let Mulder go and give up now and we'll takeyou
into custody and protect you. I would think you'd be tired of running and
hiding by now."

"You're right, Skinner, I'm very tired of running, and that's whyI'm going
to stop. I'm going to give you this tape so that you can finally nail that
smoking bastard, and in return you are going to put me in the federal
witness protection program and start me out in a new life."

"You're dreaming, Krycek. There is no way you are going to walkaway from
everything you've done." Skinner said. "I'll never agree to that."

"Then you won't get the tape, and you get to see Foxy's brains allover the

Inside the car, Cara closed her eyes. She wanted so much for all thisto
be over, for Alex to give these people their tape and their colleague so
that the two of them could just leave this place and start their life
together. She was so tired.

"Think about what you're doing, Krycek. This isn't going to getyou
anywhere. You kill Mulder, we take you down."

"That's right, but Foxy'll still be just as dead, won't he? I'mat the end
of my rope, Skinner. I'm tired, and I just want to make the trade, workout
the details, and be on my way. I'm just a little rat, Skinner. I've got
the means for you to trap the big rat right here. Just say we'll work a
deal, and I'll let Mulder go."

For a long moment, no one spoke. Finally Skinner said, "It's upto Scully
and Mulder, Krycek. If they agree to it, I'll agree to do my best to get
you into the program and out of DC. "

"Well, what about it, Scully?" Alex said. "Little oldme, or Foxy and the

"Don't do it, Scully!" Mulder shouted, and twisted in Alex'sgrip. "Take
him down!"

Alex tightened his arm around Mulder's neck, and they all heard as hebegan
to make choking sounds.

"Stop, Krycek! You've got your deal." Scully shouted. "We'lldeal. Just
let Mulder go, and we'll go somewhere and make arrangements."

Alex slowly released his grip on Mulder's neck and the man began to gasp
for air. Alex pushed him forward and after a moment he began to walk
towards Scully and Skinner. Cara watched the red haired woman reach for
him, and idly thought, "I wonder if he realizes how much she loveshim?"
Cara saw Alex open his mouth to say something, but whatever it was he
started to say was lost, because at that moment there was a sharp crack,
making them all jump in the still quiet of the night. Cara watched in
disbelief as Alex turned slowly to look at her, and silently slumped tothe

"NO!" Cara screamed, and threw the car door open. The othershad taken
cover behind empty crates piled haphazardly around the ground, but Cara
ignored the danger to throw herself down at Alex's side.

"Oh God," she moaned. "Alex, please be okay. Oh God, please."She pulled
open the leather jacket and began weeping when she saw the blood pouring
out of a small hole in his chest, rapidly soaking through his shirt and
beginning to puddle onto the ground.

Alex looked up at Cara and smiled at her. There was blood on his teeth,
and Cara moaned in anguish.

"Shhh, Carina, don't cry. I always figured it would end up likethis. I
love you Carina, I'll always be with you. Take care of yourself for me."
Cara cupped Alex's face in her hands, trying to will some of her life into
him. "Hang on, Alex, it's going to be okay. Call an ambulance!"she
screamed hysterically.

"Cara, it's too late for that. It's okay, I feel so peaceful, sopeaceful
for the first time in so long." He closed his eyes and Cara's heartleaped
into her throat. "Alex!"

Alex opened his eyes and looked at her. "You know Carina, Mulderwas
wrong. There *was* deliverance from my sins in this life, and it was you.
You made me a better person for knowing you, Carina. I don't know what is
waiting for me on the other side, if there is another side, but I can leave
now at peace."

Cara watched the life fade from those incredible green eyes, leavingthem
as empty as the eyes of a doll. With a wail, she threw herself onto Alex's
chest, oblivious to his blood which now covered her.

She felt gentle hands on her shoulders and looked up into kind blue eyes,
full of compassion. "Come with me, Miss Cordaro," Scully said,and pulled
Cara gently to her feet. "Agent Mulder told us everything. There is
nothing else you can do for him now, and we have some questions for you."
"I loved him, I loved him," Cara sobbed.

Scully squeezed her arm sympathetically. "I know, Miss Cordaro,I know."


The next six weeks passed in a blur for Cara. When the FBI agents
investigated the rooftop the shot that killed Alex had come from, they
found the high powered rifle that fired the fatal shot, but no other
evidence. Cara had her suspicions, as did Agents Mulder and Scully, but
so far, no arrests had been made in Alex's murder. However, the tape was
in the hands of the FBI's computer department, and progress was being made
at putting the information contained on the tape to good use building a
case against the man they all now had as a common enemy.
Cara's mother came to stay with her, her incredibly sympathetic boss
allowed her to take a leave of absence, and after interminable questioning
sessions with the FBI, at one of which Fox Mulder, to Cara's amazement,
testified that she, like himself, had been a hostage of the fugitive Alex
Krycek, Cara was released from any culpability in the kidnapping of Agent

Cara was feeling so depressed and sick that her mother finally made hergo
to see a doctor. The afternoon after the appointment, Cara was curled
up in her favorite chair staring out the window when the phone rang. "It's
for you, Cara," her mother called, and Cara picked up the extensionnext to

"Cara Cordaro?"


"This is Dr. Willis' office, Ms. Cordaro. We have the results ofyour
tests back. Congratulations, Ms. Cordaro. You're pregnant."

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