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(1/1) Missing Scene from Duane Barry
by Nicole B.

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NC - 17 Mulder/Krycek slash story

WARNING: THIS IS SLASH! Which means, a graphic depiction
of sex between members of the same gender. If you are a
minor, or of delicate sensibilities, or just not a fan of this sort of
thing, hit that 'delete' button NOW! You have been warned, so
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Classification: S/A

Summary: A Missing Scene from 'Duane Barry', regarding what
*might* have happened right after the now legendary 'red
Speedo' scene.....

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Missing Scene from Duane Barry
By Nicole B.

Alex ran one finger between the too tight collar of his Sears white
dress shirt and his throat, tugging unhappily at the constricting
fabric. He felt like he was being strangled, but he knew his shirt
collar wasn't the real culprit. Alex Krycek was being suffocated by

He drew a deep breath and pushed his way through the heavy metal
double doors leading into the bureau's natatorium. He paused for a
moment on the catwalk suspended high above the Olympic sized
swimming pool below to gather his courage, resting one hand on the
rail. He looked down onto the pool below, watching as Mulder swam
laps. He could see a flash of red in the crystalline blue water from his
vantage point, could see the bunch of powerful muscles in Mulder's
lean arms and back as he stroked powerfully through the water. He
made the exercise seem utterly effortless, cutting through the water
with dolphinlike grace.

Doing what he'd been ordered to do, deceive and inveigle the man
swimming in the pool below, was becoming more difficult for Alex every
day. When the man Mulder called Cancerman had first offered him this
assignment, to become Mulder's partner and keep an eye on him, he'd
been absurdly grateful, and jumped at the chance. Alex Krycek had
admired Mulder for years, ever since first learning of his existence
while at the academy. He admired Mulder the man, for reasons he dared
not allow himself to contemplate, but he also admired Mulder's sure
and certain dedication to his cause. Alex often wished he were as
dedicated to the cause that had become his own, the cause his boss
told him was necessary, a cause that must succeed, less the provincial
citizens of this iniquitous world be granted truths they were ill
equipped to handle.

Krycek had thought that his assignment would amount to no more than
what the nicotine dependent bastard had said it would be, reporting
back to him and his cronies on Mulder's movements. By the time he'd
discovered the truth, that much more than that was expected of him, it
was too late to back out.

He knew he had to do what they wanted, if he dared to refuse,
*someone* would make sure that Mulder learned the truth, that the man
he considered an ally and was beginning to accept as a partner was a
plant, a mole sent to spy on him, and Alex couldn't bear the thought
of that. Trust came much too hard for Mulder, Alex knew that having
his confidence betrayed was one thing Mulder would never be able to
forgive. They had him now, had him by the balls, and they knew it.

He wondered for a moment if perhaps it really wasn't too late, that
maybe he could still confess to Mulder, tell him everything and beg
for forgiveness, tell him he'd only taken the assignment as a way to
be close to Mulder, that he'd never meant to hurt him....Alex sighed.
He knew he could never do that. Whether he found out from Alex or
someone else, Mulder would never forgive him.

With an effort Alex arranged his features carefully into what he'd
come to think of as his 'game face', a mask he found himself having
to affect more and more often of late, a mask designed to convince
Mulder that Alex Krycek was nothing but an eager novice, a wide eyed
innocent who was no more than he seemed to be, certainly not a threat,
not a man who would ever give him cause for fear or suspicion. Alex
sighed again and began making his way down the long flight of stairs
to the pool area.

Alex walked to the edge of the pool, calling out "Agent Mulder." As
soon as the words left his lips, he wondered where the uncommon formal
usage of Mulder's title came from. He hadn't called Mulder by his
title since their first day of working together. He wondered if
unconsciously he was already attempting to put space between them,
distance necessary for his own emotional survival.

Mulder glided smoothly to the edge of the pool and looked up at his
handsome young partner.

"Krycek, what's up?"

Alex began reciting the facts of the case by rote, somehow managing to
keep his game face carefully neutral as he watched Mulder haul himself
gracefully from the pool. Krycek tagged along behind him, trying not
to be obvious as he watched the lissome sway of Mulder's hips, the
movement of his tight buttocks inside the ludicrously tiny swimsuit.
He was dismayed to feel himself growing hard. He watched as Mulder
dried himself, allowing himself a tiny smile at the sight of Mulder's
hair standing on end after the rough toweling. He looked utterly

Mulder gathered his belongings and began to stride toward the locker
room. "Come with me, Krycek. You can finish filling me in while I
get dressed."

The idea of watching Mulder get dressed feeling as he currently did
was very disconcerting to Alex. He prayed for the strength to keep
his lustful feelings as secret as his treachery. He followed Mulder
to the locker room, his heart and his tread heavy.

Alex watched Mulder work the combination on his locker, his eyes
hungrily drinking in the sight of this beautiful, preternaturally lean
creature. Mulder seemed blithely unaware of the effect he had on most
people, men and women who responded to his wry wit and heroic mien as
readily as they did to his quirky, appealing looks. Certainly he was
unaware of what effect he had on Alex, who was forced to work with him
in painfully close quarters day after day and keep his feelings
carefully hidden.

Alex wondered sometimes how Mulder could be so dense as not to notice
how closely Alex stood to him when they spoke, how closely he sat by
his side as they worked at the same computer terminal, how intently he
searched Mulder's hazel eyes with his own. He seemed utterly
oblivious to the attention Alex paid him, attention which seemed
painfully obvious to Alex, as obvious as his helplessness to do
anything about it.

Mulder drew his clothes from the locker and tossed them casually on
the bench next to him before peeling off the swimsuit with one fluid
motion. Alex couldn't cover the strangled gasp that this sight tore
from his throat, and Mulder looked up at him sharply.

"What's wrong, Alex?"

Alex coughed vigorously into his fist. "Nothing, Mulder. I think I'm
coming down with something...."

Mulder gazed at him thoughtfully. Alex wished desperately that the
man would cover himself, how could he expect Alex to behave normally
when that marvelous unclothed form teased him with its hopeless
proximity? Alex looked at the floor, hoping that Mulder would accept
his lame excuse and not question him further.

Instead, the unbelievable happened. Alex looked up through the thick
curtain of his lashes to check on Mulder's progress, praying he at
least had his boxers on by now, and twitched with surprise when he
realized that Mulder was standing right in front of him.

"Maybe you have a fever," Mulder said softly, and touched the inside
of his wrist to Alex's forehead. Alex closed his eyes at the moment
of contact, feeling his heart begin to race. This couldn't be
happening, this *wasn't* happening, not what he thought, Mulder was
just being solicitous to a colleague, there was nothing more to the
gesture than the obvious....

"Hmmm, I can't tell for certain with my wrist, but you do feel a bit mother used to say the only way to tell for sure if
someone has a fever is to test with the you mind if I test
you with my lips, Alex?"

Alex's ears began to roar. Somehow he found his voice and croaked

Mulder's lips brushed his cheek with a feather light touch. The feel
of those warm full lips against his skin wrung a helpless moan from

"Are you in pain, Alex? You're moaning....where do you hurt?" Strong
but gentle fingers suddenly closed over his burning cock through his
pants. "Is it here, Alex? Here's where you hurt, am I right? Or is
the pain more an....ache?"

Alex groaned, louder this time, and thrust against Mulder's palm. He
felt Mulder's clever fingers begin to slowly draw his zipper down,
then reach inside to push down his briefs and draw him out. Alex felt
dazed. He stood there fully dressed, his throbbing erection thrusting
painfully out through his open fly, being caressed by his unabashedly
naked partner. The situation struck him as being almost funny, but he
had no desire to laugh.

Mulder moved closer and pressed their bodies together, pinning Alex's
erection between their bodies. "I'm not sure, Alex....I think you
could be feverish, um certainly feel very warm to me, Alex,
very warm...." and then his lips closed over Alex's. Alex could smell
chlorine from the pool water and the faint lingering aroma of Mulder's
spicy cologne. Alex's knees were growing weak, and he wondered if he
would be able to remain standing without support. As if Mulder sensed
his growing weakness, he circled Alex's body with his arms and drew
him close, thrusting his tongue greedily into Alex's mouth, claiming
it like it was no less than his right. Alex wondered dazedly how this
could have happened, it was so sudden, how long had Mulder known.....?
and then he was kissing Mulder back, fiercely and possessively, the
way he'd wanted to kiss him for longer now than he could remember.

Mulder tore his mouth away and pushed Alex gently against the wall
behind him. Slowly he sank to his knees, running his hands down from
Alex's neck to his waist. He slowly unbuckled Alex's belt and loosed
the button on his pants, pushing them down along with his briefs,
allowing them to fall to his feet and puddle on the floor. He paused
there for a long moment, hands gripping Alex's hips tightly, strong
fingers kneading his buttocks, parted lips mere inches away from his
aching cock, teasing him with anticipation. The feel of Mulder's warm
fingers on his skin sent electric shocks of pleasure though Alex's
body. He wondered if he could possibly really be doing this, leaning
against a wall in the bureau's locker room in the middle of a workday
afternoon, when anyone could walk in, about to be drawn into the
blessed recesses of his partner's beautiful and no doubt very talented
mouth. He and Mulder had a job to do, they were supposed to be on
their way to that travel agency right now, what if someone came
looking for them because they hadn't shown up, what if.....and
Mulder's lips closed around him and drove all coherent thoughts from
his head.

Mulder rolled his tongue around Alex's cock, twirling and swirling it
like he was eating an ice cream cone, lapping delicately at the drops
of precum leaking steadily from the tip of Alex's cock, twirling the
tip of his tongue around the head and then trailing it along the
underside, lapping at the silky skin with the delicacy and self
satisfaction of a cat lapping cream. The fingers of one hand gently
closed around Alex's cock and began to massage it almost casually,
running up and down the length with a practiced touch, while the other
hand circled his balls and cupped them, rolling them and then
squeezing them gently.

Alex tried to thrust himself into Mulder's mouth, but Mulder teasingly
pulled away. Alex squirmed against the wall, tortured by the roughly
gentle caresses of Mulder's talented hands on his balls and his
equally talented tongue on his cock. Just when he thought he would
lose his mind from frustrated desire, Mulder opened his mouth and
consumed him, taking him in with one smooth motion that left Alex
gasping with pleasure. He began to thrust helplessly into the
welcoming mouth, and Mulder met each one with ease, leaning into him
until Alex could feel Mulder's face pressed into the crisp curls
around his groin with each thrust of his hips. He moved faster and
harder, gripping the short, damp locks of Mulder's hair, looking down
and watching with fascination the sight of his cock appearing and
disappearing between those swollen, pouty lips.

Mulder's clever fingers continued to milk him, while the soft, tight
tissues of his throat squeezed him in their merciless grip. His
breathing came in ragged gasps, he could feel his balls drawing up
toward his body, could feel the blood pounding in his veins, could
feel the essence of him rushing into his belly, gathering there and
then he was shouting, and lights flared behind his closed lids and he
was coming, exploding with seemingly endless convulsions into the
mouth still eagerly closed around him, convulsions like the heavy
chills accompanying some horrible virus, convulsions that left him
trembling on untrustworthy legs.

Mulder gave his cock one last affectionate squeeze before allowing it
to slide from his mouth. He tenderly pulled Alex's pants up for him,
casually tucking Alex's cock back into his briefs. Alex couldn't hold
back a whimper as Mulder's fingers teasingly stroked the over
sensitized flesh one last time. Mulder got briskly to his feet and
kissed Alex, forcing his tongue into the other man's mouth and
depositing a bit of his own semen there onto his tongue. Alex
shivered, and wondered how many other ways this man would find to tear
down his carefully constructed defenses and leave him a hollow vessel,
just waiting for Mulder to fill him.

Mulder broke the kiss and turned away, leaving Alex leaning dazed and
confused against the cool tile wall. "Mulder?"

Mulder turned from where he stood, calmly pulling on his boxers. "Yes,

"I...." Alex paused, unsure of what he could possibly say, what could
possibly make any sort of sense in the context of what had just
happened. Now that his passion was fading, he was seized once again
with a horrible sense of guilt, guilt at allowing Mulder to do what he
had just done, knowing that he was unworthy of Mulder's attention. He
was a rat, a betrayer of trust, a traitor. He was suddenly filled
with self loathing as bitter as bile in his throat. Alex felt his
eyes fill with tears, and turned away quickly before Mulder could see
them. "Nothing. We'd better be going. I'm going to wait for you
Three quick strides across the floor and he was through the door and
out of the room, away from Mulder's perceptive gaze.

Mulder slowly finished dressing. Maybe he'd made a mistake. He'd
thought that Alex wanted him, that the signals he'd been getting from
his ingenuous young partner were unmistakable. He'd seen the
expression in Krycek's wide guileless green eyes when Alex didn't
think he was looking, had seen the hungry looks he'd been giving him
almost from the moment they met. He'd resisted Alex's charms much
longer than he'd thought possible, unwilling to make a move before he
was sure, before he could be certain that the captivating young man
possessed of careless feline grace would not reject him. Now he
wondered if despite his care, he'd made his move too soon.

Mulder finished dressing and left the locker room to find Krycek
pacing outside. He looked up sharply at hearing Mulder approach,
and Mulder could almost swear the young man had been crying. He felt
an unease, and reached out to touch Alex's arm, but Alex stepped away.
"Not now, Mulder, please. We'd better get going, they're waiting for

Mulder dropped his hand and nodded. Something was bothering Krycek,
and he was determined he'd find out what it was. If not today, then
soon. After all, there was no rush. They had all the time in the
world to work things out. He took the car keys from Krycek's
outstretched palm and began walking to the exit.


Nicole B.

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